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What are the largest problems with the majority of sites these days?

Type: General

Submitted by GCode (101)
Photo resolution/Quality 3% 1 Votes
Video res and quality 5% 2 Votes
Navigation and searching 5% 2 Votes
Lack of good updates 35% 14 Votes
Exclusivity 3% 1 Votes
Innovativeness of material 50% 20 Votes

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40 Votes Total

Jun 27, 2012

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Denner (235) The last....the material at most porn sites today is too repetitive.
06-27-12  12:12am

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Cybertoad (Disabled)
Same ole , same ole. Like day old bread with mold. Many items are done to death.

06-27-12  12:25am

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otoh (54) Again, the last - most of us here read reviews and will lean toward the sites with better video, navigation and updating. And even if these are lacking, if the material is right, they can be lived with. But finding something genuinely new... that's why I was so enthused by Juliland - one of those rare sites that's a breath of fresh air.
06-27-12  01:55am

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gaypornolover (38) I find there's actually quite a few innovative sites out there if you look - and there's only so much innovation you can expect - I think it's easy to get jaded with porn.
I actually find video resolution is still a major problem - so many sites are still stuck in the 1990s!
They also tend to exaggerate about resolutions, for example claiming "HD" content which isn't true HD.

06-27-12  02:11am

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Claypaws (44)
I answered photo resolution/Quality, but my emphasis is on quality. I am not especially bothered whether a site has images at 3000 pix on long side or 8000 pix. 8000 pix of blur is no use to me. And I would rather have a 1500 original pic than a 2000 pix screencap from a video. Of course, quality original pics at 3000 to 4000 on long side would be preferable.

I lament the very small choice available in quality photos. Photos are too often treated as an addon to the videos or as a preview for the videos (e.g. like DDF sites). Often, the photo sets exactly mirror the themes of corresponding videos (e.g. DDF, Nubiles). So photos tend to be all masturbation and toys. Whereas those themes might work in video, they do not work in photos.

Since I am only interested in photos, I want the photos not to concentrate on toys or masturbation. Most sites that include photos are obsessed with toys or masturbation. Most that are not obsessed with those themes concentrate on arty photos instead. And I do not much like those either. There are lots of sites with arty themes and magazine covers to identify each set.

So my complete answer would be a mixture of photo quality and repetitiveness. Quality - too many blurry pics, too many with bad colour, too much reliance on pixels rather than content. Repetitiveness - toys, toys, toys, masturbation, masturbation, masturbation. Too much video.

I know of no site at all that has NO VIDEO. I would willingly subscribe to one!

06-27-12  03:53am

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Drooler (220) It's not an innovation to shoot and process a photo gallery of a very sexy woman disrobing and showing off her body, but that's pretty much all that I'm interested in for softcore.

But there could be more of it, and less of the women looking away or handling props or wearing sunglasses so you can't see her eyes.

For hardcore, it would now be an "innovation" to skip the facial at the end.

And I'd say be careful what you wish for when you ask for innovation. You might wind up getting things that you dislike even more.

06-27-12  06:25am

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lk2fireone (196) I think all of the factors the poll mentions are important.
06-27-12  08:52am

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messmer (137) I don't want innovation, I just want videos with a bit of a story line and picture sets where models wear more than three - four items, so I chose "lack of good updates" which translates to: too much sameness.
06-27-12  09:48am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) Dammit!

I hate polls that ask for multiple answers (as in "problemS" and then you can only give one answer. Anyway to fix this?

06-27-12  09:49am

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Capn (28) So far as I am concerned, it is lack of good updates.

There is so little out there targetted at my 'niche'.

Cap'n. :0(

06-27-12  10:58am

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Marcus (47) Lack of updates for me. Have lost count of sites that claim to have weekly updates, no way to verify in the preview section, and then once you join it's clear the site has been mothballed, never to update again.
06-27-12  11:26am

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RustyJ (145) The best ones have reduced their update frequency or started recycling while the others have not really done much to release more. It seems the direction is always down. So that's clear number one issue for me.
06-27-12  12:08pm

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joekramer08 (12) The main problem with sites today is bad camera angles. This is a problem that plagues so many sites. They don't know what people want to see. I hate when they waste so much time on closeups of a girl's face. In real life I can see a girl's face any time I want - I watch porn because I want to see a girl's body. I hate that whenever the girl gives a blowjob, they zoom in real close and just show her head - how about you zoom out and show me her face AND her body at the same time?...what a novel idea. I also hate when they feel the need to zoom in on just her vagina during penetration - you don't need to be 2 inches from her vag to show me the penetration - you can zoom out to show me the penetration AND her whole body at the same time!!!...let me SEE the whole girl, not just parts of her - it's not rocket science, but most sites get it wrong.

Try Teens spoiled me. Their camera angles are just so right. Once I saw their scenes, every other site started to annoy me with all the worthless closeup shots.

06-27-12  04:43pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #9 - jberryl69 :

Perhaps they should do it SAT style:

I for (a) and (b)
II for (a), (b), and (c)
III for all of the above

06-27-12  11:17pm

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Monahan (44) Lousy Nav & Search functions can kill my willingness to stay a member of a site.
06-27-12  11:50pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #13 - joekramer08 :

I totally agree with what you say about camera angles and closeups. That is especially true of video and no doubt you are referring to video when you say it. It is one reason why I find video useless and always prefer photos. With photos, you can delete the closeups. With videos, you are stuck with wherever the camera goes. But the point is well made.
06-28-12  03:53am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #14 - slutty :

LOL. There is another way but it depends on people being able to do arithmetic.

Say there are 6 choices in the list, as in this poll a,b,c,d,e,f

a scores 1, b=2,c=4,d=8,e=16,f=32

If you want to select several of them, you add the scores together.
So for b and d and e, you would go 2+8+16 = 26.

Now, can't you just see that catching on in a big way? :-)

06-28-12  04:05am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - slutty :

That or the poll writer needs to NOT offer the question like a multi-choice question. I like the polls though at times I am perplexed by the answers not being mine but a predetermined offering that doesn't address everyone's possible choices. ... or something like that.
06-28-12  11:07am

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pat362 (375) I picked lack of good updates over innovativeness because I could be very happy with simple scenario style porn where there is appropriate clothing,
basic dialogue, real foreplay, sex that looks as real as porn can make it and still allow us to see some of the action, and a normal ending that doesn't involve a guy getting up and jerkign for 2 minutes to jack off in a girls face or mouth.

Give me that and I'll gladly accept a lack of innovation in my porn.

06-28-12  06:20pm

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Gazette Risque (55) "Innovativeness" and exclusivity sort of go together in my book.
07-03-12  08:17am

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Datatraveler (0) innovation and creativity is what I feel is lacking, maybe because it's all been done before? Maybe the rush to load the net with porn and the need to say hay look at my site it's nastier then that other guy's. Also digital, I feel the art of photography is gone the way of film
09-09-12  03:25pm

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