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JohnnyB (0) 01-20-13  10:24am
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Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Bryci is simply gorgeous! She poses in many different ways and looks great in them all!
Cons: As other have already indicated, the webmaster is terrible. If you exceed the down limit, (which is not really that high (9GB per 24 hour), with some on the videos at over 1GB you can hit 9.0GB pretty fast), you will be banned from the site. It indicates for 1 week, but you may not get back on at all. The best thing to do is just request a refund from the subscription company (cc bill).

The worst part is the webmaster will not respond (even if you are trying resolve the issue). The subscription company (like ccbill) will try to correct the problem, but you will never hear from the webmaster.

I rating the site a 70 (all because of Bryci). The other models in the site are attractive, but not to the level of Bryci. The grade would have been considerably higher if the webmaster was not so bad!
Bottom Line: As I mentioned, Bryci is a natuarl beauty. It is just such a shame that the webmaster is so bad. I can see the setting of a limit, but not responding to inquires, especially when you try to resolve the problem is not excusable!

There are so many other sites that offer great looking models. Stay away from this one, and if you join, be really careful (read all the terms, I know like anyone ever does that?)!

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luv lickn clit (23) Thanks for the update on this site. Looks like the webmaster still hasn't learned how to treat members. When someone pays for a membership, they expect to be able to download content. Not a difficult concept.
01-20-13  05:19pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
I really wish when someone left a comment they knew what they were talking about. When someone is suspended for mass downloading, they are not removed for a week. They are suspended for 48 hours and it's automated. As in, it has zero to do with a human. the server does this, and then counts down to releasing the hold.

As for your "pretty easy to do" comment, then why does hardly anyone ever do it? On average there are two people per month that get suspended. 99% of members have zero issues, ever. If someone mass downloads, gets caught, of course they're going to cry foul and leave poor reviews.

Thing they seem to forget easily, is that THEY got THEIR account suspended. How is this our fault again? It's like going to a restaurant, if you act appropriately there is never an issue but if you start doing something you're not supposed to do, you'll be escorted out.

01-21-13  10:43am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #1 - luv lickn clit :

Again, the terms are posted before you sign up. if you join and then break a rule right away, do you really have the right to complain that *you* broke the rules? This doesn't make sense to me in the least.

People can download content and they do, daily, without issue. So what's the problem again? The only people that have issues are those that thought because they bought a membership they can now mass download or site rip, give their friend their user/pass etc. We have security, it is automated, it stops bad guys. Pretty simple.

As for your 'difficult concept' comment - reading should also not be a difficult concept. (the rules are posted before someone signs up.)

If we had no limits or rules, what do you think happens? I can tell you because I have been a webmaster for over 15 years. Sites go under. If you were a member of a site that was running like a snail at all times because it was getting hammered by site ripping software etc and nothing was being done - how many people would cancel? Most if not all.

Rules are needed to keep the bad guys out and the good guys happy.

01-21-13  10:51am

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Marcus (47) Funny how so many members here at PU have the same problem. Yet the webmaster always says it's everybody else's problem but his.

I didn't even get near the download limit and I was locked out, presumably because I had a dodgy internet connection at the time and my IP number changed.

Webmaster ignored my emails until I got CCBill involved, then he was very quick to start preaching about the terms and conditions without actually telling me which of the terms and conditions I broke.

But yeah, whatever, his system is infallible (apparently), he never receives our emails (apparently) and of course, it only affects 99% of members (but 100% of PU members it seems...)

01-21-13  10:57am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #4 - Marcus :

Read the thread Marcus, I am not saying that at all.

If your ip changes, that happens and is not a big issue. Most systems don't lock out people on ip related issues until they reach 5 different ip addresses. Even then, upon logging in we can see if it's all you or someone else etc.

It is is easily unlocked and fixed, time added if warranted etc.

You NEVER EMAILED ME so saying I ignored your emails is false. CCbill emails if a customer contacts them, and just as when a customer emails us, we answer the email. If a customer was locked out for breaking a ToS, how is that our fault again?

Why do you keep saying our system is infallible? I never said this. Frankly your tone is one of assumption. Read the thread, many replying in this thread didn't even have a membership, they are merely replying to others.

Our system is automated for the most part security wise. If someone breaks rules, they get suspended. Last time I checked, very few people write in and say hey - I broke this rule, I'm sorry. Most claim they are innocent and when we reply with screen grabs and proof, odd ting happens - they disappear. They don't refute the data, they simply stop replying. Strange, I know.

Our system isn't perfect by any means - but it does work. I can promise you if you go to some of the largest sites out there and mass download, you'll reach a point they lock you out. This protects their server. Now should I write them and claim I downloaded nothing and I'm innocent? What do you think their response would be?

