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Type: Pay Site


1. Amateur Girls
2. Lesbian Sex
3. Nude Photography

abbywinters.com BV
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Monthly: $25.20  Our Price $21.25 (recurring - single-site access)
Monthly: $39.25  Our Price $33.36 (recurring - 3-site access)
Per Movie: $2.49 ($24.95 credit purchased; $2.49 per individual shoot.)
Coupon Code: TBP9821

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Review by TheBestPorn:

TBP Review

Date: 04-10-13

Type: 2.0

+  Large Collection of Exclusive Amateur Content.
+  Daily Updates.
-  Different Membership Levels & Prices (Can Get Pricey).

User Reviews (69)

 User reviews consist of pros, cons, and other thoughts.

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dracken (246) 05-01-12  07:24pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent amount of content around 5,606 videos (although most girl-girl and boy-girl scenes have three videos each) around 1,427 models and daily updates.
- Exclusive models
- More recent videos are available in multiple formats up to 1280x720
- All shoots have images available as ziped files, they also have a best of, which highlight the best photos in a nice gallery.
- All models look very natural, little make-up many are not shaved, just trimmed almost all look very next door girl
- The sex looks very natural, there are some awkward pauses, no insane penetration angles, the blowjobs look realistic.
- Overall the site has a fun, softcore feel with some close-ups of vaginas and blowjobs.
- A lot of the scenes have a before and after where they interview the models and the girls seem pretty relaxed (although there are some serious language barriers at times)
-In a lot of scenes the orgasms are or look real.
- Good download speeds
- Decent forum with many members
Cons: - Almost all of the videos have an old school feel to them, with highlights overblown and colors a bit faded. Even the highest resolutions feel a bit grainy.
- A lot of videos are broken up into various parts. Also the before and after interviews could have easily been lumped with the actual scene.
- Scenes tend to have a slow intro (I remember one video where the boy texts the guy for 3 minutes)
- The site's navigation is decent but takes some getting used to. There are videos labeled "intimate moments" which are basically solo masturbation shots, but there are also "solo shots" and "after dark" shots and when I say shot I don't mean a video I mean a collection of videos... trust me it makes sense but it takes some getting used to
- The girls are very natural looking and some could use a bit more make-up. I was expecting the same kind of models Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls has, but the girls here seemed less attractive (IMO)
Bottom Line: Man, this site is something else. I've been a member of most major porn sites over the years and have seen many styles and combinations of content, but Abbywinters stands out as a unique product. If I had to compare it to anything else I'd say it's close to suicide girls in their focus on fun, softcore stuff and community (at least that's how suicide girls used to be back when I joined it a few year ago)

The great selling point of the site are the exclusive, natural looking models and the realistic settings and action. The site claims that all scenes are shot in the girls homes with their outfits and only (supposedly) with their boyfriends and/or girlfriends. To cement this claim there are before and after sex interviews where the girls explain what felt good and what they were nervous/ excited about, where they met the boyfriend, how often they have sex in private and so on.

Aside from scenes with boy-girl, girl-girl sex the site has "Intimate moments" scenes where supposedly the girls are alone with the camera and can be themselves as well as solo shots where the director interviews them a bit before the action. They also have a handful of "after dark" scenes where the girls are supposed to be dressed in nicer clothes and be more romantic. I hope they get more of these as some of the outfits were very nice, but for right now they only have a dozen or so.

Overall the site has a decent premise, unique content and a strong community of followers (and a great forum btw). If you like their style and the girls this place will be a great find and the 3 month membership a steal. However the scenes are far from perfect and you could easily end up disliking the site for how different it feels.

The navigation is efficient, but somewhat different from other porn sites and can get a bit confusing at first. The homepage shows the updates, but the preview images are not animated. The easiest way to browse is by looking at shoots and then either video shoots or image shoots (this way you get animated previews), but you can't easily view all models that video or only images and there is no way to search for top rated models or Russian models. Not to mention that older videos tend to be split into 10 parts and even more recent ones often have 2 parts.

Speaking of videos, I have to say that the girls look great in photos but in many of the videos they end up looking average, even a bit disappointing. I suspect that in order to maintain the vibe of the site everything is filmed with minimal equipment and it shows. Overexposed shots, some blurry close-ups, the sound of the camera taking photos in the background. It all contributes to make the site feel unprofessional. Don't even ask me how many scenes are shot in an extremely bright room with perfectly clean white walls or how overexposed reds look in half the scenes. Overall for me the technical quality was a huge disappointment.

