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Do you think porn in general is getting better or worse?

Type: General

Submitted by nadiencendia (83)
Definitely getting better 30% 13 Votes
It's more or less the same 21% 9 Votes
Definitely getting worse 28% 12 Votes
It depends 21% 9 Votes
Other (See Reply) 0% 0 Votes

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43 Votes Total

Feb 26, 2012

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


elephant (67) I say its getting worse, maybe not the quality but certainly the quantity made, lots of sites don't update like they used to and many sites are closing down, no doubt thanks to the filesharing sites or the economy as a whole is in decline, I dunno but a couple of years ago there was a real buzz in porn and lots was being created. I hope it can get back to the way it was.
02-26-12  02:28am

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Capn (28) I voted 'worse' too.

For me there seems to be less & less new material fitting my 'niche.'

Cap'n. :0(

02-26-12  03:17am

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Drooler (220) Better in technical quality, availability (no more guilty trips to the local porn shop plus a lot more is being produced than in the 1980's), and sense of community.

Yeah, my sense of time is going to extend further back than it will for our younger members.

But what's worse is all of the ineffective fakery that science and business models have come together for to serve to the consumer. I mean the fake tits and the plastic surgery. And I think it's ineffective because beauty is important and fake tits aren't beautiful.

Remember Jassie, the part-Asian girl with the little scar on her eyebrow and the small tits? She was BEAUTIFUL.

02-26-12  03:55am

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rearadmiral (378) It depends, but I think the overall trend is downward.

Recently I signed up for a couple of Kink memberships (Everything Butt and Public Disgrace). Kink is a company that I trust and I've never been disappointed. As they add niches it's easy to say that they're getting better.

But... yesterday I had a hankering for some new porn so I browsed through TBP and bought a couple of trial memberships. In both cases I was disappointed.

So the problem I've got is this: I have a list of sites that I go back to regularly and I know I'll be happy, but when I try to go beyond that list I often face disappointment.

02-26-12  06:01am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I see porn like every other media. Lets face it people its sensory overload. First its Lucy with her and Ricky having a baby, then couples sharing a bed. Then open gay on TV. I was watching a syndicate local TV show at 9pm were they openly talked about handjobs and facials. It it any question why porn is becoming worse? I mean it TV is becoming R rated soon enough what will XXX become ? Its progression the human have only had a few decades and our hungry taste for sex is getting towards the end. Interactive websex and integrated sex dolls with porn are the only new fairly unexplored media. Soon you will have cyberdoll with a dvd that well do what you tell it. Even have a built in SD card for scripts and robotic sex.
I know the research is looking. But this is the only place porn can go. Every orifice has been bruised and abused and it is not satisfying people. The sex slave trade is boomimg because of this progression. My question will this become a country of animated sex and robots sex. Or slaves for sex. I know it sounds weird perhaps but did you see porn on your pc or even having TB of porn just 30 years ago? Just think in the average young porn user there has been huge progression.

Reminds me of the roman gladiators, at first no blood just fights then progression to blood lust ,
carnage, mutilations and gruesome tortured death.
all under 100 year that progressed.

I do fear where this will go and even wonder what victimization will behold mankind as porn progresses to ????

02-26-12  06:28am

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Denner (235) Surprise, surprise....agree with Droolers input...
AND apart from the fake deals in body surgery - the "fake" deals in production, editing, stupid remarks ect. is taking over - generally to the worse...
A few - too few - sites are avoiding that negative development in porn.

