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Visit Just Nips

Just Nips

Signing in "How To"

The log in is pretty typical here, but it will redirect you incorrectly.


They use one of those rotating random strings, it obviously would not be abc123, screws with download managers.

Anyway, after the log in you will get to a page that errors out and it will look something like above. Just cut out everything after "members/" and it should take you to the site just fine. Would think they would test for things like this.

Should look like:

04-12-12  04:20pm

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Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy

Free 2 week trial surprise

Out of the blue I was offered a free two week trial. I was a member many months back and had nothing but trouble with being locked out all the time for no reason. The email said they fixed some major site issues and are trying to make it right with previous members that had issues. They just emailed the user and pass and it works.

Seems like customer service to me, and a pleasant surprise!

06-25-11  09:01am

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Visit Queen Snake

Queen Snake

Instant Cancel

If you cancel this site be prepared. It does not give you until the end of your month if you try to cancel a few days early just to be safe. It shuts you out instantly.

06-19-11  07:07pm

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Visit Kayden 420

Kayden 420

Canceling trial

Canceling this site's trial has proven the be a bit difficult. The comment box is not large enough for my story so it can be found in the forum. Search "The customer is wrong until proven right" to read about it. The title should be enough to tell the story though.

As for the site itself, it was disappointing. Not worthy of a review because after about an hour I was tired of it. It is small and the videos are not very good. Mostly webcam recordings in webcam quality. Many video sets are only downloadable in chunks.

I would not recommend this site based on the lack in quality and cancellation issues.

12-18-10  11:54am

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Visit Only The Biggest

Only The Biggest


Watch out for a couple of pre-checked boxes during the sign up. Full trial works.

12-09-10  08:20pm

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Visit Ghetto Gaggers

Ghetto Gaggers

More updates

I just joined this site, for the third time I believe, and I am pleased to find they are updating more than they used to. They are now updating once a week and seems to be very consistent.

They also have many different download options, even 1080 and 720 both, not just one like many HD sites. Lots of flexibility (read: they seem to look out for members).

Lastly, some have noted download speeds being slow but I can tell you that they output at least 15 MBit, my connection speed. Using a single connection to a single file I get about 10 MBit from them.

Of course there has to be down side. They cut back on the number of sites included in the membership, Facial Abuse and Latina Abuse was cut out. Shameful!!!

08-21-10  02:34am

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Visit Twistys


Getting older update pages tip

At the top of the updates page they say they go back at least 6 months, but they have links taking you back to January 2008. The site has been around longer than that and I am sure some people would like to see at least some of the older content. Going through the model pages is a pain because you have new stuff mixed with old stuff. So here is the trick!

Look in your URL box when on one of the monthly update pages, it should look something like this:
"http://random.members.twistys.com/" "updates?offset=-30&offsetmode=2" that random string of stuff changes so that links expire a couple times a day. Anyway, notice after "offset=" there is a number "-30" and this number gets higher with every month you go back. Once you run out of links on the update page just put in "-38" for example and that will take you back into 2007. The pages look just the same as they do for 2010 and all the links still work, even the zip file links on the main update page.

As of July 2010 it goes back to 105, which is October 2001. This coming August will make it go to 106 and so on each month.

Just a little something I thought I would share with all of you. It is not hacking in anyway, just makes getting around the site a little easier. Enjoy.

07-05-10  01:45pm

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Retention Discount

If you cancel through ccbill they offer a discount to make the cost $11.95

04-24-10  06:22pm

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Visit Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison

Download limit

I have been blocked for hitting the bandwidth limit. Normally this would not surprise any of you knowing me, but I only joined the site 10 minutes ago! I managed to download 3 videos, about 500 MB before being blocked for 6 hours! Hummm....

I have emailed the customer support and will update with any information on this download limit

03-20-10  09:23pm

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Visit Mac and Bumble

Mac and Bumble

No more VIP

I just received an email from them stating that there is no more VIP pricing. It seems that they finally figured out that ripping people off is not necessarily the best way to do business.

11-28-09  03:31am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Watch for Doubles!

If you are like me and feel compelled to download every ounce of porn you can get you will be frustrated to find that this network of sites has a fair amount of double posting. I have run into a lot more than I would like to have. This makes downloading efficiently a bit of an issue.

"handsonhardcore-7913-1.avi" is a typical name. The only difference from site to site is the name of the site, the numbering is the same. So when they post a video on more than one site the "7913" part is the same. This make it possible to spot doubles if you are looking.

I downloaded from DDFBusty first then went to Eurogirlsongirls. So in that case I downloaded everything from DDFBusty, then when at Eurogirlsongirls I only need to watch for doubles when the women have breasts D cups are larger. I then went to Euroteenerotica I watch for lesbian scenes and busty women. At first this is not too hard, but then I moved on to handsonhardcore and now I pretty much have to check every scene because there is a always a chance it was posted at a site I previously downloaded.

