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Visit Vika Nymph

Vika Nymph

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy log-in.
-No DRM.
-Actively updating.
1 new video every 10-14 days.
1 new photoset every 3, 4, 5, 8, or 15 days (very erratic update rate for photosets).
-Very nice quality for videos and photosets.
Good lighting, good camera-work, good sound control. Sometimes you will hear extraneous noise like an overhead airplane or hiss/rumble, but the soundtrack is basically the sounds the models are making as they make love. No annoying music soundtrack.
-watermark on videos: small watermark, bottom right corner, appears intermittently, not intrusive.
-No download limits.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Zip files for photosets.
-Navigation is easy.
-Can stream or download all videos.
-Choice of WMV or MP4 format for downloading.
-Search engine.
Cons: -Photosets and videos do not name the models.
-There are no model bios.
-Search engine could be improved.
-Only 1 size for photos.
--The photosets are ok to good quality, but they have a tendency to appear washed out in color (the colors need to be stronger, brighter, and you would have much more attractive photos).
-The HD video files can be large, 1+ GB for a 15 minute clip.
-Photosets download with the default filename of "photos.zip". So you have to manually rename each photoset to identify what the photoset is. And since the models are not named, trying to organize the photosets into some kind of order is not simple.
-Slow software system for viewing individual photos in a photoset.
Bottom Line: Site is loosely based on the solo teen model idea. The main model is Vika. But there are plenty of sets and videos without Vika.
The action is varied: stripping, masturbation, solo girl, girl-girl, boy-girl. There is also very mild group sex, some kink (peeing). By group sex, I mean you have three or more people having sex. It's not a rough gangbang where you have a bunch of guys pounding away on one girl at all her holes.
The site (and the parent Diesel network) takes a casual, softcore approach to porn. By softcore, I don't mean limited sex; instead, I mean the sex
is presented in a basically gentle or friendly way. You don't get gonzo hardcore where the action is rough, abusive, or contemptuous. This site/network shows sex as good, clean fun to be enjoyed.
The peeing videos are very short, about 1-3 minutes runtime, which is great for that niche (which I'm not a fan of), because it's right there, wham bam, pee! No waiting around for the action to start. You can see a girl peeing. I guess that's porn, but it's just a girl peeing. She's not masturbating or having sex or anything, she's just peeing.
The search could be improved. You enter "peeing" as the search term, and only get 1 video. There are other pee videos at the site. You can find
another pee video by entering "urination". Someone who is into this niche can search more extensively and report their results to the PU members.

number of videos: 155
Most videos have a short runtime, 10-20 minutes.
Download formats for videos: High quality WMV file, medium quality MP4 file, low quality MP4 file.
The high definition WMV video files go up to 1280x720, 19160 kbps total bitrate.

Number of photosets: 176
Number of photos per photoset: about 80-112.
Can view individual photos, or download the entire set as a zip file.
Zip file is one size only (no choice of which photo resolution).
Maximum resolution of 1333x2000 pixels.

I really wish the site listed the models in the videos and photosets, because it would make organizing the contents so much easier. What
collector wants a large bunch of photosets and videos where you don't know who the models are?

The models are real teens, mainly attractive, very little tattoos or piercings. The girls are from Eastern Europe. Most girls are small-
breasted, as usual, but there are some models with medium or large natural breasts. You don't see the oversized, plastic breasts found at Playboy or many adult porn sites.
As part of the Diesel network, the site is definitely worth looking through to see which videos/photosets appeal to your tastes. But if the site were a standalone, at $29.95/month, it would be overly expensive.

03-20-11  03:37pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -DRM: none.
-Site timeout: Very long period before timeout.
-Download limits: None.
-Model listing is name of model with a nice-sized thumbnail and a listing of her photosets and videos.
-Many of the newer videos are nice quality: clear video, good focus, good lighting, good sex action, very attractive models,
great skin tone, good color of background and foreground, good sound control.
-Most videos have a choice of 3 download qualities to choose from: low, medium or high quality.
Cons: -Navigation is basic. For a relatively small site, the navigation could be
easily improved to make moving around and finding the photosets/videos of each model faster and simpler.
-Search is limited. You can search by model's name, but for little else.
-They should junk the software system they use to view individual photos.
-No model bios or other information on the models.
-Many of the older videos are very poor quality in terms of clarity, lighting, colors, annoying background music.
-The content is posting dated, but the significance of the date can be low.
Some material was made years before it was posted at this site.
-The free live webcam chats with models are a waste of time. The models basically do nothing
on-screen except wait for someone to pay for a private chat.
Bottom Line: Site stats:
-Number of models: 303+
-Number of videos: 1,000+ (No easy way to estimate number)
-Number of photosets: 1,000+ (No easy way to estimate number)
The newer videos are mainly good quality: good lighting, good colors (skin tone, background, foreground), ok to good camera work.
video stats (newer videos):
frame width x height: 1280 x 720
total bitrate: 8572 kbps - 15459 kbps
frame rate: 29 frames/second
photo stats:
photosets: 30-100 photos.
file size: 200-400 Kb (newer photo size).
width x height: 2250 x 1500 pixels.
resolution: horizontal x vertical: 96 dpi x 96 dpi.
Photosets can have from 30 to 100 photos. The file size of an individual photo can be large, up to 400+ Kb, but the photos are not high quality in terms of appeal or photographic technique.
The photosets are more in the style of an amateur-shot photo series done at home, except that I have seen many amateur photos that have much better photo technique than the photosets at this site.
The two primary sites in the dieselaccess network that have the most value are YoungLegalPorn and 18OnlyGirls. There are some other sites in the
network that are also worthwhile, but the most value is in those two sites.
YoungLegalPorn and 18OnlyGirls are very similar sites: same type of content, same layout, same models, etc. And it appears that some content is shared between the two sites.
YoungLegalPorn takes a softcore approach to porn. By this, I mean that the sex is gentle, not rough or abusive. The sex is caring, affectionate, or friendly, with no slapping, spitting, hitting, name-calling, etc. The sex can be hardcore in the sense there is female masturbation, lesbian activity, boy-girl sex.
I appreciate the overall quality of many videos at this site. But some PU members might think the site is too tame, and would rather watch a harder, edgier type of sex that is featured at many hardcore sites.
The free Diesel cam shows are not shows, but a waste of time where the model does almost nothing except sit or lie on a bed, waiting for someone
to pay for a private show. There is also a mode where the "public free show" turns into a show which is still "public", but you have to pay 1 euro per minute to watch. Supposedly there is some stripping or other action in the non-free public show. The private chats are 3 euros per
minute. So it could get very expensive to watch.
It would probably be cheaper to go to a topless bar to see some stripping, instead of watching it over the internet.

Note: hugow wrote a review of this site on 2011-01-02 and gave it a 50 score because he said the servers were very slow. Most of the files I downloaded from this site (and the other sites in this network) had speeds of 620-630 KB/s, which is my maximum download speed. So I did not experience the poor download speeds hugow reported.
(I recently upgraded my DSL connection, which used to have a maximum download speed of 150-160 KB/s.)

03-08-11  01:18am

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Visit Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large amount of content.
-Wide variety of content of sexual activity.
-Current Site Stats (2010-09-14):
Movies : 998
DVDs : 212
Actors : 1019
Hours : 440
Total Size : 398 Gb
-Site is currently updating. Updates 1 video clip every 1-4 days (very irregular update schedule).
-No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-No watermark on older style videos.
Cons: -Navigation is basic and awkward.
-To log on to the network, you have to enter through the site you joined
through. You can't log on directly to any of the sister sites you have access to. Once you log on to the site you joined, only then can you enter
one of the sister sites you have access to.
-Moving around a single site is basic and awkward. To search for files at the site, or to look through the files available, have to look at lists from drop-down menus, or have to click many times to change from different pages. There is a lot of material at this site, and it's cumbersome to try to glance through the different video and photoset files.
-Need a fast ISP connection to play the streaming videos, otherwise the streams will frequently stutter and stop.
-A few good-sized thumbnails to show what the models look like in each video would be very helpful.
-A simple listing of the models appearing in each video would be helpful. Many models in videos are not named.
Bottom Line: Viewing options:
Download options: high and low resolution.
Streaming options: high and low quality.
Other options: trailer or screen capture.

Frame width by height: 720x480
Total bitrate: 2128 kbps

Quality of the video depends on whether the video is the high quality or the low quality option. Also depends on how long ago the video was shot.
The more recent videos are higher quality.
High quality streaming is not high quality. It is higher quality than the low quality, but it is nowhere near what some sites have as high quality.
These are professionally shot videos, but the overall quality could be much better in many ways.
One example: I am watching a scene where Rocco and a second man are both on a woman. In parts of the scene, you are seeing the action through a large block of clear plastic or glass. You want to see what's happening, without having a block of plastic obscuring the action. Remove the plastic, or shoot from a different angle. This is not the camera-man trying to be artistic, it's just the camera-man being lazy or stupid and
not bothering to shoot from an angle that clearly shows the action.
Site content:
You have a lot of vintage porn (101 videos) and even more straight recent
porn (892 videos). The vintage porn tries to add a little story-line to the sex, maybe even have some costumes. It's basically sex, with a little
story that is a negligible attempt to add some flavor or meaning to the sex.

The more recent porn also has a tiny story-line, but it's really just straight sex. The actors follow a script that is mainly fucking and
sucking, with little conversation (the female models probably don't understand much English, and English is what appears to be used to
communicate in the videos). Minor roughness and humiliation to the sex, but not a lot of hard-core roughness or hard-core humiliation. Most scenes are group-type sex, where you have 3 or more people fucking. Cunnilingus, bj, vaginal and anal sex in almost all scenes. No homo-erotic action of boy+boy. You do get boy+girl, 2 boys+girl, 2 girls+boy, or more than 3 people). Some girl+girl action in some of the scenes, but the main emphasis is on the boy+girl action.
I was a member of this site a year ago. At that time I found some videos that I thought were really good. But I can't find those videos now. If the videos are still at the site, I can't find them because of the poor navigation.
There is a large amount of video content, and the videos are split into series where the type of sexual action is changed from one series to
another. The models are mainly Eastern European females.
Rocco Siffredi is the star of the site, he's featured in most videos, and he can become annoying at times with his heavily accented English and overly boyish charm.
The quality of the videos is OK to good, not great. The large amount of content, and the wide variety of content means there is plenty of material to search through.

