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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
08-27-13  04:27pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - This site continues to push the technical quality boundaries and probably has the highest production value of any site.
- Numbers will be broken down in the bottom line. The video quality is and has been at 1920x1080 for a good while. The picture quality also is an impressive 2400x1800 in "large" quality and come zipped.
- While the update frequency may not be comparable to some of the big networks, they average between 10-11 updates per month.
- The settings on this site are different from most sites you will join. From tropical locations to indoors at large houses to farms and lush fields. The outfits are also fitting of the settings. The only site I know of that goes through this much setup is ALS Scan.
- You'll be hard-pressed to find a model who isn't attractive.
- Download speeds are excellent (95% of max)
- Navigation is easy to use and also gives you the options to search by year, model name, age, nationality and location.
- Will further these in the BL.
Cons: - Probably the only real valid con. I think there should be more pictures in the photo sets. Maybe 300 even. It's a con that's a compliment. The pictures are some of the best I've seen, but they skip a lot of the teasing seen in the videos.
- I'm still going to complain about the price, but I only join it once per year so it's not a very big complaint. I use it as my Christmas present to myself.
- This one was more frustration than anything. There was a few days where the site would open, models could be viewed, but when you clicked on a model, it wouldn't let me go into the download section. Lasted 3-4 hours each time. It only happened twice though.
Bottom Line: This re-review started out as one of the harder ones I've done. I have mostly joined networks the past year and at first found myself frustrated with the update frequency of In The Crack. Keeping in mind, I had all the content I wanted coming into 2011's updates. It almost was enough of an initial letdown to stop me from rejoining this year, but they had 4 Jinx/Jynx Maze updates and that pushed me to join. As the subscription has went on, my respect and enjoyment from this site keeps growing. This will be slightly different than most reviews I write.

Production values of this site have made me notice production values. I wanted to bitch and gripe about the "only" 11 or so average of updates per month, but when I started looking at the sets, I realized it wouldn't be possible to make that many updates. They have settings ranging from tropical beaches to large houses to country/farm settings and the models' outfits fit the settings accordingly. When I compare this to the majority of sites I have joined in the last year where the setting is almost always the same, the outfits are almost always the same or similar at least, it made me look at this site differently.

On August 13th, 2007, ITC had their first 1920x1080 video, ironically, featuring the model August. Considering this site has been around since 2001, it may sound like half their content would be lesser quality, but it's not true. ITC's original problem was lack of updates. So for once, a lack of updates in the early years of a site's life is going to really help here. An example of this: For the year 2002, they had a total of 11 updates...for the whole year. In May of 2011, they had 13 updates just for May.

As of February 20th, 2012, they have 622 scenes. Of those, 509 have the 1920x1080 option. Those 509 have three video options, 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360. The earlier 113 scenes have two video options of 640x480 and 320x240. This made me re-think complaining about updates since they are releasing 100+ updates per year now, combined with the high production value and high technical quality. Another thing I have noticed about their content is if they have a model I collect or consider a favorite, their content of her will be near or at the top of my list of her content. This is especially true of the pictures. Now I have a complaint.

If I could change one thing about this site it is that I would add more pictures to the sets. With all the time and probably money spent on the best models, settings, outfits, why not bump those picture sets up to 300 or more photos? It would flesh out the updates too.

Possible con for some and I originally listed it as a con in my last review, but I think there is a reason for this. The videos do not have a full scene download option, they are each broken into parts and the parts represent a certain action you're going to see in each part. One part is pissing, one part is stripping, one part is masturbation, one part is close-ups and you get the drift. I would guess these different actions require moving to different locations in the setting and also think it gives the members a choice of what they want to see since I know some are disgusted by pissing, even the close-ups, so you can pick and choose what you want. A full scene option would be nice, since if I like a model, I'm going to download all parts anyway, but I'm more neutral on it than calling it a pro or con.

You will occasionally get the feeling of the scenes being formulaic, but I'm thinking that's what they're going for. You're going to get what you expect from each scene. This is again where I think more photos in the sets would make an improvement.

Another thing I think could help here is more girl/girl scenes. By my count, out of the 622 scenes, they have 17 girl/girl scenes with at least one being girl/girl/girl. Their lesbian scenes are easily some of the best I've seen. I don't even think it needs to become a regular part of the site, but maybe 1 or 2 per month just to break the monotony of the formulaic solo scenes.

With all this being said, I think they suceed at creating a different and unique porn site. I would estimate after this last membership that I have around 90% of their content and have yet to delete one scene. That far outweighs giving me 1,000s of scenes that I will only keep a handful of. It's one of those that I can't recommend highly enough. I do think viewing the content with an open mind, noticing the production value, the work that is put into the sets, adds even more to its value. I still won't join more than once per year though. In a way though, maybe that's a positive too? Instead of joining every 3 months and sifting through the tons of updates, I know I'm downloading most everything new for the past year.

02-20-12  04:37pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: See Denner Review that says it all.

• High Speed Downloads
• Vast library of porno to play around exploring, there are porno girl gems, lot’s of hot girls being XXX.
• INTC is true to their theme with excellent xxx graphic videos and zip files of all their releases The asscrack and the cunt is in your face.
• PSE performance. For the 98% of the time the girls are total xxx porno whores for your viewing pleasure. GYNO.
• Beautiful Locations for Shoots
• Solo XXX enjoy
Cons: None
Bottom Line: If solo gyno and viewing the most beautiful girls is your thing go to this site.

