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How important does the numerical score in determining if you join a site?

Type: General
Not important - o% 2% 1 Votes
A little bit - 25% 11% 6 Votes
maybe like 50% 26% 14 Votes
Pretty important - 75% 47% 25 Votes
Extremely Important - 100% 13% 7 Votes

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53 Votes Total

May 11, 2008

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


badandy400 (103) The score on a given site is somewhat important if you look at the user giving the score and how close they are to other sites you both have visited. But, just because that person did not score it well does not mean that you wouldn't, it just might not have been their thing.

It is nice to see the scores though because it gives a good representation of what many people think about a site, and people are usually right. The problem is that the major sites are scored a lot, but we all know they are most like good. The small site that you are interested in joining might have only been reviewed by one person, if any at all. So really they sites that would be most useful to have scores on do not have any. So someone has to risk it first to be able let the rest of us know how it is.

None the less, it is a great thing to have and I make good use of it! :)

05-11-08  12:36am

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Denner (235) I think it's pretty importend - but quite a bit depending on the user.
Along the way you get to know several users and their opinion and taste - compared to your own.
There are always some "good ol' boys" you're almost certain you can rely on - and by all means - some new users where it's the same....

And then again some far out scores where you could suspect faul play (site-owners, maybe).

But then again I'll always compare scores with the substance/quality of the review.

05-11-08  01:08am

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Drooler (220) I'm in concurrence with both badandy400 and Denner on this. It's pretty important, and it's nice to see how a number of users score a site to get a notion of the "consensus," though it can range quite a bit sometimes. As badandy400 says, sometimes it's not the "thing" for a particular user.

And that's why, as Denner pointed out, the content of the review is so important. Details such as number of videos and pic sets, update frequency (e.g., "3 days a week," not "fairly often"), and above all video formats and sizes and pic sizes are really key. Such information should not be considered optional -- as it is sometimes at the mother site, The Best Porn.

I tend to agonize over the scores I give, even though the guidelines at PU are about as clear as one could make them. How does one convert a qualitative impression into an exact number? In response to this poll, I said "75%" but it actually ranges somewhere between 50 and 80. Have I been a member myself, and how many weeks ago was it? Do I trust this reviewer? Do I share the reviewer's point of view? Tastes? How "experienced" is the reviewer? Is there enough detail to support the score?

Such questions put the value of a score into a broad range.

05-11-08  03:36am

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Goldfish (67) If the score isn't at least in the mid-70s range I probably won't even delve any further unless there is something else that is really compelling about the site.

Once I get into the TBP or PU review page then other factors take priority like the video quality, amount of content, price and the reviews themselves.

05-11-08  08:09am

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Davit (46) I went for 'extremely important' as it's the first thing I look at, and generally determines if I'm likely to look any further.

I do put this in the context of the number of votes though. If the score is only in the 70s, but it has 3 reviews in the 90s and one extremely low score, I will take that low one with a pinch of salt. Ditto the other way round (one high score, several low scores).

05-11-08  08:44am

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Monahan (42) The score is extremely important. The variance among scores is also extremely important. If one PU scores a site a 50 and another a 95, there's a reason for concern. If there are several scores all clustered closely, the likelihood is that the site is as scored.

But the score must also be coupled with reviews and comments, especially where a problem of some kind may exit. See, for example, the discussions about IncrediblePass.com.

I would like PU to request that the scoring criteria used by TBP also be used by the PU members who write reviews. http://www.thebestporn.com/criteria.html

05-11-08  09:54am

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pat362 (373) It's pretty important to me because I rarely read a review, if it got a general score of less than 70. When I read reviews on TBP. I always pick the highest score and the lowest and read the reason for those scores. I always check who the reviewer is on PU, because some of you have similar taste to mine and therefore your score is more likely to affect my decision to join or not a site.
05-11-08  10:20am

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Jay G (67) The score is only as impotant as the reasons given, but the reasons are usually exactly to the point.

Low scores and the warnings they indicate are a reason I often DO NOT join a site.

High scores, however, often are not as indicative. Some pretty bad sites have gotten high scores from reviewers who must be easily pleased.....I've been around too long, I guess, and have gotten pretty picky about the sites I join, and each month find it harder and harder to find a site that can excite me.

05-11-08  11:45am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #8 - Jay G :

Jay G said, "Some pretty bad sites have gotten high scores from reviewers who must be easily pleased."

I've seen the same thing, too. The reviewers might not be experienced and/or they might also be in a temporary "thrill state," a kind of porn intoxication that impedes objectivity.

The opposite can happen, too. One of us porn geezers might be initially disappointed and score lower than we would a couple of weeks later. Call it "porn melancholy." (Hell, I should have been in psychology. ;)

Reminds me of a point one of us made some time ago, that one should wait for awhile after joining a site before writing a review. I think the recommended time was over 2 months, which I think is unnecessarily long, but the idea of letting oneself cool off, or warm up as the case may be, is worth keeping in mind.

