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Visit Cosplay Erotica

Cosplay Erotica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Like the costumes and digital backgrounds.
+Attractive Models
+A good amount of content
+Natural looking girls. Refreshing to find a site isn't full of pornstars with massive bolt on's.
Cons: -Bonus Studio sets aren't really a bonus. It's the exact same set just a different background.
-They have plastered everywhere on the site that it's $14.99 a month, when in reality the 1st Month is $24.99 then renews at $14.99.
-Videos are pretty much all the same and feel like a after thought.
Bottom Line: I decided to bite the bullet and join the site to post a review. I'm reviewing this site as a $24.99 site, it'd be a higher rating it it was actually only $14.99 a month from the start. Overall this is primarily a photo site. Yes it does have videos but they are really all the same and I feel a after thought. With it being a primary photo site, you'd think the photo specs would be top notch. However that's not really the case. While the photos look great, they are only 1500x1000. By today's standards I'd consider that about 1/2 the size they really need to be.

Images are available in whole gallery as a zip set or to download individually.

Overall I like the site. I like that's it's something different. Can I recommend it at $25 a month? No. I'd give the site a mid 80's if it was $14.99 from the start.

Image Specs: 1500x1000, each gallery also includes a *bonus* Studio set that is the exact same as the main set but without the digital backdrop and instead all have the plain white backdrop.

Videos: Not sure on specs, downloaded on my andriod phone. Don't have a PC at moment. All videos are exactly the same. 6-7 minutes in length. All videos have the same plan white backdrop. Each video follows same layout. Model strips out of costume. Touches herself alittle, possibly spreads and dances alittle and that's the whole video.

10-01-14  09:06am

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Visit Porn Access

Porn Access

No Review.
05-10-09  06:23am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Great content and tons of it
+Good quality videos (720x480 @ 1500kbps)
+Access to 26 sites.
+Most of the 26 sites are updated weekly, a few aren't updated anymore.
+Nice price from TBP, $17.95 a month. Otherwise it's $24.95 a month.
Cons: -Doesn't use CCBill (Uses Secure Billing Worldwide, SBW)
-Pictures are nothing more then vid caps and poor quality (900x602)
-Doesn't allow use of Download Managers
Bottom Line: I really liked the content of RealityKings and based on content alone, the site would rate high 80's or low 90's.

However what kills me about the site is that download managers aren't allowed. Well technically you can use them but you can only download 3 movies at once. You cannot que up 10 or so movies and let them download throughout the day. If you do que up lets say 5 movies, once it gets to the 4th or 5th one, it'll end up saving it as a .html file. If you open that it says "Your BigMovie link has expired! Please revisit the update page to regenerate a new one" So it comes down to only being allowed to download 3-4 files at a time. I don't know how it works with the smaller files, as I have no interest in downloading a ton of them when they have the full links available.

RealityKings is pretty much a video only site. The pictures are nothing more then vidcaps and are 900x602. The videos are good quality, being 720x480 @ 1500kbps. The videos are available to download in 4 smaller parts or in 1 big wmv.

Overall, if they'd get rid of the stupid time expiring link to download the movies, the site would be great. However the fact that you can't even download more then 3 files without the link expiring, makes it a no go for me. So if you like to just que up a Manager with 10 or so files and leave it for the day, then I can't recommend this site.

04-17-09  05:49am

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Visit Nicole Graves

Nicole Graves

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Nicole is hot.
+Nice mixture in the scenes (solo, b/g, and a few g/g)
+Included in the Twistys bonus sites.
Cons: -Hasn't been updated with new NG stuff since June of 08. All the new updates are rehashed stuff from when she was NaughyCoco.
-Photos and videos could be better. All the photos are 768x1024.
-New videos decent quality (640x480 @ 1627kbps) The older Coco stuff is pretty bad @ 320x240 and from 700-900 kbps range, it seems to always be different.
Bottom Line: NicoleGraves.com seems to be one of the many sites that I've been a member of recently that has fallen off the face of the earth.

Ealier reviews comment on her interactivity with fans, however I can't comment on that. As there seems to be none anymore. I've even tried to email her a few times, with no success.

The photos and videos are decent quality but nothing that will strain your PC to run. In todays day and age of 3000 or 4000px images, NG's 768x1024 seems a bit behind the times. The only advantage to that is that all the images, even the older Naughty Coco ones, come in at the size.

