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merrell (0) 09-14-12  03:57am
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warning! download limit 1,5gb if not they close your account

they closed my account after i have downloaded only 1,5gb, it's insane! in the term of their service, they declare" we have a 9 gigs per day limit" they talk nonsense. The webmaster did not never answer to my message!

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tangub (155) This is another one of those sites like APD Nudes that I would quite like to join but never will until I start seeing some positive feedback that they've stopped treating paying customers with contempt. Seems like nothing has improved since Marcus reviewed Bryci last year. Thanks for the warning merrell.
09-14-12  04:39am

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BellaNetwork (8)
Incorrect. We close accounts when a user breaks the terms of service that they agree to *before* signing up. 1.5 gig you claim? That is false. The daily limit is 9 gig and 99.9% have no issues following this.

I don't know who you are but if your account was closed, YOU did something for this to happen. I say this because the server takes action against people based upon set rules. Again, 99.9% of people don't have their accounts shut down, and they are in daily.

Not sure who you are or what you did but you didn't email me so don't lie in here and claim I didn't respond to you. I own/run the network and you never emailed me.

09-14-12  08:17am

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merrell (0) REPLY TO #2 - BellaNetwork :

well done! now you call users as liar, not bad! first, i send you a message the day i have subscribed since you have cancel my account after only one hour; second, i dont beak any rules :
- no use download manager
- no site rip
- nothing your other stuff bla bla bla.....

CONCLUSION: you dont respect your own term of service!then who is the liar? more than over, i dont want no more pursue this sterile conversation, so go on in your diligence??.

PS:sorry for my poor english, this is not my native language, but i believe you have understand the essence?

09-14-12  09:04am

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TheSquirrel (53) I would say avoid any site with download limits to stop this sort of thing happening. If you don't pay your money they can't lock you out of the account.
09-14-12  01:50pm

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merrell (0) REPLY TO #4 - TheSquirrel :

ok the squirrel, i believe you have right on the point, but in this case i have never seen that: only one hour and already reject permanently, it's insane, i'm being duped.It seem i'm not alone in this case. All the more as, the content do not as terrific as i've believed.
09-14-12  02:33pm

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Marcus (47) This is quite interesting as exactly the same happened to me when I joined Bryci. See my brief review here: http://www.pornusers.com/replies_view.html?id=67901

The webmaster called me a liar too, even though I absolutely did not share my password or download anything approaching that limit. He says '10 videos doesn't get you banned' yet it did. So something's wrong.

Even when I love a model I am choosy about what I download and have never ever hit download limits on any of the websites I have ever joined.

The only mitigating factor I could think of in my circumstance was that I had problems with my internet connection so maybe my IP number changed. The webmaster wouldn't even entertain that notion and did his whole 'if you read the T&Cs...' spiel.

It's among the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a website, and it almost put me off ever joining a website again. I'm still incredibly bitter about the fact I was treated like a criminal.

09-15-12  02:21pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #6 - Marcus :

Yeah, it's a big problem when a webmaster calls customers liars instead of investigating the situation. I had a situation with Twisty's one time where I was locked out for a protracted period of time - various staff came up with various explanations of what I was doing wrong. Shap himself - still the owner at the time - had to step in after I posted here about the problem. He did a VERY thorough investigation and it turned out that my IP was blocked because another Comcast customer with an IP # very close to mine was trying to hack their site and their security bot defended them in an overly broad way.

So this kind of stuff can take some investigation to get to the root of the matter and - as in my situation with Twisty's - the actual situation can be unique. But if the webmaster isn't going to investigate beyond declaring that nobody else is having a problem, that's not remotely helpful or fair to the consumer that gave the site money to join in the first place.

09-15-12  06:41pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #7 - PinkPanther :

Thanks for the reply.

I'm glad Twisty's managed to sort the problem out. I think that's what's annoying me in that I absolutely know I didn't break the T&Cs, and I'm sure with a bit of investigation the Bryci webmaster would have seen that, but he was on the defensive straight away and to be honest, don't think he could be bothered investigating. He's very quick to call people liars though.

I totally understand webmasters protecting their content, but clearly it's not an exact science. I find it 'strange' that this has clearly happened at least twice with Bryci's website, and that's just with members here.

09-16-12  12:17pm

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Bonemaster (0) Same thing just happened to me. There's no fucking way I downloaded more than 9 Gb's in 24 hrs. I even took care to download as minimally as I could because I heard the WebNazi might ban you anyway, yet here I am. I don't even want to submit a ticket because I know the webmaster asshole will just delete it.

I can't cancel this site fast enough.

