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How many external hard-drives do you own?

Type: General
None 7% 3 Votes
1 21% 9 Votes
2 19% 8 Votes
3-5 40% 17 Votes
More than 5 14% 6 Votes

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43 Votes Total

Aug 4, 2011

Poll Replies (23)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


BadMrFrosty (56) External drives are for amateurs :) I have only 1, the rest of my stuff is stored on 3 servers. As internal drives are much cheaper than external it works out more cost effective to put together a server with 5 or 6 disks instead of buying the same amount of external disks. Plus it is more convenient to access all of your stuff on the servers via wifi or Ethernet.
08-04-11  12:30am

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tangub (155) I own 3 but only 2 of them are for porn storage. The third one i don't use for porn now is a very old 160 GB one bought many years ago when that seemed like a lot of storage so i just use that for backing up personal photos and files now. My Iomega 1.5 TB drive is down to the last 300 gig now so will soon have to look out for a new one.
08-04-11  01:35am

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otoh (54) Although I run various servers for my day job, keeping one at home purely for smut a la BadMrFrosty is tempting but would be a bit too overt for me :| Hence I use external drives - they are such a mass-market item now I tend to find little difference in price between internal and external.

I've got quite a few knocking around but just use 2 for porn; actually really only 1, but the other is a backup. (Drives can and do fail, sot can't stress enough the need for backup of something that has taken time and money to collect).

I'm mainly pics, but even so my 320gb is getting tight; will have to get a new pair of 1TB soon.

08-04-11  01:46am

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RustyJ (145) I guess I'm below 6 but not sure ;)

Some old ones are only few hundred megabytes and not really in use except for backuping important data.

08-04-11  02:28am

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lk2fireone (196) I wear my amateur status proudly. Along with the hard drives I try to string around my neck and arms and waist as the newest status symbol of the porn aficionado.
08-04-11  02:34am

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pat362 (375) I now own 2 because the first one was too small and I needed a much larger storage space. The first one was a 500G and my new one is 2TB. I'm pretty selective on the porn that I download and even more on the one that makes it to the long term save so I have plenty of space left on the 2Tb drive.
08-04-11  06:11am

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Denner (235) Just bought a new Freecom 2 TB - so now 5 - AND I enjoy NOT having to delete old/older stash because of space issues...
Besides the new one: an OLD 320 Gb, a 500 Gb and 2 1 TB.

08-04-11  06:15am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #1 - BadMrFrosty :

Guess I'm an amateur with 5 externals -
But, BMF: Help this hopeless amateur out: How does SERVERS work???
And you say it's much cheaper...sounds interesting.

08-04-11  06:18am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #1 - BadMrFrosty :

Wow! I wish I had your technical abilities! That sounds like a great solution.
08-04-11  06:29am

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TheSquirrel (53) Currently 5. Still not in the BadAndy class. Never considered them until Khan and BadAndy informed me about the greatest invention since the wheel. Have enough music stored on them as well as porn, to keep me going until I'm about 1000 years old.

Changed my vote. Only just realised I have 6. The 6th one is empty though. I'm trying very hard to be selective and not hoard stuff I will never see again.

08-04-11  06:30am

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rearadmiral (388) I have 17 if them. One is for non-porn stuff. yes, I do actually have some non-porn stuff. 12 are for 'primary' porn storage. They range in size from 120GB to 1TB with probably 4 of them being 1TB. 4 of them are AC-powered large ones (2 and 3 TB that I use only for backup.

Coincidentally, I'm planning to reduce the number by one drive today by migrating the contents of my sole 120GB drive onto my 'active' 1TB drive.

I've been adding drives at a much quicker pace these days. My brother-in-law works for my ISP and he told me that even though there is a soft cap of 250GB per month it isn't being monitored or enforced so I've been downloading like a mad bastard. Thanks to current memberships to ALS Scan and Fame digital I'll probably fill a 1TB drive this month alone.

08-04-11  06:36am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #8 - Denner :

I'm with Denner on this. I think BadMrFrosty should post a plain-language how-to guide for those of us who are technically dimwitted!
08-04-11  06:37am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #10 - TheSquirrel :

"I'm trying very hard to be selective and not hoard stuff I will never see again."

Know about that deal, for sure....But on the other hand: Went back a couple of times to stash saved years ago - and even if most vids then where lower quality, I got surprised about what I found - and had forgotten ....and spend hours enjoying watching that old material, so...

08-04-11  06:40am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #12 - rearadmiral :

LOL, rearadmiral..."technical dimwitted" - dig that one /and still laughing) - and that's some of us are. Look forward to some advise from BadMrFrosty on this one... to the benefit of all here
08-04-11  06:45am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #13 - Denner :

Yes Denner, this is what Messmer says too, and I agree. Some of that old stuff is really good. If you think you are tiring of porn and look at some old favourite stuff, it still looks good. It shows how formulaic and uninspiring some of the modern material is. Thank goodness for external drives, I love em.
08-04-11  08:48am

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Monahan (44) I have roughly 10 ranging from 80Gb to 2 Tb.

Basic problem is that I've had a few older ones that just stop working. No longer recognized by my OS when connecting yet no clicking or other telltale signs of trouble.

The server idea is a good one but I've been thinking about Carbonite - http://www.carbonite.com/en/. They claim they provide unlimited storage. I'm using it for business stuff but a separate account for porn storage might work. It requires transferring stuff back to an operating drive before viewing, but it seems like it would be a great way to store the stash without buying more hardware.

08-04-11  08:57am

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Capn (28) 4 at the moment: 1 300Gig 2 1Teras & 1 2Tera

Cap'n. :0)

08-04-11  09:08am

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BadMrFrosty (56) OK guys, I will try to put together a user friendly HOWTO server guide in the forums for you. If you played with Meccano as a lad, putting together a server should be childs play :) :)
08-04-11  12:58pm

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slutty (111) I own three, but one is ancient and I should probably just recycle it as it is only like 20 GB or something.
08-09-11  12:51pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #10 - TheSquirrel :

Haha. Although I rarely post on here now it is nice to see that I am remembered.
08-16-11  06:31pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - BadMrFrosty :

I tend to agree with this. Externals are a bit of a pain. I have only two actual external hard drives but have the ability to make 20 more. I have a bunch of empty enclosures siting around from an older method of accessing them.

Now I have a good portion of my collection in two 20 bay hot swap SATA-SAS backplane cases from Norco. I use two Chenbro SAS expanders to a LSI SAS RAID controller. This works very well and provides ample speed for porn viewing. This makes skipping around very large videos effortless. Organization has become much easier as well since stuff is not split among many volumes. It was certainly the more expensive route but much more effective an worth the cost. I am not using ethernet for this, rather two 6 GBit external SAS cables.

08-16-11  06:43pm

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slategrey (13) One broken one :(
09-07-11  05:24am

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RLane (16) I have one 1TB but I used to have two, but one crashed.
12-12-11  12:45pm

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