02-26-12  08:15am

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slategrey (13) In quality better of course but in content i will say worse. I cant count how many times i came across a scene and wished it was in hd. Seems like the best scenes/models are always old ones. But i could just be imagining this because i want something that i know i cant have.
02-26-12  09:44am

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hodayathink (18) I think the tech details are getting better, of course, but unlike most here I will say that the quality is about the same. Mainly because I think the vast majority of people are just being too nostalgic about "the old times". They act like there wasn't any bad porn back then, that only the porn they remember and loved existed and that there wasn't nearly as much crap as there actually was. Or, to use an example mentioned here, like breast implants haven't existed since the 80s and been pretty prevalent since the mid-to-late 90s. There's good now, there was good then. There's crap now, there was crap then. And I really don't think the ratio has changed very much. If anything, it's just that you might have to look a little bit harder to find the quality in the crap.
02-26-12  10:02am

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messmer (137) I agree with Drooler and Denner, all those fake breasts definitely take the fun out of a scene or picture set. Maybe we are being left behind because the young boys don't seem to mind. I also agree with the Cap'n, I find less and less material when it comes to my favorite niche .. again because a new generation is too impatient to put up with a good tease.

Generalizing, I would say for anyone under twenty-five porn has improved because it gets them quickly to what they want, for anyone over that age it has gotten worse.

02-26-12  10:12am

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pat362 (373) This is one of those questions that is likely to be more on one side than the other based on your age. I agree that todays technology is superior to what they had over a decade or more ago but the people behind the camera today don't come to the ankles of the guys from the past.

There are very few companies that still shoot porn on a regular basis and even less that shoot stuff that I truly enjoy. I often mention how much I miss the movies made in the 70's and 80's because the sex was often badly shot and too dark for my taste but there was a certain desire to appear as though the people in the movies were having real sex rather than demonstrating their abilty to insert objects in their various orrifice.

02-26-12  10:12am

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Monahan (42) The term "better" is ambiguous.

The quality of production is far better today than 5 years ago, but only on those few sites where the webmaster still gives a shit.

The increasing spectrum of lousy sites with lousy stuff, especially those featuring way too many bogus boobies and terrible production values makes it difficult for us longer term PU's to find the good sites.

Quality is high and continues that way with 21Sextury, Quality is dismal with Danni.com and the lack of originality on Bang Bros and Brazzers is showing they are heading toward the "don't give a shit" garbage can.

02-26-12  10:15am

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t9chome (0) I think it's better now that HD has taken over. The girls are prettier and willing to go farther than ever before. We've got tons of gorgeous ladies coming from more countries than ever before. More sites than ever. More variety. Better camera work. Camera angles are more inviting. AND... HD!- and 3D!

Even though the industry may be in a bit of a slump, there are still new girls getting into porn, and they're hotter than their predecessors.

But compared to 2-3 years ago, which was like the gold rush of the porn era, the industry is getting leaner overall.

02-26-12  12:35pm

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tangub (155) Obviously the technical qualities now are better but as far as the content goes it doesn't really feel any different to me, it's more my tastes that have changed over the years as i became gradually more and more bored by hardcore porn and my interest shifted to softcore photography as the internet replaced day trips to London for dvd shopping in the seedy Soho sex shops.
02-26-12  12:48pm

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slutty (111) I think it depends what you mean by worse, but in terms of quality I think it is generally going downhill, although there are a few sites that do a pretty good job.
02-26-12  04:01pm

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TheSquirrel (53) I'm probably not going to be popular with the majority (come to think of it I never have been!), but I voted for getting better.

Yes I hate the fake breasts, the slapping, the lousy camerawork, the tats, the usual stuff, but...

I don't want to go back to those old movies. I know some of you like them, but really, 80 minutes of movie with 10 minutes of action. Fine if you're that sort of coinnoisseur. I'm not. 70 minutes of talk, and the sex scenes were cut in, so all you saw was two anonymous groins in action. Cut in so they could sell the softcore version in places like the UK.

One month of 21 Sextury, or even my hated VideoBox is better than that. Girls in porn now are amazingly beautiful, and plentiful. Yes there is all the stuff we hate, but there's a huge amount of quality for very little money.

Maybe compared to two or three years ago you could say it is not as good, but even there I'm not sure. I consider this the golden age of porn. Maybe we are too spoilt for choice.

