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RagingBuddhist (65) 06-14-07  06:10pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + It's MOSTLY amateurs
+ Higher res video is a welcome addition
+ Decent amount of content
Cons: - Yeah, the navigation's bad - especially for such a well-known site
- Server won't allow you to resume a broken download
- Thumbnails/pictures and video links not loading at times - have to refresh page, somtimes more than once
- Some videos download to 0 file size the first (sometimes second and third) time
Bottom Line: With the debate here about what's what, I had to see for myself.
Trying to use a download manager, clicking on a "Save" button sends the file into a continuous download loop - it gets to 100%, then starts over. It also doesn't have the same file name as it does when downloading through your browser - it uses what I would guess are file ID numbers, with no file extension. I also found out through the download manager that you can't use an accelerator and that their server doesn't allow for resumption of broken downloads.
So, given the poor navigation, the server issues, the problems getting pages to load correctly and the inability to use my download manager, I'd have to say I'm disappointed. That's what led me to give Matt's a way lower score than I ever thought I would for an amateur site.

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PU Staff
You ask ... "What happened to the TBP discount?"

Checking, I see the TBP discount displayed. If you don't see it displayed then you may need to reset a cookie. Try clearing your cache and revisiting directly from the TBP/PU link.

06-14-07  06:18pm

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Matt Frackas (5)
yeah as somebody pointed out to this guy already, The Best Porn discount exists and has for over a year....we get signups at TBP rate EVERYDAY.

So that assertion is FALSE, NOT FACTUAL.

His problems with Matt's Models seem to be either bias or user related.

Also comparing Matt's Models to "ifeelmyself" (a newer and very DIFFERENT type of site) and giving it a "90" makes his adult site experiences seem limited?

The experienced porn critics at The Best Porn gave "Ifeelmyself" a 79.6.


06-18-07  02:37pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #2 - Matt Frackas :

Matt -
As it turns out, I didn't get a discount because of a cookie issue - as someone other than you took the time to explain. So I guess I didn't follow up on my mentioning that the resolution was pending anymore than you followed up on what had happened. Reason notwithstanding, the FACT is, I didn't get the discount.

But my score for your site wasn't based solely on the money either. As I said in my review, the server issues, the clutzy navigation, the inability to use a downbload manager and the need to refresh pages several times to get thumbnails & video links to load was most of went into my rating. Sure it's bias. And it certainly is user related. What else would you have a rating system for?

I'd also like to know how comparing scores I've given to two sites presupposes that my experience is limited. First of all, I'm not in the porn site rating business, so I don't join dozens of sites a year just so I can give tons of fresh reviews. Secondly, the fact that your site and IFeelMyself ARE, as you put it, "DIFFERENT" is a lot of why they got the score they did from me. I think they have a novel site, covering a much smaller niche than the realm of teen audtions.

I guess if I were in your position, I'd feel the need to fight a low score too. I don't agree with your red herring arguments, but I'd probably offer some kind of rebuttal myself. And I'm sorry you seem to be taking this so deeply personal. You'll be around - I'm sure my experience with your site isn't going to sink you. The high resolution video certainly will help. Now if you could just update the look of it... (This was my second signup at Matt's - and it still looks the same to me. Something I guess I neglected to cover in my review)


06-19-07  08:55pm

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Matt Frackas (5)
REPLY TO #3 - RagingBuddhist :

One thing I dont do is pursue "red herrings" and I never lie.
So as long as we are both being completely honest - then I think we'll have a meaningful dialog which others might actually be able to seperate fact from fiction and benefit from.

I always address complaints and as mentioned in another response on here, we've even made changes to the site from suggestions by users. I also TRY and personally handle as many support emails as I can. If I can't do it - we have Mica Rae doing it.

Im going to address your response and first complaint as directly and best as I can:

Since we're being honest Ive had only ONE PERSON in recent history with NOT SEEING TBP discount problem. It was last week, Thursday, June 14, 2007 and I PERSONALLY REPLIED - THE SAME DAY.

Did I reply to you the same day? Arent you the same person who emailed me about this problem on June 14th and then went on here the same day to write a review?

You said: "as someone other than you took the time to explain" Are you implying I wasnt responsive to your support problem?

Lets start there.


06-20-07  11:28am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #4 - Matt Frackas :

You responded to my first email with this:

We get signups from The Best Porn every day....at 14.95
So I have no idea why you wouldnt get the discount.....the $14.95 option should be available upon hitting our join page.
Did you see it?

My response to you that no, I didn't see it wasn't answered. It was here, by Khan's response, that I found out what had happened.

My review has been updated to elimate any mention of the discount issue.

