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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Friendly, involved and supportive Webmaster.
+Amazing models, amazing quality.
+Excellent growth since my last review. I counted 134 models today who, on the average, posed for seven to eight sets and videos. Not shabby for a site a year old. Growth has accelerated even more since Nov. 11, 2010, when the site decided on three updates a day, seven days a week.
+Now includes downloads for portables.
+All videos, except for a very few are of HD quality at 1280x720 at 5000 kbps. Videos are available in various formats, HD MP4, HD WMV, DVD MP4, DVD WMV plus iPOD/iPHONE MP4.
+Picture sets are available zipped in Standard Resolution (1024), High Resolution (1600) and Super High Resolution (3000+). Custom zip available.
+Excellent HD streaming of videos.
+Excellent search. Search by category or hone in on something that meets your taste exactly, it's all there.
+Allows you to filter out themes you don't care for, has a voting system, allows for comments good and bad, has a forum. Continued:
Cons: Super High Speed for me (anywhere from 2.5 MB/s to 3 MB/s.


Can't find one darn thing wrong with the site, except that | would like to see every model come wrapped in erotic lingerie but seeing that someone else expressed their distaste of all those lingerie sets in a comment .. we must give Kudos to the Webmaster for looking after his strange taste as well! :-) Just kidding, friend!
Bottom Line: I love this site. So far as I am concerned they started with the intention of making theirs the best hairy site possible and have added enough bells and whistles in the year they have been in existence that they achieved top dog position in this short time.

I would have given a hundred but I'm still smarting from that one non-confidence vote I got last time I gushed over a site. :-)

Highly recommended to all hairy fans. You are getting the best in the niche.

12-05-10  04:11pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A good range of hirsute content to suit most tastes in this niche,.
+ Wholesome, pretty, amateur models.
+ Large Database of Photosets and videos.
+ Clean and efficient site design and layout.
+ Customizable user settings and search features provide a nice user experience
+ Custom zip files for downloads
+ Multiple Daily Video/Photo updates
+ Free Cam Shows
+ Good customer service
Cons: - Older photo content can have issues with soft-focus and stray focus.
- Lack of any substantial ethnic diversity in models.
- Web cam show scheduling conflicts with most schedules in north America.
Bottom Line: I found myself really hard-pressed to come up with any specific negatives beyond those listed above. This is one of the best sites--if not the best--I have come across in terms of the user experience and range of content available to a subscriber. There are extensive photo sets, videos, free interactive web shows, all for a single subscription price. The user experience I can only classify as top-notch, at least relative to the sites I have subscribed to in the past. There are utilities for just about any feature at the site. There are customizable search tools, gallery tools, favorite lists, and custom zip downloads where you are free to choose to select(or deselect) which images go into a zip. There is also a user forum and web masters are very quick to respond to any questions.

The content here is traditional solo softcore posing with some dildo and masturbation action. There is the occasional girl-girl scene as well. If your preference is softcore erotica, the content will meet your demands. If you demand hardcore action, this is not the place to find it and you will be disappointed.

If you are looking for the traditional airbrushed porn star look, this site will likewise not meet your needs. Makeup is used in moderation--it is of the kind you will see on any girl on the street-- and there is no attempt tot hide any blemish or mole with post-processing. The models are pretty and wholesome amateurs but they are not over-glamorized. That is not the look that this site aims for and it would detract from the natural theme. Most of the models appear to be in their mid-twenties, with a few MILF and a few of the just-turned-legal variety.

There is an abundance pf photo and video content and updates happen daily. Galleries are nicely done with semi-pro level photography. Super-high resolution images bring out every subtle detail and nuance on the models. Some of the older sets, however, do suffer at times from stray focus or a soft focus. This issue does not appear in most of the photosets posted after 2010, however. The videos are of high quality and they are clips of roughly 10 minutes in length. The main attraction here, however, is the photography. I found the DL speeds to be more than adequate.

Beyond the occasional image quality issue of older sets, the only other negative that stands out is the lack of diversity in the ethnicity of the models. Most are from Eastern Europe, the UK, or California. It would be nice to see the site expand this range a bit and offer more Latin and ethnic models in the galleries.