09-14-10  10:13am

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Visit Sasha Blonde

Sasha Blonde

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Sasha is cute blonde, with fun-loving personality.
-Credit card processor: CCBILL.
-Sasha sometines appears on the Diesel Girls Live, a live chat show. Not only is it free, but you get some nudity, often get to watch the girl
posing and masturbating. Some of the shows are worth watching.
-If you are a member of the Diesel network (instead of being signed up to just one site of the Diesel network), you can switch between sites by clicking on the hot link for a video or photoset at another site. You don't have to log in to each site separately.
-Recent update rate is one video or photoset per week.
-Long time before site timeout.
-No DRM.
-Good download speeds. I get 1.3 MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Zip files for photosets.
-Can stream or download videos.
-The content (videos and photosets) are dated.
Cons: -If the model Sasha does not appeal to you, the site will have little value.
-Some of the videos appear to be re-mastered from older material. So the quality doesn't match what you would expect from the definition. The video can be poorly framed, sometimes out of focus, poorly lighted, like an amateur video that's poorly shot.
-No model bio. Even though this is a single-model site, and Sasha appears in every video and photoset I saw, you would like to see more of Sasha's personality come through. Instead, you get a collection of her videos and photosets, but not much feeling.
Bottom Line: The main sites in the Diesel network are 18OnlyGirls and YoungLegalPorn.
But there are other sites in the network worth viewing. IvanaFukalot, SkinnySuperGirl, AliceWonderBang, NatashaShy, VikaNymph, SashaBlonde, and BeataPorn are sites with recent updates.

SashaBlonde is a cute skinny blonde. She's been doing porn starting in 2005, but she still looks like a young teen. She's featured at Metart, MetModels, Femjoy, the Diesel network, and other sites.

If you have a network pass at Diesel, Sasha has a lot of content at 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn, in addition to the SashaBlonde and
SashaFucksDasha sites that feature Sasha.

Number of videos: 431+
Number of photosets: 528+

Most videos have several download options:
WMV 1080p
MP4 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p

Videos run from 4 to 20 minutes.
Photosets have from 40 to 80 photos per set.

Most photosets have 2 zip file options. 1000 px definition, and an original definition, which is a higher definition size.

Some photosets have 4000 px, 2000 px, 1000 px, plus an original size px.

You get this site if you sign up for the entire Diesel network. But unless you are a strong Sasha fan, it's probably not worth subscribing to this site by itself.

I was not impressed by the videos and photosets at this site, even though Sasha is a cute model.

08-21-12  02:32am

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Visit Nubile Girls HD

Nubile Girls HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-Nice-sized thumbnail of the female model to illustrate each video.
-Some cute models.
-The girls are real teens, not twenty- or thirty-year olds trying to appear much younger.
-Can add/view comments on videos and photosets.
-Can rate the videos photosets.
-Small watermark bottom right-hand corner of photos.
-The videos are mainly clear and crisp, with adequate lighting. The videos and photosets are less gonzo style than the other sites in the network, but are not glamor-style, more like in-between gonzo and glamor style.
Cons: -There is no search. Not a major problem because the site is so small. Only 75 videos so far. Can list the videos by name of model or by date posted
(but date posted is not accurate or reliable).
-Occasionally, a photo will not display when you click on the thumbnail, get an error message: "cannot be displayed, because it contains errors".
-Hard to tell what the update rate is, because the posting dates are unreliable.
-Only 1 size of file to download video (no choice of hi, mid, lo quality).
-Videos download as WMV files (no other file extension choice).
-Only 1 size of zip file to download photoset.
-Limited types of models: they are all white Eastern European teens.
Bottom Line: Hardcore teen site, with some good looking young teens.
Sample size for the videos and photosets:
Videos are 400 MB to 1 GB
Photosets are 40 MB to 120 MB
Currently 75 videos with a matching photoset for each video.
Usually 1 video per model. A few models have 2 videos. Photos are crisp, but mainly to illustrate the video action; the photos are not artistic or glamor style such as the softcore photo sites like metart or mplstudios.
The style of the photos is more natural than glamor. I personally don't like the photos, but some PU members might appreciate them: they are
clear, usually crisp, hardcore photosets, with some really nice-looking models. Natural style of photography. The video and photoset are mainly
hardcore boy-girl; a few sets are softcore or midcore, where the girl is solo or with a second girl.
The photosets approach high quality in terms of photo size. But you don't actually get the quality of a met-art, mplstudios or other softcore photo site. I don't understand why it's so hard to make a quality hardcore
photoset. This site has plenty of cute girls, doing hardcore, but the photography is poor or lacking: in the flesh colors of the girls, in the
presentation of the girls, the girls just lack attractiveness or allure in the photos. I grew up in the days of Playboy and Penthouse. I didn't like every Playboy or Penthouse photoshoot, but in many cases, the girls/women looked extremely attractive, sexy, luscious, gorgeous, adorable, lovely.
You don't get that in these photosets. You can find it in the met-art and mplstudios and other glamor teen sites. The problem is that the girls are not presented at their best. It's like you buy an off brand of some product you like, Cheerios, or Rice Crispies, and the taste is blah
instead of what you get from the major brand.
They don't use photoshop or airbrushing on these photos, and that's part of why I rate the photos lower. But it's also the skin tone of the models,
the posing, the composition, everything that factors into how attractive or erotic a photograph is. The photosets are high quality in the size of the photos (each photo is 100 KB to 1 MB), but the quality of the photos is not up to the standards of the softcore glamor sites.

Some of the models at this site are also at met-art, glamdeluxe, justteensite, mplstudios, etc. And they look much more attractive on the
other sites, because of the photography or videography.
If this site is included in your network membership, you should definitely check the site out. Some models here (mainly the same ones shown on many of the other sites in the network) are very attractive, the videos are shot less gonzo style, the photosets are worth looking at.

08-07-10  08:09pm

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Visit Teen Stars Only

Teen Stars Only

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM
-No download limit
-No site timeout
-Exclusive content for about 1/2 of the sites in the network.
-Exclusive content for the teenstarsonly site.
-File download options:
hi, medium, low quality WMV
MP4 ( Portable Devices )
MOV ( Quicktime Video )
-Zip files for the photosets
Cons: -Limited search options: Can search by name of model, or by date of update. But can't search by description of model, by description of type of sex action.
-Clumsy navigation.
-Going from one of the network sites to another is clumsy.
-Trying to see/search the vid files on a site is clumsy.
-Advertising for other sites on each page.
-Poor file names. Files are named with a number and the suffix "high", "medium", or "low", depending on whether you download the high, medium or low quality file. But if you want to know who the model is, or a short description of the action, you have to manually make up your own file record.
-You need a fast connection to play the flash files. My ISP connection downloads at 150-160 Kb/s, so I could not play the videos by flash. The flash video would stutter and stop, stutter and stop. So to see what the video was like, I had to download the entire video, then play the file.
Bottom Line: Cons (continued):
-Because I have a slow ISP connection (150-160 Kb/s download speed), it takes almost 2 hours to download a single video in high quality.
-The video files are fairly large size:
One sample movie, 25 minutes runtime:
Full Movie ( High Quality ) - ( 989.56 Mb)
Full Movie ( Medium Quality ) - (500.93 Mb)
Full Movie ( Low Quality ) - (301.81 Mb)

Bottom Line:
Hardcore teen site. Mainly a video site. There is a large photoset for each video, but there is little to no erotic or artistic quality to the
photos, they are more like video captures of the hardcore action. The models can be very attractive: they are young, slender, Eastern European teens, but you can't easily see how attractive they are, it's goddamn hard to see what the faces of these girls are like: the head is often cut out of the picture, the body, even though young, slender and attractive, is not made to look attractive. It's gonzo video and gonzo photography, and there's no erotic value to the photos, little erotic value to the videos, which are hardcore meat factory fuck and suck.
Site is part of a nice-sized network. This site hasn't updated since March 2010, but other sites in the network are updating.

08-01-10  07:33pm

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Visit Tranny Pros

Tranny Pros

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Niche: She-males.
-Exclusive content: Yes.
-Watermark: small watermark bottom right corner.
---download high or low quality WMV files.
---stream high or low quality.
-DRM: No.
-Download restrictions: No.
-Screencaps: Yes.
-Search: by series, movie title, or actor.
-Updates: 1 scene per week.
Cons: -Only WMV format for download.
-No photosets (except for screencaps).
-Almost all the models have a blank thumbnail in the directory, so you don't have an easy way to see what the models look like.
Bottom Line: Site Stats:
Clips: 122
Hours: 60
Total Size: 54 Gb
-Stats for videos:
-Bit rate: 2148 kbps (varies slightly)
-Dimensions: 720x480, 720x528
-Average length of scene: about 30 minutes
The style of the video is like a home-made video, the visual quality, focus, color, lighting, etc. are not as good as the standard for most of the video clips on the network, the producers are going for a "real-life, guy meets trannies (guy with one or two trannies) and they have sex almost immediately. No plot or story, just sex, the "production values" are slightly less than the standard videos at the network in a deliberate attempt to make the video seem like a slice of life, a real-life capture of a sexual encounter between the male customer and 1 or 2 tranny prostitutes, instead of a planned movie.
One improvement over many porn clips is there are less fake moans and groans from the models and male performers in these clips.
This site of she-males is for someone who wants a change from the usual boy-girl, girl-girl action. Definitely a different type of attraction. Somewhat confusing at first, there is emotional reaction positive and negative when watching these she-male performers.
The overall attractiveness of the performers at this site is OK to nice.
I've seen photos where some she-males are exceptionally pretty or even lovely, which can do strange things to your mind. You're thinking, is this a man or a woman, and am I strange for thinking this "person" is attractive, whatever it is. Gay is gay, straight is straight, and this is neither. Also makes you start to think you yourself are not exactly what you thought you were either.
There are many she-males at the site that, at first glance, even second glance, you don't know if they are females or not, until they drop their drawers. They can be attractive.
As for the male models in the scenes, you don't know how to classify them either: are the male models bi, or what? I'd guess bi, because they (the male models) are swinging both ways with 1 or more she-males.
The site is a collection of Devils Films videos that were shot for the Devils Films series titled "Transsexual Prostitutes". Those videos were collected and used to make Trannypros.com.
The main benefit of membership in Trannypros.com is that it gives you access to all 19 sites in the netFameSolutions network. That means over 9700 clips, almost 3200 GB, for a broad selection of general and niche content. The network is a good value for the PU/TBP special price of $14.95/month, and there are special offers at times that give you an even lower price.
The general quality of the video clips at the network is good, professional quality. This is a video network, with only limited photosets, but a solid offering for the price.