05-12-08  02:13am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #9 - Drooler :

I agree with Drooler. There is the initial rush when even I, a weathered old porn fan from the good old pre pubic hair in Playboy days, get a charge out of some heretofore undiscovered babe on a site that seems to overflow with great stuff.

My rule is that a site that looks great and gets a bunch of good reviews goes into my favorites file on PU while I have a 5 day cooling off period. I may check out the site during the period but I won't sign up. After a week if I still have the site on my mind I'll take the plunge and sign up.

As for reviews, I don't feel that I can write an objective review unless and until I have become thoroughly familiar with a site and am willing to renew, or because it's so light in content or poorly managed that I have decided that the site is not worth renewing.

05-12-08  08:11am

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Denner (235) I like Monahans:
5 day cooling off period. Fine idea.

And I certainly agree with Droolers point of not rushing into a review a day or two after joining.

But, ok once in a while - and more rare lately - (bad english, sorry) you get exited about a new site - where you find the stuff you been looking for a long time - (though it's getting quite slim, lately) and then again, when you "cool off" you may get another view.
Still bottom line:
You cannot do more than give your honest opinion for the benefit of all.
And you can still go back and alter your review - and even down- or upgrade your scores. Most of us have done that now and then.

05-12-08  08:48am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #9 - Drooler :

Yeh, I feel the same way. My "excitement" with a site varies depending on what I've seen lately. I'm sure I've been looking at porn for so long that some unique site will make me think it's the best thing since sliced bread until I've used it for a few weeks.

Since many of us join only for a month or two then move on to other sites and come back several months later if it looks like there's something new, maybe the best reviews would be written after at least three weeks of membership, or even after we've "moved on."

Just an idea.

05-12-08  09:14am

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williamj (9) I look at the the low score and the high score read them both then proof through the other reviews looking for a middle ground. Newbies tend to give really high scores so I dismiss them. I look for the more established reviewers for the best reviews and a score that makes sense.
05-12-08  09:20am

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williamj (9) REPLY TO #11 - Denner :

I never review until at least 30 days are up. Too many newbies review the first day and their cocks are doing the review not thier brain.
05-12-08  09:21am

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HeatherMcXxx (10) I have so little money these days, I'm not joining a site, but I'd use the score as a general guide, then read the reviews from those contributors whose opinions I value. If I find that the score doesn't necessarily align with those reviews, I'll ignore it.
05-12-08  10:08am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #11 - Denner :

You know, it used to take me maybe a week or two to "come down" off a site or a few items that had me thrilled on one. Believe it or not, the "hammock" photoset of Sunny Leone at Mac&Bumble (she wears this little hat) and the "poolside" set of Nikki Nova at same had me crazy for days. I'd open the folders and look again and again at my favorite pictures and just marvel at them! This was in 2002.

Now, I'm like, "Hey! Wow .. but ... the photos are too small. The angle isn't good enough. There's too much light. The girl's head is cropped." Grouse grouse grouse.

So I'll admit that over the past year or so, I've done a few reviews after spending only several hours with a site, but that "cooling off," which used to take weeks, now only takes a few hours! LOL!

05-12-08  12:20pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #16 - Drooler :

Hey, Drooler - great input/reply!
Think I know the feeling. What I remember best was the first times I joined 1ByDay ....and WOW! - those girls made the libido work, for sure - but the video quality lacked a hell of a lot.
Still some euro-girls I had never seen before, like.....sorry, I can't remember them all - just made every thing tick...

And today: well, the overlook, the way of quickly scanning whats in there, whats good and whats not - that takes a few hours, sometimes much less.
So yes, it's a kind of another ballgame now - and, alas, there is too long between those sites where you get - just - some of the exitement from the early days...
And maybe therefore, I too do rush into a fast review onve in a while after beeing a member for a day or two (still l like the "cooling off" bit, though)

05-14-08  08:54am

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Pornjackker (37) I said it affects 50% of my decision. I don't look at sites that get anything below a 74% score across the board with TBP and other review sites. Unfortunately, very little of anything new reviewed on TBP gets a 80% or better favorable rating.

It's time for webmasters to wake up and offer sites that are worth joining. I'm willing to spend good money and stay loyal to sites that offer exclusive material, weekly updates, and the ability to download it in reasonable formats. To bother with poorly rated sites is pointless when there's a lot to choose from.

05-25-08  05:03pm

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nygiants03 (162) The numerical score is pretty important. Pretty much all the time that a site gets poor scores, they turn out to be poor sites. I usually only join sites at least around an 80 or above. That being said I try my best to give the right score when reviewing a site, knowing that most people rely on that score in their decision of joining a pay site.
05-26-08  09:29am

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lk2fireone (196) The important factors for me in rating or joining a site are:
-content quality
-content quantity
-site ease of use

If the site has good-looking models, quality pics, and it gets a high score, then I will at least look at the site, to see if it's worth joining.

A low score for the type of site I'm interested in means I probably won't even look at the site.

But score by itself is just one factor. I'm more interested in the type of site, and then the other factors I use in rating a site.

01-24-09  03:34pm

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