There are interactive web cam shows that happen a few times a week. These last an hour Unfortunately, the scheduled times appear to be centered around European time zones. Outside of the 4 PM Saturday show, if you are in North America, you will likely find it hard to attend during the week, out of personal work schedules. Never having attended a cam show in the past, I wasn't sure what to expect as I have no experience with cam media. I did sit in on the Saturday show with the model Raven. One can type questions or comments--or requests--and the model seemed willing to oblige(within reason). The feed quality was decent. The flow could be easily interrupted, however, when users ask questions(or act like toolbags)' Once you find the ignore user option, however, it is less distracting. If you are into cam shows, this is certainly a nice bonus, especially given that it is free of charge and from what I can tell, most fees for cam shows can be ridiculously expensive. Being able to interact with the models adds a personal touch to the site experience.

I chose to join this site as I prefer natural femininity over the glossed-over and heavily-toned airbrushed look of the majority of porn available today. What many people interested in this niche probably want to hear most about is the actual hirsute content available. Based on comments I have read here and elsewhere, it seems that what people find attractive in this niche is all over the board, which one would epect, given the broad scope and relative meaning that the word 'hairy' invokes. There is probably not a niche that has more diversity of tastes and opinions. When reading the review comments for various sites in this niche, I see complaints about models being too hairy or not hairy enough, or not having hair in the right place. What is hairy enough? What is too hairy? What is the right place? The answers are so relative to an individual that I cannot tell you if the content here meets your criteria. What I can say is that this site appears to cater to the middle of the road and it avoids extremes as a predominant feature. This is the way it should be, IMO, as there are so many tastes. No preference is given to any fetish and the content strikes a good balance. You will find just about anything here for most users in terms of hair. However, its unrealistic to expect to see every model always conform to your ideals.

02-05-12  12:42pm

Replies (6)
Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

No Review.
01-03-11  08:46am

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent photography and videography.

Gorgeous models (58 at last count), mostly Eastern European (at least the ones I've come across so far). Might be a minus for some but I find videos and photos coming from the East generally more exciting. As an added benefit this leaves out all those annoying male comments because the models and photographers don't speak English.

HD quality videos at 1280x720 at 5000 kbps.

Videos are available in five formats, HD MP4, HD WMV, DVD MP4, DVD WMV plus iPOD/iPHONE MP4.

Recent picture sets are available zipped in Standard Resolution (1024), High Resolution (1600) and Super High Resolution (3000+).

Custom zips. Excellent search capabilities.

Smooth streaming of videos.

Two updates daily!
Cons: Some of the American models are still indulging in the aggravating habit of wearing too little lingerie and getting undressed too quickly, leaving one with three pages of nudes. Blame the photographer though.

A little quirk when it comes to downloads. If I want a video in mp4 I have to right-click to bring up the menu. If I download in WMV I have to left-click.
Bottom Line: In my opinion this new site has made itself the best "hairy" site on the web in one fell swoop. I tell you what it did to me, it re-converted me to a picture fan because most models are gorgeous and the super high resolution pictures are breathtaking. So are the videos, by the way, so I can enjoy both for a change. Most picture places neglect videos and most video places neglect photos. This site does both well.

I would have given this site my highest rating ever if it had had a larger amount of contents, but with two updates a day it shouldn't take long to build.

Maybe in another year, if the webmaster sticks to his present standards I'll give it a 99! :-)

02-06-10  12:28pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Pictures: Standard Res 1024 pixels, High Res 1600 pixels, Super Hi-Res 3000+ pixels
+ Videos: HD 1280x720 mp4 & wmv 5100 bitrate, DVD quality 768 x 432 mp4 & wmv 2100 bitrate, iPod 640x340 mp4 700 bitrate
+ Numerous tags (meaty lips, masturbation, striptease, etc.)
+ Advanced search by keywords, categories, resolution, movies/pics, photographer and date
+ Tabs: News, Coming Soon, Favorites, Models, Categories, Photos, Movies, Search, Forum, Support & Logout
+ Download manager gave me 2+ MB speed
+ File names include model name
+ Excellent Help & Support section
+ 72 models (not bad for a new site)
+ Members can leave comments about videos & pic sets
+ Custom zips for pictures
Cons: - Can't set picture viewing preference (size) globally - have to click forward and backwards for each picture
- Higher resolution pictures are slow to load
- Not much variety in models - no ethnics, age and body type (new site issue?)
- A "We Are Hairy" splashscreen at the beginning of each video (A personal annoyance)
Bottom Line: This is a departure for me - a fairly short bottom line. For a site that's only been up since September 2009, this one's doing very well. The site is so easy to get around, it only took me four hours check it all out and come up with this review. There are 69 movies and 317 picture sets up at the time of this review. From the attentiveness of the webmaster on here and from what I see on the site, I can only see it getting better. If you like 'em hairy, you should check this one out.

