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Visit Double View Casting

1. Double View Casting (1)

rearadmiral (384) 05-11-14  07:55am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 93 scenes
- Russian / Eastern European models
- Several download options
- Innovative gimmick to have two views available
- In streaming you can switch between two cameras
- Two separate videos available for download
- Lots of anal
- Part of a small network (5 sites in total)
Cons: - Slow downloads
- Models names are frequently mixed up
- The male shooting POV needs more practice
- Selecting the ďremember meĒ button on log in doesnít work
- Hasnít updated since February 2014
- The two views are slightly out of sync
Bottom Line: Iím a fan of the casting niche and this was one of the few remaining reputable-looking sites that I hadnít joined. Iím glad I did but if youíre a fan of this niche this is likely one of the weakest sites available in the genre.

To be fair to the site, I think that part of the problem is a language barrier in many of the scenes. Not many of the models speak English well, if at all, and the casting niche relies on a lot of conversation to set the scene up and create some heat. In this case that heat isnít developed well because of the language barrier. Of more importance though is the fact that the site puts less effort into creating the myth of a casting video. When comparing the scenes here to one of the best, Casting Couch X, for example, language is only part of the issue. A site like CCX puts a lot of effort into creating the feel of a real casting that turns into a porn tryout. DVC doesnít put that effort in.

The siteís main claim is that it offers a double view of all the scenes. There is a camera being operated by a cameraman and the male talent has a handheld camera that shoots the same scene at the same time in POV. If you use streaming the video plays within the site and there is a narrow band at the top where you have a picture-in-picture of the second camera. Hitting your space bar toggles between the two views. I donít normally stream but I can see that this might be a good feature for those who do stream. But it might also be an answer to a question that no one ever asked. Iíll let you be the judge of that. A minor glitch is that the two views are slightly out of sync Ė only by a second or so but enough to notice. The bigger problem lies with the quality of the POV camerawork. I understand that it must be hard to do, but others have mastered the skill and the male talent/POV cameraman here hasnít.

The models are all Eastern European or Russian and many of them are well-known in the industry. Theyíre all between 18 and 22 and all are petite and attractive. There arenít a lot of fake breasts and tattoos. (Maybe those trends arenít as popular in EE/Russia?) One issue with all sites that use EE/Russian models is that they seem to change their names on a weekly basis. Itís apparent here because the link to the scene will have one name and then when you watch the scene there is text of the model name and that is often different from what is listed on the site.

The site uses a simple layout with 15 medium-sized thumbnails per page that open into a page for the scene. There is no search function and I found that using the model search page didnít work well but that may be due to the frequent model name changes even within the site.

There are some download options though they are limited and I donít really understand why these are offered. The scenes are available in ďWindows,Ē ďAppleĒ and ďAndroidĒ but in some cases all of them are MP4. There is only one file resolution in each type. Older videos have WMV available, sometimes as the only option. For each scene there are two downloads available: the main camera and the POV camera. One significant flaw in downloading is that the download speeds are about one-third of what I usually get. I used a download manager and had no problems with that.

Regardless of what file type is offered they all come in at 1280x720 at 5000kb/s and 29fps. They look crisp and have no pixilation issues.

The site shows 93 scenes but the oldest four arenít available for streaming. I canít say for certain that the site is now dead, but it used to update by adding one scene per month but the last upload was in February 2014.

The site is part of a small network of five sites in total. (One of them, Wanted GFs, isnít worth joining for so avoid a membership if thatís all you want.)

One thing that I listed as a good thing though others will disagree and see it as a negative is that there are a lot of anal scenes on the site. I didnít count them, but Iíd say between two-thirds and three-quarters of the scenes have anal.

One minor glitch that was nevertheless annoying is that while the login page had a box to check to remember your username and password that didnít work. Also, I couldnít enter the other sites on the network through the links on the site. My username and password werenít recognized. I had to do a Google search for the site and enter that way.