So, use your head a little and check the video numbers and you should be able to avoid most of the double content. The sites really should mention on each scene's page where else it is posted to help avoid this.

09-15-09  01:17pm

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Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network

Cross Sell

I just signed up for the trial for this network. There was a cross sell on the sign up page that I had to scroll down to see. Make sure you look for it.

07-21-09  03:02am

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Visit Lezboland


Recurring Videos

I am not sure if I am going to do an actual review on this site because I am having a lot of trouble with the videos. I rejoined a few weeks ago after not visiting this site for about 2 years. I was downloading the videos from most newest to old when I began to recognize some of the video's screen shots. I expected to find this after a while but not merely a few months back. At it turns out this time seems to recur their videos several times. I have found a good number of videos that are stated to be new updates that I downloaded from this site 2 years ago. I looked through the updates and found many of the videos posted as newer updates to be also posted as older updates.

This makes the site extremely cumbersome to navigate because even if you keep track of where you are you will still end up seeing the same video several times. It made me feel lost.

Also worth noting is that the newer releases of the identical video does not yield any better quality. They are literally only a few MBs in difference and look identical.

07-13-09  01:53am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Cross Sells

I just rejoined SE and during the sign up process I was presented with some cross sells. Now do not get your flogging gear out yet. This was a bit unusual for cross sells. They came up as a completely separate page after I typed in all my information so there is no way to miss it. Also, there were three optional trials but non of them were checked.

If a site is going to do cross sells that is the way to do it. They did not try to sneak anything and did not have them prechecked to screw over someone who has all their brains in their pants because they are all excited about joining a new site.

07-12-09  02:08am

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Visit Xisty


Perhaps not so exclusive

This site is listed as exclusive, may not be entirely true. The site even says "we shoot all content" which may be true but than others are getting a hold of it. So we are not trying to point any fingers at TBP here!

I have seen some of this content on Babelicious. I currently have a subscription there and downloaded some videos I really thought I had seen before. Sure enough I just found them in my collection with Xisty.com watermark on them. The exact same video found on babelicious with their watermark right on the video. Only difference was Babelicious used a higher bit rate and thus had a better quality.

Does this speak for the whole site or just perhaps older material I can not yet say. But I can say that there is some material that can be found else where.

If you have a membership to both sites you can check this out for your self. The video that first caught my eye was a video with Aneta Keys and Tori, both sites use this name. And another with Aneta and Niky(Xisty)/Irena G(Babelicious). There are a few others: Julia Bright, Justina, Jeny Baby and so on....all the same video.

Again to be fair, I have found this only for some older videos, 2006/2007. They may be exclusive now, but worth looking into anyway.

06-24-09  08:15pm

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Visit Naked Closet

Naked Closet

Bills the wrong price!

TBP has this site listed as recurring at $14.95 and the site's sign up page stated the following:

"Trial and Monthly memberships recur billing at $14.95 every 30 days until canceled."

This sounded great, until I looked at my credit card statement only to find I was billed $24.95. $10 extra!!!

Upon further digging around, I found this at the bottom of the customer service page:

"*Trial and Monthly memberships recur billing every 30 days at $24.95 until canceled."

So it seems they have two prices? A low price listed right on the sign up page, and what seems to be the real price listed listed in the customer service page. Assuming for a moment that this is an honest typo on the page it is a pretty big one! Many of us get annoyed by the fact that sites do not get girls' names right, but a typo in the billing is an absolute NO NO!

I have emailed customer support about this, of course, I will let you guys know how it turns out. But for now, everyone needs to know that the price is not what it seems.

06-12-09  01:16am

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Visit Young Busty

Young Busty

Site Down

Usually I do not say much about a site being down, we all expect that there can be occasional interruptions. But I had a three day trial with YoungBusty last week and after two day the site went down. It has not been back up since. I have tried to get on from two different computers with no success. I certainly feel a bit ripped off.

06-08-09  10:26pm

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Visit Naked Closet

Naked Closet

Not Exclusive

This is a nice site but it is not exclusive by any means. Some of this content I have seen several years ago on Twistys. You might find stuff you have not seen yet, but if you have been around you will definitely recognize a good deal of the picture sets.

Also worth mentioning is that I can attest that the free trial works, but there are cross sells. The videos seem to be stream only.

06-04-09  08:06pm

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Visit Young Busty

Young Busty

Not download friendly!

Just joined this one and have quickly found that it is very download unfriendly. The videos can only be downloaded one at a time and they must start from the beginning if they stop at all. Also, while downloading a video I am having a hard time getting to browse the site. Can do if from another computer though.

