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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Videos now exportable to standard formats

They've had for years the option to create custom scenes but they were only visible in-game. Their latest newsletter, though, says it's now possible to encode videos in standard codecs (MPEG, Divx, etc) so you can play them in external players and also edit with standard video-editing software. The resolution seems to be 800x600.

Looks like they keep solving the issues I had with the software when I was a member; last year they created Gamerotica user community and now this. Hope next year they do something about the stories and make them less dull.

Unfortunately, they've gone to the dark side of regional pricing: 30 EUR a month. Ouch.

02-04-10  12:02pm

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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Sharing content is now possible

I got a promo email from them today announcing they have launched a new free site by the name Gamerotica. There's a message board and sections where users can share the content they've generated with this company's games: models, custom movies, screen shots, etc. The only games that have this option are 3D Sex Villa 2 (3D Sex Games), Hentai 3D 2 and 3D Gay Villa 2. Why not 3D Lesbian?

If you have a current game account for any of those sites, you have to link it to a new Gamerotica account in order to access the shared content. Looks complicated and a BETA in capital letters: lots of things were not working. Don't bother creating one if you don't have a current membership: no access without them.

As I said in my 09-28-08 review and 06-25-08 comment, I felt that being able to share user generated content and building a community around this software were a must so I was excited to see it happen. My sudden desire to join back the site faded pretty fast as I got tangled in the account creation process. Hope they polish the product and get out of beta soon.

01-30-09  11:26am

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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Half price + free 30-day access to another site

For 32.95 USD/22.22 EUR, you can get 90 days of 3D Sex Villa 2 (their main product); renews at the same price recurring every 90 days. Plus, 30 days free access (renews at regular price) to another of their sites (3D Gay Villa or Hentai Park). It is also possible to do any combination with the 3 products (ex: Hentai-90, Sex Villa-30).

Offer lasts until June 28th 2008. You have to click on the half-off sale on top of the home page.

I had a trial subscription some months ago and I was really impressed with the end result. There were some minor bugs and annoyances and had some trouble understanding the concept of the game but the high resolution animations you get are quite spectacular and, reading the reviews of similar products here, they probably have the best sex simulator in the market.

What annoyed me the most was that the scenes you film aren't playable outside the program. You can record in AVI the scenes you direct but you only get to replay them in a tiny window inside their software. You can also take pictures which are viewable with any external software (PNG or JPEG, probably).

I also feel that it's a mistake on their part not to have some kind of community where members can share their findings. A simple message board where users could help each other getting started would probably reduce the amount of support emails they receive. Advanced users would also be able to share their latest directed scenes or pictures. Member retention would surely increase.

06-25-08  10:04am

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Visit American Bi

American Bi

Well-known female US porn stars

This site looked like a rarity to me when I got access to it with Panty Pops: the female models are very well known female US porn stars like Brianna Love, Carly Parker, Kelly Wells, Rebeca Linares, Roxy Jezel, Shy Love or Tory Lane. I have never seen any of the guys in straight porn so I assumed they were US gay stars.

I had read a couple times at female porn star blogs about their non-sex role in a gay film but I didn't know they also had sex roles in them. I did a quick search for similar sites and I didn't find any other bisexual site that had female US porn stars I recognized on the free tour so, unless the niche is big in DVDs, the content at American Bi could be very unique.

Looking at the names, looks like the girls have one thing in common: all of them have great deep throating skills. As far as I could see, scenes are always boy-boy-girl and the action is blowjob-only: the girl teams up with one of the guys to blow the other guy.

I also noticed that the roles are clearly delimited: only one of the guy gets blown. My ignorance speaking: do gay models specialize in one role? Scene setups are pretty basic, like the girl introducing a friend to her boyfriend, the girl finding her boyfriend with another guy and joining in or similar excuses.

TBP facts are up to date and accurate. Site doesn't seem to be updating currently and, by the girl's looks, I'd say the scenes were filmed at least a couple years ago.

