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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Can anyone tell me what percentage of scenes are boy/girl?

The preview pages show primarily lesbian stuff, probably over 90% of the previews are lesbian or solo but there are some preview shots of b/g scenes. can a past or current member give me some information on whether this is worthwhile site to join if I'm primarily interested in b/g hardcore?


10-15-13  04:47pm

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Visit Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan

A word of caution about joining this site

This is nothing too serious, but knowing this might save some aggravation when joining.

The site bills through Epoch and when you go to join there is one pre-checked cross-sell to Jordanís other site, The Ass Factory. There is also an unchecked cross-sell to Team Skeet for a seven day membership. I unchecked the choice for The Ass Factory since it only had less than a dozen updates in the past three months or so, and I checked the Team Skeet option because that seemed like a good deal.

The problem with the Team Skeet membership is that it is only a TRIAL membership and only allows you to stream one scene. It doesnít allow downloads. Iíll admit that I may have missed something, but I donít recall that the up-sell mentioned this was only a trial membership.

The more annoying issue is that when you go to the Jules Jordan site and select for recent updates they are laid out in a grid pattern. At the top of the grid is a banner ad for The Ass Factory. The problem is that the first three scenes listed are actually from The Ass Factory and clicking on them brings an Epoch confirmation page where you have to opt in. It wasnít clear what I needed to confirm so I did that thinking I was confirming my Jules Jordan membership and now have a membership to The Ass Factory too.

Iím fairly sure that I bear a lot of the blame for this. I suspect that if I could go back and re-read the join pages that the information was buried in there somewhere, but some of the blame has to go to Jules Jordanís site for making the information a bit confusing. Iím sure Iím not the first person to draw these conclusions based on the available information, but with any luck Iíll be the last PU member to make this mistake.

10-14-13  08:52am

Replies (6)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

has anyone ever really figured out what the download limit is here?

When I reviewed this network a long time ago I couldn't figure out what the download limit actually was. Some days I was allowed to download 12GB, other half that. But other members here said they had no limit imposed.

The clause in the Terms of Reference that is quoted or paraphrased at TBP is that there is a daily limit of 10 gigabytes of data each day, and additionally up to 15 big movies. I emailed the site back in 2011 to ask what that meant and go no answer.

But now the mystery has deepened a bit. I just went back to the site to confirm the wording in the TOS and there is no mention of the limit. I searched for every term I could think that would be used in that clause and got nothing.

So are there any current subscribers who can provide some insight into this issue? In her recent review at TBP, Vanessa doesn't mention it but it is still mentioned in the site stats.

Anyone have any ideas???

09-23-13  01:30pm

Replies (2)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

A counterpoint to the negative opinions

While I respect the opinions that martinlongbow and RustyJ wrote recently I can't agree with them. At the risk of sounding like a shill I find Evil Angel to be among the best sites on the internet. They do everything right: the porn is amazing with exceptional production values, the downloads are fast, they offer many different ways to stream or download their material, they update regularly and they offer a TBP/PU discount that turns a great value into an exceptional value.

I admit that the criticisms that the other members raised have some validity, but I don't think those flaws outweigh what the site does right. To address the specific issues raised:

- not enough Mike Adriano, too much Kevin Moore: I think Mike Adriano is among the best directors working today and I download EVERYTHING I can get of his so I agree that it would be nice to get more but there is a lot available still. Kevin Moore does a couple of my favorite series so I'd like more of his work too.
- Too much TS: I'm not a big fan of TS stuff either and wish Joey Silvera would bring back some of his older series (Fashion Sluts and Butt Row please!!) There are currently 94 TS DVD posted out of almost 1500 DVDs. While I don't download the TS stuff I realize that there are those who like it and it doesn't bother me that it is there.
- subsequent months more expensive than the first. Yes, this is true. The discount only applies to the first month but every time I go to leave I get offered the lower price.
- 'locked' updates. This is true too and it can be annoying but I agree with jberry169 in his reply that these are sort of a preview bonus we get to see before the DVD hits the streets. There was an Asphyxia Noir / Skin Diamond scene uploaded and locked yesterday that I really want to download so I'll watch to see how long that takes. I'm sure it'll be unlocked in the next month and probably only a week.

