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Double View Casting (1)

rearadmiral (380) 05-11-14  07:55am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 93 scenes
- Russian / Eastern European models
- Several download options
- Innovative gimmick to have two views available
- In streaming you can switch between two cameras
- Two separate videos available for download
- Lots of anal
- Part of a small network (5 sites in total)
Cons: - Slow downloads
- Models names are frequently mixed up
- The male shooting POV needs more practice
- Selecting the ďremember meĒ button on log in doesnít work
- Hasnít updated since February 2014
- The two views are slightly out of sync
Bottom Line: Iím a fan of the casting niche and this was one of the few remaining reputable-looking sites that I hadnít joined. Iím glad I did but if youíre a fan of this niche this is likely one of the weakest sites available in the genre.

To be fair to the site, I think that part of the problem is a language barrier in many of the scenes. Not many of the models speak English well, if at all, and the casting niche relies on a lot of conversation to set the scene up and create some heat. In this case that heat isnít developed well because of the language barrier. Of more importance though is the fact that the site puts less effort into creating the myth of a casting video. When comparing the scenes here to one of the best, Casting Couch X, for example, language is only part of the issue. A site like CCX puts a lot of effort into creating the feel of a real casting that turns into a porn tryout. DVC doesnít put that effort in.

The siteís main claim is that it offers a double view of all the scenes. There is a camera being operated by a cameraman and the male talent has a handheld camera that shoots the same scene at the same time in POV. If you use streaming the video plays within the site and there is a narrow band at the top where you have a picture-in-picture of the second camera. Hitting your space bar toggles between the two views. I donít normally stream but I can see that this might be a good feature for those who do stream. But it might also be an answer to a question that no one ever asked. Iíll let you be the judge of that. A minor glitch is that the two views are slightly out of sync Ė only by a second or so but enough to notice. The bigger problem lies with the quality of the POV camerawork. I understand that it must be hard to do, but others have mastered the skill and the male talent/POV cameraman here hasnít.

The models are all Eastern European or Russian and many of them are well-known in the industry. Theyíre all between 18 and 22 and all are petite and attractive. There arenít a lot of fake breasts and tattoos. (Maybe those trends arenít as popular in EE/Russia?) One issue with all sites that use EE/Russian models is that they seem to change their names on a weekly basis. Itís apparent here because the link to the scene will have one name and then when you watch the scene there is text of the model name and that is often different from what is listed on the site.

The site uses a simple layout with 15 medium-sized thumbnails per page that open into a page for the scene. There is no search function and I found that using the model search page didnít work well but that may be due to the frequent model name changes even within the site.

There are some download options though they are limited and I donít really understand why these are offered. The scenes are available in ďWindows,Ē ďAppleĒ and ďAndroidĒ but in some cases all of them are MP4. There is only one file resolution in each type. Older videos have WMV available, sometimes as the only option. For each scene there are two downloads available: the main camera and the POV camera. One significant flaw in downloading is that the download speeds are about one-third of what I usually get. I used a download manager and had no problems with that.

Regardless of what file type is offered they all come in at 1280x720 at 5000kb/s and 29fps. They look crisp and have no pixilation issues.

The site shows 93 scenes but the oldest four arenít available for streaming. I canít say for certain that the site is now dead, but it used to update by adding one scene per month but the last upload was in February 2014.

The site is part of a small network of five sites in total. (One of them, Wanted GFs, isnít worth joining for so avoid a membership if thatís all you want.)

One thing that I listed as a good thing though others will disagree and see it as a negative is that there are a lot of anal scenes on the site. I didnít count them, but Iíd say between two-thirds and three-quarters of the scenes have anal.

One minor glitch that was nevertheless annoying is that while the login page had a box to check to remember your username and password that didnít work. Also, I couldnít enter the other sites on the network through the links on the site. My username and password werenít recognized. I had to do a Google search for the site and enter that way.

The bottom line is that unless you absolutely have to have all the casting scenes you can get your hands on, or if you really want to collect all the scenes you can from a specific model than itís probably best to pass on this site. Itís well done, the videos look good and they have their double-view gimmick, but other than that the site is just an average porn site that doesnít stand out from the crowd.

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jook (16) thank you once again for an incredibly informative review.

Normally after reading one of your reviews i can immediately decide whether to join. However, I'm on the ropes on this one. I've got plenty of petit/gorgeous Russian/eastern European doing anal in my collection. I ask, do I really need another one?

This will help make up my mind - how are the "bonus" sites? I know you said one sucked, not in so many words though ;). And how is the billing? After some bad experiences, I now factor this in.

Thanks again for your contribution.

05-13-14  04:10am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #1 - jook :

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Sorry to answer your question with another question, but is it really possible to have too much porn featuring petite and gorgeous EE and Russian women doing anal? ;-)

Two of the bonus sites are pretty good. The biggest site on the network in First Anal Quest and that's pretty much self-explanatory. It has the same pros and cons of Double View Casting and it is fairly large too with 259 scenes available. (But it doesn't have the double-view camera gimmick.)

I also liked Fuck n Drive though it is fairly small. I like the whole cars-and-girls thing (I think it comes from my love of public sex porn). There are 38 scenes with a mix of solo, girl-girl and boy-girl. There is some anal here but not much. Since this is a favorite niche of mine I'm planning a full review in case anyone else shares my interest in it.

There's also Jizz on Teens. That site has 24 scenes and I can't really say anything else about it because I didn't download from it. For one thing all the scenes are b/g/g and I really prefer b/g. Also, none of the model's names are listed and that's something that bugs me.