04-10-09  11:32am

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Visit Babelicious


Very few US models

Euro models don't do it for me so I was a bit bummed when I saw that this site currently has content for only 12 US models (plus 2 more to be added in the near future). It's weird because some of it is 100% exclusive (models do interviews with Babelicious-branded microphones) and that's what prompted me to join. Some of it is somewhat old and from lesser known models. I only recognized Jelena Jensen, Cassia Riley, Jaime Hammer, Tiffany Brookes, Penny Flame and a very young Amy Ried.

On the other hand, you also get access to Sexy Babes which I believe doesn't have any exclusive content but has 150+ different US models. Content seems to be as well categorized as it is here, so I'll probably visit Sexy Babes much more and grab some sets I've seen a 100 times but never bothered to download to keep.

I also used a cross-sell for a trial membership to Babes.tv which seems to have a higher ratio of US models and some interesting and probably exclusive videos and photo sets.

This is not really a complaint as I knew there would be a majority of Euro models and I was interested in some of the 100% exclusive content but I thought it was worth mentioning for those like me who don't care much about Euro models.

08-28-08  02:55pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Stream recent scenes at up to 1280x768

They've had a public beta site for a couple months. I just noticed that, while it offers downloads at 720x406 or 640x480 only (depending on the aspect ratio), recent clips available as streaming only are at higher resolutions: 1280x768 3000kbps.

The caveat is they are doing a browser resize to around 960x560 for the highest 1280x768 resolution (they call it "Madman" resolution "for you quality whores"). On the other hand, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to download those HD streams.

Beta site has been running for a couple months. Members' home page says they are still offering the old members area "for the stubborn people" only. I didn't see the HD streams in the old members' area.

They seem to have HD streaming versions for all clips since January 2009 so that's around 400 scenes. It's weird that they don't push this HD option anywhere on the site or the free tour.

07-11-09  03:34am

Replies (0)
Visit CFNM Secret

CFNM Secret

Now updating only twice a month

Since its launch in Oct-2008, this site had been updating every week. Now I see there's a news bulletin at Reality Kings home saying they move it to every other week to make room for a new site.

I've never paid much attention to the CFNM genre but the thing is this site was one of the main reasons why I joined Reality Kings. I still don't get the whole humiliation of the guy thing but, for once, having the guy STFU and a group of girls do all the talking and set the pace of the scene is well worth it. Many of the scenes have funny scripts and the cast almost always delivers.

Browsing member's comments to CFNM Secret scenes, it was pretty clear most people were not liking the site concept so I had been fearing for the site's future for some time. Guess twice a month is better than nothing.

03-09-09  03:28pm

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Is all the content legal?

I payed a quick visit to a couple of the studios listed as recently updated on the home page. One had, among hundreds of similarly themed clips, a couple of fairly recent scenes from a Bangbros Network site. Another one had voyeur videos filmed in public.

I know some sites, specially solo model sites, that post here some of the clips also available inside their members area; some porn stars who do not have a site of their own also have a studio here to sell content produced on their own. But I doubt that Bangbros Network would lease their content to a third party and let them open a studio here to sell their content. I am also concerned about the legal situation of those voyeur videos.

08-01-09  09:13am

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Visit Club Nikki Nova

Club Nikki Nova

Nikki Nova 2.0

Reading through Nikki Nova's blog, it looks like she switched webmasters and the new one did a total makeover. The site might now have some kind of connection with the Aziani network: I understood the current webmaster is or was connected at some point with Rachel Aziani's site.

I haven't been a member in this new incarnation of the site: there's no longer a trial option and membership starts now at 24.95 USD. According to her blog, I gather some of the low quality content didn't make it to the new site. There's probably still a lot of focus on interaction and it looks like there are still regular webcam shows but no longer through the 1ModelCam Network.

Needless to say, my Nikki Nova review from 05-25-08 is probably pretty inaccurate right now.