The bottom line is that unless you absolutely have to have all the casting scenes you can get your hands on, or if you really want to collect all the scenes you can from a specific model than itís probably best to pass on this site. Itís well done, the videos look good and they have their double-view gimmick, but other than that the site is just an average porn site that doesnít stand out from the crowd.
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Visit First Anal Quest

2. First Anal Quest (0)

pat362 (373) 03-09-13  08:57pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The bulk of the content is exclusif.
+They have 209 scenes and they add one new scene each week.
+These guys still manage to get the first anal from some really hot Eastern European girls.
+The scenes are well lit, well shot and offer a variety of angles in which to see the action.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 versions from 580x328 1000kbps, 800x450 2500kbps and 1280x720 4000kbps.
+They offer photosets of all the scenes and these can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution varies from 680x1024 up to 1280x854.
+You get access to 4 other sites.
Cons: -The only bonus site with any kind of decent content is double view casting but the content and performers are almsot all the same as FAQ so you aren't really getting anything different.
-The other bonus sites have very little content and most of it was not of any interest to me.
-Some of the older content doesn't appears to be exclusif.
Bottom Line: *This is a site that I keep joining because they are one of the few Eastern European site that doesn't seem to have any problem finding new girls willing to do anal. It also doesn't hurt that they shoot some really great scenes and tend to avoid doing circus acts. Now that's not to say that verything is perfect because sometimes there is very little heat between the players but I find that those are on the rare side.

*This site's name tells you everything you need to know about the content so if you want to see young hot Eastern European women have anal sex than you have to join this site. You can visit the bonus sites but I don't know if you will download a lot of the content on these sites. I know that I only downloaded a couple.

**The bonus sites are:
Double View casting: This is basically the same type of anal themed porn as FAQ except that you can download a special viewer which then allows you to view the action from two different angle. The downside is that you have to also download the two version of the same scene to be able to do that and that will eat up a lot of Gig space rather quickly. There are 83 scenes which are dated and they update with about 1-2 new scenes per month.

Jizz on teens: This is basically a two girl on one guy oral sex themed site. Content is not dated but based on the performer for some of the more recent stuff then they are still updating. I' just can't say how often and what the amount is. There are only 24 scenes.

Fuck N Drive: This is basically a site where the girls have sex near, on or inside somekind of vehicle. There are 35 scenes on the site and they were updating wih one new scene about once a month but the last update was in January.

Wanted GFS: This appears to be a mostly photoset only site where the content is largely softcore with some mild midcore as well. I didn't recognize all the girls but some are professional performers. Content is not dated so no way of knowing if and when they update. There are over 210 sets at the moment.

**I increased my score vs my last review by two because these guys have managed to stay on track with their update and they have also managed to introduce so many new girls to us.**
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Visit First Anal Quest

3. First Anal Quest (0)

TheSquirrel (53) 08-20-12  05:35pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (50), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: There are no DRM, download limits, regional discrimination, pre checked cross sells, or dirty tricks.
Beautiful girls.
Some very orginal and erotic poses.
Good lighting and overall sense of professionalism.
Good quality videos.
Zipped photos.
Easy log in.
Still updating.
Cons: Same style and angles every time resulting in a mass produced look.
The picture sets contain too many of the same pose and have little continuity.
Very little ethnic, age, or shape diversity. Models are mainly thin, white, and young.
Few picture or download options. Top quality video is now mp4, not wmv. You have to drop lower in quality to obtain wmv.
Navigation not the best.
No teasing or build up in the pics or videos.
Occasionally annoying male leads.
Although you get some bonus sites, it is a relatively small network.
Bottom Line: Video Downloads - Best Quality 1280x720 at 4000kbps (4838), High Quality 800x452 at 2500 kbps, Normal Quality 580x328 at 1000 kbps. Recently, for some reason, they changed their "Best Quality" downloads from wmv to mp4. The 4000 kbps wmv is now unavailable, and has been changed to 4500 kbps mp4, so if you want wmv, you have to download a lower quality video.

Pics 1024x682, 1280x853.

You get four bonus sites, although only FAQ's sister site, Double View Casting, is top class. The other three are Fuck n Drive, Jizz On Teens, and Wanted GFS.

Pics, and sometimes videos, are ridiculously frustrating because although they choose some original and erotic angles to shoot from, they continually miss out the lower legs and feet, and concentrate far too much on the groin, ass, and upper thigh, turning the models into amputees. I have seen criticism elsewhere on PU, concerning the gynaecological focus of their shoots. A great shame because the models are fantastic, and they think up some original angles to shoot from, then they undermine this eroticism by turning the models into amputees 80 per cent of the time. It is particularly annoying in the pics, where it would appear, feet do not exist.