06-21-10  10:54pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Mostly top-quality videos and stills (primarily from 2007 and forward)
Top models - euro and US and a little from elsewhere
Maybe some of the best full body (teasing) scenes - and of course a LOT - too many - close ups.
Here you get a lot of kinds of strip tease, posing ect. - and done in professional, erotic and sexy ways.
Variation of models
Download manager allowed - thank you (LARGE files)
Good preview - apart from the fact that you do NOT get much videos as preview.
The way the models act, are done with make-up and the final quality - nobody else have this kind of quality!!!!
Cons: High price!!! ($ 34.95)
Still got that DAMN regional pricing - could not get it other ways, so it was - EURO 34.95 - over $ 40.
No full scene downloads - BUT: ok, the files are so large that a full scene - joined - is mostly over 2,5-3 GBs.
Older from 2007/2006 and back are NOT great quality

TOO much close ups - BUT that the name in the game: "In The Crack" - so be prepared to a LOT of pussy/anal close ups.
Updates are not in the top league - 10-12 a month - both videos and stills.

Top quality video files ( all WMV) are simply TOO large - this quality can work in less seize...
Only solo - and some lez.
Bottom Line: First of all:
THANKS TO DROOLER for bringing this site to my attention - even if it's some time ago.
So I've been looking/hunting/browsing this site for some time before I got to this - hesitated because I really dislike that regional pricing shit, but ok:

Can't resist anymore!
Because the deal here is very simple to the solo-girl lover: You'll get some magnificent performance from some of the best looking teens/girls/models around - Euro, Easteuro, Latin and US-models.

Done in maybe the best way to day for solo-videos at all.

I've seen them all elsewhere - so it's not new models - but In The Crack has something else: it's the way the scenes are done, the quality (from around 2008 and up till now) that are so special.
They have several scenes with Lexa:

Great looking girl - but at In The Crack - her videos are close to heaven...
Well, check out the preview.
Even good old Shawna Lenee has the best solo videos, I've seen

All video-files are split - and all in WMV - but since the (each) files are so large - it's not a problem - and you join them if you want.
You get more than 400 videos here - ok, split up (in LARGE clips) and alomst 100 great models - the price is high - and apart from the regional shit - I still think it's worth it - have not regretted my join....

Three sizes of videos (640x360 - 1280x720 - 1920x1080)
Those large video files are sometimes over 1 GB - and if you download all - man, you're going to need pretty much space..
Stills - photosets are: 2400x1800 - for the later stills.
Bottom line - this In The Crack has so much potential and some very erotic/sexy solo material that I got to hand it a 95 for: Quality, sexy performance, models and the way the girls are handled in the videos... still a bit too expensive, regional pricing a big CONS - but a lot of fine material will fill your hard disk a little too fast - because the content is worth it.....

You got to check out this site, if you have not been here, yet...

06-13-10  08:08am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
08-20-09  08:30pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Video and Zip Gyno views of ass and cunnie. Fast downloads. Erotic places they shoot. Site is fast. Really a fun site. New look.
Cons: I wish they had ne option to download the whole video shoot. I would really like to see some behind photo and video stuff. Interaction stuff like ALS. Girls being told what to do, if possible.
Bottom Line: If you want inthecrack ass and cunnie stuff you found the site from day one they are true to their theme. ASS and the hole. Cunny too. Zip and Videos and easy site to navigate. Great exotic locations like going on vacations really nice places and the girls of course. They sure see some really exotic places. Why I don't know but the models are really slut and love to show it. the cunt and asshole and cracks. the site must drill into their heads that this is what they booked you do. I think the girls arrive all whore.

04-12-14  05:02pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
03-23-09  08:47pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The pictures are fant-ass-tic: If you have a flat screen monitor that can fit these 2400 X 1700; 2200 X 1800;2400 x 1600
# new model every 2 days
#video comes in 2 min; 8-10minute; or 15+ min size; 3-10 videos per model
# about 240 models issues
some models have multi shoots
#this is a must site for hi def vid lovers; ass jiggling lover; upskirt lovers; in your face panty vids; in your face ass grabbing and shake the booty in you face; spread cheeks apart; pee videos--get ready to lie on the floor facing skyward, because thats the view..
# oh and pussay in your face; dildo in pussay in your face, and speculum shots
#the models are gorgeous and top notch
#If you have hi speed internet and a large screen monitor and love porn; this site is an easy top five site..
# top five site for hi rez pictures
#download zip files; small or large; 14.6 mb for small; 56.4 mb for large pics (per 20) pics..
#vids come in 640 x 360; 1280 x 720; 1920 x 1080
Cons: # the pics blow up so big, I can't see them on my tiny laptop screen...
#will have to have the latest technology to fully enjoy this site.
#my wireless internet takes two hours to download a 12 minute video!
#the hi def vid files are huge and you will have to have the harddrive space; or an exterior hard drive to save them all.
$34.95 month membership price is higher than avg.
# there is ususally just one photo series per model issue avg 85-140 pics ( though some of the models have multiple issues.
# their is no sex on site..
Bottom Line: I reccomend this site as a must see for those with hi speed connections; large flat panel screens; and a love for a lot of Hi def video and pics. This site very much is for those with this technology to enjoy what it has to offer.In fact, I would reccomend In the crack collections of vids and pics against the top video sites; including FTV girls. In the crack no doubt is shot a lot closer thatn FTv girls, titties jiggling in your face; tons of bootay shaking; speculum, masterbation, dildoes, upskirts and picture views as if you are looking straight up.
However, if you don't have this technology or a lot of room on your hard drive; then I can't suggest it for you. I don't have hi speed internet so I can't download the 17 minute video. unless I am willing to be downloading for three hours.. for this reason, I probably will wait to rejoin when I have hi speed connection...I really can't see the whole sight.

you will see lots of pee video with her puss inches from your face; some vids have the model sit in the chair with their legs spread apart peeing straight up like a geyser. Also, some Virgin Island shoots with beautiful models on the beach in their bikinis.

they will shake their titties and booty in your face. Trust me, your face is always inches away the whole time makeing some great vids..

but I can look at the pics are spectacular; some beautiful loaclas; all with with bead of water, pore of skin sharpness..

