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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Videos now exportable to standard formats

They've had for years the option to create custom scenes but they were only visible in-game. Their latest newsletter, though, says it's now possible to encode videos in standard codecs (MPEG, Divx, etc) so you can play them in external players and also edit with standard video-editing software. The resolution seems to be 800x600.

Looks like they keep solving the issues I had with the software when I was a member; last year they created Gamerotica user community and now this. Hope next year they do something about the stories and make them less dull.

Unfortunately, they've gone to the dark side of regional pricing: 30 EUR a month. Ouch.

02-04-10  12:02pm

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Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

New reduced price

The ccbill signup page is currently asking for 24.95 USD (18.50 EUR) instead of the impossible 44.95 USD they've always asked for.

This network has been on my favorites for some time but I'd never have joined at 45 USD. The new reduced price seems to grant access to all the sites in the network.

01-09-10  11:15am

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Visit Nikki Jackson

Nikki Jackson

No longer accepting new members

Currently only existing members are able to get to the members section. According to the free blog available from the home page, site will come back on October 2009 but will no longer accept members and will have a free section only.

The blog also mentions that 90% of the content that was available inside the members area is already available for purchase as single sets at Clips 4 Sale and Images 4 Sale.

I was a member a long time ago because I liked the picture sets I had seen around but seeing the model in motion in the videos didn't live up to my expectations so I didn't stay much time. If you are considering buying some of the single sets, I'd go for the images but stay clear of the clips.

09-19-09  03:53am

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Visit Pornstars Lick

Pornstars Lick

Girl-girl-only models are an exception here

Porn stars who also do boy-girl are hard to find at American reality networks lesbian sites. I'm thinking about Muffia's Molly's Life or Reality Kings' We Live Together to name just two from this same company. The cast at these sites consists mostly of models who have never done a single boy-girl scene.

Muffia's Pornstars Lick is somewhat of an exception as about 80% of the models are seasoned boy-girl performers. There was, for instance, a scene last month with Julia Ann and Lisa Ann or the most recent one, with Rachel Star and Sarah Vandella. Jayden Jaymes, Nikki Benz, Rachel Roxxx or Rebeca Linares also go on lick duty here.

Unfortunately, the update rate seems to be decaying: they used to update every couple weeks but last ones have been every 5 weeks. At only 11 updates, the last one being earlier this month, it's hard to tell where the site is headed.

08-28-09  11:57am

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Visit Non-Nude Cams

Non-Nude Cams

NonNudeCams.com - Get a Live ...

This is what I saw when I was about to click on a browser tab where I had this site open. Not being a native English speaker, I thought they were suggesting that I use my time and money on something else (as in "go get a life!").

Of course, once I clicked, I saw the full title of the page had a very different meaning: "NonNudeCams.com - Get a Live Non Nude Cam Chat with our Models / Chat with our Guys and Girls for FREE!".

I don't know if a native English speaker would have the live/life confusion but there are probably less dangerous phrasings for this site's title.

08-14-09  01:52pm

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Is all the content legal?

I payed a quick visit to a couple of the studios listed as recently updated on the home page. One had, among hundreds of similarly themed clips, a couple of fairly recent scenes from a Bangbros Network site. Another one had voyeur videos filmed in public.

I know some sites, specially solo model sites, that post here some of the clips also available inside their members area; some porn stars who do not have a site of their own also have a studio here to sell content produced on their own. But I doubt that Bangbros Network would lease their content to a third party and let them open a studio here to sell their content. I am also concerned about the legal situation of those voyeur videos.

08-01-09  09:13am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Stream recent scenes at up to 1280x768

They've had a public beta site for a couple months. I just noticed that, while it offers downloads at 720x406 or 640x480 only (depending on the aspect ratio), recent clips available as streaming only are at higher resolutions: 1280x768 3000kbps.

