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Visit Prime Cups

Prime Cups

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good looking women
Good deal of content
Images are nice, high res
Videos look very nice
Fast download SPEED
Webmaster monitors what people says on here, shows they care!
Cons: Limit connection numbers during downloads
Price a little high
Could use more Girl/Girl
Bottom Line: I will wait a while before updating from them again because of the price, but the content is nice. They limit the number of simultaneous connections, to 10 according to the webmaster. I was able to get three to four, please read replies for more details! A good site to use a downloader on that can limit number of connections. Content is worth the cost, but not for several months at a time.

Also, I raised my score 5 points because the webmaster actually checks out what people are saying about the site. I wish every webmaster followed this example!

03-02-08  07:39pm

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Visit Rachel Aziani

Rachel Aziani

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very HOT woman!
Good download speed
Exclusive content
166 Videos
New videos look great 5 MBit/s, a few even higher
Old videos look good considering
Price decent, $25
Access to other sites, 7 total
Many extra features, blog, scrapbook and so on
Updates weekly
400 picture sets
Pictures look great, up to 1200x1800
Cons: No zips for picture sets :(
Must log in too often
Only one download format, other than streaming
I was unable to resume downloads
Videos could use better names
Bottom Line: If you like extremely hot, mature women then do not bother reading this because you are wasting good time. Just join this one now! It really is that damn good!

Rachel Aziani is drop dead beautiful. She has wonderfully large breasts, a great face, and awesome body, and a certain grace in movement.

There is some variety here, but it is mostly solo. You will find some G/B, but no real G/G. A lot of videos have dildos being used.

The newer videos look wonderful, at over 5 MBit/s and 960X540 they look great even full screen. There is about 21 hours worth at this point making 13.3 GB. The older ones do not look as good, obviously, but they are still worth downloading. They are 320x240 @ 398 KBit/s and increase with time. Also, there are small screen caps next to the video showing a little of what to expect in each video.

There are 166 even though the video names go up to 179. There was a few numbers skipped along the way. Not an issue, just wanted to clarify.

The photos increase with time as well. The start out small at 384x576 but end up a nice crisp 1200x1800. There is now 400 galleries, but no zips! GRRR!

Like the other sites here, you have to log in a lot and then go back through the whole site to find where you left off at, very annoying. This costs a few points along with the no Zips and G/G.

All around it is a great site with a few things that could be worked on, but nothing major. It is definitely worth trying out, I am happy it was recommended to me.

06-16-08  05:14pm

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Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

No Review.
03-18-08  11:05pm

Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Loads of content, 300 GB
Pictures and Videos look nice
Girls are awesomely hot
Fast connections
No Download limit
Good design
Easy to download
Cons: Little expensive
Model name not included in zip file name
Could use more girl/girl content (my opinion)
Otherwise not much else to complain about!
Bottom Line: Other than the price, which seems to be becoming more common for better sites, the site is a no brainer. The zip files are not named with model's name in them so I do that manually which is a little annoying, but it is names relative to the gallery content.

Enough of the bad, all in all it is a great site. The quality is up to par in definition. The site is good sized too, as of mid March it was 300 GB plus about 16 GB of extra content. The videos look good, I believe the newer ones are at 3.62 Mbits/s, so basically DVD quality. The photos are in 1600x resolution for about 80% of the photo sets.

The speed here is as good as any premium site. I have been getting 2 M bytes/s today, but I am downloading elsewhere as well, so could be even faster. This site keeps my 3 Mbit/s home connection pegged 24/7 with no issues yet.

They have a nice model directory, and an update section so it would be easy to update your collection daily or wait a few months and resign up.

They use CCBill, which I like. They have never given me any issues and they give more information than some.

Don't miss out on this one!

03-05-08  03:29pm

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Visit Twistys


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Huge amount of content
Good download speed
No download limit or DRM
Good price
Updates daily
Very hot women
Cons: Video Resolutions are not that high, but are improving
Would rather have more exclusive content than DVDs
Bottom Line: All around and excellent site. Downloading this site is pretty easy and comes in quick. On a down side, the zips are not labeled nicely. The have unique names but they could be neater so that when you are looking for that one set that really gets you going you can find it easily. They do allow download managers and have speeds much fast than my 3 mbit/s DSL. I have not been on this site for a while now, but will be rejoining in a week or two, so will update if need be.

