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N/A REPLY TO #5 from Capn: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Yes I had difficulty with that.
When it worked I found I had used the wrong one!

Think of it as an 'up to' arrow ;0)

Cap'n. :00

10-19-11  09:12am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from Monahan: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Frankly I'd really like "smell-o-vision." That aroma of raw tuna as the camera closes in on a gorgeous cunt, or s sexy and erotic perfume in the air as a babe drops her drawers would be great.

Now let's discuss the real technical advance; "touch-o-vision," where one can caress the soft tit flesh or enjoy the sensation of sticky juices on fingers when inserting them in a moist pussy...or the ultimate, the feeling of letting a babe do the BJ rather than one's own fist.

06-11-11  11:43pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from messmer: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Thanks, anyonebutme. I had no idea. I will still hold off until there are umpteen 3D channels AND TVs to pick from.

06-11-11  08:52am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from turboshaft: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Great, then every time you walk by an Internet cafe, or just anyplace with WiFi (which includes a lot of businesses), it's going to reek of anal lube, man ass, and whatever body fluids are involved in the videos people are currently watching/smelling. And then Panasonic is going to have redesign their Toughbook laptop to be reek-resistant, and we're all going to be buying wipes for our computers, but not for the screens just to sanitize them.

06-10-11  09:03pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from slutty: (anyonebutme's Reply)

There are an aweful lot of scam websites and bait-and-switch websites out there, and I'm sure most of them operate on the idea that most, like me, would not be willing to raise a ruckus over porn. Although I'm sure many of these also use less than reputable billers...

12-06-10  12:00am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Drooler: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Nothing you said had anything to do with the situations I described.

Besides, if only 1% of complaints were legitimate, things would be pretty "bad out there," mmm?

12-05-10  04:18am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Drooler: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Well, if you really wish to review a recently launched site that has only a smattering of content, be my guest.

As for reasons, I've made mine clear. If you don't get it, well, that's you. JustYou.

And as for your saying this: "I always find it amusing when people try to dictate what *other* people must think of a site, must rate a site," if that's not pot calling the kettle, then I don't know what is!

I mean, are you really THAT self-unaware?

11-18-10  12:30pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from lk2fireone: (anyonebutme's Reply)

justme, the poll is supposed to be answered based on your own personal experience. If the first poll selections do not supply the answer you believe applies to you, select the "other" option, and then write in a brief explanation of your response as you already did.

Seems like a fairly simple thing to do. Which you appear to have done already (I am assuming you voted for the "other" option).

10-04-10  02:48am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from asmith12: (anyonebutme's Reply)

> Okay, a site that has a backlog of 500 sets available but no new updates, does it really piss people off having access to _only_ 500 sets instead of 500 plus 5?
No idea about people in general, but yes, it pisses me off. And it is not about 500 vs 500+5, but about three things. The first thing is that if site hasn't been updated for 2 years or so, it can't possibly have stuff in decent quality. The second reason is that sites which are no longer updated, are way too often reselling same old non-exclusive stuff. The third thing is more subtle: if I know that some clip was there for a while, it is not new anymore, and this feeling alone has a chilling effect on me. I feel it is similar to the reason why people are paying BIG money to see a NEW movie as soon as it comes out (while the very same movie will be available for 30% of the price half a year down the road). Illogical? Maybe, but so is whole human nature.

So for me personally, update frequency is very important, and while I still can join a site which doesn't update anymore, if I have any choice, I will prefer site with recent updates.

07-21-10  04:52am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from mbaya: (anyonebutme's Reply)

It is FAT. I totally admit to ignorance on this subject. Please help me out here.

04-15-10  03:02pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from mbaya: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I am curious why you feel that defragging is not needed. I have Perfect PC Optimizer and I find my external HD runs much faster after I use it.

04-15-10  03:42am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from turboshaft: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I'm assuming she would have had electrolysis right before the fateful trip that gets us stranded on the island!

If I'm to believe that I'm stranded on an island with my favorite star than I'm also going to believe that 'carpet' problems do not exist.

03-22-10  11:36am

N/A REPLY TO #18 from Jay G: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I'll agree with you now. I respect your point of view.

12-24-09  04:32am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from Jay G: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I respectfully disagree. A "sex crime" (could be consensual sex between a 19 year old and a 16 year old) has a stronger penalty (including branding as a "registered sex offender") than murder.