The caveat is they are doing a browser resize to around 960x560 for the highest 1280x768 resolution (they call it "Madman" resolution "for you quality whores"). On the other hand, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to download those HD streams.

Beta site has been running for a couple months. Members' home page says they are still offering the old members area "for the stubborn people" only. I didn't see the HD streams in the old members' area.

They seem to have HD streaming versions for all clips since January 2009 so that's around 400 scenes. It's weird that they don't push this HD option anywhere on the site or the free tour.

07-11-09  03:34am

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Visit Naked.com


Girls of Naked at Reality Kings

Reality Kings recently launched a site called Girls of Naked where they feature some of the girls at Naked.com. So far, they've released two solo masturbation scenes. Just in case, the models are Danni Davis and Mia Bella. Danni Davis (not to be confused with a model with the same name who did a Penthouse pictorial) was available last week at some point at Naked.com.

Given my Naked.com comment from 02-04-09 regarding models who have appeared at porn sites like Reality Kings and also work as webcam models at Naked.com, I thought it was funny that webcam-only models now make it to a reality porn site. It would be creepy if one of those porn models I mentioned then eventually appears at Girls of Naked.

I didn't see any mention about this new site at Naked.com but, since Reality Kings labels the site as "bonus content brought to you by Naked.com", I was wondering whether it will eventually also appear at other places. Pictures are the 900x600 Reality Kings standard; haven't checked (won't check) the videos but they look to be standard Reality Kings format too.

06-15-09  03:14pm

Replies (0)
Visit Sexy Zdenka

Sexy Zdenka

Recommendable site but 500 Mbytes daily download limit

The model is gorgeous and knows how to pose. She is professional and seems genuinely interested in interacting with site members through her diary, weekly text-only chats, message board and video blogs. There are lots of galleries (580+), many of them very elaborate and in outdoors scenarios, with at least 3 new sets per week and great resolutions. Video section is somewhat weak but there's a lot of different things. And on and on and on.

It looked like the holy grail of softcore solo sites until I reached the 500 Mbytes daily download limit after downloading a handful of videos and was expelled from the garden of eden. When I tried to, at least, browse the very informative free section, I couldn't access the site at all: they block your IP for an unknown period of time when you reach the limit. Lucky me, I've got a dynamic IP address so, after restarting my router, I was able to access the site and also get to the members area on the next day.

I got the trial and I first thought it was limited but a quick look at the comprehensive customer support FAQ in the free section made me realize all memberships get this limit. The site being hosted in Europe, it's even understandable they have some limit in place but 500 Mbytes...

Apart from the limit, they go to great lengths to block you from downloading much content. Obviously, there are no zip files at all. They encrypt the photos' URLs so no download manager can queue anything; when you try to download images one-by-one, you find all 30,000+ have the exact same name. Videos might be queued but getting them all would probably require a two-month membership and careful scheduling.

This site is really, really good. The content would probably send softcore picture lovers' head spinning and the model offers all the interaction a solo site should offer. But don't expect to keep much from it after your membership expires.

06-07-09  11:24am

Replies (6)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Beta unlocks some Muffia sites (streaming only)

Reality Kings has a beta site of its members area. There's a Muffia section that lets you see all Muffia scenes but videos only (no photos) and in flash streaming only. The more months you stay as a member of Reality Kings, the more Muffia sites that are unlocked. As I said in my Muffia review, their streaming is pretty good so I thought it's an idea worth mentioning here.

You start with It's Real.
First month: Cum Fu and King Dong.
Second month: Molly's Life and Manuel Uncut.
Third month: Naked Movie and Footville.
Fourth month: Kristin's Life and My Sexy Life.
Fifth month: Pornstars Lick.

The good news of the rest of the beta is that Reality Kings is finally getting rid of the WMV streaming they're still using and are adopting the much better Flash one used at Muffia.

06-07-09  09:00am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

20% of new updates are non-original content

Porn Pros Network currently has 21 sites but only 15 of them have original exclusive scenes. There are 6 sites that amount to 20% of the current updates and consist of scenes from DVDs easily locatable at DVD porn sites.

