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Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #9 from Denner: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Sorry it took some time to reply to this:
First: It's been quite some time since I wrote my review based on a membership way back.
I did not get back again - simply because the site did not appeal to me - at that time.
Maybe things have changed radical and may it's time to take another look....

09-30-08  06:50am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #14 from Douggie: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

You have a screw loose dude.
I made an entire post and it got deleted......
I tried your site several times and it wouldnt come up....seems to me it was down

07-04-08  10:29pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #12 from Douggie: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Wow you got a screw loose dude.

07-04-08  08:55pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #3 from IKnoPorn: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Hey Matt! The man himself! Thanks for the comments and compliments, that means alot from someone in the business.

Thanks as well for the invitation to discuss fun topics, especially beer! If you aren't already stocked for the holiday, I'd recommend an Arrogant Bastard Ale (or 2 or 3) from Stone Brewing Company, one of my personal favs.

I'm actually going out to the valley today, I wonder if I'll be driving by your house?

I look forward to more exchanges, I may contact you through your website.

Have a good one.

07-04-08  11:44am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #5 from Douggie: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Your credibility as a porn producer or even a fair critic of comparing adult sites is zip. Your opinion is just that, your opinion, and marred by your jealous, hostile NON FACTS.
Put down your crack pipe and listen. I NEVER suggested to anyone I was a porn producer. I never claimed to be a critic. This site was made to allow patrons of adult websites give there opionions. Thats all I did. Jealous of WHAT? Dude, you need to get a grip. Youre the only one calling names and getting hostile. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings. Welcome to the life of being in business.

I took the Forums down in my members area years ago mainly because of SPAM and because I had MEMBERS ARGUING with each other (sound familiar?). I'm sorry your lost your VOICE OF AUTHORITY there :( Are you still mad about that? Frankly I don't need "experts" like you spamming other sites and pissing off other members. If I wanted to start a site like that I'd start a site like PU.
I never tried to be a voice of authority. As explained in many of my posts I would like your place to be successful or more successful. But In my opionion it needs work. I had just as many members agreeing with me as your forum goons disagreeing. Even so, thats not what Im about.
If our members have complaints, we have a help forum and support email. They dont try to make a career out of it like you. (FYI....ALL ADULT SITES HAVE DISGRUNTLED MEMBERS. Ive spoken with the owner of more than one of the top rated sites and they tell me they have to deal with "whiners and moaners" all the time.
Again, Im not digruntled about anything. Just stateing things the way I see em. All business's have people who try to help them...or in your words whiners and moaners.
I run an "Amateurs Nude Models Pay Site" which is for the thousands of people who enjoy it for what it is. I realized my job is to provide our customers what they have been coming back for every year. It's not for the few dissatisfied who get all up in arms because it doesnt meet THEIR PARTICULAR VISION.
Again, Its my opionion. Youre the only one up in arms here. The same thing happend at your forum. All I did is give a suggestion as to how I think it could be a better solo video place...as stated because of the turnarroun of models. Then you and your goons cut me down and closed the post.
There's only about 6,000 adult websites reviewed by TBP and thousands more on the net. There's a niche & site for EVERYBODY and PLENTY sites you can THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON DUE TO DIRTY TRICKS LIKE LIMITED TRIALS AND OTHER DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. Ive run a solid, honest website since 1999.
I never even hinted your site was shady. Just that the SOLO VIDEOS need work.
Once again, the fact that you keep signing up only to disappoint yourself makes one wonder :)
As stated prior, the discount and in the hopes youve changed your style.

07-03-08  06:35pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #3 from Douggie: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

My company is successful and has been for 10 years...and Ive done it SINGLE HANDEDLY.
Maybe thats what the problem is.

By the way check out our line of DVD's distributed by Vivid Video.
I suppose they distribute our DVD's and make the Pro Am charts because they suck? lol

Theres only a few companies out there dude. It would look really bad if they didnt.

and FYI I dont even shoot all the solo videos myself now...we have other great shooters helping out. So I guess they ALL suck too?

Must be a site style then.....

Why would someone (YOU) supposedly STILL be a member of my site, only to come on here to REGULARLY tell people how bad things are?
I think thats a question, smart porn consumers will be asking you. :)

I belong to several sites....not to hurt your feelings...but I signed up for yours again...because of the discount. I was hoping you improved your shoots.
Ill reference one that was hideous, well was going to look up her name but your site is down. Recent model, done 2 solos back to back...real pretty. They were shot beautiful agony style. The first one was well may be she only agreed to R rated. Then you posted another one, I thought well maybe they knew they messed up and are going to try and recoop there efforts. But then it was the same thing.

I dont know matt. Trust me arguing about this isnt going to sway anything. It just shows your bad taste and bad business. This site is here for personal opionions.

I answered all your question but one. Ill get to that in a minute.
But mind answering one question for me?
How can something so simple be messed up so continuously?

PS...and hows your porn producer career going?

Its not. I never claimed to be one. Besides, I have too many other things I need to concentrate on right now. But if and/or when I do get the time and models. Ill take the time to make sure theyre worth watching.

07-03-08  12:19pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #1 from Douggie: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Wow matt, bad day? Im sorry but you have it all wrong. As I said from the original post on your forum. Im am trying to offer suggestions and help. I would like to see your company successful.

The truth is your video work isnt that great to say the least. You dont know how to shoot a solo video and no matter how many times you do it, it doesnt seem to be improving.
You move camera and positioning way too much.
Shooting style backwords.
Thumping arround when moving with the camera.
Its more like youre just trying to get it over with.
Nothing personal. Like I have always told you. Camera people usually dont make good video people.