07-31-09  01:21pm

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Visit Mother Fucker XXX

Mother Fucker XXX

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -On the promo/preview page, you see the statement, "Here, everyday is Mother's day!". With an introduction like that, how can a site like motherfuckerxxx possibly help being part of the American way of life, right up there with Superman, apple pie, and Mom's little chocolate cookies?
-This is a MILF site.(In today's world, America's favorite pastime is one's mother, not the girl next door that Playboy made famous).
-Site updates once a week with 1 DVD scene.
-content: over 125 clips/scenes.
-scenes about 13 to 42 minutes long.
-screenshots, 40-90 nice-sized screenshots to clearly illustrate each scene.
-No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-Easy log-on.
Cons: -WMV format only for download.
-No zip file for the sceenshot pictures illustrating each single clip
(but no one wants to save these screenshots on their PC anyway).
-No picture photosets. No high or even medium quality pix.
-Limited search engine:
Can use the search engine to search by model name. Can not use search engine for physical characteristics of the model, movie title, series, or type of sex.
-A major negative: The name of the model may not be listed for the clip.
Bottom Line: This is a niche site for MILF.
The video quality of clips is OK to good.
The site is part of the netFameSolutions network of 19 sites. Access to any one site gives you access to all 19 sites. The PU/TBP special price is $14.95/month recurring, which is a nice discount from the $29.95/month recurring regular price. The network has some very nice sites, some sites that have less value, and some sites that have very little value.
Network access includes access to 19 different sites:
-over 1500 movies
-over 500 full DVDs
-exclusive content
-unlimited download
-daily updates

Giving the site a score of 79. Most of the value of the site comes from network access (entry to all 19 sites). The network as a whole is a good
value for the price, with some sites having really nice videos, but this site is one of the smaller sites in the network.

07-18-09  03:53pm

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Visit My Teen Oasis

My Teen Oasis

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Content is dated.
-Nice PU discount for first month of $9.95. But recurs at $29.95/mo.
-No DRM.
-Videos are good quality for a DVD site. You don't get the high definition found at some sites, but the definition is good, the camera-work is good, good focus, no jitters in the video, good lighting, good colors, good sound control. I wish there were less fake moans and groans of excitement, but it's not as bad as some sites.
-Recent update rate is one video per week. But starting in January 2012, there were no updates for almost 4 months.
-There is a dropdown listing of the site models. But it would be easier to search a stationary list, where the models were presented alphabetically, with a nice-sized thumbnail to show what the model looks like, with hot links to her appearances at that site, and to other sites in the network.
Cons: -There is a listing of sites the model appears at. But to play or download her videos at another site in the network, you have to manually log in to each different site, and then do a search for her videos at that site. So searching for model appearances is difficult, and time-consuming.
-No model biography.
-Videos have a small/medium-sized watermark bottom right corner.
-Photos have a small/medium-sized watermark bottom right corner.
-No zip file for the photosets. But I doubt many members would want to keep these photos anyway, except for one photo to show what the model looks like.
-Uncheck the pre-checked cross sale at signup, or you will be charged a trial membership in another site.
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
Number of videos: 557
Number of high definition videos: 56

Streaming options:
540p (if the 540p is available).

Download options:
WMV files:
240p; 480p

MP4 files:
240p; 480p; 540p (if available); 720p (if available); 1080p (if available).

Most videos have the 240p and 480p.

56 videos have the higher definition options of 540p, 720p, and 1080p.

Video length: 3 to 31 minutes.

By watching these videos, you can learn a lot about how to deal with models. For example, in a video titled "Cleaning Cock!", Ashlyn Rae, a pretty model, wants to buy a new dress. So a guy hires her to clean his house. Once she finishes cleaning, he offers to pay her in cum. And she
says she loves cum. And he says "Well, that's good because he has lots of cum". So then she gives him a blow job and they fuck.

PU members can use this line on their girlfriends, and save lots of money.
Not only does he pay her in cum, but when she asks for a tip, he says it was included in the cum he already gave her.

I was a member of this site before. My impression is that the videos were upgraded. They look better than what I remembered. This is an impression, because I don't have the videos I downloaded from my previous membership.

They have photosets illustrating the videos. But the photosets are screencaps of the video. And the number of photos in each photoset varies.
One photoset has 3 photos. Another has 43 pics. Another has 97. The photosets are useful for showing what the model looks like. But they have
little artistic or erotic value.

You can click on a thumbnail of a photo and get a larger thumbnail. There is an option to enlarge the thumbnail to full-sized screen. Sometimes it
takes several clicks on the "expand the image" icon to enlarge to full-sized screen picture.

The site theme is teen-to-early-twenty girls having hardcore sex. They usually have a brief story introduction setting up the sex, but the
story is brief and has little value.

You can search the site by 3 main categories:
1. By series. For example: Couples Seduce Teens; Fresh Euro Flesh; Latin Eye Candy; Masters of Reality Porn; etc.

2. By type of sex. For example: Anal; Ass to mouth; Blowjob; Cream pie; Cum swallow; Cumshot; Cumswapping; Cunilingus; Deep throat; Double
Blowjob; Double Penetration; Lesbian; etc.

3. By name of model.

This is a large DVD site. It's part of the netFameSolutions network. You
get access to this site and about 20 other sites by joining through the Devils Film site for $9.95 for the first month (using the PU discount).

The main sites in the network include:
Devils Film;Peter North DVD;Rocco Siffredi;Silverstone DVD;Silvia Saint

Those main sites include tens of 1,000s of hardcore videos of all types.
And the smaller sites include 1,000s of hardcore videos covering many different niches.

So for $9.95 for the first month (with the PU discount), you get access to a huge amount of hardcore videos.

06-09-12  11:21pm

Replies (4)
Visit Teen Sex Reality

Teen Sex Reality

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large amount of site contents: About 275 video clips.
-Models listed for each clip.
-Content is dated.
-Updates: Currently 1 video about every 10 days.
-DRM: no.
-Easy login.
-Site timeout: no.
-Models are real teens: a number of attractive teen girls, and the boys are clean-cut teens (few tattoos or piercings).
-Multiple choices for download formats:
--WMV: high, medium, low quality.
Cons: -No streaming option.
-No photosets.
-Only 4 tiny thumbnails and a larger thumbnail to illustrate each video. And the thumbnails are not enlargeable.
-No bios for models.
-Limited amount of information on video clips: does not show runtime, file size.
-Watermark: Yes, small to medium sized watermark bottom right corner on videos.
-Pages listing the site contents are cluttered with adds for other sites.
-Basic, limited search: can search by name of model, or by date video was posted.
Bottom Line: The site theme: Hidden cameras capture the hardcore action of real teen sluts.
The idea of spying on teens having sex is supposed to add spice to the sex. What you get is videos that could be improved by better camera work (better lighting, better control of the colors). Some black and white parts of the videos are supposed to suggest real-time video capture, but I would prefer good colors for skintones and background, instead.
You also have portions where the teens are supposed to be videotaping themselves. This is also supposed to add to the "reality" of the
experience. So the teens are kissing, and glancing at the camera, and fucking, and glancing at the camera, and it's distracting. It doesn't add to the realism or excitement. They would be better off dropping the idea of "hidden cameras" and "self video-taping" and just get a good cameraman who can take good videos. Because they are using a cameraman anyway, but the video product is supposed to be showing an amateur real-life capture of teens having sex, and that theme is not really working.
This is a good-sized site for hardcore teen.
Currently 275 video clips.
Clip run about 20 to 30 minutes.
Most of the action is boy-girl.
-Pages listing the site contents are cluttered with adds for other sites.
I click on the thumbnail of "Top Rated Videos", and I get a full page of thumbnails of videos. But when I click on any of the video thumbnails, it turns out these videos are all from Young Libertines, a different site that I would have to join to see any of their videos. So I have to hit the "back button" on my browser twice, to get back to the Teen Sex Reality site. I didn't even realize I had left the Teen Sex Reality site until I saw the signup page for Young Libertines.

There are many ads for other sites on each page, but most ads you can guess are ads, and not videos at the Teen Sex Reality site. But it would make the page far less cluttered if they removed the ads, so you can see (and focus on) what this site has to offer.
This site is one of many hardcore teen video sites. The sex is gentle and not abusive. But it's also not very exciting. Maybe the girls (and guys) that are having sex are having a good time, but it certainly doesn't come through. It's more like they are having sex because it's something to pass the time. No real passion or excitement or enjoyment.
My belief is they are having sex because they are getting paid for it. Which is, unfortunately, not a joke.
The video quality is ok to good. The quality would be improved if they dropped the "hidden cameras" idea and concentrated on making good, sexy videos.
When you join this site, which is part of the TonyBucks network, you currently get access to a number of the other TonyBucks sites. How many
sites you get access to, and which specific sites, depends on which site you join through. Most of the sites you join through have the same
membership fee, but some sites give you a greater number of "bonus" sites.

