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If the avg male had a 12 in penis, and nothing else changed, penis enlargement products ... ?

Type: General

Submitted by Drooler (220)
would still be advertised 85% 29 Votes
would not be advertised 6% 2 Votes
other 9% 3 Votes

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34 Votes Total

Oct 16, 2010

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

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lk2fireone (196) Of course they would still be advertised. I thought there was supposed to be some kind of truth in advertising law, but if there is such a law, it doesn't seem to be enforced widely or strictly. Or maybe the Internet is a different area or field, where U.S. law doesn't always strictly apply.
10-16-10  12:37am

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lk2fireone (196) What about vagina reduction products? Everyone knows that men want a tight fit, no matter what the size of their penis might be. I bet that we could make a ton of money with the right product in that area. And if we could get the PU/TBP seal of approval on our "secrets of vaginal reduction for the one size fits all clitomizer", we could probably make 2 tons of money.
10-16-10  12:46am

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RustyJ (145) They cater to suckers, not to people actually needing them. I guess in most cases the problem is mental and the rest those spammers cannot help anyway.
10-16-10  01:17am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #1 - lk2fireone :

Yes, there's the Federal Trade Commission Act, which is supposed to protect us from false and deceptive advertising. Advertisers must be able to substantiate the claims that they make with evidence. And ...

The FTC seems have as much in the "balls" department as does the FDA.

10-16-10  02:12am

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Denner (235) Get those ads about enlargement as pop-ups now and then...but generally - does anybody believe in that hoax? .....those ads are just in the same league as 'the loose weight' ads........just bull...and the FTC will probably never get to the bottom of this...

I'll NOT quote JFK......but some folks are too naive...

10-16-10  07:44am

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Jay G (67) A friend of mine who works in marketing once said, "What people buy is not logical, it's psychological."

The unwritten message to enhancement products is that male anatomy is the most important element for sex, something that is only true in a very small way (no pun intended). Any man who seems strong and powerful (in all ways) to women will be very successful. Needy and stumbling males will always have problems, even with 15 inch poles. I found the great aphrodisiac that works best is self-confidence based on real psychological strength.

I never thought that they would take free water out of a tap, put it in a plastic bottle, and sell it for more than dollar. The power of marketing proves itself in the advertising industry every day.

10-16-10  08:53am

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pat362 (373) If the averge penis was 12" long then we would see advertising for penis reduction pills. If the avergare penis is 12" then that means that a pretty large portion of the population have much larger penises. I don't think there are tons of women lining up to hav sex with a guy carrying 14 or more inches of equipement. Just look at many of John Holmes movie and you'll see that many of the women he had sex with didn't appear to enjoy it too much.
10-16-10  09:18am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #6 - Jay G :

I think there's a huge amount of truth in your statement that psychology can be as important or more important in sales than logic. And the water example proves it.

But there is also a small minority of people who resist advertising, the value buyers, who focus on price and value. They spend far less than what other people in their salary brackets do.

You certainly express the idea more elegantly/compactly than I am doing. Lol.

10-16-10  10:08am

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uscue (39) If the average penis was 12 inches, you would then have women that wished they had a man with a 16 inch penis. It's all about wanting something bigger than everyone else.
10-16-10  11:27am

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SteveO (6) I feel guys are interested in penis emlargement more for thier own ego than for the women they sleep with. Guys always want to be bigger and better than other guys. If the average size was 12 inches there would be plenty of guys out there with 8 inches that would buy penis enlargement.
10-16-10  12:40pm

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pinkerton (39) It's human nature to keep wanting more than they've got
10-16-10  01:34pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #8 - lk2fireone :

I agree with you completely. When it comes to marketing and, there will always be a small minority of people who are perfectly logical and make well-planned purchases.

I'm neither, though. As I get older I make fewer impulse buys, but I admit I have bought the more expensive brands simply because of a good "feeling" about them (probably from subliminal advertising).

Anyhow, I love the subject and just thought I'd add my two cents again. And, no, I won't be buying a penus-pump anytime soon. :)

10-16-10  01:52pm

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Drooler (220) I've never bought anything that would make my penis swell -- except for a good-sized hammer, and I won't be using it for that purpose.

