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Visit XOXO Leah

REPLY TO #1 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

So far it's looking like i would have done better investing the $9.99 in a supersized big mac meal deal.

The content is only available for downloads (Vid & JPG's) by using WinZip, with it's clear effect on terrible quality.

No real hardcore on the site, but a few shots of her fabulous body are worth keeping. But definitely not worth $9.99. I signed up yesterday and canceled today. CCBill did advise me that I have access to the site until July 20. I'll see if they keep their promise to update the site weekly.

06-22-15  05:39pm

Visit Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from Salvo:

Spot ON Review -

Out of the 100 plus girls, only about 10 were truly awesome. Most scenes are average with below average girls...

Would not subscribe again.

05-30-15  06:25pm

Visit Perv City

Perv City
REPLY TO #2 from elephant: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Hi Rearadmiral

Thanks for the reply, I didn't see that exclusive sticker on the vids that are to be just for the site. I agree it makes a change to see honesty like that.

I wonder if the trial is limited or a full trial, maybe worth a try to see.

Cheers again

05-26-15  07:00am

Visit Perv City

Perv City
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from elephant:

Hi rearadmiral

Thanks for the review and making me aware of the site and for telling us about the exclusive movies. Yeah I'm a regular at Evilangel so for me wouldn't be worth it. Out of the 30 exclusive I'd probs only like around 5 girls as I tend to only go for tat free women or super babes, I'm getting picky in my old age.

which are the exclusive scenes just out of interest.

great I guess if you've never been to evilangel but quite pricey if its just for the exclusive scenes.

05-25-15  06:07am

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
REPLY TO #1 from Artie Fufkin: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thankyou sir. Good man for getting the reference!

05-24-15  12:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from LPee23: (rearadmiral's Reply)

In order to spare the system drive the burden of IDM, you not only have to point your downloads to an external, but you also have to change the location of the temporary folder for IDM downloads. Under the Options menu go to the 'Save To' tab, and change the location of the temporary folder.

05-13-15  06:43pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from LPee23: (rearadmiral's Reply)

That's right. IDM makes extensive use of the hard drive, which is the bottleneck for the speed of most operations on most systems.

05-13-15  06:23pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from LPee23: (rearadmiral's Reply)

IDM was slowing down my dv7 a lot when I first started using it. Then I moved the download folder off of the system drive, and the issue resolved. It makes extensive use of the hard drive when it downloads files in chunks and reassembles them, so if you run it on your system drive, it can really slow down your OS.

Now that I upgraded to an SSD, I deliberately put the download folder on the SSD, which of course also hosts the OS. IDM doesn't slow down the response time in the slightest now, but IDM downloads are actually a lot faster since the chunks are reassembled very fast.

05-12-15  04:18pm

Visit Finishes The Job

Finishes The Job
REPLY TO #2 from mbaya: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Congratulations on becoming third on the list of reviewers. I always enjoy reading your reviews and wish you the best.

04-28-15  05:46am

Visit Gloryhole Secrets

Gloryhole Secrets
REPLY TO #4 from HardRide: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I checked out the video dates on both sites and found out that gloryhole secrets did copy gloryhole swallow. That's a hard act to follow! It's just another fake, over produced, copy cat gloryhole site. I wish there were more like gloryhole swallow in different parts of the country and world. This is a pipe dream but it would be amazing if the owner of gloryhole swallow took his girls on a road trip hitting some busy gloryhole locations in different states.

04-20-15  02:56pm

Visit Gloryhole Secrets

Gloryhole Secrets
REPLY TO #2 from HardRide: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I couldn't agree more. I've been waiting for a real gloryhole site to come along for years. Every time I see a gloryhole site open I'm always disappointed when I find out they are fake. Gloryhole swallow has been the only site that got it right so like you said, I'm not surprised that other sites have tried to copy them. Bang Bros tried and failed too. I like the seedy feel of a real bookstore gloryhole. Some might not care but the purist most likely would.

Gloryhole secrets is open about it being a mock up and not anonymous so I have to give them that. I'd be beyond pissed if I joined and found out while watching the videos which would have been obvious.

The earlier videos were horrible when they tried to pretend that they were picking girls up off the street. I think the owners were trying to copy Bang Bus and Gloryhole Swallow. At least they stopped that garbage.

04-15-15  11:06pm

Visit Finishes The Job

Finishes The Job
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from graymane:

In large part, my comment this time has zero-to-nothing to do with what I wanna say, individually, emanating from this single review of "Finishes the job" (I already know his review's a winner even without reading it,

I do, however, just want to sound-off loud and clear ..... that this message reverberates to the far corners of Porn Users, and on the way collectively catching the view of countless others perusing this widely popular PU feature. I don't think this guy ever sleeps. How could he with all the reviews he's churning out?
I suppose God only knows why Rear Admiral's seemingly labor of love continues at such a fevered motivation. Its fair to say that I's quite obvious his generous contribution serves greatly to the betterment of this great site.
I hasten to say, however, it should be noted that I's general opinion RA is right at home here at Porn Users.