Although they have great and original angles and ways of shooting models, that mould is set, and they rarely stray from doing exactly the same thing on each shoot, making everything look mass produced.

The pics are adequate but a lot of the time there is little continuity or thought put into the sets. You see a girl starting with clothes, but you don't see much of the strip or lead up to sex. It is like watching six frames from a video, forward winding for four minutes, then watching another six frames, then forward winding, and so on. There are four to eight almost identical pictures of a model in one pose, then four to eight in another pose, with little idea of continuity or progression in the shoot.

Sometimes the male leads can be very irritating. Whether this is by direction or not I don't know. Some continually slap the asses of the models, grunt, groan, and paw their female co workers like they were terrorists abusing their hostages. That can be unerotic for some of us.

Okay, let's be honest, let's come out of the closet. Female genitalia just by itself isn't all that attractive, neither is chopped liver, or any type of roadkill. It is what leads up to that genitalia that is attractive. The whole package, the eyes, the face, the breasts, the legs, the everything. It's the genitalia in context, along with the whole package. I so wish some of these sites would realise that. We've got past the shock of penetration about 40 years ago in Europe, 30 years ago in America, amd 10 years ago in Britain. So we don't need closeups of two thrusting groins and nothing else. We know they're having sex, we get to see it all the time.

I know sites have to keep production costs as cheap as possible, but surely it's possible to see two whole people having sex, and give us some idea of the beauty of the whole girl. It's done professionally, but with little love for the subject. This is true of 99% of porn, both today and in the past so I can't complain too much.

Their visitors preview site probably gives a better preview of what's on offer than the members' home page as there you get a better idea of how the girls look, and what the sets are like.

It may just me being stupid again but once I got into browsing a picture set, I couldn't get back to home again without going through my favourites option.

There is a model search option from the home page (in very small print), but when you access the model using this, the video and picture download options are dead links. You therefore have to look at the date, then go back to the home pages and work out where the model is on the chronologically listed update pages in order to download pics and videos.

It seems there is a six simultaneous downloads limit.

Logging in is easy, and you can return to the site without re entering your password.

The lighting, production and photography are mainly very good. If you go back to the first few girls recorded in 2009 you can see how much this has improved. The early ones look very different, with a different style, angles, and lighting.

You would think by the title of "First Anal Quest" its close relative "Double View Casting," and the comments "real teenagers craving to get their cherries popped," and "no fake scenes no bullshit," these are mostly first timers, but not a bit of it. Some of these girls (for example Britney, Stonell, and Kristina) have been around for a long long time, and have appeared on many other sites featuring Eastern European Girls. Some of these girls have pussies more pounded than when a juggernaut lorry crashed into the local Pets At Home.

All in all it is worth a visit, but very few seasoned downloaders will find any need to stay more than a month, or maybe two.
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Visit Jizz On Teens

4. Jizz On Teens (0)

pat362 (373) 07-09-12  06:02pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content appears to be all exclusif.
+You get access to 3 other sites.
+They have a very nice selection of teen models.
+You can stream videos online.
+They offer multiple download options for their videos which include ipod/PSP and go all the way to HD at 1080P.
+You can download the photosets in a single zip file.
+The content is all dated and they are still updating.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 20 scenes and since they only update about twice a month then it's going to take along time to accumulate a decent amount of content.
-Their idea of High quality picscs is 720x480 so not remotely close to HQ.
-Each video includes two girls with one guy so this may not appeal to people looking for some one-on-one.
-There are no search options and most of the performers are given a different name than the one they are more commonly known under.
Bottom Line: *I don't know if this site can appeal to anyone other than people who are really into oral sex because each video is basically two girls giving a guy a BJ for over half an hour. There is some lesbian action between the girls like kissing, breast play and some pussy licking but that is a small part of the video. There's no sex between the guy and the girls.

*Some of the videos are nearly an hour long and that seems to be on the long side of things. The videos are all well shot and well lighted so no complaints in that department but I don't know how many people will want to sit through a half hour BJ scene and since some of the videos are nearly an hour long then that is an even longer BJ scene.

*The bulk of the girls appearing on this site have at least one scene available on a site in the network and they also do BJ on that video so you are only getting a longer BJ scene here and the added girl to the mix.

*I got access to the site with my first anal quest membership and although this type of content does very little for me. I thought I should at least add a review since there are currently none available and maybe there are some people who might be interested.