Images, oh my! No zips and no easy download method either. Even if you grab the actual link to the image there is no obvious method to the urls. Most placed keep everything the same exact for the picture name, 001, 002, and so on. Not here. The images are always named 'image" which adds farther to the pain in the ass. The part of the url that changes from picture to picture is letters instead of numbers and they seem random at this point. For example, mg, mg, mw, na, and so on. They are not sequential to any obvious degree. So making a special url page and using Download Them All like I can do for Playboy is out of the question now.

Nice content and a lot of pictures, but a ton of manual browsing to get it all? Come one people, get with it. We want simple downloading so we can spend more time enjoying the content instead of wrestling the site.

06-02-09  10:19pm

Replies (1)
Visit Femanic


Download Limit / New Billing

This site does have a download limit as stated in the term:

"To prevent server overload, downloading is limited to 4 video downloads at a time, 1GB per hour and 2GB per day and 25 files per hour and 100 files per day."

I also want to mention they seem to have a new billing setup. The used to bill directly through the site. Many of us are uncomfortable with this. Now they use "Zombaio" who ever the hell they are? Hopefully this way any new members will have working accounts withing seconds of signing up, but I am not certain of this.

Anyway, the site is worth checking out. Plus the home page shows a few pictures from each scene and has a few trailers (you will have to hunt for them, but they are there).

05-26-09  09:05pm

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Visit Big Boob Passion

Big Boob Passion

Any PU been here?

I was looking at this site and wondering if anyone has been here recently. The last review is about two years old, a lot of time for a site to change. Is it similar to XX Cel?

05-26-09  10:18am

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Visit VideoBox


Browsing Issues

Is anyone else having issues with browsing on VideoBox?

I keep getting directed to one of the new "premium" channels while browsing. I go into a dvd's page than when I hit the back button at times I am sent to a page only for Vivid dvds and the only way I can get back to where I was is to go all the way through the site from the main page again. I never had this issue before the "premium" stuff was added separately. This happens more often than I would like it to, especially when I am in a hurry.

So I am wondering if it is just me or anyone else is having any similar issue.

05-26-09  10:02am

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Visit Incredible Pass

Incredible Pass

I have been had! Part 2

So why did I notice this. On I just check my credit card statement and thought it seemed a bit high because I have not been putting much on it and found 3 charges of $39.95. I call them up and they tell me a Have a few websites I just joined. Now I know this is not true because the only site I have joined recently is NaughtyAmerica for $15 per month.

Oh yeah, sure enough there is a charge for $19.95 on there under the name equalscs.com.

Personally I think these people should be shot. And myself for not even noticing it.

Lesson learned: Read them VARY CAREFULLY. Every last line! What really pisses me off is my other card I do read every line, and same for my bank account. And this means a new credit card for me. So now i get the pleasure of going back and seeing how much if this I can recover. Just what a broke college porn freak needs!

What an absolute mess. I keep kicking myself because I should have known better. Part of my issue was that I look at my statement online and only look at the paper copy if I see anything funny. Online they do not show the location the charges are coming from. I do not know about everyone, but for most people charges coming from Israel should raise a flag and I am not sure why my credit company did not question this.

Anyway. Just adding my horror story to the long list. Only difference is that I knew better. I should be demoted on PU!

05-04-09  10:37pm

Replies (13)
Visit Incredible Pass

Incredible Pass

I have been had!

Well guys I have been bitching about this site for a while and thinking I got lucky way back when I joined this site before learning of their practices. Shame on me for not noticing that single blending and changing charge from month to month. They have been screwing me for at least a year and a half!

Again shame on me!

Here is what is going on. Every month or two they change this inconspicuous charge or $19.95 to something that will blend in very easily if you use your credit card fairly normally. They change it so every month or two so that you do not notice the same charge repeatedly and check into it. So at a glance everything looks good, but in fact it is the same people over and over again with different names.

dinecs.com twice
csfuel.com twice

Each at 19.95 so that is $240, and that is just the statements I pulled out!

05-04-09  10:09pm

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Visit VideoBox


Perhaps a goodtime to join

This is perhaps a good time to join after all. They seem to have a different option for long term memberships. The short term memberships have increased in price. And it would seem that the price listing on TBP/PU no longer applies, at least for the moment.

Here is how it breaks down with or without going through PU/TBP:
-1 month $15.96
-3 month $9.59/month single charge of $28.76
-12 month 6.66/month single charge of $79.96

Premium - DVD resolution
-1 month $23.96
-3 month +1 free=4 months $11.99/month single charge of $47.96
-12 month +6 free=18 months $6.66/month single charge of $119.96

Vivid and Evil Angel bill as follows:
-Basic 12, 3, 1, and premium 3 month bill at $9.95 per channel.
-Premium single month is $17.95 per channel
-Premium 12 month is $6.63 per channel

The extra channels seem to be billed separately even from each other. What I do like is that we can get long term memberships even cheaper than before. Right now a membership that is 8 months longer is only $20 more than they were charging for the 10 month deal they had before at $10/month.

03-23-09  11:51pm

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