01-28-09  02:17pm

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Visit Club Sophie Dee

Club Sophie Dee

More boy-girl, new boobs

Just noticed Club Sophie Dee free tour now lists all videos (176) and photo sets (271) you can find inside. This is something I felt the site was missing when I wrote my review back in Aug/2008: they had lots of content but the free tour didn't show it. The lists don't have release dates but, by the numbers, it appears they have kept on releasing 2 photo sets and 1 video a week. Very remarkable.

Looking at the type of action in the latest scenes, it seems the solo sets are no longer so over-abundant: there's a much higher percentage of boy-girl; specially, in the video section.

Sophie Dee also got some changes herself. She went from black hair to brown and got breast implants: she's now an F cup. Her blog says she got them in March; according to the free tour updates list, there are so far only a couple solo photo sets with the fake boobs in the members area.

The small previews don't make justice to her new rack; they look a bit too perky and fake. I caught another glimpse of them at the video preview for her Cum Shot Surprise scene and I have to admit her new boobs seem to get along nicely with her figure. I'm not a fan of boob jobs but hers is one of the best you'll ever see.

I thought I'd never join back this site but the latest content and the "new" Sophie Dee will probably lead me back here.

05-09-09  11:13am

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Visit College Sugarbabes

College Sugarbabes

Is it part of Naughty America Network?

The list of sites at the main Naughty America site currently doesn't list this as one of the 34 network sites. TBP facts doesn't say you get access to other sites with the membership to this one either. So I'm wondering if Naughty America has launched this a separate site or if it's just a glitch: the site was launched very recently.

Even though the site doesn't show trailers, I found some of their sample galleries and I thought it could be a clone of Naughty Bookworms or some other teen site from them. But I'm pretty sure it's not the case because none of what I saw matched a scene from another Naughty America site.

It's about time I join back Naughty America but any insider info will be appreciated.

04-02-12  11:07am

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Visit Corin Riggs Online

Corin Riggs Online

Great looking model, so-so site

This site has non nude photos and videos of great looking all natural model Corin Riggs. No tattoos and very nice figure. She did some nude stills for Playboy in the past but here, even though she takes off all her clothes in some sets, she always covers her nipples and pubic region.

Photography isn’t that good. Way too often she just lays in a bed (or bench, or floor or towel by the pool) and strikes some poses. Not the best lighting. Many close-ups on her really nice ass. Has some appeal on its amateur nature and to see a hot girl show some casual underwear and bikinis in sexy clothed poses. Longest axis of pictures is 1400px. I didn’t pay much attention to videos but the couple ones I kept were BTS of the photo shoots with no background music. Maximum resolution was 1280x720 in wmv format.

There’s some interaction. Every single page at Corin Riggs Online has a huge “shout board” aka message board on top to leave comments for the model which she may reply occasionally but it’s not a real forum and felt too obtrusive and of little use. Live camshows were taking place when I was a member at the beginning of 2011 but at impossible times for me. Past shows were available for download but I didn’t check. There was also a blog that was being updated at least monthly with pictures of what looked like mainstream work she was doing.

I was surprised to see the model write as a reply to a user inquire in the “shout board” that her contract with the site specified she only had to do a certain number of cam shows per month and post a certain number of blog updates. I understand models working on solo sites often aren’t the owners of the site but a model being so explicit about how much she’s willing to be involved in her own site was a big fantasy killer.

05-07-11  03:03pm

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Visit Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran retired in 2006

Today's Spencer review at TBP finds it strange that there's no interaction with Crissy Moran at this site. It's worth mentioning that she retired in 2006. Wikipedia even says that she is now an anti-pornography advocate and tried to have the site shut down. Comparing content count from exotics4me 2007 review and the count on TBP's site facts, it seems no new content has been added to this site in 4 years.