*This would not be a good stand alone site but if you are into this type of fetish and really like anal as well then you should be happy with it. If you aren't into long BJ scenes and don't like anal then avoid the entire network because that is the bulk of their content.

*I'm boosting my score a little since you get access to some great sites with your membership.
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Visit Double View Casting

5. Double View Casting (1)

pat362 (373) 12-19-11  10:08am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have some of the first anals of girls just starting in porn.
+They have an excellent selection of teen models.
+All their videos can be downloaded in HD and the reslution is 1280x720.
+They have an interactive system that allows viewers to switch camera angles for each of their videos.
+You have an accompanying photoset for each video and they can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Pic resolution varies from 1024x683 to 1280x853 in the sets.
+They at least update with 2 new scenes each month.
Cons: -Site is rather tiny with only 62 scenes.
-They don't update regularly and you tend to only have 3 or less updates per month. This has dropped to 2 updates per month since August.
-The site has many of the same models as it's sister site "first anal quest" and they perform anal on both sites so might be a problem for some.
-I feel that the double view is more a gimmick than anything else. Not too mention that you have to download both versions to be able to switch camera angles.
-They only have HD videos so it would be great if they offered lower resolutions for guys like me who have a set download limit from their ISP.
Bottom Line: *This would be an awful stand alone site because the double view is too much of a gimmick and there's just not enough content to make it worth but I think it's a great bonus site for first anal quest. You get more of the models you like and they also have some of the only anals from certain models. Even if you don't like the double view then you still have the opportunity to download the same video shot from different angles and that could be a major plus for some looking for POV style.

*I have always been curious about their double view system but I'd never use it because of my download limit. Having to download 2 HD videos to get those different camera angles isn't worth it for a guy like me but those of you that don't have a limit then it might be worth it.

*I got access through my fuckndrive membership so I can't confirm whether you would get access to all the site other than first anal quest so I recommend that for now you join through only fuckndrive to get access to all the sites.

**To be avoided by those who don't like teens having anal sex**
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Visit First Anal Quest

6. First Anal Quest (0)

pat362 (373) 12-18-11  10:19am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: They have an excellent choice of teen models and often get one of their first anals.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 WMV resolution: normal at 580x328, high quality at 800x452 and HD at 1280x720.
+Each video has an accompanying phototset which can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution varies between 1024x682 and 1280x853.
+They update with one new scene each week.
+They currently have 155 scenes.
+You get access to double view casting.
Cons: -They rarely use the more common name for their models so it's a little hard to identify them without doing some research.
-They have banners adds for other sites on each of their pages.
-They don't have any search options.
-The same model can have similar content on double view casting.
Bottom Line: *This is an excellent anal themed site starring Eastern European models who are in their late teens to early 20's. The videos are all well shot, well lighted and they have great camera angles to show the action. The models are all beautiful and they use just the right amount of makeup to let their natural body shine through.

*A plus in my book is that they often shoot the anal in a standing position or where the model is belly down.

*I got access through fuckndrive so I can't confirm if you'd get the same 4 sites with this membership because the only site that appears on the members page is double view casting. That's why I recommend that you join through fuckndrive if you also want this site.

*This is not recommended for anyone who doesn't like anal or teens because that's all there is on this site and all the others as well.
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Visit Double View Casting

7. Double View Casting (1)

joekramer08 (12) 09-26-11  07:14pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -This site is essentially the "sister site" of First Anal Quest. It is run by the same people and you will find that most of the girls from First Anal Quest also appear on Double View Casting. The scenes on both of these sites are pretty much identical in style and quality...So, seeing as that is the case, my review of this site is pretty much the same as my review for First Anal Quest.

-As with a lot of these European sites, the best thing about this site are the gorgeous, young girls. That is what drew me to this site. I was tired of trashy "porn chicks" and wanted to see some truly fresh, tight, young girls without fake tits and tons of makeup. The girls are great. Just about every girl on this site looks to be 18 or 19.

-most scenes feature anal if you like that
Cons: -Like First Anal Quest, the camera work is not great. They waste too much time on closeups and don't show the girl's whole body enough. Too often the camera will be too zoomed in on just the penetration so that you can't even see the girl's body or her face. I prefer camera work like that found in the older scenes at tryteens.com - very zoomed out to show off the girl's whole body.