Bottom line:
Evidenced clearly by the sheer volume we see posted here of RA's priceless info, leaves no doubt in my mind he's a review Dynamo .

04-14-15  11:16pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #2 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I've been a member for several years and agree with RA. Time to focus on quality over the five per day standard.

04-13-15  01:04pm

Visit Gloryhole Secrets

Gloryhole Secrets
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from HardRide:

Good review! I prefer the real thing too and could never understand the purpose of fake gloryholes. The bathroom stall ones are the worst.

When I first found this site I thought it was owned by the same owners of Gloryhole Swallow but then realized it was an attempt to copy the look of that site and there's no connection.

One of the most distracting things about the videos is the camera guy coaching the girls instead of letting them suck cock. I didn't find any advantage to the second camera angle because it's just a view of the top of the girl's head and not really a POV.

I lost interest when I saw all the long shaved cocks. I don't have one of those. Even though I love watching girls swallow cum, this site is just too staged and fake for my liking.

If make performers are going to be used then I can do without the wall. They claim it's because the guys want to remain anonymous but they don't seem to have an issue remaining anonymous in POVWars. I don't get that part. I joined but cancelled the same day.

04-12-15  07:18pm

Visit Dirt Pipe Divas

Dirt Pipe Divas
REPLY TO #4 from pat362: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I'm guilty of paying those high c4s prices but in my defense. I tend to be rather picky and the stuff I enjoy can't be found anywhere on the net. trust me if it was then I would rather pay a 30$ join price and download all the stuff that has cost me a lot more.

04-06-15  05:48pm

Visit Dirt Pipe Divas

Dirt Pipe Divas
REPLY TO #2 from pat362: (rearadmiral's Reply)

The one major advantage to joining either site is that you get to see all of the anal scenes their clips4sale store has to offer and it's significantly cheaper because a c4s scene will usually cost at least 12$ per scene.

04-05-15  10:14am

Visit Dirt Pipe Divas

Dirt Pipe Divas
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from pat362:

I have some moderately good news, two bad piece of news and one that is a worse piece of news. Before I impart the news let me first say that the two sites I name below share their content with a clips4sale site called philly butt sluts. Now the good news. Philly butt sluts has recently started to add new stuff to their C4S store so maybe you will indeed start to see new content for "I worship anal" and "dirt pipe". They both suck when it comes to design but this isn't necessarily a bad thing if you get good content.

The first bad news is that both sites each have the exact same content so you aren't getting any exclusive stuff from either site. The second bad news is that I worship is only 25$ so you could have saved 4$ if you had joined that site instead of dirt pipe.

I saved the worse news for last. I'm glad the owner said that he was going to add new stuff but seeing as philly butt slut is the producer of the porn that I worship and dirt pipe use to update their site then exactly what new stuff can he be talking about since the most recent update on philly butt slut is the Britney Amber scene and that one is already up on both sites. I fear that only the people joining right now for the past content will be satisfied with any of these sites. A returning member like me wouldn't necessarily care to join because it would be a very expensive membership for maybe 1-2 new scenes and very little prospect for new stuff within the next few weeks or months.

04-03-15  07:34pm

Visit Punish Teens

Punish Teens
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from marvin:

Hey :)

Wanted to drop a quick Thank You for reviewing our site.

We will look into the 1280x720 option and see what changes we can make.

There are about 25 episodes already shot for PT and we will be updating it once a week so hopefully we will have a nice collection for our members shortly.

Your reviews do matter so please keep them coming.

Thank you!

03-31-15  02:26pm

Visit Real Spankings

Real Spankings
REPLY TO #3 from Jay G: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Obsessed with the female bum...... I love even talking about it!

It is this obsession that makes me enjoy watching spanking.

Interestingly enough, in the real world I've found that spanking real women is not a big turn-on for me.... I prefer fondling, licking, touching (you get the idea).

The effort & pain of actually spanking detracts from the sexual experience with a real woman for me. On the other "hand", watching videos of spanking still turns me on as much as when I was a young man.

03-31-15  05:25am

Visit Real Spankings

Real Spankings
REPLY TO #1 from Jay G: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Hi, Admiral,

I shouldn't make a pun about spanking sites and "rear" admirals, butt ............

I do have a spanking fetish since touching a female ass was only acceptable if it was being spanked (back in the day of glorious birthday spankings) and as far back into my childhood as I can remember I loved female ass. I was dreaming about touching it and slapping it as far back as early grade school.