The videos are on the low end of what I'd expect for a site in 2009, the newer stuff being 640x480/1627kbps. The older(or recently updated) Naughty Coco stuff is 320x240 and between 700-900kbps.

It is one of the bonus sites included in Twisty's so I'd recommend you sign up through Twistys as it'll save you $5.

The store, which on her page says it offers signed dvd's/photos/posters doesn't work. When you go there it's completely empty.

Overall I think I just seemed to miss what appears to have been a great website. Since the site is included with Twistys, I can't really knock it too bad. As your not paying $20 for just this one site. However coming from a fan of Nicole, if your only interested in this site and haven't been a member before, then I think it'd be worth it for a month. However if you've been a member of NG.com before, then I really don't think it's worth the money. I'd have no problem paying the $20 for this site alone, if it ever gets back to what it seemed to be in early to mid 2008.

03-18-09  09:06am

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Visit Craving Carmen

Craving Carmen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Carmen is very hot
+Images are decent quality (792x1200)
+Super HD videos are decent quality (1280x720 @5000 kbps)
Cons: -So called regular HD videos are fine if there isn't a "Super HD" option available. For some reason if there's both a Super HD and HD option, the HD version is 16x9 that's been zoomed out and made 4:3. So even on a widescreen monitor it's only 4:3 with huge black bars at top and bottom. Why they done that, I have no freaking clue.
-Site is pretty much dead. Pictures haven't been updated in over a year (March 5th 08) and the videos haven't been updated in 6 months (10-22-08). The only thing updated in 09 has been webcam archive.
-Expects you to pay another $18 to get two seperate video zip sets. Not sure if that's for both or only one. I have no interest in that BS.
Bottom Line: CravingCarmen is another site that could be soo much better then what it is but the people behind it appear to be more interested in just raking in money then actually putting out a quality side.

The site appears to have turned into nothing more then a ad for SpunkyCams.com. A webcam site that charges you anywhere from $3-12. For how long or for what, I have no clue. I'm not into webcams. Quality is always horrible.

The photos and the so called Super HD videos are good quality as mentioned in the Pros. As mentioned earlier, if there is both a Super HD and a HD option, the HD option is 16x9 zoomed out to 4:3. So even on a 16:9 screen, it'll actually be 4:3 with the black bars on top, bottom and sides. If there is no Super HD option, then the HD videos are actually widescreen, 1280x720 @ 5000kbps.

Her earlier sets are non-nude. She has roughly 76 movies on her site and 36 are non-nude. So just under half. Her older videos are available in mpg format. Unfortunately right clicking and properties doesn't show me any info on what quality it is, however it looks comparable to VHS tapes.

She also has archived webcam shows, which is the only thing that's been updated in 09. Those are available in 320x240 @ 447kbps. So not any quality worth keeping.

The site also try's to sell you other zipset galleries, one is a webcam video with her and Ashley and the other is a HD video of her, for $18. Not sure if that's for both or only for one but trying to charge me additional for extra content for a site that's non-updating doesn't settle well with me.

The site could easily be summed up just by looking at her journal, which hasn't been updated since 2007. This site is evidently of no priority to Carmen or Spunky Productions. The fact that they still charge $24 is ridiculous.

Carmen is hot but her site is a sure fire miss. It's nothing more then a one month hit and run at best. And that's as long as you go into it knowing that you are pretty much spending $24 for what could be a months worth of update content for other sites.

03-13-09  08:40pm

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Visit LV Panty

LV Panty

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Nice Quality Photos (1152x1728)
+A decent panty site.
+Some pretty good looking models
Cons: -Doesn't look like the site is updated anymore. No dates on the updates to know how old they are. But I haven't seen anything new in the month I've been there.
-Horrible quality vidoes (720x480 765kbs)
-Only 46 videos.
-All the photos look pretty much the same.
-No members link on the main page
Bottom Line: LV Panties is a decent site, that is if you are a panties fan. However it no longer appears to be updated anymore. There are no dates by the updates to know just when it quit but in the month I was a member I haven't seen anything new. From the layout and quality of the vids, I'd be guessing it's been 3-4 years since anything was updated. But again, I'm not positive on that and there's no way to know.

