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Should PU get rid of 100% ratings?

Type: Our Site

Submitted by Colm4 (10)
Yes, cause no site is perfect 19% 8 Votes
No for some, a site is perfect 48% 20 Votes
No, I don't mind 100% ratings 33% 14 Votes

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42 Votes Total

Oct 30, 2010

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

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slutty (111) If someone thinks a site is excellent they should have the ability to rate is as such, I'm probably a bit too nitpicky to score a site 100, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to.
10-30-10  12:43am

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nadiencendia (83) I think it's up to the reviewers to set the score they consider more accurate. I also think that I would never rate a site with a 100% (well, never say never) because even my favorite porn sites have things to improve...
10-30-10  01:55am

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Drooler (220) The 100 rating possibility actually provides "room for improvement." Take it away and you'll have less.

Besides, to use (appropriately I believe) the words of the late George Carlin, "It's a psychologically satisfying number."

Or: What? A 99 is tops? "Get the fuck outta here!" ;)

Besides, if anyone does rate a site at 100, they've just said, in only 3 character spaces, "Be skeptical about this review." And that's a real time saver.

10-30-10  03:15am

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RustyJ (145) It's all subjective. However I would use 100 with care since I'd never be able to rate something even better.
10-30-10  03:33am

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lk2fireone (196) I personally think a 100% is easily doable. In all modesty, if I were rating myself, I know that I deserve at least a GB%. And with the way I'm improving day by day, I will soon reach the next step of greatness, with the TB% rating.

For porn sites, the more modest 100% is a goal to be aimed for, rather than achieved, because 100% in theory would be a perfect porn site.

But I personally have gone beyond perfection.

10-30-10  04:01am

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Denner (235) Keep it - what should the alternative be?
10-30-10  05:35am

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rearadmiral (388) I'm fine with someone giving a 100% score. For me, the details in the review are what count. If a reviewer feels that a site deserves a 100% score, then they have to back that up with some good reasons why that is the case. I recall once giving a 99% to one of the sites at Kink.com (Public Disgrace, I think) because it is so well done and so innovative i really think they deserved a high score. But obviously if you aren't into what the site offers, then you wouldn't share that opinion. I like to think I gave enough detail to justify that score so that someone not into public BDSM wouldn't join the site based on the score alone.
10-30-10  07:10am

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DpornGuy (36) Perhaps a reason for giving 100 would be good. For example it could be a personal model site, which i wouldn't regard highly, but the person would give it 100 because the model interacts with him, takes requests, has chats, etc. To me that isn't all that, but for some porn users, in that catagory, that is a big deal.
10-30-10  07:11am

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Jay G (67) I really like the answer for "some" the site is perfect. Will it be prefect for me? Unlikely, but I wouldn't discourage the excitement of my fellow porn user over some site that's "perfect" for him or her.

Grading of anything is useful, but no one grade is "perfect" as a measure of anything either. Even science recognizes that at a certain level there is no perfect measurement.

10-30-10  10:08am

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monty2222 (19) I would never give a site a 100 or equivalent perfect grade, because I don't think a site can ever reach the point where it can't improve anything, if nothing else a site can always use a couple of dozen more videos of one of my favourite models. ;-)
That being said, I don't see the point of removing the 100 rating that just makes 99 or whatever the perfect rating.

10-30-10  10:57am

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pat362 (375) I don't mind the 100% rating because it's possible for a site to reach it. Granted if someone gives a 100% and the pro is that the site is great then
it's not really a 100% rating anyway.

10-30-10  12:05pm

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Capn (28) Personally, I think it is more of an issue that you cannot score poor sites below 50.

Cap'n. :0/

10-30-10  12:24pm

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Drooler (220) I agree with Monty2222. There is no site that is absolutely perfect in every way. I've never seen one. There's usually something that could truly be improved: video quality, video editing, lightning, camera focus, sound quality, navigation ...

And even though we can't completely avoid the influences of our own tastes, let's not forget to aim for objectivity, OK? Giving a site a 100 is a cop out; it's like saying, "I'm too dazzled at the moment to write an objective review." Come down off your cloud when you're ready, and THEN write your review.

This "it's perfect for some people" business allows the subjectivity of site reviewing to go too far.

10-30-10  01:04pm

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Lionheart (47) There can never be a perfect site because off the review are all objective, all of us as users are given the freedom to write reviews about any site a give them as a score as we see fit. Why get rid off the 100% option?
10-30-10  10:04pm

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PinkPanther (46) As with many responding here, I would never give a site a score of 100, because there's always something to point out about a site, which doesn't make it a bad site or one not worth joining.

But this is a Porn Users review site and how many restrictions do we really want to put on other reviewers?

"No, you can't score your favorite site 100 because the PU veterans say 'no site is perfect'"

That wouldn't be the way to encourage the largest number of participating reviewers - and I believe that we all win when there are a large number of participating reviewers on this site.

10-31-10  07:55am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #12 - Capn :

I agree with you Capn, but then in my case I might be tempted to give a site a forty out of pure spite because they didn't give me what I craved even though they looked promising on sign-up. I think a hundred as well as a forty-nine would always be too subjective because they either express blind adoration or the anger of bitter disappointment .. both should not be part of a good review where one should try to be as objective as possible. However, the choice should be there nevertheless.
10-31-10  02:11pm

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dracken (246) Perfectly agree with Messmer. I never give a site 100 and try to never give a site the lowest score either, I also try to wait a week or two before rating a site so my opinion is a bit more objective and not influenced by how excited I was to enter a new network. I think snap decisions (positive or not) motivate a ton of reviews and you end up with skewed opinions (not only on PU but on other sites that allow reviews as well)
11-01-10  09:00pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) Agree again with most of you, no matter how good a site is I would never give a perfect score as there will always be something that can be improved on.

But if a review is written well enough, the score is irrelevant anyway. I generally dont give much thought to the final score, more the actually content of the review, when I decide if a review is usefull.

11-02-10  06:40am

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Wittyguy (105) All that happens by eliminating the "100" score is to make "99" the new "100". Not much achieved by doing this.
11-08-10  12:12pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) wow - this is hard because ratings are so subjective and by that token people could like a site 100% though I find I wonder how much thought went into it.

If you look at the highest ratings for the sites they are not that high. So when I rated Throated 90%, because there is only about 10% of the stuff I don't like. I realize this is pretty high and perhaps when people start reviewing it their scale will be lower. Not how they feel about it, but how they see their scale.

11-30-10  06:59pm

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