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N/A REPLY TO #1 from hodayathink: (Toadsith's Reply)

This, pretty much. The outside of the site is generally going to be a good reflection of the inside of the site.

09-27-12  12:18am

Visit Tokyo Hot

Tokyo Hot
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from My 2 cents:

From what I can make out, the $19 only gets you in the door, then you have to start buying tokens to download anything. I have seen some Tokyo-Hot movies in the uncensored section of asiamoviepass and the quality does look pretty good. I doubt that I would ever join a site that needs token to download movies though, I imagine it could get quite expensive!

08-28-12  02:17pm

Visit Tokyo Hot

Tokyo Hot
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from gaypornolover:

I wonder how they do this - I thought Japanese porn had to be censored by law? Perhaps it's okay to de-censor it outside the Japanese market? Perhaps this site isn't available in its uncensored form in Japan?

08-28-12  08:10am

Visit Tokyo Hot

Tokyo Hot
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from slategrey:

Looked at some of the samples and site looks pretty good. If you do decide to join pretty please do a review. Somewhat interested in the site.

08-27-12  09:26pm

Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
REPLY TO #4 from Capn: (Toadsith's Reply)

It did.

Thanks again!

Cap'n. :0)

08-21-12  01:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from messmer: (Toadsith's Reply)

Well put, Toadsith. That's exactly why I would prefer that a woman perform cunnilingus on another woman, rather than a man! The actors are just too damn ugly and to have to look at their faces for even a few minutes is torture.

08-17-12  10:15am

Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
REPLY TO #2 from Capn: (Toadsith's Reply)

Many thanks for that.

It seems like it should be a 'goer'.

I'll investigate further when I get back from work.

Thanks again!

Cap'n. :0)

08-16-12  11:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Drooler: (Toadsith's Reply)

Thanks for the info. I'd forgotten her height, but I remember being surprised when I saw it in numbers and in comparison to other girls.

08-07-12  12:52pm

Visit Mighty Mistress

Mighty Mistress
REPLY TO #3 from messmer: (Toadsith's Reply)

They've had so many different schemes to keep their subscribers that I've lost count, Toadsith. I don't stream except for a few seconds to see what the video looks like. I have been a member of 21Sextury and 21Sextreme over and over but lost interest last time because their updates really dwindled noticeably. However, I figured if I waited long enough there might be enough updates by then to keep me there long enough to get to the ten dollar level! :-) TBP's review set off this comment because until yesterday they listed our regular price with the bonus ($9.95) scratched out, yet Maggie mentioned is as a pro! Thanks for your reply.

07-31-12  10:44am

Visit Yummy Mama

Yummy Mama
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from marcdc1:

I think its an abandoned site. She used to do content swaps with other sites, but I haven't seen here in a while. Too bad too, she did an outdoor blowjob video that would knock your socks off.

On her clips4sale site she updated a year ago (but maybe that was old content put up there?)

Hopefully she's just on hiatus and coming back soon. Looked like a great site (I'm a big fan of solo sites).

Although looking around here site there's references to mobil versons for android. So maybe I'm wrong.

I wish she dated her updates so we could tell

07-31-12  06:03am

N/A REPLY TO #20 from surfingman: (Toadsith's Reply)

Agree with your comment. I was looking for an extra choice "Enjoy all forms", or an "other" so couldn't answer.
Personally, as long as the girl seems willing, I love it!!

07-10-12  09:53am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from slutty: (Toadsith's Reply)

A well written story!

What about the option of a duck-gunman-Johnny threeway?

06-22-12  10:57pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from lk2fireone: (Toadsith's Reply)

I'm all for variety, or whatever floats your boat. But raping a duck seems like a poor finish for Johnny Dangerously. Couldn't he find a gorgeous girl (or three) to rape?

06-20-12  09:41am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from Drooler: (Toadsith's Reply)

Oh, yes. We are. And given that previous polls also had choices of answers, we've been doing them for QUITE some time.

06-19-12  07:24am

N/A REPLY TO #15 from Cybertoad: (Toadsith's Reply)

Great point of view TS, I agree that most here are probably hobbiest myself included. Oh sure I have the proverbial perverted moments. But over all its hobby oriented. Like this morning downloaded the newest release in teh site I am member at and now will get my coffee and go about my day. No viewing the download or extracurricular activities, just the hobby. However I must say that I trans-morphed into hobbiest, once I never would have thought of collecting it. now its what I do. I guess got older.

05-31-12  07:52am

N/A REPLY TO #9 from turboshaft: (Toadsith's Reply)

I've heard that Verizon's FIOS has some of the fastest speeds available from the big ISPs, unfortunately their top speeds are not available everywhere and usually require the purchase of some sort of bundle (web+TV+phone).

