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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of picdude's Reply

So right. I can't help but think those updates look really out of place when models release them as regular sets on their own sites: the clothes look cheap and the logos are huge; they serve but nothing as promo material. To say nothing of the teddy bear that can be seen sometimes. I doubt models get nothing but some promotion on that site from doing those sets.

11-12-11  02:45am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of uscue's Comment

Most recent scenes are available in 5 minute segments. I can't tell you the exact date when they switched but maybe it was about a month ago when they launched the new Members Area layout. Older scenes are still available in 2 minute segments, not 1 as you suggested.

Bangbros Network is currently transitioning into a new Members Area layout. Like they did last time, both the new and old layouts are still available. Even though, the short segment downloads are available in both layouts.

The new layout calls them 2-5 minute segments (I guess it's to cope with the fact they've changed the segment length for new scenes but haven't updated the segments from old ones). Old layout still calls them 2 minute segments, despite the new ones are 5 minutes.

Both layouts still offer all scenes chopped in 4 parts.

11-04-11  11:38am

Visit Puba

Reply of exotics4me's Reply

No intent to tease you since the time seems likely not to be OK for you but Charley Chase is scheduled for a live show on Monday October, 31st 2011 between 12pm and 3pm LA time.

Not seeing her in the schedule when I wrote my first reply left me wondering whether she was still involved with the site.

For the sake of completeness, there's another one by Jayden Jaymes XXX on November, 2nd that should also be available with the Puba membership. Taylor Vixen and Casey Cumz are the other models scheduled in the coming days but as I said in my first reply, their shows won't be available but through Streamate.com Gold Shows.

10-27-11  12:07pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

An alternative to what Khan suggested on Msg #9 is clicking the New Replies next to the alert sign at the top of each page.

Then, you will get the Approved listing by clicking on the third line (second option on Feedback Status).

10-16-11  07:01am

Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile
Reply of devmsr's Comment

It could be an ad that shows from time to time. It has happened to me when clicking the Reality Kings Mobile bookmark to get a page showing several GF Revenge updates but all I got were links to joining the site.

I find it quite annoying because I'm not that interested in this type of content and I have to keep trying until I finally get the page I wanted to visit.

10-16-11  03:46am

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

At least for me, there are always "Staff Notes" under each review and rarely under other feedback types. They say almost always the same but with slightly different wording, which shows someone is actually typing those words. I find that quite nice.

I've been checking the notes much more often since the day I realized a reply I had posted a month earlier had a Staff Note noting me that I had said something that was slightly against this site's rules.

My humble intent in submitting this poll was trying to know whether other users were aware of this somewhat obscure functionality and thank PornUsers staff - mostly Khan it seems :) - for reading through all our contributions.

10-15-11  08:52am

Visit Assassinate That Ass

Assassinate That Ass
Reply of pornfalls's Comment

I believe website owners have to pay a one-time fee (or maybe yearly) to be able to accept VISA through ccbill. Most likely this site hasn't paid that fee and that's why you can't use VISA yet.

I have in the past encountered sites that I couldn't join immediately after launch because they launched without having paid the fee. I've sometimes pondered getting a Master Card for this occasions only but, eventually, always VISA ends up appearing as an accepted payment method.

10-13-11  02:18pm

Visit Puba

Reply of exotics4me's Comment

No longer a member but I didn't download enough to hit the listed limit. If there's a limit, my guess is that it will be for all sites: even though sites are listed independently here at PU and each star has her own domain with a different free tour, you login just once to the Puba network and each star's "site" is in fact a menu option on the left hand side that links to pictures, videos, archived cam shows and blog/twitter feed for each star. As I said on my Puba comment from 04-26-11, keep in mind that you don't have immediate access to all scenes.

Some info regarding your first question.

I noticed recently that not all "Puba girls" gold shows that you see on Streamate are actually available through the Puba site. According to what someone from Puba told me on Streamate recently, for girls that don't have a site running yet, you may only see their shows by joining a Streamate gold show. Streamate policy. Each scene preparation and shooting usually equals a one hour gold show.

