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How many new PU members do you think stay over 1 year at PU ?

Type: Our Site

Submitted by Cybertoad (104)
Around 100% 3% 1 Votes
Less than 80% 24% 9 Votes
Less than 50% 29% 11 Votes
Less than 30% 32% 12 Votes
Less than 10% 13% 5 Votes

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38 Votes Total

Sep 29, 2012

Poll Replies (24)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


RustyJ (145) I'm just guessing but I'd say less than 50%. Writers of good, long reviews seem to stick while those just venting anger at one site disappear quickly. Of course, not all members write reviews so I may not even notice all.
09-29-12  12:11am

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BadMrFrosty (56) I very rarely see new users who write more than a couple of reviews but I would have to assume many more than just those people sign up. Based on that I would say less than 10% stick around. Of course I have no way of backing that up as most users on a site like this a lurkers and don't post anything at all therefore making it impossible to tell.
09-29-12  01:25am

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gaypornolover (38) I'd say less than 50% - it's a shame but I often find reviewers who obviously joined but didn't stick around.

I don't understand it myself, though I think some people just join to warn or complain about one specific site.

I always try to do my bit by welcoming new members, as was done for me, and encouraging them to stay around - if they seem to have joined to complain about one specific site, I always encourage them to stay and tell us about some sites they enjoyed as well.

Personally I've found this to be such a wonderful community I can't imagine ever leaving - the people are friendly, intelligent and non-judgmental and I've been made to feel very welcome here.

09-29-12  03:41am

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gaypornolover (38) Incidentally - do we have the true figure? Could be interesting to know it - and maybe discuss it in the forums - I'd like to figure out ways we could get more people to stay!
09-29-12  03:42am

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marcdc1 (174) REPLY TO #4 - gaypornolover :

I agree gaypornlove. Speaking just for myself, I did a review or two years ago, then stayed away. I've only been back for a few months and have been blown away by the dedication and sincerity of the community.

It's always nice to grow a community.

Here's to improving PU for all of us.

09-29-12  05:49am

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RagingBuddhist (65) There are almost 8,000 registered users here and there aren't 800 people regularly posting. Even if you want to include lurkers in the count, I still can't see the actual figure to be above 10%.
09-29-12  08:55am

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Drooler (220) Interesting question. RagingBuddhist makes a compelling case for there being under 10%.

I guess some people have better things to do with their time. Incredible.

09-29-12  09:44am

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pat362 (373) I picked 50% but the question is too vague for me to come up with a true figure. I mean are we talking about actual participants in the reviews and the forum or just people that sign up and post a comment from time to time but still visit the site on a regular basis?
09-29-12  09:53am

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lk2fireone (196) I lurked the site for over a year before I actually joined. Not sure why I didn't join immediately, but I've joined so many different sites, and then hardly ever visited any of them. But PU was different. Like other PU members have said, the PU community is basically welcoming, friendly, helpful, the site has great information on porn sites along with the discounts, and the staff is friendly and helpful if you have any questions or problems.

So that's why I finally joined and stuck around.

But as RagingBuddhist points out, with 8,000 registered users, less than 10% are actively involved (that's different from being an active member: I believe PU counts all members who joined as active, unless they have deactivated their account or been delisted for some reason).

But as the poll question is stated, "How many new PU members stay for over one year?", I would guess the answer is less than 80%. Because once they have signed up, they are considered active, until they de-activate their account, or are delisted by PU staff. And most of the members don't bother to de-activate their account, even when they no longer contribute.

But it would be interesting if the staff would give some figures on how many members do de-activate their account.

But I don't know if they would do that, or if they considered that proprietary or confidential information.

