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sevencity77 (0) 01-31-14  11:41am
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Unsuccessful cancellation


I am trying to cancel the rebill since mid January. Inititally I was contacted and I was offered bonus content when I kepp my subscription.I replied and expressed that I still wanted to cancel. Of course there was no reaction from Centrobill and the web form does not seem to work.
I contacted the suport numerous times and I have also tried Nicky from Eurorevenue as the actual content host.
Of course radio silence.
I have been rebilled now and despite numerous submissions via the contact form for refunds on the centrobill website there was no response but auto messages.

Does anybody else has still issues cancelling the subscription?

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Sumom Ltd (9)

I have forwarded all emails that I have received to our customer support for cancellation and possible refund. If you haven't gotten a response I am sorry for the inconvenience, please email me again and I will make sure personally that you will be taken care off.



01-31-14  04:59pm

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hs1648 (0) REPLY TO #1 - Sumom Ltd :

Just want to throw in my two cents here.

I can see that several users have been posting about being unable to cancel their memberships, and that this has been going on for a while now.

These problems should be sortet out ASAP. Not only are people seeing it as an unethical way of treating customers, but it is probably scaring away potential customers. Myself being one of them.

I have been wanting to join this site for some time now, but that won't happen until the problems about membership cancellation are fixed. I simply can't trust this site at this point

That sucks, because I really like the content on germangoogirls.com, and I would have been happy to join otherwise

02-01-14  04:11am

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woodyxxx (0) REPLY TO #2 - hs1648 :

The real thing is, there is no problem at all: anyone can cancel their description directly here: https://centrobill.com/consumer/
At the CentroBill website you can also login with your subscription details and reclaim any unrightful credit card transactions.

The REAL problem is that EuroRevenue is simply dishonest and they refuse to give this important bit of information to their customers.
The same dishonesty and disrespect in the sign-up process when they try to trick you to sign up for ANOTHER website at $34.95 per month, without making this clear.
And the same disrespect they sell all your information, including your real name, to every spammer in the universe, and you'll receive dozens of spam messages every day, many of which use your own name.

These people are completely unworthy of distributing GGG content. Too bad it is the only way to obtain GGG movies legally. It is very unwise to subscribe to their website. They "thank" the honest GGG-consumer by deceiving and stealing from them.
Way to go, EuroRevenue! And "thank" you very much!

02-01-14  06:14am

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hs1648 (0) REPLY TO #3 - woodyxxx :

I know that you can cancel on centrobill.com, and I agree with you, this info should be much more visible.

However, if you look at the comment posted by the user thirstyfish on 01-23-14, you'll see that he had some problems when he tried to cancel from centrobills customer support site.

But I don't understand what you are saying about them tricking you into paying for an additional site. I just had a look at ggg sign-up page, and it simply says that I'm about to pay 19.95$ for a one month membership. Usually there's box or something that you need to uncheck, but I can't see anything like that on their page.

I'm not worried about the spam though, it's only annoying. If they are giving away information about my name however, then I won't pay for a membership. Privacy is important.

02-01-14  10:30am

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woodyxxx (0) REPLY TO #4 - hs1648 :

"But I don't understand what you are saying about them tricking you into paying for an additional site. I just had a look at ggg sign-up page, and it simply says that I'm about to pay 19.95$ for a one month membership."

Look, this is the normal sign-up screen: http://imgur.com/5TwPeV0
Look at the checkmark in front of "I would like to buy 1 Day Free Membership..". By default, this is checkmarked. This is a scam to make you sign up for myporndownloads.com, which costs an EXTRA $39.95 per month (not coincidentally the same price as the GGG site, to confuse you ! ). They calculate on people forgetting to uncheck this confusing button, and steal an extra $39.95 from them.

Yes, 'only spamming' is annoying, but they DO give away your name as well. (I'm 100% sure it's them, because I have a habit of making slight changes in the way I spell my name ;) ), so you'll receive dozens of emails that address you by full name.

These people are completely disrepectful, making sure that the people that are honest enough to pay for GGG-content are punished. And that's a damn shame.

And sorry to hear that others had problems with CentroBill as well (my creditcard company is eager to hear about that too); in my case this worked very well.Everything was setteled within 24 hours.
(and AFTER that, the EuroRevenue people started responding.. some 3 weeks after I tried contacting them..)

