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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ absolutely unique concept
++ unscripted real wrestling
++ girls are mostly friendly to each other during the wrestling (though not in last round)
+ nice girls
+ good video quality (up to HD 1280x720 at about 1.5Mbit/s)
+ updated 5 times a month (with FULL episode every time)
+ user feedback and comments
+ easy site navigation
+ full movie download (instead of ZIPs).
Cons: - action in the last round is scripted
- not too much variety in the last round
- ZIPped video download seems to be gone (replaced with full movie download)
Bottom Line: Recently I re-joined UltimateSurrender and found that now it became even better (sorry for marketing-speak, but that's exactly my feeling).

The site is about girls wrestling almost nude to nude while getting extra points for actions like opponent pussy fingering, smothering her face with pussy and so on. Every match starts with girls wearing panties (recently bikinis were introduced), but they are removed very quickly (panties removal of the opponent means 5 points, so they have an incentive to do it). After the wrestling, winner (with the most points) gets to punish the loser in the so-called "final round", which usually includes mild humiliation, strap-on action (sometimes anal), forced pussy licking and so on.

Kink.com says that wrestling is unscripted, and I do believe it (they're about the only site I believe is unscripted); recently they even started to do some matches in front of live audience. Final round though is scripted almost for sure (or at least very strict restrictions are placed on the winners), which obviously reduces variety of final round a bit.

Video quality is very decent (up to HD 1280x720 at about 1.5Mbit/s; non-HD is also quite good with 960x540 at about 1MBit/s, pictures can be downloaded as ZIPs, recently an option to download whole video has been introduced (instead of ZIP with video parts).

Since my previous review UltimateSurrender has made several improvements, which contributed to making the site "even better". Most importantly,
they introduced tag team matches; one cannot overestimate their importance, they change the game and overall feeling COMPLETELY. The next thing was that they have made tag team matches translated 'live' and in front of live audience (which added some additional twist and adds a bit of variety). As for more minor changes, they have introduced bikinis (IMHO nice touch, but would be nicer if points are given for top removal too), provided a bit better video quality and
fixed problems with their previous crappy login system (now it works like a breeze, no need to relogin after leaving session unattended for a few hours).

Overall, after coming to this site once again, I almost lost doubt that as of now, it is THE VERY BEST site on the net for me personally, so I've upgraded it's rating to 98 (the very first 98 I've ever set on PornUsers).

Bottom line: if you are not scared by "girls-only" action and by the very concept of female wrestling, you shall at least take a look at their tour pages; BTW, better samples about this and the other kink.com sites can be found on free-hardcore.com . Admittedly, it is so unusual, that it can be "love-it-or-hate-it", but if you like the tour and samples, I think you will like it inside too.

04-19-09  11:39pm

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Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ supposedly unscripted action
++ vast variety of games/locations
++ excellent variety of actions
+ action starts from undressing, and progresses to very wild sex
+ models mostly behave believable
++ draw to "witness" next shooting yourself
+ games are integrated into the action
+ very good cameraguy work and lighting
+ online game simulator of the very same game
+ claimed ability to play the same game for real with swinger friends
+ no pre-checked cross-sales (YMMV)
Cons: - most older games are spoken in local language (not English); it would be a big problem, but it is mitigated by subtitles
- online simulator is limited: it is not 3D, and actions are not animated.
- picture quality is limited (1280x720 at most)
Bottom Line: This review is one of my reviews of sites which can be described as "videos about people playing sexual games" (see my reviews of SpicyRoulette and LostBetsGames).

FuckingGamble.com is about swingers gathering to play some game for sex. After every game round, winner takes so-called "action card" to see what they will be doing. "Action cards" progress from simple undressing towards the orgy which usually involves all the players. All the game is supposedly mostly unscripted (and I tend to believe it).

Variety of stuff they have is very good.
It includes variety of scenarios (up to 3 guys + 3 girls, as well as a few all-girl scenarios), variety of actions (up to anal/DP, plus variety of toys), and variety of games and locations (from playing cards indoors to paintball or go karts). Games are somewhat integrated into the action (I shall admit that nude girls running on go karts or playing water polo was quite a sight :-) ).

They claim to have it almost 100% unscripted, and even claim to provide an option for one of the members to see it for himself. On Feb 1 they've launched a process of figuring out who's going to go to one of their April shoots; it is too early to say if it is for real or not, but I will try to get there for sure :-) (in their FAQ they're adamant about not allowing to have sex with models, which IMHO makes chances for it to happen better then for sites like BeTheMask).

Quality of videos is very good to excellent. Cameraguy work and lighting are very good. Technically, it is also very decent: most of the games are 1280x720, with bitrates up to 6MBit/s, in both WMV and MP4. They also have an iPod version, which IMHO is the best-quality adult video I've ever seen for iPod. At least one of newer games was Full HD 1920x1080, with bitrates up to 12MBit/s (I didn't try 12Mbit/s, so cannot comment on quality), and they promise to provide more of such stuff soon.

What I also liked is that they provide LOTS of information, including game rules posted on site, upcoming update schedule, locations, etc. FAQ is HUGE and was quite an interesting read at least for me.

In particular, they claim that you can play the very same game for yourself, either in online simulator or with friends. While I'm not 100% sure it is playable for real by swingers, I shall say that they provide VERY elaborated interface for describing your sexual preferences, so it MIGHT work after all. Game in online simulator is IMHO a nice value-added thing, though YMMV.

Now to the negatives. IMHO the biggest drawback is that most of the games are shot in Hungary, and most of dialogues would be lost if not for subtitles. A few newer games were shot in US with English spoken. Another thing is that picture lovers are likely to be disappointed (1280x720 pictures aren't bad, but not as impressive as FEMJOY).

Bottom line: if you like games and are interested in videos, you should at least take a look at their tour. Most likely, you'll either love it or hate it :-).