If I had hi speed internet; I would be on this site all the time; but I don't so I likely will be missing out on a lot of the site...

11-25-08  01:42pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content available.
- Beautiful models, mostly professional.
- Videos are top-end and can be downloaded in different sizes (you can view specs in guest tour). Fewer options with older material.
- Zip files for pics, in medium or large.
- Photo quality is superb, often simply stunning.
- Detailed descriptions for each video.
- No DRM.
- Search function for type of vids you want to see.
- Lots of options for how you wish view each pic set.
Cons: - Site borders on fetishism on two accounts: anal and watersports. Way too many pee-pee videos.
- Sometimes the camera angle is disorienting and downright annoying. Even stupid at times.
- That "fish-eye" lens thing can be silly and makes all the models look like Jennifer Lopez with butt-implants. Not that there's anything wrong with a big ass.
- While downloading, you can't open any of the pictures. Haven't tried to DL 2 vids at once but that's probably disallowed.
- Speculum shots are pretty much useless, as far as I can tell.
Bottom Line: Ever imagine what it might be like to have Eve Angel park her delectable keester on your face? Well, this place will give you a pretty good idea. As someone else said, this site is all about ass. It's ass directly in your mug, for extended periods of time. It's a flea's-eye view of the female anus in all its pursed and pleated glory. Oh, and let's not forget the vagina. You can see that too. Proctologists and gynocologists could use these clips for reference purposes. Did you ever wonder what a girl's pancreas looks like? You just might get a view.

While it's decidedly ass-obsessed, there are plenty of beautiful breasts to see as they are lathered, oiled, and bobbled. Personally, I could watch Alexis Love and Eve Angel wash their breasts for a good long while. I'd even offer to help if their hands got tired, seeing as I'm such a gentleman.

As for pics, I don't know of any site that offers such crisp, close, detailed photography of the female plumbing system. If you like pics of women from the ground up, or if you like to imagine what it would be like to be a beautiful woman's chair, this place is for you.

I don't know what else to say that hasn't been covered by the others. While I have nits in particular about the sometimes dizzying camera angles, and the sometimes puerile fixation on pee-pee, they are negligible when compared with the benefits of a membership here. I have a pic of Eve Angel winking at me on my desktop.

You can see her eyes too.

07-18-08  03:41pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Excellent quality and HD
Massive content .
Awesome interface and navigation.
Cons: Scenes are similar and same consistency.
Looks like many scenes at the same places.
Lots of close ups, ( too many my opinion )
Bottom Line: Knowing there was a more recent review I tried to think of a better approach then saying the obvious
and repeat what was just said three weeks ago.
I agree with the previous review, therefore I will
share my experience.

The site is an amazing experience, it is easy to use and navigation is simple and intuitive.
The quality is awesome and brings out incredible details.
The site download speed was good and no problems with my downloads at all. Picture quality was equally impressive with great details and contours were clear.
This site sets a great example of simplicity and ease and invites the user to surf without feeling like your chopping branches through the jungle to get the the fruit. This site is about ease of use and providing a great experience.

The bad:
I found the site repetitive and for myself why the site is amazing the scenes were after awhile same ole same ole. Now some may not agree, this was my "own" experience. I also did not like the place of scenes often seemed to be around the same places. There is not allot to say wrong about this site. To be far many sites are the same in content. I this being the site is based on a niche makes it seem more so.

Hard to compete with such and awesome review before this one. So I chose more personal review input.

CT Take:

Join for sure, it is worth the money and time and after this you will wish other sites ran like this one.

03-08-12  09:19pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the highest quality technical sites on the internet. Breakdown in bottom line.
- Updates started slow in 2001, but are now coming at a rate of roughly 3 per week, includes photos and videos per update.
- Several models you won't see on many other sites and some I've never seen on other sites, the positive to that, also has most of the usual stars.
- Picture sets are zipped and can be downloaded in small or large sizes.
- Plenty of tease, plenty of masturbation and plenty of close-ups.
- Locations are usually almost as beautiful as the models.
- Models, for me, are as close to 100% downloads. Very few if any models that aren't stunningly attractive.
- Navigation is good once you get the hang of it.
- Download speed hasn't been a problem am downloading at 95% of my max speed.
Cons: - Videos are split into parts. Almost didn't put this here in cons since there is a pattern to the splits. One may be the lead-in/tease. The next pissing. The next masturbation. The splits don't so much overlap as older split videos did.
- Video quality on older sets pales in comparison to the newer videos.
- Photo sets could be bigger. Seeing that the scenes as a whole total nearly an hour on average, anything less than 100 photos seems to be shorting the photo fans.
Bottom Line: I thought I would try to review this site a little differently than normal. The reason being, early in the site's life the updates were sporadic and the quality was okay. They've picked up the pace quite a bit while improving the technical quality a great deal.

From March 2001 to August 5, 2007 the site had a total of only 113 updates. That's less than 2 per month. The quality on these videos tops out at 640x480 and the lower quality option is 320x240.

The photos during this time ranged from 758 high end to 1800 high end.

Starting on August 13th, 2007 the videos top quality jumped to 1920x1080, there also is a 1280x720 option and a 640x360 option.

Besides the big upgrade in quality, the updates started coming more often. Since August 2007 through November 2010, there has been 367 updates or an average of roughly 10 updates per month and all have been with the 1920x1080 option.

The pictures got another boost in late 2007 to 2000 high end and later in 2008 went up to 2400 high end.

I just found that worth mentioning since not only have they increased their updates around 400%, but tripled the technical quality too. That makes the price (35 USD) not a con. It's nice to see a site changing everything for the better.