Of course things are going good for your company. Youre one of the few amature porn sites that have regular updates of models. (although it didnt appear so when I joined previously, 1 solo model for the month). I just think improving it (or trying) will make you and your company all the more sucessful.

(Douggie comes on here to try get my goat...and apparently he thinks TBP, PU and his own comments have some effect on the success of adult websites)
Uh Hem, thats what this website is all about dude...with the exception of getting your goat...and Im not.

The statement "someones balls" is referring to boy/girl videos. I dont remember how it was worded but I was trying to explain that I only view solo girl videos and thats it.
Douggie was a member of MattsModels for who knows how long?
I am currently a member. But have to say I am sticking to my comments about your video style (there is none). I think I also joined back in Novemebr or so...

Let me ask you Matt, Why did you take down your forum? I know I wasnt the only one trying to convince you that you need to concentrate on what youre doing more when youre shooting.
I know how these forums and such work. Youre going to contact your "guys" and send them here to bash me and my post. More power to em.

You reference 1 video that was shot properly (solo video) and Ill take back anything you think is negative and refer to you as the "king of porn" from now on. But, If you make the same misteak more then 3 times during the shoot...you owe me nothing.

Apparently you dont care about what your paying patrons think. The fact is the internet is still pretty much in its infancy. Have I ever belonged to a site for more then a year...a few of them. Was I personally satisifed with there contact....for the most part ..no.

You may not know this. But I have referred a lot (probably hundreds) of people to your site. For one single video. Chantelles video. (Im sure you remember me mentioning that before). I think its one of the best solo videos out there.

07-03-08  11:23am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #2 from RagingBuddhist: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

He suggested that the pictures LOOK like scans - he didn't say they WERE scans.

07-07-07  04:59pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #8 from RagingBuddhist: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

I didn't really mean to drop the dialogue where it was, but can't really think of anything to say that would bring us to a mutually acceptable conclusion. I can't speak for any elses' experiences with your site - just mine. You say it's something with my PC, or something on my end causing the problems. I say it's not because I don't have, and haven't had, the problems described here on other sites. We could kick this back and forth forever and get nowhere.

I'll say it again - one average rating isn't going to sink you. I work in a service-related industry where every one of our customers gets a satisfaction survey and those surveys do figure into our bi-annual bonuses. Look at this way - you KNOW there are always people who could be handed gold and still call it absolute shit. Where I am, we all get 'em. But even their scores of what would be the equivalent of a 20 or 30 on here factored in, none of our bonuses have ever suffered. You also might figure that, on here, at least, people are happy to write a good review. In the world out there, people are more prone to write when they're pissed off than when they're happy. And, still... I DO get paid!

So, from my end, I'll just leave it at wishing you the best and I'll just move on. Still waiting for the next site to jump out and say "Join me!"

07-03-07  06:19pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #6 from RagingBuddhist: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

As far as the navigation goes, it's hard to put into words - it just feels clunky or not intuitive. Someone in another review referenced the way you have to click through the pictures - that's a part of it.

A server that doesn't allow downloads to be resumed is not a user issue. Nor is a file that has that number/no file extension name that somehow circumvents using a download manager. Despite my lack of reviews on here, I can assure you I've seen enough sites that CCBill & Paycom are considering giving me frequent flyer mileage. And I've never had any problems like this before except on sites that expressly prohibit the use of download managers and/or accelerators.

I'm very curious how you explain pages and links not loading, and files downloading to a 0 file size, as user issues. If my PC was slow or virus-ridden, I'd say maybe. But otherwise I, and all the geeks and geek wannabes I know, call those server issues.

06-20-07  06:14pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #4 from RagingBuddhist: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

You responded to my first email with this:

We get signups from The Best Porn every day....at 14.95
So I have no idea why you wouldnt get the discount.....the $14.95 option should be available upon hitting our join page.
Did you see it?

My response to you that no, I didn't see it wasn't answered. It was here, by Khan's response, that I found out what had happened.

My review has been updated to elimate any mention of the discount issue.

06-20-07  02:34pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #2 from RagingBuddhist: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

Matt -
As it turns out, I didn't get a discount because of a cookie issue - as someone other than you took the time to explain. So I guess I didn't follow up on my mentioning that the resolution was pending anymore than you followed up on what had happened. Reason notwithstanding, the FACT is, I didn't get the discount.

But my score for your site wasn't based solely on the money either. As I said in my review, the server issues, the clutzy navigation, the inability to use a downbload manager and the need to refresh pages several times to get thumbnails & video links to load was most of went into my rating. Sure it's bias. And it certainly is user related. What else would you have a rating system for?

I'd also like to know how comparing scores I've given to two sites presupposes that my experience is limited. First of all, I'm not in the porn site rating business, so I don't join dozens of sites a year just so I can give tons of fresh reviews. Secondly, the fact that your site and IFeelMyself ARE, as you put it, "DIFFERENT" is a lot of why they got the score they did from me. I think they have a novel site, covering a much smaller niche than the realm of teen audtions.

I guess if I were in your position, I'd feel the need to fight a low score too. I don't agree with your red herring arguments, but I'd probably offer some kind of rebuttal myself. And I'm sorry you seem to be taking this so deeply personal. You'll be around - I'm sure my experience with your site isn't going to sink you. The high resolution video certainly will help. Now if you could just update the look of it... (This was my second signup at Matt's - and it still looks the same to me. Something I guess I neglected to cover in my review)


06-19-07  08:55pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #1 from Horny Ryan: (Matt Frackas's Reply)

yea i dont understand any
of these negative reviews

ive been a member for years
and i dont have any complaints

the site is what it claims to be -
an amateur site featuring newbie models.

nearly 800 models and over 200k photos.

mudman is a tool lol

03-30-07  12:11pm

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