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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Khan's Reply

Yes, you are right!
I checked the situation at the moment I received Vegas Ken's message, but I didn't check again 2 days later when I wrote my reply: I see the situation has changed now. And yes, this is exactly what I meant! So, thank you! :)
I sincerely hope this helps to convince this company to change their attitude towards their customers and clean up their act.

03-04-14  11:08pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Vegas Ken's Reply

Hi Vegas Ken,

strictly speaking I don't have "an outstanding issue with GGG", since I was able to get my money back after putting enough pressure on them. On the other hand, the problem hasn't been solved: the only way to legally obtain GGG-movies is to become a member of this website (I am not interested in buying physical DVD's), and the current issues with the website means it's simply not possible to obtain their material legally.

Like I have stated before, there is no "technical difficulty" whatsoever this problem with unsubscribing. It's plain and simple: they simply refuse to make a simple procedure to unsubscribe and willfully don't provide any clear information to their subscribers how they can unsubscribe. This shows an incredible amount of disrespect to those people that make the decision NOT to pirate their material, but actually pay for it.

Apart from that is the issue that they sell personal information of their subscribers to spammers, no matter how hard they deny it. I just don't believe in "coincidence"; my subscription email address had been spam-free for years. From the moment I subscribed I started to receive massive amounts of spam, not only that: I was addressed with my full name. Until the moment I subscribed I have never ever associated my full name with this email account, 100% certain! I had to do it now, because my name is on the credit card.

As far as I am concerned I think pornusers.com should take their responsibility and stop promoting a membership to this website until they clean up their act. One easy way if they are actually willing to improve is to check if they finally update their FAQ and provide information on how their subscribers can unsubsribe, using a method which is not unnecessary complicated.

People that are actually willing to obtain porn legally deserve respect. This company doesn't give any respect: they abuse their customers. A website like pornusers.com should help stop these malafide practices.

With kind regards,

03-04-14  12:31pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of hs1648's Reply

That's very strange that you don't get this checkmark. I'm positive you get this signup screen when logging in from both Sweden and the Netherlands.

Checkmarks in itself are quite "common" indeed, but this one is deliberately very very tricky. Because both sites are the same price, it is very easy to read the second sentence below the checkmark as part of the GGG-signup; because it is the same price you don't realize this refers to the myporndowmloads.com website, and this is an EXTRA.

Any bonafide website wouldn't try such a trick. I'm not talking about "illegal" but simply about basic respect to customers.

GGG is fighting a battle against piracy, I'm a big fan of their work, and would like to obtain their content LEGALLY. But thanks to EuroRevenue they make it simply impossible and that's a real shame.

I am an active gangbanger, and I know quite a few girls that have been working for GGG. I'll bring this issue up on a next gangbang and see if I can find a way to address this issue to John Thompson or Victoria or anyone else. At this point I still like to believe that they agree with me that you shouldn't punish the people that actually pay for their content rather than pirating it.

02-01-14  01:47pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of hs1648's Reply

"But I don't understand what you are saying about them tricking you into paying for an additional site. I just had a look at ggg sign-up page, and it simply says that I'm about to pay 19.95$ for a one month membership."

Look, this is the normal sign-up screen: http://imgur.com/5TwPeV0
Look at the checkmark in front of "I would like to buy 1 Day Free Membership..". By default, this is checkmarked. This is a scam to make you sign up for myporndownloads.com, which costs an EXTRA $39.95 per month (not coincidentally the same price as the GGG site, to confuse you ! ). They calculate on people forgetting to uncheck this confusing button, and steal an extra $39.95 from them.

Yes, 'only spamming' is annoying, but they DO give away your name as well. (I'm 100% sure it's them, because I have a habit of making slight changes in the way I spell my name ;) ), so you'll receive dozens of emails that address you by full name.

These people are completely disrepectful, making sure that the people that are honest enough to pay for GGG-content are punished. And that's a damn shame.

And sorry to hear that others had problems with CentroBill as well (my creditcard company is eager to hear about that too); in my case this worked very well.Everything was setteled within 24 hours.
(and AFTER that, the EuroRevenue people started responding.. some 3 weeks after I tried contacting them..)

02-01-14  10:55am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of hs1648's Reply

The real thing is, there is no problem at all: anyone can cancel their description directly here: https://centrobill.com/consumer/
At the CentroBill website you can also login with your subscription details and reclaim any unrightful credit card transactions.

The REAL problem is that EuroRevenue is simply dishonest and they refuse to give this important bit of information to their customers.
The same dishonesty and disrespect in the sign-up process when they try to trick you to sign up for ANOTHER website at $34.95 per month, without making this clear.
And the same disrespect they sell all your information, including your real name, to every spammer in the universe, and you'll receive dozens of spam messages every day, many of which use your own name.