06-20-07  02:34pm

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Matt Frackas (5)
REPLY TO #5 - RagingBuddhist :

Thanks for removing the discount issue.

Ok so yes I personally replied to your first support email the SAME DAY. However I needed more info from you. So I wrote you, hoping to start a dialog to help US figure out what happened so we could fix the problem or get you a refund of the discount.

You replied in the evening after I was gone for the day and the following day (shooting). At that point a support issue is handled either by Ryan or Mica Rae depending on issue and time. I APOLOGIZE if someone didnt get back to you after I replied to you. Fact is, we dont leave people hanging on purpose, yes there could be a delay, there could be email problems etc, but you went on here and complained about something that I was obviously TRYING to help you with and which was ultimately not a technical problem on our end.

In the interest of not turning this thread into a drama fest let me first state:

This issue and several others you mention here are problems that could be and should be handled privately between website and customer. With that said we'd be more than happy to refund the difference of the discount if you did not receive it. For refund - please email me.

On this issue:

- Yeah, the navigation's bad - especially for such a well-known site

I would appreciate you publically stating WHY it's bad, because we've been working on the nav and making adjustments. Specific feedback helps us with future adjustments.

ALL of the following issues are USER RELATED problems, not problems of the site.

- Server won't allow you to resume a broken download
- Thumbnails/pictures and video links not loading at times - have to refresh page, somtimes more than once
- Some videos download to 0 file size the first (sometimes second and third) time
- Have to refresh pages quite often to get thumbnails and picture/video links to load

We have a MEMBERS TOOL MENU with CONTACT SUPPORT and HELP DESK with answers to common support problems to help members quickly fix certain issues. If the Help Desk doesnt help, then members are encouraged to use the CONTACT SUPPORT Form.

I dont see a support email from you on any of these items - yet I assure you, we could help you with them.

- Matt

06-20-07  05:34pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #6 - Matt Frackas :

As far as the navigation goes, it's hard to put into words - it just feels clunky or not intuitive. Someone in another review referenced the way you have to click through the pictures - that's a part of it.

A server that doesn't allow downloads to be resumed is not a user issue. Nor is a file that has that number/no file extension name that somehow circumvents using a download manager. Despite my lack of reviews on here, I can assure you I've seen enough sites that CCBill & Paycom are considering giving me frequent flyer mileage. And I've never had any problems like this before except on sites that expressly prohibit the use of download managers and/or accelerators.

I'm very curious how you explain pages and links not loading, and files downloading to a 0 file size, as user issues. If my PC was slow or virus-ridden, I'd say maybe. But otherwise I, and all the geeks and geek wannabes I know, call those server issues.

06-20-07  06:14pm

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Matt Frackas (5)
REPLY TO #7 - RagingBuddhist :

You keep dumbfounding me (Thats why you this dialog should be between the user and the site admin - the ultimate RESULT, RESOLVE or NON-RESOLVE could then be posted here as a valid user experience - support response included).

A vague explanation about the nav. "Click through the pictures" is a problem? We have 20 thumbs per page. You can either click the pic to get to the next pic OR use the nav arrows back and forth OR you can download the entire set as a ZIP file - What am I missing here?

As far as naming schemes, download managers, accelerators - I'll let Ryan handle that one.

Thousands of people browse this site every day, and the members area is never not active; "pages and links not loading, files downloading to a 0 file size" etc are complaints I NEVER hear.

SO thats why I would LOVE to connect you with Ryan (Ryan@mattsmodels.com ) and have him run through the issues with you.

- Matt

06-20-07  09:44pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #8 - Matt Frackas :

I didn't really mean to drop the dialogue where it was, but can't really think of anything to say that would bring us to a mutually acceptable conclusion. I can't speak for any elses' experiences with your site - just mine. You say it's something with my PC, or something on my end causing the problems. I say it's not because I don't have, and haven't had, the problems described here on other sites. We could kick this back and forth forever and get nowhere.

I'll say it again - one average rating isn't going to sink you. I work in a service-related industry where every one of our customers gets a satisfaction survey and those surveys do figure into our bi-annual bonuses. Look at this way - you KNOW there are always people who could be handed gold and still call it absolute shit. Where I am, we all get 'em. But even their scores of what would be the equivalent of a 20 or 30 on here factored in, none of our bonuses have ever suffered. You also might figure that, on here, at least, people are happy to write a good review. In the world out there, people are more prone to write when they're pissed off than when they're happy. And, still... I DO get paid!

So, from my end, I'll just leave it at wishing you the best and I'll just move on. Still waiting for the next site to jump out and say "Join me!"

07-03-07  06:19pm

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