02-03-11  11:49am

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Visit Dani Daniels VIP

Dani Daniels VIP

Official site of Dani Daniels

In my mind, Dani Daniels is The porn star that knows how to use the social networks. She just seems to love interacting with her fans online. She has been talking about working on her solo site and has been tweeting samples of shoots she's been doing to gather content almost since the day she started in the business. It looks like the time has come. It wasn't that much long ago that she said that Puba was doing her member site which, compared to the years it's taken or is taking other announced Puba girls to launch their site, speaks highly of her drive.

In my experience as a Puba member in the past, though, it's hard to know if you'll get every released scene from a site once you sign up. They have a content management system in place that, seemingly, assigns each member a different random schedule of scenes. That's the only explanation I find for the six month schedule I always get, showing months and months away in the future scenes that were, in almost certainty, already released to other members. Holiday themed ones are the most obvious cases.

To raise my chances of getting everything I wanted, if I were to sign up to Puba just for Dani Daniels content, I would sign up through this particular site and not any other model's site.

Given that Dani Daniels transitioned from girl-girl-only to boy-girl just a couple months ago, it's unlikely there are any boy-girl scenes available yet here. Some should be coming in the future because, earlier this week, she twitted/tumblred about a shoot with Skin Diamond and Erik Everhard. If she is to post all the content she's shown samples of over the last year and a half, there should be a fair amount of interesting solo artsy shoots too.

11-22-12  03:02pm

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Visit Day With A Pornstar

Day With A Pornstar

Moved from Mofos Network to Brazzer's Pass

There's a notice at Brazzer's Pass members' home page saying they've moved Day With A Pornstar from Mofos Network Network to Brazzer's Pass. Currently, scenes are still listed at Mofos Network but there are only 19 scenes there and video downloads don't work while there are 22 at Brazzer's Pass (Mofos Network's 19 plus 3 new ones).

According to the notice, the reason for this change is that Day With A Pornstar did not fit the Mofos Network identity. I think they are right; I've only watched some stream bits at Mofos Network but Brazzer's Pass seems a much better place for it.

The notice also says that other site transfers might happen in the future. Can She Take It looks like a perfect candidate for making a similar move.

There's no notice at all regarding this transfer at Mofos Network.

04-03-09  01:52pm

Replies (3)
Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Weekly Releases On Street Date?

Free tour promises the whole Elegant Angel catalog plus new releases added as soon as they hit the streets.

I'm not a member so I can't confirm but what I see is that they haven't added a single DVD to the free tour since the site was first listed about a month ago. Recent DVD releases from Elegant Angel seem to have been piling up in the Coming Soon category instead.

Popular stars in Full HD at less than 20 USD looked great but these apparent lack of updates, the various access problems reported and the abundance of compilations in the catalog kind of cooled me off.

Follow-Up - 02-05-11:

I am now a member of Elegant Angel and would like to confirm that they are not honoring the "Weekly Releases on Street Date" promise. Most new releases eventually show up on the members-only section but they come at least 6 weeks after street date.

06-27-10  05:54am

Replies (2)
Visit Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell finds God, quits the business

Thats what she says in the new site she recently launched.

There's no comment on this matter in this site. Future updates?

05-14-08  03:22pm

Replies (10)
Visit Fantasy Girl Brooke

Fantasy Girl Brooke

Is Brooke Banner actively taking part?

Any current or recent member could tell me whether Brooke Banner is active (diary entries, message board activity, etc)?

According to TBP facts, updates seem to be coming on a regular basis but I was a member some time ago and the site was moving very slow and Brooke Banner was nowhere to be seen despite the home page promises.

09-29-08  10:03pm

Replies (4)
Visit Hanna Hilton

Hanna Hilton

Penthouse Pet. Now a Vivid Girl

It was a surprise when she did a pretty decent boy-girl scene with her boyfriend for Brazzer's Network's new site Real Wife Stories. It was supposed to be a one-time thing but she announced a couple of days ago via MySpace that she has signed a contract with Vivid. It would be interesting to know what the contract says about outside work and ownership of this domain.

