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Visit Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site (which, along with Punk Porn are the lead sites on the network) is the largest site on the network and features, obviously, Joanna Angel. The site also features other mainstream and niche models and has a good variety of b/g, g/g, multiples, solo and anal scenes. The site has 317 scenes with one new scene being added weekly. If you’re a Joanna Angel fan you’ll find more scenes scattered throughout the rest of the network too.

11-24-12  10:05am

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Visit Cum On My Tattoo

Cum On My Tattoo

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. The theme here is obviously cum shots on the model’s tattoos. This niche can be found scattered through the other sites on the network too. This is one of the smaller sites on the network with only 29 scenes. It hasn’t updated since March of 2012.

11-24-12  10:03am

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Visit Big Boobs Are Cool

Big Boobs Are Cool

Some thoughts and stats on the site

This site is part of the Burning Angel network, which features models with lots of tattoos, some piercings and generally with a Goth or punk look. This site is the token big-breast site on the network, though the models here can also be found on other sites on the network. My guess is that the site owners figured this out too since the site is small (20 scenes) and hasn’t updated since December 2010.

11-24-12  10:03am

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Visit Rub A Teen

Rub A Teen

Please God, don't let me make another mistake...

I saw this site as a new listing at TBP and since I'm a huge massage niche fan this is definitely worth considering, but a 500MB (yes, that's MEGABYTES, not Gigabytes) daily limit I need to resist.

Please pray for me.

But it does have a TBP discount... and there are only 14 scenes so maybe I could get them all in a month...

Please pray for me...

Fuck... I'll probably have a review in a week or two...

11-17-12  04:07pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

A question about Young Legal Porn and Diesel Access

First, I know that the information is likely on this page and on the TBP site, but since there are a few PU members with YLP memberships right now I’m hoping for some clarification.

Back about a year ago I joined the Diesel Access Network and got a TBP / PU discount AND got access to all the sites in the network immediately. At the time I found the combination of the high quality of scenes, the incredibly beautiful models and the exceptional value to make this one of the best networks I’d ever joined. At the time, here’s what I wrote about the membership being offered:

“There is a TBP/PU discount offered, and you can buy a membership to this site or for an additional $10 you can add the whole ‘network.’ I strongly recommend spending that extra $10 for two reasons. It makes the membership an excellent value, and the same models appear on the other sites so if you like a particular model you’ll be leaving material behind without access to the other sites. The other sites are Ivana Fukalot, Skinny Super Girl, 18 Only Girls (this is the other large site here), Alice Wonder Bang, Lay the Kat, Sasha Fucks Dasha, Natasha Shy, Vika Nymph, Sasha Blonde, Beata Porn, Kamilla 18, The Sperm Lover and Policeman..”

But… as I understand it now this same offer isn’t available. From what I can gather there is no TBP / PU discount available now. When I join through TBP / PU I pay the full $30 fee and get access to Young Legal Porn and Skinny Super Girl. Is that correct?

I also read that if keep my membership for more than two months I automatically get access to all the other sites. Is this true? Has anyone tried this and does it work? (I can’t find any mention of it on the tour pages.)

Sorry for all the questions, but I think this is one of the best networks on the ‘net and I’d like to rejoin but want to make sure I understand what I’m buying when I do rejoin.

11-13-12  09:03am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Is anyone else having problems using a download manager for some HD files?

Like many here I suspect, I took advantage of the $5 offer to join a site that I likely would not have otherwise. Not enough petite models for my liking… Anyway, as members will know, the site offers a lot of options for downloading the scenes, including at least two HD options. On some scenes the logo beside the download link is just the usual “HD” logo with the resolution in smaller font below that but on other scenes the HD scenes have a logo beside them the is a stylized lower case ‘f’ that stretches from the upper right to the lower left on a red background. I don’t know what this logo is because those links link to an mp4 download. What I’m finding is that in all but a few rare exceptions I can’t download either the 1080 or 720 resolutions using Internet Download Manager. If I select the 480 HD link that works fine but the higher resolutions bypass IDM and want to download (very slowly) through my browser.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Has anyone found a work-around or ‘fix’ within IDM?
Is it possible that this is intentional to prevent a lot of HD downloading?
What format does that logo represent?