The photos are pretty much the only good thing about LVPanties, as they only have 46 vids at a crappy 720x480 @765kbs, so the only bright spot are the photos. Resolution wise, the photos are to the low end of todays standards at 1152x1728. They have what they call closeup gallerys, the photos are all in landscape, however they are 1152x768 size. So they are pretty much useless compared to the regular galleries. The photos are not available in a zip and there are normally 50-60 images per gallery.

The biggest problem I had with the photos is the fact that it was always shot in a bedroom or a bathroom. And it was always the same bedroom or bathroom, so it made the photos all blend together. 90% of the photos are shot in front of plain jane bare white walls. Makes for a very uneventful photo.

They do not have a member link on the main page. I had to search back through my history to find the link. Thankfully I hadn't cleared it out in a while. So unless you bookmark the members page, good luck finding it again.

In Closing, LVPanties is a decent site for a one month stay. There's really no point for anything else.

03-10-09  12:09pm

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Newer videos are good quality. 08 & 09 videos are 3000 kbps (1280x720), 07 and before are 2000 kbps (640x480).
+Most images are in high resolutions and good quality. Sizes range from 1000px to 4000px.
+Great site layout and navigation.
+Easy search function. By model name, clothing, etc.
Cons: -Can only view one image at a time.
-Must download zips at once, no queing up in a download manager & no pausing/resuming.
-No option to default to bringing up all thumbnails at once, instead of default 20 per page.
-No consistency to images, a 06 set will be available in 4000px, while a 08 set will only be in 2000px.
-Only uses Epoch.
Bottom Line: Babelicious is in the same line as Twistys, a glamour style site featuring softcore & hardcore. I really liked the site navigation and the ability to search for clothing type or cup size. And both the images and videos are good quality, I had a few problems that I just couldn't get past.

First being that each image must be viewed 1 at a time. If you use Firefox, there's no way to right click and open in new tab for each image your interested in. When you do that it just brings up the full gallery again. So that means you either waste time going photo by photo, which is opened up in a new window, or you download the full zip and then sort through the ones you want. I've never been the kind to download the full zips, I prefer to just keep the images I like.

The problem with downloading the zips, is the fact that you can't que them up into a download manager. There is also no resuming of the zips. Videos seem to do fine queing up and downloading but for some reason you can't with the zips.

Each gallery comes up as default, 20 thumbs per page. You can change it to 50, 100 or all but there's no way to make all the default.

One other problem with images seems to be that there is no consistency. For example a 06 gallery may be available in 4000px, while a 08 gallery may only be available in 2000px. Or it may be 3500px or 2500px, there just seems to be no consistency to image size. It's all over the map.

They have a rating system I really like. You can rate the model, photosets & videosets. If you've been a member of a site like Twistys before, then you've seen most of the models. I guess that's one reason why it was just kinda blah to me. Different site and galleries but still most of the same models.

You do get access to bonus sites: BabesOnFilm.com, BikiniBabes.TV, BabesUK.com, CumminAtYa.com, RoyalBoobs.com, Sexy-Babes.TV, DreamBabes.com & EuroBabez.com. Some are still updated regulary, looks like mainly Sexby-Babes.tv, others look like they haven't been updated in awhile.

Overall for the TBP discount of $19.95, Babelicious is a good site. Unfortunately the quirks about downloading the photos and/or zips is enough to make me not stay a member. If your the type that downloads all zips and don't mind not being able to que them up, then I'm sure you'll love the site. Unfortunately, that's a huge turn off for me and I felt the site just wasn't worth the hassle required to download the images.

01-30-09  02:08pm

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Good price ($19.95 not rebilled or $14.95 rebilled)
+Good quality photos (1333x2000px)
+On average updated almost daily.
Cons: -No videos
-No search function
-Navigation is horrible (no models page) Everything is sorted by update. So while a model may have 6 different sets on there, there is no way to find out untill you get to that update.
-Evertyhing is sorted by year, then by update date.
Bottom Line: My main problem with Domai is the same problem I have with Femjoy, each model starts out nude. Or if she's not full nude, she will be within 5 images. Then you have 40 images that all start to look the same.

The navigation is horrible. You can't search for body type, hair color or even model name. Everything is listed first by year, since 2005, then by date that they were added. So if you find a model you like, there is no way to see her other sets or even to find out if she has other sets. Technically you can cheat and look at the web address to see what gallery you are in, then you'd know if they have any other sets
available. You can then change the gallery number to go to the other ones but frankly in 2009 you shouldn't have to do that to see the other sets. EAch model should have a main page.