They post a public Google Calendar with the show schedule which I still have access to. For the next month, 90% of the scheduled shoots are from 11-12am until 4-5pm (LA time). Scheduled stars with active sites are Jayden Jaymes XXX (tomorrow, the 12th) and Natasha Nice (Thursday, 14th starting at 4pm and Saturday, 16th starting at 6pm). Casey Cumz, Lily Carter and Taylor Vixen are also scheduled but, since AFAIK none has an active site, the show will only be available as a gold show through Streamate (unless Streamate changed its policy). All their shows are at early Europe-friendly times. Even though, as I said on my Puba comment from 04-26-11, schedules were rarely honored then. Could be different now.

What I remember from almost a year ago is that shows are archived but only in streaming format, no download possible. A single archive may last hours, including BTS, actual filming of several scenes and segments with camera staring at a wall for a while with no one in front. Or be just a couple minutes long. You may jump forward.

The main drawback was that replays failed to start at random. Keep trying and eventually you may get it to start. It could be some obscure browser bug. I've seen other sites that had Streamate recordings that had the same problem. Also, you don't know what happens on an archived show without actually watching all of it because all you get in the listings are the dates. Each star has its own webcam archives section on her site.

I remember Charley Chase had some archived ones. London Keyes used to do amateur shows from her home at different times so you might be able to catch her live. They were scheduled but none is scheduled in the current calendar so there's no guarantee she is still doing them. Charley Chase is not scheduled but I saw the last minutes of the aftermath of filming a scene in public on Streamate about a month ago. She is extremely fun to watch.

10-11-11  02:46pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Another option could be "They've accidentally turned it on" but obviously only applies to chats.

It has happened to me to have hit by accident the all caps button during an online game match and then I've sent a short chat message in all caps at the end of the game.

10-11-11  11:12am

Visit The Art Of Blow Job

The Art Of Blow Job
Reply of critic's Reply

Never heard of Fellucia Blow before but the previews there are limited and they don't seem to be updating. The concept seems similar to the Art of Blowjob but Camille Crimson's site seems much more interesting.

10-09-11  01:45am

Visit The Art Of Blow Job

The Art Of Blow Job
Reply of critic's Comment

Can you point a specific update? Looking at the free section to me it seems just like there have been some changes in shooting style, hair and makeup but it's always the same model.

10-08-11  07:50am

Visit Cosplay Deviants

Cosplay Deviants
Reply of slutty's Comment

I haven't read all the reviews but if the Cosplay Deviants owners have in fact asked their members to post reviews here, it would be fair if reviewers said so and also whether they've been promised something.

I remember another site not so long ago that asked non-paying members to post reviews promising to release some content for free if the site got a good position at PU.

10-01-11  11:42pm

Visit Streamate.com

Reply of FaerieChick's Reply

Thanks indeed for the long reply and the model's perspective on the show type and her options. My comment was written about the time they launched it but, despite my initial disapproval, ended up joining a couple Gold Shows ever since.

I used to like having 1 on 1 with pornstars and Streamate is probably the site with the most pornstars. For the time being, at least. It's frustrating to only have the option to get Gold Shows from them now. I've ended up removing most of my favorites and canceling the SMS alerts. Haven't spent on Streamate in a long while.

09-22-11  03:19pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Please assign me a random user name and password. I'll have to type it just once for the browser to remember it anyway. Having it autogenerated saves me the work of having to make up one and typing it in at the sign up page.

08-29-11  11:42am

Visit Sierra's Secret

Sierra's Secret
Reply of mbaya's Reply

I haven't seen her couple recent scenes for other companies and just browsed through the content here. As far as I could see, pictures here were often about goofy sexiness and videos were in such bad image quality that I really can't tell.

07-10-11  08:19am

Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

I've heard the site crashes but I never saw it myself. There's even a twitter hashtag: #MFCfail. Guess it happens during the evening in the US, while Europe is sleeping.

What I noticed were minor annoyances like not getting an alert on-site when a favorite model went online or getting huge delays when I attempted a private. As I said in the cons, I tried different browsers and each one had its own issues.