02-02-10  06:25am

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Visit The Training Of O

The Training Of O

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + femsub training (by both males and females, but mostly males) combined with sex
+ strong psychological element
+ Safe, Sane and Consensual BDSM
+ most models (both male and female) really love it
+ ability to leave feedback
+ ability to download whole episode as a ZIP
+ video/image quality is good
+ cameraguy work is excellent
+ setups are good
Cons: - still less content than other kink.com sites
- training of the same girl is divided into several episodes (which is ok), but these episodes appear not one after another, which is annoying
Bottom Line: TheTrainingOfO is quite a recent addition to kink.com sites. It is quite similar to SexAndSumbission, but also is very different. The idea is that the same guys take one girl and train her as a good slave. It takes them 4 days to do it (actually 5 with 1 day rest), which means ability to see gradual progress of the girl. Not all girls succeed in training, but most are trained well. Site has very strong psychological element in play, and it's a bit more geared towards domination/submission theme, than towards SM or sex (though there is plenty of both SM and sex too, with all kinds of sex present, including anal).

As all other kink.com sites, TheTrainingOfO is all about SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) BDSM, with most models being really into the scene. Chemistry is usually excellent, and overall feeling is just great.

Site is new, but at this point they've already got about 50 episodes (which is still less than other kink.com sites, but quite enough for me).

Bottom line: one of the best BDSM sites out there, with strong emphasis on psychology, a bit physics, with lots of sex added to the mix. Highly recommended (in a sense, it's "advanced version" of SexAndSubmission, at least for me).

04-14-08  12:09pm

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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - one of the very few "real reality" sites (with no scripts and action developing "as it goes");
- models are extremely good;
- quality is quite good;
- per-episode feedback option;
- ZIPped download option;
- backup credit card processor (increases chances to join if primary one fails)
Cons: - as usual for kink.com sites, problematic authentication system (intermittent problems logging in if for some reason their system thinks you're a Bad Guy);
- no CCBill as credit card processing option (if they would have it, they wouldn't need backup processor at all).
Bottom Line: Belongs to kink.com group, so shares a lot with the other kink.com sites (like hogtied.com and fuckingmachines.com). Shares models with other kink.com sites (though the content is unique for each of their sites).

The site is about girls wrestling half-nude then full-nude, with the winner fucking the loser the way she wants. Wrestling itself seems to be unscripted, rules are publicly available, well-thought out and usually followed (though final fucking definitely has some unpublished restrictions, which probably they should make public). To make wrestling itself more sexual in nature, they've made winning points to be awarded for actions like taking off opponents panties or forced pussy fingering, just to name a few.

One of the most recent improvements they've made is team wrestling - twice hotter action :-).

Bottom line: highly unusual and highly recommended for appropriate niche lovers; completely unique and very well implemented concept.

Follow-up: I've re-joined the site recently and should admit it became even better. The most important improvement is adding of "Tag Team" matches - they're more than twice as hot as usual ones. Upgraded and improved login system doesn't hurt either. As a result, I've updated score from 90 to 95 (it's the very first "95" I've ever put on PU).

10-17-07  02:51am

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Visit Slaves In Love

Slaves In Love

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - maledom/femsub submission and sex;
- in most cases both male and female models seem to enjoy it, so "Slaves In Love" is not just a name;
- creativity; most clips are real videos with a story behind;
- stills/video quality is quite good;
- one of masters/owner seems to be professional composer, so music in clips is outstanding.
Cons: - more than half of updates are stills-only (no video);
- less updates compared to kink.com sites (such as sexandsubmission); still ok though.
Bottom Line: One of the very few decent sites originating from Russia; video clips are in Russian but with subtitles in English. It seems that originally it was created by a composer guy (which explains role of music in some clips), but currently I'm not sure he's also with the site (would be a pity).

Usually they create very intimate and really loving atmosphere, with masters using BDSM implements not as a tool to abuse, but more as a tool to reach mutual excitement (though recently they got a new master which is a bit more into abusing his slaves; not exactly my cup of tea, but overall they're still very loving).

More than a half of updates are stills-only, but the rest are parts of pretty long stories with real (obviously, BDSM-oriented) script behind; scripts are usually extremely well-thought (and IMO create better storyline than, say, costumed porn videos by Private - and it says a lot).

Bottom line: highly recommended for lovers of Safe, Sane and Consentual BDSM niche (opposed to sites simulating rape and violence).

10-17-07  01:48am

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - maledom/femsub submission combined with sex (as site name suggests)
- most models (both male and female) really love it;
- variety; new ideas all the time
- ability to leave feedback (and sometimes even get the answer :-); also they're open to users ideas for future shoots)
- ZIPped downloads (ability to download whole episode as a ZIP)
- video/image quality is good
- cameraguy work is excellent
- setups are very good
- navigation is extremely easy and obvious
Cons: - thrashy billing and authentication system; recurring intermittent problems with logging in
- number of models is rather limited (though models that keep appearing are very good).
Bottom Line: One of kink.com sites (the same company that is famous for their hogtied.com and fuckingmachines.com sites); lots of models are the same with other kink.com sites, though content is unique (sharing models with other sites of similar niches can be good or bad depending on point of view).

As usual for kink.com sites, most (if not all) of the models are really into it, which (if chemistry of specific models matches) creates very strong feeling of the real Safe Sane Consensual BDSM encounter.

Site has very convenient system of member comments, which helps to create 'community feeling'; also it seems that they do read comments and take them into account.

Bottom line: Highly recommended for lovers of this specific niche (Safe, Sane and Consensual BDSM, as opposed to sites simulating rape/violence); definitely best in class.