I was a member of this site about a couple of months ago. Newest updates announcements make me think that the site still is an interesting collection of Penthouse Pet Hanna Hilton's softcore / glamour galleries and videos. My review for this site wouldn't be much different from the one I did for I Love Andie (another site in the same network) except that this one has more content (it was launched a couple of months before), there probably aren't as much explicit shots and there is no chat at all. Pictures should also be 1200x780 and videos, 600x480.

ModFx International has the good policy of always listing all the updates in the free section, so once inside you will almost certainly get the 23 photo sets and 23 videos plus one new update a week (gallery or video). There is no mention to the Vivid contract on the site, though.

04-26-08  08:56am

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Visit I F Myself

I F Myself

Trial is likely limited

The free home page for this site lists 24 porn stars. I went for the 1.99$ trial but, once inside, I only found 10 movie scenes and 8 photo galleries for 13 different models. I strongly believe full membership gives access to all 24 models' scenes.

Funny thing is there's a calendar section with future updates up to July 2009. They have a peculiar way of updating every 6 days and there's no indication whether new content will be videos (seem OK) or photos (disappointing handful of BTS pictures). I was hoping to catch the Asa Akira scene I had seen in a preview gallery but, with the trial I got, her content isn't scheduled to appear until mid-June.

Even funnier is the fact the trial gets you full access to the other sites from this company. Kayden 420 is interesting and has many more scenes than this one. The remaining sites are a total loss of time: 10-12 old DVD scenes on each one and plenty of dead links.

05-01-09  07:59am

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Visit I'm Live

I'm Live

Celebrity Porn Stars section

They have an impressive roster of over a 100 porn stars who do live sex video chats. Huge names among them, like Tera Patrick, Belladonna or Jill Kelly to name just three.

Not all of them appear on a regular basis. I believe no more than 20-30% of those listed are actively doing shows but some of them have been online quite often during the last month. Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Aria Giovanni, Jill Kelly, Kylie G Worthy, Martina Warren, Sunny Leone, Vanessa Blue or Whitney Stevens are just a few that will probably sound familiar and I found online at least a couple times. At one point, I saw up to 7 porn stars online simultaneously but usually there's no more than a couple.

Average price is 10 credits per minute, with the big names usually charging a bit more. It's worse for European users: regional pricing makes 1 credit = 1 USD = 1 EUR. Sunny Leone (14 credits) and Jill Kelly (13 credits) were the most expensive ones I saw. I just don't want to imagine how much does Tera Patrick charge.

I'm Live also schedules monthly "free" shows with porn stars (free for those who have I'm Live credits). There's one scheduled for February 18th (next Wednesday) with Katja Kassin and Amber Rayne. As usual, they will be added to the roster but who knows how often they'll come back to do pay per minute shows.

02-16-09  02:28pm

Replies (1)
Visit I'm Live

I'm Live

Themed weekends

I signed up for free about a month ago and I've been getting weekly emails announcing their themed weekends, where most hosts get dressed in some theme. So far, they've done secretary, nurse or halloween but this weekend (right after 2008 US Election Day) they are doing "Huge Election Finale" where "It's your right to choose... which positions you want them in". I just checked and most hosts seem to be unusually fond of US flags of all shapes and sizes.

I don't know if weekends are the slowest part of the week and they use this theme thing to lure people into the site but they certainly craft some interesting pieces of email marketing. Last week's halloween email also had a good one: "So get your sweet, long lollipop out and enjoy some lickin' action by our masked hotties!"

I signed up to a free account because I saw several porn stars are regularly there. But the price structure is not explained anywhere and I'm reluctant to get credits that I probably wouldn't be able to use anyway because of time differences.

11-07-08  02:13pm

Replies (0)
Visit Jesse Capelli

Jesse Capelli

Dead site. Most misleading tour.