03-20-10  12:14am

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Clean & effective site layout.
Very attentive & friendly staff
Good quality photography. Well edited.
No 3 dozen shots of the same pose here
Sticks to niche well
Regular updates. 2 per day
Biased towards photosets.
Zips available in at least 2 resolutions & user defined custom zips are available
( 15 of the last 18 updates photosets )
Good value
Cons: Still a young website. 58 models so far.
A few minor glitches with the website, which are in the process of being sorted out.
Bottom Line: This site is catering to an undersupported niche well.

There is full nudity, both coy & explicit &
at times, for a refreshing change there is actually some shots of hose & shoes being removed.
Sets usually start fully clothed, & they seem amenable to making a feature of full strip sets.
The photography is very well done, without much if anything in the way of post work.
It is solo softcore although toys are present at times.
If you are looking for hardcore, this isn't it.
It wouldn't be fair for me to pass comment on the video as it is
not a thing that appeals to me, but at a cursory glance, it seems to be decent enough quality.

It is obvious this is a website presented by people who care.
If softcore solo photosets of natural pretty ladies appeals, this
site should hit the spot for you.

Gets two thumbs up from me.

02-05-10  06:04pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Frequent updates
Good diversity in models and photographers
Exemplary site layout/features
Live cam shows
Cons: Perhaps too hair-oriented
Mostly amateur themed
Pics often less interesting than videos
Photo sets need tighter editing
Bottom Line: This is a tricky one for me to review, as I'm not necessarily the target market; nevertheless, I'll do my best.

Firstly, compare and contrast: I am very fond of any content featuring panties and nylons - especially tights - the longer they are teased/toyed with the better. I will gladly concede that things I could do with/to them, either on or off their owner, puts this in fetish territory.

OTOH, I also like pubic hair on a model. I think it makes the girls look womanly, sexually mature, and inviting; it is a thrill to catch a glimpse of it, or even to know I will do as the underwear (cf above) comes off; and although I've got used to shaved models, it is still a bit of a disappointment when there's only skin revealed. Pubic hair is natural and sexy thing, and I don't quite see why it's regarded as a fetish; and I do not further fetishise it by way of insisting there is LOTS of it (everywhere), playing with it, or drawing more attention to it than it creates itself. I just prefer it to be there.

Anyway, the above disappointment sent me in search of a suitably themed site; but it appears that there aren't sites for folk like me who just like hair - only for those who worship it... but beggars, choosers etc. The two obvious sites, therefore, are We Are Hairy and ATK Hairy. I looked at both of them and they seem very similar in style, content and even in model roster - WAH seemed a bit more glam, a bit better organised and with a more manageable amount of content to get through within a month's membership.

The mechanics of the site are exemplary; one of the best I've ever joined. There are the usual features:

* Dated updates
* Separate video and pic lists
* Model index
* Browse by category or tag
* Advanced search

As well as novel features like:

* Your own favourites (although oddly you can't favourite a model, only specific sets?)
* Browse by photographer (I tend to follow photograhers more than models)
* Custom zip downloads
* Webcam shows (I never got round to viewing any, but there seem to be a couple a week)
* Forum and comments on sets (albeit with the usual complement of spurious/disrespectful ones)
* Personal settings (how you view pictures, and what tags/categories to exclude if eg you don't like hairy legs etc)

And although not as vast as ATK, there's a good deal of content; generally 4-5 updates per day (3 photo sets and 2 videos), and with about 4 years worth of updates I make approx:

* 400+ models
* 3000+ photo sets, 3K, 100-150 pics each
* 2000+ videos, most 720p, 10-15 mins

Models are reasonably diverse in age - 18-40 and some beyond - and there there is probably just a little more ethnic diversity than on an average site. They can be broadly split - with plenty of exceptions - into 3 groups:

* East European (mostly Russian) account for maybe two-thirds of the updates - most girls are young, with pubic hair and otherwise neatly shaved. Some pretty girls but many do not let their personality or sensuality show; it would be nice to hear them talk more, even if their English was not good, or even in Russian etc.