These people are completely unworthy of distributing GGG content. Too bad it is the only way to obtain GGG movies legally. It is very unwise to subscribe to their website. They "thank" the honest GGG-consumer by deceiving and stealing from them.
Way to go, EuroRevenue! And "thank" you very much!

02-01-14  06:14am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Sumom Ltd's Reply

They are always VERY quick to answer these complaints, but they don't really have the intention to do anything.
-they STILL like to trick you to sign up for another paid website at an extra $34.95 pm in a very sneaky way
-they have NO respect for your privacy: they pass on your real name to spammers and you get spammed to death with your real name all over the internet
-they still REFUSE to properly inform you on their website on how to cancel an account making the procedure unnessecary difficuylt. ALL subscriptions can be cancelled direclty and without pain here: https://centrobill.com/consumer/
GGG/Eurorevenues simply lies to you when they say that it cannot be done this way. It's CentroBill that handles the accounts, NOT EuroRevenue: they are the middleman.

Eurorevenue has no intention to treat their paying customers with any respect, making it impossible to legally watch online GGG movies. And that is a shame.
It's VERY unwise to trust these people with your credit card info.

02-01-14  06:07am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Sumom Ltd's Reply

"But you should also be able to make a cancelrequest via the form on our members area."

O really, Nicky??
That's not what your ToS 7.4 says: it explicitly states that using the form on e-support24.com is THE ONLY way to cancel the membership. This is a lie.

And what does your FAQ say about cancelling a membership? O yes, you "forgot" to include that in your FAQ.

Here is for everyone else who is cheated by this club. Go to this web-address: https://centrobill.com/consumer/index.php
There you will find buttons to cancel any membership instantly, an overview of all your payments, and a button to reclaim any payments that you consider unfair.
This way you directly deal with the people that actually control the memberships and payments, rather than these eurorevenue folks.
Also, this is the only way to make clear to centrobill.com that one of their clients behave in a unacceptable fraudulent way.

Still, also make a complaint to your creditcard company; they will contact centrobill.com and this way it puts pressure on them to deal with their client Eurorevenue.

Last, contact-info of the actual GGG movie company can be found on this page: http://www.ggg-film.de/ggg-john-thompson/info/
John Thompson Productions is very active in fighting piracy, and they'll be interested in hearing stories on how their fans who watch their movies in a legal way get cheated by the company that has exclusive rights handling their online content.

This behaviour has to stop.

-CENTROBILL has officially acknowledged my membership is cancelled (within 24 hours they replied)
-CENTROBILL has accepted my request for a refund

..and after all that: the eurorevenue-support send me a short message "Sorry for the late answer due to our technical difficulties. We have already processed the issue.."

Yeah right.. "technical difficulties". How hard is it to put a hyperlink to centrobill.com? 30 seconds work??

01-23-14  02:52am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Sumom Ltd's Reply

OK, "Nicky" replied:

"Hi I have forwarded this to the customer support. I myself can't do the cancel or refund but I can personaly email them which I have done now.


Note how she doesn't really say anything. To which 'customer support' has she sent it? Eurorevenue.com? Or Centrobill.com?
And of course, she herself can't do anything. And again: NO confirmation that my subscription has been officially ended.

It is better to address centrobill.com directly. Also you can cancel your subscription there. When you log in with email/username/last 4 digits of your card, you can see an overview of all your creditcard transactions, click the 'refund' button, and explain why this transaction was fraudulent.

As far as I understand it now: centrobill.com is the company that actually does the financial transactions and keeps track on who is a member of what side.
"Nicky" and "eurorevenue.com" are the owners of the websites, and use centrobill.com services.
I have a good feeling that the problem isn't with centrobill, but with eurorevenue.

What I am going to find out is what the relationship between eurorevenue and the actual GGG/John Thompson company is. I can't imagine this is real GGG policy. I think Eurorevenue simply buys the license for their online streaming/downloadable content.

So, it might be a good idea to contact GGG as well. I will update when I find out more.

01-22-14  07:45am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Baersday's Comment

Hi Baersday, I am a victim of this fraud too. I found that Centrobill.com can be reached directly, without this "Nicky"/"e-support24.com/".

Go here: https://centrobill.com/consumer/index.php
click: 'cancel membership' and provide them the asked information. After that you will see all your creditcard transactions and a button to request a refund. Click that, and give them the info about how you tried to cancel your subscription and how they ignored you.

On the same website you can also click 'contact support', and choose Nature of Problem/Request: 'Fraudulent charge'

I don't know yet if they respond, but at least you are at the source, and not responding to the middleman..\
If Centrobill does not respond: my creditcard company (Mastercard) was pretty reassuring about getting the money refunded, and about not letting more transactions take place (you don't even have to mention "German Goo Girls" to them, if you rather not... ;) )

It's a bit difficult to find out who-is-who exactly in this mess, but I have the idea the centrobill.com itself are trying to be a bonafide company, and it's this euroreveneu.com/e-support24 that is making the mess.
We'll find out.. I never let someone steal from me ;)

01-22-14  05:52am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Creditcard Fraud!! Please read if you are a victim too.