The final site in the network is Wanted GFs. This is the weakest site on the network. It's touted as an amateur site and seems to have a lot more pictures than videos. And many of the photo sets I saw were of the American porn star Alyssa Hall. I quite like Ms. Hall, but she's no amateur girlfriend! The pic sets are available as zips.

Billing was through Epoch so I had no problems getting the membership or cancelling it.

I hope this helps.

05-13-14  02:08pm

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graymane (33) Still can't get into anal, ol' buddy .
But could try -- if I hav'ta, ...... to part the oceans if it were the only course of action at getting at your reviews.

05-13-14  08:20pm

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #3 - graymane :

Give it some time, young man! You'll come around! ;-)
05-14-14  01:59pm

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graymane (33) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

Not in this lifetime, my good man........and,
I can say, without a shred of growing doubt, ....neither the next,.

Wherever all the recent, as well as present, and lets not forget we old-timers' who, lets say, will ultimately gather as then discarnate porn-lovers, who'll chat about their sexual preferences, esp. those who'll face, in their next life when they'll get another shot at getting it all right this go-a-round.

Finally, should they earn their ultimate reward for repeated earthly sojourns to get that one-way ticket upstairs .....wherein you'll meet the "Big-guy" -- and later check-into the mansion of your choice .....waiting just for you, including all the amenities ---Mortgage-free and never any further delinquent fees.

Devoid of darkness, perpetually perfect weather, always time to stroll down one of limitless danger-free streets, admiring scenery that never bores or grows old.
Porn, sans fees, renewals or hassle, are at your finger-tip offering multi terabits of limitless adult choice ...except, of course, illegal and inappropriate fare.

I'm sure you can find a bar somewhere..... but I wouldn't speculate on the availability of the golden foamy stuff until you get there.

But if there were ..or a reasonable facsimile .....there wouldn't be anybody around I'd rather choose to dispense them with than my good PU friend Rearadmiral .
Only exception, though .....
we leave "anal" covered up in a dark corner

all the above is one of this writer's many proposed dissertations on the merits of ones' highly deserved achievements.

Unfortunately, this one got away like a speeding, unattended, downhill locomotive with no breaks.

05-15-14  02:25am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #5 - graymane :

Great story sir!

It reminds me of a joke I only partially remember so I won't dwell on it, but the gist of it is that a man dies and goes into the great beyond where things are better beyond all imagining. It's like a harem of beautiful women who look after all his sexual needs and submit to every depraved wish. He finally asks someone what he had done to earn such a high place in heaven. The reply was 'Heaven? You're not in Heaven! This is hell for all these women who did bad things on earth!"

05-15-14  05:21pm

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graymane (33) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Funny. And as with most of the jokes I've read that you've posted here, they smack of the kind of things that brings us back over and over to read whatever you author.
I read a book on writing jokes many years ago. And it might interest you to know that the key word the author dwelled on associated with the success of a good joke is "incongruity."

The so-called joke punch line, depending on the congruity aspect.... can, for all practical purposes, make or break the effect of how well the joke comes across.
And it is he who masters a jokes' incongruity ......well, I suppose you could say "separates the men from the boys" on the subject of delivering a good joke. ...

Oh yes, RA .....
Thanks much for hanging in there, and appearing to perceive my touch on the next stage after one croaks.
I suppose I got carried away!
I guess because I've been reading up lately so heavily on the subject; and because I myself am approaching that dimension so rapidly on the fast track ........ well, it happens when you give another your ear ......

05-16-14  01:12am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #7 - graymane :

Graymane, I say this to you as a former Roman Catholic and one who studied to be a priest. The Catholic Church has the doctrine of Purgatory where an otherwise holy person gets sent to be purified before being allowed into Heaven. For the purposes of humor only, I'll deem that you may need a little while in Purgatory and I wonder if your punishment is having to watch anal sex for a few years before being allowed to enter the fullness of Heaven? If it is, please, please, please tell them that I too hated anal sex. And I hated Taylor Rain and Tanner Mayes especially. And the most fitting punishment for me would be a requirement to watch these women have anal sex.

Trust me, when we meet in Heaven, I'll buy you a drink!

05-16-14  02:12pm

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jook (16) REPLY TO #8 - rearadmiral :

Nail. Head. As a young lad, GM used to go to sleep every night with pictures of Lily. Sometimes he'd wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't help buy resurect Lily. A very mischievous God deviously cured this blasphemy. GM's eyes were taped open (ala Clockwork Orange) while being fed intravenously and forced to watch anal scenes until he begged for mercy. Remarkably, he held out for 2 years.

Anyway, I digress. I joined the site and I'm a little surprised you didn't mention a couple of the other sites in the network except the sucky one. Analquest seems right up your, uh, alley. With something like 250 videos of, well, guess, it's the highlight of the network for me. Virtually every scene had a knockout young Eastern European, the guys varied and the scenes varied somewhat.

I had high hopes for another one of the sites, Jizz on Teens or something like that. They're all threesomes, 2 wimmin, 1 guy. Unfortunately, I believe they're all blowjobs, no more.

Last but not least though maybe I'm missing something, I was let down by the Double View site after your review... normally, I can tell if something is for me after reading your review. I didn't think the camera handling was a big deal. As you stated, the casting premise was just plain stooopid (ok, my words), but the scenes were good otherwise.

In any event, I have no regrets and would highly recommend the site. I'd probably give it in the low 80s. Thanks again for your very informative review.

05-26-14  05:34am

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