* UK models - as above, most have pubic hair only - but get more chance to show their personality, with interviews, various dirty talking in masturbation and stripping videos, etc. These were the ones that worked best for me.

* US girls - tend to be more of the hippy type, with many more having hairy armpits, legs, etc. Again, they get interviews and some fun videos; some of the girls are very alluring but the extra hair isn't necessarily for me.

Photo sets are a bit too big for my liking; I prefer them more tightly edited, large sets get a bit repetitive. The style is relatively amateur (and I do mean the style, rather than the quality - which is generally good) - without much in the way of mood or evocative lighting - but still some fun sets.

Likewise for the videos - they are generally plenty explicit enough, most featuring masturbation with/without toys (also some GG and GB videos but much fewer). Many are a bit too samey, but some have a bit more of a theme - eg the very lovely Fawna Latrisch getting predictably wet and soapy when washing a floor; or a couple of models stripping out of some sexy officewear.

So, overall, although a great site, it doesn't quite work for me. It's only this that dictates my slightly lower score; if I was more of a hair and amateur lover this would easily be in the 90s.

I wish there was a site like eg The Life Erotic, or Joymii, that featured more unshaven girls; until that happens, I guess I'll stick to picking and choosing the limited amount of unshaven content such sites have.

09-03-13  10:00am

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billing through CCBill without regional pricing.
-Hi Def videos
-Super high resolution photo sets
-Custom zips available as an option.
-Helpful and friendly webmaster. Excellent customer service.
-Forum and photoset comments by Capn and Messmer.
Great to see friends from PU.
-Two uploads a day, but mostly photos not videos.
-Download manager friendly.
-No download restrictions.
Cons: -Needs more attractive girls. They are natural but often leave something to be desired.
-Few models are not very thin. Not much variety in size, body shape, or age.
-The site has American models, but not yet a single one that is any race but white. Surely they can be found and photographed.
-The videos are nearly all masturbation. I prefer teasing,stripping, or just about anything but not hands on or inside their pussy,or toys.
Bottom Line: After reading reviews by some PUers that I really respect a lot, I decided to join a site dedicated to bush.

My first experience involved billing and entering. I got immediate helpful answers from the webmaster Basil. Nice first impression.

The site layout is simple and uncomplicated. There are enough options to make navigation easy. The search engine works just fine. There are no broken links and no other problems.

The first section I checked out was the videos. While the quality was great, I just don't care much for masturbation either manually or with toys. Not good. I kept nothing, as the content was not to my taste.

However, I had been expecting the photo sets to be the best part of the site, as it usually is with softcore sites.

Many of the models were of close to legal age. I wouldn't mind that, but with zero or almost no makeup, the acne that many have is just a turnoff. I like natural, but a touch of makeup is fine with me. Acne, no way, sorry. There were a few mature models, but so far very few. There were a few with at least C cups, but not many. Most were A's and B's. That can be attractive, but I also would prefer more with larger size breasts.

I hate tattoos and piercings. While only a few had either or both, I was turned off that any did. At least their bodies were otherwise all natural with no boob jobs.

Most, I felt about 75%, of the women on the site were very ordinary in their attractiveness. That can be ok, but the site definitely needs more of the better looking ones.

While the photos were of high resolution and I love the custom capability of the zipdownloads, I feel the site needs a lot more growth.

With two updates a day, I am sure the site will continue to improve. It definitely has potential. However, the site is not yet ready to get a score better than 80 from me.

02-21-10  09:10am

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Clean layout of site.

Has a good proportion of higher resolution pics.
Cons: Hit and miss on the video quality.

No standard in terms of poses. You will not get similar poses from set to set. The thing about that is you will not get the poses that you want.

Focusing issues throughout.

There is rarely any ethnicity on the site.

Not enough models.

Not enough attractive models.
Bottom Line: Overall I was very disappointed with the site mainly due to the quality of the photos.