The tour announces constant updates, 100s of picture galleries, weekly live cam shows, erotic stories written by the model, diary entries, a member forum, ...

No year is given in the updates but, according to the month sequence of the last ones, this site has received only 4 updates in the last two years. So long to constant updates. Needless to say that the other promises are nowhere to be seen. Did they ever exist?

As per the content, you get good glamour galleries at low 1000x600 resolution. 100 solo galleries and about 50 girl-girl with other well known glamour models and porn stars. 30 videos, mostly solo, a few girl girl. Low resolution MPEG is the most usual (about 400px wide). Some WMV at low 320x240 resolution.

The dates of most galleries and videos are within a short period of time which makes me believe that the site had a pretty solid content when it was launched (in 2006?) but hasn't received any other updates.

I didn't know anything about the model (came here via a memberhsip to another Medium Pimpin website) but it looks like she signed with Club Jenna in 2006 to make girl-girl scenes. That would explain why updates stopped and why 2 of the last 4 updates are girl-girl sets and the other two are a magazine cover and some BTS photos from a shoot.

05-04-08  12:03pm

Replies (7)
Visit Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake

Site relaunched at the end 2008 for the better

jessica drake has had a site for a long time (according to the TBP site facts since 1999). Her old one was part of a network of solo sites; the only other one I remember from that network is Serenity's, which was somewhat above average even though they were all an absolute lackluster: no interaction at all, no videos, tiny pictures, the worst site layout you could imagine, etc.

This new site is completely different. Technically, it's like the Karlie Montana one I reviewed some time ago; all solo sites from this company share the same poor content engine so don't expect zips or to be able to download the videos.

The good news for her fans is that jessica drake is much more involved since the relaunch and was making the most of the interaction features offered (audio blog, messaging, etc.) when I accessed it about a year ago. I'm pretty sure she's now hosting webcam chats on a regular basis. She was constantly updating with candid pictures like the Thanksgiving or Christmas meals she cooked, blogs and pictures while she was on vacation to Hawaii or a day to day coverage of her trip to some porn convention in a Scandinavian country.

I'd strongly recommend it if you are interested in the interaction but not so much to picture and video collectors: you get some pictures and clips from her Wicked Pictures films but very little original content and, as I said, no zips for pictures and streaming only videos.

02-06-10  01:29am

Replies (0)
Visit Kayden 420

Kayden 420

Above average but no longer updating

I got access through a 1.99 US$ limited trial to 1 Girl 1 Camera. Looks like trial was full here but not to 1 Girl 1 Camera. Weird.

Last update with Kayden 420 was on Jan/2009 plus four photo updates from other models in February. Unless the trial is limited in some crazy way, the site might have stopped for good. Pity. Alt porn, tattoos and amateur content aren't my thing but I liked this site and I wish I had come across it 6 months ago when the model was still involved.

According to iafd, Kayden 420 appeared in around 20 DVDs as Kayden Faye around 2007-2008. She also did some web-only scenes. Looks like she was also part of Suicide Girls at some point. She has huge tattoos on her back and left arm but, even though I hate tattoos by principle, they don't look bad at all on her. Maybe I got distracted by her awesome 32D natural tits. Quite a rack. Not much makeup on most scenes and mostly casual clothes.

TBP facts are right. Highest video resolution is 1280x720 (3000kbps) in MOV format; played without trouble on VLC Media Player. Quality is really good although 90% are only available in 2 minute clips, 10% also offered as full scene download.

Half of the videos contain some sex with same guy but they are always in a small unkempt one room apartment. POV with no exceptions. Kayden Faye is listed as married on her MySpace profile so I'm guessing it's she and her husband at their own apartment. Rest are solo masturbation.

420 stands for "cannabis culture". Check wikipedia. No drug use on the site that I could see. She might be high on some of the scenes, though.

05-07-09  01:53pm

Replies (3)

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