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N/A REPLY TO #3 from Rick: (OneMan's Reply)

Hi OneMan,

Thanks for your comments!

We definitely love HD content as well and I think we'll see a lot of new HD videos this year.

I wanted to let you know that we do have an HD niche, however since our site is still brand new you can't see many sites listed:

However, be sure to checkout the same niche at TheBestPorn.com if you haven't yet:

Good to have you on our site, great review of Casey Hayes btw!!

01-12-07  02:05pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #45 from Davit: (OneMan's Reply)

Thanks for that, OneMan - I guess that makes us TwoMen around here that agree on those points! The only thing I would disagree about is the tripod comment. But everything else you said is spot on as far as I'm concerned.
Happy New Year to you too mate.

01-05-08  11:02am

Visit 123 Lacey Pink

123 Lacey Pink
Reply of OneMan's Comment from Hardcore J:

OneMan - we're simply trying to be the Wal-Mart of porn, low cost memberships with high volume still results in a good profit each month. We've found that the $30-40 memberships many sites offer are too expensive for most people to pay monthly.

In contrast, our goal is to build up a large recurring database of members at a lower cost point. At $1.23/month I'm sure you'll see that there is absolutely no reason to cancel your membership to these sites :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

04-29-07  10:24pm

Visit 123 Lacey Pink

123 Lacey Pink
Reply of OneMan's Comment from jake07621:

In the small print at the bottom you have to uncheck a thing that says that you agree to subscribe to Porn Movie Vault for a day for a dollar recurring at 39.95 per month. It looks like they're trying to sucker people in and hope that they don't notice.

04-27-07  06:53am

Visit 1Pondo.tv

Reply of OneMan's Comment from yadayada321:

I was thinking about joining too, until you mentioned the limit and I went to check their FAQ out. So about that 6 GB/day limit... it says in the FAQ:

6. Are the downloads fast & what is the limit?
You'll be able to stream movies at 384/kbps or download at max 600/kbps. There are no servers that come close to what we offer. Limit wise, there is a download limit of 6GB per day.

Doing the math...
600/kbps max = 600/8 KB/s = 75 KB/s = 75/1024 MB/s = 0.07 MB/s

0.07 MB/s * 60 s/min * 60 min/hour * 24 hours = 6048 MB per 24 hours = 6 GB!

Appears that they cap your download speed to 75 KB/s to prevent you from downloading too much per day!!! And they say no server comes close to what they offer? I almost fell over when I did the math. I think I downloaded 6 GB worth of porn from porn.com in the last few hours alone!

03-23-10  02:14am

Visit 1Pondo.tv

Reply of OneMan's Comment from monty2222:

The preview page certainly shows some absolutely gorgeous ladies that much is beyond argument. But at 65$ I think I'll wait and see what you or others may have to say before I take the leap.

10-26-09  01:32pm

Visit Abelinda

REPLY TO #2 from dracken: (OneMan's Reply)

Interesting, thanks for sharing that. I might take a look at Abelinda in that case.

03-21-10  01:56pm

Visit Abelinda

Reply of OneMan's Comment from dracken:

Both sites seem identical, which is something this company often does,use one model to make more sites. I would be careful signing up I had a bad experience with them...

01-13-10  12:37pm

Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass
Reply of OneMan's Comment from Jeffrey99:

They also instantly cancel your access to the sites when you cancel. So even though you paid for 30 days, if you cancel 10 days into your month, you lose access instantly. So I agree with OneMan, I'd highly recommend stay away from. They are a disgrace of a company. And on top of it all, the website they list for "Customer Service" responses doesn't exist.

11-04-09  06:32am

Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass
Reply of OneMan's Comment from OneMan:


This is what I received from the Credit Card company that services the site:

"The charge of $9.95 is only a pre-authorization to ensure that the credit card
used is valid and there is room on the card if ever the membership is upgraded.
But we assure you that this is not an actual charge but just a temporary hold on
the funds that will usually fall off your bank within 72 hours once the membership
has been canceled."

Now, as far as I'm concerned, this is rubbish. I have never seen anyone take more than $1 from a credit card to check iD etc.

Besides, what the firm did not do, is to tell me that I was given access to a 3 day trial which would be rebilled at $9.99 unless I cancelled.

Unfortunately, I had no idea that I had been signed-up to it and so would not have cancelled it anyway !

But, taking $9.99 from on'es account without authorisation is 'not on', in my book !

However they dress it up, it is dodgy practice at best.

I really wanted to try out Tiny Tyler, but I no longer wish to patronise this company...on principle, if nothing else. At worst, sufring the member area which is full of instant upselling links, is not my idea of fun, as I have found to my cost in the past !

These sites that use dodgy practices should be named and shamed.
I still maintain that instant upsells are not legal...at least in the UK, Contract Law requires clear offer and acceptance.....credit card practice should not allow it...at least ethically if not legally. Disgraceful.

10-26-09  10:39am

Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass
Reply of OneMan's Comment from ace of aces:

thanks for warning. those criminal intents are not toleratable.

10-26-09  04:30am

Visit Download Porn

Download Porn
Reply of OneMan's Review from OneMan:

It appears that these may be downloadable, depending on how you access the site. If you see the comments re my review on the sister site: megasites.com, it looks as though, if you join from megasites.com, you only get access to streaming versions.