02-01-14  10:55am

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hs1648 (0) REPLY TO #5 - woodyxxx :

Huh. That checkmark is not there when I access the sign-up screen. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because I live in Europe or something.

Those kind of checkmarks are very common in my experience, and you should always take a good look at the screen when you sign up to a webpage, even if it's not pornography you're signing up to. That way you can avoid those nasty suprises.

I agree with you though, it's kinda unethical, even if they aren't doing something illegal.

Them giving away your name is worrisome though, I would like to know Nicky and the rest have to say about that

02-01-14  11:48am

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woodyxxx (0) REPLY TO #6 - hs1648 :

That's very strange that you don't get this checkmark. I'm positive you get this signup screen when logging in from both Sweden and the Netherlands.

Checkmarks in itself are quite "common" indeed, but this one is deliberately very very tricky. Because both sites are the same price, it is very easy to read the second sentence below the checkmark as part of the GGG-signup; because it is the same price you don't realize this refers to the myporndowmloads.com website, and this is an EXTRA.

Any bonafide website wouldn't try such a trick. I'm not talking about "illegal" but simply about basic respect to customers.

GGG is fighting a battle against piracy, I'm a big fan of their work, and would like to obtain their content LEGALLY. But thanks to EuroRevenue they make it simply impossible and that's a real shame.

I am an active gangbanger, and I know quite a few girls that have been working for GGG. I'll bring this issue up on a next gangbang and see if I can find a way to address this issue to John Thompson or Victoria or anyone else. At this point I still like to believe that they agree with me that you shouldn't punish the people that actually pay for their content rather than pirating it.

02-01-14  01:47pm

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hs1648 (0) REPLY TO #7 - woodyxxx :

That's strange indeed.

Try talk some sense into them. At least you can point them to this site, so that they can see all the negative comments they have gotten the last month or so. There have been several people complaining.

Hope you succeed on your noble quest :P

Just out of curiosity, how did you get into being an active gangbanger?
You can answer me on e-mail if you want

02-01-14  02:37pm

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Sumom Ltd (9)

Our support department is being revamped and these problems should not occur any more after that.

I urge you o email me directly at nicky@eurorevenue.com if you have not been replied to in a timely manner.

Check boxes with a extra membership is very common and absolutely no scam, they are fully visable and you can just uncheck It.


02-02-14  01:12pm

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sevencity77 (0) REPLY TO #1 - Sumom Ltd :

I haven't been contacted by anyone yet and my account is still active. I have refered this to my credit card company for further action.
I can't believe the length of time I am trying to get a decent reply to my requests. This is one of the worst customer experiences I had for a long time, and I wokr in client service myself.


02-04-14  12:10pm

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Roberto281 (0) REPLY TO #10 - sevencity77 :

Did the site ever cancel your account?
02-18-14  11:39pm

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Sumom Ltd (9)
Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to apologize to anyone who faced issues with membership cancellation and assure you that any outstanding cancel requests are being handled in a timely manner. We have done our best to address the concerns pertaining the speed of cancel requests execution. In most cases the delays were caused by missing cancellation confirmation e-mail from the requesting member. We issued a policy to automatically cancel memberships if there is no cancellation confirmation within 48 hours since the contact attempt of our customer support representative. We are convinced that the changes we have made to the cancellation execution process will eliminate any potential issues.

The process of a cancel request submission is straightforward and transparent – you can submit it either via the Customer Support link at the bottom of our members area and tour pages, or via the online form e-support24.com, or via Centrobill’s web site centrobill.com. Once the cancellation request has been received, it is forwarded to our customer support representative, who initiates contact with the requesting member and asks for a confirmation of the cancel request. If there is no confirmation within 48 hours since the contact attempt, our representative still cancels the membership.

Centrobill is a reliable and legitimate billing processor which has served us very well for a long time already. It has a good reputation among its clients. We assure you that any delays with cancellation were caused by shortcomings of the process itself and not by the parties being involved in credit card fraud or anything of that kind.

Another note on spam. We have NEVER provided 3rd parties with the database of private member information and we will NEVER do so.

If anyone still has issues with canceling their membership – please report to us at Nadya@eurorevenue.com or Nicky@eurorevenue.com with your user details, and we will make sure that the issues get addressed immediately.

