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N/A Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

What he said -----^

08-25-09  02:05pm

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

Would not date/marry one. Nuff said.

08-20-09  09:56am

N/A Reply of dracken's Poll

Slow download rates for me, if you can't even get the content then I think all the other technical aspects become borderline moot or just add to the site being even more garbage. I almost put 'other' and added the fact when filenames are oddly named such as "ASJ-4003-500.avi", so you have to rename every damn file so you know what you downloaded. However, to even get to this point, you have to be able to download the file first so that's why I put slow download speeds.

08-17-09  10:48am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

This was a poll to go hand in hand with the messmer post that went to 100+ replies a few months ago. Guess it finally made it's way here after awhile. One of the main arguments in that discussion was that maybe younger folk would be more in to the big tittied fake breast look than older folk. I made this to see if maybe that would be true. So far, it appears most are loving all natural and maybe that argument could be wrong, at least so far.

Me, I am younger and am not turned off by fake tits. However, I am strange when it comes to fake breasts. On porn stars, I really don't care. However, I only know a few women personally who have gotten fake breasts (and out of the few, most was due to the fact that they just wanted huge fake tits to impress) and I found them revolting. I suppose this was basically to flaunt their bodies as the sole purpose and it pissed me off. But, I do understand that some and most women do it for esteem issues and themselves etc etc. So, maybe in my little fantasy world of porn, I like them but in real life I believe I am not in to them as much. All-in-all though, I think I like just about everything porn can offer so I'm not surprised big tittied porn stars do not turn me off, but neither do small tittied natural stars as well.

As far as surgeries are going, from what I can see on models is that they get to the breasts from the arm pit so that's where the scar is now and you don't get any scars in the breasts area visually. However, I still see women getting tit jobs with scars there, so I'm guessing the procedure to go through the arm pits must be far more expensive or maybe carry more health risks? I don't see why any women would not go through the arm pits these days....

08-14-09  10:17am

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

As pointed out above, POV can display great HJ, BJ, and Cowgirl scenes. However, the static camera pisses me off when compared to a revolving (not too much though) camera that a scene without POV provides. I believe the POV scene was actually enthralling to me at first because it did provide that fantasy like atmosphere that it's happening to myself. However, too many POV scenes nowadays has the male model grunt, even talk, move his hands in to the scenes, and so on which kills this fantasy. Plus, after seeing so many of these POV scenes, I feel it is more of a gimmick than actually a well shot scene. Yes, seeing a model's ass bounce up in down is great in POV but once the position switches it stinks IMHO.

08-12-09  11:34am

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

Totally agree with the acting at all quote. That's why I put acting ruins a scene solely based on the fact that usually when I tell a model is totally faking an orgasm or just downright bad at acting, the scene is ruined. I'm actually surprised so far that it appears that I'm the only one who put this. However, jd makes a great point as well that porn is kind of like a cartoon, therefore fantasy. So, if a model is acting well or 'the part' as you put it, then the scene will be better.

But, I think this comes down to what people want as 'acting' in their porn. I suppose it can be defined as just the downright demeanor of a model because the scene is fantasy to begin with, so therefore everything captured within the scene is acting to begin with. Or, it could even just be the part that the model is playing, such as innocence or aggressiveness. But, I suppose it could even be how sexually real the scene is compared to acting in terms of the model actually enjoying the actual sexual act within the scene. There probably are more definitions or examples, but I'd say all the above are valid.

However, in terms of this poll and how I personally potray 'acting' (probably mainly because I watch mostly solo scenes) is how sexually turned on the model is within the video in terms of realness. So, fake orgasms and so on, really ruin a scene for me.

08-10-09  04:33pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I put 'Other' solely based on the fact that my favorite genre is mostly films that are foreign. So, I'll just assume that maybe 'Foreign' could be placed as other. Oh and by the way, foreign as in meaning not from the USA. I am extremely in to Asian films, mostly being from Japan and Korea but I also like some Hong Kong stuff. The genre within from these countries varies, but my favs are horror, sci fi, and action.

08-06-09  04:47pm

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

I suppose I had no put 'Other' because I can admit that I just don't care about what thumbs look like. I just download zips anyways and I try to download everything. However, in the model index, I'd like the thumb pic of the model to be large enough to see if I may like them or not. I don't really care how it's cropped, just big enough to be seen clearly.

08-04-09  10:00am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Depends, if I'm looking at photos I can stare at them for maybe 45 mins to an hour max but videos have always been my real passion. So, with that, depends on the situation and content I'm viewing. I tend to 'gawk' more at photos while get wilded up with videos, so I think when I watch videos I watch for less time.

08-02-09  06:37pm

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

I'm in the getting there stage. While I enjoy photography from sites, I'm already to the point that the artsy stuff like MetArt does not get me aroused at all. While I can appreciate the vision and what they are, as far as getting me aroused I can fully say that I need harder stuff for that. Clearly, I'm sure this is from just seeing harder content (either softcore or hardcore) in general so much. However, even the harder softcore stuff (I.E. ALS Scan) are getting a bit on the boring side for me as well. But, not fully, somedays I can look at some of my favorite models in photography and really get excited (for a lack of a better term). Although, during these times, I usually will start with the pictures but I always end up watching videos of the model or sets eventually.

07-29-09  10:00am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Just clothed pretty women. Guess they are all Japanese now that I think of it.. :)

07-27-09  01:36pm

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

Honestly, when I made this I really thought that it would be a land slide in the 18-35 range being in the 1 or 2 or the more, the better niche but am a bit suprised that the majority are saying no tattoos is better. However, the fact that the 36+ range have none so far in the more, the better niche was what I thought was going to happen. It's always fun to see in polls what people really think. This is why I love doing research when I was in college and can hopefully do more if I ever go on for my masters.