10-17-07  01:36am

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Visit Spicy Roulette

Spicy Roulette

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ unique idea, with supposedly unscripted action
++ one of the very few sites which play around "strip poker" ("strip roulette", and so on) theme
++ special thanks for sexual "truth or dare"
+ action starts from undressing, and progresses to pretty wild sex
+ models mostly behave believable
+ lots of reasonable and supposedly unscripted dialogs between models (which improves 'reality' feeling)
+ 'girl-next-door' models which adds to 'reality' feeling
+ decent video quality
+ several video formats
+ no pre-checked cross-sales (YMMV)
Cons: -- probably at least somewhat scripted
-- site is quite small (8 episodes, 1 hour each)
- game rules are not posted
- regularity of updates is unclear
- 3rd-party ads on a paysite??
Bottom Line: Being a big fun of sex games in all varieties, and having spent lots of time on finding this unusual stuff, I was pleasantly surprised with SpicyRoulette (I assume it is a very new site, it wasn't even listed on TBP before I've asked for it). IMHO it is a very decent site along the same lines as now discontinued DareRing, but without most of it's deficiencies.

The idea is very simple, they have people take certain random actions in turn, and actions are along the lines of classical "Truth or Dare" with a strong sexual twist. It looks very good, with supposedly unscripted interactions between models, and after a while culminates in an all-out orgy.

So far so good. On the second thought, it makes me a bit suspicious about scripting it. If '0' on roulette means 'all players participate in massive 69', then what would have happened if '0' would come out in the very beginning of the game? My feeling is that there is at least some scripting involved, which isn't too bad, but creates certain negative feeling for me. Still, for the funs of real strip truth or dare (like myself), it is IMHO by far the best site out there.

As it is not described on TBP yet, a few words about technical side: videos are HD 1280x720, WMV 5MBps (there is also a low-res WMV option); there are also MPEG-4 and iPod versions (though iPod wasn't too good); Flash preview is also available.
Pictures are IMHO good (though I'm not an expert in pictures, so please take it with a grain of salt :-)), with most of them of quite strange resolution of 1600x1067, and ZIP-ped download available.

Bottom line: great idea and reasonably good implementation make it a VERY good (and long-needed) successor to DareRing. I would expect it to be an interesting try for anybody interested in videos of real people playing computerless sex games.

12-28-09  01:39am

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Visit Party Hardcore

Party Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ VERY unique idea
++ supposedly amateur girls sucking male strippers in the heat of the party
++ maybe (probably?) there are even REAL amateurs there.
++ action is very hot for supposedly amateur party: stripping, sucking, and up to full sex.
+ decent video quality
+ other OrgyMax sites included
Cons: -- it unclear how much of the action is staged and how much is "real"
- there are no clear markings when one party ends and another starts; took some time to figure it out.
- price
Bottom Line: When I first got to PartyHardcore member zone, I was seriously disappointed. The first clip I've got was some action without beginning and without end, just "out of blue". It took some time to realize that every scene is actually splitted into 4 parts, and that it is completely up to me to find out where the whole scene begins and where it ends. I don't have problems with splitting 2-hour-long movie into 4 updates, but guys, you could at least make it clear that these 4 updates are a part of one big scene.

But when I've got past this initial disappointment and understood how PartyHardcore organizes content, things went much better. First of all, it is a REALLY original idea, not to be found anywhere else. It shows a all-girl party with a few male strippers thrown in. Quite obviously, it starts with the stripper guy stripping, but it doesn't end there. Some girls (most likely professional adult models) start sucking the stripper guys and even fucking them, but the most exciting part of the whole thing is that supposedly amateur girls join them too. It is impossible to judge if there are real amateur girls participating in hardcore action, but it indeed looks rather genuine.

Technically videos are of about average to good quality: recent "normal" videos are 640x360 @1.1kbit/s, HD videos are 1280x720 @3Mbit/s, though I'd say HD ones are rather blurry for this kind of size. Recent pictures are suprisingly clear, though not too big in size.

Bottom line: despite outrageously high price, content (and idea) is absolutely unique, so if you're bored from "same old, same old" stuff, and are excited about the idea of real amateur girls having sex during real party, you might want to try it.

05-20-09  06:13am

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Visit Virtua Girl HD

Virtua Girl HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ stripping girls on desktop as advertised
++ if subscribing, new girl every day
++ girls are hot
++ HUGE variety of girls (comes at the price)
++ variety of outfits
++ several different scenes with the same girl included (from "no nudity" to "full nude")
+ "extra" WMVs and photos of the girl
+ canceling option on site, kudos for webmaster (it shows that they're not looking for "forgotten" subscriptions)
+ option to subscribe OR to buy girls one by one
Cons: -- stripping only (no toys, no fingering, nothing else)
-- not all the girls dance well
-- mood of some girls could be better
- downloads are HUGE
- CPU-intensive (forget about it if you don't have at least Core Duo)
Bottom Line: As it was mentioned by other reviewers, this site is VERY different from the others. When subscribing (for free) you get an application on your desktop which shows you dancing girl(s), one at a time. "Free" version is more like "teasers" with no nudity. Fortunately (for both you and site owners :-)) it's easy to pay them some money to get full versions where girls strip completely (but not much else - there are no toys or fingering on the site). They provide TWO options: either to buy girls one by one (at about $2-$4 per girl, which includes 15-30 min of dancing, SOME of it is full nudity), or to subscribe for a month at $15 and get such a girl every day (but girls are random in this case, and you can't choose which do you want).

Overall, it was surprisingly entertaining, with quality being decent (though I've expected better quality for HD and for download sizes, which can easily be 200M per girl), girls being mostly hot and some even being able to dance (though obviously NOT all of them are professional dancers).

Bottom line: if you're not scared away by "stripping only", it's definitely a nice thing to try, provided that you don't have a kid or boss with a bad habit to look over your shoulder :-).

09-25-08  01:44pm

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Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +++ Some girls are really into anal sex
++ variety of anal-related actions
+ HD video quality (1280x720)
+ frequent updates
+ CCBill billing
Cons: -- locations are dull
- cameraguy work and lighting is just ok (not stellar)
- HD quality is not the best for 2011
- 29.99 is too high for a single site
Bottom Line: When I'm looking at EverythingButt, I simply cannot resist comparing to another site within the same niche, BigWetButts by Brazzers. As I was member of Brazzers more than a while ago, it won't be 100% fair comparison, but I hope it will still be relevant enough.