Help will be greatly appreciated, even if the only help is confirmation that I’m not the only person with this problem.


10-20-12  05:34am

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Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network

Max Hardcore Titles now Available

For those who are interested in Max Hardcore’s work, Pornstar Network has recently added 35 titles. The Max stuff is part of the Moviez add-on which comes free if you join through TBP or PU. These are all the North American versions which are a little more sedate than the European versions of the same videos. The site appears to add a couple of videos per month.

Here’s what they have on the site:

Extreme School Girls 9 and 19
Hardcore School Girls 2 and 17
Hollywood Hardcore 5, 6 and 11
Max Don’t Fuck Up My Mommy 1 and 2
Max Extreme 2, 5 and 11
Max Faktor 11 and 19
Max World 11
Maxed Out 4, 13, 14 and 17
Planet Max 6, 12 and 19
Pure Max 4, 5, 12 and 15
Universal Max 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12

10-08-12  10:20am

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Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network

Problem with membership

I just joined this network a few minutes ago and got the $19.95 discounted price offered through TBP / PU. I have an email confirmation of that. I accessed the site to see this: “You currently have a Free Limited Membership. This gives you access to a limited streaming time of each video. To download full videos or get access to all streaming videos, you need a full membership.” That, obviously, costs more money. I emailed the site support staff and asked for clarification. I’ll report back when I have an answer but for now I’d avoid this site as you might have the same problem.

The last time I joined here I had a membership problem too. There seems to be a problem in the way their site ‘sees’ the TBP discount.

10-05-12  01:25pm

Replies (2)
Visit Hush Pass

Hush Pass

Important Information on this site

This has been the only site in the past while that I've joined that didn't have an independent biller. My credit card company called me today to say my card has been compromised and has been cancelled to prevent further fraudulent charges.

I don't know if it has anything to do with this site, but prospective members should be aware that there is a possible problem. Yes, the problem could have occured with any of the major billers too, but that's less likely.

So if you're still thinking about joining this crappy site, please add this new reason to the pile for reasons to not join.

09-24-12  03:07pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

Cancellation Issue

Please note that I'm not even remotely suggesting that someone was trying to pull a fast one, I merely want to post that I had a membership cancellation issue in case it happens to more than just me.

I joined this site on August 28 through the site. The biller was Epoch. I didn't receive an email confirmation but the correct charge appeared on my credit card statement.

Today (September 22) I went to the Epoch site to cancel my membership but the site had no record of it. I used Epoch's chat function and the staff member there couldn't find it either. I was on with the support staff for about 15 mins before they could locate the charge and cancel the rebill. I asked, but they had no explanation for why I couldn't locate the membership on their site and why it took so long for their own staff to locate it. I did appreciate the Epoch staff patience because they certainly said and had reason to believe that I had made an error and the charge was actually with another biller.

I have no idea if this is a warning to others or just an unusual circumstance. Others may want to weigh in on their experiences. Prospective members should be aware that there was a problem cancelling.

09-22-12  11:27am

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Visit Butt Naked In The Streets

Butt Naked In The Streets

Mini Review, and a recommendation to stay away

I’m a huge fan of public nudity and was pleasantly surprised to see this site since it is actually a rare site in a rare niche. This site features well-known American porn stars doing some relatively risky public nudity.

The site has 18 scenes with some well known models doing public nudity in the Los Angeles area. Stars such as Taylor Rain, Gen Padova, Violet Blue, Courtney Simpson and Desire Moore make appearances. There is public nudity in some relatively secure-but-still-public areas and most scenes also include the model performing oral sex on one of the guys. The site no longer updates and the newest scenes are likely from 2005 to maybe 2007. This, unfortunately, is where the good news ends.

I find that public nudity sites can be hit or miss. I realize this is subjective but some sites manage to remove all the tease and risk from public nudity, thereby turning the heat way down too. Such is the case here, but the heat gets further turned down by the fact that the cameraman is clearly an amateur – the camera work is jerky to the point that if you have a weak stomach you might want to avoid these videos. To make matters worse, the models are often filmed while standing in the shadows so lighting becomes a serious flaw. To top it all off, the editing can be pretty bad too with too many potentially interesting bits obviously cut out.

