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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Several days can go by in between I login to sites where I have a membership, I'm just not very disciplined in that regard.

01-02-10  08:02am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

Asian accents can usually spice up a scene a little, but otherwise I rarely take notice of the accents. One scene I once saw had Karlie Montana faking a French accent throughout and while she really seemed to try her best, it just came across as rather silly.

01-02-10  07:56am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

No thanks. First and foremost to me porn-watching isn't a social event. Then there's the other reasons mentioned by others, like being able to skip the uninteresting parts of a scene etc.

12-21-09  04:27am

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

No, never tried. Not my thing really.

12-18-09  09:08am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

One more vote for poor previews. It's a little suspicious when sites try to hide what exactly is in their members area and use the same teaser videos/photos month after month.

12-14-09  04:34am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

It depends on the scene, how it's done and how often they do it.
Sometimes it can really break the mood of a scene if she suddenly turns her head and stares into the camera when her attention should be fully occupied elsewhere.
Of course there's also times when it works great.

12-12-09  07:27am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Denner's Reply

From what I can tell they seem like one of the more unscrupulous among the bigger sites/networks. Pre-checked cross-sale that recurs at 30$ after 2 days, their own trial that recurs at 40$ after 2 days, advertising HD-content and then limit new members' access to it, maybe there's other things as well.

I've only been a member once, more than a year ago, don't think I'll join again in the near future. Their fixation on big (fake) breasts and big dicks doesn't appeal to me, in particular the latter is starting to annoy be in porn, all those humongous boners that are impossible to give a proper bj and also threatening to tear the models apart.

12-11-09  11:32am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

I voted "other", though it's girl-girl I most often hunt for so maybe I should have voted "softcore". My understanding was that softcore = showing breasts and pubic hair, but no genitals; and hardcore = showing everything. Has it changed to softcore = solo and girl-girl; hardcore = boy-girl? *confused*

12-10-09  10:39am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Only strap-ons in my opinion and I like it as much even without those. Combine kissing, licking, fingering & tribbing and you can have a good long intimate lesbian scene.
In my opinion with hand-held toys it too often just degenerates into passionless bigger, faster, harder like in straight gonzo porn just with the dildos instead of a stuntcock. Often performed by models who aren't really into doing other girls, hence the lack of passion, so if they can just pound each other with dildos for 20 minutes rather than getting really intimate then that's a scene and on to the next.

12-04-09  11:54am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I usually go to bed and sleep. Though sometimes I bring something with me to eat.

12-03-09  02:05am

N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

Hearing the director or any other off-screen crew members instantly ruins a scene for me. Stunt cocks talking shit and shots of man-ass can also be bloody annoying and may very well kill a scene, but a scene can also work regardless of it. On the other hand hearing the director yell "Put your hand on your ass!" or "Move a bit to the left" just wrecks the mood completely.

I also agree with all of BabyGetReal's points. Seeing the girl with a disgusted grimace on her face while waiting for a facial? Not hot.
Anal sex? I've never watched a scene and thought "This is boring I hope there's some anal coming up", at the very best it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the scene, it can't add to it. And what's the deal with long lingering shots of a gaping asshole, what's hot about that?
Great looking models who ruined their look by turning their perfect perky breasts into a pair of balloons. Imagine if Silvia Saint had gotten a pair of fake DDs - awful!
And the list goes on, but if were to add another thing to the list it would be guys with pierced genitals. I just can't ignore how painful it would have been to have it done or the pain if it gets stuck somewhere...

12-03-09  01:55am

Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint
Reply of Denner's Reply

I only know what the, now former, admin of Club Silvia Saint has posted in the thread I linked to. Current members will be compensated for the lack of updates (two months since last update) and Silvia wants a new production team. When and how it will work out I have no idea. I suppose merging with the unofficial? Silvia Saint site could be a possibility.

This is the former admin's latest message in the thread I linked to:

"Hello CSS fans,

sorry for delay. I'm still waiting for Silvia's result about CSS. This is not my fault, I'm not site owner and my competences are very small.

I can promise very good compensation for all current CSS members.

Thanks to your patience.


