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Visit Overdeveloped Amateurs

Overdeveloped Amateurs

Even worse...

Amazingly, it now seems that you can access archive content from 2001-2003 for this site...if you PAY FOR EACH MONTH individually!! Good grief. Looks like some good content but no way am I joining.

09-22-09  11:09am

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Visit Mastasia


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - enormous, unreal, comic-book boobs!
- enormous, unreal, comic-book nipples!
- the "added-on" boobs are pretty darn impressive. I can't even tell if it's plastic, CGI, or both
- lots of lactation (albeit fake)
- models are on the whole slender and attractive
- some girl-girl action too (softcore)
- kinky costumes
- clean, well-designed, easy-to-navigate site
- billing using CCBill so easy cancellation etc
- you get what you expect from the preview page, no bait and switch tactics here
Cons: - no full nudity or hardcore, as far as I could tell
- arguably, not even any topless models! since the boobs are all faked...
- lack of real eroticism. Even the lesbian scenes are pretty tame
- not a huge amount of content
- gets a bit repetitive after a while
- the videos get "rotated" off the site. To get ones not currently listed, you have to buy them individually from a different site
Bottom Line: Okay, this is one of those sites where you get pretty much what you expect from the free tour. It has a very simple premise: pretty girls in bright, colourful sets, with bright, colourful clothes, with enormous, added-on boobies.

The content consists mainly of pictures and videos of the girls strutting their enormous udders both solo and with each other, with a healthy dose of lactation and liquids thrown in. There's a small additional area on the site with some token boob-related cartoons and animations too.

The "extra boobage" on the models is very well done and surprisingly realistic, and if you're a bit of a breast fanatic (and let's face it, if you're not, why on earth have you signed up to this site?!?) it is a genuine turn-on.

The problem is, there just isn't enough variety to really keep your interest. Download a few picture sets and videos and you'll realise they're all pretty much the same - same studio setup, same poses, etc. The lack of harder content doesn't help, and also the fact that the models always just look like they're models playing a silly game. If the site had some harder content with a little bit more "mood" I think it would be a lot better.

So, if you're a big boob fanatic, it's definitely worth signing on for a month to see slender young women with the proportions we can only dream of - but I don't think it's worth staying longer. They just need more variety, pure and simple.

03-02-09  09:43am

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Visit Danni.com


Don't lose your password....

There are some great reviews of this site already so not gonna add one, but just one thing to watch out for:

I forgot my password at one point, and man, trying to work out how to get it back again was impossible. There's no obvious "forgot password?" link and the non-members page has no customer support section. After lots of hunting on the net I found an email address - but it didn't work. I was about to give up and just try to cancel my membership when I suddenly remembered the password.

Maybe it's really obvious and I was just being stupid, but it's worth bearing in mind. Otherwise, great site.

02-05-09  11:34am

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Visit Nadine Jansen

Nadine Jansen
Reply of TheRizzo's Reply

Hiya Rizzo,

Well, they're crisp and well-recorded, but according to the site they are 848 x 480 pixels, so I doubt that's true HDV. The recent ones are in DivX format and range up to a couple hundred MB in size.

Hope that helps

01-20-09  10:37am

Visit Nadine Jansen

Nadine Jansen

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - easy-to-understand layout, clear professional site
- feels very personal - as if Nadine's touch is everywhere
- big boobs! Lots of them! Nadine is slightly chubby girl with enormous breasts. The guestmodels are of varying body shapes but all busty
- large archive of pictures and videos, both of Nadine and of her guestmodels
- guestmodels are a good mix of well-known european big-boob stars, and unknowns
- some pregnant and lactating shoots
- models always seem happy. It looks a fun place to work
- variety of themes and poses in the videos and picture sets
- Uses CCBill
- Good download speeds; HD vids and zip files available
Cons: - the occasional strange website anomaly, eg. you'll come across a page in German
- No hardcore (not that it's expected) and not a huge amount of pussy either; mostly a topless site
- priced in Euros, making it a bit expensive at the moment
- very rarely feels "dirty" or deliberately erotic; even girl-girl videos are slightly tame
Bottom Line: Nadine has a great site, which delivers exactly what it promises. She's an attractive woman with famously enormous breasts and her guestmodels are nearly all similarly beautiful and busty.