The content itself is decent with a lot of the girls really into it and believable orgasms

However it's a bit slow paced for my taste. All sex scenes take several minutes before anyone gets naked. I personally don't see the need for a little make believe story (oh I'm a photographer, get naked. Oh we're watching tv, get naked) when there is a before interview where the girls say they are excited to have sex (especially when some scenes are only 25 minutes long).

Speaking of the interviews. Some have captions to translate the interview and those are great, the British accents on some girls are even better, but the broken English most girls have coupled with giggling every two seconds when they don't understand the question can get frustrating and took me out of the mood.

At the end of the day I see the appeal of Abby Winters, but I don't think I saved more than a handful of videos. The image sets are very good, but the technical quality and the poor set-up make this feel like old, old Pierre Woodman casting videos. I don't regret joining the site but it's not my cup of tea, I'll stick with Nubiles, which has a similar feel but much better navigation and quality videos.
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s1vus1 (13) 04-22-12  05:55pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (25), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Navigation Is excellent
Massive collection all exclusive
- 99% of the girls are only seen on this site.
- All amatuer girls.
- Real scenes no made up scenes.
- Download speeds are fantasic with no download limits
- Hardly any Boy/girl (this is a good thing)
- Outstanding search engine
- Save to hard drive with no dmr (Video Protection)
(I FORGOT THE BUSH)I love bush and they have lots of it!
Cons: - The girls are very much a persons taste! and some people will find them unattractive.

- They they need to have more "Girl Cum tasteing" this is a major nich that is missing from porn and is a Major turn on for alot of people
Bottom Line: Keep up the role play at the start if not make it longer.
Make the scenes more gritty. More passion and intesity and a little bit dirty. Nothing hotter then two sweaty lesbians.
Find better looking models (the girls are nice people just not sexy)
Add more Girl + Girl scenes
Add more Girl Cum tasteing

Fix that Ill change to 100%
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xexbot (36) 02-12-12  12:01pm
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Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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Tigger (0) 01-25-12  12:17am
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Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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tomjones (1) 09-04-11  12:52am
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Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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messmer (137) 07-26-11  06:34pm
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Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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BradlyH (11) 08-20-11  01:11pm
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Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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magicdirt (1) 11-15-10  09:40pm
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gareth (1) 08-22-10  07:21am
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HonestDave (2) 06-18-10  04:04am
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User Comments (59)

 Ask a question, give quick feedback, warnings, etc.

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RagingBuddhist (63) 03-17-14  09:55am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (64), NO (0)

Again - Looking for current or recent members

It's been just over a year since I last made this request, so (also again) I probably have my answer, but...
Can anyone tell me if the videos are still saving the skin for the end of the clip?

And, please... site reps? I want to hear from subscribers, not the people trying to sell their material.

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RagingBuddhist (63) 02-02-13  06:46am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (64), NO (0)

Looking for current or recent members

It's been almost a year since the last review. I'm curious if someone can comment on what was (is?) one of the biggest complaints about the content on the site, namely the long videos saving the skin for the last few minutes. I keep thinking about giving the site another shot but really don't to wind up feeling like I wasted my money. Anyone been here recently?

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Norberto (Suspended) 06-02-12  02:09am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)

Site has seen better days

Revisited recently after quite a few years pre-Amsterdam move and have to agree with various other writers that its not as good as it was when it was being beamed out of Australia. Its almost like there's a formula to the shoots. Customer support is non existent-I emailed about a particular set that I rejoined for and never received a reply and videos that should be on there aren't. Cant say the women are that great despite the hyped up copy around the scenes-I definitely wont be back after this occasion.

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Ergo Proxy (21) 03-13-12  10:52am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (1)


Seriously, how many reviews will this site get on what short time scales and how many praises will there be in the future? No one knows. Sorry, just had to get it out of my system. Erase, dismiss, ignore my comment, whatever.

