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Visit Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison
Reply of badandy400's Comment from Pyrenees:

I can confirm the DL limit is super small and there is no warning anywhere of this! This is very disheartening and I suggest people avoid this site like the plague.

06-21-15  09:21am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
REPLY TO #5 from rearadmiral: (badandy400's Reply)

Please do. I suspect that PU members not joining won't hurt them all that much, but maybe the lack of subscribers from here might cause them to rethink this. At the very least I hope this will save other PU members from getting sucked in like I did.

05-04-14  05:47pm

Visit Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly
REPLY TO #2 from LPee23: (badandy400's Reply)

There must be an error here, because I still don't see your email including in my spam folder. I'll contact support about this. In the mean time, to get around this problem, I've made a throw-away email address that I'll post here for you: fscbfnnu.tk1@20minutemail.com. Email me there, then I'll reply to you from my real email. This throw-away email will only be active for 20 minutes.

04-29-14  04:49pm

Visit Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly
Reply of badandy400's Review from LPee23:

Hey BadAndy400,
Here I am, replying to another old review of yours! Long story short, you are in a unique position to help out with something because you downloaded ExtremeHolly.com at the time you did. I have been in discussions with PinkVisual about this issue, who since acquired ExtremeHolly.com, and there is something in it for you if you want to get in touch with me. I can't say all the details here, it involves some special arrangements with PinkVisual. That's why I tried to PM/email you, but I figure your email address listed with PornUsers.com might be an old one you don't check often. I check my email listed here daily if you want to get in touch. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you!

04-29-14  02:52pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from RustyJ: (badandy400's Reply)

Well, the technicality depends on where you live also. Copyrights are legal matters, not absolute in anyway. Also major studios themselves use tube sites as advertising. Is watching those shorter, low res clips with links to the join pages somehow questionable?

04-29-14  04:06am

Visit Twistys

REPLY TO #3 from LPee23: (badandy400's Reply)

Thanks. I was just comparing notes with someone a few weeks ago about favorite pee clips, and he mentioned those ones from twistys.com. Since you reviewed the site 6 years ago, and that was about the time he saw those clips, I thought I might ask.

Already been to glimpse-it.com, thanks though.

04-27-14  10:25am

Visit Twistys

Reply of badandy400's Review from LPee23:

I heard that this site used to have some peeing videos, but has since removed them. I have talked with someone who was on the site recently, and they said they just have a few now on their last page of archives. Looks like you were a member in 2008, so is it true that they used to have more?

04-27-14  03:22am

Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic
REPLY TO #5 from Basil445: (badandy400's Reply)

DRM protection gone from all our websites.

All HD and SD videos are totaly DRM free - VLC Player is now recomended player to play all our content.

Hope see you soon ;)

09-18-13  07:57am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from marcdc1: (badandy400's Reply)

Agree. Just does nothing for me, but as others have said. To each his/her own.

08-12-12  03:37pm

Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex
REPLY TO #5 from lk2fireone: (badandy400's Reply)

Thanks again for the vote of confidence, badandy400, TheSquirrel, gaypornolover.

I will have to study badandy400's reviews again. I've read them all in the past (I read almost all reviews at PU, even when I have no interest in some sites themselves). But maybe I can improve me writing skills.

05-13-12  07:24pm

N/A REPLY TO #26 from jberryl69: (badandy400's Reply)

Yes, point taken and I concur with your assessment. For its intended purpose, the Judge seems like something one could recommend to anyone interested in personal defense.

I found this interesting quote from Wiki - "the Judge is considered a short-barreled shotgun under California state law, which has a broader definition of "short-barreled shotgun," and the Judge is thus illegal to possess in that state."

Prices range from $400 - $750.

Which brings up the next question, which of the four models or so would you recommend?

04-23-12  10:58am

N/A REPLY TO #24 from jberryl69: (badandy400's Reply)

I can see how you might have surmised that from what I said, but mostly I meant that I read sometime that people lose their weapons to others that tend to ram them up their snout (sorry - just love certain lyrics by Frank Zappa) which most was suppose to be taken as they are fncking dangerous in those situations.

Like the Judge. Even though I find it interesting, having to wait till you see the white's of their eyes sounds dicey at best. I'm not sure that as I was peeing my pants if it just wouldn't slip out of my hand. Or... maybe I'm making too big a deal of it.

But what leads me to that, is after getting out of the service in 1970 and thinking about how dam lucky I was not to have to fire my weapon in protecting my personal space. I just could not imagine how I would have coped with someone trying to kill me. True, it's all projection, but at that point self preservation in that circumstance would have driven me nutz.

So I've always had a healthy respect for fire arms, but have kept them at arms length as far as owning one goes. Well, I did have a 410 shotgun when I was 10, but that hardly constituted ownership since it was locked in a cabinet and my dad had the key. It was only opened on special occasions for hunt details.

But look BA-400, I appreciate the dialogue.

04-14-12  11:46am

N/A REPLY TO #22 from jberryl69: (badandy400's Reply)

You wrote, "You are 100% correct though, being armed is a blessing and a burden all at the same time." and I would like to point out that is not what I said. I said I did not own a firearm so I don't have to deal with it in those terms.

That is not a judgement or value judgement, just a clarification of my position.