But it gets worse… assuming the videos were shot several years ago and realizing that technology continues to advance, then even by the standards of the year these were shot they are well below the norm. The videos come in at just 320x240 at 330kb/s and only 8fps. Surely these specs were state of the art more than a decade ago. The low resolutions combined with the jerky camera work make a lot of the scenes essentially unwatchable.

And continuing on our cavalcade of crap, the scenes are only offered as clips with no option to download the entire scene as one complete video. The only potential good news is that by offering clips only you might not realize that the download speeds are up to a decades-old standard too. I haven’t seen download speeds this slow in years. The average speed I got was about 130kb/s. That’s KILOBYTES, not megabytes. I saw speeds drift down to double digits frequently.

I always try to find something positive about any site I join, but there’s really nothing good to say about this site. The one possible positive – big-name American porn models doing public nudity in Los Angeles – is vastly overshadowed by poor camera work, poor lighting, poor editing, abysmal download speeds and the lack of full-video availability.

The last possible positive also falls flat: this could have just been a bad site in an otherwise good network, but the rest of the network (Hush Pass) isn’t much better. So even if you’re a big fan of public nudity like I am, trust me on this: don’t bother joining this network.

09-16-12  06:01pm

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Visit Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Can anyone answer a question about Hot Movies?

I’ve been a member at Hot Movies for a while and use the site a lot. I know that a lot of members here don’t like VOD, and for me it’s a love/hate relationship. VOD sites, especially those as big as Hot Movies are like the crack cocaine of porn: they may be a bit pricey, but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked good. Hot Movies and some of the other large VOD sites have such huge collections of titles that can’t be found elsewhere and from them I’ve had an opportunity to see some titles that I’d otherwise not have been able to see. As for the fact that they’re VOD only (or DRM-protected downloads) and can be expensive for that privilege, I suspect that’s more the decision of the studios that the VOD sites.

Anyway, in an earlier comment about the site the webmaster replied and noted that Hot Movies offers a 30 day access to some studios for a flat fee of $30. He used Vivid as an example. At a dollar a day for some of my favourite studios this could be a great deal. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to sort the available studios by those which offer this service. Hot Movies has hundreds of studios available and only a few offer this service and I’d rather not have to open each of them to see if they offer this service. Does anyone know if you can sort the studios to see only those that offer the monthly access? If so, how?

Thanks all.

08-28-12  02:28pm

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Visit hotkinkyjo


Fuck... Streaming only

Beware! As a fan of extreme anal stuff I joined this site without having any information to rely on from TBP or PU. I wouldn't have joined if I knew it was streaming only so it looks like I've learned a $30 lesson. Nothing on the preview pages (that I can find) state that downloads aren't available and there doesn't appear to be any access to the site's Terms of Use or a membership contract.

And I should add that even the photos can't be downloaded.


07-20-12  11:00am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

A “head’s up” if adding Public Invasion through Bang Bros

Public Invasion is a stand-alone Bang Bros site that you can join for $25 per month. If you join this way I don’t know what network access you get. If you join the BB network through the main portal you have the option of adding Public Invasion for $10. That sounds like a good deal, but it isn’t. The main site has 189 scenes available while the ‘site’ you can join for $10 only has 30 scenes. Obviously BB can charge what it wants, but nothing I saw when I joined through the BB portal indicated I was getting limited access, and the cost per episode is more than double on the add-on site.

Having said all that, if you’re a fan of public stuff, as I am, my advice is to save your money on both sites. There really isn’t much ‘public’ material here, at least not in the 30 scenes I had access to. The site really offers Eastern European models (most unknown to me) flashing a bit outdoors when no one is looking and then the action moves to a more secluded spot for oral and intercourse. This really shouldn’t be tagged as ‘public’ but rather as ‘outdoor.’

07-10-12  04:48pm

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Visit All Girl Massage

All Girl Massage

Some stats on the site

The site currently has 106 videos and adds one video per week.

A membership here gives you a membership to three other massage-themed sites with over 730 massage videos and regular updates. If you’re interested, what I wrote when reviewing Nuru Massage applies to this site too.