03-02-08  07:06pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Nice picture
Hot women
Good resolution
Great download speeds
Cons: A little pricy
Zips and videos are not named well
Wish the other sites on network could be rolled in as one
Bottom Line: The zips and videos are not named after the model so you might need to do that manual which is time consuming. The other site offered by the network are good as well, but have same pros and cons

03-02-08  01:22pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge amount of content
Recent remodeling
Best I have seen for big tits
Decent resolution for videos
Loads of pictures
Retention offer
Very high download speeds. More than 40 megabits.
No DRM or download limits
Cons: Videos could higher resolution
Pictures definitely need more resolution
Must sign in under originally purchased site, a pain really
Urls for downloads change, so can not queue up a large amount of downloads that would last several days
Bottom Line: If you like big tits than this site is a must have. Fast downloads and great content makes this a great deal. It will keep you busy for a while and it is one of the only sites that I have remained a member to for an extended period of time. Currently I have downloaded about 600 GB from this network.

For those with download managers!!

Also worth noting. This site does support download managers and pause/resume downloads. But do be careful if doing this because the server address changes very frequently. If you pause a download or it stops do not resume it 20 minutes later without actually going to the site and getting the new server information. This information literally looks like this "sbi8thg3.n2" you need to include the n2 or n1 because though changes as well from time to time. It can be found in the URL bar at anytime you are signed in and it is also shown in the download link. If you can paste this new information into the download managers reference to the file location it should resume with no issues. Otherwise you can lose your download, and that is very frustrating when it is at 97%! If you are using "Internet Download Manager" I can verify that this works. This is also true for videobox but they do not change nearly as often, around once a week or two. Brazzers changes several simes and hour it seems.

03-02-08  12:22pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Newer videos at 4 Mbit/s, look GREAT
Photos in zips
Reasonable download speed
Very hot girls
Hit some other niches occasionally
Updates frequently
Many video options
Cons: Videos are not named well
Download speed could be faster
Do limit download connections
Bottom Line: A very good site all around. The newer zip files are name with model name and set name. The videos ares are not named this way, 71006_08-H960Q-01.mov is a sample name of one of there newer videos. The quality is excellent though, and the women arevery good looking. I have noticed though that they have not been updating with fisting and peeing lately. My connection with them has been between 1.5 and 2 Mbit/s lately, which is not terrible, but certainly could be better.

The videos have many options for download. They have several file types and but rates to choose from. You can choose from 1280x720 to 448x256 and from 1 MBit/s to 4.1MBit/s. They also offer download parts for the smaller videos. The lengths of the videos vary a bit, but are usually around 10 minutes, but there are some peeing videos that are only a minute or two. There are currently 478 videos posted and 459 photo sets posted.

This is a site worth updating with every now and then, and they make updating easy with dated updates.

03-08-08  02:00pm

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Visit Big Naturals

Big Naturals

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Amy Reid and Gianna Michaels....so hot
-Loads of videos, about 300
-Exclusive content
-Decent price
-Pictures have zips
-Videos are long
-Offer download in whole or chunks
-Good lead up to sex
-Access so many other sites
-Updates weekly
-Navigation very simple
-Do not have to log in daily
-Files named decently, but could use model names in them
Cons: -Some women are less attractive
-Freaking download limit!!!
-Pictures are small, some only screen caps
-Older sets do not offer whole video download, must grab several chunks
-Some shoots are photos only
-Links expire, but only have to push refresh, not log in again
Bottom Line: If you have a love for large natural breasts then the name says it all. There are some great looking breasts here. Many of the women have nice faces and bodies to go with them, but not all.

The videos are very long, about 45 minutes. This limits the bit rate to about 1.46 MBit/s. They look good at normal zoom, but begin to lack at full screen. There is about 300 videos or so at this point, and they total for about 80 GB. Many of the older videos have to be downloaded in chunks.

The pictures can be downloaded in zips, but many of them are worthless. The newest photos are at 900x600 and do not look bad, but the older ones are basically screen caps.

Okay, the site loses about 10 points for the download limit. You can check out some of the comments about this for more info. Basically they give 15 chances to download a movie per day. Also, do not queue up a bunch of downloads for later, the links expire.

The navigation is very easy here. All the shoots show up on the updates pages, you can have up to 50 per page, with a picture of what the scene is. Makes it nice to know where you have been. You click the picture of the shoot you want and all the download links are on one page, so no jerking around finding them all.

If you have $25 and can be around the porn computer daily then this is a good site if you love natural breasts. But if you are away for several days at a time, then you may want to pass this one up because there are no "roll-over" downloads.