09-29-12  11:38am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

Hi Pat, I think I was just sticking with joining and staying I see your point but did not want to complicate it too much. As I noticed already responses are across the board very interesting.
09-29-12  01:21pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

I too Lurked the second time around until the forum, and watched it for awhile and finally joined. I actually had joined prior to me now joining I had posted reviews etc, before but lost my user and pass cause my old pc died.
But it was a year roughly I still could never remember what user it was.
And I had done a few reviews. I think Catalina Cruz and some others.
Now that tells you how twisted I am I remember the sites lol, but not my user name back then. Still don't know.

09-29-12  01:25pm

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slutty (111) I sort of figure many lurk around even if they aren't 'active', as lk2 did I lurked around for a good bit before joining.
09-29-12  09:40pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #10 - Cybertoad :

That's alright. I think that if I were to deduct any person who does one or two reviews and then we don't hear from them again then the number would definetely be below 10%. The fact that there are 8000 registered members but less than 50 of them review on a regular basis or post on the forum is rather sad.
09-29-12  10:09pm

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SexCliche (12) 50% is my guess: the other 50% I would guess either a) joined the site to leave one comment or review, either in anger or alcohol-addled logic (yes I speak from experience); b) don't join sites very frequently; or c) joined PU and then became embarrassed about it and left.
09-30-12  09:41am

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messmer (137) Well, we appear to be evenly split on this one! I put down less than 30% but it's only a wild guess.
09-30-12  10:56am

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rearadmiral (384) I guessed at less than 50%, but that really is just a guess. Lurkers don't bother me on this site. I like to think that those of us who do post reviews are helping the whole community by writing reviews.
09-30-12  11:49am

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Claypaws (44)
I also put less than 50%. But that is in the context of not understanding the question :-)

By "stay over a year", I assumed was meant "contribute in any way at all to reviews, comments, forum or polls for over a year".

The question did not ask how many write reviews for over a year and I did not take it to mean that. If it did, then I would think less than 10%.

If it meant "not have their membership voluntarily or compulsorily deactivated", I would think the figure would be higher, say around 80%.

The most difficult part of any survey is asking the right question ;-) (Not wishing to be rude, Cybertoad, forgive me).

How about this for a question: "Do you?" You must answer yes or no.

09-30-12  12:38pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #17 - Claypaws :

Of course I do. I believe in the power of positive thinking. So my answer is "Yes".

Now, what am I guilty of?

09-30-12  03:35pm

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oldfizzywig (8) The question here in this poll, as one notices lately also with political polls, is "what is the polling methodology, and how are the questions asked?".
The methodology here, is to ask members to respond, that requires some effort on each members part so is somewhat limiting on who will participate, only those of us who want to contribute will answer.
And then there is the measurement issue, of how to decide what it means to "stay over one year", is that to "never use your login id again for a year"? The site, if it keeps records of a user's last login, could track how many users have a last login date over one year old, and compare that to the total number of users. But even that can be misleading, as it would probably be best to limit the total user count to those where their initial sign up date was more than a year in the past, it certainly would not be valid to count someone like me who only signed up a bit over a month ago.
Come back in a year from now to see if I stay active.

09-30-12  10:26pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) Me thinks there is a definitive answer to this question but only one source would seem to know.
10-01-12  11:20am

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nygiants03 (162) Id say less then 50%. PU is a great site but its hard to contribute every week when you have so much going on in life.
10-02-12  08:09am

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PU Staff
To my knowledge, no kind of stats on users have ever been compiled.

I do know we have a fair amount of new users who create accounts from non-English speaking countries and then never show back up -- at least not logged in.

As mentioned, what you answer is going to depend a lot on how you define "stay". We do have tons of lurkers who visit (while logged in) but rarely (if ever) actually post anything.

We very much appreciate the time and effort it takes to participate regularly. We hope our users see our weekly raffle as tangible evidence of that appreciation.

10-02-12  09:58am

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manholelover (24) I must admit of late I've dipped in and out, but will always be PUer. I agree with the comments. This is a really unique site, with dedicated, friendly and really non-judgmental members....
10-03-12  11:27am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #18 - lk2fireone :

"Now, what am I guilty of?"


10-03-12  12:06pm

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