Head of Sales
Sumom Ltd

02-20-14  07:46am

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Sumom Ltd (9)
REPLY TO #10 - sevencity77 :

Dear Oliver,

Could you please forward me your user details at nadya@eurorevenue.com? I will take care of the cancel request.

Head of Sales
Sumom Ltd

02-20-14  07:48am

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sevencity77 (0) Just an update:

I got a cancellation email as at the 10th of February.
This hasn't been a nice experience...

02-22-14  12:59am

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #12 - Sumom Ltd :

And today yet another PU member has a problem:

02-23-14  09:48am

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bibo (15) REPLY TO #12 - Sumom Ltd :

[quote]In most cases the delays were caused by missing cancellation confirmation e-mail from the requesting member.[/quote]

The big Q here is, why you would require a confirmation email from your customer in the first place and why you don't TELL your customer during the cancellation process that he needs to send you a confirmation email to complete the process. Call me blind but I didn't notice any mentioning of an email when I clicked the "cancel" button. All I got was a message that my case is taken care of. And I usually don't read each and every mail that lands in my spam folder. Oh wait... maybe that's the point?!

[quote]Once the cancellation request has been received, it is forwarded to our customer support representative, who initiates contact with the requesting member and asks for a confirmation of the cancel request.[/quote]

Why on earth do you forward a cancellation request to a representative (who then - magically - never bothers to reply)? Cancelling a subscription is the most fundamental form of seller/customer interaction. It's a simple check out and if you want to retain your customer, you can give him a chance to rethink this decision during the process like all the other billing companies do. ON the website, DURING the process. It's not that a cancellation request is something that requires careful consideration and evaluation by an employee.

[quote]Centrobill is a reliable and legitimate billing processor which has served us very well for a long time already. It has a good reputation among its clients[/quote]

It's borderline cheeky to post stuff like that in reply to the ammount of problems that are discussed on this site, especially considering that the ammount of people who are posting here are just a tiny fraction of all the customers out there, who are facing the same problem minus your generous "send me an email and I'll sort it out for you" support. For them, I guess the only way to avoid being billed to eternity and back by your non-existant customer support is to block their cc.

03-01-14  05:27am

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Vegas Ken
PU Staff
We are in communication with the people at EuroRevenue & GGG. They have committed to making good on all the past problems.

If you have an outstanding issue with GGG, please contact me directly so that I can help facilitate things for you. You can reach me via email at VegasKen (at) PornUsers.com

As always, thanks for your support and use of our site.

Vegas Ken

03-03-14  02:10pm

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robfor (0) I post also here:
I have registered for a free trial of 1 day, then canceled and still charged 39.95 Euros. I have tried multiple times to contact them with no answers. They are a joke. Just opened an official credit card claim and make sure they don't get any money from me.
BTW, the free trial is a joke, there is no actual access to the website, all is grayed out, and if you click on something they charged you 39.95 Euros.

Steer clear from this fraud.

01-05-15  11:54am

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RabidOyster2 (0) I'm so with one of the last posters regarding the poor business model, to wit the futility of trying to cancel. which scares away business. Why is it that not one other adult, or otherwise, website requires this convoluted method of cancelling. 'click a button, cancel my subscription, are you sure you want to cancel, yes, DONE! One step, no messages from one department to another, then re-confirming my desire to cancel, then no response and no cancel, what a joke. I'm fully able to go get a torrent program, go to the dark web, any number of other shady methods of attaining more than my fill of GGG videos but I wanted to get some of the older titles which are harder to find. I've been hoping for over a year that John Thompson would have the sense to get rid of these guys because it is reflecting on his business, but apparently not. First, don't be fooled by the contrite messages from germangoogirls, centrobill, etc. There have been people complaining about this cancellation problem since 2012. Many review sites, like Rabbitsreviews, refuse to even list germangoogirls because of all the scams. On some sites you'll see positive reviews but whaddya know, the e-mail associated with the review is from an employee of centrobill, like nadya, sophie, or marie. They've been at this scam for a long time and in spite of their assurances that 'sorry bout the problem but we're all better now' they are still ripping off customers. I, for one, will never give them a dime.
08-31-15  09:48am

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