If I post that I didn't download anything in PU, does this make it true all of a sudden? -- pointing out that just because someone claims one thing, this does not make it the truth.

Mistake happen, yes. Data is kind of hard to fake though. Hard proof is exactly that, hard proof.

Those that write in and admit wrong doing, we assume it was a simple error and we reconnect them. We're not mighty rulers, lol, this is the internet. We get that people get excited and pass limits, it happens, we all move past it. It's the people that claim they're innocent and they didn't download a gig when the data shows them grabbing 23 gigs over 4 different addresses etc that we shake our heads at.

In the end Marcus, I am sorry you had issues with our site. If you and I had spoken, I suspect we'd know what happened immediately. The person I had working for me in the cs dept I have come to find was not very good at handling things, as such he has been removed.

01-21-13  11:49am

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #5 - BellaNetwork :

I emailed support, didn't get any reply, emailed them again and in the end I emailed you and CCBill and only then did I get a reply personally from you (in January 2011... yes, I'm *STILL* going on about it, haha). You said in the email "Why are you emailing me? I am not tech support" - can copy and paste the conversation here if you wish.

I really, really, really wish you had entertained me and emailed me screenshots as proof, in fact this was something I asked for - proof. I knew that if you investigated it, you would have seen that I wasn't telling lies. I think in the end you basically told me to stop emailing, which to be honest I don't actually blame you for because we were just going around in circles and I was probably getting ruder and ruder out of frustration.

I am an honest user and I'm not sure I've ever been so angry before over a customer services related issue. Bryci's site is magnificent but I was left pretty disillusioned by the whole experience.

01-21-13  12:22pm

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JohnnyB (0) REPLY TO #2 - BellaNetwork :


Thank you for the reply! In my situation, I contact CC Bill multiple times to correct the problem. I was banned or locked out. I was not permitted back on the site within 48 hours or even within one week. I attempted to contact the webmaster multiple time. Then CC Bill attempted to contact the webmaster on behalf. No response to any of the inquires. Finally, CC Bill made the decision to refund my money. It was really good that CC Bill was involved to help resolve the issue with the webmaster.

This is the only site I have joined on the net that does not feel the need communicate with their customers. In addition, CC Bill did a great job to responding to inquires and attempting to solve the problem. But the communication problem was with the webmaster.

I am not telling individuals to not join Bryci, but really be aware that if there is an issue, the webmaster will not respond to your inquires.

01-21-13  01:31pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #6 - Marcus :

I'm sorry you were so frustrated Marcus. If I replied asking you why you're emailing me because I am not tech support - I'm sorry for that blunt email. Must have caught me at an add moment of having too much on my plate but you deserved better service. I am sorry for that. I did have staff that were being paid to fix issues, but as I said, after going through things closer I can see areas they were failing repeatedly and that is unacceptable so they're no longer employed by Bella Network. I'm going to now reply to your other response.
01-21-13  01:31pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #7 - JohnnyB :

You tried multiple times to email me did you? Why is it I don't have any of these emails? What is your email address so I can do a better search for it?

If I was this person that ignores things, would I be responding in here? I'm *very* visible online between Bella Forums, my twitter, email etc. I'm really easy to get hold of.

The locking out issue, is *automated*. I am not sure how many more ways I can say this. If you're locked out for passing the download limit, a timer starts. You're locked out and when the timer ends, you have access again.

If you mass download with one site, you're locked out of that site. If you move on to another site in the network and do the same thing again, you're locked out for longer. This is covered int he terms of service. This is done to deter people from abusing the server. Those that play by the rules, love this rule because it keeps the box moving quickly.

If CCbill refunded you when you'd mass downloaded, they made an error up and I will be contacting them regarding this. Do you think it's fair that you mass download, get suspended and then get all your money back? So you got things for free basically? Yeah, that sounds fair to the model.

You never emailed me or this would have been solved. if you submitted a ticket and Steve never replied to you, I am sorry that took place but I wish you'd have contacted me.

01-21-13  01:43pm

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JohnnyB (0) REPLY TO #9 - BellaNetwork :


Again, thank you for the response! It would very difficult to "mass download" when there is a limit of 9GB. With many files on Bryci.com at 1 or more GB, it really does not take long to hit the limit (if you are not paying close attention).

In an effort to rectify the "lock out", again just refund the customers money if they are "banned" from using the site. As I mentioned, after I was "locked out", I tried for over a week to resolve the problem by contacting the webmaster and working with CC Bill. After a week I was still not able to access the site. Also as mentioned, CC Bill tried to contact the webmaster on my behalf without any response! When CC Bill cannot get a response from the webmaster, how would I expected to be able to get a response!

Best of luck to you and Bryci!

01-21-13  02:02pm

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