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Visit Lap Dance Gone Bad

Lap Dance Gone Bad
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Yeah like one of your cons states, i doubt this site ever updates again. When eight of the scenes they are touting has Hailey Paige (deceased for years) and Alyssa West, I know it's living in the past.

12-13-10  12:02pm

Visit Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane

No downloads? C'mon!

I wanted to give this site a shot given how difficult her contracts make it to find much Jesse Jane material out there "gratis". I've pulled up a few videos here and there and would like to see a bigger collection of her work, given how big a star she is, but thanks to TBP I won't be joining due to the no downloads. Seriously jesse? I know they're trying to make it as hard as possible for people to see her videos for free, but who sits around streaming videos anymore these days? When I'm a member, I download in the background for later viewing.

12-09-10  01:51pm

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N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

If the average penis was 12 inches, you would then have women that wished they had a man with a 16 inch penis. It's all about wanting something bigger than everyone else.

10-16-10  11:27am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Whatever she's interested in talking about ... that's the easiest way to getting with her

10-06-10  10:40am

Visit Desperate Amateurs

Desperate Amateurs
Reply of Yariana's Reply

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I watched a few of the previews just now and the site look really good. I will probably go ahead and try joining today or tomorrow to see what it's all about. It was either this or the Glass Mannequin sites, but I think I'll like this one better.

Another reason why previews help sites as opposed to the limited previews I see on some other sites. I probably wouldn't have joined before watching the previews.

09-09-10  12:28pm

Visit Desperate Amateurs

Desperate Amateurs
Reply of hodayathink's Comment

I don't know where TBP got their info, but the price I see for joining is $19.99

09-09-10  10:35am

Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear
Reply of John1's Reply

I see what you're talking about. I didn't mean to seem like I disputed that. I was just meaning for future ref, I always trust (over anything a website has) what I see on TBP. Takes the guesswork out. Good thing only trial

09-03-10  08:54pm

Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear
Reply of John1's Comment

When all else fails, believe whatever the site facts here at PU or TBP say. That's what we're all here for, to help sort through the ambiguous stuff. This site still says no downloads so it seems this site is still accurate. I'll use this an example why to always just stick with the facts the owners of this site state.

09-03-10  11:58am

Visit Japanese Flashers

Japanese Flashers
Reply of mbaya's Review

Hey. On JapaneseFlashers, is the mosiac only on the men? Just wondering because the preview photos on the main page didn't blur out the women (like the photo of the girl peeing) but it did blur out the penis in a blowjob photo.

Also, did you get a chance to check out all the sites on the network? I visited the preview page for JapaneseMatures and it looked good. Same thing there, no mosaic on the previews and it even showed uncensored hardcore (blowjob, penetration) photos on the preview page.

09-03-10  11:33am

Visit Bring Me Your Sister

Bring Me Your Sister

Guess This Site Is a No

Safe to say I won't be joining even though I've wanted to check this site out for over a year. I'm the one that actually contacted TBP about adding BMYS and Glass Mannequin to the database, but if their download speeds and customer service aren't up to par, looks like I'll have ot miss out.

Shame, I really liked Kiri.

08-15-10  08:48pm

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Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials

Complete Site Redesign

Well I guess they are still active. The site has undergone a completely new redesign. They now use a flowplayer for their streaming videos as well. The new design takes away the date of updates, so now you don't know when a scene was actually updated, but it does seem like the are back to updating regularly. A quick view of the "updates" page shows a count of 253 videos currently on this site alone, and you get four total sites on the network. Not sure how many videos are on the other network sites.

I may end up joining again. Only thing I don't really like with the new design is they changed the way they name their scenes. It used to be named by the girls name followed by a number, making it easy to just tack on the next number (emyly1, emyly2, etc) and find her next scene. Now the scenes are labeled by update number (240, 001, 180, etc), so it's harder to pull up additional scenes by a girl (they typically are able to get some girls to come back for 2 or 3 shoots ... they are obviously scenes shot with a wide range of time between them because most girls have completely different looks and/or bodies by the time they shoot another scene).

07-20-10  08:26am

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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

If it's stacked full of content that I don't have, sure.

07-20-10  08:18am

Visit Skin Video

Skin Video
Reply of graymane's Reply

Many thanks but my period would have ended yesterday so I don't think there's anything else that can happen. It was a shame because I actually liked the site, but what happened makes no sense and spoiled their site for me.

07-11-10  02:19pm

Visit Skin Video

Skin Video

No Rebill = No Access

So I join Skinvideo and the site is pretty good. However like always I go to my settings and set it up so it doesn't rebill me at the end of the period. Wrong move! As soon as I did it, my account was completely blocked of accessing any more material even though I still had three days remaining. Sent a message to customer service asking why I don't get the rest of the days I paid for, and no response.

07-08-10  12:07pm

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Visit Ghetto Confessions

Ghetto Confessions

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Literally over 100's of scenes, all with videos and caps
*Around 20 sites altogether in the network
*Rather small file sizes for full vids
*Website stays true to the theme with only 1 or 2 recognizable faces among the over 180 videos
*No problems with customer service
*All scenes come with a trailer and story
*Good for the price
*Each scene is different
Cons: *No search function
*All files are full scene - no split scenes
*True amateur drug addicts so a great majority are no good looking
*Newer scenes (last 10 maybe) have a new guy shooting and he's not as good
*Video quality is nowhere near HD and stuck back in the early decade, but that's probably due to this not being a big production
*All pics are screencaps
*Shot entirely in POV, the camera man is limited to pretty much 3 positions
*A lot of "confessions", meaning more than half the video could be without any actual sex
*Updates fairly well but not regularly enough
*No organization, just placed on one page in chronological order
Bottom Line: Ghetto (CrackWhore) Confessions is a site I've enjoyed for years. Now that the collection has grown to nearly 200 videos, there is a lot of time to be spent on this site alone, not counting the network sites which are also amateur style. First to talk about the talent, the man behind the camera for most of the videos is Dirty D, and the main premise is he gets these current/former drug addicts who currently are prostitutes to come to his hotel room (or sometimes it looks like the girls messed up house), tell him stories about how they started tricking and weird stories from the street, and eventually either gets a bj or has sex.