In my opinion most of the woman on the site are not too attractive. 50 - 75% of the woman is a 5 out of 10. 5 being average. If you like stunning women from time to time - look else where.

If you like a standard among poses from set to set , you will be very frustrated here. You'll be lucky to get a nice boob shot or butt shot on every set let alone the common poses. The poses are very random, because of this, you will never know what you're going to get on the daily updates - I know that some people likes this however. I was disappointed more times than not.

This is a hairy site, therefore, I thought they would be superb when it comes to seeing a clear detailed shot of the vagina. They were just good enough on the closeups. On most of the shots when zoomed out to more of a full body shot - the quality went down the toilet - and the vagina were of pretty bad detail. This was frustrating because the photos were very large, yet they were lacking in detail.

There were terrible lighting issues throughout. Some of the photo shoots were so bright that the details were burned out and blinding. Some of this may be due to photo editing. On many occasions the photo editing ruined detail, such as not being able to see detail of the woman's hair.

There were too many occasions of the hairy extreme, which included hairy legs, hairy asses, and arm pits.

If you like female masturbation videos - stay away from this site. Theses are among the most boring women masturbating that I have ever seen; the females will not utter a word; they rarely make moaning sounds; you could hear a pen drop they're so quiet; the females rarely looks into the camera nor interact; seams like they pull on or play with their pubic hair more than masturbating; the masturbation seems very fake on most videos;

The worse part of the videos is the extreme closeup shots. They stay zoomed for half to 3/4 of the videos in many cases.

02-06-12  07:17pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Some hairy models are forthcoming and natural. Many are attractive or beautiful. There is no download limit. Videos are mostly solos, which is fine, and there a fair amount of time is devoted to closeups, which I like.
Cons: Files have a different name than they appear in at the site. Thus the site might refer throughout to “This Model playing with hairy pussy on bed” but delivers “ThisModel_HiddenPinkPanties”. This, combined with a URL system that disarms cookies, makes it all but impossible to keep track of which files you’ve downloaded and which you haven’t.

Videos plagued by artificial masturbation with lots of sighs and moans: really irritating. Also the site often instructs women to ‘masturbate’ by snaking their hands around their thighs from behind, a move as artificial and labored as it sounds.

Despite assurances to the contrary, downloads break under any Macintosh download manager I’ve tried.

Too few women of color (or age).

Minor- files are named according to some object in the room, not by date, so there’s no sequence to the files, as is the case at a major competitor.
Bottom Line: Not a naturalistic site, which I prefer, especially for hairy models. If you don't mind very artificial masturbation videos with -lots- of ooooh's and aaaah's for no reason, you'd do fine here.

Hint to somewhat improve your ability to see your download history- delete the nonsense string ahead of "members" in the url and reload before downloading.

03-10-13  05:31am

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy


Just tried to join this site again. I renew at least once every couple of years. The best porn site says the site cost is $24.95 if you join through best porn BUT I found that the cost is actually $34.95.

11-16-13  12:03pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

The Previews Are Back!

I am happy to report that the previews of the videos and full picture sets are back! This is one site that keeps drawing me back to it, even though lately I have only been peeking, but judging by the updates things are getting better for my taste. I notice quite a few sets where the model actually wears panties and bra and some even start fully clothed. Might be time to re-join soon, as long as the webmaster doesn't decide to start including b/g material. :-)

08-20-13  12:26pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Too bad .. no more freebie previews!

One thing I used to like about this site was that you could look at a whole set (at least the thumbs) of pictures, or a short video preview, and make up your mind, based on the teasers, if you wanted to join or not. It's gone. All you get now is a quick trip to the sign-up page. Really too bad because it was those previews of whole sets (and glimpses of a video) that made the site different and classy.

06-08-13  02:36pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Down, down, down!

On the 25th of November I wrote: "Going from glory to glory" because, as compared to another hairy site, this one appeared to have gone back to being moderate when it came to the publication of "hairy legs" sets.

So, here I am, just about to re-subscribe because I really like the new models, but to make sure I don't waste another subscription on a site I get nothing out of any more I do a quick search under hairy legs (my pet peeve) and get 17 updates since Jan. 2, 2013!! SEVENTEEN hairy legs sets/videos in 16 days.