Problems with the site, there are speculum parts, pissing parts and the close-ups may be a bit much for some. The good thing here, these are usually separated by part so if you would have fast-forwarded those parts, you can just save the hassle by not downloading the parts you don't like.

No problems with the models at all. A very good blend of models from all around the world and a good mix of ethnic backgrounds.

Navigation is broken down for you. You can search by model name. Model nationality. Model age. Year released. And a few bonus points here for naming the videos whatever the scene is named. Instead of some generic number name that no one but their programmer understands.

Unless I missed something there are no boy/girl scenes, but there are some girl/girl scenes with the vast majority being solo. I'm thinking I'm going to need to ask Santa Claus for a new hard drive just for the content I get from this site.

By percent, 76% of the sets are available in 1920x1080. I'm almost positive no other site can say that. My biggest surprise was the diversity of models. It looks to have started out with more Euro models, but it has balanced out with Hispanic, Asian, American (white and black) models showing up too.

I guess if I had to pick something to change it would be to offer a full scene download for those of us that have fast connections. Oh and it signs me out too often. A download had finished, maybe 5 minutes passed and I clicked the next scene to download and was signed out.

That's minor though when you consider the overall quality of this site. Would push the score even higher if the photo sets had more photos in them. Highly recommended especially for tech quality lovers.

11-29-10  10:43am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large amount of content
- Very good visual quality in pics & videos
- Videos available up to full 1080p @ 8mbps
- Pictures up to 2000px on the long end with zip downloads
- Fast, I mean FAST download speeds
- Simple, yet straightforward navigation
- More frequent update schedule as of July 08
- Their "tour" allows you to see everything
Cons: - Very expensive
- Some pictures cropped to lower pixel resolutions
- Too much focus on the ass (may be a "pro" for others)
- No official support for download managers
Bottom Line: This is my 3rd tour with ITC. I used to buy their videos using their antiquated token system but it got prohibitively expensive. Now that they're all inclusive, I can go back and complete the old video collections.

If you're looking at reviews for this site, you're probably interested in this very unique type of content. Those into "glamour" or "artsy" porn need not apply. But if you want nothing left to the imagination, this site is in a world of its own.

The quality of models have improved a lot since I was last on their site. But the focus on more professional models means that some of the fresh faces they had in the past aren't likely to crop up again (Rachel & Natasha were my 2 faves).

All their videos are segmented, I didn't list this as either pro or con since everyone will see this a little differently. i.e... I love pissing scenes but not everyone does so it's nice to be able to grab just the videos you're interested in. If you like it all, I've got good news for you. If you have bandwidth, you wont have too many problems downloading the 1080p videos. I routinely saw one megabyte/second avg speeds. A few videos came in _averaging_ 1.8 megabytes/sec which surprised me since that's faster than my connection's theoretical max.

Visual quality of videos and pictures are great. My only complaint would be that color saturation tends to be a bit flat in most videos, but some might appreciate the truer, more natural color balance.

Also, their "tour" isn't so much a tour. You can actually go in and see all their video/photo shoots with full descriptions of every scene by clicking on the Models link. You just need a membership to access the photos or download videos. What you see is what you get. I wish every site approached acquiring new members this way.

What would make it perfect in their niche? A lower price for one. I think $25/mo is appropriate, even $30 would be acceptable. I'd like to see an even, 50/50 focus on pussy & ass. More clit shots! They have the perfect opportunity to capture what I consider the most elusive view in all of porndom.

Despite the high price, I'm letting this one renew.

08-10-08  07:31pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent Updates
- Stunning Models
- Easy to download ZIP files
- HD Video
- Easy to navigate
- Lots of spread leg poses :-)
- Lots of leg and heels
- nice close up shots
- great headshots in some of the sets
- High resolution
Cons: - Updates are not frequent enough
- No boots (not many, maybe one set)
- Price is kind of too high (36 bucks)
Bottom Line: I really have enjoyed ITC for the past few months and they've been getting some new models lately. But I would love to see some of the old models make a return visit. Like Lilly Lux who only has 4 sets. I would love to see her return! Also Marlena with 2 sets, and Betty Saint who has a whooping 5 sets. I love these ladies and they have made my fantasies more enjoyable. Lilly Lux for example has a nice bubbly round bouncy ass that I would love to tear up. These girls tease and tease you right. The photography is absolutely stunning but could use some updating and more true high resolution detail. It seems kinda fuzzy when enlarging to full rez. I prefer a detailed photo ala Denys Defranco. I like to see the pores in the womens faces. Maybe because they seem like they are right in front of you (in the bedroom with you) Am I nuts? I don't believe I am but this site will get you into a whacking frenzy I tell you. Beware of this. Just be careful, take your time and browse through. I believe this site has much potential.

11-13-11  02:01am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: When they say In the Crack they mean it! If your into gyno, in your face closeups of ass and pussy meat you have to tour this site. These guys worship the ass in both pic's and videos. If your an ASSMAN your going to love their xxx focus on the ass and shaved cunt. Nice round and fatty ruby asses. The models are very XXX showing you everything, no holds bar extreme. Hardcore solo masturbation and exhibitionism. The girls lay it all out in the pics and the videos.
-cunt and ass worshiping; very strong focus on gyno upclose pics and video
-tons of pictures, three different series of each girl
-their style of video is unquie, I found the level of eroticism to be excellent
-the models are a bit older not teenie...great bodies
-erotic locations, outfits and posing
-they deliver what the say... Deep In the Crack
Cons: The videos are broken up into parts no option for a complete download.
Bottom Line: If you like hot wet cunny, girls being totally xxx and explicit, lots of pussy finger and dildoe fucking and spreading gyno wide, lots of lube, nice amount of anal play, pissing, in your face close-ups of hot cunny... stop reading and join...I was a member previously but this is the first time where all the videos are available for downloading. Top quality porn...they got themselves a hot site. I don't fluff my ratings. To get a 90+ from me the porn site really would have to impress me. I only like solo girl or lezzie sites and I have been a memeber of all the top sites in that catagory and I never rated any of them a 90+. In the Crack is my first 90+ and the girls and site deserved it.

