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How do you feel about the different names some models have on different sites?

Type: General

Submitted by Drooler (220)
Makes no difference to me 11% 7 Votes
Itís just a little annoying 47% 29 Votes
It's a real nuisance 39% 24 Votes
Other (please reply) 3% 2 Votes

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62 Votes Total

May 23, 2007

Poll Replies (17)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


nygiants03 (162) Its a real nuisance because having many different alias makes it hard to look up about her. If I like a particular model I want to have the freedom of looking her up and seeing what other sites shes on, and learn more about her.
05-23-07  07:02am

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pat362 (375) This classifies as one of my top 5 most annoying things about models and the different names they appear under on the net. This is not directed at the models themselves, but more the different websites who try to sell the models as being exclusive to them, well if exclusive you mean under that name then sure. I've seen certain websites try to help out, but this is almost a lost cause.
05-23-07  04:25pm

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exotics4me (463) This might be #1 on my list of pet peeves in porn. Especially when most of the sites use alphabetical order listings, at least use the same first letter of the first name. Some examples.

Eve Angel, at worst on other sites she is known as Eva, which Eva is her real name. She has some early career movies as Severine and I think one or two as Katie, but those are DVD's not sites.

Then there is Veronica, the beautiful blonde Euro star, I've seen her use a few other names, but each start with a V as well.

Then you have these messes. Zafira is listed a Brinette or something like that on teen dreams. Sandra Shine is listed by a way off name. I have noticed teen dreams probably has the biggest amount of different names stars than any site.

In a review I did of xisty, the webmaster replied and told me that they have no control over this. It all depends on what name the woman uses with them. It is odd though, you rarely see any of the American models by different names.

05-23-07  05:05pm

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nygiants03 (162) carli banks is one of the few models who has been on tons of sites and has kept her name , atleast from what i know.
05-23-07  07:50pm

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supermikey9 (0) Ya it's annoying I chk out this new site and under each model they list the aka different names ... it's annoying but as long as the models and content is hot and unique that really makes up for it ... I think the bigger the star the more likely it is to have the same name through their career ...
ohh ya that site is one of the newest listed .. naughtbody

05-23-07  10:13pm

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Drooler (220) I remember when Mili Jay was also Dasha, Pavlina, Valentina, etc. ETC.

For months I also thought that Bijou was Stracey's sexier sister, until one day I realized they're the same person!

Susana Spears first appeared on European Glamour Girls by a different name, but then it got changed back to the one we know her by. (Guess she's got a good agent!)

Those are but 3 examples (need I tell you?).

I've been keeping a folder of thumbs of many of the Euro babes. In the view menu (in XP), I choose "Show Icons by ... Name" and "Show in Groups." That puts them in alphabetical groups.

So when I see a familiar face on a site but I'm not sure about the name (such as the one I've settled on), I scan those abovementioned thumbs.

Anyone who thinks that us porn users are just a bunch of lecherous dicks should take note: it's a real freakin' mental workout!

05-24-07  01:51am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) I kind of agree with those that say that if they like a particular woman, and she changes up her name, how are we to locate her?!! I'd be pretty sad if I couldn't locate Celina Cross and any girl with a body like hers cuz when she stands up and poses for the camera with her frontal aspects, I want to make her my girlfriend!! Her, Kat Young, Victoria Sweet - Just 3 examples, have what I call the prettiest cameltoes... So pretty that I just wanna take a shower with them and doddle the head of my meat stick right on their little mami!! SO YES I KIND OF AGREE ABOUT HOW DIFFICULT IT CAN BE WHEN THOSE MODELS HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES!!
05-24-07  02:32am

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Jay G (67) I have to agree with the rest of the porn users. One of the fun things about porn is having a personal fantasy harem with some favorite girls. Not just good looks and body, but personality and enthusiasm really count and its fun to look for familiar faces in different situations. Name changing is frustratingly annoying. I'd love to see a central porn users data base that kept track of the beautiful women and helped one find each girl as she goes to different sites.

Example: Kailee and Lily from Real Spankings, Girls Boarding School and Dallas Spanks Hard are excellent fantasy girls for me. If they ever do hard core on sites with hardcore sex, I'd love to know and probably would join the site.

05-24-07  06:16am

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PU Staff
** note I'm expressing my PERSONAL opinion which is not necessarily held by PornUsers or TBP **

I should probably keep my comments to myself on this one but ...

For those that find it a "real nuisance" I would ask what you'd propose as a solution. The question itself kind of demonstrates a lack of understanding of how adult content is procured, distributed, and worked with w/in the industry.

A question like this also sort-of highlights the difference in perspective of web-surfers vs web-masters. To an adult webmaster, this issue is not unlike me saying I think every restaurant should make meat-loaf the same way because that's how I like it. Sure, it's ok to wish things were like that but it has little bearing to how things work in the real world. To start judging restaurants harshly because they make meat-loaf differently would be a little self-centered and a lot unfair, imo.