06-16-08  06:00pm

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Visit Baby Got Boobs

Baby Got Boobs

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Good price, good discount too
Nice models
Quality videos
Zips for photos
large photo sets
Large quantity
Easy to navigate
Access to Brazzers Network
Good download speed
Cons: Photos small
Must login a lot even during browsing at times
Needs more G/G videos
Older videos not named well
Bottom Line: This site is about teens with large boobs getting reamed! The models usually look good and they do not use ugly guys either, so no fat slob banging the hot girl.

The videos look good at 640x480 and around 2 MBit/s. They give many download options including IPOD and PSP. You can download in chunks or all together. The videos are getting quiet large lately, many exceeding 700 MB for the high quality versions. The videos are not short either, most are well over 30 minutes and a good portion are around 45 minutes long!

The site is rather large and have 150 videos as of March 30. Each video has a photo set and a screen cap set to go with it.

The photos are not large. This is one of the only draw backs on content. The photo sets are huge,typically at least 700 pictures and numerous sets have more than 2000!

The discount price of $20 per month is definitely worth paying here, but if you cant justify it they do offer a retention offer of $10 per month to keep you around. I am using the retention offer, I could not pass it up. At this point I do not see canceling this site ever so long as they keep doing what they are doing.

03-30-08  07:42pm

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Visit Round and Brown

Round and Brown

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good sized site, 214 scenes
-Nice price, $25
-Nice looking black women
-White guy on black girls, a nice change
-Pretty long videos
-Photos in zips
-Full access to network
-Nice site navigation, and page options
Cons: -DOWNLOAD LIMIT, 15 attempts per day
-Quality of media needs work
-Pretty repetitive, always start off with oiling the girls up
-Whole network could use model bios
-A few of the big videos would not download, had to use the smaller clips
Bottom Line: All around a site worth joining the network for. Personally I am so sick of black guys on white girls, it seems to be all they want to make now. Well this site answers that by having a white guy putting it too black girls. It really is a nice change.

The only thing I do not like about the content is that they always seem to want to oil the girls up at the beginning of the scene. I like to see that but they do it way too much.

This site looks the same as the rest of the network and navigates with the same ease.

The content quality is the same as the rest of the network and could use some improvement. 1.2 MBit/s video just will not cut it anymore.

The 214 scenes require a decent amount of space to hold. The photo zips need 9.2 GB and the videos will take up 43 GB.

The scenes are nice an long, which I like. It gives a nice feel for what is going on since nothing is rushed. The typical scene is 45 minutes long with a nice lead into the sex.

Many scenes feature more than one female. This always gets a few extra points from me.

This site by it self is large enough to support the $25 price. The access to the rest of the network is a great bonus and makes this site obvious for anyone who wants to see blacks girls with white guys. The content itself is pretty good and it stands out as a less common niche. They also managed to avoid many of the less attractive black women. I am very picky about that and easily disappointed. They did not disappoint me, and I am sure they will not you either.

08-18-08  09:18pm

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Visit Young Busty

Young Busty

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -The breasts are NATURAL!
-Price not bad, although in euros so it changes for us on this side of the lake
-Can search by model
-Still updating frequently
-Finally has zips for pictures
-Several download options for videos
-Speed is okay, but not great
-Navigation fairly easy
-Picture pass word very easy to read
-Can download multiple files at once
-Video file names are okay, at least have model name included
-Can but sets into a "favorites" section
-Variety in scenes, solo, bg, gg
Cons: -Log in every hour or so
-Need picture password, these annoy me
-Absolutely no download resuming
-Picture zip file has horrible naming, all are "bonus" so need manual renaming
-Most lesbian scenes very short
-Not all photo sets have zips, seemingly no logic to which do and do not
-Not HD, a little behind par on quality of media
Bottom Line: Young Busty does well to live up to its name. Most of the girls are young and their certainly are some very busty ones. The trick is that they are mostly not over weight. Best of all, the breasts are natural! You will find girls that are attractive here other than in breast size.

This was the second time I joined the site and found it to overall be the same way it was a few years ago. They have been updating the whole time. I was very pleased to find they had added zip files for the pictures sets, even to sets that existed before the zips were introduced.

The three most significant complaints about the site is the lack of media quality, no download resume, and the extremely frequent log in. You have to log in every hour or so and when you do it takes you to the page you intended on navigating to, but if you push "back" to get to the model index or whatever it takes you back to the log in screen. You have to re-navigate to where you were initially.

Secondly, the no resume on downloads is terrible. I had to download the same file on so many occasions and often more than once. My internet has be bad lately so I got hit with this harder than most. I can typically find a way to resume, but was not able to here.

