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Visit abbywinters


No Review.
03-31-07  08:30pm

Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good video quality (MPG 320x240; WMV 640x480 about 900kb/s)
- Full video in one file OR download by scene
- Broadband and dialup video qualities
- Multiple updates weekly
- Fast download speeds (200-600kb/s)
- Hot, exclusive content
- Massage videos are very erotic
- Includes girl solo, girl/girl, girl group, and some girl/guy including BJ, vaginal, and anal.
- Picture quality is good (1200px). Not blurred or small images.
- ZIP photo sets
Cons: - Forum not too active
- Could use some advanced search
Bottom Line: This site has quite a bit of collected content. Many reviewers claim the bad thing about this site is lack of girl/guy content, but is just as ridiculous as requesting hardcore content from an artistic-nude site. Older content is a bit worse quality, but is to be expected. Site updates are regular and updates in forums are usually weekly. Forum activity is minimal but helpful. Video and picture quality is good, fast server, and great content! This site could use some more advanced search features, but I highly recommend it! Massage (a rare type), solo, and girl/girl are what this site is all about.

07-16-07  09:19am

Replies (0)
Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good selection of content for a new site
-Great quality videos (1000kbs WMV)
-Long videos (some pushing an hour)
-Videos have two options: WMV or MPEG
-Videos have two sizes: Big (720x480) and Small
-Fast Downloads (typically between 200-400kbs)
-Many categories/niches
-Updates are not set, but about 2 videos per week.
Cons: -Lacking navigation/search features
-Organization could be better
-No defined weekly/monthly updates
Bottom Line: Overall, I recommend the site for the videos alone, and for any amateur lover. The site has many more pros than cons. Videos are typically 30-60 minutes (average about 20 minutes) long and the models are beautiful, sexy, and cute. The action is very amateur with the models sometimes just playing around and really enjoying each other. Includes both softcore and hardcore action. Images size in sets could be a bit bigger, but are good quality and offer thumbnail view and compressed download. Navigation is old-school and could use some search and categorizing features. There are advertisements for other sites, but do not get in the way and do not appear on video/image pages.

03-31-07  10:38pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos

No Review.
08-31-07  10:12am

Visit Nubiles.net


No Review.
05-11-07  05:45pm

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Plenty of content
- High-bitrate, large videos
- Great quality images
- Beautiful, skinny European models
- Good site design
Cons: - Redundant after watching the first few (mechanical)
- Not amateur in nature
- Bit expensive
Bottom Line: Overall a good site site for lesbian sex. The video quality is excellent (along with the images). It features all girls (Sapphic literally means lesbianism). The girls are the typical gorgeous, skinny models with breast size going from A to D. The design is good with a lot of search features. The reason I left is that the content seems the same for most. Girls lick, toy, touch, prod, etc. but it seems almost mechanical after watching a few. Not amateur by a long shot. The site is a tad expensive also. I recommend it if you have a European model fetish (does it exist?) or you just absolutely LOVE lesbian video (amateur or not).

05-05-07  09:19am

Replies (0)
Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

No Review.
08-31-07  10:23am

Visit All Hairy

All Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Medium ammount of content
- User-submission image board
- Non-professional models
- Model directory
Cons: - Some content not exclusive
- Some videos can only be downloaded in chunks
- Video quality varies
- Image size varies
- Not much user-submitted content
Bottom Line: This site has a fair amount of content, but could use more. The models are typically average-looking, but some are not exclusive to the site. The only videos/models I can clearly say are exclusive are the few that where an "All Hairy" shirt in the beginning.

The site design isn't bad, but could use some better search features and model information. It includes a model directory sorted by name alphabetically.

The user-submission gallery is a good idea, but there is not a whole lot there and some of it is copied from some other copyrighted site (with watermarks removed), but some looks original.

The video quality varies with many of them showing in a small box on top of a 740x480 black box. The videos, for the most part, can be downloaded in chunks or as a whole. Some videos are WMV (newer videos), older are MPEG.

Images are typically medium sized and good quality (~800-1000px) with very few being massive (2000px+).