I love the smell left by a fired weapon, which I believe I mentioned somewhere else. Fireworks too. I'm not afraid of them and while I would be crappy with my current knowledge in cleaning a gun, I find them somewhat interesting.

I suspect that when guns were first introduced to a conquered people, it must have been a real mind fnck to them. I was always amazed how rifle fired object could start to tumble and rip asunder a target.

Well, so much for my musings. Don't let my clarification detract from expressing your view.

04-13-12  09:38pm

N/A REPLY TO #20 from jberryl69: (badandy400's Reply)

Just watched a video on the Judge and found it very informative. It was an amateur video of a guy using different types of shells - from 7½ down to 000 (four pellets) and then a bullet. Seemed like the 00 would be about right for home defense, but this is truly a weapon where you don't fire till you see the white's of their eyes. http://youtu.be/qRlry5KH6I0

04-13-12  01:17pm

N/A REPLY TO #19 from jberryl69: (badandy400's Reply)

BA400 wrote, "That all being said, I most sincerely hope that all of you and myself never NEED a gun. They will call you paranoid, until you need it, then they will call you prepared."

What do they call you when your weapon gets taken away from and you're killed? Even happens to cops.

04-13-12  12:41pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #4 from messmer: (badandy400's Reply)

LOL. All I want is ladies over forty without enhanced breasts when it comes to DVDs and ladies over forty doing a slow strip from fully dressed when it comes to photos! Haven't found them yet!

03-03-12  08:23am

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #2 from messmer: (badandy400's Reply)

Hi Badandy400, failing at 99% was never an issue with me. I think you have me confused with the author of the review! :-) As I wrote I had no issues with any downloads either. Once in a while the server doesn't respond for a few minutes but that's about the only problem I've had with VB.

As to too much main stream contents, that's just an observation on my part. VB have to make a living and will therefore buy videos that appeal to the majority when it comes to tastes in porn. I still believe that Videosz carries more niche contents .. but not by much! :-) Again, nice to see you back. I hope you'll stick around for a while.

03-02-12  03:45pm

Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy
Reply of badandy400's Comment from Monahan:

Can you provide a brief commentary about your opinion of the site?

10-28-11  09:01am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from slutty: (badandy400's Reply)

I think gayporn and manhole might disagree with you on that one ;)

I'm not really a fan of creampies/cumshots of any sort, so I would have preferred an other.

10-07-11  10:25pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from otoh: (badandy400's Reply)

Hmm... lost 5TB, which is about 7-8% of your collection, so... :O

My mind is officially boggled. You must have all of the porn :)

09-30-11  12:26am

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #3 from Bletch: (badandy400's Reply)

I've already said that during my time with Videobox I was with other US sites too, and not really experienced any problems with them. Whilst Videobox might work for you (wherever you are) I didn't for me, and it's only fair I point that out for other international users who might get stuck with the same problem.

Thanks for your thoughts.

06-26-11  01:39am

Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy
Reply of badandy400's Comment from mr smut:

Hi badandy400,

customer service plus marketing I'd say. Would be nice to know if you are now satisfied with this site.


06-25-11  01:16pm

Visit Queen Snake

Queen Snake
REPLY TO #2 from Queensnake BDSM: (badandy400's Reply)

This is not an idea, this is the fact which it is in the Epoch's system. I sent you an email anyway, here is the message I sent you:

I saw your negative feedback about my site at http://www.pornusers.com/replies_view.html?id=61495 and I don't want you to think that your account is blocked instantly when you cancel your membership.
It does not work this way, your membership is alive during the whole period you paid for, in your case you would have had access to the website until 7/12/2011.
But you made a cancellation and a refund at the same time - you asked your money back from Epoch - that is why your account were suspended instantly. It works this way on every website.

Now it seems that you just wanted to cancel your subscription and not make a refund, probably you made the refund accidentally :(

I am sorry for your trouble and your negative opinion about my website and I am sad that you didn't ask help from me first when you had issues but I am always here to help my members.

I can offer you 2 weeks gratis membership to cheer you up - during that time you will probably get your 29.95 USD back from Epoch - and if you have any issues in the future please contact me.
We are not a big porn company with a support team, this is a one-person website and I am doing everything on my own so you can contact me directly. I am always trying to do my best to make my members happy and satisfied.

Please send me a reply if you accept my offer.

Have a nice week.


If you don't believe me I can send you the scanned copy of the Epoch's database or you can ask them directly about the refund.

06-20-11  04:06am

Visit Queen Snake

Queen Snake
Reply of badandy400's Comment from Queensnake BDSM:

Dear bandandy400,

You made a refund not a cancellation - probably accidentally - that is why your account is blocked.

Of course when you cancel your subscription, your account will be alive until the date you paid for and you are not blocked instantly as you said.

So the above information is completely wrong.

If you have any issues with your subscription, I help you with pleasure, just send me a message.

Kind regards,

06-20-11  01:49am

Visit Wank It Now

Wank It Now
REPLY TO #8 from Drooler: (badandy400's Reply)

It's one of the main reasons why we don't want to deal with sites that give us unexpected trouble (no access, broken promises, suprise billings): All of that judgmental subtext going on with the inevitable female rep at the credit card company.

05-31-11  02:55am

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