Anyway, I'm not trying to undermine valid opinions, but I think that objectively this site is still amazing and I'll continue to come back to it regularly. I'd score it in the mid 90s (and seeing my review is quite old maybe I'll post another review to justify that opinion).

09-22-13  09:01am

Replies (13)
Visit Hustler Mega Pass

Hustler Mega Pass

Trial membership is no longer full access

I joined this site today using the trial membership. The TBP page lists the trial as being full access and that was confirmed in March 2013. There has been a change at the site and the trial membership now only allows access to five videos of your choice. Also, these are only available through streaming.

I posted a not on the TBP page too so they may be able to verify this.

08-25-13  09:59am

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Visit Dirt Pipe Divas

Dirt Pipe Divas

Reply from the webmaster re affiliation with Philly Butt Sluts

I mentioned in my review that there was some affiliation between Dirt Pipe Divas and Philly Butt Sluts. That's good news since the Philly site only seems to upload to Clips4Sale. I emailed the DPD webmaster and asked about it. Here's his reply:

"We'll have all the anal stuff from Philly Butt Sluts added to Dirt Pipe Divas. I'm not sure how John will edit it... but if it involves anal sex, it'll eventually find it's way to Dirt Pipe Divas. Also, any new scenes he shoots will go on the site before his clips4sale store."

This is good news and will definitely make me a recurring customer.

08-02-13  08:09am

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Visit Wicked.com


Very poor preview

I'm a big fan of studio sites (as long as I'm a fan of the studio, of course) so I was intrigued by this site. But clicking on just about any link on the main preview page links to the join page. Want to see what DVDs they offer? Link to the join page. Want to see what models they have? Link to the join page. I'll probably join anyway, but this crap really bugs me. If they're proud of their site then show it off. This tactic makes it look like they're hiding something.

05-26-13  09:17am

Replies (10)
Visit HD Porn

HD Porn

Can anyone verify that this site no longer allows downloads?

I was a member here twice in the past and am thinking about joining again. I noticed on the TBP review page they say there are no downloads available but then the review goes on to talk about downloads. The reported errors seem to be the source for this new information but the claims of streaming-only haven't been verified yet. Can anyone shed some light on this? This was a site I liked but I won't be back for just streaming.

05-26-13  08:52am

Replies (0)
Visit Mike Adriano

Mike Adriano

Just got a great offer in my email

This may only apply to former members, but I just got an email from this network (21 Evil Angel sites) offering a month for only $5. If you're a former member and interested, it might pay to check your inbox.

05-15-13  05:23pm

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Another quick question about this siteÖ

Iím sure there is a simple answer to this, but I canít figure it out.

When you go into any of the 21 Sextury or 21 Sextreme sites there is a long list of niches that appears on the left hand side of the screen under the heading ďfilter scenes byÖĒ It would seem that you could click on any of the boxes or a combination of boxes to sort scenes to include certain things youíre looking for. But hereís the problem: when you select a niche the page doesnít automatically reload to show the themes you want and there is no button to allow the page to sort. Can anyone tell me how I actually use this feature? Manually refreshing the page doesnít work either, it just reloads the page and clears any checked boxes.

Thanks for any advice!

02-17-13  01:01pm

Replies (6)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Quick (I hope) technical question about the 21 Sextury network

I finally joined this network a week or so ago and love it. My only regret is that I didnít join earlier.

When I went on the site earlier this evening something was different though and I donít know if Iíve changed a setting or if the site has been changed. Iím hoping a member might have the answer (and even better, a fix).

Up until today when I went to a site page there was a grid of 36 thumbnails, one for each scene on that page. Hovering the mouse pointer over a thumbnail would bring up information on the scene name, upload date, site, and model name Ė all useful information. All of that is still the same today but now when I hover over a thumbnail I get an additional pop-up that shows a few screencaps from the scene. I donít object to seeing the screencaps but that pop-up is large enough that you have to be careful to move your pointer to an area of the main thumbnail so you can still read the information. There is a fine line between seeing the scene information and moving your pointer off the thumbnail, thereby losing both the pop-up and the scene information.

So can anyone tell me if Iíve accidentally turned some setting on or is this a new feature on the network as of today?

Advice will be appreciated.


02-07-13  03:22pm

Replies (7)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Whatís up with 18 Only Girls and Diesel Access Network lately?