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cjd2004 (0) 02-13-12  07:00pm
Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)

Selective "Natural" Models

For those that think abbywinters really is about "natural beauty" should read what Madison Young had to say about them:

"I did shoot with Abby Winters but they are now located in Amsterdam so I shot with them in Holland. I was actually quite disappointed with their company policies and was given the wrong impression about the company. Their company’s values claim to honor the “natural girl” but then made me feel under the microscope with a “grooming check” before the shoot and after a day an a half of shooting with me cancelled my remaining shoots due to a “grooming issue”. When I was asked what kind of “grooming issue” I could possibly have they reported that I had a blemish near my collar bone that would make it impossible for them to shoot me. The girls they shoot must be completely blemish free because they don’t want the girls they shoot to wear any cover up or make up. So perpetuating the idea that all girls are with out blemishes is somehow more natural than the idea that a girl might wear cover up. Needless to say I was very disappointed in my treatment by their company. I guess it goes to say that all production companies are not always what they appear to be."

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messmer (137) 06-07-11  05:42pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (76), NO (1)

Is Special Discount Still In Effect?

I tried two different times, the second time after closing Forefox and deleting cookies etc. as always suggested, but the special price of $ 33.15 for our members is nowhere mentioned on the join pages of AW. Only a regular price of $ 39.00 for all three sites. Could someone please confirm the special is still in effect for TBP users. Thank you.

P.S. AW if you should be looking in: there appears to be a special deal for returning members but I have long forgotten my original user name and password. To whom would I write and how far can you go back in your data base in order to find me?

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MichelleF (1) 12-30-10  08:20am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

2 Weeks Free at abbywinters.com

All you need to do is enter coupon code 'Michelle' at abbywinters.com and receive 2 weeks absolutely free! Happy New Year!!!!!!

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Mr Fountain (50) 12-24-10  12:05pm
Rookie Badge  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (39), NO (0)

Cock conquering photos

Cock conquering Photos absolutely out of mind how many photosets i like nicos and tobys shoots few go to the archives but if your weeny can make it through that then u got some stamina and a brave cock . Loue the pee stills and vids nothing better than to see high arching geyser like streams come forth from a proud twats maybe a little cocky about hauing such a big clit there are so many great shoots if you go and take a look at the full site archives and all . I have spewed so many hot loads to aw

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greg909 (2) 12-14-10  10:45am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)

My Final Visit

I too just completed another subscription, which I think will sadly be my last. I'm not into the videos -- I've always joined for the pictures which, while not always very big, were often hot.

Sadly, the picture sets have actually got worse. More sets have a larger size option now, but there's no point offering larger images when the quality is as low as it is on Abby Winters. Unlike quality sites such as Met-Art, AVErotica, Explicite-art, etc, the Abby sets look like they were shot with a cell phone! There's just no fine detail at all. Each picture looks either out-of-focus or shot with a shutter speed that's too low to retain sharpness. I'm not exactly sure what AV does to their pics to make them so soft and lacking detail, but it's true of every set.

They made a lot of fuss about the new web page design, but hey, if the content isn't any good, then who cares.

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dingle (1) 11-25-10  11:40am
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)

Abby re-visited

After a long break from abby im back and that same old wasted monies feeling comes back.

Not alot has changed on the videos & photo shoots. The normal 19+ pages of photos and nothing until page 17 on some shoots.

The videos 25 mins maybe 3-5 mins of full nudity (Full nudity for me means seeing everything) I know this is "Un-scripted" but com'on at least tell your models to not cross their legs when blabbing on for 15 mins!!or hide behind curtains ect.
Im quite gutted as there is still some very nice models but the video format is still the same and a HUGE waste of 500mb+HQ/750+ HD per video.

Todays video "Kyle" made me write this c'mon abby folks 14mins and near end just a quick flash now and again (such a shame) but i cannot understand why so soft when she has done a intimate moments shoot???? This can also be said for some other shoots older ones are more nuddy and new one's like are like a free video that comes with your porno mag (Top shelf rated 18+)

I just dont under stand abby could be sooo much better & are missing a huge money market, I read somewhere on here or their forums "Alot of members join every now and again" Eh? you should be getting people hooked and paying each month.

Erm im trying to think of plus side... Ponders for 5 mins, oh yeah there is still quite a few hard core vid's dildo/fingering-but if your joining just for them i would look else where because not every update is like them.

The site has had a re-vamp and to be honest it much better and with search options and favorite options and links and HD- the photo sets really have a zing and load up quick.

Phew a big load off my chest, after seeing the reviews here and still the 85+ score im really not sure who is writing these reviews!!!
For me this is my VERY LAST vist to this site,and i will have a hunt around for a soft/amature site which SHOWS the pubic areas-such such a shame !!! And i shall not be fooled by the trailers again in the "Explore site" option..

Goodbye abby, my monies going else where......

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