Never thought that I had a super tool, but never thought it was particularly lacking, either. Sometimes it's just OK to be average. Never had any size complaints. (Not too many compliments, either. Ho-ho.)

But I do think that feelings of insecurity can get out of hand, leading the owner of the drive shaft to "accessorize," even if it's longer than a piece of letter-sized paper.

10-16-10  02:12pm

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PinkPanther (46) I can just picture the ad now - the guy walks downstairs, starts to walk into the kitchen, where his girlfriend is chatting with her bff's, stops short and listens from outside the door as his gf's friend commiserates - "Only 12 inches? I don't understand how you stay with him! You must be some kind of saint!" Her other friends laugh, one of them says, "Exactly! We're going to put you up for beatification right now!"

Shot of the guy looking all hang-dog and embarrassed.

The sexy 38-dd spokeswoman says, "Tired of being embarrassed with your mini-12-incher? Well, we've got the solution for you! Get-a-yard! With Get-a-Yard, you'll be able to grow your tool so big you can satisfy even the most demanding woman - maybe a woman like me!"

The male announcer in a staccato voice - Get-a-Yard - available now for only $99.95 for one month's dosage - not-recommended-for-males-between-the-ages-of-12-200-may-cause-heart-attacks-impotence-loss-of-digestive-functions-loss-of-eyesight-schizophrenia-in-most-individuals.

Sexy female 38-dd swinginging her tits into the camera says "Get-a-yard! Why wait?"

10-16-10  04:32pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

I am assuming that the average woman would have a larger vagina as well. Wouldn't make sense for guys to have relatively large penises (compared to body size) but for women not to have evolved too.

If you want to make your penis look bigger than lose some weight--preferably around your mid section--and it will appear larger even though it's still the same size. Shaving might help as well but that makes it obvious that you really care about its looks.

But if we're simply talking about size then a large bank account gets more women fired up than any pill or any genetic luck of the draw. Look at all the bullshit men spend way too much money on that isn't lurking in their shorts: cars, cologne, clothes, gym memberships, the list is endless. All of it designed to impress the opposite sex or at least impress upon them that we have money.

10-16-10  04:39pm

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Lionheart (47) Of course it would still be sold, it's all about the ego for us. And of course one unit of measurement us guys use is of course who's wang is better.
10-16-10  10:53pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #1 - lk2fireone :

There is no real truth in advertising law that is enforced.

Just think about the obvious lies in political ads. You can sue for fraud if an ad misrepresents a product and you buy it, and sometimes an attorney general in a state will sue fraudulent advertising claims to get publicity for a political run, but generally don't count on the government to force advertisers to tell the truth.

(An exception would be products that fall under the Food and Drug Administration's authority, especially prescription drugs).

10-17-10  07:49am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #14 - PinkPanther :

I love Pink Panther's ad. He has a gift and should by writing advertising copy!
10-17-10  07:51am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #17 - Jay G :

The idea behind the founding of the FDA was great, and I'm sure that over time they have done a lot of good work and helped to increase the safety of products sold. But just as with almost any government authority, there is a lot of criticism of the way they operate, and how it can take years before a product of questionable safety is recalled or stopped from sales. But even the idea of questionable safety, in practice, becomes a legal quagmire. You stop the sale of a drug from a major pharmaceutical company, and you are going to have billion-dollar lawsuits because of that.

But that's the American way, where lawyers can make a fortune suing everyone in sight. The way I understand it, the only person a lawyer won't sue is himself, and they will probably come up with ways to do that and make still more money.

10-17-10  08:42am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #15 - turboshaft :

Women don't need to get bigger vaginas because Mother Nature took care of that. If not, then they could never give birth the normal way. That said most women prefer a smaller penis than 12" eventhoug they can handle it. Case in point are all the porn movies with guys that are hung like horses.

Very good suggestion about loosing weight and even if it doesn't make your equipment look larger. It's still a very good idea to stay healthy.

A large bank account will get you plenty of women and that`s a fact but I think kind and generous ersonality will get you just as many women and you won`t have to worry about them dating or marying you for your money.

10-17-10  10:42am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #18 - Jay G :

Actually, I'm a big fan of really crappy infomercials - like the ones for Extenze. If I won the lottery and had lots of money to play with, I'd make fake infomercials. They're freaking hilarious.
10-17-10  03:08pm

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