The free tour doesn't make much emphasis on these 6 sites but the updates appear mixed at the same importance level with the exclusive scenes on the updates list inside the members area. Performer names often have typos but sometimes they manage to identify the performer in the scene and link to her original scenes in the network.

Apart from that, it's no big deal, it's just that the network has 15 very unique and original sites instead of the 20+ they claim on the free tour. None of these sites currently has an URL of its own so that's the likely reason why they don't have a page here at PU.

The 6 sites that are releasing non-original content and the 3-4 years old DVD series they mainly come from are Asian Fuckies ("Oh, me so horny!" series by Lethal Hardcore), Big Handfuls ("Big Bodacious Knockers" series by Lethal Hardcore), Cluster Fuck Whores ("Four on the Whore" series by Platinum X Pictures), Cum Martinis ("Double Cum Cocktails" series by Lethal Hardcore), Hungry Cougars ("Mommy Fucks Best" series by Platinum X Pictures) and Mexicunts ("Mexicunts" series by Mayhem). Some of the series only have a couple of DVDs so they are likely using other series to fill in more recent updates.

05-31-09  03:43am

Replies (1)
Visit Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine

Site relaunch, more updates, special offer

I got an email from this site claiming they are relaunching and have now 4 updates a week and 2 weekly cam shows. They don't make it clear whether they count the 2 cam shows as part of the 4 weekly updates, though. They've also managed to solve the spam in their very recommendable (for Kelly Divine fans) free forum even though they still don't link to it from the tour pages.

They are offering a 30-day membership at non-regionally-priced 10USD for a limited time. It's not clear whether it ends on 5/23 or 5/24.

Unfortunately, they haven't done anything about the free tour: they are still showing 4 random scenes every time you reload but, as far as I could see, there's no scene that wasn't already there when I was a member almost a year ago. What's more, many update previews have broken images only (file not found); quite unacceptable.

When a promotional message from a porn site I've joined in the past isn't stopped by gmail's spam filters and crawls into my inbox, I usually pay some attention to it. I was willing to give Kelly Divine another try but the free tour gave me the slight push I needed in the opposite direction.

Follow-Up - 07-05-09:

I'd like to mention they have recently changed the free tour and are now showing a list of photo and video updates with release dates. Those lists show around 15 new videos and the same amount of photo galleries that weren't available when I was a member about a year ago. If the tour had been this informative when I wrote my comment on 05-23-09, I'd probably have joined back.

On the other hand, the dates of the first updates have to be wrong. If they want to stress the fact they are now updating weekly, there are better ways to show it than making up the dates of the first updates.

05-23-09  01:28am

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Visit Club Sophie Dee

Club Sophie Dee

More boy-girl, new boobs

Just noticed Club Sophie Dee free tour now lists all videos (176) and photo sets (271) you can find inside. This is something I felt the site was missing when I wrote my review back in Aug/2008: they had lots of content but the free tour didn't show it. The lists don't have release dates but, by the numbers, it appears they have kept on releasing 2 photo sets and 1 video a week. Very remarkable.

Looking at the type of action in the latest scenes, it seems the solo sets are no longer so over-abundant: there's a much higher percentage of boy-girl; specially, in the video section.

Sophie Dee also got some changes herself. She went from black hair to brown and got breast implants: she's now an F cup. Her blog says she got them in March; according to the free tour updates list, there are so far only a couple solo photo sets with the fake boobs in the members area.

The small previews don't make justice to her new rack; they look a bit too perky and fake. I caught another glimpse of them at the video preview for her Cum Shot Surprise scene and I have to admit her new boobs seem to get along nicely with her figure. I'm not a fan of boob jobs but hers is one of the best you'll ever see.

I thought I'd never join back this site but the latest content and the "new" Sophie Dee will probably lead me back here.

