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Do you rate photographers more in terms of ... ?

Type: General

Submitted by Drooler (220)
color 0% 0 Votes
lighting 6% 2 Votes
image clarity 22% 8 Votes
image cropping 3% 1 Votes
model poses 25% 9 Votes
other 44% 16 Votes

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36 Votes Total

Jun 13, 2012

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

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Marcus (45) This was a very difficult one for me to vote for - for me it's somewhere in between model poses and image clarity.

For me they kind of go hand-in-hand - no point having amazing lighting, sharp images and great colour if the model is just going through the motions and her posing is boring/repetitive.

Likewise, no point having the model do exciting poses if the images are awful quality.

I voted for poses in the end, mainly because personally speaking boring poses have impacted my enjoyment of a site more than image clarity, which even the worst nowadays seems adequate.

06-13-12  12:16am

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tangub (155) The best photographers and photo sites probably get all of those things right but I would agree with Marcus in that no point having technically brilliant photos if the model is just doing a lot of unerotic boring statue like poses. A couple of sites in that category spring to mind, Beautiful Nude.biz and Erotic Destinations where both sites had technically excellent photos but I was totally bored with looking at the models with lots of boring repetetive standing poses. With Erotic Destinations at times it felt like I was supposed to be admiring the location more than the model.
06-13-12  02:11am

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Toadsith (48) Other: All of the above. Image clarity is basically understanding how to focus your camera and what the aperture does, so that is just basic craftsman ship. Choosing of the location, decorating the location, lighting the location, posing the model, choosing the lens, adjusting & positioning the camera, and photoshopping (cropping, color correction, dust removal, et cetera) the image - that's what I judge them on.
06-13-12  07:11am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) Well, for me, it would be all of the above since they all have something to do with the quality and appeal of a photo, regardless of subject matter.
06-13-12  07:36am

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Capn (28) I agree with Toadsith & JBerry.

It is not just the one factor. It is a combination of all of them.

Cap'n. :0)

06-13-12  09:02am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #5 - Capn :

Exactly. My answer also is "all of the above."
06-13-12  09:08am

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Claypaws (44)
I answered other because it is all those things and more. Perhaps the most important one not on your list is getting the model to look involved, animated, enthusiastic, sexy. That is the hardest part. I am a photographer, though not of models. I could do all the listed items easily except that one. That one needs the photographer to have a personality that inspires women to look hot and to trust the photographer to bring it out. It is a matter of interpersonal chemistry and it cannot be taught.

Expanding those items:

- Colour. They need to get the white balance correct. They need to understand colour management, to calibrate and profile the monitor and use a colour managed photo editor with the correct settings. Many professional photographers get the last part wrong. Too many assume that calibrating a monitor ensures good colour. It does not and many produce terrible colour. And many do not understand profiles and how to use them. It shows.

- Lighting. With indoor lighting, I think most photographers with material on adult sites do a reasonably good job of setting up their lighting in the right place and with the right angles. The main fault is not using enough light to allow them to set the aperture to what they need. That point was told to me by a pro shooting published porn. Outdoor lighting is what photographers with a death wish use to prove that they cannot do it properly. Those that get it very right tend to produce beautiful landscape photos that include a pretty woman. I wish they would keep their models indoors and indulge their passion for landscape photography separately.

- Image clarity. For me, the most important thing is usually violated. Get the face in focus. I hate blurry faces. That means they need enough depth of field from a smallish aperture. Then they need to sharpen appropriately.

- Cropping. I would rather they do not crop too tight. I would rather have sufficient depth of field that I can recrop myself. I am not upset by cropped off arms, feet, legs etc. Provided the face is in focus, I do not mind what they crop.

- Poses. Plenty of open leg with pink on show, with finger spreading but not inserted. Lots of other poses too - all the ones that are favourites of posters on PU! The most important thing is having the model looks like she cares. Very few photographers achieve that. I know that I could not do that part.

06-13-12  09:54am

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gaypornolover (38) Poses are vital but I actually think lighting is most important and much under-appreciated - poor lighting and even the best HD quality will just not show any proper detail and you're left frustrated.
06-13-12  10:52am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) Id say all of the above, but I do tend to vote against over doing it and getting all artsy fartsy !
06-13-12  11:27am

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otoh (54) As others have said, all of them. I find colour and lighting particularly important; having recently been a member of Joymii, I found their soft, muted colours and natural light a breath of fresh air compared to the studio lights and harsh colour of most porn.

