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How do you categorized shock and/or extreme sex?

Type: Content

Submitted by TalonIcefire (6)
Weird and bizarre 30% 16 Votes
Perverted 11% 6 Votes
Entertaining 26% 14 Votes
Tantalizing 6% 3 Votes
Clueless 19% 10 Votes
No Opinion 8% 4 Votes

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53 Votes Total

Jan 26, 2009

Poll Replies (13)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


TrashMan (Disabled) Where is the "repulsive" option?
01-26-09  12:27am

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lk2fireone (196) Too far out for me to appreciate.
01-26-09  02:18am

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Drooler (220) I suppose it would include things like chewing on turds or used tampons. Not my cup 'o chai.
01-26-09  02:57am

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Jay G (67) Perverted is all sex not in the missionary position within holy matrimony and would include any nudity.

All porn users who consider any sex not in their tastes to be perverted had better be warned: most non-porn users consider pornuse perverted!

It's a slippery slope when you start judging other people's sexual desires. The idea of "perverted sex" leads to Taliban-like governments that put blankets over women to keep them from being "perverted" by the Lewd gazes of men.

01-26-09  04:48am

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messmer (137) Every time I come across extreme sex the first reaction is revulsion, yet that is very quickly followed by fascination: what are they going to do next? And I confess to getting caught up to a point where extreme sex no longer revolts me. Having said that, I need a clearer definition of "extreme!" What was extreme ten years ago is mainstream now.
01-26-09  08:46am

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TalonIcefire (6) I had to choose weird and bizarre and now that Trashman said it...repulsive. I have been shown things that make me gag. I further wonder what a person needs to be hopped up on to consider these tasteless acts. My 16 year old niece had me watch two vids...2 girls and a cup and BME pain Olympics. After I recovered, my first question was how y’all came upon this crap. My second was what was the point of filming it in the first place let alone doing it? Furthermore, at what point do we say "enough is enough?"
01-26-09  10:38am

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Monahan (42) As with any commercially available porn, there must be a market for shock and/or extreme sex or it wouldn't exist.

But I have more interest in watching them stock shelves in the local grocery store than watching this nonsense. It may appeal to some but not at all to me.

01-26-09  12:11pm

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TheSquirrel (53) I went with perverted because I accept that I am perverted - along with about 95 per cent of men. It's just a case of what you consider to be perverted. As JayG says, it's virtually anything that isn't totally straight sex for the reason of reproduction. As far as deviation goes, they say you become deviant towards something that happens when you have your first sexual feelings in your very early years. I am just grateful my parents were not watching The Queen's Speech, or a party political broadcast when I achieved my very first erection.
01-26-09  03:03pm

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badandy400 (103) It is one of those things that really just depends on the mood. For example, sometimes I watch a video of a chick using a dildo bigger than my head and think it is the coolest thing in the world and other think it is pretty disturbing and gross. It all just depends.

Drooler. I agree. Recycling beer cans is good, recycling pizza is not good. Food is great for sex play, but once it comes out it is repulsive to me. I have seen some scat videos and usually can almost smell the shit from the video....instant boner death!

Extreme porn is not defined. It is not defined because each person has their own interpretation of what is and what is not extreme. Some might consider anal sex to be extreme while others may consider inserting a football in a girl's ass is fairly normal.

For the case of this poll I believe it is defined in that he mentions shock sex. It is fairly easy to tell if something what made to be erotic in some way or if it is to be shocking. A girl stuffing a cucumber in her as is generally considered erotic, where as the same girl stuffing a thorned cactus in her ass is likely meant to shock the viewer into saying "Holy Shit!!! I can not believe she actually did that!"

In that case I usually find it to be entertaining more than erotically stimulating. Just like when you hear about beheading videos that end up on the internet. Most people do not want someone to be killed, but can not resist seeing the video of whatever people are talking about. Same goes with videos of people doing shocking things sexually and other stupid shit. Like guys riding a skate board off a 40 foot building and cracking their head on the ground. We want to see the stupid things people do with out actually going them ourselves.

01-26-09  05:10pm

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pat362 (373) I picked weird and bizarre because I believe that this statement can be applied to any kind of porn The idea of watching two or more people having sexual intercourse is kind of weird & bizarre.

I agree with messmer that the definition is not the same today as it was 10yrs ago, 20yrs and or before that. I suspect that we all have our own defenition for what extreme porn is.

Here is part of my list of extreme sex acts in no particular order: Beastiality, BDSM, Gang Bangs, torture, scat, watersports, squirting although I consider that the same thing as water sports, weird sexual positions, extreme penetrations, fisting. I'm sure I could come up with a few more but that's a good start. I have seen all of these things at least once in my life, and I can't say that I find most of these appealing, but that is my taste.

01-26-09  06:50pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) Along the lines of what Jay G said - How can you judge what's bizarre, extreme or distasteful? When it comes to me viewing things that aren't on my menu, I can't really say how I'd categorize it, except maybe as a curiosity.
01-27-09  12:08pm

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PinkPanther (46) It depends on what you're talking about.

Is fisting still shocking? To some people, for sure. But it is presented by a number of sites, such as ALS Scan as quite erotic.

If you're talking about stuff involving vomit or shit, well, that's just a turn-off as far as I'm concerned.

Of pat's list above,

Beastiality - not interested in the fucking least!
BDSM - quite arousing at times. I love the stuff that Bruce Seven did. Jules Jordan can get to that level at times. Kink.com aims for that tradition, but they don't achieve the same level of eroticism - hard to follow the masters sometimes.
Gang gangs - again, sometimes quite hot - Stephanie Swift's gang bang from years ago is one of my fave porn DVD's
torture - no, no, no - beyond a turn-off, I find it truly upsetting
scat - not interested in the least
watersports - I like ALS pee scenes often, so it depends how it's presented
squirting - funny stuff. I enjoy when the girl is surprised and delighted, as they often are when real squirting is involved, followed by "Oh, my god, get me a towel quick!" lol
Weird sexual positions - mmmm - Lil Lexie, who was Kimmie on Summer's site years ago, is a former gymnast. I love when she masturbates while standing on her head with her legs splayed open - hot, hot, hot!

01-27-09  06:03pm

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C Spanker (2) It depends how extreme it is I guess. I'm mostly just interested to see how far some people will go. I'm pretty amazed at some of things I've seen and wonder how someone can let such things be done to them.
02-28-09  08:51am

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