2 things I'm gonna do right now:

1) Get a refund through CCBill.
2) Scour the internet for a Bryci torrent.

10-25-12  05:15pm

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merrell (0) REPLY TO #9 - Bonemaster :

ok bad news for you also! this guy is crazy insane, only could downloaded 1,5 gb or so and then bannish from website! did you have got a refund?
11-05-12  10:27am

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #9 - Bonemaster :

The webmaster of Bryci insists his system is infallible and that everyone here has not read the terms and conditions. Absolutely ridiculous, and although I'm sorry you've had problems too, I'm happy I'm not the only one to have problems.
12-07-12  10:21am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #6 - Marcus :

I should check this thread more often, I'd have replied sooner.

Putting words in someone's mouth is never a good thing. I did not call you a liar. If you downloaded ten videos, that doesn't get your account suspended, unless the total size of those videos passes 9 gig in a 24 hour window. This is written in the terms of service before you sign up for the site, they are listed.

As for your comment that I wouldn't entertain a notion etc.

That is false. I can see your account immediately upon researching it and yes, your ips are listed. If you have multiple ip addresses from different locations, the system can at times flag your account for follow up so we can see what's up. Most people with dsl have ip accounts that change, they don't get suspended.

When someone has a connection issue, we look at their ips first. Then we check if they are actually suspended or if someone else was suspended near them and it grabbed them too (like the twisty's issue mentioned on this page, that happens as well). Then we look at their page loads versus hit count to see if the software that stops people for site ripping suspended them. In short, we look at all factors.

It is never about what the customer says happened, it is about what the data tells us happened. I hate to say it but some people don't always tell the truth. They do something bad, then claim innocence. I am not saying you did this, or others in this thread did this. Problem is, all you're seeing here are the people with issues. You're not seeing the 99% that have no issues. They're not posting because they don't have issues. Six testimonials here.

As for customer service stand point, all I can do there is apologize. We did have some staff working with us that has since been let go. In late December I removed Steve, the person that was handling the security side. It is 100% just me doing things. As such, I go through every single user's site issues and solve them as they come up. In the instances where someone has been suspended when they shouldn't have been, time is added to their memberships. I am sorry you felt you were treated poorly, I appreciate that you signed up and I am sorry you had issues with the service.

01-21-13  11:09am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #7 - PinkPanther :

"Yeah, it's a big problem when a webmaster calls customers liars instead of investigating the situation"

As I replied to Marcus. I never called anyone a liar.

The issue you had with Twistys, virtually all sites with security have this issue. I have had it with our sites and as with twistys, it is always resolved and time is added to the customer's account.

If you ran a server yourself or dealt with the influx of people we do, you'd see no two issues are alike. One day we might have someone that can't connect and it's as simple as he mistyped his user/pass and clicked remember user/pass so when he tried to enter - it was with the wrong credentials. So then the security would step in and stop him after a few failed attempts, banning him from trying again for 15 minutes because it thinks he's a bot. (sites get hammered by bots)

So then this guy gets mad, goes and posts on a board and who's fault was it? Well, if he's read a different review from someone else that got nabbed for site ripping (that of course, won't admit it but the data and screen grabs we have shows this) then all of asudden - I'm the bad guy again.

Some issues are simple, some are not as simple but we are not tech support for the user and his/her knowledge on how they type things in. We are tech support fore the site. We do try and fix issues and we try and be helpful but depending on the day someone is having, they either articulate their issue so we can fix it fast, or they send in 3 words like "site doesn't work" and expect us to be a mind reader.

In short, we do try and help our customers. I recently fired the person that was handling things, now it's 100% me doing it.

01-21-13  11:16am

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #9 - Bonemaster :

The security is automated. Meaning, if you pass 9 gigs, it suspends you. If you don't, it doesn't. You can get angry and swear all you like, but it's automated, not personal.

If you were to write in, there are screen grabs we email back showing this. So again, it's not personal, there is hard data backing it up.

You posting that you're going looking for a Bryci torrent tells me you're one of those guys that believe stealing from models is not a big deal.

it is a big deal and people like you are why sites close. Do i take your reply serious? Kind of hard to when you openly acknowledge stealing from models via torrents.

01-21-13  11:24am

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #12 - BellaNetwork :

Thank you for the reply. I say you've called me a liar based on the following statements you've directed towards me in the past:

"10 or so videos does not get you banned Marcus"

"Why is it when someone breaks the terms of service and the server removes them for abuse, they can never man up and admit they were in the wrong?"

"If you were a good member, you'd be on the inside still wouldn't you be?"