Finally, and most importantly, the video quality was not what it should be. Newer videos are not bad, but slightly older stuff is very notable. Newer videos are 5 MBit/s, a few at 6, at 1280x720 which sounds good, but somehow it just does not look as crisp as one might expect. As the videos get older the quality drops in increments down to 640x480 at 2 MBit/s.

Pictures are not huge but not small. 2000x1331 and 1600x106 are common sizes for the larger files, which are also found in the zip files. While the dimensions are not as large as on many sites they still look crisp.

Quicky Rundown
383 Videos
125 GB of videos
Videos up to 6 MBit at 1280x720
Video size range from 36 MB to 1.4 GB
2-40 minutes in duration

Would I recommend this site?

Yes I would. If you have a thing for naturally busty teens and young 20's this site should be on the top of your list. The girls look good and most have D's or larger. The site does require some patience to download but it worth the trouble. I have been there twice and will definitely return in the future to see what updates they have.

12-01-10  08:33pm

Replies (7)
Visit 2 Chicks Same Time

2 Chicks Same Time

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very good price through PU/TBP of $15 per month
-Access to many other sites
-Easy site navigation
-No download limits
-Site does not logout
-Many video type options
-Each video has a "full" option
-Each photo set has a zip
-Updates, although there is no pattern
-All download link for video and sips are on the same page
-Search function
-Can view other scenes each performer has been in
Cons: -Picture very small
-Videos could still look better, but are not bad
-Links to videos expire
Bottom Line: I guess I do not have a lot of bad to say about this site. I enjoy FFM threesome scenes and that is all this site is.

The photos are very small, they really need to up the bar on these. The videos look good, but of course could be better. I always want better! :)

The only thing about the way the site runs that I do not like is that the links to the videos expire,even while downloading them if it takes a while. You can not resume the download without editing the link. He is how. Click on the download link again and find the long string of text after the .wmv or .mpg or whatever. If you copy all that junk and paste it onto the link your download manager is using you should be able to then resume the download right where it left off. This is a little hassle but is much better than starting over a 500 MB file that is at 98% complete.

Each scene starts out a little different. Sometimes the two girls start going down on each other and the guy joins after a few minutes, it can start with the guy and a girl and the other girl joins, or simply with all three together. Either way it ends up with two great looking women and one lucky dude.

The site navigates easily and if you have a favorite performer you can easily find all their stuff from all the sites quickly. They also have many different scene topics searchable. Such as: tattoos, piercing, big boobs, big ass, hair color and so on.

Quicky Rundown
41 Scenes, each with video and photo set
16.3 GB worth of video
305 MB worth of photos
18.5 hours of runtime, 25-30 minute average
Photos are 537x800
Videos 720x540 at 2.08 or 2.38 MBit/s

Is this site worth joining?
The simple answer is YES.

The site is part of a larger network but for $15 is worth joining by it self. Since it is still updating it will only become more worthy of looking at. The easy access to all the other sites makes joining a no brainer.

If you like FFM threesomes than your collection will not be complete without this site. I have gotten my money's worth out of this site and there is a whole network to explore.

03-24-09  09:50am

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Visit Fist And Piss

Fist And Piss

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good mix of scenes
The girls are decent looking
Access to network of similar sites
Bit rate reasonable at 2400
File names have model name in them
Decent resolution at 640x480
Several options for downloading
Do not need to log in frequently
Lots of close ups, but not too close
Cons: Could use growth, site had 15 scenes
Can only download in clips
Price a bit high
Can only download one at a time
Camera moves a lot
Update are not often
Bottom Line: If you are into girls peeing, drinking pee, peeing on other people, and of course having their friend's whole hand inserted then this site is for you!

Most of the girls are shave, which is normal anymore. There is a few hairy girls though. All the girls have the "girl next door" look to them. there are no super models here, but they are certainly not ugly.

There is some variety in the scenes as well. Not ever scene is hardcore. They have several lesbian scenes, and some solos scenes as well. They do not stick with the fist either, many scenes also feature insertion of a baseball bat.

Having access to the network is a big plus for this site. The site by itself would be very hard to justify the price for the given amount of content. The other sites on the network are fairly similar, so if you like on you will likely find a few others you like as well.

There was 15 videos a month ago. Each video was split up into 3 to 5 parts that were about 150 MB a piece. Either piece is about 10 minutes long. There is a total of 8.4 GB of videos here, so downloading does not take too long and their speed is decent.

The videos are at a bit rate of 2400 KBit. But dont get too excited, they look like they were recorded off a VHS tape. The videos are very watchable though, even at full screen, assuming you lower your standards and forget about HD. They just have the VHS fuzziness to them.