03-13-08  11:34am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: OK, I'm now in my second month. I like the site a lot and had a few chats with the webmaster that make me like it more.

See my first impressions in my comments when I first signed up. (I questioned the high ($35/month) price tag and whether it was worth it.)

After I got used to the unusual but efficient navigation, I'm finding a lot more good stuff than I expected initially.

-Easy to use search functions. It's got a decent user evaluation system and has user comments about each model/scene.

-Nice commentary is provided by the site for each scene. They even identify their idea of the best scenes by embedding a small check mark in the commentary.

- Gorgeous models and locales. Each set identifies the shooting location even though the locations aren't significant to the primary purpose of the site.

There currently are 1,077 sets (as of 9/4/15), each with, normally, 3 or four separate parts. Many models have just one full set but several also have multiples
Cons: - Some of the scenes are slow (languid, almost) which is OK for a short spell, but they can be achingly boring. (How long can you watch a babe's snatch while she writhes around on her back?) Reminds me of the First Time Video site where they can spend a lot of time on a single activity that makes me go for the fast forward button.

To their credit, the site mentions such situations in their commentary so if you're like me (no patience), you'll like this aspect.

There is no multi-month pricing so make sure you can handle the $35 per month price tag if you plan on sticking around awhile. I'd love to but I'm afraid my budget cannot handle it.
Bottom Line: The site has a disarmingly large amount of content, which I'm still going through, but so far I haven't seen a single male doing anything to any of these babes. That's not to say they aren't working the hell out of a wide variety of "toys."

For those into solo peeing, there's quite a bit of that in this site. There are one or two scenes with two models involved in some water sports.

If you like seeing babes stuff unusual stuff up their twats you won't be disappointed. Ice cream, pearls, ice cubes, bananas (squished inside) and other stuff.

There are some scenes featuring creative uses for panties, stuffing and heavy duty wedgies, for example.

Out of the 1077 sets there are only 25 sets with any lesbian action and no males anywhere.

Being an aficionado of material that explores every inch of solo gorgeous babes in HD, I'm really OK with that.

My score reflects my personal preference for the content provided. I don't consider price in my evaluation but if I did I would dock them a few points for their comparatively high price.

09-04-15  09:12pm

Replies (7)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -really good quality vids and pics
-easy to use site
-enthusiastic development
-multiple vid sizes
-good looking models
-good naming scheme
Cons: -file sizes can be too big
-a lot of repetitive content
-bunch of fake boobs
-you can see imperfections in HD
-cant zip pics
-incomplete strip scenes
Bottom Line: ive been putting off joining this site for quite some time, but finally joined it. the joining fee is kinda high, but you do get your moneys worth.

the site is well designed. it is sorted by date, but you can search by model or keyword as well. from 2007 and forward theres 1080p, 720p & 640x360. i would have liked 960x540 there too, i feel its the best for people who want quality video but not huge file sizes. download speed was fast, and worked with downloadthemall (firefox download manager). the pictures were high quality but i was surprised how small they were, rarely bigger then 2mp. also there was no zip options. the website guy seems to have fun, the naming scheme on the scenes are quite funny and get a chuckle from the puns throughout the website.

i joined to ogle the female form. i really didnt care about the masturbation scenes, but the few i did download i wasnt blown away by. they were almost too softcore. i love the striping and walking scenes. one thing that REALLY annoyed me was the majority of stripping scenes ended with the panties still on. then the next scene theyd be totally nude but on a bed.

theres some truly beautiful models, they will blow your mind. but i feel the site over uses them. i got bored after seeing the same model do the same stuff over and over again

great website overall, tho i prefer ftv for softcore models being payful

12-12-10  08:47pm

Replies (2)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Outstandingly beautiful models.
- Gigantic, colossal, mammoth (see thesaurus for more) amount of content. Site has been active since 2001.
- Fidelity to what they do. I don't know of any other site that has started with a mission and stuck to it as unwaveringly as ITC. My last join was in 2008 and even their front page has remained the same. Pristine, expedient, and efficient.
- Highest quality video, streaming and download. Dimensions offered for the latest vids are up to 3840 x 2160 at 3043 MB. When I click on this option, I get this message:
"The demands of 4k video (3840x2160) are very high. This technology is somewhat ahead of it's time and the great majority of viewers will not be able to play it..."
So I take the 1920x1080, which is crystal clear for me. I think I'd need a better pair of eyes to even be remotely interested in viewing the higher def vids.
- Zips for all pic sets. Dimensions are 1800x2400. Plenty big enough, unless we're in a biology lab.
-No crappy music!
Cons: I was going to give the site a 99, but thought about it, and decided an 89 was more correct, because despite the fact that I think it's one of the best sites available for the kind of entertainment it provides, it could "improve" I think by stretching its horizons and being more creative. I suggest having the models DOING something more often, rather than just shuffling and clicking about on their heels on those amazing floors, or in those incredible outdoor environments. I dunno: do some cleaning, dishes, paint the walls, change a light bulb, rearrange a book shelf, fold some laundry, change a tire, make a Quiche Lorraine, hang some drapes, prune a palm tree, write a libretto, paint a picture, hang pictures, dust, write some memos, iron some shirts, do some plumbing, install a battery, clean the pool, split an atom — Something, besides just swiveling, swaying, sashaying and making me feel like a creep while I stare at every inch of their perfectly lovely beautiful girly bodies.
Bottom Line: 35 USD for a month's access to all this content is highway robbery. And what I mean by that is, we are robbing THEM. If you have an up-to-date machine or device, you can get 35 dollars worth of adult entertainment here in about a few minutes.