-not many updates

-Simplistic, outdated site design. Not as easy to navigate as some others

-they use mostly one male actor. I belive he is known as "Timo Hardy" in the industry. There is sometimes another male actor who looks similar to him. Unfortunately, Timo Hardy often can't keep his dick hard, and he is in almost every scene - a shame.

-this site is newer than First Anal Quest, so there aren't as many scenes yet.
Bottom Line: When I joined this site, I also got access to First Anal Quest, so the sites come together and the sites are very similar...I think you only get access to both sites if you join through Double View Casting. If you join through First Anal Quest, I don't think you get access to both sites. The main difference between these 2 sites is that Double View Casting features the gimmick of being able to switch between camera angles during the scene from "POV" to the "regular" camera angle. In order to do this you must download their special "player" and you have to separately download each scene twice (once for each camera angle) in order to have access to this "switching" functionality. Or, if you don't want to bother with that, you can just download the file for each scene in the "regular" camera angle and treat it like any other porn site. I personally hate POV movies because the POV camera angle just gets boring and I can't get a good view of the girl's body from POV angles...so, I never even bothered to download their special "player" and try their "angle switching" functionality. I only downloaded the "normal" camera angle of each scene and treated them like any other porn scene.

-I'm not sure I can recommend this site due to the bad camera angles (excessive closeups). There are better teen sites out there that offer better camera work (tryteens.com is a good one). It's a shame their camera work isn't better. They have all of these beautiful girls, but you rarely get to see their bodies due to the excessive closeups.
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Visit First Anal Quest

8. First Anal Quest (0)

joekramer08 (12) 09-25-11  09:40am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -As with a lot of these European sites, the best thing about this site are the gorgeous, young girls. Just about every girl on this site looks to be 18 or 19.

-A decent amount of scenes.

-Good anal action if you like anal.
Cons: -I don't like their camera work and filming style. I prefer the camera to always be zoomed out so I can see the girl's whole body and face in the frame...but a lot of the scenes on this site waste way too much time on closeups where the camera man will just focus on the girl's face or just her ass...I find myself thinking "ZOOM OUT! I WANT TO SEE HER BODY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

An example of good camera work can be found at tryteens.com - they're great at zooming out to show off the girl's whole body.

-not very frequent updates

-Simplistic, outdated site design. Not as easy to navigate as some others

-they use mostly one male actor. I belive he is known as "Timo Hardy" in the industry. There is sometimes another male actor who looks similar to him. Unfortunately, Timo Hardy often can't keep his dick hard, and he is in almost every scene - a shame.
Bottom Line: -I don't think I can recommend this site due to the bad camera angles (excessive closeups). They also have the annoying tendency of having the girl keep her clothes on for the entire scene, even further concealing her body. There are better teen sites out there that offer better camera angles (tryteens.com is a good one). Some people might not be as bothered by the camera angles as I was, but for me the first rule in porn should be "show off the girl's body" - and this network doesn't follow that rule very well. It's a shame their camera work isn't better - because they have some beautiful girls, but you rarely get a good view of their bodies due to the excessive closeup camera angles...it's such a waste when there is a girl with a great body, but they only show you a closeup of her ass.
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Visit Double View Casting

9. Double View Casting (1)

Trip999 (4) 01-13-11  03:00pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I became a member of First Anal Quest (firstanalquest.com) just under a month ago, and thereby gained access to Double View Casting, which is very much a sister site to firstanalquest. I presume taking membership in the first instance of Doubleviewcasting would conversely allow respective access to Firstanalquest though I offer no guarantees!

I wasn't too sure what figure to give Doubleviewcasting. If it had been a stand-alone site I would have awarded it a much lower figure, for reasons given in 'Cons' section. Joint access to Firstanalquest though is a/the major pro about this site due to the increased amount of material that is thereby available.

I suppose the second 'pro' of this site as far as I am concerned is the actresses themselves. A fair few of them are *hot* and I have very much enjoyed seeing them in action. No doubt some of them can be found in action elsewhere on the net(eurobabeindex.com is a great cross-referencing tool for Russian/European gals).
Cons: I have to admit to giving up early on the 'double view' camera thing. I downloaded the first scene of interest to me in both normal and POV views to see what this double view thing was all about. The standard camera view clip was great. Switching on the POV view however the first thing I noticed is this big nose in the top right hand corner of the screen. Now some might be able to accomodate this type of thing when they're watching their clips and doing their thing....Me, I found it a tad offputting. In addition, the video quality on the POV clip was not as good as the standard camera clip of the scene. And that's where my experience with the POV angle ended. A bit lame I know - apologies.