Unless you enjoy female ass turning red or have a bit of an s/m streak, spanking sites might just seem strange.

If you are curious, Real Spanking is best in price, quality, and pretty girls for me. Firm Hand Spanking is also good for pretty girls. I have belonged to all the decent-looking spanking sites on the internet and would recommend it if spanking ALONE is the desire. Lupus video is filled with story-line spanking, but seems often a bit too severe for me and its stories in an Eastern European Language don't have me very interested.

For sex & spanking there is Kink.com's Whipped Ass (Lesbian) and Everything Butt (Kinky anal) and some spanking on a lot of the other Kink sites.

Though they might be listed for spanking, there are many sites only for true sadists ...... sites that are far too brutal for most, including me, (Paintoy, Paingate, Mood & Elite Videos for example).

The newer Real Spankings videos all seem to have good lighting & resolution, but I couldn't give you the tech details. My experience with numbers is poor, I just know that good lighting, camerawork, and resolution are something I expect now.

03-28-15  08:35pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from malikstarks:

Yea I now have an ongoing membership here. Don't plan on canceling any time soon.

03-27-15  12:07pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from lk2fireone:

It seems more and more common that support staff at many businesses are worse than useless.

I bought an item through Amazon. The item was not sold from Amazon, but from one of its commercial partners.

The partner overcharged me about $7 on the item.
I complained to the partner's support staff, in an email.

The first email response I got from the partner support staff said the $7 overcharge was justified, according to their records.

I sent a second email, stating again that I was overcharged $7, and I should get a refund.

The second email from the support staff stated I was not overcharged $7.

I sent a second email, stating that I had been overcharged $7.

The third email from support staff asked me for proof that I had been overcharged.

I sent a new email, with photo copies of the original coupon I used, the original price I should have paid, and a photostat of the charge from my credit card company.

That was proof that I was being overcharged $7.

The next email from support staff said they were sorry I was having a problem, and to please explain what my problem was.

The funny things are: with every email I sent to support staff, I included, in the heading, the ticket code for my complaint.
And I explained, in each email I sent, a summary of my complaint about the overcharge.
As well as sending with each email, the add-on of all previous emails I had sent.
And from the second email on, the support staff member who sent the replying emails was from the same support staff member

Finally, I sent an email to Amazon, with the confirming photos showing I had been overcharged (copy of coupon I used, copy of bill from the partner that shows the overcharge, and copy of my credit card statement that showed the overcharge).
And Amazon gave me a credit for the overcharge.

03-22-15  02:25pm

Visit Anabolic.com

REPLY TO #2 from qvtta: (rearadmiral's Reply)


Few days after i had posted this, i received responce from both webmaster and biller (took unpleasantly long to get a responce) and the info webmaster gave, didn't work but the username the biller gave, it worked. It also seems that regardless my valuable membership time had passed without me being able to log in to the site, i will not be given any real extratime as comfort for the trouble i had to deal with. Bought my membership 22 feb 2015 and first time i actually only got to access the site (due to finally receiving my login credentials) was sometime after 10th march 2015. Webmaster said they had only extended my membership to 31st of march, which is pretty much nothing.

I was kinda very suprised since few years ago i had been to this site (via Epoch) and back then The Big Ass Movie forexample had the pictureset available but now, there are very few photosets available at all and most are ones i'm not even remotely interrested in. I basically joined this site because i wanted to get the awesome photosets of Alexis Texas and Brianna Love have and which are used in the movie cover. But instead those don't exist anymore and movies are not in HD format either.

It's also good to mention that the news section promised how the new members area would be like the best experience ever but i guess something came in the way since that post was from 2013-2014 and the latest updates seemed to be from feb 26th of 2014.

I can't recommend this site since if you are coming from some well known big site, it feels like going back to stoneage pretty much when coming here due to lack of eveything.

03-20-15  05:07am

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
REPLY TO #5 from bkreidercrhl: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I have not been a member of COHF for possibly a decade. At what I believed to be the end to their updates, I did not enjoy it. The women seemed skanky and it lost its party magic. I will log on to the COHF tour pages see if there were updates of interest. I missed the site in its prime, still have highlight videos in my archives... the resolution is horrible...we are talking 12 years ago material.

03-16-15  06:15am

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Review from lk2fireone:

Excellent review, as usual.

I'm not computer knowledgeable, but 2+ GB for 720p video seems way too large.
The coding formats/algorithms used can make a big difference in the file size.
I'm guessing that those files could be shrunk a lot by better choice of file format/codec/whatever.

Even though hard drive prices keep dropping, 2+ GB files will use up a lot of hard drive storage. And even more so for SSD storage.

03-15-15  12:09pm

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