07-05-12  06:48pm

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Visit Soapy Massage

Soapy Massage

Some stats on the site

The site currently has 242 videos but updates infrequently and irregularly. One update a month is about the best they offer.

A membership here gives you a membership to three other massage-themed sites with over 730 massage videos and regular updates. If you’re interested, what I wrote when reviewing Nuru Massage applies to this site too.

07-05-12  06:48pm

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Visit Massage Parlor

Massage Parlor

Some stats on the site

The site currently has 220 videos and updates several times per week.

A membership here gives you a membership to three other massage-themed sites with over 730 massage videos and regular updates. If you’re interested, what I wrote when reviewing Nuru Massage applies to this site too.

07-05-12  06:47pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Membership Issue

I'm not really sure what happened, and I'm not blaming Bang Bros for this, I merely want to add this in case someone else has a similar issue or if someone might find this useful.

I joined the site a couple of weeks ago and within 20 minutes my credit card company called me. They were concerned that this was an unknown company charging my card. I told them everything was fine but they suggested putting a block on future charges. Two days later I go back to the site and my membership won't work. I check my credit card and see that I was only charged a small amount and assumed that I had somehow got a trial membership. No big deal.

But today I checked my credit card again and two weeks ago (a week or so after I initially joined) there was another Bang Bros charge. So I tried the membership again and it works.

I'm not concerned, yet, because this doesn't appear to be a billing problem.

Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more issues.

06-25-12  06:18pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Audio / video Sync Problems with WMV format

I had a membership here recently which turned out to be only a trial (which I didn't think existed) so I only downloaded 50 or so scenes so this is based on those scenes only, but in about 20% of those there are audio problems. The problem is that the audio and video aren't synchronized. The scenes start out fine but by the end it appears that they're off my as much as a minute. This is with the WMV files and I can't say if it exists for other formats too. I'll admit that I only have a small sample of scenes available on this site, but a 20% problem with the ones I have can't be a mere coincidence. I joined the site to get a rare Tanner Mayes anal scene and it's one of the worst for audio problems that I downloaded.

Unsynchronized audio is a personal pet peeve of mine and enough to ensure I never rejoin the site.

06-23-12  06:06am

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Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Is Wow related to Diesel somehow???

Does anyone know what the relationship is between Wow Technologies Ltd. and Diesel Media Online Inc.? TBP lists Wow Technologies Ltd. as being based in the U.S. and they only have the one site, Wow Girls. Diesel Media Online Inc. is in the Netherlands and has sites like 18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn, Skinny Super Girl, etc. I joined Wow Girls (review coming soon) and that site has the same look and layout, the same models (Gloria, Ivana, Mia, etc.) and in some cases the scenes on Wow Girls are also posted on the Diesel sites. Has Diesel spun off an American arm? Is Wow stealing Diesel’s content? Anyone have an idea? The Diesel webmaster pops in here occasionally so maybe he can shed some light on this.

05-13-12  09:49am

Replies (10)
Visit Penthouse


Site no longer terminates membership on cancellation

Previous reviewers and commenters have noted that the site used to terminate access as soon as you cancelled your monthly membership or cancelled rebilling. I cancelled a few days early to check this and can confirm that it is no longer their practice. Billing is done through the site itself and in the page for your account there is an option to turn off rebilling. I did that and it seemed to say that I had access to the end of my billing period. A day later I can still download.

03-23-12  05:07pm

Replies (3)
Visit Water Bondage

Water Bondage

Might be Updating Again

I was on the Kink website recently and was surprised to see that two new Water Bondage scenes had been posted in late January. The site has been dormant for close to two years. There is also a mention of the scenes on the Behind Kink page but the information is a bit vague as to whether they're just 'testing the waters,' as the article is titled or whether the site will now be updating regularly. Water Bondage has always been one of my favourite sites so I hope this means they're back in business. If they're only testing the waters, I doubt they'll get a lot of interest since you have to pay for a full membership to get two new scenes.

I'll be emailing Kink to see if this the site will be updating more and if anyone's interested I can post an update here.