I am in the 18-35 range I put 1 or 2. I am so used to seeing tattoos in not only porn but real life that a casual tattoo here and there is so normal to me, I don't even notice really. Of course, the bigger the more anyone would notice, so yeah if it's considered one 'sleeve' (whole arm tattoo) that's a little different. But one or two on anywhere is quite normal to me so I don't mind. It's not that I prefer none to a lot, I just don't mind 1 or 2. If they have none, that's cool, if they have a lot, I can like that too. But, if I had to choose I'd honestly say I prefer none to a little than a lot.

07-25-09  09:02pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

I used these age ranges because there was a huge forum post (I think it was about fake boobs) and the tattoos thing got brought up with a few arguments that maybe younger people would be more tolerant of tattoos than older folk, just do do the normalcy of tattoos these days. So, I was interested in what the difference in opinions would be in the different age ranges. You only get 6 options in these polls to write in responses so it was limited, if I had a choice and with more options I would probably do an 18 - 25 range, 26-35 range, 36-50 range, then 50+ but obviously that would be redundant and it's not like were doing scientific research here :) I just thought maybe 18-35 would be more of the 'younger generation' and maybe over 36 would be a bit in the 'older generation'. I know you were probably just being sarcastic but I thought this did owe a bit of an explanation.

07-25-09  08:56pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I'll want both, even with todays animation I am intrested in both. With it getting better, hey why not check it out. I don't think it would be anything to rub one out to but that's what the real stuff is for right?

07-23-09  12:05pm

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I tend to check out the users that I trust the most and find sites that they enjoyed, then use TBP for any hardline facts they may have not mentioned. If it is a site not reviewed by PU's, I always check TBP to see what they say. However, I can get sucked in to sites with no TBP or no PU reviews and comments, hence, taking a stab at it with the preview and tour alone. However, I found myself more disapointed than happy when I do this. So, I'm attempting to stay with sites with info from TBP and PU these days. I tend to find outside reviews to be overally high scored. When joining sites based on these reviews, the sources tend to overscore or be outdated and usually are pretty far off in the review than I thought. So, I stick with TBP and PU always and ignore the rest.

07-21-09  07:39pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

While I can admit I do like videos a bit more, I do have love for photography as well. As far as this poll is concerned, I find myself being indifferent so I put can go either way. I'm more concerned with what the model is actually wearing. I've seen some extremely horrible fashion in some photography. So I suppose if what the model is wearing is cute, then either taking it off or putting it on can be equally as good. But, it's all about the beginning or end result being nudity :)

07-19-09  04:07pm

N/A Reply of monty2222's Reply

I believe everyone took it as bookmarks/favorites in their browser and not as the favorites option on the PU page. At least, from the responses I read, that's how everyone appears to be taking it.

07-16-09  01:28pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Just curious but does anyone else besides me use the favorites option on PU to store their sites and potential sites to join?

07-15-09  06:43pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I don't have many, just the ones I suscribe to. I use the PU 'favorites' feature to save the sites that I am interested in visiting eventually.

07-15-09  08:32am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I have to believe that this is true in terms of sexuality and comfortableness. I believe that most women come in to their own with their sexuality as they get older, thus making them much better. Of course, exceptions occur with everything and everyone when it comes to mostly anything. But, I believe that women who are younger are more in to a discovery stage that includes lots of sexual activeness, just like everyone. But, I think as women get older they come to terms with their sexuality and become much more in to new things and pleasuring themselves more when it comes to sex. What I mean is, younger women tend to have sex and may do lots experimenting, but these are experiments. Therefore, as they get older they know what gets them off and so on, which brings out much better sexuality as a whole.

In terms of aging, I do find older women to be a lot more attractive than what I used to think a few years ago. Being only 26 now, when I was 15-roughly 23 I would never really think most of my friends moms or older women in general were truly attractive. But, now I can sincerly appreciate an older woman for her looks as opposed to before when I just thought, "meh, she's ok but old, no way would I think of ever hooking up".

I suppose I have to say that yes they do get better with age. I think most women get more comfortable with themselves as a whole which brings out extremely attractive qualities in both sexuality and physical traits.

07-13-09  07:22pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

Well you hit a good site as your first site because I just joined yesterday and I am liking what I see so far. I do have a few quirks but they are mostly navigational so far, the models are quite cute and I love the content so far.

07-10-09  01:01pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Wow, after reading this I feel like such a newbie to porn in general. I basically joined my first pay site around 2004, never joined again until about 2007. Before that, yeah I glanced at playboys, penthouse, hustler, etc. in magazines. But, in reality, I've only been surfing and gathering content for a little over 2 years. I'm just a big newbie here! :)

07-09-09  07:53pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

Great response. By any chance to you remember the site that was your first? Would just be interesting to see what it was with all that info you provided for sites in general.

07-09-09  07:49pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

First site was Naughty America and well, they have not changed much. Which means, that's the exact problem with the content of this site. Everything is so damn repetitive that the scenes get old after a months stay in my opinion. Therefore, I put pretty much the same.

07-09-09  07:46pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I have never passed up content to where a model looks too young but I have passed up content where the concept attempts to depict the model as being too young. Meaning, when I see content with the girl being dressed in knee high colorful socks, pig tails, stuffed animals, an obvious childs room, and so on; it gets skipped over. Good thing though, I have not been to sites that have content like this often due to personal preferences to begin with but of the content I have seen with this, no thanks. So, basically, what Drooler said.

07-05-09  04:57pm

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