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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of messmer's Reply

Yes, i got them all refunded.
I still lost some money though, because of EUR/USD exchange.
Of course i can't be 100% sure that i haven't clicked somewhere unsafe, but i would not know it even till now, and i'm usually quite careful. I use a browser add-on that limits scripts (NoScript on Firefox), who knows if Bangbros would automatically sign you up for everything if Javascript is disabled, lol.

12-29-12  11:01am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of messmer's Comment

Concerning my comment, i am not sure it happened by clicking on unobvious site areas that will unlock new memberships (which cleary are a serious issue, as you stated).
The day i joined my email inbox was already full of membership confirmations (which i didn't pay much attention to at that time due to the spam alikeness), while i haven't really started to move around the site yet.

12-29-12  10:25am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Join Bangbros.com, get billed more than 300 USD!

I have already been a member of bangbros.com 2 times before in the last years, was billed by EPOCH and never had any serious problem.

2 weeks ago i joined again, and i could already see they seem to handle the billing themselves now, not by EPOCH anymore.
Few days after joining, i see that my credit card was billed a total of 314,72 USD, with 8 charges (for 8 different memberships, i think). My credit card company shortly after contacted me saying, my credit card is blocked now because they think i am a victim of fraud.

I contacted the Billing Support of bangbros.com by Email and they refunded 5 of those charges. About the other 2 unauthorized charges (some obscure camsites), they told me that they can't handle it and i need to contact another support at nkd-help.com. They were not available by Email, so i had to call there and ask them to refund their charges.

While everything has been refunded by now (except my original bangbros membership), nobody from Support answered anything about my question why i actually was charged that much and even by 2 different billing companies.
I guess it was either an exceptional mistake or some kind of fraud attempt, however i highly suggest anyone joining here to pay good attention on his credit card charges, the new billing company here seems not professional or trustworthy.

09-20-12  03:48am

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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of greg53047's Comment

I agree. I had the same issue, as can be seen in an earlier comment about this site.
Canceling the membership on both this site and any additional 3rd party sites they will sign you up for against your will is also very troublesome.

09-14-12  08:44am

Visit VideoBox


Their HD-Quality looks bad

For some time now Videobox also delivers some updates as "HD", being 720p resolution. While those videos really contain that resolution, they actually look quite blurred and bad compared to the usual 720p quality i know. Making me wonder, if they maybe just create this HD from a DVD source and just upscale it.

I can't recommend anyone who looks for HD videos to join. If you are satisfied with DVD quality though, this site is just fine.

08-15-12  05:02am

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Visit Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow

Site not available

This site is currently not available and just forwards to hustler.com
What happened here? Anyone knows anything?
Maybe this is the result of a lawsuit, because Hustler.com dislikes that this site contains the word "hustler" as well?

08-04-12  10:22am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of qualitycontrol's Review

I am sorry to say this, but your review is not helpful at all. We are not here to talk about personal preferences in porn. You review contains no valuable information about the site. The nature of the content is very obvious and shown in the tour and preview videos. Makes me wonder, why you actually joined this site at all.

03-07-12  09:02am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Not recommended to join

Maybe i will write a full review later, i am currently a member (monthly membership) and already was very suspicious about the billing company i never heard of before.

They have a Pre-Checked Cross-Sells for a trial at "myporndownloads.com", which i remember to have unchecked while signing up. However, after my account was created, i received information that i have joined there too. I went to the billing support website and found out, that there is NO way to cancel your membership using the site ( see for yourself at http://e-support24.bzdescsupport.com ). You will have to write an email to them or go to their live chat, where i was able to chat to someone after staying in a waiting queue for 25 minutes. The chat guy then cancelled both germangoogirls and the unwanted "myporndownloads.com" for me. I will check my credit card bill the next weeks to see everything is okay.

The site itself is expensive and has currently only 13 scenes in HD (720p), all others have DVD-Quality or lower.

I suggest anyone who wants to join to be very aware about the billing and to wait maybe 6 month or so, until they have more scenes in an acceptable quality.

The GGG company is famous for its unique content and it is a real shame that they don't treat their customers in a proper way.

01-05-12  01:33pm

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Visit The Art Of Blow Job

The Art Of Blow Job

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Videos come in a fair quality with 720p and about 6000 kb/s, at least for the updates since 1 year (MP4 is high, WMV and AVI lower resolution. Older Videos as MOV)

- Pictures come as JPG usually with a 4288 x 2848 resolution, size from 1 to 1.4 MB. Set can be downloaded as one ZIP File. Pictures are shoot separately from the videos (no screencaps).

- Regular updates

- The scenes have a very intimate and private atmosphere
Cons: - This site comes with a highly limited variety of content: You will basically always see the same woman and the same man (whose face is never shown) doing a blowjob in almost exactly the same way. The differences between the scenes mostly will be, what the woman wears or how she styled her hair that day.

