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slutty (111) 03-16-09  07:35pm
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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Attractive women
Huge collection
Zips for all photo sets
Good connection and site organization
Price is reasonable given the size of the site
Cons: Some of the content was not exclusive, you probably have several sets in other places
Most models have several photo sets, but fewer to no videos
Very little of the original content is hardcore. They added a twistys hard section but it doesn't appear to be updated very frequently.
The two bonus sites I looked at had the exact same material as the Twistys main site
Photo quality mediocre
Bottom Line: Honestly I'm not sure why people rate this site so highly. I usually agree with exotics4me's reviews but in this case I must disagree. The models are mostly of the large breasted varietty, which isn't really my cup of tea. I also did not like the style of a lot of the photography (makup, lighting, focus, etc.)
Worth joining if you like softcore pictures of porn stars in soft lighting, otherwise I would look elsewhere. They are good at what they do, I'm just not into a lot of it.

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exotics4me (463) I don't want to come off as haughty or anything like that, but I do want to point out a few things and hope that you will understand that if nothing else, I am only defending my score of Twistys.

To start with, you mention the two bonus sites you went to. Those are network type sites that twistys should not be advertising as separate sites, unless they want to call Twistys the main page and take the content off Twistys, which they could do. But Anette Dawn, Blue Fantasies and Nicole Graves sites are 100% exclusive, none of the content is shared with Twistys and you get those 3 with a Twistys membership. You don't even have that listed as a pro, but have the others listed as a con. Maybe you reviewed it from a trial and didn't have time to check all the sites out?

Next is that I know of Twistys has never sold itself as a hardcore site. So, I don't see why you would take off for their lack of hardcore. I used this comparison before with another member, it would be like going to a hot dog stand and being mad because they don't have pizza.

One big reason that I point that out is because your highest rated site is 1byday, a site that is pretty much identical to Twistys in content. At the most, I remember 1byday having hardcore Fridays on their site last year and before then for awhile, but they rarely have more than 1 hardcore set per week, so why would you take off twistys score for not enough hardcore, but not 1byday's score?

I will agree that Twistys picture size should be bigger, but I won't agree about the video size, their standard for a couple of years or more has been 640-720 high end with 2000+ bitrates, that is above average quality. And if you look at 1byday, while their newer content is 1280 high end, their older content is 440 high end.

The part though that jumped out at me the most was when you made the comment about twistys models, I hate to tell you, but I would estimate that more than 90% of the models on 1byday are on twistys. Plus twistys has American models that 1byday doesn't, like Georgia Jones, Nicole Graves, Jessica Jaymes, Brea Bennett just to name a few.

This is the best way for me to say this.

1byday updates at best with 4 sets per day, and that isn't that common these days, it is more like 2 new sets per day as they split the updates with remastered sets. Twistys has 4-5 updates per day, probably half or more are exclusive. 1byday has no bonus content. Twistys has 3 exclusive bonus sites listed above. Twistys has at least 90% of the models 1byday has plus many American models 1byday doesn't have. Both sites have similar hardcore content. Twistys $19.95, 1byday $34.95.

Would have helped a lot if you had a review of 1byday and not just a rating. I would like to see the cons and how they compare to twistys.

03-16-09  11:16pm

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Shap (40)
Hi Slutty. First, I'd like to thank you for giving Twistys a try. I really appreciate it.

I'd like to make a few comments on your review. I appreciate your opinion. I just hope you appreciate my reply and opinions as the owner in return :) I work my butt off to make Twistys the best site possible. We care more about our members than anyone I've ever met (visit our Twistys Forum to see for yourself ;).

Regarding your cons.
Your comment about a lot of our content is not exclusive. 75% of all our updates are exclusive content.
We update 3 Photosets and 2 Videos everyday. That is far more than any other site out there. The majority of that is Exclusive.
We have 2391 Photosets that are Twistys Exclusives
We have 863 Videos that are Twistys Exclusives.
I feel the comment about not having much exclusive content is very unfair and misleading.

Regarding the comment that we have very little hardcore.
We have 1302 Hardcore Photosets
We have 1030 Hardcore Videos

That is much more hardcore content than most sites.
You mentioned our Twistys Hard section and mentioned it wasn't updated frequently. Again that is a very misleading comment. We launched Twistys hard a few weeks ago. As we mention on the site we update Twistys Hard twice a week every week. We haven't missed an update and don't plan on (Note Twistys has been updated every day with at least 5 updates a day for the past 8 years without missing a single day).

Regarding the bonus sites. You knocked us for having two sites that repackage our content. You did fail to mention we have 3 sites that are given as a bonus that are 100% exclusive. Surely the value of the 3 exclusive sites far outweighs any negatives the 2 other sites carry.

You say our girls are mostly fake breasted girls. I feel that is a very unfair generalization of the site. We have more than 2250 models. The majority are not fake breasted. Our goal is to bring our members the hottest women from around the world.