I actually chose cropping though - I think to some of the pictures I find really evocative, and it's particular angles and close ups that the photographer has done. I like to see the whole picture and don't demand gynecological detail; but focusing on a stocking top, the edge of a bra, the model's lips or eyes - they can be very intimate and exciting details.

06-13-12  11:45am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - tangub :

"With Erotic Destinations at times it felt like I was supposed to be admiring the location more than the model."

Don't feel too bad. I once found a vacation spot from their sets! I always like seeing nice scenery as the backdrop, but I want to say, "There's pretty trees back there behind the model". Some of Erotic Destinations settings left me saying, "There was a naked woman in that picture?"

06-13-12  12:42pm

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exotics4me (463) I would guess a little of all. There are some photographers that you can pick out just by the model's poses. DDF almost always has at least a couple in every set of the model standing on her tiptoes, back arched and none of them look comfortable in that pose.
06-13-12  12:44pm

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messmer (137) I think the first four are about technical competence while poses belongs in the category of artistic (erotic) merit. I would say poses but that does not do my preferences justice because for me models also have to be dressed in an exciting way to make a picture set worth a download. So, because it is a combination of poses and dress I chose "other."
06-13-12  12:47pm

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Drooler (220) Every aspect of photography is important, for sure. "More" was supposed to be the operative term, but it's still tough to just pick one. My own answer is "all," but especially the poses.

Don't care for too much of the model looking away, looking down, etc. That's what one of our members called the "PC Penny poses." I like a sense of connection.

06-13-12  05:12pm

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hodayathink (18) I agree with most everyone else in that it's basically all of the above. I tend not to necessarily pay attention to any of those things in particular, I just have an immediate reaction to whether I like the photo or not.
06-13-12  05:58pm

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rearadmiral (376) I have to agree that if there was an 'all of the above' choice that would be what I'd have selected.

I was wondering about photo sets the other day when looking at some sets I got from Wow Girls. I find the models to be among the best looking on the planet, I find the photographers to be among the best in the business and the resolution is class-leading. But... I still find myself wanting more. For example, (and this should be no surprise to regulars here) I find there aren't enough ass shots in many photo sets (not just Wow Girls). In looking at some photo sets it seems ass shots are few in many of the sets. But I also recognize that it might be for a breast man to complain of too many ass shots. So that got me thinking. What if sites were to offer the option fo downloading all of the photos taken during a shoot. I'm guessing for a photo set of 100 photos to be posted there are probably at least 500 photos. Sure, they could be offered as a lower resolution so the editor's work would still have value, but it would allow more shots of what individuals may want.

And while I'm at it, I know this is porn, but I love face shots too - including close-ups. I wish there were more of those.

And since I'm in mid-rant (or whine...) the photo set that got me thinking about all of this was a recent one of Gloria on Wow Girls where she's lounging on a bed in a small top and flannel pyjama bottoms. I LOVE those and would have happily looked at hundreds of her in that outfit before we saw her remove it. As with Wow and Diesel, there will likely be a video from the same shoot so that that means I'll be getting a membership at Wow again before I would normally do so.

06-14-12  09:23am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #16 - rearadmiral :

Interesting ideas, although I doubt many sites would want to post the full hundreds of photos taken in a shoot, it would be nice if they posted a bit more. I always get the same feeling with X-Art, they post so few photos for one set, it leaves you wondering if their photographer is just terrible and they had to delete a crap load of them.

With regard to the poll question, personally I can't stand bad lighting, although I agree that all of the above is appropriate.

06-14-12  09:58pm

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RustyJ (145) Photographers mostly by image clarity. Of course the production in whole is important but I'm not sure if it's the photographer who these days directs the scenes.
06-15-12  04:44am

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rearadmiral (376) REPLY TO #17 - slutty :

Like you, I can't imagine that a site would release hundreds of unedited photos, but it would be nice...
06-15-12  12:06pm

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lk2fireone (196) All of the technical factors are important, but I'm not sure if model pose is a technical factor, or what.
06-20-12  09:56am

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slategrey (13) I am not really interested in photos but if i had to pick one it will be image clarity
06-26-12  09:37am

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