02-12-12  06:15am

Replies (0)
Visit VideoBox


Here are some stats on the Kink channel on Videobox

I know a couple of PU members expressed some interest in the Kink channel at Videobox, but for some reason you can’t even tell it’s there unless you’re a VB member. So for those of you who may be considering a VB membership and wondering about the Kink channel, here are some stats and thoughts on it.

- 254 Kink scenes from various Kinks sites
- scenes regularly added (sometimes daily, sometimes every second day)
- streaming available
- multiple download options (HD, WMV DVD, WMV High and iPhone)
- good download speeds
- allows download managers with the same long (or non-existent timeouts that VB has)
- good cross-section of most of Kinks sites
- membership price is pro-rated in your first month of VB membership

- only accessible through VB3
- no meaningful cataloguing of scenes and no easy way to tell which site they’re from

I’m a big fan of Kink and I won’t bother discussing the material. If you don’t know Kink’s material you should read reviews of their sites on TBP and PU as the material isn’t for everyone. But for those who like BDSM stuff it doesn’t get any better.

The Kink channel offers a great selection of scenes from most of Kink’s sites. The technical pros are mostly the same as VB: good download speeds, no obvious timeouts for download managers, etc. The pricing is interesting too in that it is pro-rated for your first month of VB membership. That can make this an excellent deal if you only want a few scenes – wait until the last week of your membership and then join.

Kink is only available as part of VB3. The biggest drawback for me is that opening a link brings up the streaming video. SO MAKE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS ARE OFF! Worse, you can pause it but it restarts again, sucking some bandwidth.

There is no obvious ways to sort the scenes. If all you’re looking for are Hogtied scenes you’ll have to check every scene to find those. That’s a problem that could be easily fixed since VB2 has scenes better sorted.

These are approximate numbers (I obviously screwed up the counting somewhere as I opened every file on the channel…) but it’ll give you an idea of what’s there now:

Ultimate Surrender 20, Men in Pain 8, The Training of O 14, Transsexual Seduction 20, Sex and Submission 29, Hogtied 13, Device Bondage 20, Public Disgrace 20, Water Bondage 11, Fucking Machines 19, Wired Pussy 10, Kink Live14, Bound Gang Bangs 4,
Everything Butt 5, The Upper Floor 9

As I suspected, the only obvious female Kink site missing is Pissing. But I suspect that’s a bit edgy for VB which probably isn’t interested in pushing the limits that much. (Although they do have a couple of Kink’s fisting scenes, and calling almost anything by Kink “mainstream” would be like saying Kim Jong-il was a kind gent with a fashionable hairdo.)

12-20-11  04:55pm

Replies (9)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

The daily limit is alive and well

I can't claim I didn't know it wasn't there, but it is still frustrating to bump up against it. In under an hour of downloading I got a message that I had exceeded the daily limit. The odd thing about that is that they calculate that limit on what you're trying to download, not on what you have downloaded. My total downloads were 9.18GB which isn't in excess of the 10GB limit so they shut you down early.

They next test will be to see if they give me a full 10GB tomorrow at this time or if they unlock the limit over a period of time. I'll report that here.

I've also sent the site a message asking for clarification on several vague terms in the contract re daily limits. I'll let you know if I get answers to those questions.

Finally, I can also report that the daily limit blocks accessing any site on the network. I thought that it may have been possible that they blocked just a site where you came close to 10GB.

12-17-11  11:02am

Replies (14)
Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Thanks to My XXX Pass for the free day

I took advantage of their one-day free access offer and spent some time on this site. Two thumbs waaaay up for the site in making the generous offer and to Ken for getting the word out. It pays to visit PU often!

The site has 12 themed sub-sites, and as slate noted below many of those are oral-oriented. There is a MILF site and an anal site (yay!!!), a big breast site, an interracial site and a site featuring petite models (yay again!!!)

I found download speeds were as good as anywhere else. The site gets the technical bits right, has some great videos and offers a TBP/PU discount. There are a wide variety of models with many A-list stars making multiple appearances.

I'd definitely recommend it and will probably buy a membership there too.

I'd like to give more detail about the site (nothing really negative I should mention) but I don't want to cross the line into doing a review. I don't think that would be ethical since I had a free one-day pass. Accusations of shilling might be accurate.

11-28-11  02:47pm

Replies (2)

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