In my review of Brazzers network, I've said that they would get mark of 90 if they wouldn't cheat their customers. Kink.com and EverythingButt do not cheat, so they should get 90 if they're on par with BigWetButts.

First thing which becomes obvious when looking at EverythingButt videos, is that they're reusing the same SF Armory which is present in all Kink.com shoots. While I think SF armory is perfectly adequate to the BDSM niche (and most of Kink.com are indeed BDSM), I would like more bright setting at least for some of anal site scenes. Also cameraguy work on BigWetButts is stellar, but on EverythingButt it is just ok. Overall, BigWetButts IMHO wins here hands down.

Next thing is models. It is very difficult to find models who like anal, and both EverythingButt and BigWetButts have done tremendous job here. On EverythingButt my personal favorite is Amber Rayne, she likes anal a lot, and on BigWetButts there are several models who are obviously into anal (trio Flower-Harmony-Phoenix is my all-time favorite). I would say EverythingButt and BigWetButts have a tie in this department.

Action: I admit it is on wilder side with EverythingButt (analingus, A2M and so on are rampant), but for me it is a bit too much (on BigWetButts all of it is also present, but a bit milder which suits me personally a bit better). Still, trying to put aside my personal preferences, I'd say it is another tie.

Now to video quality. If not paying for HD on BigWetButts, a year ago you'd get pretty low 768x432 resolution, but it came in 2.3Mbit/s and was absolutely crisp at this resolution. On EverythingButt, it is formally HD (1280x720), but the best I could get for WMV from them, was 1.6Mbit/s which I don't think is enough for HD (it was not as crisp as it should). Overall, I'd also declare it a tie there (though for 2011 I'd expect higher quality, especially from market leader like Kink.com).

Next point to compare. Kink.com traditionally has pricing structure where you need to pay separately for each site (there are discounts, but they're just discounts), and price of 29.99 is IMHO way too high for a single site (Brazzers provide access to the whole network cheaper).

Bottom line: EverythingButt is definitely a well-worthy site for hardcore lovers of anal sex. Still, if not for Brazzers cheating their members, I'd like BigWetButts somewhat better. Hence, I've ranked EverythingButt at high (but not enormously high) 85.

04-17-11  08:31am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ beautiful locations
+++ beautiful models
+++ mostly right mood of the models
+++ professional photography
++ "best of FEMJOY"
+ daily updates
+ variety of video formats
+ reasonable default for pic size (fits into normal screen)
Cons: -- nude-only, almost no undressing
-- movies are recording of photoshoots
- no "extras"
- lack of categorized search
Bottom Line: After trying MetArt (see my review) I've decided to try another top-rated site with about the same idea. As a result of reviews being that close, I will mostly compare these two sites.

But first, I shall note that screenshot on PU doesn't do justice FEMJOY's home page - it looks really ugly, while FEMJOY's design is very clean and clear.

Now to site comparison on different accounts:
1. "Art". IMHO MetArt is a bit better in this category (while FEMJOY is good, MetArt's pictures are IMHO a bit more "artistic", at least the covers).
2. Beauty of the girls. IMHO about the same ("stunning" is the right word for it).
3. Mood of the girls. As it was mentioned about MetArt, girls there look "bored"; as Monahan has put it for MetArt, "There is no real "fire" in many (most?) of the pics". It is IMHO MUCH better with FEMJOY, so FEMJOY is a clear winner here.
4. Quality of photography. IMHO about the same (MetArt has better "covers", but FEMJOY gets it IMHO a bit better "inside" galleries).
5. Beauty of locations. IMHO MetArt has a bit better locations overall.
6. Variety. Because of clothing and undressing on MetArt, they win this one.
7. "Extras". Free web-cam obviously brings MetArt some extra value.

Bottom line: these 2 sites (FEMJOY and MetArt) represent about the same niche, and while they obviously have their differences, overall I can't say that one is clearly better than the other one, hence the same rating for FEMJOY as it was for MetArt.

10-01-08  12:44am

Replies (2)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ beautiful locations
+++ VARIETY of beautiful locations
+++ beautiful models
+++ professional photography
++ variety of outfits
++ free cam
+ daily updates
+ variety of video formats
+ convenient navigation
Cons: -- too much difference between cover page and gallery contents (see explanation below)
-- mood of some models can be better
-- movies are just recording of photoshoots
- resolution selection is not preserved
- obsession with bandwidth for movies (6Mbit/sec WMV is too much for me)
- lack of search
Bottom Line: I've decided to join Met-Arts mostly because of cover pages of their daily issues, and those are pieces of art, really. But what really surprised and quite disappointed me was that inside their galleries feel quite different from the cover page. Met-Art doesn't "cheat", and "cover" is from the same gallery, but overall feeling is still VERY different. Sure, everybody selects the very best shot for cover page, but IMHO Met-Arts kind of contrast between cover and gallery itself is unusual both for paper magazines and web sites. Fortunately, Met Art has archives and IMHO back in 2006 and earlier this difference WASN'T THAT BIG. In general, I liked old galleries MUCH better. It's both good and bad to know, as on one hand, it means I can find galleries I like more, on the other hand, means that quality of Met-Art galleries (from my subjective perspective) goes downhill :-(.

Another thing that bothered me (and which isn't present on "covers") is mood of the girls. Granted, they're REALLY beautiful, but it is quite clear from the pictures (and videos) that most of them are just doing pretty boring job; I don't mind what they really think, but when it becomes obvious on the picture, then IMHO something is wrong. And again, this wasn't that much of a problem as late as in 2007.