Anyhow, sorry if I sound defensive. I just felt the review to be very unfair and misrepresenting. I wonder if maybe you weren't able to find the variety I'm speaking about on the site. If that's the case let me know. I'd love to improve our site layout so members get the true overall value of it and don't miss out on it :)

Thanks Again

03-17-09  10:04am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :


Perhaps I am being a bit unfair. Certainly Twistys has a much better price than 1byday. I would have posted a review of 1byday, but I was a member like 6 months ago and didn't think it would be appropriate to post a full review of a site I haven't been a member of in so long. Perhaps 90% of the models on 1byday are on Twistys, but in my opinion the style of the shoots and the quality of photographs on 1byday is significantly better. Or perhaps it is the 10% that are different that made the difference. Maybe if I had joined 1byday after Twistys, I would have felt more lukewarm about 1byday, but there are several sets I have downloaded from 1byday that are amongst my favorites, and I would not put any set I downloaded from twistys in that group.

Perhaps I should not have used the term "fake breasted", large breasted may have been a better term - as the webmaster called me out on this, which is not typically my preference.

There were also general things that irritated me and might have colored my review somewhat:
-I prefer photos, and I found many of the photos to be mediocre quality in light that was way too soft for my tastes
-calling a site (even if it is only 2 of 7 or whatever) a bonus site when it is the exact same content as the main site is misleading and stupid
-while having zips to download is nice, it is much nicer when some kind of naming convention is used, a minor qualm to be sure, but something 1byday or nubiles handled much better

As far as updates go, I rarely join a site for more than a month, so that truly wasn't a concern of mine - I don't believe I have seriously considered that in any reviews I have written.

I don't think Twistys is a "bad" site, perhaps my cons made it sound worse than it is, I consider it average - which is why I rated it as such.

People may like this site, and I could see why, but it isn't a site for me. This is just my opinion, and the only reason I mentioned you in my review was because I have always tended to agree with your assessment of sites (at least the ones you've reviewed that i've joined).

03-17-09  03:24pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #2 - Shap :

Thanks for the response Shap, I think I addressed most of the issues you brought up in my response to exotics4me.

I looked back at your site and I agree there is more hardcore than I made it sound like there was, however not much that I was interested in.

I wouldn't necessarily try to change the site to meet everyone's needs. The one thing I would change is to get rid of the two "bonus sites" that aren't bonus at all.

I believe if you look at my other reviews you will see that I don't typically rank sites all that high, I am just trying to abide by PU's review guidelines.

Take it easy.

03-17-09  03:49pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :

Oh and exotics4me, I adjusted my 1byday score down, after giving your comments some thought.

I had a full month membership, and I did check out all the bonus sites (except bustyones - not my style). whengirlsplay was okay, but i'm not a fan of anette dawn - although if you were i'm sure you'd love that site - and naughtystaff wasnt that interesting so I didn't consider any of them much of a pro.

Thanks for the input.

03-17-09  03:56pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #2 - Shap :


I forgot to mention, the reason I thought Twistys hard was not frequently updated is because of the dates you have listed:
Nov 30 2008 - Mar 18 2009 - 7 updates.

That's like 1 a month, not 14. I didn't realize you didn't start doing it until a few weeks ago, although it does seem more frequent for the past couple of weeks. Since I have only been a member for a few weeks that date range certainly makes it seem as though updates are uncommon...

03-17-09  09:27pm

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Jeffrey99 (29) I've been a member of Twistys off and on, a month here and there over the past couple years. And I gave Twistys about 8 more points then you, I think you have some valid points in your review.

I'll agree with you on the bonus sites. I forgot what they are called but the ones with the exact same content as Twistys main page, really need to just be taken down. I don't really understand Twistys Hard, as it's also updated on the main page. So not really sure why it needs to be in two sections. As for the bonus site, NicoleGraves.com (the main reason why I keep joining Twistys), that sites pretty much dead since nothing new has been updated June 13th of 08. All the recent updates have been rehashed stuff from when she went by Naughty Coco.

The one huge bright side for Twistys though is the Member Forum and Shap. As he's on there all the time answering people's questions and interacting with the members. To be honest, that probably keeps me coming back more then the content.

Overall I think your review could use a bit more detail: photo sizes, video sizes, number of updates each week/day. Overall a decent review.

03-18-09  08:45am

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hockeyman (2) Slutty,
I agree with your review. Not sure what the appeal is of this site, but it has some outstanding content and is a great deal! From my perspective, the webmaster is too sensitive to criticism as your review was very fair and accurate.

My review was not as detailed and should probably have had more examples of my comments.


07-20-09  12:56pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #8 - hockeyman :

Yeah the guy does seem a bit overly sensitive. Oh well, what can you say? Guess I should have just said "not my style" and left it at that, I just didn't think the site was all that...
10-24-09  02:22pm

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