If you like hairy girls and want to try out your hand at submitting your own or just viewing what few others have posted and seeing some hairy girls have sex or play with themselves, then go for it. If you are looking for the more erotic aspect of hair, there are better sites out there.

05-05-07  11:33am

Replies (1)
Visit Warm Kiss

Warm Kiss

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent Super-HD quality videos (SD and HD MPEG and lower-res WMV formats)
Content is very amateur / pro-am
Exclusive content
Many exclusive / semi-exclusive models
Cons: Site is TOO amateurish in design.
BMP format preview, logo, and background images
~2 updates per month
No search
No model index
No real still images beyond some screen captures
Bottom Line: The real ONLY reason this site got such a high rating is the content alone. The content is excellent. The site is primarily a video-only site. There are sets of pictures from some of the videos, but do not look like pro-photos. The photos all appear to be screen-captures from the videos themselves (no still camera involved or was integrated into the video camera). Many videos feature unknown or little-known models (with a few known porn models thrown in). Sadly the site only gets ~2 updates per month (some months may only get 1)... so this site could seriously use more frequent updates. The site design, and quite simply is setup could be MUCH better. I had actually emailed the owner (Ryan, one of the male models as well). He appears to be the sole person running the site from what I can tell and told me he is not very knowledgeable about creating sites. He did give my an in-depth explanation on why most the videos are MPEG instead of the more popular H.264, DivX, or WMV (the lower-quality videos are in WMV). The images on the page typically take 2+ minutes to download on a broadband connection and are in Bitmap (BMP) format. I did suggested to him to use JPEG images that are lower file size and download faster since much of the text is white and the background remains white as well until ~2 minutes later when the blue background image finally loads.

In conclusion, the content is GREAT but needs more updates than 2/month. The site needs a COMPLETE overhaul. At the very least needs images that will load faster and a better stylesheet/color selection. In terms of what the female models; most are very attractive, very amateurish with a few known porn models and unattractive models. There appears to only be two male models: Kyle, and Ryan (who also runs the site). Personally, I think they would be further ahead to hire a 3rd person to work soely on their site and focus themselves on getting more updates out the door... or selling to a company who has more resources to do so.

02-27-10  01:05pm

Replies (4)
Visit Sexy Settings

Sexy Settings

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Regular Updates (~2/week)
Pro-amateur to amateur European models
Model Index
Cons: No categorization
No search
Sex (see detailed review below...)
Older videos are cycled out with new updates
Bottom Line: I wanted to like this site, I definitely like massage videos and there definitely seems to be a lack of sufficiently good videos in that genre. Unfortunately this site disappointed on a few points. First, it is supposed to be a "bondage" site, but not sure I would call this even light bondage. Videos sometimes show them being tied but many are just tied to begin with and with little to no respect for the bondage. They are typically tied with light rope or even a sheet that I guess they could probably struggle out of easily. They never struggle against it, it's just a forgotten element of much of the content. Previous updates last year used to claim high quality and I believe some claimed high definition, but it is not HD. ~840 x 480 for most and here is the worst part... MOV format. I have had so much trouble just keeping the players from crashing it is not even funny. Although the models seem to really orgasm in the massage/manhandle videos, the sex videos are rather disappointing. It is just the guy who started the site having sex with the models but they don't seem to enjoy it much and are typically much shorter than other videos (hint, hint). I suppose the only major thing that is going for this site is the manhandle/massage content and the somewhat amateurish appeal. No search, no categorization (beyond use of your browser's search function). I still have about half-year on my subscription (I like longer non-recurring subs), but I don't visit often. If videos were in a more playable format and HD resolution it would have bumped the score up a bit. Not the worst site out there but definitely not the best.

01-18-10  09:51am

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Visit Bubble Girls

Bubble Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Plenty of content
- Hot, young models
- Real orgasms
- Very sensual video content
Cons: - No site updates (dead site?)
- No support
- Cannot direct-download videos
- Images not viewable
Bottom Line: This site has apparently died. No updates since January 2006. Emailed support and got no response. The site itself has plenty of content to keep someone busy for a while, but will not satisfy indefinitely because it is no longer updated. Images are no longer viewable, giving an "access denied" message when a thumbnail is clicked. The models are extremely hot, some very amateur/new to porn. The video quality is good, but does not offer a direct-download. Overall, if you want good archived videos you can join but you will not see any new content.

