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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Thanks for the great information. Will add them to the list of sites to not join.

05-04-14  01:44pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of bibo's Comment

If you ask me, dont give them another dime. Sites did not need to do this 10 years ago and certainly do not need to do it now. Worst case should just use some throttling during heavy periods. In reality they do this so that you need to pay for many months to get what they have.

Thanks for the very informative post!

05-04-14  09:19am

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

I find it sorta gross but it gives me so much hope for my future!

05-04-14  09:16am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

We honestly need to just start calling 720p standard and anything lower to be low definition. Standards change.

04-30-14  04:10pm

Visit Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly
Reply of LPee23's Reply

I sent you an email as well. My listed email here is still correct and I do use it a lot. I will do what I can to help out a fellow yellow fan. Ha (actually I prefer clear)

04-29-14  03:41pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

One way to look at it is would you have actually paid for the content if that was the only method of getting it. Lpee said he wanted to pay for something and got it for free, so yes that is true piracy. Now I wont knock him because the site was shut down thus ending any profit the owners would have made. Willing and unable to equate to not willing to in reality. I personally would help pay for a lawyer for anyone sued by the people at incrediblepass if they stole their stuff. The stole a lot of money from me through their credit card fraud. You can find that story with a 5 second search of this site. I have a ton of stuff that I would never pay for. If it came to deleting it or paying I would delete without second thought. That said, I have paid for a lot of my stuff too and never reviewed a site that did not get my money first.

If you really look into the laws for copyrights you have all broken them and if you are in the USA can be charged criminally and civilly. Lets say you go and download a song. You paid for the song. Technically you can only have one copy of the song. The second the download completes you are breaking the law because you have more than one copy of it. One is in the download directory and the other is stored by your browser. This specifically came up during a lawsuit a few years ago and the person did lose the case. They had to pay the record company some stupid amount of money because of it.

04-29-14  02:14pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It really depends on where the line is drawn. If you have gone to any tube sites you have technically violated someones copyrights.

04-28-14  01:46pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of LPee23's Reply

Oh wow. That was six years ago. I really do not remember now. Glimpseit was a recent find for me though that might just be what you are looking for.

04-27-14  09:56am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I never see flaming going on, thus i must conclude that PU has the single most intelligent collection of users on the internet.

We don't even bash on the couple guys here who freely admit to liking and reviewing gay porn. Try that in any other mainly heterosexual forum!

I feel like here I can talk about myself and be honest without worry of the extreme backlash I would get in other places. I know I do not contribute 1% as much as I used to here but the respect of the users keeps me coming back.

Respect and the ability to allow someone to disagree is a direct measure of intelligence. That is what makes this entire site whole.

07-07-12  11:02am

Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

One of the better reviews I have seen as of late. It really reminds me of my format, so I must obviously approve!

05-13-12  04:26pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Comment

As long as everyone knows the price before jumping in then all is fair, at least as far as TBP/PU go. It becomes up to the PU'er to decide. Does anyone have any insight onto whether or not there are differences in cost to provide content in different areas of the globe. I am wondering if this plays any role, or if they are just being pricks?

04-29-12  03:46pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I am not old enough for "too young" yet. That has not set in. I am assuming this poll is referring to girls that are safe to assume are 18+.

04-29-12  03:42pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

I suspect that if the situation came up where you needed to defend yourself or your comrades you would have done so without much thought. Then later that night you would have had reality sink in. I am glad for you sake this never became a factor.

Personal defense is different from military engagements. In battles the average firefight has several hundred yards between the opposing sides. Obviously there are close range ambushes and urban warfare, but both of these can include or transition to 400 yard engagements. So there you were likely carrying the M-16 (hopefully M-16A), or perhaps AK-47 depending on where you are from.

In personal defense there are not long range engagements. The fights are very intimate. The "whites of the eyes" hold true for legal personal defense as well. If I am 200 feet away from you and you shoot me, you are going to prison. They will say you could/should have attempted to leave the situation. Now if I am 15 feet away with a gun, or I am thrusting a knife into your liver, you have every right to shoot and to shoot to kill. This situation t a weapon like The Judge becomes an amazing defense powerhouse. A this range, the legal range, it will stop any man in his tracks. The gun is great because it forces you to wait until lethal force becomes legal (potentially). You can not shoot someone 200 feet away with any success using the shot shells, and you also can not accidentally kill a bystander that is 200 feet away. For home defense it is great because it has less wall penetration than a slug would carry.

04-20-12  10:04pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

"You are 100% correct though, being armed is a blessing and a burden all at the same time."

Was a direct response to:

"What do they call you when your weapon gets taken away from and you're killed? Even happens to cops."

Gun were certainly a game changer.

Survival of the fittest had a change in meaning. It became less about physical strength and much more about technological abilities. When the Germans invade Russia, the Russian Red Guard was sent. They are like the current day SEALS, while not the same as the SEALS, their abilities were like comparing a normal current person to a SEAL. These were fighting machines with amazing training. And the were sent after a group of Germans that were old, wore men from the first World War. The Russian Red guard was slaughtered by these old, tired Germans. This fight was not hand to hand, in which case the Guard would have had a dominating victory, no, the Germans had machine guns and simply mowed down the charging Guard force. This is one of my favorite examples of how technology can change the tides of war.

04-14-12  11:32am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

In that case, not prepared enough.