This may not qualify as a comment, but I thought it made more sense here than on the forum. Apologies if you think I made the wrong choiceÖ

18 Only Girls was reviewed at TBP today and that got me thinking about how the excellent Diesel Access sites used to be one of the best values on the internet. If you recall, if you joined through TBP / PU you not only got a $10 discount from the single-site price, but you got access to every site they had for that lower price. And the webmaster popped in to say hello once in a while.

But things are different today. 18 Only Girls is a stand-alone site with no discount for TBP / PU members. You do get access to Skinny Super Girl featuring Gloria. Iíll admit that.

But if you want access to their other signature site, Young Legal Porn, thatís a separate $30 membership. And, for some strange reason the bonus site here is also Skinny Super Girl.

The same goes for their other sites Ė they are all now stand-alone and $30 per month. Some donít even offer a bonus site Ė not even the same one that is offered with other sites.

To further erode the sense of value, Diesel spun off a separate company with Wow Girls and now Wow Porn that use the same format and even the same models but are stand-alone sites for $30 per month.

I realize that there are some obvious possible answers here, such as their high production costs make this an expensive venture, or now that theyíre established they donít need to offer discounts, but does anyone have any inside information on why this company changed its business model so quickly? They went from being our BFF here to pretending they donít even know us anymore.

I do realize that some of their sites offer five-month access to ďall our 13 sitesĒ but they donít list the sites. TBP lists 14 from Diesel, so my worry is that buying a $100 five-month membership through 18 Only Girls would exclude the other main site, Young Legal Porn.

Has anyone here tried the five-month, 13-site access who might give some advice?

(Not related to this already long Ďcomment,Ē but in my opinion one of the most sensual (and sexy) photos I have ever seen is the lead photo of Gloria on her Skinny Super Girl site where she is lying face down on a white-covered bed looking back at the camera and giving a sultry look. That photo melts every part of me except one. I only mention this because I saw her model photo on 18 Only Girls and she looks TERRIBLE. Yes sheís thin, but some of us like that. That photo makes her look anorexic. It isnít flattering. I know sheís not to everyoneís liking, but the webmaster must have been mad at her the day he opted to use that as her promo picture.)

Sorry for the comment that turned into a rantÖ

01-30-13  06:35pm

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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Does anyone know if Big Wet Asses 22 is available?

If anyone has a membership I'd greatly appreciate information on BWA 22, which includes a very rare (possibly her second?) Lexi Belle anal scene. The DVD shows up on the preview page but EA is known for putting stuff on the preview page that isn't available on the site.


01-27-13  09:51am

Replies (13)
Visit Sineplex


Just a thought...

... but when you need to have a "How to Buy" button on your website you might have made it too complicated.

There seems to be an option to just join the site and donload stuff, but I can't find it. Does anyone have any experience with this site who can offer some advice?

01-12-13  08:14am

Replies (1)
Visit Punk Porn

Punk Porn

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This, along with Joanna Angel (the site, not the model) are the two lead sites on this network. Apart from the off-mainstream look of most of the models this is a fairly conventional hardcore porn site. It has 200 scenes up and updates with at least two scenes being added per month.

11-24-12  10:08am

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Visit Heavy Metal Pussy Party

Heavy Metal Pussy Party

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site features these tattooed and pierced models in g/g or multiple girl scenes, but lesbian scenes are also available on other sites within the network. The site currently has 79 scenes and it updates with two scenes being added per month.

11-24-12  10:07am

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Visit POV Punx

POV Punx

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. Other than the fact that the models arenít generally mainstream, this is a fairly standard POV site. It is a large site with 196 scenes. It updates on an irregular schedule but it appears to be that at least two scenes per month are added per month.

11-24-12  10:06am

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Visit Punk School Girls

Punk School Girls

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. The niche here is obviously a focus on 18+ models, but since these are the same models that appear throughout the network there doesnít seem to be a need for a stand-alone site. Though I will admit that knowing there was a young-adult-themed site here gave me some comfort when I joined.

The site is small but growing, with 40 scenes. It updates with two scenes per month.

11-24-12  10:06am

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Visit Fuck Me In The Bathroom

Fuck Me In The Bathroom

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site blends the niche of a specific look for the models with sex in a bathroom. Most of the bathrooms arenít private so donít look for public bathroom sex here. The site is small with just 28 scenes and it hasnít updated since March, 2011.