11-23-10  11:54am

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Visit Tin Seks

Tin Seks

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Download limits: none.
-DRM: none.
-Currently updates: 1 update about every 10 days recently.
One week you post a post a photoset which is a record of a video shoot, 10 days later you post the video made during the photoshoot.
-To view individual photos in a set, click on the thumbnail, and you get an enlarged picture. This is easy and fast and wonderful compared to the
slow, clunky software viewing system used at most of the other TonyBucks sites. All the sites in this network should use this simple system, and
get rid of the fancy software that makes viewing individual photos a slow and laborious process.
-Easy login. There is a captcha, but it's easily read, not the messy squiggles that make you wonder what the letters or numbers are supposed to be. I dislike the messy squiggles, and even when I guess them right, I feel irritated that I have to pass a test that I believe is unfair and
stupid. And when I fail to guess right, I am even more irritated.
Cons: -Streaming: Not available.
-Zips for photosets: Not available.
-Photos available in 1 size only.
-Models: less attractive than most of the TonyBucks models. On the plus side, there are few tattoos or body piercings on the girls.
-Thumbnail ads clutter the listing page of site contents. The thumbnail ads are not identified as ads, you have to figure out which thumbnails show you the site contents, and which thumbnails are ads for other sites.
-Very basic search. Can search by name of model. Can search by type of content (video or photoset). Can also search by date the content was posted, which is basically useless.
Bottom Line: Tinseks is part of the TonyBucks network, a small network of 11 sites that focus on hardcore teen.
The sites have both videos and photosets. The photosets can be from ok to good quality regarding photo size, focus, lighting, skin tone, etc. But the photos have little erotic quality. The photos are mainly a capture of a video shoot.
It's cheaper to have one session where you do both the photoshoot and the videoshoot. But the results, for the photoset, would be better if you had a separate session for the photoshoot. You would get better pictures (more erotic, more interesting, better posed, etc.). That is assuming the photographer was competent.
So the main value of the photos is to give you an idea of what the model looks like, and maybe an idea of what the video action will be.
But the main value of the sites is in the videos. The photos can be of good quality, but the eroticism does not approach the photo sites like Metart. The videos are a different matter: The
TonyBucks videos are mainly well shot, feature a number of ok looking models, and are hardcore. Metart and most major photo sites are
mainly softcore, and their videos are usually more boring than erotic. At TonyBucks it's the other way around: the value is in the videos, the
photos are a minor addition (even though the photosets have a large number of photos per set, and there is usually the same number of photosets and videos). So a lot of effort was put into making the photosets, but the effort was basically wasted.
Unless otherwise noted, what follows refers specifically to the tinseks site:
The tinseks theme is European college students having great sex.
-Site contents:
94 videos
94 photosets
-Videos can be downloaded in different formats:
WMV: low, medium, high resolution

The videos are large files, 580-765 MB for a 20-30 minute clip for high quality WMV file:
Frame width x frame height: 720x576
Total bitrate: 4128kbps

The figures shown are as high or higher than what some sites advertise as high definition. There are other TonyBucks sites where the total bitrate
can be as high as 6300kbps for some videos, but even 4128 is extremely good or "high" definition, as far as I can tell from watching the videos.
The videos are very sharp and clear, good lighting, good colors, good skin tone.
The sound is pretty good. A little annoying random background noise, but they usually don't bother with a music soundtrack, which is a plus.
I personally didn't find many pretty models at this site. This site has a lot of hardcore videos. The action is not rough. It's a boy and a girl getting a lot of enjoyment from sex. Or they are certainly trying to. I just find the action slightly boring. I want a connection,
something erotic to stimulate the imagination. Even if the model were pretty, I still want
something beyond her getting banged.
I'm giving the site a score of 78, because access to the bonus sites raises the value of this site.

11-14-10  09:53am

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Visit Spunky Bee

Spunky Bee

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billing agent: SegPayEU
-No pre-checked sales agreements on the signup page
-Access to this site was immediate after signup
-No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-No download limits.
-Easy to read captcha.
-Screenshots to illustrate videos.
-Zipfile available for each photoset.
-Content is dated.
-Very little photoshopping in the photos. You see model's freckles and scratch marks clearly on her face and body.
Cons: -No streaming
-Updates irregular
Site advertises 3 new updates every week (on one of the signup pages), but that was a goal, not a reality.
Updates stopped on July 26. Then on Sep 28 1 photoset and 1 video were added. Nothing added since then.
-Photos are available in only 1 size.
-Large watermark in bottom right corner of photos.
-Navigation is very basic.
-There is no search function.
-Preview page says, "Join now and find out what I do on weekends!" That
implies some kind of blog or diary inside the members area, but I can't find one.
The preview page has a hot link to a blog. Unfortunately, the blog has a few entries for May 11, 2010 and June 06, 2010, and that is the entire blog.
-"I love to naughty chat with my members". Quote from a page advertising her site. But I find no place to chat with her inside the members area. Perhaps the forum was supposed to furnish contact with the model, but the forum is "coming soon..."
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
Currently about 25 videos and matching photosets.
Video file formats:
high, medium, low quality WMV
MPG (high quality)
QuickTime format
Video specs: (for the mpg file format):
Videos are very high quality and run about 11-30 minutes.
total bitrate: 6,488 kbps
frame width x height: 1600 x 912
Photo specs: Most individual photos are 300-550 KB. 2464x1643 pixels.
The site contents is small. Someone with a fast connection can download the entire site in 1 or 2 days. Anyone with faster than dialup can
download the entire site in 30 days with no problem.
This is a solo teen site.
This is not a site where you go to watch hardcore action. The theme is more like you are watching a cute girl who is playful and friendly. The
video "plot" varies with each episode or clip: She is being playful with a boyfriend, with a girlfriend, showing off her body, whatever. The "action" can be softcore, midcore, or hardcore, but the overall impression is more that you are watching a cute and friendly girl who is enjoying her sexuality. This is entirely different from the hardcore teen video sites where 1 or 2 guys are banging away on 1 or 2 girls.
You put the SpunkyBee model in a video, and she performs with charm and attraction. The videos and photos have good clarity, focus, good lighting, good colors, good skin tone. There is no talking from the cameraman, and the girl herself usually says very little. No bothersome background music.
SpunkyBee appears at many sites under different names:
Abigaile, Abigaile Johnson,Abby, Spunky Bee, Veronika.
I am listing the different names because pat362 recently brought eurobabeindex to my attention again.
If you can get this site along with a bunch of other sites in the network as a special offer, it's definitely worth checking this site out.
Giving this site a 78. If they increase the updates, add the forum that is "coming soon", have the girl blog more often, the site value would go up.
By itself, the site would be very expensive. But as part of a network, where you join this site and get bonus sites as part of your membership,
the site makes a nice addition.

10-12-10  03:52am

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Visit My Teen Oasis

My Teen Oasis

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-No site timeout. But I do get disconnected after long idle times, so maybe there is a site timeout, but it takes a good while before disconnect.
-No download limits.
-Streaming, low and high quality
-Download, low and high quality WMV file
-Less fake moaning and groaning than many porn videos
-Canned background music could be better, but less annoying than in some porn videos
-Some attractive models
-Female models in videos are listed by name
-Screenshots, maybe 20-30, to illustrate the video
-Caucasian and Latina female models
Cons: -Navigation is basic.
-Site design is poor. The videos are not categorized or laid out to make searching easy.
-No search. Have to click through the entire site to see what is there.
-DownThemAll download manager sometimes does not work smoothly. Sometimes get error message 400 (file does not download). Don't know reason why.
-No text listing of models' names, with nice-sized thumbnails, so you can get an idea of what the models look like. There is no text listing at all, and thumbnails of models are scattered through the pages, making a simple
search of the models at the site extremely difficult.
-No zip file to download the screenshots for a video. But who would want to download and keep the screenshots anyway?
-They should definitely get rid of the tool they use to display photos. It makes viewing the photos more difficult than normal. Many times it is hard to enlarge the thumbnail sized photo that is first presented, to get a normal-sized photo. And the photos are slow to load.
Bottom Line: Myteenoasis is a hardcore teen video site.
The site is made up of videos from other sites in the network, mainly SilverstoneDVD and DevilsFilm, that were put in here to make another site offering.
The video runtime is from 8 to 20 minutes.
File size is from 100 MB to 300 MB for high quality.
Frame width x height = 720 x 528
Total bitrate = 2096 kbps
The netFameSolutions network has about 32 sites currently. There are about 5 sites with general hardcore appeal, and the rest of the sites are more niche, with a wide range of niches:
Indian (from India)
etc. etc.
With membership in any network site, you get access to about 22 sites.
Get a special price of $9.95/month from PU/TBP, which is a steal considering the large amount of content, the varied content, the generally OK to
good quality of the content. This is mainly a video network. The photos are mainly to give you a good idea of what the videos will show.
The quality of the photos is low. These are screenshots. Even when the model is good-looking, she does not appear good-looking in the photos. A
model like Ashlyn Rae, who appears in a bj video here, is just blah. At Metart, where she also appears, she is presented as a fine-looking woman. You would not recognize it was the same woman except for the same name.
In the videos, Ashlyn Rae looks better than the screenshots. In the videos, giving a bj, she comes across as enthusiastic and enjoying her
work, as a professional should. Sure gives a different impression from her Metart photos, where she comes across as lovely but more distant. Makes me appreciate Ashlyn Rae in a whole different way. Lol.
This is one of the minor sites at the network. I am strongly into teens, so I would normally rate this site much higher than a normal niche site.
But there are only a few very attractive models I found at this site. And because the navigation is so basic, with no search, it's hard to find the videos I might like at this site.
The main value of the site is that it gives access to the netFameSolutions network.
This site has a few really attractive models, but the navigation is bad. And the general level of the videos is slightly disappointing. Maybe I am spoiled, but even a DVD site (which this is, basically) should have nice quality lighting and focus in the videos, so when you find an attractive model, she will be presented and seen clearly and easily by the viewer.