This site and the others on the network can be queued up into a download manage and download over several days, or even weeks. The links do not expire which is very nice. But, you can not download more than one at a time of even browse the site will a video is downloading.

Many of the video feature "the hand." You know, the hand that appears out of nowhere and messes with the girls. This site has the hand with out a body fisting the girls, but of course you can not see the person. Dont worry though, there are plenty of places there the fister is seen.

This is a great site to join for one month, but I would not stay longer than that. The updates are not fast enough and the price is kinda high. Also, if you have been a member in the past you will find that much of the same stuff on the site, so this is a good site to wait a little longer between updates on.

ALl in all, a good site to look at if you are into the niche. If you do not go much for peeing and fisting you will not find much else here. But if you dont mind getting your hands wet than this one is for you!

11-11-08  01:28pm

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Visit Big Tits Boss

Big Tits Boss

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Good price
Nice amount of content so far
Updates weekly on Mondays
Each of the 63 scenes has a photo set
All photos are downloadable in Zip
No not need to log in daily
Full access to network
Many familiar stars
Loads of hardcore
Very easy site navigation
Cons: As with the rest of the network the biggest thing they do wrong is the download limits
Video quality needs improvement
Photo size needs to be larger
Downloads can time out easer than other sites
Bottom Line: This sites is how it sounds, it has a business setting. So for those of you that have a great looking boss and want to fantasize about banging a promotion out of her, this is the place...you wont get fired for it, unless of course you are looking at this at work and she walks in! Hell, she might just like it though. :)

The women here are great looking. They are not teens which makes sense for this site, but they do not seem old enough to be classified as MILFs. Granted you will see a few of these women on the network's MILF sites.

The media quality is the same as the rest of the network, so no surprises if you are exploring around. The videos are typically 640x480 and around 1.2 MBit/s. The photos are up to 900x600 which is very typical for this network. The photos look nice given their size and the videos are not bad looking unless you sit fairly close to your monitor.

The videos are fairly long though, many approaching an hour, thus the lower bit rates. Some of the photo sets are around 1000 pictures as well. Like the videos the photo sets have a good bit of fluff at the begining. But I would rather have too much than not enough, so it is not a complaint on my part. The videos have a lot of lead in to develop a story, but most of us will just skip it anyway. It is nice that they do not start the scene out already nude and going at it like a few sites do.

So far including today there are 63 Scenes that would require 22.5 GB for video and 5.8 GB for photos. This a little less than the other sites on the network but don't worry it is growing.

There are many familiar faces in the Big Tit genre of porn including: Eva Angelina, Puma Swede, Nikki Benz , and one of my favorites Gianna Michaels, and of course many more that are worth mentioning but for a lack of room!

If you like the Brazzers network than you would be sure to find a few videos here that you simply can not live without. As long as you can deal with the ridiculous download limit of 15 ATTEMPTS per day than by all means join this site. There is some great content here that is sure to keep you busy for a while and no collection would be complete with out it!

08-04-08  04:09pm

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Visit We Live Together

We Live Together

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Models look absolutely wonderful!
-Updates weekly on Thursday
-Loads of scenes so far
-Full access to a huge network of sites
-Price is decent, $25
-Videos are long, around 45 minutes average
-Exclusive content
-Site navigation is pretty simple
-Zips for photo sets
-Loads of lesbians! Damn I love lesbians!
Cons: -DOWNLOAD LIMIT- All sites
-The videos are sub-par looking
-Photos are small, 900x600
-Older videos are in chunks only
-Some people might like more download file types
Bottom Line: This section of the network is great, so make sure you check it out. I am a huge fan of lesbians and that is what this one is about. There are a huge amount of threesomes and more! All the girls are good looking and some are absolutely stunning.

The video are like the rest of the network and need a lot of clarity work. The bit rate is around 1.2 MBit/s depending on the video. There are 250 currently and you would need 60 GBs to hold them all. The resolution varies a bit from terrible up to 720x480, but the bitrate just does not support a great looking video. Do not get me wrong though, the content of the videos is awesome.

The photos are a lame size here. 900x600 is the best is gets, but they look nice for the size. They need to work on that a bit, but keep in mind it is a video site. Older photos are just screens, but newer ones are actual photos, so they really should be better.

I would give this site a higher score if they could catch up on visual clarity. The content is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a couple chicks meeting another girl and then banging her lights out! They have a nice theme and offer good amount of lead up to the sex, this is typical for the whole network.

By itself this site is worth the membership, the rest of the sites are a huge added bonus. Hell, there is over 175 HOURS of video already and it is still growing!