05-09-09  11:13am

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Visit Kayden 420

Kayden 420

Above average but no longer updating

I got access through a 1.99 US$ limited trial to 1 Girl 1 Camera. Looks like trial was full here but not to 1 Girl 1 Camera. Weird.

Last update with Kayden 420 was on Jan/2009 plus four photo updates from other models in February. Unless the trial is limited in some crazy way, the site might have stopped for good. Pity. Alt porn, tattoos and amateur content aren't my thing but I liked this site and I wish I had come across it 6 months ago when the model was still involved.

According to iafd, Kayden 420 appeared in around 20 DVDs as Kayden Faye around 2007-2008. She also did some web-only scenes. Looks like she was also part of Suicide Girls at some point. She has huge tattoos on her back and left arm but, even though I hate tattoos by principle, they don't look bad at all on her. Maybe I got distracted by her awesome 32D natural tits. Quite a rack. Not much makeup on most scenes and mostly casual clothes.

TBP facts are right. Highest video resolution is 1280x720 (3000kbps) in MOV format; played without trouble on VLC Media Player. Quality is really good although 90% are only available in 2 minute clips, 10% also offered as full scene download.

Half of the videos contain some sex with same guy but they are always in a small unkempt one room apartment. POV with no exceptions. Kayden Faye is listed as married on her MySpace profile so I'm guessing it's she and her husband at their own apartment. Rest are solo masturbation.

420 stands for "cannabis culture". Check wikipedia. No drug use on the site that I could see. She might be high on some of the scenes, though.

05-07-09  01:53pm

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Visit I F Myself

I F Myself

Trial is likely limited

The free home page for this site lists 24 porn stars. I went for the 1.99$ trial but, once inside, I only found 10 movie scenes and 8 photo galleries for 13 different models. I strongly believe full membership gives access to all 24 models' scenes.

Funny thing is there's a calendar section with future updates up to July 2009. They have a peculiar way of updating every 6 days and there's no indication whether new content will be videos (seem OK) or photos (disappointing handful of BTS pictures). I was hoping to catch the Asa Akira scene I had seen in a preview gallery but, with the trial I got, her content isn't scheduled to appear until mid-June.

Even funnier is the fact the trial gets you full access to the other sites from this company. Kayden 420 is interesting and has many more scenes than this one. The remaining sites are a total loss of time: 10-12 old DVD scenes on each one and plenty of dead links.

05-01-09  07:59am

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Visit American Bi

American Bi

Well-known female US porn stars

This site looked like a rarity to me when I got access to it with Panty Pops: the female models are very well known female US porn stars like Brianna Love, Carly Parker, Kelly Wells, Rebeca Linares, Roxy Jezel, Shy Love or Tory Lane. I have never seen any of the guys in straight porn so I assumed they were US gay stars.

I had read a couple times at female porn star blogs about their non-sex role in a gay film but I didn't know they also had sex roles in them. I did a quick search for similar sites and I didn't find any other bisexual site that had female US porn stars I recognized on the free tour so, unless the niche is big in DVDs, the content at American Bi could be very unique.

Looking at the names, looks like the girls have one thing in common: all of them have great deep throating skills. As far as I could see, scenes are always boy-boy-girl and the action is blowjob-only: the girl teams up with one of the guys to blow the other guy.

I also noticed that the roles are clearly delimited: only one of the guy gets blown. My ignorance speaking: do gay models specialize in one role? Scene setups are pretty basic, like the girl introducing a friend to her boyfriend, the girl finding her boyfriend with another guy and joining in or similar excuses.

TBP facts are up to date and accurate. Site doesn't seem to be updating currently and, by the girl's looks, I'd say the scenes were filmed at least a couple years ago.