That is certainly a risk that would be involved in it. There are holsters that are very difficult for other to remove the weapon from, but are not 100%.

Not every situation ha such a risk. Being in a hand to hand fight with someone it is certainly possible. Ideally you are either able to draw and fire before they get to you, or the weapon can remain concealed until you deem it appropriate to use. When a gun enters a fight it will be used. That is were training becomes paramount.

In home defense situations it is not all the likely unless you are moving about the house and they surprise you in a hallway. Then it becomes similar to a street fight. Most situations there is a little distance involved, otherwise you would not be able to get to your weapon as you are not likely to be carrying it in your home. If I know someone is coming I will have heavily armed and, if have a little time, armored. In this event I have 30 rounds ready to go and 100 more in banana clips. There was a woman on the news a few month back who called 911 looking for permission to kill to men who were trying to intrude on her home. She had more than 15 minutes before they got in. Will not always have that much time obviously, but she had enough time to hole up and the two intrudes stood no chance against her shotgun.

You take a chance either way when choosing to not have a weapon and choosing to have a weapon. But when you do carry you know you have it and what you need to do. Someone who is legally armed does not look for a fight, because they know they have the power to end it quickly and decisively.

You are 100% correct though, being armed is a blessing and a burden all at the same time.

04-13-12  03:11pm

Visit Just Nips

Just Nips

Signing in "How To"

The log in is pretty typical here, but it will redirect you incorrectly.


They use one of those rotating random strings, it obviously would not be abc123, screws with download managers.

Anyway, after the log in you will get to a page that errors out and it will look something like above. Just cut out everything after "members/" and it should take you to the site just fine. Would think they would test for things like this.

Should look like:

04-12-12  04:20pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

I would suggest a rifle for home defense. This is contrary to many beliefs but some of the new home defense rounds have great stopping power yet low wall penetration....do not want to be killing your neighbors too. Any 16.5" barreled M4 type AR-15 would do.

Second I would get a revolver. The Judge is a great option because it can fire large shot shells. They do make shot shells that are normal bullet sized as well, they can be used in an automatic, but jam consistently. They would great in revolvers because the round is already chambered and just waiting to be fired. I recommend this, again, because of amazing stopping power up close, but much lower risk of collateral damage. At 15 feet or less this would blow a hole the size of a grapefruit in someone, but at 100 yards is nothing more than getting hit with a BB gun or two. They reduce risk of getting jail time for a collateral kill, force to be within the legal range to use lethal force, do great damage up close, and can miss a little but still cause damage because of spread. This is important because people ALWAYS miss a little when in that situation. A 9mm that passes 1 mm from the persons neck could mean your death. A shot shell from a revolver that is centered 1 mm from the persons neck is a bloody mess, and you and your family live.

Go to your local dealer, a good one, and discuss it with them. Spend some time at a local range and see what feels right. Then keep going to the range so you stay at least familiar with how to operate the gun(s). Take some defense courses too.

That all being said, I most sincerely hope that all of you and myself never NEED a gun. They will call you paranoid, until you need it, then they will call you prepared.

04-12-12  04:13pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Have a few. Mainly an AR-15 Carbine. Currently keep soft tips for home defense, but looking into the newer split core defense rounds. Also have some XM855, the full jacketed steel ball ammo that was recently declassified as armor piercing, making it legal to own. We have a .40 pistol and I keep a Walther P22 on my desk.

Every home should be able to defend itself.

04-12-12  04:00pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I like them being there. Every now and then I wonder if we are talking about the same site and that is a good way to check.

03-11-12  10:27pm

Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic
Reply of Basil445's Reply

One solution is to not use DRM. It offers much less protection than you think. I looked at the site and was interested, but will not be signing up because of the DRM.

03-03-12  02:22pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of messmer's Reply

Haha, good luck with that one. Can I interest you in some 25 year old plastic surgeon's pet project girls in gonzo porn? :)

03-03-12  09:52am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of messmer's Reply

Sorry, clicked reply on the wrong part. That was intended for original reviewer. Oh well, it still shows up.

I do wish VB have more small niche stuff but people just do not make that many DVDs of that type of content. Seems like if you want something specific and slightly off the beaten path you much find a site that caters to that specifically. Thank the porn gods for the internet or we could never find porn of a pregnant midget drinking its own pee, or whatever it is one might have a sudden desire to see.

03-03-12  07:22am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of messmer's Reply

I have never had issues with the downloads here. I have at least 12 TB from that site with extremely few problems. Failing at 99% sounds more like an issue to your system. Many download programs will split the files and it could be having issues putting them back together. I have never been throttled by them, even when downloading at 100 MBit or when downloading at 15 but 24/7 for a few months on end.

VB is mainstream because they are a 3rd party site, so that has to be expected. They offer about the same allocations of different types of movies as you would see different types of websites out there. 95% of porn is the same cookie cutter stuff, so that is what they are going to have. They do not make the porn.

03-02-12  03:27pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Seen it a few times. Really pisses me off. When you do that I absolutely will download your whole site. If I were to ever share content with a friend, that would be first just for a little revenge. The more user friendly the site the more respect I give them.

02-21-12  06:42pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No file is too big. I have a 25 GB video. Many files are 2 GB or more. I typically go for the largest files because they usually represent the best quality. Only down side is that hard drive prices have sky rocketed since the flooding.

02-21-12  06:37pm

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