The site is easy to understand, with a simple layout of a "pics" section, and a "videos" section, with the pics section being broken down into sets of Nadine, and those of her Guestmodels. You also have access to content from the old BettieB site.

With all these beautiful busty girls on show, and the occasional bit of lactating lesbianism in a couple of the videos, I'm very happy with it. The whole site just says "quality" and "dedication".

My only minor gripe - and the thing that makes me tend to leave the site for a while - is that, well, it somehow seems slightly too wholesome! Like a bunch of friends getting together who decide to make a photoshoot, and who all laugh and joke with each other between outtakes. Now that's great, but it tends to interfere with the fantasy. Some of the more recent videos are more erotic, but I find the site lacks variety in that way.

But anyway, if you're a big breast lover, you should not miss this site. The quality of the models alone sells it. Enjoy.

01-15-09  10:58am

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Visit Candid Street

Candid Street
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Hi Mbaya,

Hmm, good question. I'd say for 80% of the site content, it's pretty soft, and just depends on whether you happen to find a particular girl attractive. Some of the videos are good though - of course they're all still extremely "softcore", but the voyeuristic element is great. For example, the sample video on the welcome page which has the busty girl in the purple top walking down the street..that kind of stuff. Hope that helps.


12-20-08  04:43am

Visit Candid Street

Candid Street

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gives you exactly what it promises
- Many, many galleries, split into themes like tits, asses, legs, and beach shots
- small selection of videos
- very frequent updates, about once a week I think
- site is easy to navigate and has a simple layout
- uses CCBill for easy billing
Cons: - no zip files at all. This site is crying out for them
- many photos are a hit/miss thing; you either like them or you don't. Low signal-to-noise ratio
- no real nudity, but that's to be expected
- if you're a tit man, the ass galleries may not appeal
- needs more vidoes
- it's pretty expensive for what it gives you
Bottom Line: My overall score is good because this site gives you exactly what it promises - it's for those of us who like to stare at pretty girls as they go past in the street, especially if they're not wearing much. It sticks to its niche and does it well - just lots of pages of photos (and some videos) of women in the street, mostly from eastern Europe by my guess. Obviously there is minimal nudity here (only on some of the beach shots) so you might find this dull compared to "real porn". The other problem is that you may only find 1-2 photos on a page that you like, and have to cycle through lots of them, but this is in the nature of the site. In other words, some really outstanding shots/videos, but most are mediocre.

So, I think this site does its job well, but at the current price, I couldn't justify signing up for more than a few months. If you love gazing at the girls you pass every day, then give it a try.

12-13-08  06:57am

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Visit Adele Stevens

Adele Stevens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - the website gives what it promises you, lots of photosets (over 50) of Adele Stevens

- layout is simple and easy to navigate, with no blind links

- offers billing via CCBill, so trustworthy
Cons: - the site style and coding is very dated - like something that was hand-coded in HTML in the '90s. It's functional, but not much else

- quality of photosets is low; images are all the small side. To be fair, most of them are quite old when such resolutions were all that was possible.

- very few videos - only one small, low-quality set of Adele stripping

- price is a bit high considering what the site offers

- uncertain update schedule. Photosets don't seem to be dated.

- the biggest killer: very few photosets are exclusive. Most of these pictures are freely available on the 'net if you search hard enough. You're paying for the very few exclusive sets, and it's not good value for money.
Bottom Line: I've been a fan of Adele since her very earliest shoots in UK glamour magazines in the '90s, and have been meaning to check out this site for ages. Unfortunately, it just doesn't live up to expectations.

Having mostly non-exclusive, freely-available photosets wouldn't be so bad if they had larger resolutions or zipped sets available, but...they don't. It's just like someone's old porn collection uploaded onto a basic HTML site setup.

In short, I'm sure the site's owners are proud of their work, but it's just not up to the quality that you expect from a major model's website in 2008, and I can't recommend it to anyone.

