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Visit Tara TS

Tara TS

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of TS model Tara Emory in mostly photosets featuring mostly solo cosplay with a bit of hardcore.
- No DRM.
- User forum for recommendations and/or general chat. It appears Tara actually checks it and will comment.
- There is an artwork section which showcases her talent for drawing and gives you a peek in to her mind a bit.
- The photos are available to seen only through the browser. The app is decent which lets you view the images to scale or full size. Plus, there is a auto play, forward, and rewind. Additionally, there is thumbnails on the left side to scroll to a specific photo.
Cons: - Recent photos average around 1300 X 1020 with some being smaller. Plus, they get smaller as the years go by. They are not available to download via zip format.
- Updates are slow and sporadic, They seem to average around 2-3 weeks but this month has not updated at all.
- Videos are useless. They are updated maybe every 3 months with clips of exclusive or non-exclusive videos. Most are old webcam shows though. They are poor quality with the highest res being at 720 X 480 at ~1,500 kbps. The newest videos are in mp4 or mov format but all videos prior to 09/17/09 are just in mov format.
- Site design is extremely outdated. It does not affect the navigation but it just all seems put together really quick and never updated as time went on for improvements.
Bottom Line: Tara TS is one of those sites that excites you if you love the model (like I do) but ends up being a major disappointment. Here we have a great looking model (especially if you love redheads), she seems intelligent (she designs and creates all her costumes), and she is extremely erotic. However, at the end of it all, it is mostly the technical side of things that ruins the site.

First, let's talk about what is presented. Tara clearly focuses on the photography side of things. She designs and creates her outfits which are extremely well done and provide an awesome theme to go by. Also, another great thing is the themed costume is usually presented in a relevant setting. So, the overall theme of the photo set is great. But, then comes the technical things. For example, the photo sets seem to be heavily photoshopped. This can be seen in the skin tone and overall result. I'm not sure if the overall result is blurry due to photoshop or just a poor camera choice, but almost all sets tend to have it.

Then, you have the videos. These are so poor and extremely unwatchable. I don't understand why she is not doing at least a matching video set for each of her costumes she makes. She often talks about how much it costs for her to make her costumes, one would think she would try to create the most content she could with each costume. Plus, it would surely make the site more appealing for potential customers for her site. To elaborate, she has her own dvds that she sells. There are about 8 right now and each showcases video scenes of about 5 costumes she's created. The videos on her site are clips of these shoots but not even all scene clips are available. Only about 2 or 3 clips are available per DVD. It's a shame because the scenes seem decent from what I seen. The site just seems like a tease or incomplete without video available.

Second, let's talk about getting the content. The photos are decent enough but with such a focus on this content, why not make it easy to get? There is no option to download the photos in zip format. Since there is no good video section, there should be some reason to feel that your getting something out of the monthly membership. Plus, there is a tab labeled 'webcam' but no show dates are posted and little information is presented there. Does she do shows? Well there are a few recorded videos, like from over a year ago. Does she still do them? Who knows.

The site does have a decent amount of content in the photo category. The start of the content goes from even before 2001. So, she's been at it awhile. But, that is just what makes me wonder why she is not trying a bit harder to make her material more presentable? She's obviously a vet and is passionate about sharing her ideas with everyone but that all goes moot when the content being shared falls short. The costumes are really elaborate at times and I am very impressed by most of them, I would just love seeing them more clearly and in video if I'm paying a membership fee.

Tara TS is a site that with major improvements, could be a great solo model site. It would be great to see the photos presented a bit more naturally, a bit larger, and available via zip. Plus, the addition of matching video scenes of the sets or just some nice full length SD or HD videos thrown in as updates as well would improve the site drastically. However, Tara Emory is pretty cute and her costumes are very erotic. Knowing these are handmade makes it even hotter. I am a true fan of hers from seeing her content on other sites and just expected more after seeing this content. But, if you are interested in the model and want to see some of her creations, you may want to join for a month like I did. However, I would not join again based on what I saw but if improvements were made, I would love to join again.