04-10-09  11:32am

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Visit Day With A Pornstar

Day With A Pornstar

Moved from Mofos Network to Brazzer's Pass

There's a notice at Brazzer's Pass members' home page saying they've moved Day With A Pornstar from Mofos Network Network to Brazzer's Pass. Currently, scenes are still listed at Mofos Network but there are only 19 scenes there and video downloads don't work while there are 22 at Brazzer's Pass (Mofos Network's 19 plus 3 new ones).

According to the notice, the reason for this change is that Day With A Pornstar did not fit the Mofos Network identity. I think they are right; I've only watched some stream bits at Mofos Network but Brazzer's Pass seems a much better place for it.

The notice also says that other site transfers might happen in the future. Can She Take It looks like a perfect candidate for making a similar move.

There's no notice at all regarding this transfer at Mofos Network.

04-03-09  01:52pm

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Visit Porn.com


Mega Site Pass + Download Pass = Porn.com?

I noticed there was a TBP follow-up review of Mega Site Pass. Mega Site Pass looks like a network of reality scenes. The follow-up review also mentions that it used to give access to Download Pass but it's no longer the case. Download Pass seems to be a DVD site with around 4,500 DVDs.

So, since the list of reality updates at Mega Site Pass is the exact same as the list of exclusive scenes at Porn.com and the list of new DVDs at Download Pass is the exact same as the list of new DVDs at Porn.com, it looks like Porn.com offers the content from both sites in a single place.

Since all three sites are currently priced at 10USD, it looks like Porn.com is the best choice.

03-14-09  04:46am

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Visit VideoBox


DVD #6,000 : First Vivid DVD

I was wondering how would VideoBox celebrate its 6,000th uploaded DVD and it turns out it was quite a bang: Pop Star, their first DVD from Vivid studio.

I didn't mention it in my recent review but I think it's pretty obvious there's a lot of porn on VideoBox but not all porn is on VideoBox. For instance, they don't have a single Jenna Jameson (in her prime) scene. If VideoBox is now able to tap into content from huge studios like Vivid, anything is possible.

Quoting from their blog entry from March 11th 2009, "Pop Star features the very talented Monique Alexander, Audrey Bitoni, Presley Maddox and Carolyn Reese" and "this video is the first of several exciting things to come".

In any case, a new search engine and better metadata would also sound exciting.

03-12-09  02:39pm

Replies (4)
Visit CFNM Secret

CFNM Secret

Now updating only twice a month

Since its launch in Oct-2008, this site had been updating every week. Now I see there's a news bulletin at Reality Kings home saying they move it to every other week to make room for a new site.

I've never paid much attention to the CFNM genre but the thing is this site was one of the main reasons why I joined Reality Kings. I still don't get the whole humiliation of the guy thing but, for once, having the guy STFU and a group of girls do all the talking and set the pace of the scene is well worth it. Many of the scenes have funny scripts and the cast almost always delivers.

Browsing member's comments to CFNM Secret scenes, it was pretty clear most people were not liking the site concept so I had been fearing for the site's future for some time. Guess twice a month is better than nothing.

03-09-09  03:28pm

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Visit Torente XXX

Torente XXX

Some perspective

The Torrente character (without the triple X) is the central character from a Spanish movie comedy trilogy. Two of the titles are in the top ten all time box office of Spanish movies.

Torrente is a former cop who is fascist, racist, misoginistic and gross beyond anything you can imagine. Santiago Segura, director of the mainstream trilogy and who also plays the Torrente part, claims that the Torrente character is everything he hates about his country.

Torente XXX scenes seem to come from the DVD series by the same name. It is, in fact, a rare case of porn spoof approved by the author of the original movie: Santiago Segura makes a short introduction on the XXX movies. Torbe also appears in the last couple of mainstream Torrente movies.