What else? The number of clips on Doubleviewcasting itself is low (approx 25-30) but as has been mentioned previously this situation is improved on account of material available at Doubleanalquest (approx. 90).
Bottom Line: (cont'd from Cons - ran out of space)

A good number of the actresses on Doubleviewcasting also feature in different scenes on Firstanalquest.

Download speeds from Doubleviewcasting can be fairly slow at times (down to 68kb/s for me the other night) and I have generally found these to be lower than on Firstanalquest.

*Bottom Line

I very much like the style of action here and on Firstanalquest, though it certainly won't be to everyone's taste: the anal sex is fairly restrained and not very rough, but thereby quite erotic. Users who enjoy a bit more rough (as seen for example on the Norestnetwork) might not find Doubleviewcasting so much to their liking.

In addition I can understand why fans of action where the actresses become more 'involved' (vocally/facially at louder volumes) might want to look elsewhere. Me, I personally prefer more subtlety and lower volumes :-)

Some of the scenes that I have found on Doubleviewcasting (moreso on Firstanalquest) represent the best material that I have encountered so far. A few gems.

Each to their own!
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Visit Double View Casting

10. Double View Casting (1)

BadMrFrosty (56) 09-06-10  09:21am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (43), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice video quality 720P WMV @ 4Mbits / Sec

Quite a novel idea of multiple viewing angles of the same scene.


No download limits

No regional pricing

Reputable billing through Epoch
Cons: Although your 30$ gets you access to firstanalquest.com as well, there are much bigger networks featuring many of the same models for lower price.

Only 25 videos but they do come with matching photo sets

Photos are quite low res at 1024 x 682 but mysteriously are quite large file sizes (~300KB)

No choice of quality, 720P is all you get. For me personally this is not a con, as I always go for the highest video quality but I know a lot of people have limited bandwidth.

To get the gimmick of the site, twice as much video data needs to be downloaded, one wmv file for each of the camera angles which are usually about 800 MB each.

Very slow download speeds. Using a download manager I can get about 500kbps when downloading multiple files. Using their player program it took almost 15 mins to download 20 MB.

Very, very similar content style and models available on many other sites.

The software required to watch the multiple angles is very basic and does not want to work half the time.
Bottom Line: As the name of the site suggests, the idea behind DoubleViewCastings.com is to give you multiple viewing angles (well 2) of the same scene and allow you to switch between them at will.

This is possible by downloading and installing the special player software from the website. How this all works is very basic, as is their player software. From the player it is possible to browse the updates available and upon clicking "play" the scene will be downloaded to your PC. As the download speed is downright awful, you could be waiting a while before the video actually plays, never thought I would say it but streaming would have seemed like a better choice.

Once the video has downloaded and starts to play, you can switch between the viewing angles by pressing F1 and F2. Essentially all this is doing is playing one wmv, when you press the button to switch opens the 2nd wmv and seeks to the same position.

I would have much preferred it if they would have used a standard video container format that supports multiple video streams, for example MKV, which would have allowed me to use the player of my choice. That would have also reduced the download size by a little as the same audio stream could have been shared between the 2 video streams. However the video files you download either via the website or from the software are standard wmv files which can be played in your usual media player but obviously the ability to switch angles is lost.

Also the "DoublePlayer" does not want to work half the time. Sometimes scenes that I have already downloaded wont start to play and other times it will play with sound only and no video

As the download speed using the provided player is so god awful, I would recommend downloading the wmv's from the main site and then putting them in the correct place.

On Windows Vista, the player downloads and expects to find its videos in:


Just download the 2 wmv's, rename them to zzint1.wmv and zzint2.wmv and put them in a folder matching the models name. If you start up the player in offline mode, it will find the videos and allow you to play them.