09-27-10  11:09am

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Visit Nasty Angels

Nasty Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Apparently one username and password will work to gain entry to all the bonus sites I am supposed to have access to.
-Get access to 21 bonus sites with membership.
-Download manager works. I use Down Them All, which is very helpful at this site.
-Homepage has a link to "YOUNG TIGHT PUSSY new for your ultimate pleasure", which opens an ad for fleshlight, which has differently named models of the fleshlight, also different color options, which is really more than I wanted to know.
Cons: -You are assigned a random-generated username and password for site login.
-Primitive site design.
-Download speeds can vary from less thant 200 KB/sec to 1.3 MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
-You have to be patient with their hot links. They often don't work on the first or second click.
-Download manager is really helpful. If a video file stops downloading, you can resume the download with the download manager. Several files stopped downoading in mid-download, and I was able to resume the download in each case.
-Video files download with the default filename of "download.zip". So you have to rename the files to keep them separate.
-Site contents have no posting date.
-No search function. If you want to find the videos with a model, have to manually search through the entire videos and hope her name is listed on the tiny thumbnail that represents the video listing.
-No streaming offered. If you want to examine a video, have to download the video, and then play it.
Bottom Line: This is not a tiny site. There are over 300 videos at this site. The theme of the site is young teens doing nasty things with sex.
The poor site structure makes navigation difficult. No search function, no model listing with thumbnails to show what the models look like, no model bios. They opened this site, and dumped a bunch of videos into it. And that's a shame. Because many of the models are cute or attractive. Many of the videos are nicely shot.

Videos are grouped into two categories:
Softcore movies, and hardcore movies.
Their definition of softcore includes lesbian sex, blowjob, masturbation.
Their definition of hardcore includes boy-girl fucking. Blowjob can be found in both the softcore and hardcore movie categories.

The videos are better than I thought they would be.
Sample data rates:
The frame width x height is: 1024x576.
Total bitrate: 2548kbps

Frame width x height is: 632x512
Total bitrate: 1181 kbps

The videos are professionally shot: good color, good focus, good lighting, nicely framed shots.

They also have some very attractive models at this site.
It's a shame they have some nice videos of attractive models that they just dumped the videos into a site without making much effort to making the site easier to use. Because of the unsorted, jumbled videos, most people would not realize that some of the videos are really excellent.

I'm giving the site a score of 75 because some of these videos are worth viewing and saving. That's in spite of the site problems which I've detailed: no search function, no streaming, no model iist with thumbnails to show what the models look like, hot links that barely work to download the videos.

I certainly can't recommend the site. Except that if you stumbled across some of the videos that I thought were really nice, maybe you would think the site might be worth joining, after all.

02-19-13  11:14am

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Visit She's New

She's New

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some very nice, attractive models.
-Choice of streaming or download for videos.
-Streaming offers low, medium and high definition.
-Download offers low, medium, high (720p), and very high (1080p).
-There is also an iPod file type for download.
-Easy login. Once you have logged in to this network, for subsequent logins, just hit the members link and you are inside the site without having to enter your username or password.
-No DRM.
-Fast download speeds. I usually get 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Content appears to be exclusive to this site.
-Many of the models are early in their career in porn.
-PU discount of $17.87/month recurring.
-The network is dropping the pre-checked cross-selling agreements that are found when you join the network sites.
Cons: -Most cons are basically minor - if you can get past the amateur or homemade flavor of the site contents, or appreciate that approach.
-The names of a few models are not their most common names.
Tiff Love is better known as Tiffany Thompson or Tiffany. Many porn models have multiple names, but a major starlet like Tiffany Thompson should be given the name of Tiffany, or Tiffany Thompson, instead of creating a new name of Tiff Love.
-The video camera operator is amateur quality: he needs to learn
to frame the model better, to move the camera smoothly so the picture doesn't jerk, to move back from the actors so the picture shows more of the model instead of cutting off parts of the model's body from the picture. The overall effect is that you are watching an amateur home video, instead of a professionally shot video. The site is pretending to show you home made videos. But I much prefer to watch professional videos that are shot correctly.
Bottom Line: Note: I was specifically referring to the poor camera work at the She's New site of the network. The camera work at the Rub A Teen site, of this network, is professional quality.

Bottom Line:
This site is part of the Team Skeet network. Membership in any one of the network sites gives you access to all the sites in the network.
There are currently 14 sites in the network. The network focuses on models in their teens or early twenties.

The 14 sites that make up Team Skeet include:
Her Freshman Year
Innocent High
Oye Loca
POV Life
Self Desire
Rub A Teen
She's New
Solo Interviews
Team Skeet Extras
Teeny Black
The Real Workout
This Girl Sucks
Titty Attack

Number of videos at site: 50+
Rate of updates: 1 video per week.
Video runtime: 11 to 32 minutes. Many are 15 minutes or less.

The options for viewing and downloading the videos at this site (and network) are extensive.
You can stream the videos in low, medium or high definition.
You can download in low, medium, high (720p) and very high (1080p) definitions. There is also an iPod file format for downloading.

The site description states:
"We've got the hottest teens, first timers, and complete amateurs getting nice and nasty. We get submissions everyday from couples, ex's, and horny exhibitionist who want to spice things up!"

You also get a photoset of photos for each video, as well as a gallery of screencaps for each video. But the photosets, like the videos themselves, appear to be taken by a poor amateur
photographer. If the amateur approach turns you on, maybe the photosets are worth keeping. Otherwise, the photos are just poorly framed, poorly lighted, poorly colored pictures that are
not worth keeping.

I much prefer the professional quality photosets at sites like Met-Art, MPL Studios, Femjoy, etc., versus the amateur approach that She's New tries to emulate. Actually, most amateur photos and videos I've seen (which are non-nude) show much more professional technique than the photos and videos at the She's New site.

I am judging the site by my enjoyment of the videos and photosets. If, instead, I was rating the site on how well the site is emulating that these videos and photosets were submitted by amateurs, who had poor techniques for filming, I would rate the site higher. But like I said, most (non-nude) videos and photosets I have seen, taken by amateurs, show much higher professionalism in the results.

By joining any site in the network, you gain access to all the sites in the network. You get a wide range of hardcore themes for the teen/young twenties models: high school, amateur, latina, black, big tits, blow job.

I am giving the site a score of 75.

01-08-13  02:15am

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Visit Dirty Doctor

Dirty Doctor

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Adding 1 new video about every 5 days.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Videos cab be streamed and also downloaded.
-There are multiple choices for download: high quality, medium quality, and MP4 for portable devices.
-You can use a download manager such as DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds.
-Easy logon.
-Long time before site time-out.
Cons: -There is a link to live chats. But the free chats that I saw were a waste of time.
-Tiny site. only 14 videos so far.
-The acting is amateur.
-The plot is unbelievable. An older doctor examines a teenager's vagina. Then he sticks his penis in her mouth. Then he fucks her. She is
supposedly so aroused by the examination that the sex follows naturally. But the sex that is shown has all the passion of a soggy French Fry.
-The doctor and the model speak in a foreign language. Possibly Russian.
No subtitles.
Bottom Line: This is the newest offering from the Royal Cash network. The site is tiny. It only has 14 videos so far.

The site theme is teenage girls visiting a doctor, who examines them. He uses a speculum to examine their vagina. He stimulates the vagina with his finger. Also uses a stethoscope to listen to the vagina. Somehow, the girl is supposedly turned on by the doctor stimulating her vagina with his finger and his tongue. He then puts his penis in her mouth. She then sucks on his penis, and they fuck.

The action is completely unrealistic. The niche where a guy gives a girl a massage and turns her on and they then have sex is a much more believable fantasy. But this theme, of a doctor examining a girl and turning her on, is done in a completely amateur way.

Instead of adding videos to this site, it would be more valuable if they updated the Tricky Masseur or the Squirting Virgin sites. The models they feature at those sites are more attractive. And the plot is more believable. And the models put more passion into their sex.

You have about 14 models at this site, but they are not up to the average attractiveness of the Royal Cash network. The network has a lot of
attractive models, some of which are really good looking. But the models at this site are, so far, just OK looking.

A lot of the models have a backpack. This is supposed to demonstrate the girls are teenagers, in school.

But the girls look like they actually are teens, anyway, and the backpack as a prop is unconvincing. Maybe they could suck on a lollipop, or wear multicolored stockings, which are the normal porn props to show the models
are young.

I'm giving the site a score of 75. That's because you get this site with access to much better sites in the Royal Cash network. But if this was a standalone site, I would give it a score in the 50s.

One last point. If you join this site directly, you pay $29.95/month. Join through Teen Mega World and you pay $19.95/month.

I don't know if access to Dirty Doctor is included with a Teen Mega World membership. But Teen Mega World gives you access to a number of hardcore teen sites: The network has a boatload of good quality hardcore videos, a huge number of very attractive models. And a very low price for all that content.

And if Teen Mega World does not give access to Dirty Doctor, you are missing very little.

