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What scenes are most annoying in porn movies?

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Submitted by pinkerton (39)
Guy stabbing pussy with dick 6% 3 Votes
Guy stabbing ass with dick 8% 4 Votes
Girl always throwing head back 2% 1 Votes
Guy slapping girl's ass 10% 5 Votes
Guy grabbing girl's face 38% 19 Votes
Other 36% 18 Votes

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50 Votes Total

Nov 5, 2008

Poll Replies (32)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) First, they're ALL annoying, and because it's all so put on. As they say in music, "Fake it 'til you make it," but there's so much of this stuff in porn that they'll never make it -- even while they're "making it."

My number #1 annoyance, because I've seen it so much compared to the other pointless "tricks" on poll list, is the guy slapping the girl's ass. Ridiculous! Then her butt gets this awful red patch on it. Eeech! Wish they'd stop it with this nonsense. All of it.

And the "stabbing" business looks really dumb. What's the guy doing, practicing for the olympics? Is there any other animal in the kingdom that would even think about doing that?

If a good porn site could promise in its visitor's pages that there's none of this crap, it would probably be worth many times its weight in 0's and 1's.

11-05-08  12:42am

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elonlybuster (39) The one thing I hate is when the girl tries too hard to sell it. The girl's moaning and screaming and the guy's barely doing anything.
11-05-08  02:48am

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TheSquirrel (53) Darn, this poll reminded me I missed out 2 further annoying turn offs in my forum post. I hate excessive, clearly faked screaming, and one of the worst for me - faked strangulation, grabbing the girl's face or throat, or ramming his cock down her throat until she chokes. I just don't like any of those.
11-05-08  06:50am

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apoctom (145) REPLY TO #3 - TheSquirrel :

I completely agree. The worst part is you usually find a scene with both of those. I wish they would knock it off already.
11-05-08  07:46am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) Whats missing from this poll is the guy talking while doing all of these. Its like in real life a big dick or not these guys act like they are the rain men of porn. I used to think blonds were dumb, but these guys take top honors for annoying. Whats weird is still keep producing this crap daily. Ya and these choices in the poll all are annoying too as they are no longer fantasy, there just dumb.
I have none of this crap in my collections.

11-05-08  07:48am

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messmer (137) All of the above PLUS! I hate spitting! If it is meant to degrade the girl, I hate degradation, if it's meant to lubricate then a) spit makes a poor lubricant and b) it also makes it very obvious that, in the case of the girl, she's not really turned on by the whole thing or she wouldn't need it. Of course they are acting but a bit of lubricant applied beforehand would be more discrete and make the scene more believable.
11-05-08  09:11am

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Monahan (42) All of the poll chices plus everything said so far in these replies.

My adds are:

1.the slapping of faces and tits by the stunt cock, either with his dick or with his hand(s).

2. Artsy fartsy videography where the idiot behind the camera (or the director) are more interested in impressing themselves than in photographing the babe that should always be the center of attention.

3. Excessive attention to the guy's dick and scrotum instead of the babe's PTA*. If we wanted a focus on male body parts, we'd sign up for the gay sites.

*PTA = Pussy, Tits and Ass.

11-05-08  11:27am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #7 - Monahan :

Nicely Said , Monohan .
11-05-08  11:57am

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williamj (9) Guys opening their stupid mouths and talking is another.
11-05-08  12:19pm

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surferman (5) All of the above, and I agree re excessive force or pushing the dick too far down the girls throat so it makes her gag - what's that all about. And while we are on about pet hates, what about music in the backgorund? And no continuity - a girl is in the middle of taking her clothes off, building up some interest, then suddenly she is there with a cock in her mouth! As someone else said, why do they keep producing this crap?
11-05-08  02:16pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) Like I've said in some of my reviews - I hate that open-mouthed, see-how -sexy-I-am-look on the women. After that? I hate facials. How many guys think they'd still have their balls if they blew a load on their girlfriend's/wife's face? I mean, c'mon - try to keep it close to real...
11-05-08  03:58pm

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Wittyguy (105) Didn't we recently do a poll like this (things' you don't like in vids)? All the choices are annoying and most represent more of a "domination" theme which probably is turn off in general for most of us. I think there are definitely more annoying things than what this list contains.
11-05-08  05:15pm

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pat362 (373) I agree with everyone else. I will add gagging sounds and drooling during the blow job. The use of unatural positions during sex scenes (a good example is the upside down pile driver). I would add to monahan's artsy comment that nothing drives me crazier than a porn movie that has not a single porn scene in. I'm thinking most of Andrew Blakes material.
11-05-08  08:00pm

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PinkPanther (46) The most annoying things in porn to me are:

1) The guys who fuck women with as little physical contact as possible, just the cock in the pussy while they lean back like they're studying themselves in a mirror - are they gay? WTF?

2) The only-genitalia shots where you have no idea what woman you're looking at because all you're seeing for an extended period of time is a disembodied pussy or ass being fucked.

3) The no-lips "blow-job" where the woman just shoves her head back & forth over the cock and makes gross gagging sounds

4) The eyes-sealed-shut blowjob where the woman scrunches her eyes up tight before she ever has the cock in her mouth - like it's the most disgusting activity she can imagine engaging in, but she really needs the money.