It would be fair if they said, "look, you give us the 35 clams, and you get 24 hours to take what you can from us, then you're done. You want more, you gotta pony up some more dough."

In 24 hours, with a good connection and/or PC or device, you could get, in one day, what you would have paid thousands of dollars for not that long ago.

My personal, subjective score for this site would be a 100, but I don't think that would fly with the owners of THIS site, or with my fellow PUsers. The 89 is my objective score, since I actually DO think they could be more imaginative and get the models to do other stuff besides what they currently do.

My bottom, bottom line is: this is the best value on the Internet that I know of for the kind of content that I like. My downloading speeds have been ridiculously fast, and I've had no problems at all.

09-14-15  11:16pm

Replies (3)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
06-14-10  10:13am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + small sample videos - good for those with bandwidth usage issues
+ All newer content (see con about dates) is available in 3 resolutions 640x360 @ 1500+ kb/s, 1280x720 @ 3900+ kb/s and 1920x1080 @ 7800+kb/s
+ Searches by 32 fetish preferences (Breasts, Panties, Treadmills, Ass Jiggling, Clitoris Views, etc.) and by release date, model name or keyword (See con)
+ No in-your-face upsells
+ You'd knock over your best friend to get a chance to date most of the models
Cons: - No alphabetical model search - you can put them in ABC order, but the pages are numbered, not lettered
- You can order episodes by release date, but the files aren't dated
- File names don't have the model's name - they're numbered along with the scene title
- A few videos have no audio (I really don't get that at all on this site)
- No date information on files
- Average to poor server speeds
- $35 a month is high
- No multi-month discount
- Won't remember login - have to type it in everytime you access the site
- Use of download manager is tricky (See bottom line)
- I'm pretty much strictly video now but, just for the review, I'll mention that the pictures, while available in 2 sizes and in zip files, they only average about 80 per model and come in oddly cropped shapes, as in not uniform sizes.
Bottom Line: I can't believe I haven't done a review for this site before now. This is my third trip in and I have to say the content is as hot as ever. The girls are among the best looking anywhere on the 'Net and the photography is awesome. While some have said that the angles and serious zooming they use in their shoots is annoying, I think it's one of the things that makes ITC stand out in a class by itself. Up close and *very* personal. The video quality is the other thing that makes them a leader in the porn biz. I stay with the 1280 resolution because it looks as good on my TV as DVDs from my standalone player. The 1920 file sizes are just more than I need - no sense in tying up gigabytes when the 1280s are already crystal clear.

But - there *are* a few things on the down side. One thing I don't remember is the server speed and how it dishes out files on my download manager. I have FreeDownloadManager set to grab 8 sections at a time. By default, I get 1 section from here and it's sometimes slow to connect even on the first chunk. When I try to manually add another section, sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. On the larger files, after 10 or more tries to add sections, I managed to get up to 4, for a top speed of a respectable 1 MB/s, but on most, I could only get 2, for a top speed of around 600 KB/s. I'm thinking this is what they've substituted for a download limit, which is okay by me. I can line up a bunch of files, walk away and check 'em out later. I just wish the files had the model's name instead of a number, and it would be nice to see the episode release dates. I also don't remember the site not being able to remember your login - it has to be manually typed in every time. This site has enough content now that it needs a revamp of it's search function and probably the site navigation in general. A keyword or fetish search is nice, but finding a model isn't all that easy.

Two of my pet peeves exist here. There are more than a few model with silicone tits, but they all appear to have been done by damn good surgeons. I didn't see any obvious scars and none of 'em were "overdone". There are also some models who overplay the sex with that open-mouthed look that I think looks cheap. But, because the focus is rarely on a model's face, it didn't seem as distracting as it usually does to me.

(Continued in replies)

10-04-09  01:51am

Replies (11)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A near literal translation of its name; this site can define the closeup genre.
+ Nearly 300 naturally beautiful models in 325 shoots.
+ Excellent use of technology; newer videos (shoot #114 and above) are offered in 1920x1080 @ 9MB/s .wmv.
+ Great photography up to 2400x1900; near perfectly lit, lots of wide angle closeups, great colors and details.
+ Model action is pretty diverse and interesting; girl-girl, toys, weird insertions, anal, peeing.
+ Fully archived content all the way to the very beginning in 2001.
+ Downloads are as fast as they are big: I have gotten speeds of up to 1.5 MB/s!
+ Little behind the scenes content, almost no off camera talking or interference.
+ Billing through CCBill.
Cons: - $35/month is high, and there are no recurring or multi-month discounts available.
- Graphic, screen-filling closeups and certain content (queefing, douching, pissing, etc.) may not be every member's favored approach to porn.
- First eight shoots are video only.
- Earlier photography is smaller, around 1024x800.
- Lots of wide angle lens used, and unconventional photo cropping done; for example, some photos are 1800x1800.
- Though navigation is simple and clean, the search engine may be too weak for some, and it only applies to videos.
- Ethnically homogeneous; few really 'exotic' models, vast majority are white north Americans and eastern Europeans.
- I still wish there was a little more girl-girl content.
Bottom Line: I have been a member of the 'Crack on four separate occasions over the last few years, and every time I am more than happy to fork over the money and fill up my hard drives some more -- they keep adding models but never stray too far from the close-is-not-close-enough approach.