- Excessive use of focus techniques (Depth of field): While this might give pictures/videos a more artistic touch, in many of the scenes you will be limited to see the penis and the womans lips/nose in detail, while everything else is blurred out. Maybe this is up to personal taste, but i felt like watching porn through a magnifier most of the times.

- This also might be up to personal taste, but *every* scene plays the same style of lounge music, and original sound from the scene is muted at times (e.g. seeing the woman say something without hearing her).

- While i'm sure that the blowjobs that woman gives are enjoyable, you will watch her applying the same bj over and over.
Bottom Line: Basically, you only need to see 1 scene from this site to be able to know how all the other ones are.

While i can understand, that the site owner puts some effort to present something different from the usual mainstream porn, it appears to me quite overdone. Each video ends with the message "We want to spread the message of the beautiful side of porn!", making me wonder if in their opinion that "beauty" is decided by applying focus blur on the video camera and playing lounge music (did they actually licence all those tracks?).

I can recommend that site to people, who have a strong preference on oral sex and don't mind watching the same woman applying the same way to perform a blowjob on the same man in every scene.

Otherwise, this site is highly overpriced for what it has to offer (this being the main reason for my score).

Some minor details:
- Everything is offered as a ZIP File, even a video. Site owner uses a Mac, so you will have annoying "_MACOSX" and ".DS_Store" Systemfolders/files included.
- Almost every scene contains cuts (mostly to change the angle, i guess, since there is no camera operator), you don't see the whole sexual act throughout from beginning to end.

12-12-11  02:11pm

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Visit First Anal Date

First Anal Date
Reply of whowho's Comment

Meanwhile, I can answer this question myself:

Of total 40 videos in the member section, the first 18 are in 1080p, all newer updates past the first 18 ones are at lower quality (720p).

This doesn't make any sense to me, but this site firstanaldate.com might be the first one on the whole internet to actually REDUCE their video quality with newer updates.
Therefore, to be precisely, their advertisement with 1080p is a lie.

11-10-11  11:12am

Visit First Anal Date

First Anal Date

Really Full HD?

Both reviews here say the site offers 1080p, also the site itself advertizes with it. However, among the download option i only find a "High quality movie" and a "Low resolution movie", with the High quality one being 720p (with 3000 kBit/s).

The quality is good, but not 1080p, as advertised. Did i just not find the 1080p download link, or does it not exists and the site doesn't offer 1080p at all?

11-04-11  12:38pm

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network
Reply of PornoPro's Reply

Hi PornoPro,

thanks for your detailed review.
However, DVD-Quality can't be considered "excellent" or "superb" quality nowadays. While it may work well with your laptop screen, people using larger screens capable of displaying 1080p resolutions might experience the quality way below of what they expect.
Most helpful would be, just to mention the resolution of the videos and maybe the applied bitrate, so everyone could decide to see if the quality meets their standard.

09-30-11  06:06am

Visit Sperma Studio

Sperma Studio

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good and reliable download speed (i was able to use my full 6Mbit DSL)
- Mixed type of scenes: very few are 1 on 1, most are group sex with 5-10 male participants and 1-2 girls, always containing facials, some also creampies. Some scenes also include anal.
Cons: - Worst drawback, while being the most important deal, is the video quality and amount. Most downloadable videos are split into at least 2 files of about 15-20 minutes each, you can't download them in one single file. This is not state of the art. Then, what they offer as "HDV" (High Definition) is the lowest possible way of doing it: 720p with about 2875 kBit/s as WMV-Files. They have about 19 scenes offering this quality, everything else (about 200 scenes) is way below and IMHO absolutely not worth a paysite in 2011.
- Way too expensive for what it offers
- Total amount of pictures is currently 5304 with resolutions of 900px × 624px. While having this low resolution, they are taken separately from the video, so it's not just video screenshots. On the other hand, in the videos you are disturbed by photo clicking and flash usage happening all the time.
- I found some models quite ugly
- Browsing the member area is inconvenient and plain: bad example for a user interface
Bottom Line: I had the impression, that while this site wanted to put an effort into offering content in a state of the art quality, they have failed at it.
For the little amount of 720p scenes they have, they have choosen almost the worst possible way by applying low bitrates, and then some of the 720p scenes still look worse than others, making me wonder if they have just upscaled lower resolutions for some of them.
I also really wondered why the offer scenes in splitted files, i haven't seen a paysite doing this since the early '00.

Judging just by the content, they resemble alot of what is known from early GGG productions. The girls look like coming from a more amateur or swinger club related background.
Just to mention it: Some scenes/males include usage of condoms.

Overall, i could only recommend this site for people who are satisfied with DVD-quality and don't mind it being pricey without offering something exceptional.

06-27-11  11:39am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of endlessporn's Review

are you sure about "no HD for 1-month members"?
last time i was a member, this policy was only for the 1080p videos. but the 720p videos (which is also considered HD) were available for everyone.