In addition, I shall say that I'm not fond of picture sizes like 3328x4992: I never print such pictures, I don't have monitor that large, and don't think I will ever get one in foreseeable future (monitor with 4992 HEIGHT? even if such a beast exists, I'm afraid even to think how much it costs). I obviously don't mind about such pictures as long as Met-Arts provides lower resolutions, but I don't consider such HUGE pictures as an advantage too. But one thing calls for improvement, and it is that if I've selected "Mid-Res" once, then ALL the galleries shall start to be shown as "Mid-Res" (now they still default to "Hi-Res").

Bottom line: Met Art is one of VERY few sites on the Net with potential to make erotic ART, but unfortunately it (IMHO) doesn't realize this potential. Also I had a pretty hard time rating it, so to do it, I've compared how much I enjoy it with another softcore site I've recently joined - VirtuaGirlHD (I know it's apples and oranges, but I don't have any better reference). And IMHO MetArt's old galleries are about on par with VirtuaGirlHD (88), and recent ones are significantly lower, about 82, so I've took average (85) as an overall rating.

09-29-08  05:34am

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Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + genuine real swingers
+ recent videos are of very good quality (not Hollywood and not Private DVDs, but still quite good 1280x720).
+ occasional acting guys as cameraguys is an interesting twist adding reality feeling
+ variety (what about DP scene shot completely in infrared? :-))
+ decent post-processing (especially for amateur clips)
+ active forum
+ calendar of recent and upcoming updates
+ overall excellent job of webmaster
Cons: - some models look booored while doing it
- older videos are of poor quality
- even not so old videos (720x480) have significant visible interlacing, so ONLY most recent ones are good
- cameraguy work sometimes isn't too good
Bottom Line: it is a quite a unique site aiming at showing real swingers, and I should admit it's the best such attempt I've seen to date. Formally it consists of a bunch of individual model sites under single umbrella, but essentially done by the same people and very consistent.

These guys and girls look as they're doing it for real (at least most of the time); it's full of conversations which show it's indeed for real, and most of them are having fun. On the other hand, sometimes models have such a boored expression on the face, that it ruins much of reality feeling; fortunately it doesn't happen too often (personally I especially liked Brooke for her "live" face).

Variety is excellent - any kind of group action is here (except for anything MM), up at least to 3+3, with significant amount of anal and DP thrown in, and occasional twists like infrared shot or interracial guy.

Technically recent videos are VERY good (VERY decent 1280x720 at 3Mbit/s), but more earlier ones aren't so good; even 720x480 has interlacing problems which pretty much ruin quality when panning.

Website is excellent too, it has lots of features to make it more enjoyable (like search through all the sub-sites or slideshow); the only thing I found missing is ZIPped picture download.

Bottom line: VERY decent site for lovers of amateur orgy sites with not so amateurish quality; for lovers of this niche it is HIGHLY recommended (it would get even higher rating if not for some boored model faces).

05-21-08  12:51pm

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Visit Big Sister Live

Big Sister Live

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + unique idea (live cams in real brothel)
+ it seems to really work as advertised
+ choice of monthly subscription or pay per minute
+ with monthly subscription there are no extra charges
+ quality is very good for webcam
+ video archives of past encounters
+ events (like "live gangbang")
Cons: - horrible login system (see my comment)
- "hot time" is about midday EST only
- video archives are streaming-only
- no subtitles so conversation is unclear
Bottom Line: It is a very unique site effectively creating a very new niche. They say it is a real brothel (in Prague) with live webcams there, and I beleive it. For me just a notion that it happens for real and I can go there and be one of those guys is a turn-on (not that I'm going to do it :-)).

As they say, it works quite simple - it is a real brothel, where guys come and have sex with girls for free in exchange for right to translate it over the Internet worldwide. They have lobby with customers choosing the girls and some strip dancing going on (ranging from "very boring" to "just boring"), and several webcams there. When customer chooses the girl, they come to one of private rooms (there are several) where they have several webcams too, so the whole encounter is translated 'live'.

Quality is decent for webcam (they can stream from 500kbit/s down to 100kbit/s). As with any brothel, it is pretty deserted except for "hot time" (like 6PM to 10PM local time in Prague, or 11AM to 3PM EST). For those who cannot see it live because of timing, there are archives (with surprisingly wide range of activities - from anal/DP to SM - it seems they're doing just everything in Prague brothels). Archives are streaming-only :-(.

Bottom line: very innovative idea and very good execution of the idea. If you're turned on by the very idea of spying the real brothel (or turned on by the idea you can fuck the same girl for real), this site is definitely worth a try IMHO.

12-11-07  12:37pm

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Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + maledoms fucking femsubs (as advertised)
+ really unique content
+ a bit harder than rival SexAndSubmission, but still Safe, Sane and Consensual
+ most models (both male and female) seem to enjoy it
+ ability to leave feedback
+ ability to rate episodes
+ ability to download whole episode as a ZIP
+ video/image quality is ok
+ setups are good
+ site navigation is easy and obvious
+ normal billing/authentication system (a nice change after kink.com sites)
+ regular updates
Cons: - essentially mimicked after SexAndSumbission
- not that much content
Bottom Line: It looks that Twisted Factory tries to repeat success of kink.com with a pretty similar series of sites. In particular, Twisted Factory's FuckedAndBound is pretty obviously copied from kink.com's SexAndSubmission (see my review of the latter). It doesn't mean that such a 'copy' site is necessarily a bad thing - after all, being able to see more models is always a plus. Still, I cannot help to keep comparing FuckedAndBound to SexAndSubmission.

So, overall FuckedAndBound looks VERY similar to SexAndSubmission. Not only features as ZIPped download and ability to leave feedback are almost indistinguishable, but also site design is very similar. What is important though, is that models are different (they're common for different TwistedFactory's sites, but seem to be quite different from kink.com's sites).

As for the content, I'd say it's a bit harder than SexAndSubmission, and that more attention is paid to physics rather than psychology, which is not necessarily a bad thing (depends on taste).