02-26-12  06:40pm

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graymane (33) Worse. And one of many elements that make that so is the industry's race to initiate newer stuff to keep subscribers on the dole. .. ie., slapping, debasing remarks, choking, as well as whatever else they can think of to give the illusion of inflicting pain or verbally lowering a woman's character to the level of sewer rats.
That's not what I want to see ... but I guess they gotta bend to the baser undersides of what pumps up their coffers. It never seizes to amaze me that so many apparently find this garbage to their greater liking.

02-26-12  09:24pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) Until Graymane,
I was surprised at the responses, lol i'm the outcast I guess. As most want more quality or better content. And the degree of abuse even if simulated, still makes me ask if people like this, then what next ? I am not talking S&M play at home. I think I just do not get shoving your junk in a girls mouth until she chokes and can not breath. I mean to each his own I suppose, free country and all. But when I see porn models I think goddesses, who seek the desires of the guy she is with, not how well she can be abused. Just me but worried where it heading.

02-27-12  08:30am

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Jay G (67) Found a few old videos from awhile ago. Thought they were really hot then, but now I am spoiled by HD and quality camera-work. The old grainy, poorly photographed stuff was hot when nothing else was available, but no way I'd want to go back. Porn is WAY BETTER now!
02-27-12  09:04am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #17 - Cybertoad :

Have to disagree about worse. Because some disapprove of SOME content now available in porn, you say it's getting worse.

If people really want to disapprove of abuse of women they need to start with mainstream movies like "Saw" and its many imitators that do a lot more than slapping women around.

Worse, in America showing tits is still considered more obscene in mainstream movies than killing and dismembering victims. Porn is nowhere near as bad as American horror movies.

02-27-12  09:12am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - Jay G :

Why I agree, the horror of today is not like yester-years by any means.

What we see on the screen in porn is however not simulated.
When in Saw a guy pulls his arm off through a 2" inch hole we all know its fake. However when I guy hold a girl down with his junk in her mouth, her face turns red and she pukes is not fake. Its consensual but not fake.

In some countries public hangings and execution as as normal as football in the USA. However this does not mean it should be so.
The debate of right and wrong is not where I am going and it is not my place to say porn is going to far. However, I think it is going the wrong direction.

Sex and how our minds react to it are different then any-other stimuli. So why Horror and video games may be reaching, porn means more to people in the way we see sex.

I mean to be serious, will rape scenes be normal someday in porn?
I know thereis fake rape, but the abuse used to be more fake too.
So how far as a society do we reach, or the better question even if we can, should we ?

02-27-12  10:06am

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BadMrFrosty (56) In general I think better. You will always have the generic mainstream stuff which, aside from video quality, has not really changed much in the last few years. I think the greatest changes are in some of the more specialist niches which seem to be getting more and more broad choices of sites and performers.
02-28-12  06:23am

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Gazette Risque (55) It's sort of getting worse because it stays the same.
02-28-12  10:53am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #20 - Cybertoad :

You have very good points to make and I have to agree with you. The Romans did enjoy watching death in the arena, getting more and more creative over time. Human beings do have a sadistic streak.

If I began listing all the sadistic things societies have done since at least the old testament of the Bible which demands the burning of women who sin, I could go on and on.......

02-28-12  01:20pm

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RustyJ (145) It's clearly going two ways. Some of it is getting more niche and creative while mainstream gets even more mainstream. Me having seen too much of it of course has an effect.
03-01-12  05:52am

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yote78 (5) I had to say, it depends. The stuff I like seems to be getting better and more plentiful. But...as we discussed a few questions ago, there is definitely a creeping pervasive nastiness to a lot of the new stuff that's come out in the last few years. Degradation, disgusting body waste, anal prolapse just to name a few things. I avoid that kind of content at all costs.
03-13-12  06:43pm

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LatexRyan (17) I would say it's getting better. Decent camera equipment is becoming cheaper and cheaper and video editing software can come cheap and some are fairly easy to use too, as a result standards of production increase.
05-18-12  07:56pm

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