Yes, this site is deep within the glorious chasm of the female nether regions, and it is more than happy to bring you along! I love a good girl models-only site, but they take things to a unique macroscopic level of enjoyment and seem to revel in it the whole time. There are more than a few times when video camera lens are fogged up or hit by flying body fluids...and if you have to think about this and still ask, then this site may not be for you. In a more technical way of putting it, lots of wide angle lens are used, and though you see plenty of models stripping and posing, the emphasis is below the belt at distances best measured in fractions of an inch.

That having been said, I love the presentation of their perverted arts. For the last four years they have offered videos in beautiful 1920 x 1080 .wmvs at very high bit rates. They are big files, but the payoff is eye candy that only a handful of current sites can reasonably rival. As I stated above, lighting is excellent, never harsh, and only occasionally do they use an obvious additional light source, like a small pen light when, say, a model is rocking a speculum (again, not everyone's type of porn).

They do not slouch on photography either. These are great photos with bright colors, the same professional lighting and care in details, which are pretty important in this closeup work. They don't really use conventional sizes in photos; there are numerous square butthole shots (the literal “Crack” of their title), and quite a few panoramic shots of models relaxing on a couch or bed. But photos are still big and never so Photoshopped to make models' corresponding videos have glaring differences.

I find it easy and fast to get to the content, as download speeds feel turbocharged. I regularly get 1.5MB/s, so even the biggest videos – say a 30 minute video at nearly 2GB in size – came in between five and seven minutes, if that. Combine this with no download limit and your hard drive may start looking for a new owner. The flip side is that there is a limit of twenty connections at a time, so as to discourage members from using download managers, or at least stop people from queuing up tons of downloads (I can just hear badandy400 cursing at this one), but you still get lots of downloading down in a relatively short period of time.

(Bottom Line continued below.)

08-23-09  07:36pm

Replies (3)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Stunningly beautiful girls. Some of the best on the internet. The girls are from the US, Canada, Hungary or the Czech Republic and the scenes are shot in those locations also.
-Huge site. Despite not being part of a network, there is really a lot here. There are 271 updates, each is about 3 to 6 clips of between 3 to 15 minutes. Some are longer.Three download options, only WMV.
-Nice text description and screenshot for each video. Truly helpful.
-Most videos can be downloaded as almost 1080i HD 1280x720 or 1080p superior HD 1920x1080. This is truly great quality and as good as any site I have ever joined-very highly recommended.
-High quality photo sets for each update.
Cons: -No search engine. Just like FTVgirls, the updates are listed in order. There are multiple videos and photo sets for each girl, but no easy way to find all of them. The so called search engine doesn't function well. It looks for keywords in the text describing each video. If you look for "black" you may get "black dress" or "black earrings" etc. Not helpful if you want to find all the peeing videos or the strip ones.
-No support for download managers. Very slow tedious downloads if you have to look at descriptions of easily 1000 videos and then download the ones you want one at a time.
-No ethnic, age or bodyshape variety. I found two Asian models and two Black ones.
Bottom Line: The site has solo girl videos (there are also a few lesbian videos that are ok) that focus on either stripping, displaying assets, masturbation, looking inside with a speculum, or peeing. Most videos showcased their pussy or ass or both, but some focused on their face or moving erotically while fully clothed. Nice mix that provides some variety.

While I did not find all of the videos to be my taste, there are lots and lots of scenes to choose from.

The girls on the site are professional models, and a few are pornstars. This is both a big plus as well as a minus. The plus is that they are quite attractive, are well made up and know how to move erotically. They manage to not look like typical pornstars-no fake boobs, only a few fake blonds, no fake moaning or overacting.

Generally they play up to the camera in a sensual way that works well. Picture a girl pushing her pussy right in your face and then opening her lips to show you what's inside. By looking directly at the viewer, they generally create a personal link that can be very appealing as well as arousing. The minus to professionals is that they are totally dispassionate and are just doing a job. No enthusiasm, no feeling of daring exhibitionism as you would get with real non pro amateurs. The camera work is close to perfect. I feel most porn camera work is terrible and hurts more than helps videos. Here it is done right.

Specifically, the shots are straight ahead, no diagonals except for the earliest videos. Next each video starts with a focus on whole girl and only gradually moves in for closeups. This is a slow process that creates a buildup to the best parts at the end. Many times I preferred the buildup to the the extreme closeups.

The sets are a big plus also. Most sites use a house, even a hotel room. Here you get outdoors in the Virgin Islands or great homes in the Czech Republic, for example. Makes for a very professionl, polished, well planned video.

The only reasons for not giving the site an even higher score is the lack of a search engine, the lack of support for download managers, and the lack of variety in the models. It is very good for what it is, but it cannot be described as all that I hope for in a 90 level website. Overall a very creative and interesting way to showcase solo models that I hope other sites imitate.

03-14-09  03:19pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + CLOSEUP exclusive content! This site lives up to its name
+ Clear, well-lit photography, w/ newer vids in HD
+ Hot models (though they certainly don't focus on faces) who get creative: speculums, anal, peeing, toys, veggies...
+ Photos available to all members, and now, finally, all video as well
+ Some girl-girl
Cons: - Pretty high price
- More girl-girl needed
- Closeups this closeup may not be for everyone
- Took them way too long to drop their token video system
- Older models have smaller pics
Bottom Line: Love closeup photography? Well, this site is so far in the crack it's practically in the hole; this site takes the genre so far that any closer and these girls' cheeks and lips would be smudging the lens. Their bigger photos (1600x1200, some 2400x1800) are huge, and you can easily end up staring at a crack (or hole) bigger than your monitor, or even real life. You will probably spend a few hours just admiring the pics, or at least getting a detailed lesson on female anatomy.