04-21-11  08:48am

Visit Tranny Surprise

Tranny Surprise

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent quality for the recent downloadable Full HD Videos (1080p, MP4 only, usually between 2 and 3 GB filesize), lower resolutions available (MP4 and WMV)
- Regular, exclusive updates and a large scene archive
- Some of the tranny models look very convincing and pretty
- Good lighting for the scenes
- Whole Reality King network with more than 30 sites is included (no other tranny site though)
- As far as i noticed, there is no download limit and download speed is good and reliable
- Browsing the network and scenes is comfortable, including search functions, categories, commenting and rating features
Cons: - HD quality downloads are only available for updates since October 2010. As of now (March 2011), there are 23 downloadable HD scenes. Older scenes have DVD quality.
- They claim to offer HD for flash streaming. This is not true, since that stream resolution is only 1024x576.
- This is up to personal taste, but i found not all tranny models are equally beautiful. i skipped downloading several scenes for that reason.
- Too little variation on positions and locations
Bottom Line: This site offers you the usual type of tranny content: models from brazil/south america with most, but not all, scenes including use of condoms. It is "man on tranny" most of the time, with only few scenes having threesomes, "tranny on tranny" or "tranny on man".
Most outstanding is the excellent HD video quality for the recent updates and the access to the whole Reality King network.

03-24-11  09:27am

Replies (0)
Visit Double Teamed Teens

Double Teamed Teens
Reply of Jay G's Review

I wouldn't consider the quality of videos "great", when there is no HD available (even though they claim so, it's not). This site and the whole network is outdated in technical terms.

03-16-11  01:25pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks, i didn't know about the "regional pricing" policy before.
Still, i consider it a type of trickery/scam, since Bangbros offered me a price which is changed by Epoch lateron. I could only accept this, if Bangbros gave me the "regional price" already in the first place, and i am not offered two different prices during the joining procedure.

01-05-11  12:51pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of tangub's Reply

Yes, as mentioned, following the link from here gave me a more accurate conversion, last time i checked (14.12 EUR, which is equal to the USD). Still, when going manually by www.bangbros.com, i get the "regional price" (27.47 EUR instead of an equal to 24.95 USD). I didn't join however.

01-05-11  12:43pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Currency issues

The following happens, when i try to join Bangbros from a european country (i would bet similar will occur for any country with non US-Dollar currency too):

- Bangbros tells me the price for monthly membership: 24.95 USD
- After hitting the button to proceed, i am directed to the Epoch site for credit card information, which is showing me the price for monthly membership now in my local currency (Euro): 27.47 EUR

As of todays exchange rate, 27.47 EUR equals to 36.30 USD. This is 11.35 USD more than what Bangbros listed me as the price in the first place.

I wonder who will receive this extra 11.35 USD, Bangbros or Epoch? Needless to say, that this currency trickery doesn't really support their otherwise good reputation. Other sites/billers go well by just charging USD or whatever their currency is, leaving the exchange to be appropriately done by the credit card company (Visa, Mastercard etc).

Contacting both Bangbros and Epoch support by email (1 month ago) at least gave me one reply from Bangbros to join by the reduced rate, which is also available through this site (and which seems to convert to Euro more accurate). Epoch didn't reply up to today.

01-05-11  08:57am

Replies (5)
Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large network with a huge amount of content (all gonzo)
- Attractive, natural and very "girl next door" type of models from russia or eastern europe
- The lighting in each scene is good, unlike some other sites they seem to use proper technical equipment and preparation
- Especially for the anal scenes, you can tell the girls had some preparation before the shooting. Most anal scenes are very clean and the girls seem to be relaxed and not bearing pain.
- Good and reliable download speed
- Videos can be downloaded in 1 File or split in smaller sizes, pictures in single files.
- All videos as WMV
Cons: - Browsing the network is ok, but could be alot better: No search functions or model listings, just plain listing of scenes on each site
- On the start pages of each site they claim to have "HD Video". This is NOT to be confused with High Definition (720p or 1080p). The best quality they offer for videos would be 540p, which is far from real High Definition. Nevertheless, the video quality still is acceptable and better than sites offering "DVD Quality".
- The price is too expensive, especially concerning their video quality which is lower than the nowaday state of the art in porn
- They have a very "efficient" way to shoot a scene: There are very few male actors, so prepare to almost always see the same guy around. All the scenes from one site are shot in always the same room. All the rooms from all sites look very similar and are obviously furnished from low priced IKEA items.
- Their attempts to speak english are ridiculous at times.
- "Creampie" is fake
Bottom Line: Biggest drawback is the video quality, which is not High Definition, though they imply so.

Models are natural and beautiful. Scenes are well produced.

Recently added sites like "She Got Six" seem to not include self-produced content.

The whole network seems to move towards retirement with slow updates and non state of the art video quality.

12-31-10  08:36am

Replies (1)

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