08-24-11  10:42am

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Visit Ladyboy Blue

Ladyboy Blue

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - No DRM Protection.
- Primarily a photo site, these pictures have a few available in zip format.
- Somewhat interesting extras, inculding ladyboy jigsaw puzzles, a 3d video with purchase of 3d glasses, a 360 degree angle video of a ladyboy, and some other novelty stuff like news articles.
- Easy layout.
- No Download limit.
Cons: - While they have videos, they are sparse and come in a wide range of extremely bad resolutions and quality (AVI: 720 X 480, 500 X 376, and 352 X 240) with the majority the last two.
- Photo resolution is sub par by todays standards at 800 X 536 with large watermarks and not every set is available for easy download in zip format.
- Site has no longer updated since beginning 02/09.
- Inactive forum.
- Navigation is so simple that you can tell the site is over with with no signs of making it better.
- While extras are okay, they are scarce and will no longer be updated as well, so in reality, they are not really worth anything now.
- Webcams offered are obviously never going to be up, since the site is dead.
- Price would be okay if the site was at least updating, but even with that, the actual content is below the standards offered from almost every other site.
Bottom Line: I found this site through a website search and I had TBP add it because it was a primarily photography site of ladyboys which are quite scarce these days. While the preview looked good enough, I noticed there were no dated updates. I took a stab since the price was a bit lower than most to maybe stumble upon a gem. Unfortunantly, this was a complete backfire but at least I can explain why this site should be avoided to anyone that may be interested.

While this site appears to be a primarily photography site, it looks like it might have been a great site a few years ago. However, it looks like they had plans to renevate and improve but other ladyboy sites blew them in the dust and they gave up. A clear abrupt stop with no explanation on the news page or on the forum. It's unfortunate that they do not at least advertise it as a archive site but what can ya do, risks are risks in plenty of porn sites.

As for the actual photography, the resolution is below average from even the past few years and the quality is just average. It is all solo photo shoots which usually end in a masterbation cumshot. The watermarks are fairly large and being on a smaller res picture can ruin the overall quality greatly in general. The place attempts to advertise the content as being on the 'kinkier' side of things but I have yet to see anything that made me squirmish and I am not a huge fan of much S&M or so on. The most kinky thing I have seen is maybe a bit of leather, loose rope, or tape over the mouths of the models. The photographers skills are okay, not too many extreme close ups or extremely similiar photos that make the average of about 100 way too large.

I suppose they are okay to add to a collection years ago but right now at this price and the resolution, this site should be avoided. They do offer quite a bit of models that I have not seen on the wide range of ladyboy sites there are today but they are primarily femboys and/or not ready for the prime time sites just yet. With a decent amount of models at 180-200 but these are guesstimated with quite a few repeat in later sets, it might seem tempting with the sheer amount offered. However, as stated before, the majority are not the quality stars you will get in the more recent site. Plus, if you are familiar with the site captain outrageous, these models and content are greatly similar in content.

The videos are extremely bad. It looks like they wanted to make this a part of the site in the later stages of the site but they just could not hang. They are almost all less than 10 minutes and extremely grainy displaying masterbation. There are a total of 33 videos varying in res size with only 5 at the higher res.

The site was probably a great site at least 4-5 years ago with quick updates. However, the site is dead and they are still charging the same and advertising as updating still. Therefore, this site should be avoided unless you really want some older, different photo sets to add to the drive

05-03-09  11:33am

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Visit Captain Outrageous

Captain Outrageous

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Average place for picture buffs
- Hit the 'femboy' niche well
Cons: - Very limited video
- Low quality video
- No zip format for the pictures
- Updates are slower than most
- pictures are not the highest resolution
- Price is still a bit high at $15/month
Bottom Line: This site was one of the first ladyboy sites I came across. I stumbled upon pictures of 'Schoolgirl O' and found she was exclusively only on this site (at least, I have not found here anywhere else). It has a simple design with a model list and update list with picture sets within them. It just looks so dated and there is minimal effort to make it look better over the obvious years it's been around.