03-08-09  06:36am

Replies (2)
Visit Real Ex Girlfriends

Real Ex Girlfriends

"Real" Ex Girlfriends

Needless to say this is reality porn so it's all fake and the "getting back to my ex girlfriend" concept is just the excuse for the sex scene. But they make an effort to bring some verisimilitude:
-Male performer is never repeated from scene to scene.
-Performers are always aware of the camera; alternating between POV and fixed camera.
-There's often a reason why they are filming themselves.
-Image is often faulty (too green, too red, too dark, etc).
-Models are well known US stars but are listed by first name only; sometimes, the name is wrong.
-There's almost always a playful attitude in the scene.
-They set up a fake web form where people may submit their own sex tapes to get back at an ex girlfriend (has someone ever fallen for that?).

I haven't been a member for some time but the previews make me think not much has changed in the last months. But it looks like they took the concept a step even further in their new Shady P.I. site: I've only seen the previews but I only recognized a couple of the models (are they using amateurs or absolute newbies?) and image quality is even worse (extremely grainy or from a long distance). The guys at Porn Pros Network are certainly creative.

02-28-09  02:39pm

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Visit I'm Live

I'm Live

Celebrity Porn Stars section

They have an impressive roster of over a 100 porn stars who do live sex video chats. Huge names among them, like Tera Patrick, Belladonna or Jill Kelly to name just three.

Not all of them appear on a regular basis. I believe no more than 20-30% of those listed are actively doing shows but some of them have been online quite often during the last month. Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Aria Giovanni, Jill Kelly, Kylie G Worthy, Martina Warren, Sunny Leone, Vanessa Blue or Whitney Stevens are just a few that will probably sound familiar and I found online at least a couple times. At one point, I saw up to 7 porn stars online simultaneously but usually there's no more than a couple.

Average price is 10 credits per minute, with the big names usually charging a bit more. It's worse for European users: regional pricing makes 1 credit = 1 USD = 1 EUR. Sunny Leone (14 credits) and Jill Kelly (13 credits) were the most expensive ones I saw. I just don't want to imagine how much does Tera Patrick charge.

I'm Live also schedules monthly "free" shows with porn stars (free for those who have I'm Live credits). There's one scheduled for February 18th (next Wednesday) with Katja Kassin and Amber Rayne. As usual, they will be added to the roster but who knows how often they'll come back to do pay per minute shows.

02-16-09  02:28pm

Replies (1)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Cams question

I see Molly (Molly's Life, We Live Together), Nikki (We Live Together), Bree (Milf Next Door) and Kristen Cameron (Kristin's Life, Milf Next Door) have a schedule of cam shows at Reality Kings.

Reading the reviews, I see their cam shows mentioned a couple times as an interesting add-on so I was wondering if anyone has ever attended them and what type of show they put, what kind of interaction they have with the viewers, image/sound quality and so on.

Reality Kings gives access to Naked.com shows but I'm only interested about Reality Kings-only shows. I see at least Molly and Kristen Cameron listed as models on Naked.com so I'm also curious whether their scheduled shows take place, in fact, on Naked.com.

Schedules are impossible for a European PU (around 4 AM on weekdays) but I'm curious anyway.

02-14-09  04:39am

Replies (2)
Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Higher Resolutions. 720x408

I downloaded some of the free trailers and I noticed the most recent ones from Cum Shot Surprise and 40 Oz Bounce were at 720x408 instead of the network standard 512x288. Latest Deep Throat Love or Jurassic Cock trailers were still at 512x288, though.

I imagine they are also releasing some of the new scenes at 720x408. Any insider info?

Follow-Up - 06-07-09:

I now have a membership with Porn Pros Network. The two Deep Throat Love updates from May 2009 are available at up to 1248x700 2000 kbps. One of the April 2009 updates was available at 720x408 1800 kbps.

What's more, you get images on the latest scenes at a nowhere-else-seen 2000x3000 resolution.

They fail to properly identify the video resolutions on the download page. They always call WMV HD the higher resolution even if it's just 512x288 1000 kbps.

So far, I've also seen the 720x404 1000 kbps resolution on a couple other recent scenes I downloaded from other sites in the network.

02-07-09  06:14am

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