06-26-11  12:59pm

Visit Naked.com

Reply of uscue's Comment

I haven't bought credits here in a long, long time. They've recently added this tipping feature and I've watched a couple pornstars attempting free shows that had video issues, like constant stutter or lag, probably due to the high amount of people attending them.

Don't remember having any issues of extra billing apart from what I mentioned in my 2009 review about the amateur video subscription. Not sure if it was partially my fault. Just double check everything on the subscribe page.

06-20-11  02:54pm

Visit Streamate.com

Reply of mika5213's Reply

I used the term clone site in the sense those sites are mere re-brandings of Streamate.com. If you check It's Live, iCamz Live, Cam Crush or Live Freaks pages here you'll notice there's a big "site clone notice" at the top. Those are just 4 of the 50+.

There are probably better ways to track referrals than to use a different domain. As a user, I was confused at first with models talking on the net about cammodels and Streamate.com indistinctly.

06-20-11  12:12pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Why isn't there a no option?

06-17-11  02:08pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've had twice problems recently with sites that didn't get my password activated right away and using the chat option solved it while one of the sites, somewhat of a name in the porn industry but that shall remain nameless, replied my email 30 days later.

I was a bit dubious about the chat option and, in fact, took me about 15 minutes both times but, if you're in front of the computer anyway, it's a pretty effortless way to solve password issues.

06-15-11  12:08pm

Visit Pure Ashley

Pure Ashley
Reply of Drooler's Reply

I believe she has also done some lesbian scenes after my review at Reality Kings ' We Live Together.

If you're a fan, I'd still recommend this site for the videos alone. I've been keeping an eye on the free section; unfortunately, it looks like they stopped updating.

06-03-11  04:06pm

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of malikstarks's Reply

Follow these steps (sorry if some seem too obvious):
1) Go to last page of the gallery you want to download and open the last picture in the gallery.
2) Left click on the image and choose "View image information".
3) A new popup should open showing the URL of that image; it should end in dpicXXX.jpg.
4) Copy that URL.
5) Launch DownThemAll and click on the blue button "Add Downloads".
6) On the Download box, you should see the URL you just copied.
7) Go to the end of the box and edit the dpicXXX.jpg part into this: dpic[001:XXX].jpg
8) (optional) On the Renaming Mask box enter this to keep the URL structure: *url*\*subdirs*\*name*.*ext*.
9) Click on "Start!" and click on "Download Batch" to confirm you want to download XXX images.
10) Watch your files download.

On step 8, you could choose the name on the folder where you want to keep your files in the Folder section and leave the Renaming Mask as *name*.*ext*. I usually prefer the renaming mask I showed you because it avoids re-downloading the same image.

05-10-11  09:51pm

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

I agree that maybe it would be a bad idea giving a wider exposure to particular PU users' reviews or comments but why not, for instance, tweet about poll results? I believe some of the PU poll results ended regularly in some adult industry magazine, at least when I first heard about PU a couple years ago (AVN? XBiz?). Also, the what's hot section at TBP is daily tweet material by its character count alone. Just some ideas.

Regarding the privacy issues, I don't see how we should be afraid of sending 140 characters at a time of our opinion when some of us have to trim our PU contributions to fit in the character limit here. For the same reason we don't sign up at PU with our real names, there's no need to sign up at social networks with your real one.

05-02-11  02:37pm

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of malikstarks's Reply

Thanks for having confirmed they are no long on a set update rate.

It's true that pictures are much more worth it than videos. Funny thing is that videos are tiny in size (often around 150 Mbytes) and you may download 10 per day at most but there's absolutely no limit on how many pictures you may download.

On a side note, since pictures here are usually named with consecutive numbers, it's pretty easy to grab whole sets by using batch descriptors on Firefox's DownThemAll.

05-01-11  04:01am

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of malikstarks's Comment

Sorry to hear that. Are they updating, though? I had a membership to a clone of this site but I believe they stopped updating earlier this year. I imagine video quality sucks here too.

04-30-11  04:30am

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