Most of the models are pretty attractive and the photos are decent quality (1333x2000px) but there are no videos. No users forum. No bonus sites or anything. All you've got are 5 links on the side for update year.

Overall if you want nothing but full nude women, then you'd probably like Domai. But if you are the kind that likes the art of stripping, then I'd recommend you stay away.

01-05-09  02:58pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +High Quality videos.
+Beautiful selection of young models, with different body types and sizes. They don't all look the same.
+Intimate videos with Real Orgasms.
+Lots of public nudity
+Normally 3-4 galleries per model update, around 60 images per gallery.
+2-4 videos per model update.
Cons: -Pricey ($29.95 per month, I got offered $20 per month when I went to cancel)
-Images could stand to be bigger. Currently are 1062x1600 for portrait and 1600x1062 for landscape. Not as high quality as some other sites.
-They do have BigPics, where are 3000x4000 or 2000x3000 but it's a seperate page from it's self and no way to know from the model update if they are available for her or not.
-No search function. Have to go by update or models first name.
-Not all models are actually first timers. For example a recent update was Franziska, who I saw alot on ALS Scan when I was recently a member to there.
-Older videos and pictures not that good of quality.
-Only updated on average 1-2x per week.
-Some videos are behind the scenes of the photo shoot, so you hear the great 3,2,1 camera click.
Bottom Line: FTV is a site that I was a member of awhile back and liked back then but it was a bit too pricey for me. The site can get alittle too extreme for me (huge toys or fisting, etc) but decided to give it another try.

Photo's: In todays day and age of high resolution and high quality, FTV's photos are step behind the competition. Current updates photos are 1062x1600 for portrait and 1600x1062 for landscape. While updates in 07 where, 797x1200. 06 where 712x1072. So as you can see, while FTV keeps improving every year, it still doesn't compare to sites that have 3000 or 4000px images. But FTV does offer BigPics. They are 3000x4000px or 2000x3000px. But it's only of select galleries/models. I don't know why FTV doesn't do what ALS Scans do and offer two download sizes, normal res and high res. Since offering BigPics proves they have them available. For $30 a month, not offering them as standard is unacceptable.

Videos: 08 videos are available in 8000kb/s HD WMV's, 3000kb/s WMV's & Divx vidoes. Anything prior to December 07, is available in 2100kb/s WMV & Divx. The 8000kb/s videos are great quality, unfortunately my pc can't play them smoothly. So I'm stuck with the 3000kb/s. The quality is pretty good but not as good as some 720p videos from other sites. According to FTV's site, here are the following specs:
WMV Ultra HD 1440x1080 Resolution 8000kb/sec bitrate
WMV HD 720x480 Resolution 3000kb/sec bitrate
WMV 640x480 Resolution 700-2000kb/sec bitrate

Some videos are behind scenes of the photoshoots and you get to hear the lovely 3,2,1 and then the snap of the camera. However the cameraman does do a decent job of not talking too much, unless it's the interview video, he normally just lets the girls do what they want.

The videos are normally split up into 5-10 5-7 min secments. No option for full scene download.

The site could use a update in navigation. As of now you can either list by update or by model name in alphabetical order. There no way to search for a name or to find a model with a certain body type.

Some models are also not first time video girls, some can be seen on other pages, before their FTV shoots. However the models like that seem to be few.

In closing I really like FTV and it's probably one of my favorite sites. However there are changes that need to be done to break the low 90's number. They need to start putting the images up in their default resolution, instead just putting select images in a zip and slapping them up on the BigPics page. Add the user forum and drop the price. Right now $29.95 is flat out too high for any site that isn't a network site.

If they would do both of those and drop the price to $5-10 then I think it could easily be a mid to high 90's site.

In closing if you like public nudity or like real orgasms, then I'd recommend you give FTV a shot.

12-30-08  04:58pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Helps a charity (The only site I've ever known to do so)
+Great quality images(2592x3888 portrait/3888x2592 for landscape).
+Great quality videos. Had Divx (which my pc wouldn't play smoothly) and 720p MP4 videos.
+Most models are small chested and pretty skinny. Very seldom are any models C cup or bigger.
Cons: -Website must have been one of the first ever built and boy does it show. WAY past due for a upgrade.
-No easy navigation.
-Most vidoes are just behind the scenes of the photo shoots.
Bottom Line: As you can tell by the name of the site, every model is 100% shaved. At first it's pretty cool but then it starts to make every photo set and every model start to look the same. I love the fact that they have alot of smaller chested girls but after a while, they start to feel the same. Could really use some variation.