10-21-08  11:35am

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Visit Movie Monster

Movie Monster

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - vast selection of movies. The sheer diversity will keep you coming back; there's just about every niche and genre here, from big-budget porn to obscure amateur stuff, and from all over the world

- VOD structure means you pay only for what you watch; there are no recurring fees and you're never "wasting" your membership when you're not online

- lots of different payment methods

- you can stream by individual scene, which is great. Means you don't waste your VOD minutes plowing through the dull bits

- a good favourites system means you can save your favourite scenes, stars, movies, and more

- different qualities of stream are offered, to suit your bandwidth, and you can choose Media Player or RealPlayer for most movies

- navigation, while basic, is pretty intuitive. Easy to get the hang of with no confusing links or layout

- if you don't like VOD, you can also download most movies to rent, or to burn to DVD.
Cons: - for me in the EU, the bit rate isn't great. Even with a 2Mb/s connection, I can rarely manage their 512kbit stream. However, this is probably due to location. If you're in the US, it's probably better

- movies can be randomly removed sometimes, with no explanation. Bad luck if you've added loads of stuff by a studio to your favourites, and then they drop the studio

- the movie options aren't always consistent from title to title; some may have only low quality streams, for example

- some people think VOD is too expensive; I think this is just a matter of opinion. However, it's easy to spend a lot here if you want

- the occasional technical problem; you'll find some movies where the links don't work, or days when you can't log in or access their secure server

- no real customer recognition; would be nice if they acknowledged regular customers with rewards or discounts
Bottom Line: Moviemonster.com is, primarily, a VOD streaming site with a vast collection of content. I've been a regular visitor for over 2 years now, and have never been dissatisfied.

It's really pretty simple; you create a (free) account, buy some time, and then pick what you want to watch, scene-by-scene if needed. I think this is a great concept. The choice about what you spend your money on is completely up to you, and your money isn't wasting away when you're not on-site.

Apart from the business model, the other real pull is the sheer amount of stuff. You'll never be bored. Really in to one model at the moment? Search by name and find loads of scenes with her. Want to view all newest videos in a particular genre? You can do it. Sure, they don't have every piece of porn ever produced, but certainly there is a bigger selection than any other site I've looked at.

I really have very few complaints about this site. The "cons" I've listed above are more like minor gripes - it really is deserving of an "excellent" score. The only (slight) downside is the poor bitrate streaming I experience, but I'm pretty sure it's due to where I am. I'd be interested to hear what kinds of speeds folks in the US get.

Despite that, I can't recommend this site enough. Go try it.

08-01-08  02:58pm

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Visit Scoreland


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Well-established name in the industry. You know what content you're getting with this site!
- Large model archive, including both natural breasts and silicone-pumped monsters
- Updated nearly every day!
- Good selection of videos and photos, with different resolution offers
- Rewards loyalty; you receive extra sites added to your account the longer you stay, featuring more exclusive content. This is a great idea.
- photo and video clarity is good; even the gonzo-style shoots feel professional and well-shot
Cons: - Site can be a pain to navigate. Way too many options, menus, etc. Some links don't work or crash. Pages are not consistent; some photoshoots have a completely different layout to others.
- maximum of 6 downloads at once
- It's just what you'd expect from reading the magazine. All the photos have pretty much the same style, the language is the same..etc. A little bit of variety would help.
- Scoreland don't choose models for their beauty, but for their bustline. Some of them are just, well, ugly. Sorry girls.
- Varying content on each model. You may browse and find a model you like, only to discover she only has one bad photoset, from 1998.
- Download speed isn't great, for me in the UK. I have a 2Mb/s connection, but sometimes was barely getting 48kb/s, and never more than 500kb/s
- no complete archive of the Score magazines, which I would have liked to see.
Bottom Line: So, if you're a fan of big boobs, Scoreland is obviously the place to be. They've been going for decades now in print, producing the same kind of professional-quality boob pictorials ever since the beginning.

I'd say it's definitely worth giving the site a try. There's a large collection of models (albeit some have very little content), new updates every day or so, and loads of content. And the way that they give you an extra site every few weeks is awesome, it's a great incentive to stay.

The biggest problem with the site is that it just gets boring after a while. Everything looks the same; the models all use the same poses; the lighting doesn't vary much. Even the hardcore all seems vaguely similar. You find yourself watching the vids and thinking, "why didn't they just change the formula a bit?"

I ended up just going through the model list, picking the models I liked the look of, and downloading their content. I barely glanced at the homepage or updates, which is a bad sign.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a professional, entertaining site with great content and regular updates, and it's a must-subscribe if you're a breast fanatic, even if it's just for a month. But after a while, it all just looks the same.

07-29-08  12:42pm

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