07-21-08  05:36pm

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Visit Boob Study

Boob Study

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Full access trial, 2 days
Many large breasted models
Updates daily!
Shows a picture from coming updates
Photos have Zips
decent picture size, zips only though
A good amount of content
Can search by model
Simple naviagtion
Cons: Very little har4dcore, no lesbian found
Photos are small in browser
Access to other sites is a joke, just junk streams
Some videos must be downloaded in chunks, up to 10
You only have one option for file type, wmv
Must relog in periodically, messes up downloaders
Bottom Line: All around I would say this is a good site. I will definitely be keeping this one on my periodic rejoin list. The girl look pretty good and they have awesome natural breasts.

The video quality here is not bad at 2040 KBit/s for all of the videos, even the first ones. There is currently 114 videos but they update daily. The videos are 640x480 or 720x480 and total for 22.2 GB. They could use a little work but look nice regardless.

The photo sets are strange in that if you just browse through them and look you will only see a low res picture. If you download the zip you get the high res pictures. The photos look very nice though and I always go for the zips anyway. The older ones are at 768x1024 and the newer photos are at 1200x1800 and really do look crisp.

Your log in will last a good part of the evening, but you cant just put the whole site in your download manager and let it rip...unless you got a hell of a connection! The speed of the site is good as well.

The only difference between here and DDFBusty for example is the age of the model and that there is very little hardcore. Well, there is a price difference too.

I would recommend this site to anyone who does not mind a lot of solo content or someone who is addicted to naturally large breasts on girls who do not look like they spent too much time at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

07-21-08  04:15pm

Replies (1)
Visit Veggie Bang

Veggie Bang

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Nice trial price
Good looking girls
Short interview before sex
Access to a good deal of small sites
Videos look nice
Sticks to its name, Veggies!
No DRM or limits
Cons: Very small site
No hardcore or even Girl/Girl
Site very simple, too simple
Camera guy needs to shut up sometime
Sometimes pretty lame camera work
Many network sites do not work right
Bottom Line: AT this point this site is only worth a trial in my opinion. It need a good amount of growth to stand on its own.

It only has 17 videos totaling for 2.94 GB. The videos are 10-20 minutes long and at 2 MBit/s. The resolution is al the same at 640x480 and look fairly nice.

This site gives access to a load of other sites. This sounds great except that many of the sites do not work or have about the same content as other sites offered. There are enough sites that do work to make a trial worth while. You just have to use trial and error for a minute to find one that will take you to something real.

If you are into teens inserting veggies than this one should be put your list of site to check out. But make sure you have a few days to make the most of the trial.

07-14-08  06:44pm

Replies (2)
Visit Hot Sexy Plumpers

Hot Sexy Plumpers

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Network access for 6 sites total, 100s of videos
-$4 trial is worth every penny
-No download limits
-Many hot, large women
-Variety of solo, lesbian and hardcore scenes
-Updates weekly
-Decent collection of videos, more than 80
-Videos named with women's name
-Decent resolution at 640x480
-Nice navigation
-Search function even for non-members
Cons: -Bit rate could be higher , 1-1.4 MBit/s
-Did not see any real photos
-Had to re login, but not too ofter
-Trial period short, 2 days
-Some women much less attractive than others
Bottom Line: The two day trial is wonderful here!!!

I am still very tempted to join for a full month to make sure I get everything. In two days I got 32 GB and had plenty more to go. There is six sites you have access to with many of the same women appearing on each one.

The videos are in the 30 minute range at 1-1.4 MBit/s and 640x480. The do not look bad at all, but they could still use some work.

Whenever joining a site like this I expect to see some very hot women and some that require a garbage bag over her head and one over mine in case her's comes off. This site meets that expectation, but has more hotter women than I had expected. Hell they even have a Gianna Micheals video and I am all about her!

The site is pretty easy to get around, but they do make you re-login every so ofter. A few times a day, but nothing major. Unfortunately this screws up some download managers.

The have a lot of solo scenes here, but there is lesbian and hardcore mixed in as well. I would like more lesbian stuff personally.

I would recommend at least checking out the trial, or at least checking the site out and search around since they let you see all the models before even joining! A two day trial for the price of a gallon of gas to download all you can....hummm....seems like a tough one to me. :)

07-07-08  06:47pm

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Visit In The VIP

In The VIP

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Different style
-Very long videos, and I mean LONG
-Download speeds good
-Price is good for amount of content $25
-Zips for photos, sets are huge
-Photos clear
-Several download options and stream
-Part of a large network
-About 130 videos, and 60 GB of video as of this review
This is very important because if you really like the content it means it will take you a while to get it all! Otherwise this site would get a 90 from me. It is not too restricting though considering some of the videos are more than a Gig and you can have 15 per day.