Video quality is ok (640x480x1000kBit/s WMV, but not really crisp, which makes it a bit worse, than its arch-rival); QuickiTime is also an option; ZIPped downloads are available.

Bottom line: if trying to join the first site of this niche, I'd still recommend SexAndSubmission (or another kink.com site TheTrainingOfO, or even milder SlavesInLove), but if you have already been there and want something a bit different FuckedAndBound would be an excellent choice.

10-31-07  02:31pm

Replies (8)
Visit Zenra.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ very original content
+++ no, make it EXTREMELY original content
++ LOTS of content
++ obviously VERY expensive and unusual setups
+ pretty good overall video quality
+ CCBill as a processor
Cons: --- Japanese-only with no dubbing or subtitles
-- infamous Japanese pixelation
-- no ZIPped downloads (downloading 24 pieces per episode is REALLY annoying).
- encoding quality is rather poor for the bandwidth
- XDiv only
- site design
Bottom Line: This site is SO unusual, that it will most likely cause immediate "love or hate" feeling for many people.

The content is EXTREMELY unusual. What about all-nude all-girl orchestra playing Mozart or all-nude Swan Lake ballet? Unless the content is stolen from some other site, I don't think you'll find something like this elsewhere. And they have TONS and TONS of content (they claim 392G, and they're probably accurate about it, but see below). Now to the bad. First of all, all the dialogs are in Japanese, and they're important for the storyline (yes, there IS storyline there) and translation (either dubbing or subtitles) would be VERY useful. Then, all movies are "pixelated" (as it is common in Japan).

The rest of my ranting is about technical issues. Movies are HUGE (episode can be 2hours, and with 1.2-1.6Mbit/s encoding they easily take 1-1.5G each). To add injury to insult, these 1-1.5G are split into 6-min downloads, so it's 20-24 separate files per episode, ouch. And while encoding quality isn't bad, it's definitely isn't the best for the bandwidth (I've seen much better than 768x540 in 1.6MBit/s), plus only in XDiv, which I consider as a minus too.

Bottom line: if you're into Japanese girls or into VERY unusual setups, take a look at the site, what you see in previews is what you get (but keep in mind that there won't be any English there), and then you'll either love it or hate it.

09-16-08  12:31pm

Replies (11)
Visit Zenra.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ EXTREMELY original content
++ VERY expensive and unusual setups
+ LOTS of content
+ added DVDs
Cons: - video quality is often mediocre
- pixelation
- navigation/design is horrible
Bottom Line: I've already reviewed this site earlier, and now came back to it again. In short - it is still a site with LOTS and LOTS of VERY unusual Japanese content (contests of 64 nude girls, topless gymnastics, parties where girls are getting nude and being fucked, and so on). Video quality is at best mediocre (I'd even say poor for 2011), plus there is pixelation over genitals (reportedly it is a law in Japan), but scenarios are so unusual, that it still may be worth the try.

What has changed since my last review:
- a LOT more content has been added, much appreciated
- it includes some full DVDs, also a good thing
- these DVDs are usually in MPEG1 or MPEG2 format, which is an insult in year 2011 (quality is poor while size is large).
- they have added full versions of the DVDs, so they can be downloaded in one piece
- as a side effect, navigation has became very confusing

Bottom line: the only thing which makes it worthwhile, is UNIQUE content, the rest (video quality and convenience of use) is poor to very poor. Still, as they're the only site (at least as far as I know) with this kind of content, it may be worth a try, especially for fans of Japanese porn.

04-28-11  12:17am

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Visit Fully Clothed Sex

Fully Clothed Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ "Fully Clothed" fetish as advertised
++ additional variety because of different clothing and different handling of it
++ EXCELLENT lighting/cameraguy work
+ decent video quality (including HD WMV @3Mbit/s)
+ EXTREMELY clear pictures (despite lower resolution of 1024x683)
+ weekly updates
+ full scene downloads
+ ZIP-ped picture sets
+ access to the rest of OrgyMax network (including PartyHardcore)
Cons: -- about the same action all the time (2girls+guy, from oral to full sex)
- pictures are of lower resolution (1024x683)
Bottom Line: Fully Clothed Sex is one of OrgyMax sites. While I've joined OrgyMax because of PartyHardcore (see my review on it), nevertheless I think FullyClothedSex is an addition worthy spending time on writing it's own review.

Overall, this site is about (surprise, surprise ;-) ) Fully Clothed Sex. Several girls (or guys) gather together, but unlike most of the other sites, they don't rush to undress before having sex. It includes all kinds of mini-variations, from the girl just pulling her skirt up and sliding her panties aside, to the guy tearing away her jeans. Action is usually boy/girl/girl with an occasional boy/boy/girl, always oral and full penetration, no anal (at least I didn't find one). Lighting and cameramen work are EXCELLENT.

Answering questions of Wittiguy in comments: while pictures are still 1024x683, they're EXTREMELY clear (not sure if it was the case before). As for videos, now there is an option to download the whole scene (20-25 minutes), and "standard" WMVs are 640x360 @1.1kbit/s, with HD videos added of 1280x720 @3Mbit/s (though as with PartyHardCore, I think they're on a blurrier side for this bitrate).

Bottom line: while I'm not sure this site could stay on it's own (especially with the price like this), I think it is a very good bonus to those who want to join some other OrgyMax site (probably PartyHardcore, though your tastes may vary). Or if you're into exactly this fetish, it should be a very good shot too.