There are normally 100 or so photos per set. And the photos are great high quality images. The first 3/4 of the set is your normally glam style shoots but the last quarter can get pretty strange. From sticking normal every day items (food, end of a shovel, etc) in the pussy to pissing. Pissing seems to be a pretty big niche on the site, as it seems to happen alot.

The videos are great quality but most are behind the scens of the photo shoots. So you've always got the lovely cameraman talking through out the whole thing. When will these companies learn? Get rid of that shit.

Navigation for the site is complete crap.You've got either updates or all models. No way to search by cup size, hair color or even model name. To find certain model you have to go to the all models page and do a find within IE or Firefox.

For the price ($29.95 1st month/then $24.95) I think the site is past due for a upgrade. While the images are great quality, due to the navigation and the constant talking during videos, unless a your a image fan you'll probably be disappointed. If your a video fan like me, you'll quickly get sick of hearing the dumbass guys talking.

12-11-08  02:17pm

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Great price. ($19.95 from here or you can find it for $17.95 from another site)
+Updated 2-3 times a week.
+Very helpfull members forum, where the webmaster will even reply.
+Bonus guest model section. Gives samples of other sites.
+Nice and easy navigation. By style of set, body type or even just searching for the models name.
+Good selection of solo, girl/girl & boy/girl
Cons: -Some girls are the same one you've seen from other sites but with different names.
-Images are 1333x2000 for portrait and 1999x1333 for landscape.
-Newer Videos are 704x396, older videos are 640x480.
-Security doesn't allow me to download images using DownThemAll download manager.
-Too many images per set, where 3-4 in a row look almost identical.
Bottom Line: For the price of under $20 a month, Teen Dreams is a very good site. And if it wasn't for economic reasons, I'd still be a member.

Compared to other websites, Teen Dreams is a bit behind on the quality of both the video and images. The images are good quality and decent size but don't compare to other sites that have 3000px and 4000px images. Both the new and older video are decent quality, however non are true HD or HD quality. I'd consider most videos to be near DVD quality.

One other nitpicking I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't use DownThemAll in Firefox for the images. It has a cool feature where you save the first image as "name" and then each following image would get a number behind it in order. The webmaster was quick to reply as to why, since they were recently hacked, it was a double security thing. Unfortunately there was no way around it, except don't use the download manager. Their suggestion was to just download the zips, unfortunately they normally have 100+ images per set. However there always seemed to be 3-4 in a row that looked almost identical and could have been left out. It just made it a bit more of a pain to download images, then other sites.

Overall Teen Dreams is a site worth checking out, you can't go wrong for $20.

12-11-08  01:24pm

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Visit Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: +If you have seen any of the videos, then you know what to expect.
+Normal Girls Gone Wild content. Alot of flashing and alittle bit of lesbian play.
Cons: -Pricey $$, frankly for the content it's a rip off.
-ALL videos are streaming. If you do work around it to get it to download, it has DRM. So you'll have to go through more hassles to remove that.
-Videos are crappy quality. Was probably decent 5-6 years ago but to today standards, not up to par.
-Photos are pretty much nothing but screen caps and pretty poor quality at that.
-Videos they have available in the members area are not the ones shown on the main page. The ones in the members area appear to be 3-4 years old and are the ones that they can't make any more money on.
Bottom Line: This has to be one of the biggest ripoffs I've ever seen for a adult site. $30 for a site with crappy screen shot photos and only lets you stream videos? That may have been okay back in the early days of the internet but not in the year 2008. It's been a bit since I was a member and I don't remember the exact size of the videos but once blown to full screen, they weren't very good.

If you want Girls Gone Wild content, Amazon has Blu Ray dvd's for $13-$20 and regular dvd's are even cheaper. You'd be better off buying a few of those for the same price as a month of this site. I can guantee that the quality will be light years beyond whats available on the website.

Again sorry for not being specific on video and photos sizes. I've just recently started paying attention to those details.