While the content is not really anything new and different, it was quite novel to be able to have a small amount of interactivity with the scene. If you like this style of content it is worth joining. If not, the gimmick won't change your mind.
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11. First Anal Quest (0)

DirtyOldMan6969 (0) 05-05-10  06:45pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Currently 72 videos with weekly updates
-All original material
-Fast DL with DL Manager
-Great looking young girls
-What I like the best is the video routine. I like the girl standing against wall taking it in the ass and then the girl laying flat on the bed with the camera in the back and guy on top--this is the regular routine I find to be very erotic!
Cons: -More updates
-Bigger network would be nice.
-Price is high for only 4 updates per month, but you can join for 90 days for about $20/month.
-I have found their video re-branded with HD-Anal watermarks and posted on their site.
Bottom Line: I like the site and recommend it if you like hardcore anal sex with very nice looking young girls. I do. Probably best if you join for a month a couple of times a year.
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12. First Anal Quest (0)

BadMrFrosty (56) 03-05-10  06:29am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (43), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 65 high quality 720P videos
Zipped picture sets
Decent download speeds
No fuss navigation
Exclusive content
Cons: Not all scenes have picture sets
Male actors hit and miss. Some seem amateur
Female quality could be better
No network access. Yes you get access to a DVD archive but that's hardly exclusive content
Bottom Line: The main problem with this site is that you will see the same girls doing anal on other sites and usually with far cheaper memberships and/or with decent network access. e.g. AnalTeenAngels.com features much the same girls (and some of the guys) but costs only $20 for 70 HD scenes plus network access. That alone makes this site hard to recommend.

Secondly, the director seems to have instructed the girls to act shocked and in pain while taking this "first anal" which is silly for a couple of reasons.

1. If teen anal movies are your thing you would have already seen the girl quite happily take one for the team without the play acting.

2. The girls are not at all convincing in their "performance"

This makes a lot of the scenes seem completely unnatural.

That said there are a couple of scenes featuring either genuine pain or good acting. If that's a pro or a con I will leave up to the reader to decide.
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13. First Anal Quest (0)

dracken (246) 08-01-09  10:28am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-03-09  02:58pm  (Update History)
Reason: I keep confusing young teen, for barely legal, sorry about that. It will not repeat. As I will not post any more links
Pros: - as far as teen anal sex this is one of the best out there
- many of the shots are hot and the girls look awesome
- decent quantity and quality
- regular updates with previews of the upcoming update
- the bonus section has many full length dvd free for downloading
- decent download speeds (around 200kb for four videos at a time)
Cons: - a bit pricey for only one website (although the bonus dvd make up for the lack of exclusive material)
- if you like story behind your porn, tough luck. All you will get here are sex scenes, not even an interview (most of the time)
- some girls look better than others (actually some girls look like they had a lot of anal before)
- the male models could be better looking and more into it
- the navigation can be a bit annoying until you get used to it, no way to search for model name
- all scenes are in a different language (there isn't much dialogue but still a small subtitle could have added to the atmosphere)
Bottom Line: If you like teen sex with a bit of pain in the girls faces, instead of the wide asshole type, this is the place for you. The quality of the videos varies a bit but overall this is a place with hot young girls and good scenes. The girls look innocent but ready to do whatever the guy asks them to do (in some other language than English be warned).

It is still new and it will certainly improve in the future. Keep an eye out for it.
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14. First Anal Quest (0)

TalonIcefire (6) 07-22-09  04:38pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: HD quality video with decent angles & lighting
Video resolution available is 1280x720, 800x452 & 580x328
Video bit rate is 4000, 2500 & 1000 Kbps
Download manager friendly
Amateur models
Cons: No previews, trailers or screenshots
Video format in WMA only
Videos unavailable in sectional downloads
Update slow, between 5-13 days
Expensive for available content (Currently 34 thirty minute clips at $.88 each)
Small watermarks
No photo content
Poor search engine (need to know what you are looking for)
Misleading (Most models are not experiencing anal sex for the first time)
Repetitive scenarios to include several women wearing same/similar outfits
No extra content
Bottom Line: Cost is relatively high for available content and frequency of updates. Few models are experiencing anal sex for the first time. However, the 1280x720 resolution looks good on a 52" TV. Site needs to grow to justify the cost.
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15. First Anal Quest (0)

Dmander6 (0) 05-08-09  08:10am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (5)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice teen girls
Good quality video
Some girls look pained during the anal sex
members can make comments
Cons: Vaginal sex before Anal - what a bummer!
Cocks are to small
Ass fucking is too soft -and not hard
No deep throat fucking making the girls choke
Bottom Line: This site is new so lets hope it gets the concept right - we will have to see.
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