11-28-09  11:23am

Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint
Reply of Denner's Comment

Any people who are interested in joining gotta arm themselves with some patience however, as the site isn't updating or accepting new members at the moment due to software updates and Silvia Saint getting a new team to produce the updates. See this thread at CSS for discussion of it:


11-28-09  10:05am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Whenever I join a site I usually get every video that have either Silvia Saint, Roxy Deville, Dani Woodward or Penny Flame in it, though there are some exceptions: 1. Behind-the-scenes clips, I don't bother with those. 2. If it has some niche I don't like then I won't dl it either. 3. If it's a BG scene and the guy in the video stills looks like a complete twit.
Then if for some reason a video turns out to be so bad that there's no chance in hell I'll ever watch it again (The usual stuff: Stupid comments from off-screen douchebags, stupid comments/behaviour from on-screen douchebags etc.) I delete it and replace it with a text file with the same name. That way I don't waste space on something I'll never ever watch and I still have the title to remember it by so I won't waste time downloading it again at a later point.

11-28-09  06:59am

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic
Reply of clickonme's Reply

There isn't a trial option as far as I can tell? Only the monthly and yearly membership.

11-28-09  06:21am

Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi
Reply of dracken's Comment

Nope, Gia Santi has retired so no interaction unfortunately.

11-03-09  02:54pm

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic
Reply of surferman's Reply

Interesting tidbit there, it opens up for some speculation what that new content might be.
Maybe they're trying to get one of the other dedicated lesbian studios like Triangle or Girlfriends on board as a new site in the network, I don't know what kind of web presence they have at the moment. Or maybe get an already existing site to join the network (I'd love to see KissMe Girl added, but I haven't got the faintest idea what is realistic in this regard).
Sweetheart will always have their own DVDs that they shoot regularly to update with, so that well wont run dry as long as the company exists. Question only is how often the updates will come, I don't think they want to add their newest DVD productions to the site until the DVDs have been out for a while.

I'd be surprised if they decide to "pad" the site with the ordinary cookie cutter lesbian porn one finds at places like Videobox, it would really ruin the overall impression.

10-31-09  01:48pm

Visit Aly MILPH

Reply of ace of aces's Comment

Hey ace, have you tried the site? I've considered joining, but I'm split between this site or finding another with a raven-haired tattooed model (like Gia Santi).

10-31-09  12:00pm

Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

Nope, no cross-sales either. I was thinking of grading it in the high 60es/ low 70es, in between low/might recommendation, leaning towards the 60es. But maybe that just me being too nice due to the lowish price and honest tour, they after all tell you what you get and not to expect any more being added.
That of course begs the question whether sites should be rewarded for not trying to cheat you and rip you off?

10-31-09  11:41am

Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

Enticed by the combination of the low subscription fee and the unusual tour advertisement that "The site doesn't update", I joined the site to have a look around. The not-updating part is true, above the last updates the following message is posted:

"A message from Gia:

Hello everyone, well it looks like my site has come to an end. I Hope you enjoyed our little run. It was fun, fun and freaky. This is going to do it for me. My contract is up and I am no longer modeling but I do have one or two photo clubs left. This site will turn into a portfolio site where these images are available for anyone that are interested in gazing at my big tits and wet pussy. Y’know, just for kicks. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up before the next billing period. I hope you all enjoyed view all of me and who knows, maybe in the future, I might have to reappear. XOXO Gia Santi"

A+ for the honesty of mentioning in the tour that the site is no longer being updated. The "19 erotic sets" also advertised in the tour consist of 7 picture galleries and 12 video clips (640x480, each 8mins long).
Ten of the videos are of Gia quickly stripping and then some toyplay that doesn't really get going, one is a behind-the-scenes and one is of Jada Liu using a dildo.
Gia looks great with the black hair and the tattoos (though the latter is probably an acquired taste of mine), but besides some music playing there is no sound in the videos, which kinda ruins it for me. Parts of two scenes where she rides a dildo and one video where she licks a dildo for the whole scene in various poses was the hottest IMO.
So it's a really small site, downloaded in about an hour or less, but as it's actually advertised in the tour and the low price it's hard to be disappointed about that. The lack of sound in the videos, besides the music, was more disappointing. I probably wouldn't have joined had I known that in advance, but maybe you aren't as caught up in the sound as I am.