This website makes it impossible to cancel your subscription: they deliberately make it as obscure as possible to explain to you how you can end your subscription. They only give you one option - requesting via an online chatform on this webpage: http://e-support24.com/ . And that webpage is "broken". Any emails sent to support@e-support24.com are only anwered by some vague automated messages, leading you to believe they HAVE received your request to cancel, but then will bill you again.

Not directly relates with this creditcare scam is, but indicating this company isn't very bonafide:
-the fact that they sell all your private information (including real name!!) to spammers, and your emailaccount will get spammed from the day you sign up with them
-when subscribing to this website they try to trick you in a very sneaky way to sign up for another (payed!) website that you never asked for.

Look at the other complaints on this website and see how the webmaster "Sumom Ltd"/"Nicky" always reacts within hours, telling you about a "communication problem" that is "unacceptible", requesting you to either email to nicky@eurorevenue.com or support@eurorevenue.com.
This shows that they CAN respond to you almost immediately. However, when you do: again no response.
I tried 4 times now: no reaction.

The only way to stop this is via the creditcard companies. If you are a victim too, and they have taken money from your account after you tried to cancel: Please, inform your credit card company:
Show them:
-their Tos, especially 7.4, which clearly states there is only ONE way to cancel the subscription
-explain how that webpage that is referred to in 7.4 is dysfunctional
-make sure you keep your emails that you have send to them, indicating you want to cancel your subscription
-provide them with links to this, and other review websites, which have comments from others that have been scammed.

Personally I have a contact within Mastercard, and make sure they will take action. But it is important that other companies are also warned.

Obviously, the billing company is seperate from GermanGooGirls, and their next step - after this method gets blocked, they will simply change company, and it starts over again.

For now, it is absolutely advisable to stay away from this website. If they do decide to better their lives - which I hope, because I like their content! - there are ways to check this before you sign up.
So, if you do want to sign up, do these checks:
-look in their FAQ and see if they give you a clear and simple answer on the question how you can end your subscription
-be very careful if they still try to trick you to sign up for other websites that you haven't asked for; if this is the case, you can be sure they will try to steal from you in other ways too.

Also, it would be a VERY good idea if this website also would give a clear warning..

(I wonder how long it will take "Nicky" to tell about the "communication problem" and this is "unacceptable")

01-22-14  01:38am

Replies (5)
Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Sumom Ltd's Reply

I have done that last night to the email address you provided in another complaint thread; I forwarded my email to this address.

Apart from what I want (cancelation of my subscription, and refunding of the money that was unrightfully taken from me on Jan 16), there is a general thing that I want:

-you do NOT provide proper information on how to cancel a subscription
-you DELIBERATELY make it very vague and difficult for people to cancel their subscription.
-while subscribing, you try to trick people into subsribing to other sites without properly explaining to them it will cost them more
-you "thank" your paying customers by selling their personal info and emailaddress to spammers; up to the day I subscribed I had zero spam; from the day I did, not only is the amount of spam increasing every day, it also uses my real name. You were the only company that ever had my real name connected to this email-account. I know you are going to deny it, but I am 100% sure that either you, or the billing company caused this, and I am extremely unhappy with this.

How can you complain about piracy if you treat your paying customers like this?? This is completely disrespectful, and not only it chases me away from your website, but I will definitely think again before joining another one.

Do not steal from your customers. Do not abuse the trust that your customers have given you by providing you with personal information. Is it really necesary that a bonafide company should be reminded of these things??

So, it's not just about 34.95; it's about your company's policies. They are extremely bad.

01-21-14  12:07am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Impossible to cancel and tons of spam

I see I am not the only one that has troubles with this company; I have been a member before, also then I cancelled after the first term of subscription ended because there didn't seem to be a proper way to end the account, but at least, back then, it worked, and my account got actually cancelled.

This time: the online webform doesn't work, and there is NO proper response to any emails in which I indicat I want to cancel my subscription. Although, in their automated responses they clearly indicate that they know I want to cancel, but they simply don't do it and bill my credit card again.

But that's not all: also a few days after I subscribed the spam started coming. Spam that used my real name! I have never ever given my real name using this email account; the only exception being when I became a member of GermanGooGirls.com
It is therefore very clear that they, or their billing company, are responsible for selling this information.

This is what I don't understand: GGG make one of the best porn movies, and their excellent website are loaded with exclusive high quality movies. And then they decide to treat the people that are willing to pay for this content like this; if you are honest enough to pay for it, they steal from you, and as a reward your name gets used for spam.. I mean really.. Is this the way to fight piracy??
Stay away from this website; they don't treat you like you deserve as a paying customer!

01-20-14  09:57am

Replies (8)

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