11-11-08  11:44am

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Visit Playboy's Fresh Faces

Playboy's Fresh Faces

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-31-08  07:50am  (Update History)
Reason: Wanted to add specs to photos and videos. This review also applys to the other Girls of sites.
Pros: +You get acess to 6 sites. All are clones of each other layout wise but different content. Some models are on 2 or 3 pages but it's different sets. You get access to: Fresh Faces, Sexy Wives, Student Bodies, All Naturals, Women Of, Busty Babes.
+Playboy quality
+Great quality HD vidoes
+If you do the monthly option, after 3 months you can add another site for free. That site can be another Playboy site (Cyber Club, Special Editions, etc) or even a more explict Spice site.
+Easy to change, add or cancel subscriptions right there on the website.
+Seems to show all of the womans body more then the Magazine or Cyber Club. Videos don't seem to be as overedited as much as the Cyber Club.
Cons: -Not updated daily. But between all the sites, it's updated about a couple times a week.
-Can't view large photos from the site. You have to download the zip. Large photos aren't as large as other sites. About as large as the XL in the cyber club. EDIT: See specs at bottom of review.
-Layout kinda sucks. Just all the models headhots on the main page. Seems the number of model slots are limited and after that they seem to disappear. There is no archive or anything like that.
Bottom Line: If you like Playboy or the Cyber Club, odds are you'll like these sites. They aren't updated as much as I'd like but they photos and vidoes do seem to show alot more of the ladys then what they do in the Cyber Club. To me they aren't as overedited, especially the videos.Each model normally has 1 HD video, a few have 2. Most videos are just a strip tease and some closeups of the body. The vidoes aren't just behind the scenes of the photoshoot. They are normally completley different outfit and layout then eiher photoset.

The one huge downside seems to be that there is a set number of slots available for content and after that's full the oldest seems to just disappear each time new content is added. There is no archive or search function.

Overall it's pretty much just a extension of every other Playboy site. You know what to expect. But if you stay a member long enough you can get all of Playboys sites for $19.99 a month, which for this site alone is kinda overpriced but for 2-3 of their sites or 1 of the Spice sites, it really isn't a bad deal.

EDIT: I just recently canceled but now that I know a bit more about spec talks, wanted to add photo and video specs. Photos are in two sizes, on the site they can be viewed and downloaded in 611x917. If you download the large zip set they are 1152x1728. So as you can see, why they are decent quality, they aren't huge like Playboy wants you to believe. There are only roughly 24-30 images per set.
The videos are in widescreen HD WMV's. They are 1280x720 at 3000kbps. Most videos are around 3-5 mins long. They include a strip tease and then some closeups of the body.

Over the past couple months, while I was a member, I find myself visiting the Playboy sites less and less. There are just too few images per gallery and Playboy makes sure you only see what they want. If they merged this site with the Cyber Club then it might be worth it but right now in this economy, I can't see this site being worth $20. Unless you really like softcore glamour Playboy style images and videos.

11-06-08  06:34am

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Visit Playboy's CyberClub

Playboy's CyberClub

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-31-08  08:20am  (Update History)
Reason:  Wanted to add specs to photos and videos.
Pros: +It's Playboy. Pretty much a extension the magazine.
+Finally upgraded and added a XL photo option. EDIT: See specs at bottom of review.
+Updated daily. And also has daily double, 2 pictures that change daily.
+HD Videoes that using Firefox can be downloaded with no problems.
+If you do the monthly option, after 3 months you can add another site for free. That site can be another Playboy site (Network sites, Special Editions, etc) or even a more explict Spice site.
+Easy to change, add or cancel subscriptions right there on the website.
Cons: -It's Playboy lol. So the photoshoping is still pretty prevelant. They seem to have a habit of trying to shade or hide the pussy if they do show it. You'll very seldom see a lady squatting down with full frontal nudity, unless she has a inner pussy.
-While the photos are finally a respectable size, they still aren't as big as other sites.
-Most Celebrity pictorials aren't available.
-Videos are great quality but they seem to have a habit of going super slow closeup from the face to the belly button and then zoom past the bottom half. Would be nice to see them pay equal attention to all of the ladys body.
Bottom Line: It's Playboy, if you don't like the content of the magazine then you won't like the site. Even though some have said all pictorials are available online, they aren't. Some celebrity ones like Christy Hemme or Pam Anderson 1994 spread isn't available online. Which is fine for older sets but even some of the newer ones, like UFC's Rachelle Leah which was in this months magazine, isn't available online. So if your joining for some celebrity pics, it can be hit or miss on whether it's available.