11-24-12  10:06am

Replies (0)
Visit Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site (which, along with Punk Porn are the lead sites on the network) is the largest site on the network and features, obviously, Joanna Angel. The site also features other mainstream and niche models and has a good variety of b/g, g/g, multiples, solo and anal scenes. The site has 317 scenes with one new scene being added weekly. If youíre a Joanna Angel fan youíll find more scenes scattered throughout the rest of the network too.

11-24-12  10:05am

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Visit Cum On My Tattoo

Cum On My Tattoo

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. The theme here is obviously cum shots on the modelís tattoos. This niche can be found scattered through the other sites on the network too. This is one of the smaller sites on the network with only 29 scenes. It hasnít updated since March of 2012.

11-24-12  10:03am

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Visit Big Boobs Are Cool

Big Boobs Are Cool

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site is the token big-breast site on the network, though the models here can also be found on other sites on the network. My guess is that the site owners figured this out too since the site is small (20 scenes) and hasnít updated since December 2010.

11-24-12  10:03am

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Visit Rub A Teen

Rub A Teen

Please God, don't let me make another mistake...

I saw this site as a new listing at TBP and since I'm a huge massage niche fan this is definitely worth considering, but a 500MB (yes, that's MEGABYTES, not Gigabytes) daily limit I need to resist.

Please pray for me.

But it does have a TBP discount... and there are only 14 scenes so maybe I could get them all in a month...

Please pray for me...

Fuck... I'll probably have a review in a week or two...

11-17-12  04:07pm

Replies (8)
Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

A question about Young Legal Porn and Diesel Access

First, I know that the information is likely on this page and on the TBP site, but since there are a few PU members with YLP memberships right now Iím hoping for some clarification.

Back about a year ago I joined the Diesel Access Network and got a TBP / PU discount AND got access to all the sites in the network immediately. At the time I found the combination of the high quality of scenes, the incredibly beautiful models and the exceptional value to make this one of the best networks Iíd ever joined. At the time, hereís what I wrote about the membership being offered:

ďThere is a TBP/PU discount offered, and you can buy a membership to this site or for an additional $10 you can add the whole Ďnetwork.í I strongly recommend spending that extra $10 for two reasons. It makes the membership an excellent value, and the same models appear on the other sites so if you like a particular model youíll be leaving material behind without access to the other sites. The other sites are Ivana Fukalot, Skinny Super Girl, 18 Only Girls (this is the other large site here), Alice Wonder Bang, Lay the Kat, Sasha Fucks Dasha, Natasha Shy, Vika Nymph, Sasha Blonde, Beata Porn, Kamilla 18, The Sperm Lover and Policeman..Ē

ButÖ as I understand it now this same offer isnít available. From what I can gather there is no TBP / PU discount available now. When I join through TBP / PU I pay the full $30 fee and get access to Young Legal Porn and Skinny Super Girl. Is that correct?

I also read that if keep my membership for more than two months I automatically get access to all the other sites. Is this true? Has anyone tried this and does it work? (I canít find any mention of it on the tour pages.)

Sorry for all the questions, but I think this is one of the best networks on the Ďnet and Iíd like to rejoin but want to make sure I understand what Iím buying when I do rejoin.

11-13-12  09:03am

Replies (6)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Is anyone else having problems using a download manager for some HD files?

Like many here I suspect, I took advantage of the $5 offer to join a site that I likely would not have otherwise. Not enough petite models for my likingÖ Anyway, as members will know, the site offers a lot of options for downloading the scenes, including at least two HD options. On some scenes the logo beside the download link is just the usual ďHDĒ logo with the resolution in smaller font below that but on other scenes the HD scenes have a logo beside them the is a stylized lower case Ďfí that stretches from the upper right to the lower left on a red background. I donít know what this logo is because those links link to an mp4 download. What Iím finding is that in all but a few rare exceptions I canít download either the 1080 or 720 resolutions using Internet Download Manager. If I select the 480 HD link that works fine but the higher resolutions bypass IDM and want to download (very slowly) through my browser.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Has anyone found a work-around or Ďfixí within IDM?
Is it possible that this is intentional to prevent a lot of HD downloading?
What format does that logo represent?

Help will be greatly appreciated, even if the only help is confirmation that Iím not the only person with this problem.


10-20-12  05:34am

Replies (4)

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