This sort of puts an end to the standard exhortation by web masters that "if you don't like hairy legs you can always look at something else," because 17 updates in half a month is more than just the occasional nuisance that I can choose to ignore, it is a sizable chunk of the updates. This is insane.

From now on "shaved" is in as far as I am concerned .. with a sad farewell to two of my favorite hairy sites .. and one of my favorite web masters ... who, no doubt, does what is best for the bottom line but is no longer able to please a moderate "hairy bush" lover like me.

The usual disclaimer: My discontent is in no way a reflection on the value of the site itself. The material is still top quality, the rate of updates is still excellent .. if you love hairy legs go for it. You can't lose, unless Basil's search engine was off!

This is written with more than a tinge of sadness because their main competition, as well as this site, were staples in my diet for years and it is like losing old friends. But times and tastes change, so what can you do?

01-16-13  02:40pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

A bold move!

Ageism is so rampant in porno land that it takes courage to publish a model over forty. Three cheers for "We Are Hairy" and Tiffany T!

This new model will no doubt cause some negative comments from the younger crowd but her presence on this fine site is enough to make me subscribe once again. And if you think I am exaggerating just go to VB (if you are a subscriber) and see the storms of protest if they dare to publish a GILF video!

10-13-12  09:36am

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

For all hardcore fans!

We Are Hairy will be featuring their first hardcore set ever tomorrow, Sunday, April 15. Looks as if they will continue this policy according to the webmaster, so it's not a one-time thing.

04-14-12  02:26pm

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We Are Hairy

Signed Up--Looks Nice

I had signed up for this site last week along with juggmaster but didn't spend a whole lot of time browsing around. Have been busy and just got around to checking out in detail today. Looks pretty decent. As I am a fan of the natural look, it is quite appealing. The only thing I see negative so far is that the photographs, although well-composed, aren't always the sharpest images when viewed at Super-High Res. The detail is there, it's just that the focus can sometimes be soft. Then again, as an amateur photgrapher myself, I know how viewing images at high res can bring out the slightest imperfections. Other than that, it looks very well done and many of the images will certainly make nice additions to my erotic art collection. Haven't toyed with videos as I am not much of a video person. Will get around to checking them out after a while so I can write a review with all my thoughts.

02-01-12  03:20pm

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We Are Hairy

Not sure why it's scored so high

I really don't get how this We Are Hairy outscores ATK Hairy. In terms of layout they are about equal navigation/search-wise. Both have massive content, and some of it dates back at least a few years so they both have issues of not everything being HD. Really, when you get right down to it, it all comes down to content. And that's why I don't see why We Are Hairy is scoring higher than ATK.

WAH has some decent models, but even their best is almost average for ATK. My primary complaint about WAH is that it is almost 99% softcore, solo modeling. No action to really speak of. Even the masturbation videos they have are, well, boring.

As far as a hirsute fetish site goes, WAH is okay, they are certainly worth a look if you just want solo models doing little else than posing. However, if you want a littel range in your hairy porn, then I would certainly look at ATK Hairy because they actually have everything from "X" to "XXX."

01-30-12  10:44am

Replies (3)
Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Update to my review

Obviously, it's been a while since my review, so here are a few updates.

On the plus side:
The number of models has increased nicely (250+), along with it, the addition of different age and body type models. There are also a few ethnics now appearing on the site.
Picture viewing preference can now be set globally.
Custom zip files for pictures in 3 resolutions.

On the negative side:
I have to agree with a lot of the comments that have been left on here and on the site - weird camera angles, focus and lighting issues are far too common in a lot of the picture sets. Two recurring themes that bother me personally are the models pulling on their pubic hair throughout the set and similarly having to touch themselves or keep their hands near their crotch.

With the video, I've seen a considerable amount of scenes where the camera is constantly moving, almost in (for lack of a better phrase) an amateur-with-their-first-camera fashion.

I'm still an amateur fan and definitely old school - I like my women natural and I still like the site. Fortunately, Basil is one of the most attentive webmasters I've encountered and I have no doubt that anything that can be done to appeal to more people will be taken care of.

01-01-12  10:10pm

Replies (3)
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We Are Hairy


Natural lighting?
Does this website do a lot of photo editing that causes the models to have unnatural colors or causes the pics to look unnatural.