Photos are decent quality. I find the HD videos excellent quality. It just mainly comes down to how much they show as to rather I keep it and the over editing of the vidoes can really get on your nerves.

The site is updated daily with atleast a daily double, 2 random photos, but it normally is also updated with a new photoset. There is a lot of content but only the new stuff is available in the XL photos. Some of the older vidoes aren't hd but they are widescreen and look decent.

The one huge upside to any Playboy site is how easy it is to cancel. Just log in and go to "Member Services". From there you can cancel or renew any subscription. Playboy also has a loyalty program. Stay a member for 3 months and you can add another site free of charge. You can repeat the process every 3 months. Or if your only interest in the Cyber Club, you can save a decent amount of money doing the annual plan.

Overall if you like the content Playboy Magazine then you'll like the Cyber Club.

EDIT: I just recently canceled but now that I know a bit more about spec talks, wanted to add photo and video specs. Most "of the week" galleries have 1 set of 15-20 images with no video. "Of the month" galleries normally have 3 sets of 30-40 images with 3-4 videos. Photos are not available to download in zip. The photos default to coming up in medium, so you'll constantly have to change the photos to XL. They need to allow the option to make XL default.So as you can see, why they are decent quality, they aren't huge like Playboy wants you to believe.

The videos are available in Quicktime, WMV, & HD. Both quicktime and wmv want to stream but with Firefox there are ways around to download it. However I normally stuck with the HD videos. The HD videos are .mov files. Unfortunatly I don't know how to find out info on .mov files but they are widescreen and listed as 720p. Most videos are around 3-5 mins long. They include a strip tease and then some closeups of the body.

Over the past couple months, while I was a member, I find myself visiting the Playboy sites less and less. There are just too few images per gallery and Playboy makes sure you only see what they want. If they merged this site with the Girls of network sites then it might be worth it but right now in this economy, I can't see this site being worth $20. Unless you really like softcore glamour Playboy style images and videos

11-06-08  06:28am

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +High quality photos.
+Good quality vidoes with closeups of girls during orgasm.
Cons: -Pricey $$$ for a month to month. Gets better if you pay for 2 months at once.
-Blair Witch porn. Dude has problems keeping camera still.
-Can't seem to decide if he wants to focus on her face or pussy. So in turn you get the top of her mouth in the upper left corner and the top of her pussy in the bottom right. So in turn your pretty much looking at her belly.
-One of those great camerman who won't shut the F up.
-Not updated enough and he seems to have gotten stuck on shooting 3-4 certain models
Bottom Line: My biggest poroblem with Ron Harris Studio is his video work. He seems to not be able to decide what he wants to focus on. So in turn you end up focusing on her belly most of the time. He also has a really hard time keeping camera still. Not sure if he's trying to jack it while taping them or what but it makes Blair Witch or Cloverfield look they were taped on a tripod. On top of that, he doesn't know when to shut up.

It seems from looking at the updates that he's starting focusing on a certin 3-4 models. And even with that, there just aren't enough updates.

Overall every once in a while I'd come across a video that he'd be less jerky and keep it focused down below for the big O. But that seemed to be few and far between.

EDIT:As for the videos they are available in 720p and 1080p to download. I've never had problems playing hd videos on my pc but the 1080p wouldn't play on my machine. Quality was good for the 720p if you could get past the stuff I said in my review. As for how many, just depended on the model. Some like his main girl Kara(who he shoots alot compared to everyone else) had probably 10-12, while most girls had 2-3.

While the videos look great, I couldn't get past the jerky cam, bad zoom and him talking all the time.

11-06-08  06:25am

Replies (3)
Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +TONS of content
+Good mixture of solo, girl/girl & boy/girl.
+Updated daily with 2-3 sets.
+You get access to a few other sites as well. Main one for me is NicoleGraves.com.
Cons: -No HD videos. However the November treat is in atleast widescreen but quality still isn't in HD.
-Only allows you to download 1 video at a time using a download manager. If your doing something while downloading, I've had it timeout on me and restart the download.
-Can not resume downloads using Firefox DownThemAll.
-Photos are decent quality but not as high resolution as some other sites (Femjoy, Penthouse)
-Too often they will go straight from taking off their panties to using a dildo.
Bottom Line: I've only been a member fo Twistys for about a month now. It'll take me forever to look at or download all the content available.Twistys has a great mixture of solo, girl/girl & boy/girl sets. As of now Twistys has no true HD videos. The November Twistys Treat is in widescreen and much better quality then their normal 640x480 videos but still not as good as other true HD videos I've seen. Most of the videos found on Twistys are 640x480, while there are a few that are 720xXXX.

