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REPLY TO #18 from Marcus: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

Thank you for your email, James - it goes a long way to reassuring me that you've addressed my criticisms. I'm sorry that I've been airing my dirty laundry in public but appreciate the attention you've been giving PU members who have had complaints. I'm looking forward to rejoining Bryci, and I will make sure my review reflects my membership at her site.

01-21-13  02:03pm

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REPLY TO #9 from JohnnyB: (BellaNetwork's Reply)


Again, thank you for the response! It would very difficult to "mass download" when there is a limit of 9GB. With many files on Bryci.com at 1 or more GB, it really does not take long to hit the limit (if you are not paying close attention).

In an effort to rectify the "lock out", again just refund the customers money if they are "banned" from using the site. As I mentioned, after I was "locked out", I tried for over a week to resolve the problem by contacting the webmaster and working with CC Bill. After a week I was still not able to access the site. Also as mentioned, CC Bill tried to contact the webmaster on my behalf without any response! When CC Bill cannot get a response from the webmaster, how would I expected to be able to get a response!

Best of luck to you and Bryci!

01-21-13  02:02pm

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REPLY TO #6 from JohnnyB: (BellaNetwork's Reply)


Thank you for the reply! In my situation, I contact CC Bill multiple times to correct the problem. I was banned or locked out. I was not permitted back on the site within 48 hours or even within one week. I attempted to contact the webmaster multiple time. Then CC Bill attempted to contact the webmaster on behalf. No response to any of the inquires. Finally, CC Bill made the decision to refund my money. It was really good that CC Bill was involved to help resolve the issue with the webmaster.

This is the only site I have joined on the net that does not feel the need communicate with their customers. In addition, CC Bill did a great job to responding to inquires and attempting to solve the problem. But the communication problem was with the webmaster.

I am not telling individuals to not join Bryci, but really be aware that if there is an issue, the webmaster will not respond to your inquires.

01-21-13  01:31pm

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REPLY TO #16 from Marcus: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

It definitely wasn't over 9gb in 24 hours, so if you're saying I'm not telling the truth, then I can't work out how you're not saying I'm a liar, but it's all semantics.

It's good you've increased the download limit and are listening and responding to feedback, but for me, it doesn't make a difference because I would never download that much anyway. Not from Bella, not from any site (even Tia Ling's where the file sizes are huge).

Just looked at the email I sent where I broke down what I downloaded over the course of my week-or-so of working membership:

11 Bryci videos (total 1.6gb)

I also downloaded these, which at the time of my posting on PU had forgotten were part of the Bella Network:

4 Talia Shepard videos (750mb)
4 Katie Banks videos (850mb)
1 Monroe Lee video (195mb)

01-21-13  12:41pm

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REPLY TO #5 from Marcus: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

I emailed support, didn't get any reply, emailed them again and in the end I emailed you and CCBill and only then did I get a reply personally from you (in January 2011... yes, I'm *STILL* going on about it, haha). You said in the email "Why are you emailing me? I am not tech support" - can copy and paste the conversation here if you wish.

I really, really, really wish you had entertained me and emailed me screenshots as proof, in fact this was something I asked for - proof. I knew that if you investigated it, you would have seen that I wasn't telling lies. I think in the end you basically told me to stop emailing, which to be honest I don't actually blame you for because we were just going around in circles and I was probably getting ruder and ruder out of frustration.

I am an honest user and I'm not sure I've ever been so angry before over a customer services related issue. Bryci's site is magnificent but I was left pretty disillusioned by the whole experience.

01-21-13  12:22pm

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REPLY TO #14 from Marcus: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

Thank you for the reply. I say you've called me a liar based on the following statements you've directed towards me in the past:

"10 or so videos does not get you banned Marcus"

"Why is it when someone breaks the terms of service and the server removes them for abuse, they can never man up and admit they were in the wrong?"