Given that access to both sites, when joining from TBP.com, is the same - $9.99 or 9.99 euros if in Europe - I can't see the logic to be honest.

Both sites "upsell" to the other site, at the same price. You work it out....!!!????

07-23-09  02:41pm

Visit Exclusive Teen Porn

Exclusive Teen Porn
Reply of OneMan's Review from nineinch:

You may not remember, but...
The site uses segpay.com as it's payment company. Is that the same payment company that it used when you signed up? How was segpay.com (segpayeu.com)?

01-04-09  02:47pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of OneMan's Comment from BostonPJR:

Hilarious! and 100% right. i can't take that crap at all.

03-27-07  11:08am

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of OneMan's Comment from Thagnut:

Your point is sort of true, but jeez, it's porno.
Don't take it so seriously.

Perverted people (like ourselves) have to be able to say they're not attracted to these girls if that's what's accurate. No disrespect is intended when calling someone an uggo, butterface, old bag, ugly disgusting monster..etc. We worship beauty, which means being clear when that elusive magic has flown away and the farting old beast in the neglige isn't producing any wood, so to speak, and never will again.

TRUTH IS CRUEL. And so are we! The women are too, when the shoe is on th other foot.

So don't dwell on this. If you lighten the insults, you would also weaken the complments, and then the world would truly lose it's detail and beauty.

03-21-07  06:37pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of OneMan's Comment from roseman:

I agree with you OneMan.

02-08-07  09:42am

Visit Gloryhole Girlz

Gloryhole Girlz
REPLY TO #1 from mbaya: (OneMan's Reply)

I did not have that experience with the videos.

10-13-09  07:05am

Visit Gods Girls

Gods Girls
Reply of OneMan's Comment from RagingBuddhist:

I agree - the 100% ratings, even something in the high 90's, raises my suspicions. But... umm... what's with the "proper" ISP's? As it happens, I only have one choice for broadband where I live (which is a bit of a sad story I won't get into here) and I refuse to use their email client because it's not as user-friendly as Yahoo. Should that choice really make me ineligible to rate porn sites in a fine forum such as this?

07-15-07  10:24pm

Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo
REPLY TO #1 from pat362: (OneMan's Reply)

I don't know if it's more sites or I'm just paying better attention but there are many sites that don't date their stuff. The weird thing is that some of these are amazing sites, but with bad method for updating their content. Of course there are a many more that are crappier.

12-11-07  07:02pm

Visit Idols 69

Idols 69
Reply of OneMan's Comment from Khan:

FYI ...

The site you mentioned has now been added. You may enter your remarks at:

We'll look forward to your review.

10-24-09  03:02pm

Visit Irina 18

Irina 18
Reply of OneMan's Comment from badandy400:

They do it because 100 sites sounds good. Also I would think the girls they have like the idea of having "their own" site. Of course no one really believes 3 videos and 2 picture galleries constitutes a site.

06-01-09  05:23pm

Visit Little April

Little April
Reply of OneMan's Comment from Doug62:

On the dead sites unfortunately the comment on the dawson miller site I wrote may explain it, it might not be exactly like dawson miller's site but similar. If you have seen the tv movie selling innocence you may have seen the part where the the girl asks the webmaster to take her site down and he refuses and has it stay up while she is no longer involved, same with dawson miller and it may be the same with little april and the other girls, they may have quit and even gotten married or something and the webmaster kept their sites that is why it is best to join multi girl sites then single girl sites because they may have quit and gotten married or some other thing. that is my guess.

07-15-08  07:21am

Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe
Reply of OneMan's Review from JBDICK:

Hi OneMan

I've just read your review. Thanks for that...right on the money about the talking...I would care if she spoke in Spanish Franch or Chinese, just making that connection between her getting jammed up and talking would double the pleasure of watching the vid.

She knows what to do though, she is so aware of the power of her eyes...I also loved the way she walks around showing you her fantastic ass...just a shame the camera doesn't follow her around longer...

I was a member and mine expired just before the pink fishnet special with the other girl, is that all it's cracked up to be?

By the way, you obviously know her name is Zuleidy. The other thing I like is she is tiny...stats:

Measurements: 33A-22-34
Height: 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)
Weight: 88 lb (40 kg)

but she can take a shaft bigger than her forearm...Ding Dong.

The reason I mention her height is that's a major turn on for me but you can only appreciate that when they walk around. You lose the dimensions / perspective when she is on the sofa or the bed.

thanks for the review...

04-09-08  02:15pm

Visit Lovely Teen Movs

Lovely Teen Movs
REPLY TO #10 from ace of aces: (OneMan's Reply)

all the similar sounding names are making me weak. you never know if you trapped into a clone, or a new site ;)

12-09-09  08:21am

Visit Lovely Teen Movs

Lovely Teen Movs
REPLY TO #7 from ace of aces: (OneMan's Reply)

strange, anyway no review in here of that site...hm

yeah i also like teen (18+) sites. it changes with times, sometimes the mature then teens then mature :)

i am not sure, but i think i tried the other network once before and had problems with video dl. couldn`t use a dl manager like that.

11-18-09  02:27am

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