It's a blessing that they finally dropped their stupid pay-per-view token video system, especially considering the price. The fact that they were doing this for so long - screwing over members who had already paid (and losing potential business) - is probably the biggest reason for not giving them a higher score. I first learned of this site after a friend showed me a video, but I was let down when I found out they were separate from the regular membership. Still, their photography can practically stand on its own, though their vids are also quite entertaining (queefing vags, winking assholes, masturbation, pissing). I personally prefer shorter clips (5-10mins) than longer, boring vids, but it does mean more DLs.

I think anybody who joins this site already likes this stuff, but there are a few who probably think this is aimed at gynecologists and dermatologists, so it doesn't have universal appeal, but few sites do. For those who do like their porn up close, then this really hits the mark (crack?).

04-03-08  02:01pm

Replies (6)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +ASS is the emphasis here
+usually very fine Euro and American women; most are well-known
+117 gallery sets, most of which are of a unique model in two complete scenes
+excellent quality photography, esp from #15 to the present
+zips and individual pics available in small (approx. 800px) and large (1500 to 2400px) sizes, but see the cons!
+OK, collage-like previews of galleries (click “models” link, then click a gallery to see it)
+more recent vids in 640x360, 1280x720, and 1920x1080
Cons: -only 3 new galleries + companion videos per month
-access to all photos costs $24.95; video downloads require purchasing tokens in a complex system based on video size and time length (e.g. a small and short one costs just several, but a large and long one can cost over 200). Purchase examples: 500 tokens for $23.95; 10,000 for $349.95. (:o)
-complete availability of large and small pics starts with gallery #43
-no standard pic sizes; a variety of custom dimensions
Bottom Line: What I like are photos shot straight above a beautiful woman lying belly down, back straight, from the upper thigh to the top of her head, looking back amorously, her delectable ass beckoning. What this site delivers is close, but either full-body length with the woman’s face buried in a mass of hair, or just the ass all by itself, nearly every single time! Somehow with this site I almost NEVER get my wish!

But, dear reader, you might get yours: ass in various positions and at many angles (just not my favorite one). Colorful toys shoved into/sticking out of the three most popular orifices. Closeups of cheeks pulled apart, shot from multiple XYZ coordinates. Ditto that for the MOST popular body cavity. This is what we call stretching.

Feminists say that porn objectifies women. This site single-mindedly endeavors to do so, and it succeeds. Our dehumanized pretties include Eve Angel, Alexis Love, Jassie, Sophie Moone, Sophie Paris, Addison Rose, Susana Spears, Mia Stone, Lucy Stratilova, and many more. And it can get very messy, such as with Layla Rivera’s toilet session. (I’ll bet she’s a vegetarian.)

The photo quality is so good and the women look so fine, with such detail that you can clearly see the texture of their skin. It’s hard for me to believe how disappointing this site is -- for me, anyway. 200-350 photos per gallery is common here. Why can’t I get my wish? I do at lots of other sites. It’s really weird.

And the videos? Fuck that.

Now you can join and get everything for $34.95. I've been downloading lots of vids of girls like Susana Spears, Karlie Montana, and Peaches (among others) and the extended ass worship is very nice! Don't need the closeup anus twiching, but some folks might enjoy it. Boosted the score from 70 to 83.

08-25-07  08:25pm

Replies (9)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Lots of rude, rude (I mean RUDE) anal girls
-Highly original site, quite unlike any other
-Technically brilliantly shot movies (seriously some of the best filming in porn I have ever seen)
-Ditto picture sets
-Movies available in range of download sizes
-Nice big archive
-Despite no official support - DMs do tend to work
-Responsive customer support
Cons: -Girls in the movies tend to lack passion
-Can get a bit repetitive and boring
-Not too clear on regularity of updates, or when new ones are due
-Some of the shots are very very close-up - when you see a pussy or asshole filling the entire screen, it can cease to be sexy, and start to look like a biology lesson
-No long all-in-one movies - but this is not a big prob - the parts are often several minutes and can be loaded into your media player's playlist for one long continual experience
-Picture sets have lots of near-identical shots, and need some serious pruning. Many could easily be a third the size, and be better for it.
Bottom Line: Imagine you have hired a sexy escort girl to come back to your place to give a private show, just for you. You're sitting back in your chair, and she stands right in front of you. She turns round, pulls her panties aside, and parts her ass cheeks to give a birds eye view of her tight asshole getting stretched open.

Well, that is how many of these movies start, and what a way to start! The girls often progress to striking all kinds of incredibly rude poses, generally focusing on their anuses. The camera gets in close, and doesn't miss a thing. Eventually, the girls masturbate, again with much ass play. Happily, dildos are not overused - you are as likely to see disappearing fingers as you are vibrators and toys.

There are also a few 2-girl sets inc. sensual massage + ass play.

The downside is, the action often seems contrived, moves at a very leisurely pace, and is very repetitive. The girls are clearly putting on a show for the viewer - which in itself is not a bad thing. But they never seem to lose themselves in abandoned passion. It's much more about showing off their bodies and sexual bits - rude exhibitionism, rather than images of girls masturbating and having fun getting off.

The picture sets have some amazing individual pics in them - but too often you will get about 9 pics in a row, all close-ups of an open pussy, and its like playing 'spot the difference'.

Still, top marks for originality. Ass fans should visit this fine site at least once.


I have lowered my score from 89 to 80, having had some time to re-evaluate the material. This is still within the 'very good' range as this is a very original site. But I find the passage of time since downloading the content has not been kind. The movies have become boring to me very quickly; I find myself fast forwarding through too many movies to get to an exiting part. There's just a lack of passion. Likewise, the photo sets have too much uninteresting filler, and too many near-identical shots that the webmaster probably couldn't bring himself to edit out.
Bottom line: this is a highly original site, but there are still hotter all-girl anal sites out there.

03-06-08  03:12pm

Replies (16)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
10-28-12  07:55am

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