The pictures are divided in to a few categories. There is the schoolgirl 'O' area, which is only about 7 sets involving solo and some TG/TG action. There is another section involving Talisha, a well known star on plenty of other sites, doing solo sets and I think one hardcore one. However, these seem to be some dated sets and I don't believe they will be updated ever. The next section is the other various ladyboys. They are updated scarcely, maybe once a week or so.

The ladyboys on this site are primarily femboys. Most tend to be on the borderline cross dressing side, appearing to be able to pull off a dayjob as men and ladyboy by night. However, in the mix, you can find some average to better looking ladyboys. The photographer (Captain Outrageous) tends to pride his ladyboys in not getting fake tits and being 'all-natural'. But, the models he gets just fall short to the really great looking femboys I've seen out there. They are photographed starting in clothing and usually end in full nudity. However, there are rarely pictures of cumshots which kills the whole point of solo sets.

The pictures are in lower res and are not in simple zip format. I actually had to download an image downloader to just make this site somewhat worth going to.

I just don't see this site as worth the price of admission. I could see maybe $9.95 to join and get some femboys added to your collection for one month, but at $15 it's just high and a hassle.

03-06-09  07:27pm

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Visit All Network Pass

All Network Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of content (~125,144 videos and 292,459 photos) with a wide range of scenarios like handjobs, stripping, dancing, straight sex, solo model sites, and anime.
- Exclusive and Non-Exclusive content.
- Easy navigation with a home page where you can jump to the site you want or categories.
- Advanced search option with plenty of options and the results are pretty correct.
- Model index to get all content from the various sites.
- Updates appear to come somewhat often but I'm not sure if it's recycled content. The network has so many sites not updating and I can't be certain any are still REALLY updating.
- A few extras like DVD scenes and live cams. I did not check the live cams out to know if they are even free. Plus, they are a seperate page and probably even a different company.
- A few different video options with most being WMV 640 X 480 at ~500 kbps. Yes, that low.
Cons: - The majority of the sites are not updating at all.
- Even the newer videos are pretty bad looking with a horrible res and bitrate.
- No zip option for images and they are quite small, around ~1024 res.
- While navigation is easy, the site design is pretty uninspiring. While it's simple to look it, it just looks like everything else you get from the site and that word is 'cheap'.
- I suppose the network has some interesting niches but just the overall quality is lacking. Plus, who knows how exclusive anything is. Plus, most sites just have like 4-8 scenes or image sets and then never updated again.
- Basically, every type of scene from the network can be downloaded at another network or site with way better quality and ambition.
- The site has some browsing problems, the sites lock up with a few windows/tabs open and you need to refresh them to get to that.
Bottom Line: Well, I joined this site with a special discount promotion that was even cheaper then the TBP discount. Regardless of the cheap price, I still feel the network was not worth that much. The network holds around 151 sites with probably 75%, if not higher, of the sites not even updating anymore. Plus, most of these sites only updated a few times when they were updating. However, if you are looking for a bunch of quantity over quality and want it quick, this network will fifull that wish. Why quick? Because the I actually got extremely high download speeds.

The content varies from site to site. As I stated in the pros, there actually is a lot of variation. The network claims to have reality based porn but a lot of it is just straight gonzo stuff. Most have little to no plot but the main central theme of the site is usually present. For example, FootJobModels will have exactly that, foot jobs with a few updates. I suppose a plus is some models return for other shoots for different sites, so the model index allows you to download all the specific model's scenes from the various sites on one page.

This brings me to another plus, there is a wide array of models to choose from, from professional to amateur. However, most scenes are just uninspired and the models/scenes appear to just be going through the works. Almost like a quick paycheck for the model and an easy update for the network. But, I can guarantee you will catch some models you know here and if it's exclusive, you will have a scene that you probably don't have.