06-25-12  10:23am

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Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of the Fame Digital network. So you get access to most sites in the network.
-Can stream or download movies.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Content is dated.
-Model is listed for each movie.
-Runtime and file size (largest file size) also listed for each movie.
-I like how they identify the female models if there is more than 1 female model in the video. They show one female model in the scene, print her name in subtitles on the screen, then show the second model in the scene, and print her name in subtitles on the screen. So you immediately know the names of each model.
-A large percentage of the videos have high definition options. Of the 498 movies, 274 are high definition.
-The high definition movies are clearly marked, with a HD logo.
-All of a model's appearances are listed at her model's page, with hot links to each video and photoset.
Cons: -PU discount price just increased from $9.95 to $14.95 for the first month.
-Most of the site content was apparently made for Devils Film. A lot of the movies have a Devil's Film watermark.
-Watermark is small to medium sized, at bottom right corner of video.
-Content is not exclusive. You can find some of these vids posted at other sites in the Fame Digital network.
-The photosets from the lower-definition videos are not screen caps. The definition is high. For example, width x height = 1280p x 1984p. But the
colors in the photo are poor, there is little effort to make the model pose artistically or erotically.
-This is supposed to be a teen site. Most of the models are not teens, but in their 20s or 30s.
-The videos are just OK for DVD quality. The focus could be better, the framing could be better.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-The software for viewing individual photos is slow and clumsy.
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
Movies: 498
DVDs: 134
Pornstars: 557
Pictures: 75,388

Stream at 240p or 480p. Some have a 540p option.
Download at 240p or 480p, in WMV or MP4.
Some movies have higher definition options of 540p, 720p, and 1080p.

Of the 498 movies, 274 are high definition, which is a large percentage.

-This is supposed to be a teen site. Most of the models are not teens, but in their 20s or 30s. And I assume that a large percent of the videos can be found at other sites in the network, especially Devils Film. You get this site included with membership to most Fame Digital network sites. But I don't think this site, by itself, has a lot of value. In spite of the high percentage of HD videos at this site, I was not impressed by the hardcore teen videos. Most of the models are not presented very attractively. If you want high quality teen hardcore videos, go to Diesel or X-Art. Or go to Teen Mega World for lower quality tnan Diesel or X-Art, but still better quality videos and real teens and more attractive teens than what you get at this site.

What membership at this site will give you is access to better sites in the Fame Digital network, including:

Devils Film
Peter North DVD
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

Access to the network includes tens of 1,000s of hardcore videos of all types.

But this site, by itself, adds little value to the network, in spite of the high percentage of high definition videos.

06-23-12  01:18pm

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Visit Lesbian Factor

Lesbian Factor

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
-PU discount $9.95 for first month (then recurs at $29.95/mo.)
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Content is dated.
-Long time before site timeout.
-You can watch the videos streaming, or download them.
-The models in the videos are identified.
-You click on a hot link of the model's name, and you get a thumbnail of the model, and the network sites she appears at. It would be nice if there
were hot links to each video she was in. Instead, you have to go to each individual site, and then search for her videos. And since you can't switch freely between sites, you first have to login to your signup site, and then go to the site that you want. And then you can search for her videos at that site.
Cons: -Last update was 2011-12-19.Before that, the update rate was very irregular, sometimes every 10 days, then no updates for several months.
-Uncheck the pre-checked cross-sale at sign up, or you will be signed up for a trial subscription to a different site.
-Although the soundtrack is clear, all the moans and groans of passion sound fake. So instead of adding to the excitement, it detracts. I've seen videos where the girls looked and sounded like they were really getting off. But in these videos, the girls are giving a poor performance.
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
234 movies. The number of movies (or videos) hasn't changed since the TBP review dated 2011-05-30, although 6 videos at the site have a posting date after 2011-05-30.

So this is more of an archive site, where you can expect few, if any, updates.

The videos run about 20 - 34 minutes.

Can watch the videos streaming:
High definition is 480p.
Low definition is 240p.

Can download as MP4 or WMV files.
High definition is 480p.
Low definition is 240p.

Part of the netFame Solutions (Fame Digital) network.
Some of the main bonus sites include:
Devils Film
Peter North DVD
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

As the name implies, this is a hardcore lesbian site.
You get a variety of solo, two girls, three girls. With and without toys.
I watched a number of the videos. I thought they were OK, but nothing special. The videos are competently shot, OK camera work, OK lighting and
sound control. Most videos are shot indoors, in a living room or bedroom, which makes shooting the video easier. I wish the videos were higher
resolution (480p is the highest offered, which seems poor, to me). And wished that the sex was more erotic or sexy. Maybe I'm jaded, but the
videos left me bored.

The main value of joining this site is that it gives you access to the netFame Solutions network, which has some worthwhile sites.

05-11-12  10:31am

Replies (1)


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Emphasizes simple, natural look for models. Models can be in a variety of environments (in a field, at the beach, in a house, wherever), but they are trying to appear normal girls, not artsy,
glamorous or exotic
-Small sized sets of many different models. Most photosets range from 20-50+ pictures
-Wide selection of photographers that contribute to this site
-Easy entrance to site for members
-Navigation fairly simple and direct
-Choice of 2 file sizes for most photosets to view or download
-Zip file downloading for photosets
-No download limits
-Has an index of contributing photographers. Under each photographer's name is listed the photosets he shot (with hotlinks to each photoset)
-Exclusive content. You will see many of the site models at other sites, but I've only seen 1 Domai
photoset of a model that was later posted at a different pay site.
Alinda has 1 photoset at Domai, and an expanded version of the photoset was posted at Amour Angels as model Alina, photoset named
Cons: Pros (continued): "Wonderful Time".
Amour Angels has at least 3 models named Alina: The Alina I'm writing about is the blonde, slender girl with small breasts, waist-length hair, and a pretty face.

(Links to free low-res sample pictures of the model were removed due to pornusers guidelines.)

The girl is much more attractive at the higher resolution pictures at Domai and Amour Angels.

(If anyone has seen other photosets of this model, please let me know where, in a reply. I obviously like her.)

-Photosets only. No videos. No live cams.
-Strictly single-model photosets. Softcore nudity. No boy-girl, girl-girl action.(They have a few
photosets where there are two girls together, but the girls are sitting/standing/lying together, not interacting sexually).
-The bonus features they offer are worthless: a newsletter, a few short stories.
Bottom Line: Cons(continued):
-offers small number of short fictional stories by the site founder; useful to put yourself to sleep as an alternative to staring at your navel (as I get older, I find myself getting to be more snippety). Seriously, I find much more humor and enjoyment reading some of the reviews at pornusers
than reading the simple, love life-fellow-man-fellow-woman short stories of the site founder.
-Site newsletter is same style: love life and enjoy nudity and love your fellow man
-Site advertises 36,200 photos. You would think the site would have many more photos than that. The photosets are usually around 20-50+ pictures, and they average around 6 new sets a week recently. That would indicate well over 86,000 pictures because they've been around
since 1997. So why so few pictures listed?
-No bio data on the models
-No posting date listed on the photosets. You can find when the photoset was posted, but that takes
a little work: Have to search each yearly archive for the model's name, to see when that photoset was posted.
-Models are white European girls. Very few girls of other races.

Bottom line:
-On a cost-conscious basis, join for a trial or a 1 month membership, download all the files you want, then rejoin once a year for one month to update any new files.

-Or not rejoin, if you don't appreciate the photosets available at Domai.

11-17-08  12:30am

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Visit Glam Deluxe

Glam Deluxe

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some good-to-great looking models.
-Content is exclusive to this site.
-High-quality glamour photography.
-No DRM video protection.
-No download limit.
-They do have a bio sheet on the models. But some of the information is fantasy or worthless.

Giving the age of the model, with no date to compare the age to, is not much use. Stating in
"sexual experience" that a model is a virgin, when I have seen hardcore clips of the same model
giving blowjobs and having vaginal and anal sex with different males, makes me wonder what kind of
virginity they are talking about. The hardcore clips of this model were posted on other sites long before the photoshoots of this "virgin" model were posted at glamdeluxe.
I realize that I should not be picky about factoids when posted at a porn site, but it pricks the fantasy bubble when the factoids are so obviously false.
Cons: -Site does not update very often. Can go a week or more before a new photoset is posted. Very irregular posting schedule for updates.
-Only 1 photographer for the site: Thierry Murrell. He does glamour-type erotic photography. Usually nice clean pictures, but if you don't like his style, you won't like the site.

-Softcore only. Single-model posing. No boy-girl pictures. No girl-on-girl pictures.

-Site advertises "huge archive" of photosets and flix. But the site has only been around since 2006, and the "archive" is tiny compared to a super-site like met-art. The flix archive is really small, only 28 videos. New videos are added very, very slowly.

-The flix (videos) are basically a video of a photoshoot. And some videos are a collection of
individual pictures from the photoshoot, not a real moving-picture video.

-No zip files for the photosets. Need a blackwidow program to download a photoset. Otherwise, you have to download each picture separately, a real pain.
Bottom Line: Cons (continued):-Photosets are in 1 resolution only. Do not have a choice of 3 different resolutions for downloads as you have at some of the better sites like met-art (low, medium, high resolution).

-Navigation could be improved a lot.
You go to the flix (video) page, which lists with a thumbnail of each video at the site. The hot-
link to download each video is not clearly marked. Maybe this is a French version of a joke, where
increasing the obstacles means increased pleasure when you reach the goal of downloading the video?

-Videos are listed separate from the photosets. So if you want to find whatever videos there are of
a girl, have to look at the video page, then scroll down the page to examine each video to see
which girl it is. Videos are not grouped by the model, but apparently in random order.

-They do not date the videos or some of the older photosets. I like to know when the photosets and
videos were shot, for my own interest.

-Models are white girls from Europe only. No blacks, Asians, other races.

-Photos have a watermark. Doesn't bother me, but some people dislike photos with a prominent watermark.

Bottom line:
-If you like softcore, glamour shots of single models, and you like the models you see on the tour, then this site is maybe worth 1 single-month subscription to get the basic files you want, and then maybe a visit once a year to get any updates. Hopefully, the site will last, because the
photographer does do quality work and picks some nice-to-great looking models. But a regular
subscription beyond 1`month is not worth the money.

-I wish I could give this site a much higher score, because I belong to it and hope it does not go out of business. But for this type of softcore photography, you get more for your money with met-
art > metmodels > hegre-art.

Giving this site a 75, because some of the girls are gorgeous, and the pictures are high-quality glamour shots.