05-05-07  12:19am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

More like anything that was on television... one of the reasons I stopped watching.

06-30-12  09:23pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

In 10 years all porn will be converted into a cold viscous fluid that is injected into the brain through the ear canal. At first there is a tingling sensation followed by flashing lights and your skin feels like its on fire for about 3-5 minutes. Finally all the images flash through your mind in about 1/100 of a second and it's all over. You're left with a feeling of regret and some suffer extreme depression afterward. Side effects include night tremors, night terrors, anxiety, depression, and - in rare cases - premature exsanguination.

06-30-12  06:05am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not when I am out somewhere on another person's wireless signal. Only at home with my high-end router where I keep maximum encryption running and a minimum 15-character passphase that I usually change weekly.

06-25-11  08:19am

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
Reply of Basil's Reply

Or the clitoris sort of like button

06-23-11  04:31pm

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
Reply of Basil's Reply


Where's the like button when you need it? :D

I just subscribed to the newsletter and the updates look pretty good!

06-22-11  09:57am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Most LCD/Plasmas today are widescreen. Most screens 20 inch and above support 720 HD resolution. Most screens 22 inch and greater support 1080 HD resolution. LCDs are getting even cheaper with cheaper materials and as the cost of LEDs as back-lights comes down and brightness goes up they will continue the price fall and increasingly be used.

It's 2010... nearly 2011. Most sites today should have the HD option. What more can I say?

11-27-10  07:14am

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

You stop at 800Kb/s max? When was this poll created? 1995? My max download is 10Mb/s. I hope that that can be increased to between 20-50Mb/s some time this year (come on ISP, UPGRADES!). Unfortunately my max upload is only 1.5Mb/s. Would like to see between 5-10Mb/s at least.

06-02-10  06:39pm

N/A Reply of Goldfish's Poll

I voted Florida... I think. How can you combine the state of Florida with the entire continent of South America? This survey was a bit botched.

06-02-10  06:08pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Blu-ray players are still FAR too expensive and feature sets are all over the place. Although most play DVDs as well, some earlier models did not. I also do not like having collections of discs lying around. I prefer digital media today.

03-21-10  06:56am

Visit Warm Kiss

Warm Kiss
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Yes, the content is very important. But a decent site is as well. For instance I like to keep up-to-date with sites that I dont even have a membership too. I like XML/ATOM feeds and mailing lists so I can keep up with whats going one, and make sure that if I join the site again I know there are updates.

03-02-10  12:34pm

Visit Warm Kiss

Warm Kiss
Reply of james4096's Reply

Interesting question. I will have to email them and find out. As far as the content, no there is no snowballing. Mostly creampie, a few lesbian and facial.

03-02-10  12:33pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Already got a new phone, don't care for feminine hygiene products or anything that company makes, not a fan of e-readers (reading stuff on my computer or laptop is just as easy -- plus added functionality), already have an HDTV, and am not broke. So I put down computer although it probably won't be entirely correct. I am planning on getting a new computer around the end of this year but will probably be into early next year before I buy. I am holding off until AMD releases their upcoming Bulldozer cores (current release date is Q1 2011).

02-27-10  08:18am

Visit Naked News

Naked News
Reply of asmith12's Review

Do you think you could elaborate on video quality? "very good" and "even better" are not valid units of measurement. :)

02-13-10  03:18am

Visit Lost Bets Games

Lost Bets Games
Reply of asmith12's Review

I've known it was a Clips4Sale (C4S) resell. I have been following LostBets.com (just a redirect for the C4S store) for a while. It is not produced by the Lost Bets production people, but they know of / approve of that site. Though it is odd that they are only offering lower quality video when at least most of the videos in the C4S store are available in HD.

02-13-10  03:12am

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