-Bit rate needs to be higher for videos
-Picture size needs to greatly increase
-Could update more, once every two weeks at this point. However, they are fairly consistent.
Bottom Line: I can not help but cry about the download limit of 15 videos per day. Granted these videos are LONG, it is still irritating. Please check out my recent comment about the download limits for Reality Kings.

The theme here is pretty cool honestly. If you like a lead up to the sex than I do not know how someone could lead up more than they do! There is a long scene where the girls all get out of a limo and start dirty dancing in a club. Now this is about 45 minutes long!

Then usually two girls go back to a room and bang the hell out of a guy. There are some videos with many chicks and some with one as well.

The video quality needs work. The bit rates on newer stuff is 1.2 to 1.6 MBit/s. They do not look bad for this bit rate, but they could be better. I believe the reason for a lower bit rate in this HD era is that the videos can stretch to 1.5 hours long! So the files are already getting pretty big. I would be willing to download longer per video for a higher quality, but some would not. But, there are minute long clips and the videos can be downloaded in 3 or 4 piece chunks. Of course older videos are smaller, around 500 KBit/s.

Picture set are huge, some are about 1000 photos, but they are usually 900 x 600, but very clear. This needs to grow a bit for me.

The only major issue here is the download limit, but if you are okay with that than JOIN this site if you are thinking about it already. The content is fresh and girls are all amazing looking.

06-09-08  06:19pm

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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Girls are daring in public
Part of Brazzers network which gives full access
$10 per month retention discount
Extremely large picture sets
Great download speeds
Very nice navigation and search ability
Multiply download options
Cons: Pictures need to be larger
Videos need to be clearer
Needs to grow, but it is young
Must relogin a lot
A few of the models for this site are not as attractive
Bottom Line: Site was launch on the network December 6th and has update weekly since then. They now have a total of 27 videos for this section as of March 29.

The videos here a fairly large, many are 750 MB and several around 1 GB. They allow downloading in chunks or the whole thing at once. They offer WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, and IPOD/PSP for video downloads. The resolutions are 620x480 on the videos and they do not look bad at all. They could of course be better, but that could be said for most sites!

The photos sets are HUGE, we are talking over 2000 pictures in some of them! There is sure to be a few in there that you will like. Unfortunately the picture size is less impressive at 900x675 they are not large enough to do the job. I would think I big boob network would be the first to understand the importance of size!

A few of the models here do not live up to par with the other sites on the network though. A few are less pretty and have smaller boobs, but this is only a few.

Navigation is nice here, other than having to relogin a lot. Site was redisgned!

Downloading everything from this site would not take a whole month with a reasonable internet connection, However, if you want the rest of the network you better get a 750 GB hard drive for it because the network is approaching that size!

This site is worth every penny of the price especially with full network access. Just dont bother with the trial because it does not work. Join this outright, you will not regret it!

03-29-08  10:47pm

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Visit Glamour Models Gone Bad

Glamour Models Gone Bad

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: A great deal of conents
Newer pictures are in Hi Def
Newer videos are in Hi Def as well
Gives access to 3 other site
$15/month retention offer
All photos offer zips
Use CCBill
Cons: Anything but the newest stuff is lower resolution
The zips are named after the gallery, not the model
Connection limit, 24 hour reset
Bottom Line: The zips are not named with the model's name in it so you have yo rename the zips file. You can have 400 zips with the name "hardcore" or "red bra" for example, but that does not let you who they are!

They do limit the connection to 5 connections according to them, but it is very inconsistent. I have been boot off for downloading with 3 connections max before, and been left alone when downloading 8 at a time. So keep the number of downloads low, this is a good site to use a manager for to limit the simultaneous downloads. The speed is good though for the site, so downloading is not slow coming.

There is a good deal of models here, several hundred! I will try to update this review with actual amount of content shortly. Many of the models can be seen elsewhere, but the content seems to be mostly exclusive.

The customer service does respond to questions within a reasonable time.

03-13-08  10:38am

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Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Loads of content, mostly pictures
Easy to download
Good download speed
Lots of models
Navigation is decent
No download limit, kinda...
Cons: Price a little high
Not too many videos
Many of the models are not very pretty
Video quality a little low
Site could still grow some
Bottom Line: Downloading was fairly easy. They have a good connection, but they do limit downloads sorta. Their server will kick you off if you reach a certain bandwidth quota. I was around 50-60 GB in about 2 days when I got booted. I email customer service and the reset my account within about a day. The limit is there to prevent hacked account from knocking their servers of the wall with 300 people all downloading from one account! The service guy said to keep downloading as much as I wanted and they would just keep reseting my account, but I had no more issues.