11-15-08  03:11pm

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Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -PU discount of $14.95/month (recurring)
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Part of the netFameSolutions network. This site gives you access to 20+ sites in the network, including the major sites of Devils Film; Peter North; Rocco Siffredi; Silverstone DVD; Silvia Saint.
-Can choose streaming or download for videos.
-There is a photo set associated with each video.
-The photos are shot individually. These are not screen caps. They are good quality photos: not glamor style photos, but decently shot, nicely framed, good lighting, good color, etc.
-You can sort the scenes by category, series, or porn star.
-Wide selection of teen categories.
-They include the posting date of each video.
-They identify the female models in each video.
Cons: -The general level of model prettiness/attractiveness is poor. These models are far less attractive than the models at Diesel Access network, X-Art, or other teen glamor sites. The Give Me Teens are less attractive than the models at Teen Mega World, or Nubiles.
-The photo sets do not have a zip file.
-Pre-checked cross-sell at sign-up.
-The search is basic, by drop-down list. There is no blank search box where you can enter a porn star's name, or type of sex action, or any combination of factors.
-Search is site-specific. You check a model's name, you get the scenes she is in at this
site, not across the entire network. Have to check each site individually to see if there
is any of her content at that site.
-A lot of the content was shot for Devils Film, so it is also posted at the Devils Film site.
Bottom Line: The site is teen hardcore DVD videos. The approach is homestyle, not glamor. So you get to
see porn stars who could fit in a trailer-trash movie having sex, with the emphasis on female models (teens or twenties) and guys who appear to get their clothes from a local K-Mart or other cheap discount store going at it.

Site Stats:
Movies: 601
DVDs: 162
Pornstars: 654
Pictures: 87846

The DVD quality is OK to good. The scenes are well lighted, good colors, good sound control (no
extraneous noises, etc.), good focus, good definition.

The definition choices of the videos depend on how old the DVD is:
Older videos:
Streaming in 240p, 480p
Download in 240p, 480p

Newer videos:
Streaming in 240p, 480p, 540p
Download in 240p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p

Minor point:
The model named Barbara C sure looks like Barbamiska (also known as Barbara, Darya, Dasha, Diana, Elina, Elina Heaton, Mirjam, Pocahontas, Polly, Sally, Stevie, Trinity on different sites).
Is it the same girl?
She appears in two scenes at Give Me Teens:
Ass Full Of Cum #05, Scene #05
18 Year Old Pussy #16 Cream Pie Edition, Scene #05

This is supposed to be a teen hardcore site. But many of the models look to be older than teens. And the models are, on average, less attractive than the models at the glamcore/heartcore sites, and also less attractive than the teens featured at Teen Mega World. Also, a lot of the material at this site is found at other sites in the network. So even if you really like teen hardcore videos, this site is nothing special.

What gives this site value is that it includes access to the netFameSolutions network, which has a massive amount of hardcore videos covering a wide range of categories. Or if you join through one of the other sites in the network, you get access to this site.

To be truthful, I think the network would have more value if they deleted this site, because if you are looking for teen videos, you will have better luck searching through other sites on this network.

04-20-13  03:39pm

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Visit Rub A Teen

Rub A Teen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login. Username and password. No captcha.
-Epoch is the billing company.
-You get a confirming email on signup. Which is starting to get rare, for some reason. At least some of the sites I've joined in the last year, I've gotten no confirming email. How much does it cost to send an email? But why bother, since if the customer forgets his username or password, or has some problem about cancelling his membership, that's his problem, and in the meantime, the site can continue charging him for his membership.
-I'm seeing so many lovely young models at many different networks/sites. And this network has some truly gorgeous young models.
-Default viewing option. Select your favorite viewing option on how to view a scene, and the site will remember it. Not sure how useful this is, seems more like a gimmick than anything useful.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Download manager works. I use DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds. I regularly get 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
Cons: PROS (continued):
-Membership price recently reduced to $17.87/month. I'm not sure how long that price reduction will last.
-Videos have the date they were posted to the site.


-Pre-checked offer at signup has to be unchecked, or you will have a $1.00 1-day trial membership to some site, that automatically renews at $38.57/month. So if you miss the pre-checked offer, you will be paying $38.57/month until you figure out what's happening.
-Get thumbnails advertising other sites on the member's pages. If you paid to get inside, do you need this advertising thrown at you? But many sites are doing it.
-Large watermark bottom right side of videos.
-Small site. Only has 20 videos so far.
-19 of the 20 videos were previously posted at Tricky Masseur (part of the Teen Mega World network). There was one video at Rub A Teen that I did not match up. But that's probably because I didn't want to spend the time going through each video at Tricky Masseur.
Bottom Line: If you've been a member of Teen Mega World in the last 6 months, and you examined the Tricky Masseur site of that network, then you've probably seen all or almost all of the videos that are at Rub A Teen.
The Rub A Teen site offers more choices in the video definition than the Tricky Masseur site. For the videos that are at both sites, Tricky Masseur offers a low, medium and high definiton download. Rub A Teen goes one better: a low, medium and high definition, and a higher definition. (The high definition is 720p, the higher definition is 1080p.)
The Tricky Masseur site often has subtitles to go with the foreign language the actors/models speak. The Rub A Teen site videos do not have the subtitles. But once you have read the subtitles, you realize the words have little meaning, so the absence of subtitles is not a problem, because what the actors/models are saying is basically just noise.
Teen Mega World is a huge network, with a lot of great-looking models, and a lot of hot hardcore videos. It's certainly worth joining the network at least once, to look through their tremendous archive of hardcore videos.
Tricky Masseur has 93 videos. It's basically an archive site, having added only 1 new video in the last 7 months.
The Rub A Teen site has 20 videos total. 19 of the videos were already posted at Tricky Masseur (part of the Teen Mega World network).

The difference in file size between the 1080p version and the 720p version is huge:
For example, for a video with a runtime of 29 minutes 30 seconds (the Laura video):

Rub A Teen Laura video:
The 1080p MP4 file size is 2.08 GB.
The 720p MP4 file size is 1.05 GB.

Tricky Masseur Laura video:
No 1080p version is offered.
The 720p file size is 999 MB.

How many people are going to spend 2 GB per video of hard drive space?
Most of the videos are between 25 to 30 minutes in runtime.
So if you are going to keep the 1080p version on your hard drive, you are allocating around 2 GB per video. And if you are a collector of videos, you will be buying lots of hard drive capacity to store these huge video files.

Actually, I don't know why the file sizes at Rub A Teen are so large.
At Diesel network, for instance, they give you 1080p video for a 30 minute runtime, and the file size is 686 MB. That compares to 2.08 GB at Rub A Teen.

Comparing the bit rate of the 720p files (of the same video):
Rub A Teen Total bitrate = 5134 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second
Tricky Masseur Total bitrate = 4736 kbps Frame rate = 25 frames/second

Comparing the bit rate of a 1080p video, with a completely different 1080p video:
Rub A Teen Total bitrate = 10136 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second
Diesel site Total bitrate = 3199 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second

To increase the bit rate by a factor of 3.2, you are increasing the file size from 686 MB to 2.08 GB.

I don't know how these technical details play out. But as far as I can tell, you can't really tell the difference on a computer monitor that is 20+ inches in size between the 3199 kbps and 10136 kbps files.

Maybe on a large-screen TV monitor, you can tell the difference. But you are going to be spending hundreds of dollars on hard drives, as cheap as they are today, if you are going to collect videos that are 2GB in size.

If you enjoy the erotic massage niche, then I suggest signing up with the Teen Mega World network, where you get one site (Tricky Masseur) that focuses on that area, with 93 videos. Plus you get over 20 other hardcore sites that are mainly boy-girl sex, some solo vids, some lesbian vids.

All the Rub A Teen videos (except possibly 1 video) are at Tricky Masseur. And Tricky Masseur has over 4 times the videos that Rub A Teen does.

Basically, I think it makes little commercial sense to build a site that is a clone of a competitor's site. But I guess that the owners of Rub A Teen decided that the erotic massage niche was popular, and this is what they came up with as an inexpensive way to do it, because they are just buying/leasing some of the same videos that Tricky Masseur bought/leased.

For people who don't know about Tricky Masseur, then the Rub A Teen site can be a nice introduction to the erotic massage niche.

Rub A Teen is part of the Team Skeet network. Joining any one of their sites gives
access to 11 sites in that network, which currently consists of: Exxxtra Small-Her Freshman Year-Innocent High-Oye Loca-POV Life-Self Desire-She's New-Solo Interviews-The Real Workout-This Girl Sucks-Titty Attack.

I'm giving the Rub A Teen site a score of 73. If the Tricky Masseur site didn't exist, the Rub A Teen site score would be much higher.

12-02-12  10:45pm

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Visit Exclusive Teen Porn

Exclusive Teen Porn

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Most photosets have zips for high, medium, and low res.
-Can search by name of model, by tag (such as blowjobs), etc.
-Each photoset and videos is illustrated with a nice-sized thumbnail of a scene from the shoot, which gives a view of the model. The thumbnails
could be higher quality, but it gives you a basic idea of what the model looks like.
-Content is dated, by when the content was posted to the site.
-Most video shoots have a matching photoshoot. This is good and bad. It increases the content for each girl. But the photoshoots are basically a photo capture of the video shoot. And the photoshoot could easily be improved by using professional makeup on the model, as well as having a professional photographer taking the pictures, so the photos would be better posed, better framed, be more erotic or attractive.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Can stream or download videos.
-Videos can be downloaded as AVI or WMV files.
-DownThemAll download manager works.
-Good download speeds. I regularly got 1.3 MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.