Overall, I did not like the network much personally. The scenes are grainy, the pictures are whatever without zips, the content is uninspired, and the models are mostly going through the motions. On top of that, I'm not sure what is exclusive and it probably does not matter anyways because the scenes are so low quality that you don't even want to keep most of them anyways. While the site may have some cool search options and easy navigation, there are a few site flaws that make browsing a bit harder than it should be. There are just so many different networks out there with just overall better material, I would just pass on this one even if you get a really cheap discount.

07-26-10  12:18pm

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Visit Tranny Boss

Tranny Boss

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network of 14 shemale sites.
- Has some interesting niches within the site like shemales getting pee'd on, double stuffed, or being on a 'job site' (more in bottom line).
- No Download Limit.
- No DRM protection.
- Videos are in .WMV format (640 x 360, 3706 kbps and 352 X 198, 928 kbps) available in full scenes or scene clips plus flash format.
- A few extra DVD downloads, but they are quite old or unheard of.
- Easy to navigate.
Cons: - Slow download speeds (anywhere from 200 to 500 kbps).
- No updates (they recycle their content, stating updates were made with newer dates but this is false).
- Very expensive for content.
- Network 'sites' are not actual sites but a link to a list of videos that can be downloaded.
- No photo galleries at all.
- Not sure on exclusiveness but I'd say negative, but they do have some well known models.
- No model index or even labels, well some do, but they majority are guessing games on the stars.
- No scene descriptions.
- Pre-checked sites on billing page and they are garbage sites at expensive rates after trials (39.95 each) for a total of $80 if not noticed.
- While easy to navigate, the site is just plain and boring to look at, there is no substance here at all.
Bottom Line: I got this site through a special offer for $9.95 through an email and I am actually quite mad that I even joined it at that price. At the regular price of $29.95, this site is asking an outrageous price. This is the 'father' site for the network that includes 14 different shemale 'sites' (more like categories) that range from regular tranny sex to a tranny little person.

To be more precise the actual sites are as follows with my short description of each:

- 18 year old trannies: 12 scenes involving straight sex with models with smaller tits.
- Tranny office: 12 scenes with straight sex involving tranny's in an office with secretary type dress on.
- Cream filled shemales: 9 scenes involving straight sex with the end resulting in an internal cumshot in the shemale.
- Tranny ass assault: 8 scenes involcing a threesome with 2 guys double stuffing a tranny.
- Shemale gulpers: 12 scenes with a tranny giving a guy a blowjob and swallowing.
- Shemale champs: 10 scenes involving straight sex with a tranny.
- Ruby's Rod: 10 scenes of a little person tranny ranging from solo to straight sex.
- Lil' Paloma: 6 scenes of a really small tranny (not a little person) having sex.
- Shemales get fisted: 7 scenes involving fisting and straight sex.
- Shemale jobs: 9 scenes involving a tranny performing a certain type of work and end up having sex with a guy.
- Pee on shemales: 5 scenes with short clips of a shemale getting pissed on.
- Young asian trannies: 12 scenes of thai ladyboys having straight sex with a guy.
- Ladyboy GF: 9 scenes of shemales having straight sex with a guy.
- Real tranny pickups: 7 scenes of trannys having straight sex with a guy.
- Shemale DVD's: considered an 'extra' but it's full length dvd movies that you can download, but none I took a liking to. It's like old Giselle dvd's or amateur shemale dvd's.

All in all, these sites claim they are exclusive but I just don't know. They look like they may be taken out of DVD movies but I may be wrong. They do showcase a few of the big name south american shemales like Renata Davila, Thays, Bianca Blush, and Carla Novaes. Some scenes are also repeated in the different categories.

By the way, each of these pages can be visited as a individual site that shows a nice layout as a nonmember for a tour that makes you think you are joining that nice site with 13 extra network sites. However, these sites are not what the site is when you sign up, you are just transferred to this place and it is just a list of available movies to download from each site category. To be honest, that's how I got lured in to joining because I thought each site was set up like the preview page.

This network is just full of hidden suprises and quirks. The main being they don't update and trick you makes this site just garbage to begin with. The scenes are sub-par to average with no stand outs and it's expensive. I would avoid this network and the sites involved at all costs.

04-14-09  12:37pm

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