I dispute all three of those statements. You might not have said the word 'liar', but you might as well have done. I don't think I've never downloaded 9gb during an entire MONTH on any website, let alone in 24 hours! I am not someone who ever downloads everything, I'm picky about what I download as frankly I don't have much storage space and not every single video is of interest to me.

It's good to know that you do look into why members are banned, but I never got the impression this was done with me. In one email it was suggested I shared my password, but in another that I went over my download limit. Unless somehow I was hacked, I don't understand how this would have happened.

When I was banned I wasn't surprised as my internet connection was woeful at the time, and I'm sure my IP number would have changed (within a range, presumably?) as I rebooted my router (which I've since replaced). I explained this, but just got talked down to. I totally appreciate 1st line support perhaps being terse as I imagine a lot of people do try it on, but I was at my wit's end and felt so hard done by as I had done the honest thing, bought membership, not shared my password and came nowhere close to the download limit.

01-21-13  12:04pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #15 - Marcus :

You just admitted I did not call you a liar, and as I said, I didn't.

10 or so videos does not get you banned as I said, UNLESS the size of those videos pass 9 gig in a 24 hour period. I've already said this though.

Please do not assume things I say were directed towards you. If I have something to say to you, I will say it to you directly. That is how things get solved. :)

"Why is it when someone breaks the terms of service and the server removes them for abuse, they can never man up and admit they were in the wrong?"

I said this because it is TRUE. It is *incredibly* rare that anyone admits wrongdoing, but the server has data and shows what happened. It's math, it's not a personal vendetta to get Marcus or anyone else.

As I said, I had someone working for me, three someones to be specific but one in particular was heading my security dept as I am very busy shooting, creating, running things. It become clear to me from a few emails directed to me at james at bellanetwork dot com that this person (Steve) was not doing his job properly. I looked into things personally and fix a few issues. I spoke with him about things and I believed things were taken care of at the time.

Upon later review, it became clear that we weren't cut out to work together, so I let him go and I am personally overseeing all issues now. That does not in any way though mean every person that emails me gets back in the site.

I appreciate nobody likes to get locked out of a site and yes, mistakes can happen. Perhaps the ISP changes ips radically or the customer gets caught in an ip block that had nothing to do with them. Mistakes do happen, yes. Just as mistakes happen though, there are also some people that sign up with malicious intent. They plan on site ripping and posting our content etc. So when they get caught and they don't get a refund, they get angry. they post shitty messages. It happens. I've been in this game for 15 years, I have seen it with several networks including my own.

Now, this all said, I changed something in our security this morning after reading the responses here. First, I'd have responded earlier but again, i am busy and I didn't know this was being said or I'd have responded immediately as is what I strive for. Anyone that knows me will tell you I work a great deal for our members so they're happy.

I raised the DL limit to 12 gig per 24 hour period. If someone is suspended, they are locked out for 24 hours. This limit is higher than a lot of well known sites out there but I am hoping it shows that yes, I am listening and trying to make people happy.

01-21-13  12:31pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #16 - BellaNetwork :

It definitely wasn't over 9gb in 24 hours, so if you're saying I'm not telling the truth, then I can't work out how you're not saying I'm a liar, but it's all semantics.

It's good you've increased the download limit and are listening and responding to feedback, but for me, it doesn't make a difference because I would never download that much anyway. Not from Bella, not from any site (even Tia Ling's where the file sizes are huge).

Just looked at the email I sent where I broke down what I downloaded over the course of my week-or-so of working membership:

11 Bryci videos (total 1.6gb)

I also downloaded these, which at the time of my posting on PU had forgotten were part of the Bella Network:

4 Talia Shepard videos (750mb)
4 Katie Banks videos (850mb)
1 Monroe Lee video (195mb)

01-21-13  12:41pm

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BellaNetwork (8)
REPLY TO #17 - Marcus :

If the size wasn't over 9 gigs, then there was another issue at hand. It's not just a DL limit that can suspend a user. Before you say, no there wasn't another issue.. there clearly was or it wouldn't have removed it.

Getting to the bottom of what the issue was on the other hand should have been handled quickly and efficiently by Steve and I'm sorry that didn't take place.

If you still have your username from Bella - drop me an email with it please so I can look into this. I am not sure how far I can go back but perhaps I can shed light. Email me at james at bellanetwork dot com. Thanks Marcus.

01-21-13  01:34pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #18 - BellaNetwork :

Thank you for your email, James - it goes a long way to reassuring me that you've addressed my criticisms. I'm sorry that I've been airing my dirty laundry in public but appreciate the attention you've been giving PU members who have had complaints. I'm looking forward to rejoining Bryci, and I will make sure my review reflects my membership at her site.
01-21-13  02:03pm

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