Some of the girls are kinda ugly on this site.

There was about 70 GB of pictures and 17 GB of videos, so this was about a 3 day download, but it came in nicely and kept my 3 Mbit/s pegged.

As of early march 2008 there were about 330 videos. The bit rates do vary, but a good amount of them are at about 1200 Kbit/s and the videos range from 4 minutes to 25 minutes. Most of the videos are 7-11 minutes. The resolution for the better amount of the videos are 480 x 360.

03-08-08  02:30pm

Replies (8)
Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: A lot of videos
Stays with the busty niche
Hot women
Fairly regular updates
Pictures in zips
The videos are nice looking
The boobs look good, not sagging!
Cons: Price seems to be growing!
File named strangely, not after scene or model
Bottom Line: A great site for boob lovers. It is up around brazzers for quality, but falls a little short of them on quantity. I dont like the price though, and it seems to have been going up, but I will update from their collection again still. The site is easy to download and runs pretty fast!

The videos look pretty nice. You can watch them on full screen without them looking overly blurry. The pictures are nice too, they are god sized as well. They definitely will fill up the screen.

This is a site worth rejoining if you were a member in the past. If you are a boob fan than this one is a must have. The have a good mix of scene types, and the women are attractive. Also worth mentioning, the tits do not sag to the floor like so many other big boob sites. These women have size AND shape.

03-02-08  07:31pm

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Visit Just Nude

Just Nude

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Full access trial, 3 days
Still updating
Zips for photo sets
Most photo sets have 3 size options
Pictures have Hi-Res option, up to 4000
Many great looking models
No download limit
Watermark is small and out of way
Some girl-girl shoots, but could use more
Site very simple, you can not get lost
Videos look very nice, hires and high bit rate
Several video options as well
Use CCBill, I prefer them
Cons: File named only by gallery number
Trial a bit expensive at $10
Needs many more videos, only 18
First month is expensive if joining without using trial
The girl-girl shoots are dubbed under each models name
Videos are of photo shoots only
Bottom Line: If you are a fan of nude art or softcore photo shoots than this place is well worth a look. It is a lot like Met-Art, so if you enjoy their stuff than join this one and forget about the rest of this review.

The photos are of a very high quality and really bring out the beauty in the models. They scale nicely too, so do not worry about them looking worse as the size decreases to match your screen, you can even go larger if you like....in case you want to look into her eyes of course! :)

The site is still growing since the last review was posted. The now have 482 photo galleries and 18 videos. Now keep in mind that a the number of unique galleries is lower but still well over 400, when they have two or more models in the shoot they assign a new gallery for each one and do not mention this.

The videos look stunning. They do vary a bit in quality, but most are of two qualities. Some are 768x576 at 6 MBit and some are 1280x720 at 8 MBit. The videos are mostly outdoors. In parks, by water, near statues, and one is even one a large pile of tires by a small skating park! I knew I should have gone to the park that day! The duration of the videos is between 6 to 15 minutes with most of them being about 10 minutes.

Many of the photo shoots feature the model already nude when it starts. Some do start clothed, but many times when they do it is only partially clothed which can be erotic in itself. i wish more of the shoots would start clothed.

The number of photos in each shoot varies anywhere between 20 and 80. It seems like they cut out only what they feel is the best. I usually like having as many photos as was taken, but I can understand this would require a huge amount of space since many of the photos are over 6 MB a piece.

Speaking of size again.
Photos - 482 files - 34.8 GB
Videos - 18 files - 4.6 GB - 2 hr 50 min

So as you can see the site is about 40 GB which makes it easily downloadable with in a month, or the three day trial. But it certainly is large enough to warrant joining.

If you enjoy outdoor photography with great looking younger women showing the beauty of several aspects of nature that this site is for you. This site has made my "join again" list and would do the same for any picture fan. If you are only after videos than this may not be the place for you.

If you intend on joining use the trial. Even if you intend on staying for a month, use the trial. If you join straight up you pay $30 and get 30 days. If you use the trial first you pay $30 and get 33 days since the site recurs at $20 instead of the initial $30. Plus if you are not satisfied in the first 3 days you can just cancel then and pay only the first $10 for the trial.

02-18-09  08:09pm

Replies (0)

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