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badandy400 (103) 05-04-09  10:37pm
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I have been had! Part 2

So why did I notice this. On I just check my credit card statement and thought it seemed a bit high because I have not been putting much on it and found 3 charges of $39.95. I call them up and they tell me a Have a few websites I just joined. Now I know this is not true because the only site I have joined recently is NaughtyAmerica for $15 per month.

Oh yeah, sure enough there is a charge for $19.95 on there under the name equalscs.com.

Personally I think these people should be shot. And myself for not even noticing it.

Lesson learned: Read them VARY CAREFULLY. Every last line! What really pisses me off is my other card I do read every line, and same for my bank account. And this means a new credit card for me. So now i get the pleasure of going back and seeing how much if this I can recover. Just what a broke college porn freak needs!

What an absolute mess. I keep kicking myself because I should have known better. Part of my issue was that I look at my statement online and only look at the paper copy if I see anything funny. Online they do not show the location the charges are coming from. I do not know about everyone, but for most people charges coming from Israel should raise a flag and I am not sure why my credit company did not question this.

Anyway. Just adding my horror story to the long list. Only difference is that I knew better. I should be demoted on PU!

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badandy400 (103) Oh My God!

I can not believe these people. Do not go to any of those sites listed in these two comments. I will just tell you want happens. They all take you to the same site which is similar to epoch or ccbill. The differences is they will load you with malware!

Right after going through all this stuff I open EI because I wanted to go somewhere without having my firefox cookies messing with it. Guess was, EI does not work now. First time opening it pops up with "trustinsearch" crap. Something I had issues with on a different computer years ago and went through a lot of trouble to get ride of. Now it takes me to the homepage and that all the farther it goes. Plus, it uses a ridiculous amount of RAM to run the page. MSN should not take over 100 MB!

So here is my thought thus far. They screw you over secretly. Then assuming you find it they know the screwing of the screwing of the credit card will end, but that is not good enough for them. They want to continue to get you so they have the webpage listed on the credit card "loaded" with malware that is a pain in the ass.

Damn it has not been a good night!

05-04-09  10:58pm

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james4096 (126) Another victim.

I was a member a while ago and I don't remember having any problems, and I was thinking of joining again, but I know I won't now.

What ever happened to making money in internet porn the old fashioned way? They give us content, we give them money, and when we feel like it we cancel and they stop billing. No scams or tricks.

05-04-09  11:31pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - james4096 :

I was very active in the PU protests against these people a while back and had no idea I was being screwed. They did not start fraudulently billing me as quickly as they did most people. I kept a sharper than usual eye on my statements for a while after signing up and then learning of all the issues.

I ended up being a belated victim which is why it went unnoticed. Plus at the time I was subscribing to a lot of sites so there were many charges on my statement as well. Also i used that card for normal shopping as well. So it was fairly easy for the one charge of a normal looking amount to slip by.

James. Do go back through your statements and make sure nothing funny is on there. They all seemed to have "cs" in the label on the statement. Just make sure you are not being screwed.

Also worth mentioning is that when I went to those site listed on my statement they had a scroll down bar with the Incredible Pass sites listed. So it all sounds about right. An no other sites were listed, just theirs.

I say do not support these evil people. But they do have a lot of content that is not bad especially if you like foreign women with big tits, and being degraded.

So if you do rejoin, use one of those prepaid cards people have been talking about. Even PayPal can make a one time use Visa using your PayPal account if you have one. It is very easy to do. Just do not but yourself at risk.

I do not believe in stealing porn content because it hurts the industry we so love, but this may be a case were i say to find their stuff somewhere else. I do not believe they deserve paid, especially for as long as they were secretly ripping me off.

I hope I am not stepping over any lines by saying that, but it seems with these guys stealing their content is simply safer than joining their site! Or forgo their site and spend your hard earned dollars on a deserving site that works hard to produce honest content and profit.