As someone who's actually worked with adult content, I can think of at least a half dozen reasons why a model would show up on different sites with different names. None of those reasons have anything to do with intentionally trying to trick the surfers.

While surfers (naturally) look at it from the perspective of what's easiest for them, I'd point out that there are thousands of independent webmasters and they have little incentive to ensure it's easy for you to find the model(s) on someone else's web site. But for argument's sake, let's say they were willing to always use the same name where possible. How do you suppose they'd know what name every other adult webmaster is using for a particular model?

Anyhoo ... if anyone's genuinely interested, I'll be happy to explain some of the reasons why you'll see the same model with different names on different sites. But, my main point is this ... while it's fine to *prefer* that a model always shows up with the same name, it's another thing entirely to start judging sites poorly because they happen to have your favorite model with a different name than you're used to seeing.

05-24-07  06:41am

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Drooler (220) The question is mine, as well as the answer choices, so I have respond after reading Khan's reply.

I thought it would be interesting to see what other people would say on the point, and I think it has been interesting to see the results and read the replies.

And sure, as Khan said, "The question itself kind of demonstrates a lack of understanding of how adult content is procured, distributed, and worked with w/in the industry." Mea culpa. I'm just a consumer, with a consumer's viewpoint, for what its worth, I guess.

Still, the question was accepted for this poll. Was it actually considered a worthwhile question? What do you think, Khan?

Khan does make a good point that it would unrealistic to expect every webmaster to know what names others are giving to different models.

But "intentionally trying to trick surfers?" Who said that? I didn't see that anywhere.

05-24-07  01:27pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #10 - Drooler :

Drooler, who do you suppose approved the poll question? In case there's doubt, it's me. And yes, it is interesting to see how the question is seen from the consumers' side of the fence.

I am not faulting you for the question or for that matter, anyone for having their preferences about the issue. As I stressed, my main reason for making my comments was so you'd have another perspective and perhaps not think poorly of sites who don't use the names you're used to.

05-24-07  03:14pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - Khan :

Kahn, how do you suppose that I would know who approved the question? I cannot peer inside my computer and view the inner workings of the PornUsers site.


And stop making things up. I never said that I think poorly of any sites that use different names for models. One can easily infer that it's just a matter of circumstances that no one can really control.

It's just that it's one of those things that can be a bother at times, not that much can be done about it.

Get the chip off your shoulder, Kahn.

05-24-07  03:36pm

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nineinch (8) I don't mind if a model wants to get a fresh image and chooses a new name. Sometimes its even like a game of match the model to the name. I CAN understand why an individual model would want to change the name she is known by. If I think that this was exclusively at the model's discression, then my respect for the site actually increases!

I have also seen sites that use new names for every model. Even in this case it doesn't annoy me. But it does make me wonder what's up with that? I even wonder if some cheesy web sites use fake names because they are using stolen content. Maybe they are trying to defeat web crawlers that agencies use to locate stolen content. My other theory is that some web sites are so cheesy that none of the models would want their names associated with the site.

Also, if I only liked meat-loaf prepared one way, then I would seek out the restaurants that served it that way. I probably wouldn't care what they called it, though.

05-24-07  08:37pm

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Woodruff (37) As a user, I have to agree with the other replies that talk about how annoying the name-switching is. The worst culprit I know of is Amateurallure, which has all these well-known pornstars under other names. It is a little hard to understand why - nobody's fooled that these girls are exclusive to his site, it hurts the girl's brand power, and I think it would actually be a pull for potential users to know their favorite pornstar was on the site.

Thank you to Khan for trying to explain the webmaster's perspective on this. I don't doubt name-switching webmasters have solid commercial motives, but egregious name-switching would still tend to make me, as a user, less motivated to join/stay with a site.

05-25-07  10:18pm

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Gazette Risque (55) It's for things like these iafd.com was invented I guess.

But it can be a hassle sometimes and they can even con you with some sites. Check my TaylorBow.com review for an example.

06-02-07  10:32am

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Monahan (44) Frankly, the multiple names issue becomes a marketing loser both for the babe and for the sites on which she appears. If I want to see more of Angelica Costello, for example, I will have difficulty locating much content through a web search so any sites that have her fratured by her better known alias, Venus Knight (or just Venus) will get no hits from me.

I really see no benefit at all to the babe, However the sites can create the illusion of exclusivity by creating a unique name for a babe so I would like to see the babes insist on a site using a known identifier when signing a web deal.

06-20-07  09:38am

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Shakermaker (15) Personally I would like the models kept to one name only, because it's very frutrating not being able to find other sites or even DVDs that the model appears on.

I can undertand that some sites deliver a fantasi, etc. mature teacher sex and therefore name the model Mrs. XXXXX, but atleast they could provide the real name.

08-16-07  12:40am

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