-Video files download with the file name "full.avi" or "full.wmv". So you have to rename each file, or succeeding files won't download into the same folder destination. Also have to re-name the file so you know who the model is, and what the video shows.
-Most photosets are a photo shoot of the corresponding video shoot. So the model is not posed to her best advantage. The model's make-up is not professionally applied. The photos are better than screen caps, but not by much. The photos are not high quality or professionally shot.
-You have some very attractive or cute or lovely models, but the photosets do not take advantage of the model's attractiveness. A wasted opportunity.
-The number of sets per model is completely random.
-Captcha is a little tricky. Could be easier to read.
-Site navigation is primitive. Makes you wish for sites like Teen Mega World, Diesel network, or any other site that is well-designed and easy to use.
-Quality of vids and photosets varies from poor to just OK. Makes you wish for high quality sites, or even just good quality.
-Occasionally some links don't work. You click on a link to stream a model's video, and you get a more-or-less blank page instead of the streaming video.
-Update rate: Slow. One video and one photoset per week.
-Even though streaming a video is easier than downloading the file, the stream degrades the picture slightly. So you are better off downloading the video and playing the file, for better quality viewing. But video quality at Teen Mega World is better. And the video quality at Diesel network and sites like X-Art is even more superior.

Site stats:
Number of videos: 210
Runtime: averages about 21 minutes.
Videos can be streamed or dowloaded.
Download as WMV(1280x720) or AVI(1280x720) files.
The file specs are for the more recent files.

Number of photosets: 217
Number of photos per set: about 120 - 160 photos.
Zip files for high, medium, and low resolution.
The difference in resolution between the high and medium and small is large:
High resolution photo: 5616x3744 pixels
Medium resolution photo: 1666x2500 pixels
Small resolution photo: 682x1024 pixels

On the high resolution photo size, you have each photo taking up 6 MB or more, with attractive models, and the photos are a waste of space: the
models don't appear attractive, the shots are not professionally framed, the film colors are not vibrant, etc.

On the small resolution photo size, each photo takes up 200 KB or more space, which until a few years ago would have meant a high resolution
photo. And the photos are just a waste of space: poorly photographed photos, with no production values. Shot by an amateur who has no feel or
artistic talent. You are shooting lovely girls, and ruining the opportunity, because the photos have no value.

Number of models: 177

There are a large number of Eastern European teens, many of which are featured at other porn sites like Teen Mega World, Diesel, Nubiles. The
same models are presented more attractively at the other sites: Better photography, better videos, better makeup, better costumes.
Even the recent content looks like it was shot by an amateur. A really home-made feel, and that is not a compliment.

Navigation is primitive, making it hard and time-consuming to search the site.

Bottom line: In spite of many attractive teen models, this is a poor choice.

09-06-12  03:36am

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Visit Lay The Kat

Lay The Kat

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Brief description given for each video and photoset to explain what is happening.
-The photosets are dated by the date they were posted to the site.
-Zip files for the photosets.
-Photoset zip files download with the default filename of the date the photoset was posted at the site. E.g., 03-09-07.zip or 11-09-2007.zip.
Cons: -Archive site. No updates since September 2007.
-Small site. 44 videos, 57 photosets.
-Only 2 models at the site: LayTheKat and her girlfriend.
-More models would add variety. More locations in the shoots would add variety. All the videos and photosets are basically shot in a house or apartment.
-Not much variety in what the photos and videos show. You have 1 or 2 girls, undressing, touching themselves or each other.
-The videos are not dated.
-No search function.
-No model bio.
-No streaming option.
-Videos download in one size only, one format only. No choice of low, medium, high for videos.
-Photos download in one size only. No choice of low, medium, high definition.
-Default filename for videos is "video.wmv". So have to rename video files, or you will overwrite the previous video you downloaded.
Bottom Line: The site is part of the Diesel Access network.

The site only has 2 models: LayTheKat and her girlfriend and sexual partner, a slender, slightly taller brown-haired girl. The site contents are videos and photos of LayTheKat and her girlfriend, exploring themselves and each other. They show nudity, masturbation, lesbian sex. A few brief videos of LayTheKat or her girlfriend peeing.
LayTheKat is a small, very slender young teen. She is a cute girl. She seems like a girl who is new to porn, a little embarrassed to be performing in front of a camera, but giving a good performance. And her emotions seem real: the embarrassment, the smiles, the sexual excitement she is feeling. Which adds a lot to the simple scenes, compared to the fake moans and groans of many porn models. The same is true for her girlfriend.

LayTheKat has additional photosets and videos at other sites in the Diesel Access network:

At Young Legal Porn, she is listed under the name of Kat, where she has 3 videos and 20 photosets.

At 18 Only Girls, she is listed under the name of Kat, where she has 17 videos and 33 photosets.

Site design/navigation is very basic. But because the site contents are so limited, it's fairly easy to look through the site contents. The contents are split into two groups: videos and photosets.

Video stats:
Number of videos: 44
Each video has only a single file for download, or is split into 2 parts for download.

Sample dimensions:
Height x Width: 852x480
Total bitrate: 4258 kbps

Photos stats:
Number of photosets: 57
Number of photos per photoset: 80+
Width x Height: 799x1200
Width x Height: 1198x1800

Considering that the latest videos were probably posted by 2007, the video quality is surprisingly high. There is good definition, excellent lighting, good colors and skin tones, good camera work, good focus, good framing, etc.

The photos were also well shot, by someone who knew how to use a camera. They are far better than screenshots. This is not glamor-style photography, but the images of the girls are clear and well-focused.

Bottom Line:
Unless you are a real fan of the model, LayTheKat, it's probably not worth getting a
membership to this single site. For one, the site hasn't updated since September, 2007. For another, it's a small site, with only a small number of videos and photosets, and even though the videos and photosets are good considering they are 5 years old or more, they were not the highest quality even when they were first posted.

However, if you get a general pass to all the sites in the Diesel Access network, it's worth looking the site over, to see if you can find any contents that you might like.

11-12-12  04:42pm

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Visit Sugar Paradise

Sugar Paradise

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The photosets and videos are dated by when they were posted to the site.
-The zip file for each photoset has the name of the model in the filename.
-There is a small bio for each model. Gives her name, age and hair color.
Also gives some background on the model, which is probably fiction.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Good download speed. I got 1.0 to 1.4 MB/sec at this site (which is my maximum download speed).
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Because the videos are so short (3 to 4 minutes runtime), the file size is very small: 50 MB or less.
Cons: -On login, have to enter a captcha, which is a moving string of 5 numbers. You have to watch the captcha for a minute or two, to try to read all the numbers, since the string is moving on and off the screen. Just a minor annoyance, but it indicates poor site design, along with a bunch of other site design problems. Logging into Met-art or Erotic Beauties, major porn sites, is so easy and effortless. Why can't other sites make it easy to log in?
-Archive site. Stopped updating in 2009.
-Although photosets download with the name of the model and a unique number, videos download with the default filename of "full.wmv" or "full.avi" (depending on whether you chose the wmv or avi file format).
So you have to rename each video you download, to know what model is in the video. And there's no description on the site of what the video is about.
-Navigation is very basic.
-No search function.
-Site only has 3 models. Very limited selection of models.
Bottom Line: This is a very softcore teen site.

Their model listing consists of 3 models:
Diana, brown hair
Liza, black hair
Nika, blonde hair

I thought at first I was mistaken. Where are all the different models? But those three models are used for all the photosets and videos. So if you
like those three models, you will find plenty of photos and videos with them.

There is very little eroticism. Very little touching themselves. No masturbation. Little or no spreading of the legs. This is really very
softcore. Met-art is the biggest teen softcore site there is, for photographs. But the Met-art photos, if you can imagine, are harder edged than what this site offers.

In a way, that's good. It almost makes you feel like a "clean" pervert looking at these innocent photos of naked teens.

No boys at this site interacting with the girls. This is a girl-only site.
In some of the photosets and videos, there are two girls. But the only touching between the two girls is girly innocence. I mean, these girls
hardly ever kiss the other girl softly on the lips. They are playing around, maybe touching one another's arm or leg. But really innocent. This
is the very softest of softcore.

Site statistics:

Number of photosets: 167
Number of photos per set: around 70+
Each photo has 3 sizes: Low Res., Medium Res., Original size. The original size is between the low res and the medium res.
Original res dimensions: 800 x 1200 pixels, or 1500 x 1000 pixels
Each photoset has a zip file option. You can download a zip file in your choice of low res, medium res, or original size.

Number of videos: 88
Video runtime: 3 to 4 minutes.
Frame width x height: 720 x 480
Total bitrate: 6096 kbps

You can download the videos as WMV or AVI files.
There is no choice of definition for the videos. Videos download in one definition only.

The videos are really short. A lot of the videos have a runtime of 3 or 4

minutes. The video file size is small, 50 MB or less.

The videos have more tease to them than the photosets. There is stripping in the videos. But it's done in a girlish way, very innocent, not even midcore, just young teens taking off their clothes and playing in an innocent manner to an unseen audience. No sex, no masturbation, very
little touching of their own body, no spread legs, no close-ups of the groin or ass.

The videos are poor to just OK. The girls go in and out of focus, which is annoying. This is not an artistic effect, but the camera operator just
can't keep the model in focus, even though she is barely moving from one spot to another. The camera operator is definitely not a professional.

There is no story line to the videos, it's just a girl or 2 girls getting naked, moving around, flashing parts of their bodies. They are interacting with the camera, being teasing, but innocent.

The lighting is OK, the colors are OK. These are scenes shot indoors, so the lighting is easily controlled, and there is little or no annoying
random noises in the soundtrack. The soundtrack is canned music, which I wouldn't mind hearing eliminated. But I've heard worse canned music.

The site design and navigation is basic but acceptable. There is no search function. But you have pages listing the photosets, and other pages
listing the videos. The listing shows what model (or sometimes 2 models) is in the photoset or video. But there is no description of what the
photoset or video is about. But then again, it's basically a girl getting undressed, and flashing her body at the camera. That's it. No script, or

I am giving this site a score of 70. But I think, unless you know that this is a very softcore site, with just 3 teen models, and that it hasn't updated in over 3 years, and that the photos and videos are poor or just OK in technical quality, you will be disappointed you spent your money on this site.

10-15-12  11:54pm

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