05-21-09  09:38am

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Visit Diabolic


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + full Diabolic videos
+ videos are often released on site almost simultaneously with DVD releases
+ tons of videos
+ production quality (setups, lighting, cameraguy work) is extremely good (not surprising for Diabolic videos)
+ frequent updates
Cons: - even newer videos are of not that good encoding quality (640x480x1.5MBit/s); while appropriate for some other stuff, Diabolic videos suffer from it greatly
- video quality of old videos is really low (400x300x650kBit/s)
- content within the same series is repetitive and soon becomes boring
- girls aren't always pretty (not that surprising for this kind of content, but Diabolic could probably do better)
- swindling attempt by Diabolic/Epoch (see my comment)
Bottom Line: I should say that as a strange side effect of subscribing to this site I became a bit disappointed not about this site, but about Diabolic as a movie studio. While their movies are of really good quality (setups, lighting, cameraguy work) especially by adult web standards, seeing all of them in one place reveals that there are quite few themes and most of them quickly become quite repetitive.

Other than that, there is not much to say in addition to TBP site facts. Yes, they are full Diabolic videos, yes, there are lots of them, yes, they're released to the site very close to releasing DVDs, but quality isn't nearly that good that you'll get on DVD (and for Diabolic videos you will see the difference, it's NOT homemade production which doesn't suffer from encoding); older videos are of measly 400x300, newer are 640x480 but I've seen better encoding at this resolution, in particular color balance looks very degraded compared to Diabolic DVDs). Sex (as usual for Diabolic) is on rough side, with lots of anal/DP/A2M and other such stuff, but girls aren't always really pretty (not too surprising, but Diabolic could probably do better).

Bottom line: could be really good site for Diabolic fans or fans of professionally shot rough porn, but only if you don't care too much about encoding quality. Personally I'd prefer to see less videos and/or only older ones, but of significantly higher quality.

02-01-08  11:23am

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Visit Funny BDSM

Funny BDSM

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + really funny stories (for not "Real BDSM" episodes)
+ really good setups (costumes and so on)
+ recent videos are of good quality (2MBit/s WMV)
+ lots of episodes
+ dated updates once a week
Cons: - "Real BDSM" stories have strong "abusing" context
- outrageous price
- older videos are RealPlayer-only
- no "all episode" download
- pics are vidcaps only
Bottom Line: FunnyBDSM leaves a lot of mixed feelings. First of all, content can be divided into two distinct categories: episodes labeled "Real BDSM" and episodes not labeled as such. "Real BDSM" isn't something really special, but quite usual (and annoying for me) BDSM movies with strong "abuse women" theme. Other episodes (not labeled as "Real BDSM") are mostly fun: while "abuse" theme is also present there, but it's usually so grotesque that neither myself nor models can take it serious; there is no real BDSM there too and it's pretty obvious (yes, they show marks on bodies but they're fake). "Court of Justice" and "Heil Dickler" series are prominent examples of episodes I consider funny. In all the episodes (both "Real BDSM" and not "Real BDSM" ones) there is usually some sex action in addition to BDSM (up to occasional anal).

On technical side: site is updated weekly, and each new episode consists of 2-4 about-5-minute clips. Quality of recent clips is very good (2MBit/s WMV + some RealPlayer), but older ones are RealPlayer-only and aren't as crisp.

Bottom line: if leaving outrageous price out of consideration, clips not marked as "Real BDSM" could be quite interesting for a change; unfortunately, most of recent clips are "Real BDSM". "Real BDSM" clips are about "abuse women" theme rather than "Safe, Sane and Consensual" BDSM (though a few most recent clips seem to migrate in that direction), with medium intensity, including sex.

01-28-08  07:22am

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Visit Messy Gang Bangs

Messy Gang Bangs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + young chicks in hardcore action
+ chicks are HOT
+ most of girls seem to like it
+ variety of setups
+ all MMF action you can get, up to 3M+3F and up to DP/DPP/DAP
+ easy navigation
+ "one big clip" download
+ access to Jerk-Off Pass network (27 more sites)
+ CCBill as card processor
Cons: - pics are just screencaps
- not many updates expected (as with other sites of the network)
- annoying login (with difficult to recognize image recognition), auto-logouts.
Bottom Line: Here goes yet another review of yet another Jerk-Off Pass site.

As the site name suggests, this site as about gangbangs (no idea why they named site "messy gangbangs", but gangbangs are here in every episode, no doubt about it :-)).

Site has about 30 episodes, 20-30 min each. Each site has plenty of MMF action, starting from 3M+1F and ending with 3M+3F or 4M+2F. Action always involves some DP, sometimes DPP or DAP. And IMHO the most important and attractive thing about this site is that girls seems to REALLY like most of the action, including anal and DP; IMHO it's a nice change from the most of the "reality" sites playing "abuse" theme.

Cameraguy work is decent, setups are good, but video encoding could be better (as with other Jerk-Off Pass sites, it is not really crisp 1.2MBit/s 640x480). Pictures are just 640x480 screencaps. Updates are not dated and most likely are infrequent (as well as for the other sites of the same network).

Site also borrows some good and bad features from the other sites of the same network, such as "one big clip" download on the plus side and very annoying login system on the minus side.

Bottom line: a very good site for those who like MMF action, and if updated frequently, could even stand on it's own. Without frequent updates, probably wouldn't be worth it as a standalone site, but access to whole network easily makes up for lack of updates.

01-08-08  08:48am

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Visit My Black Coeds

My Black Coeds

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + young black chicks in hardcore action
+ chicks are HOT
+ cameraguy work is above average
+ reasonable action variety (anal is frequent, sometimes up to DP and even DPP)
+ easy navigation
+ "one big clip" download
+ access to Jerk-Off Pass network (27 more sites)
+ CCBill as card processor
Cons: - pics are just screencaps
- not many updates (thecid66 review says 29 episodes in April-07, not it's like 35-40)
- annoying login (with difficult to recognize image recognition), auto-logouts.
Bottom Line: In an ongoing effort to cover Jerk-Off Pass network, here goes another review of one of their sites.

My Black Coeds is one of the better sites of Jerk-Off Pass. It is about hot (and I mean REALLY hot) black girls in hardcore action. There are about 35-40 episodes on the site (each is 20-30 min video), and all are within the theme. Action varies from just B/G hardcore to DP. Cameraguy work and setups are very good, but video encoding is typical for Jerk-Off Pass network ("average", not so clear 640x480). Pictures on this site are just 640x480 screencaps.