When I become dictator of the world I am going to send everyone from that damn site to Antarctica wearing nothing but a used condom on their heads and a kick in the ass for every person they ripped off. Do I sound mad? :)

05-04-09  11:50pm

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Nah, you don't sound mad at all. ;)

You're right I should go back and check my statements and emails. All those charges can get lost in the mix. That's what happens to us porn hounds. I've let subscriptions go for almost a year on sites I forgot about, and I've forgot to visit sites I just joined because I joined another a few days later.

05-05-09  05:36am

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Pornjackker (37) I've been scammed by too many of these sites in the past and now I
refuse to pay for porn online if I can help it.

05-05-09  07:50pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #5 - Pornjackker :

This is the only time I have actually been scammed by a site. Overall I would say porn sites are fairly trust worthy when you deal with known sites or payment processors. Incredible Pass shows us what can happen when dishonest people are put in positions of responsibility.
05-05-09  09:33pm

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mbaya (366) Sorry I did not ask sooner. Is the problem resolved yet? I hate dishonesty.
05-07-09  02:27am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - mbaya :

I ended up calling the credit card and having my account numbers changed. I have to wait for the new card before I can do anything else. Then I still have to find out what can be done about all the back charges. I am sure I can get some of them back because they are current. But I am unsure of what I can do about older ones. Making it more difficult is that they all show up as something different.

I find it amazing that these people can still get credit cards processed. If I were the credit cards I would deny every request by them, but I believe this is part of the reason they use different names each month. It makes it very difficult to establish a pattern and stop the charges before they happen.

I guess only time will tell. I have half a mind to start using the one time use visas from paypal or something along those lines. It certainly would have prevented this.

Dishonesty is rounding up the number of videos or giving out our email addresses. What this site has done to myself and many others it criminal. There truly should be jail time involved.

05-07-09  01:19pm

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GCode (101) Has anyone noticed that it seems to be a trend that NETWORK sites are the ones doing this type of stuff. I dunno if it's just me, but it seems individual sites are rarely in these 'screwed over' categories :(
05-07-09  08:29pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - GCode :

This has been the only major issue I have had. I can not say that there is correlation between network sites and members being screwed over. If you think about it for a minute network sites should have more issues with members. After all they have more members, at least more than the smaller individual sites.

I have been with Br5azzers for a good while, I was at reality kings and bangbros before, and now i am at naughty america. So far no issues with any of them, especially ones like this.

If you watch the videos from incredible pass you quickly get the impression that they are trying to rip the girls off. The trouble is that they got the taste of ripping people off and decided they could do a lot more. They somehow got it in their head that ripping customers off is a good idea.

05-07-09  09:56pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

I hear ya man. I have had similar things happen last month and I know the frustrations that you are going through. I just said this because the site that did it to me was a network and it seems that I might have found another earlier because I saw another network site that looked very similar in layout that did this to me last month. I was just saying this from poking around here and looking at comments/reviews and the legit screw overs seem to be network sites in general But yes, you are probably right about the fact that network sites probably have more users which equals more chances for people to get screwed.

I hope you get everything back and taken care of, I know what it's like dealing with credit cards companies and how they love to tell you that you yourself somehow 'authorized' the charges. It's a damn shame that this even happens in the first place, I wonder how much damn money these scam artists reel in doing this from people who do not have experience in this realm or don't catch it in time :(

Best regards for your situation and I hope everything works out.

05-07-09  10:09pm

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dracken (246) Thank you for sharing this very important information. This definitely puts buying membership here into perspective.
08-11-09  10:01am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #12 - dracken :

I am glad you read it before they snared you. You know when you play a PC game for 10 hours straight and you are battling the very last boss character and the "blue screen of death" pops up bitch slaps you, that is Incredible Pass. That is the perspective I am trying to get everyone to have about these demons.

I am glad you read this and I feel a little better knowing that it might have saved someone from all the trouble that accompanies this site.

It really is a shame this site is run this way. They have the fastest servers I have seen yet, they have a lot of content, they have ethnic women that are hard to find, and they have a good price. I wish they would sell the company to someone honest. If there were no worries being ripped off it might be a lot better. That and get rid of the abuse of the women, but that is a matter of taste.

08-11-09  01:09pm

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