I have AT&T's U-Verse with their 2nd fastest tier--the top one requires you to buy a cable package--and have to say it's met my needs. HD streaming, big downloads, and connectivity have always worked for me. At this point I'd probably be more pissed if my Internet connection went down before my other utilities.
: - )

05-24-12  03:13pm

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Capn: (Toadsith's Reply)

I suppose so.....

It is to ensure people remain baffled, I think.

Cap'n. :0/

05-24-12  12:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from exotics4me: (Toadsith's Reply)

You may have just nailed what I thought was a problem. I was thinking Charter advertises 30 MB/s, but it may be 30 Mbps and they're not ripping me off when I download only at 2.5 MB/s.

05-24-12  09:56am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Monahan: (Toadsith's Reply)

I, too, have Time Warner cable modem access. The problem is that when several users in my area are downloading, my speed drops drastically.

The fastest I recall seeing is about 1.2 Mbps but normal is between 400 and 500 Kbps.

05-24-12  08:51am

N/A REPLY TO #13 from pat362: (Toadsith's Reply)

I like the price of the Kindle itself but there is no way that I'd pay more than 7$ for an ebook. I know there are some ebooks that are way more expensive than that and I think it's discusting and I hope that the publishers go out of business. I can understand when you have to pay more for an actual book because the raw materials themselves are getting more expensive each year but an ebook doesn't cost anything except what the publisher paid the artist.

04-30-12  05:58pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from turboshaft: (Toadsith's Reply)

Wow, leave it to Toadsith to really hit the nail on the head! It would be interesting to see this poll broken down by country or at least continent. I'll bet the results would be quite varied.

The problem is realistically, even if you don't personally equate nudity with sexuality, the law may not see it that way. It's why in most of the U.S. a guy can mow his lawn shirtless (which I hope has nothing to do with sexuality!), but if a gal does the same chances are someone's going to see her, get upset, and then call the police to rein in her questionable morals.

Whatever reason is given for such laws to exist and why people act so upset at such things--whether they claim that it would pervert men, harm the children, put forth a sexual message--chances are it comes back to religious prudes not being very open about human nudity, especially female nudity. I'm not saying it is all bible-quoting Evangelicals who get offended, but religion does play a major part in why these laws will likely stay much the same for years to come.

So while the vast majority of those who answered the poll say "No" (and we are all admitted users of porn at that), in litigious societies, where laws are quite clear about what is okay for public exposure, the opposite, that it does equate to sexuality, is likely be the current (mis)interpretation of the people.

09-27-10  08:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from pat362: (Toadsith's Reply)

True the poll question was somewhat vague on what constitute nudity but I took it to mean a person devoid of clothing and nothing else.
If the poll question was going for a more philosophical apsect of nudity where it pertains to the nudity of the soul then I missed that.

I think Playboy and all adult oriented magazine intentionally use nudity as a sexual tool. I'd add fashion magazines that often use semi-nude models to advertise clothing and jewellery to the above list.

I agree that nudity in of itself is not sexuality and you've named some very good examples. I hope you'll agree that some guys go to nude beaches to check out the girls and not get their nether regions tanned.

I'll take your argument and add my twist to it.

Playboy has nudity, Playboy has sexuality. Therefore Playboy uses nudity for sexuality. They also have some great interviews... At least that's what I've been told.

Cobras are snakes. Cobras are poisonous. Therefore if you don't know for certain if a snake is poisonous then leave it alone. You don't want to be on the receiving end of a poisonous snake bite.

09-27-10  03:37pm

N/A REPLY TO #20 from turboshaft: (Toadsith's Reply)

It certainly is creepy Toadsith, but also very likely a necessity in the porn business. This seems especially true because it is a quantitative rather than qualitative aspect, and there are some bizarre obsessions with numbers in porn (age, measurements, weight, etc.). Of course porn is almost total fantasy, and much of what we consume as fans is pretty much made up -- from models' names, to their 'backgrounds,' to the various fetishes and genres available -- so making up a girl's age should not be a surprise to anyone.

I disagree with you a bit on the "23 to 26" aspect, because even though many models do look better at that age, if they started in the business in their teens then they may now longer look that great, or even 'act' that great. A few years working in the business can really wear some of these women out, and force them to adapt a very typical, and sadly bland, look and act. I think most regular members at PU have expressed their pet peeves about these in the forum.

08-19-09  09:09pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from Denner: (Toadsith's Reply)

Thanks to Toadsith - man, this is certainly leads/links to a lot of new stuff - already I look forward to some good ol' browsing here....and see whats comming up - very welcome to those hints...

02-28-09  11:54am

N/A REPLY TO #7 from messmer: (Toadsith's Reply)

Yes, there is a difference. Scandinavian I like, the type of blonde who lounges by the pool at Heff's mansion I dislike heartily.

02-05-09  11:28am

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