Site also borrows some (mildly) annoying features of the whole network: infrequent updates and very annoying login system.

Bottom line: a good site for those who're into young black girls. Access to the rest of the Jerk-Off Pass network easily compensates for infrequent updates on this specific site.

01-02-08  05:38am

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Visit Dirty Babysitter

Dirty Babysitter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + young chicks in hardcore action
+ chicks are cute
+ plot is fun
+ video quality is better than average
+ creativity (different setups and combinations)
+ both screenshots and real pics
+ easy navigation
+ "one big clip" download
+ access to Jerk-Off Pass network (27 more sites)
+ CCBill as card processor
Cons: - not many updates (TGP review lists 32+ episodes mid-06, not it's like 50+)
- plot is unbelievable (but still fun)
- allegebly it's just fragments from movies (so it's not exclusive) - see pat362's comment
- annoying login (with difficult to recognize image recognition), auto-logouts.
Bottom Line: Though this site belongs to the same JerkOffPass network that several other sites I've recently reviewed, but it stands out of the other JerkOffPass sites, and to the good. The only annoying things it shares with the rest of JerkOffPass sites are login system and average video encoding quality (though cameraguy work is much better than that of the other sites).

There are 50+ episodes there (each is 20-30 min video), and all seem to be within "babysitting" theme (with appropriate plot and dialogs). Girls are cute, action is hot, variety (setups and action) is very good (action varies from plain B/G to DP), cameraguy work is very good too. Video encoding is typical for the JerkOffPass network (which means "very average").

Pat362 wrote that this site just publishes pieces of movies published by some studios (see his comment); I cannot confirm or deny this claim, but it looks quite likely to me: quality of cameraguy work and post-production is much better than for the other network sites and very good, but encoding still suffers and isn't a match for cameraguy work; clips (unlike other network sites) are 16:9.

Bottom line: overall very good (though probably non-exclusive and rarely updated) site, especially for those into hardcore video action with young girls, and/or interested in access to the rest of the network.

12-20-07  11:40am

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Visit Westcoast Gangbangs

Westcoast Gangbangs

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + amateur site with girls who don't looks as acting
+ run by a group of gangbangers themselves
+ they claim models are amateurs who just like to gangbang, and I tend to beleive them
+ everybody seems to have fun
+ ample amount of content
+ community of gangbangers (contacts of girls doing parties etc.) - didn't try myself though :-)
Cons: - have to confirm observation on 'too many gaps' in video;
- amateurish lighting and camerawork (hey guys, amateur site doesn't necessarily mean amateurish video);
- back when I was member, video quality was so-so
- not so frequent updates
- back when I was member, design was pretty uninspiring (seem to change by now though)
Bottom Line: West Coast Gang Bangs is an interesting site which seems to be run exactly as they describe: they do look for girl who wants to gangbang (in exchange for money or footage) and gangbang her. Girls usually like it though, so it's not only about money at least for most of them :-).

It's a stunning difference from most of reality sites which just pretend that they shoot things for real (come on, does anybody really believe a story behind famous BangBus that guys just roam streets in a bus, find a girl and fuck her?). I'm not going to argue whether it is good or bad, just want to point difference of West Coast Gang Bang in this regard - it DOES look that these guys are doing it for real, which might be a turn on for somebody (like myself).

Camerawork at the time I was member was amateurish, and quality of videos was mediocre. In addition, I have to agree with nygiants03 that the way it's edited leaves a lot to be desired - there are lots of gaps within the movie (probably in part because all the guys take turns to camera it), and it hurts overall feeling a lot.

Bottom line: if you're into real amateur gangbang action, it's the site to join; if you're into amateur sex or gangbang - you may want to consider it.

10-26-07  01:14pm

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Visit Porno 4 Portables

Porno 4 Portables

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - videos in iPod format; iPod encoding quality is quite good;
- overall encoding quality is not bad (though in 1500kBit/s it is possible to do much better than 640x360).
- cameraguy work is decent
- quite significant variety of actions (from B/G to group/DP and MILF)
- updates several (5?) times a week
- I like design and navigation (probably they changed it since official TBP review)
Cons: - iPod movies have no chapters, which makes viewing more difficult; significant minus for iPod-oriented site
- iPod video is only 320x240 (which is not a problem for iPod itself)
- nothing really unique about content on this site; while scenes are (supposedly) exclusive for kickass network, it still doesn't have any kind of action you cannot find elsewhere.
- lighting and post-editing (namely color balance) can be improved
Bottom Line: This site seems to be 100% clone of kickass.com now.

iPod support does indeed exist (it really plays on iPod), but with 2 drawbacks. One is that videos are available in 320x240 only; while it's not a problem when playing it on iPod itself (it has 320x240 screen anyway), it is a problem for bigger screens such as Apple TV. Second drawback is that clip is not divided into chapters, which makes viewing on iPod more difficult. While both issues would be not too bad for a site that just provides iPod as as one of the options, for iPod-oriented site ithey look as a significant oversight.

Content essentially consists of content of several sites comprising kickass network (such as "10 Man Cum Slam" or "Inseminated by 2 Black Men"), which does provide good variety between these sub-sites, but within each such sub-site most of the videos are of "seen one of them - seen them all" type (except maybe for movies labeled as KickAss - they do have more than one theme behind). Therefore, with more and more regular sites supporting iPod formats, this site is losing uniqueness, quickly becoming 'YAWN' (Yet Another Wanking Network) site.

Bottom line: if you're into iPod porn videos, it's definitely not bad (though lighting and post-editing can be improved); on the other hand, it presents quite standard mix of content, so if you're into some specific niche and want it for iPod, keep looking, as more and more sites seem to add iPod support.

10-22-07  09:22am

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