"If you were a good member, you'd be on the inside still wouldn't you be?"

I dispute all three of those statements. You might not have said the word 'liar', but you might as well have done. I don't think I've never downloaded 9gb during an entire MONTH on any website, let alone in 24 hours! I am not someone who ever downloads everything, I'm picky about what I download as frankly I don't have much storage space and not every single video is of interest to me.

It's good to know that you do look into why members are banned, but I never got the impression this was done with me. In one email it was suggested I shared my password, but in another that I went over my download limit. Unless somehow I was hacked, I don't understand how this would have happened.

When I was banned I wasn't surprised as my internet connection was woeful at the time, and I'm sure my IP number would have changed (within a range, presumably?) as I rebooted my router (which I've since replaced). I explained this, but just got talked down to. I totally appreciate 1st line support perhaps being terse as I imagine a lot of people do try it on, but I was at my wit's end and felt so hard done by as I had done the honest thing, bought membership, not shared my password and came nowhere close to the download limit.

01-21-13  12:04pm

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REPLY TO #2 from merrell: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

well done! now you call users as liar, not bad! first, i send you a message the day i have subscribed since you have cancel my account after only one hour; second, i dont beak any rules :
- no use download manager
- no site rip
- nothing your other stuff bla bla bla.....

CONCLUSION: you dont respect your own term of service!then who is the liar? more than over, i dont want no more pursue this sterile conversation, so go on in your diligence??.

PS:sorry for my poor english, this is not my native language, but i believe you have understand the essence?

09-14-12  09:04am

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REPLY TO #3 from Marcus: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

See, this is the attitude I was going on about. I took the time to explain what happened to the webmaster, but it just kept getting dismissed over and over again and treated like a thief.

I'm pretty sure the server banned me because my IP number changed. That's fine, I understand that. My ADSL connection at the time was awful and kept dropping so presumably I kept getting another IP number (it has now been fixed, I got a nice new shiney router for Christmas)

It certainly wouldn't have been me ripping content. I never ever rip content, not even for my personal use. I'm choosy about what I download.

I have just looked in my Bryci folder and there is 1.66gb (11 videos).

I absolutely did not share my password. Absolutely not. I could account for every video I downloaded from the site. I listed them all in an email to admin.

I asked what evidence there was to ban me and this was never answered, I just kept getting preachy soundbites about "if I read the T&Cs..." like above.

I kept asking which T&C I broke, and was just fobbed off and told I shared the password. Which I didn't.

It made me so angry as I was honestly a genuine member. I think the website is outstanding with lots of incredible content in, in that respect I would recommend it to anyone, and it was definitely the kind of website I could see myself becoming a long term member of.

I know you probably think I'm a liar or thief or whatever. There's enough out there. But I am absolutely none of these things, and definitely didn't break any of the terms and conditions, definitely not through downloading 10 gig a day! I don't think I've ever downloaded that much!

Being accused of (at best...) breaking the terms and conditions when you know you haven't, and haven't been given any evidence or reason is such a horrible feeling.

01-01-12  08:03am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #1 from ipg386: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

Oh, I see, so we are supposed to monitor the exact amount of porn we are downloading to be sure we don't go over the limits you put in the fine print of the user agreement? Are you joking? Do you really think anyone reads your agreements? This is porn not a mortgage application. And by the way, how does a customer, who is paying you for your service deserve to be called a rip off?

12-31-11  06:49pm

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Talia Shepard
REPLY TO #2 from PinkPanther: (BellaNetwork's Reply)

FYI - you're responding to a comment from 16 months before - nobody is going to see it - except me, since I got notification that there was a response to a comment that I had made.

I'll stand by the accuracy of my comment, though, as opposed to it having been a mis-interpretation. But apparently the policy was changed or voided or something soon after it was made, not surprisingly, since the policy itself was a swerve from the direction that had been going on just days before the policy I described was announced.

12-31-11  01:22pm

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