I will say, the site seems pretty real. You'll be hardpressed to find a looker and a lot of them have battle scars from the street (missing teeth, sores over their bodies or just plain not good looking). A few seem cracked out while he's shooting. I've only seen one girl somewhere else (Hailey) and even the other place I've seen her ("Whore At My Door" dvd) was an extremely amateur production. So realism is at 100%.

Each scene comes with a trailer and ability to download full video. No short clips, but the files aren't large at all. Quality isn't the best (from mirror reflections in some videos, he's just filming with a standard vid camera) but if it was a glossy movie it would take away from the site anyway. Photos are screencaps only. You never know what you get from a scene either, unless you can get a good idea from that trailer or the three screen caps. Some scenes he fucks them, some he uses a condom, some (maybe half) are just blowjob. He finishes the same way in every scene - jacking off while they lick his balls. In the scenes he has sex, it's limited to doggy or cowgirl.

The members page has no organization, it's just one page with every update listed chronologically with an accompanying photo. It would be nice if there was a way to search for girls by name AND throughout the network, but if you know who you're looking for just do a "Find" search.

Overall, I give an 85 because I love this site although it's not perfect. However the flaws aren't enough to make it a dealbreaker, they're just pet peeves from being a member of big-money networks. Although the girls aren't the best lookers overall, I found more than a few I'd like to personally bang, and others that are good at what they do. I also enjoy watching the whole video to hear their "confessions" -- some girls tell about crazy things guys do when paying them for sex or stories about how they didn't get paid. A few breakdown, a few are in denial. Good stuff.

My personal favorites? Chronologically: Bree, Jay (I think she's hot), Tania (def. hot), Mother & Daughter (just the idea), Holly (nice body), Toni (wish I could get it), Hailey (mentioned earlier), Tanya, Candy (great ass but huge bush), Nina (cracked out but cute), Lindsey (very cracked out but cute), Danielle, Dyke Linda and Linda.

07-01-10  12:41pm

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network
Reply of uscue's Comment

Nevermind found her

07-01-10  11:44am

Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Girl/Scene in ad?

If you go to xnxx.com, there is a Mofos ad on the right. The top part of the ad cycles through three clips. The first is a girl with black hair, reverse cowgirl in a circular motion. The third is the same girl (?) in cowgirl. Anyone know which scene on the network this is and/or who that girl is?

07-01-10  10:43am

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Visit Cream Pimps

Cream Pimps
Reply of MinNiche's Review

Good first review, I like creampie sites too. Keep them coming, I'd like to see your take on other sites in this niche. I would say next time to give another thought at the rating. Anything above 90 should be best of the class/flawless. The 80-89 range should be where this falls in your review. Difficulty cancelling a subscription is a major flaw in that customer service should be the most important thing with companies you trust with a lot of money. Having to do more than just click "unsubscribe" to a site is a major problem and not fitting of a 90-99 range site.

06-29-10  08:54am

Visit Love Your Tits

Love Your Tits
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Reply

Did the webmaster make it work?

06-22-10  06:38pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Type of site. Bang Bus or even Brazilian Facials when it was active (like just about every site) updates once a week on a set date. That's four updates a month. Now of course, when you combine it with its network you end up with daily updates. So it depends what you are talking about. Brandi Belle, Spring Thomas, Katie Thomas, etc had a new scene once a week but updated three times a week. Monday was the first part, Wednesday was the second part, Friday was the whole thing. That was a good frequent update then, but I guess times have changed as to what people expect.

06-16-10  11:56am

Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

DogFart Network

You now get access to all 18 sites in the DogFart network, and the new network page (DogFartMegaPass) finally makes everything into a usable and searchable format like the other major networks. Browse by site, browse by model, etc. Might have to join up again. Lost alot of my Spring Thomas and Katie Thomas files, and they've added maybe 10 sites since I last joined one of these.

05-31-10  07:24am

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job
Reply of nostromo's Comment

I'm just disappointed in manojob altogether because it's not as good as Tug Jobs. Or at least it wasn't when I was a member well over a year ago. Maybe they've gotten better. Wish it was packaged with SpunkMouth and CumOnMyGlasses as well since they're shot by the same people.

05-31-10  07:16am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Kayla Marie, who I'm guessing is retired now.

04-27-10  09:09am

Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle
Reply of GCode's Comment

Now if they would only get back to regular updating.

04-20-10  11:39am

Visit Celebrity-Worship

Reply of Capn's Reply

That's why I'm so surprised people don't think about the options when they make sites. Simple marketing -- a 1 day, limited trial will give you less return on investment than a 1 day, full trial which gives you less ROI than a three day trial (standard length). Three days is long enough to determine if you like a site -- and if you make a site I would hope you think people would like it enough to become full members.

If you don't think people will like your site too much, I'd go the route of the one week trial, for the reason you stated. After a week, many people would probably forget to cancel. Sneaky? Yes. But there's nothing unethical about giving someone a cheap, one week access. It's the consumer's fault if they forget to cancel a trial.

In essence, all you websites out there just go ahead and give us one week trials!

04-19-10  12:01pm

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