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Do you think you would still be a "porn hound" if porn was more socially tolerated and everyone viewed it?

Type: General

Submitted by Wittyguy (105)
Yes, I just dig it. 79% 50 Votes
No, I like being an outsider. 10% 6 Votes
Don't know. 8% 5 Votes
No opionion / Other. 3% 2 Votes

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63 Votes Total

Jan 12, 2009

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


TalonIcefire (6) As far as I'm concerned, I've enough peers that accept porn for what it is. Hell, porn helped me relieve stress on all my deployments.
01-12-09  02:13am

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elonlybuster (39) I think if anything there'd just be more porn forums and more conversation about it. I know around my own friends we openly talk and joke about it with no second thoughts.
01-12-09  02:35am

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Drooler (220) Oh, yes, it wouldn't make any difference to me. I'm not in it for the "anti-" aspect of it -- which, let's face it, doesn't come from us but instead from the repressive control freaks.
01-12-09  03:36am

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Jay G (67) It would be nicer in a truly free society where free expression was totally accepted, but I enjoy porn because it meets the most basic needs for sexual fantasy so easily.
01-12-09  05:07am

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lk2fireone (196) I think porn is more tolerated today than back in the 1960s. But how far have we really come, as a society? America is still uptight and ready to police your neighbor for any and all activity outside the mainstream. And porn is definitely outside the mainstream.
01-12-09  10:30am

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Monahan (42) This is a real life question, not just a theoretical one.

Porn is already "socially tolerated." In fact it's much more "socially tolerated" these days than drug use, smoking, SUVs and open religious symbolism. Try driving up to a bar in an SUV, going in and sitting on a stool smoking a joint and wearing a jacket that says "Jesus Saves" while reading a porn magazine. I'll bet you get a lot more shit for driving a "non-green" vehicle, openly smoking in a smoke-free bar and promoting religion than you'll ever hear reading the porno.

In my case I was attracted to porn way back before Penthouse was created by Bob Guccione because of it's "forbidden fruit" aura. Back then some guy was always finding "smokers" ( grainy black and white 8mm movies of some ugly babe...or Bettie Page...stripping down to a hairy bush; or in some cases, actually engaging in male/female copulation.)

When Playboy showed the first bush in the 60's, then later when open labias were available in Penthouse, and Hustler was introduced, the "smokers" were considered tame. But when Linda Lovelace finally was introduced in Deep Throat, and the magazines started showing (timid) penetrations, the "forbidden fruit" characteristic continued, but now in an anything goes perspective.

Now, in 2008, Jenna Jameson is a, sort of, respected celebrity and being a porn actress is no longer a permanent stigma for any babes at all. So porn is virtually main stream today with the only remnant of "forbidden fruit" being the age limitation to view the stuff.

(Off topic. Did you ever wonder why it's OK for a girl who turned 18 yesterday to engage in all kinds of sexual activity from a BJ to a full double penetration to a 100 guy gang bang....but a guy must be 21 to view that 18 year old?)

In any case, I'm into porn because I enjoy watching gorgeous women engaging in sexual activity. I guess it's somewhat like guys who get off driving a hot car.

01-12-09  02:39pm

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turboshaft (24) I generally like things outside the mainstream, though that's not my sole reason for enjoying porn, but it's still a nice aspect. The more mainstream it gets, the less I tend to like it. That's why people like Jenna Jameson, or things like Playboy (if you consider it porn), just don't appeal to me. They are too popular to have much meaning or pleasure.
01-12-09  02:42pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) Of course i would...
01-12-09  04:46pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #6 - Monahan :

Maybe a lawyer should answer this topic, but I would guess that you could be cited for reading a porn magazine in a bar. In some areas you could be cited for smoking in a bar. You do drugs in a bar, you could be cited.

I don't think you could be cited for driving a SUV to a bar, unless you broke some law while driving.

I also don't think you could be cited for wearing a "Jesus Saves" jacket in a bar.

Those are my opinions, but I am not a lawyer.

So when you say that porn is socially tolerated, you are speaking very broadly. Porn is not socially or legally tolerated in many public areas.

01-12-09  05:05pm

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badandy400 (103) I talk about it with friends anyway. But it would still be nice. Because I would be a total Pornillionaire and chicks would dig me than! :)

A lot of people watch porn and talk about it. But the trouble is knowing who you can talk about it with. For example, if you are on a date with a girl your religious friend set you up with you maybe be considering keeping your extracurricular hobbies to yourself, and wisely so. But what you do not know is this chick is a total porn freak with a larger collection that me! In this social environment it is not safe to go into that because even if the girl is porn freak she may believe she is "supposed" be offended by it so others do not think anything about her.

Of course it is much more accepted now than in the past, and in other places in the world for that matter. In Afghanistan a Victoria's Secret catalog gets more shock and awe out of people than max hardcore did here! (This according to my cousin who served of there for 2.5 years) Even men's fitness magazines are forbidden as they show men with no shirt on.

So all in all, I can not complain too much about what it is like here. But, it would be nice if reading a Playboy while on the shitter at work or while sitting on a bench in public would not even turn any heads.

01-12-09  05:17pm

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pat362 (373) I would be.
01-12-09  06:22pm

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PinkPanther (46) Are there really people in this forum that are into porn as a rebel act? I once watched one of those talk-show things on porn - must have been in the mid-80's. There was a right-wing clergy-man, Andrea Dworkin, who was a well-known anti-porn feminist and Bill Margold. At one point, Bill Margold starts turning red and screaming at the clergy-man "It's your fault! You and all the repressive right-wing types are why there's a porn industry!" I thought it was truly weird that the guy that was there to claim that porn was not a problem was taking this line - and seemed really serious about it, given how upset he was.
01-12-09  08:56pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

The question in the survey was social, not legal, so my response was on the social, not the legal implications.

The tsk-tsk issues in my example are the smoking, drug use, religious intolerance and the greens who will more likely make a SOCIAL issue about those issues rather than reading a copy of the latest Hustler magazine.

01-12-09  11:57pm

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Belthazar (0) In my country You may buy porn just everywhere, no problem. We are still open minded society.
01-13-09  12:04am

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TheSquirrel (53) An obvious yes from me. It was hell when illegal over here for a number of years. Prices were astrononmical and you ran a high chance of being ripped off. I don't believe it will ever be socially acceptable with some groups of people, and I believe it will always be on the fringes of legality. Online is paradise - while it lasts.
01-13-09  09:26am

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Wittyguy (105) Since this is my poll I guess I should post something here ;) Like most, I'd probably still be into it regardless of what others say. In my opinion it would make it a bit more fun because it wouldn't be such a taboo subject to bring up with friends and the like.
01-13-09  03:28pm

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lk2fireone (196) I don't know if Angelina Jolie considers porn socially acceptable, but she is supposed to have an email friendship with a porn star.

"Jan. 14, 2009. Los Angeles (E! Online) – Does Angelina Jolie have friends? There is never any mention of her having friends, and there is extensive coverage about her.

—Karen, Los Angeles

Per the New York Post, Jolie has a "girl-talk thing going" with porn star Tera Patrick. The two reportedly like to email each other. Does that count?"

01-14-09  03:41pm

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apoctom (145) Absolutely. Porn is fun and enjoyable, even without it being taboo.
01-20-09  10:41am

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nygiants03 (162) I would love porn regardless of any factors. I think I possibly would be even more of a porn hound if it was viewed as socially acceptable.
02-09-09  10:42am

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C Spanker (2) It wouldn't matter to me if it were more acceptable. The fact that it's somewhat taboo doesn't do anything for me, it is irrelevant.
02-28-09  09:06am

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