11-05-08  10:21pm

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Lionheart (47) wow so many too choose from...but I would have to say when the guy keeps talking during the scene kills it for me, I mean it's fine to talk before and after the scene is over but is it really needed for the guy to have his own monologue during the scene.
11-06-08  12:44am

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elonlybuster (39) REPLY TO #7 - Monahan :

I've gotta say I completely agree with the last part. I can't count the number of times I find a gorgeous looking girl only to find out that half the video is focused on the guy's balls and dick than the actual girl.
11-06-08  05:00am

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The Clyde (26) REPLY TO #11 - RagingBuddhist :

Not really into "keeping it real" this is a fantasy, that DOES NOT include my wife/girlfriend.

BTW.. facials in real life aren't that out of the norm. :)

11-06-08  05:58am

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TheRizzo (23) The over the top moaning and screaming drives me insane.
11-06-08  11:17am

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pinkerton (39) REPLY TO #11 - RagingBuddhist :

Regarding the comment about blowing a load on a girl's face, quite a few girlfriends in my past have admitted fantasising about having a guy cum on their face and chest, and I've obliged them quite a few times. Not saying that all women like it, but obviously some do so cumshots aren't all that unrealistic.
11-06-08  01:57pm

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Wittyguy (105) "Other": Obama bitch slappin McCain. A tired and over used genre.
11-06-08  05:21pm

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IKnoPorn (22) I pretty much agree with everyone else's comments here, but my 2 "most annoying" scenes are:

1) Guy grabs the girls head from behind and forces her down on his dick, grabs her hair in his fist and keeps her down. This has got to be one of the most humiliating things, plus a massive turn off for me. If the girl doesn't want to do it, what's the point? It's almost like rape, pretty sick actually.

2) Guys that fuck like they're a freight train moving 100 MPH, super hard fast fucking. Come on, do people really do this in real life? I suppose some people like "hard sex" but these kind of scenes make it look more like running a marathon than fucking. Is that really pleasurable? Major turn off for me.

11-06-08  10:36pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Here's my List:

1) Ass to Mouth... WHY IS THAT AROUSING?!! >:(
2) Anal Sex!
3) 30 or 40 year old women posing as 18 YEAR OLDS!!! >:( >:(
4)Too much head! I mean all these dudes want is to get their knob swallow!! Enough already!!
5) Facials!!
6) Facials!!
7) FACIALS!!!!! >:-l

11-07-08  11:44pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

Yo Drool Man, Wutz up! Howz it goin'? Life iz quite good 4 now. :D
I just wanted 2 comment on Da stabbing thing. Have U ever had some pussy so good that U couldn't stay in it too long? :D Well Pussy like that, if your intentions are to make that Pussy orgasm, you are gonna stab it... Cuz repeated thrusting of this good Pussy will fucking set off your fireworks!! :D

11-08-08  02:02am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #7 - Monahan :


I cannot wait 2 find the prick who thinks I wanna focus on any man's muthaphuckin' scrotum and no part of the female anatomy!!! >:O

11-08-08  02:14am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #23 - Pinche Kankun :

Hey, Pinche, 'saahhhp? You know, I've never been a stabber, but I'll keep it in mind. Cunnilingus has been my standby alternative to overwhelming enjoyment of the number one pleasure organ of the human species.

But watching some other guy do it is another thing. I'd rather they edit that stuff out.

11-08-08  02:16am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - surferman :

U wanna know Y Dey keep making this Shit?!!! >:O It'z Bcuz we R not getting PISSED OFF ENOUGH!!! Even though this may not happen, if all men who want nothing but DESCENT PORN just decided to CHEW THE FUCK OUT OF WEBMASTERS AND PRODUCERS for continuously making that Shit... And then just stopped subscribing or renting this Shit altogether... They R gonna change something if they wanna keep making their money!!!! >:(
11-08-08  02:22am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - The Clyde :

Clyde, facials suck!!! There is just too many of them!!! The entire world of porn is 90% FUCKING FACIALS!!! >:( U go 2 amateur websites and they also have that Shit goin' on!!! I mean it's so bad... There R millions of scenes, MILLIONS... where the guy is literally wacking his meat until he comes on her face... IT LIKE PUSSY DOESN'T EVEN MAKE HIM NUT ANYMORE!!! >:O U hardly ever find a scene where a guy is dumping his whole sack all over a woman's asscheeks just as soon as he pulls out!!! Those are delicacies... THOSE R LIKE FINDING RARE DIAMONDS!!! :D :D
11-08-08  02:36am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #25 - Drooler :

Editing... That'z anotha subject! U see Pussy getting thrusted and the guy is reaching inevitability... Next thing U know... The cum is already on the face!!! Okay, so when did the pussy started feeling so good that it made him have to pull out?!!
11-08-08  02:45am

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Monahan (42) Just finished checking out some of my stash and have another few adds:

1. Dwelling on one aspect wayyyyy toooo lonnnnng. OK, doggy style is good, but for 10 straight minutes?

2. Spending several minutes watching the "stud" jerk off while the babe just sits there waiting. What's the appeal?

3. Editing in earlier action again later in a scene. We've seen it already so what good is repetition?

4. Phony cum shots where the jiz is not real. And while [real] facials are OK, I agree with Pinche that there are far too many.

11-08-08  09:07am

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lk2fireone (196) Fake acting is a bummer. But's it's what you get in many porn videos.

Fake moaning, groaning, by the girl (mainly) and the guy. Can anyone believe the girl is so aroused when the guy just barely touches her, that she is already on the verge of orgasm?

12-09-08  01:08pm

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Pornjackker (37) A whore that screams too much is so annoying.
12-10-08  08:55pm

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Pornjackker (37) Too much time spent on seeing a slut give head but barely
a fraction of that time spent on a guy going down on her.
Producers, please hire greedy bitches that insist their
twats be eaten. Thank you

12-10-08  08:57pm

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