The photos found on Twistys are of good quality and a decent resolution. However they still aren't as big as photos found on some sites like Femjoy or Penthouse. Twistys is updated with 2-3 sets per day. It also has a nice catalog system you can use to search for models. By name, or by breast size, clothing, girl/girl or boy/girl and many more.

If you are one who likes to setup a que to download 3,4,5 videos on a manager at night or during the day, then you will be disappointed. Using DownThemAll with Firefox, I can only download one video at a time. And it has to be using all of my connection, otherwise the connection will timeout and it'll restart downloading from 0. You can not pause your downloads.You also can not set a que and then come back a couple hours later and download them. As appears the adress changes, as it gives me a error and wont' download.

Twistys also uses the stupid squiggly word, which you'll have to fill in each time you log into the site. It's currently not working correctly, so they have disabled it. But I'm guessing they will get it working again shortly.

Overall, I'd highly recommend checking out Twistys if your a photo fan. If your mainly a video fan, then as of right now I think your be disappointed.

UPDATE:I've decided to cancel after this month. I think the biggest disappointment about Twistys is the photo and video quality. No HD video and no pics larger then 1500-2000px, where as some sites are up to 3000-4000px.

Overall I feel Twistys moto is quantity over quality and couldn't really see it for the $24.95 price point.

11-04-08  06:41am

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Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +High Quality photos
+Great mixture in styles of clothing.
+Updated daily.
+Has a nice catalog style. Makes it easy to search for what you want, rather that be full nude or blonde or etc.
Cons: -Really softcore. Too many models that don't even get full nude or if they do, they don't give you a good shot of their pussy.
-Videos are pretty much useless. Seem to be nothing more then behind the scenes videos of the photo shoots.
Bottom Line: I really like OnlyTease and the other Only sites. The one and only huge downside for me was that there were way too many photo sets that were either non nude or only topless. Being a fan of full frontal nudity, it seems 1 outta 5 models/sets would show full frontal nudity. Only Tease does have a option to search for "Full Figure Nude" but the problem with that is, that anytime a model takes off her panties, they label it as full figure nude. Even if they do nothing with the panties down but show ass.

Overall the Only Sites are ones that I'd sign up for once every 6 months for a month. There just isn't enough content to please me to stay a member month after month.

11-04-08  06:07am

Replies (3)


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +High Quality photos
+HD Quality videos
+Lots of updates
+Good mix of models
Cons: -Every set pretty much starts off with the model already nude. No teasing and/or clothes at all.
-Each gallery is set up where the top 1/3 is the highest quality(normally 3000 or 4000px) the middle is 2nd highest and bottom 1/3 is lowest. Would be nice if you could set it up so each gallery automatically came up in the highest quality.
-With no clothing, all the sets seem to start running together and looking the same.
-And as others have stated, most of the photos don't seem to have much life.
-Videos appear to be nothing more then moving photoshoots. You'll get a few closeups but doesn't really seem to be much reason to watch them.
Bottom Line: I logged into my Playboy Cyber Club account the other day and saw a offer for so much off a FemJoy subscription for Playboy subscribers. So figured I'd give it a shot. The quality of the site is outstanding, both photos and videos. Unfortuantly each set starts with the model fully nude. No clothes, lingerie, bra & panties or anything else like that. So after awhile each model and each of her sets start to blur together and feel the same.

While the photos are great quality, I didn't like how in the preview gallery the top 1/3 is the highest quality(normally 3000 or 4000px) the middle is 2nd highest and bottom 1/3 is lowest. Would be nice if you could set it up so each gallery automatically came up in the highest quality.

The vidoes are in HD and as good of qualty as other sites HD videos (Playboy, MCNudes). But with no clothing or anything else, there doesn't seem to really be much of a reason to watch the videos.

Overall the site is great at what it does. Nice quality photos and vidoes, which is a big selling point for me. Most of the models are very attractive. It's just the sets seem blah. With no clothing, the only real difference between each set is the background. I myself like the mixing it up that other sites do. So if you want nothing but nude women, then this site would be great for you. If you like any kind of tease, then I'd advise against FemJoy.

11-04-08  06:00am

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