I see TV shows all the time where vigilante justice (usually murder by Dexter-like characters)against sex offenders after they're released from prison is semi-condoned by the media. When I was very young, gay people were treated as deviants who deserved cruelty (and death threats) by the religionist members of society. The media almost never treats murderers (even serial killers) as cruelly as it treats pathetic/sick "sex offenders."

If I were ever accused of a sex offense (like looking at legal porn in a state where the same porn is illegal), I'd kill myself rather than be branded a "sex offender." Mere murder is nothing to our society. We look at murderers as "strong" characters to be almost respected and who should be able to rape weaker "sex offenders" in prison with immunity. I've heard lots of folks laugh about the rape of sex offenders in prison by our acceptable criminals, the murderers.

12-23-09  06:44am

N/A REPLY TO #13 from turboshaft: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Really, it's not? Maybe you don't live in America--land of the free, home of the prudish--considering the way we demonize sex and defend things that do end lives like guns and the death penalty.

12-21-09  01:06pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from Jay G: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Agreed, but a lot of us out here LIKE sex, including sexual penetration. The message being sent by society is that sex between consenting adults is more evil than murder, even the cruelest kind of murder. We let young people see the most horrible tortures on the screen (and yes, I realize they're not REAL) for entertainment, but get upset if they see Janice Jackson's breast (MY GOD! Women have breasts!).

My point is that we have taboos about what we can see, but so does every culture including the Taliban and radical religionists of all stripes. Do you think women should be forbidden from wearing revealing clothing (in some countries revealing clothing includes pants) or be covered with blanket-burkhas whenever they leave home?

Taboos are cultural traditions that have roots in the deepest part of our history, but can also be used to oppress the powerless.

12-21-09  05:56am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #3 from messmer: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I wouldn't normally think of them as deliberately screwing us over except for the fact that their latest updates to Zoliboy are so far removed from the spirit of this formerly very original and kinky group that I consider a vanilla update that offers nothing but the run of the mill porn you see in all their other sites cheating (sleazy). But to quote you, I could be wrong. But their reluctance to offer their new sites to long term subscribers is very thoughtless and cheap of them. Which is sort of sleazy in my eyes.

06-27-10  04:17pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #1 from messmer: (anyonebutme's Reply)

I didn't compare the two sites .. just the absolute dislike both of us feel towards the respective sites. I've never been a member of Brazzers so there would be no way for me to compare anything. Hope this clears it up.

06-27-10  02:05pm

Visit Adult 4D

Adult 4D
Reply of anyonebutme's Comment from Adult 4D Co:

Hey, you got a 3Dready DLP! That´s one of the best ways to enjoy our content.
You might want to get NVIDIA "3D Vision" kit. This is Plug'n'Play and comes with a Stereoscopic Player license included!
It is also EXCELLENT for 3D gaming with most PC games.

There are MANY "3D Ready" TVs, notebooks, monitors and projectors coming out this year. Have a look at our FAQ.
Currently we recommend the cheap and amazing Optoma HD66 projector, any Mitsubishi RPTV, Samsung PN50B450 plasma TV and Acer "Aspire 5738" 3D notebook.

02-26-10  06:20am

Visit Adult 4D

Adult 4D
Reply of anyonebutme's Comment from asmith12:

Yes, please comment on real 3D options, because I've tried "cross-eye" method and while I was able to see 3D effect, it took too much efforts to enjoy it :-(.

02-11-10  08:05am

Visit Alp Girls

Alp Girls
REPLY TO #10 from Drooler: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Nice tip! I tried it, and got it to work. Will have to remember that one the next time I rejoin ATK Exotics, if I ever do again.


01-29-11  11:14am

Visit American Vice

American Vice
REPLY TO #4 from Reg Berkeley: (anyonebutme's Reply)

We can't make our encodes better than DVD quality. That's impossible. And our maximized encoding parameters are achieving lossless DVD quality, ie. it's identical to the original content. It's the best that can be done.

10-14-09  04:58am

Visit Art-Lingerie

REPLY TO #1 from messmer: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Thank you, aobm! I was beginning to think I was the only one who found all that airbrushing annoying.

05-07-11  03:37pm

Visit Art-Lingerie

REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Now another person, alanralph, has come on as a member and has given us more info.

12-20-09  01:56pm

Visit Art-Lingerie

REPLY TO #4 from Drooler: (anyonebutme's Reply)

Ah, yes. The tgp sites. I don't know why we even bother with TBP/PU.

12-20-09  11:09am

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