How are the poses? Are there a bunch of useless poses without having that good shot you're waiting for or missing some of those basic poses.

They should at least have these basic poses:
1)(full body nude shot with good clarity/detail) standing or lying down
2)(boob shot) from the waist up to include the cute face of the model
3) (vagina shot) model laying down on back with legs spread, but also with her face in view without being out-of-focus. Kind of like a missionary pose.

Are they there?

12-12-11  03:46pm

Replies (4)
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We Are Hairy

Going from glory to glory!

A quick tour revealed that WAH has been doing four updates a day since August! Very impressive. It does my heart good to see that this site is prospering and ever improving (despite my rather "frightened" comment a while ago.) I really was scared that "scary" hairy would take over, but don't see much of a sign of that happening. Thanks, Basil, for sticking with a good formula. Now, please give me more models in lingerie! :-)

11-25-11  06:06pm

Replies (2)
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We Are Hairy

Something I swore I would never do ...

... because I like the webmaster and his enthusiasm too much but I would ask all those who read my review to take off at least 10 points if they are not into a "hair" fetish.

Nine updates this month alone feature models with hairy legs! Mind you, this still leaves 51 fairly straight updates, but the site is starting to look way too earthy for me to feel comfortable seeing it listed at a whopping 99 under my name.

Therefore to all ye who may be tempted to subscribe: if you are into body hair in general, including anal, pits, arms, legs, this site will still rate very highly with you given all its good points. The quality, the lay-out, the search engine, the updates, the friendly and helpful webmaster are all still there.

If, on the other hand, you like clean looking girls who have remained traditional by keeping their pubic hair but who shave their legs (as everyone except for hippies and women in rural Transylvania did for as long as I can remember,) then an 89 would be a more realistic rating for you these days.

This is still a pretty good score for a pretty good site, I think! And with a bit of sifting you'll still get a lot of good stuff. I just don't like to see my 99 connected with hairy legs! Ever! :-)

08-21-11  07:35pm

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We Are Hairy

Goodbye Hairy Sites!

You've been taken over by a different breed. I sincerely wish you luck, after all lovers of hairy legs, pits, bellies, cracks, have to have a site too but there has never been a time in my lengthy life time where I have met anyone who was turned on by extreme hairiness .. except now and that's why the reference to a different breed.

The site owner of ATK Natural and Hairy tried to tell me that people having my taste were still being catered to and he/she "proved" it by stating that only 38% of recent updates catered to the extreme crowd. ONLY 38%??

This love of hair everywhere on the body is something brand new to me and does not fit my ideal of feminine beauty. So, off to "shaved!"

I hope lovers of "extreme" hair see this comment as well because it can't hurt to get new subscribers who like the niche, and I am certainly not out to undermine an otherwise fine site or to dispute their users' taste ..!

"We Are Hairy" are certainly not as prejudiced in favor of extreme hair as is ATK N&H at the moment but judging by their recent updates they are getting there.

Thank Heavens I got used to the shaved look in the meantime, otherwise I'd really be stuck for anything to subscribe to.

I am sincerely sad about the recent developments but also sincerely glad that room has been made for the fetishists in the hairy category to look at and enjoy what they like best. Still wishing the best to this site and its webmaster, I remain,


07-06-11  02:16pm

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We Are Hairy

My first impressions are great!

After having seen that the honourable Messmer gave this site a 99 I couldn't resist and had to join it immediately. Now there's a lot of new content waiting for me to explore some of it is already downloaded and I was able to watch some of the movies they offer. This is a dream for those not afraid of hairy pussy. I did find some models also appearing on AllOver30.com and I'm quite happy with the mixture of mature and younger hairy ladies/girls.

Guess I'll have to write a review soon. The best model so far is 41 year old Carmen who knows exactly how to tease :-).


06-19-11  04:14am

Replies (16)
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We Are Hairy

Shift of Emphasis?

I just took a look back here.

To go by the recent updates, toys & gyno-style shots feature pretty large now. Over half of the recent updates show it in the preview.

It really doesn't float my boat, but it might appeal to some, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Cap'n. :0/

02-20-11  02:48pm

Replies (7)

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