10-30-09  05:09pm

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic
Reply of surferman's Comment

Yes, during my last visit I also noticed the lack of video updates. There has been frequent picture updates though, but those aren't as interesting as it's the videos that is the site's biggest strength.

On a sidenote, in the thread I've linked at the bottom, Sweetheart owner/director Nica Noelle says that she'll shoot exclusive content for the site (The current video updates are non-exclusive in the sense that you can also buy the DVDs they're taken from at VOD sites, though that means a much higher price), but when this original content will appear is anyone's guess. Frankly with Nica directing two whole lesbian movies + two straight movies every month, I'm surprised that she can also find the time to shoot something for the website. She must be a really busy woman, can't say I envy her.


"Guys, my personal involvement in the Club Sapphic site is just getting underway because I've been pretty busy getting an additional Sweet Sinner movie shot every month, along with my usual SV films -- but please know that I am as we speak setting dates to shoot original content for Club Sapphic. I'm doing a Peeping Tom series, where I get to be the peeping tom so it's more "reality" based. My and my camera, peeking in on girls. PLEASE let me know what kinds of things you want to see, as I'm going to be shooting the original content for this site. I am taking requests. We're also, at the request of the fans, adding original content kissing as well, for my fellow kissing enthusiasts.

We're just getting underway here, so please help me build the site the way you want it to be."

10-30-09  12:06pm

Visit Babysitters Fucking The Dad

Babysitters Fucking The Dad
Reply of ace of aces's Comment


Short version: I feel you would run quite a risk by joining this site.

Really long version: I haven't been a member of this site, but when I looked at this site, my adblock filter showed the address KarasXXX.com. (Kara's Adult Playground here at PU, apparently a streaming-only DVD site or something) I remember noticing KarasXXX yesterday while researching some other sites at LezLove's forum.

Though it's from 2005, in the seventh post in the below link a guy named spooky24 has two of the company's sites on his lesbian blacklist:


Relevant quote:

4. Lesbian Pink-This site is part of KaraXXX Megasite and for a $29.95 you get access to 54 sites-sounds so inviting-54 sites for one-But each one of these sites have the very same thing-links to prehistoric pic and vids the only difference being a name and a slick well produced web page-10 of the sites are for gay men.


24. First Lesbian Kiss-Another site from Kara's Megasite-No video at all-just still capture images from old fake lesbian movies-Not sure where they got the word "Kiss" from because I didn't see any-Really stupid site


His description of those other sites coupled with the apparent lack of a proper joining option (Only option seems to be a free trial that will recur at 49$/month wtf??!!) + not the slightest preview of what content you can find inside + a pre-checked cross-sale to a pair of sites that will recur at a combined 90$/month + of the 54 company sites listed at PU no less than 12 are clones, means I would stay away.
Sure it's an old post I link to and the company might have changed, but if they have anything besides some non-exclusive DVD clips behind the membership doors, why aren't they showing some trailers or something? Also claiming to have had three billion(!!!) satisfied members seems a bit excessive for such an unknown site.

One of the sites they try to lure you into with the pre-checked cross-sale is a clone of 12X Movies, which a PUer has given a 50, and the other isn't listed at PU.

10-30-09  11:16am

Visit 1Pondo.tv

Reply of OneMan's Comment

The preview page certainly shows some absolutely gorgeous ladies that much is beyond argument. But at 65$ I think I'll wait and see what you or others may have to say before I take the leap.

10-26-09  01:32pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I love the moment in a scene when the girl spreads the eagle for the first time to invitingly reveal her pussy, I really hate when that doesn't appear and they just cut from blowjob to the guy already pounding away. But the scene can still be saved by plenty of other things, so I wont just delete it outright.

Another favourite is doggy style, but though it's seemingly present in every porn scene, the director often manages to ruin it because he desperately wants to show penetration leading to the guy coming in at weird angles and whatnot. But again, the scene can still be saved by other things.

What can make me delete a scene is ridiculous positions like RagingBuddhist mentioned.

10-26-09  11:34am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I don't see why it should be considered wrong.

10-26-09  11:04am

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