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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Long interval before site timeout. Useful if you want to browse site, or download files, and you pause between downloads.
-Tiny, unobtrusive watermark occasionally appears in videos at bottom right corner.
-Tiny, unobtrusive watermark at bottom right corner of some photos. The watermark is so small, you have to examine each photo, to see if it's there or not.
-Soundtrack on most videos, especially the recent ones, is clean, without a lot of extraneous sounds.
-The video quality is some of the best I've seen: great focus, crystal-sharp video, good tracking of the sex action, professional lighting, excellent colors: skin tones, etc.
-There is an alphabetical listing of the models, with a nice-sized thumbnail to show what each model looks like. A really helpful feature that makes searching through the model list so nuch easier.
-Easy site navigation. Helpful, useful hot links to get a model's appearances (videos and photosets).
-The member pages are clean, with no ads.
-No DRM.
Cons: -The cons are basically minor.
-No model biography.
-Occasionally they change the name of a model, but forget to change the title of the video or photoset she appears in. For example, the photoset named "Beata and the mirror", features the model currently named Belka, who was, evidently, named Beata earlier.
-When the models speak in a foreign language, there are no subtitles to translate. But the words spoken don't have a lot of value, anyway. The sex is what counts.
-If you post a comment, I don't see any way to edit it, for typos or whatever.
-The high-quality file size can be large. A video with a runtime of 23 minutes 12 seconds has a high-quality (1080p) size of 1.6 GB in MP4, and
1.9 GB in WMV. So you need a lot of hard drive space if you want to keep the high-quality files.
-The model page is clean, with no ads. But it would be even better if they simplified the layout. Don't post 2 different thumbnails of the model's last appearance. That's just confusing.
Bottom Line: CONS (CONTINUED):
A single listing of each appearance would be more intuitive and easier to understand. Also, don't put two hot links for posting a comment on tha model page. Keep the comment link at the bottom of the page, but don't put a second comment link near the top of the page: it's not needed, and just gets in the way. Keep the model page simple.

-Some of the photosets and videos may be at other networks. 2 photosets and 1 video from Nubiles were posted at 18OnlyGirls in some sort of cross-
advertising deal.

Also, some photos and videos at 18OnlyGirls were posted earlier at the Teen Mega World network. This is not cross-advertising, but 2 different networks buying the same content from the same supplier.

The video titled "Waiting To Be Ravaged", featuring Anisiya, was posted 2012-06-10 at 18OnlyGirls. The same video was posted on 2011-02-17 at teensexmovs, a Teen Mega World site. At teensexmovs the video is titled "Anisiya". The video at 18OnlyGirls has more definition choices for download, and the runtime was chopped from 24:46 to 23:12 minutes:seconds.

But the video is basically the same.

However, the model is so cute, and the scene is so hot, that I didn't mind getting a higher-definition version of the same video. And they also made the 18OnlyGirls video have better lighting, better colors, in addition to the higher definition.

So I don't think the duplicated content is bad, especially when the content at 18OnlyGirls is better quality.


Site statistics:
Number of videos: 1032
Number of photosets: 1278
Number of models: hundreds

The site preview gives the following statistics:
Number of films: 8,545
Number of images: 384,314
Number of models: 507

I don't know where the site preview is getting it's figures, because I counted the number of videos (movies), and it's far smaller. Also, based on the number of photosets, and the average number of photos in the ones I counted, the number of photos at the site in photosets is far smaller.

Having said that, you still get 1,032 videos, and 1,278 phosets.

-There are two types of live shows: "Diesel Girls Live", and "24/7 Live Channel".
"Diesel Girls Live" features Diesel models who put on a live show. The show is free, and worth watching. Only a few of the Diesel models participate, each show lasts 2 hours, and you get 1, 2 or 3 shows per day.
The "24/7 Live Channel" is a link to models who chat in both public (free) and private mode (paid). The public or free mode is basically worthless. The private (paid) mode is expensive. It's probably cheaper to go to a strip club than to pay for the private shows.

-This is a hardcore teen site. Many of the models are as cute, attractive, even lovely, as you will find anywhere. In the last few years, they have
offered excellent quality videos. The older photosets were not excellent, even when the models were attractive or cute. But the photos I've seen recently are really outstanding, and compare to what you get at Metart or MPL Studios, two sites that specialize in high-quality photos. This is mainly a video site. But if they can post outstanding photosets in the future, as they seem to be doing now, this will be a photo site as well.

I'm giving the site a score of 95. You have some of the most attractive teen models you can find. You have outstanding quality videos. The recent
photosets have improved greatly. The site is easy to navigate. You have fast download speeds. And you don't have to wade through a bunch of junk
to find the worthwhile content: you have great videos and photosets of lovely girls all over the site.

06-11-12  09:08pm

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos: Small watermark appears briefly at different times in a video.
Not obtrusive.
-Photos: Small watermark.
-No DRM.
-Videos and photosets have posting date.
-Site has a models list, which is a an alphabetical list/pages of the models, with a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, with the number of photosets and videos for each model.
-Very long period before site timeout.
-Can watch videos streaming or download. The streaming option is not very good. You get a small window to watch the video. Much better to download the video and watch it on your PC. Streaming option is OK to watch briefly to see if the video will be of interest. But trying to fast-forward the streaming video does not work well: the video stops playing, and it's hard to get it to resume at the place you want to try next.
-Zip file for photosets.
-Large number of models (320+).
Cons: -The software for viewing individual photos is clunky. There should be an easier way to view individual photos.

-Navigation is basic. It should be easier to browse through the photosets and videos. The videos and photosets are split into two separate sections, but it should be easier to browse through the site contents.

-The search is basic, and could be improved by being able to search for the title of a photoset or video, or being able to search for a specific
type of content such as type of sex action, etc.

-No model bio or information on the model is offered.

-One size only for each photoset. No choice of low, medium, high quality photosets.
Bottom Line: There are a number of attractive models at this site. The site theme is young teen girls who are amateurs. These are not girls being naughty, but
attractive young girls who are filmed on camera enjoying their sexuality: by themselves (masturbation), with their female friends (lesbian), less often with a boy. It's good clean enjoyment and fun, not dirty, not abusive, not rough.
-Large number of models (320+). The models are teen or early twenties, white Eastern European girls. Mainly slender, mainly small-breasted.
Number of models at this site: 320
Number of photos per photoset: 40 - 100 photos.
number: 800+
runtime: 15-20 minutes
size: 200 MB - 1 GB+, depending on which quality you choose.
Format: WMV
Definition/quality: medium, high, HD (the best, highest quality)
number: 1,000+
Photo dimensions: 1000 x 1500 pixels width x height.
Photo size: about 200 KB.
-Update rate:
1 photoset per day, average.
1 video every 2 days, average.

I don't know why the the photosets at 18 Only Girls are so unsatisfying.
The quality of the photosets is far below what you find at a glamor-style site like Met-art or MPL Studios, in terms of definition, appeal, etc. The style of the photosets is like what is shown at sites like Teen Stars Magazine (an archive site) or My Precious Virgins. Except that what
is shown at Teen Stars Magazine and My Precious Virgins is done much better. The photosets at 18 Only Girls are like a pale imitation of the
much better photosets at the other two sites. And compared to glamor photo sites like Met-art or MPL Studios, the photosets at 18 Only Girls are
almost worthless. The photosets are like snapshots from the 1960s or 1970s. Even though they are nude photosets, the 18 Only Girls photosets lack sexiness. My guess is that the lack of sexual appeal is due to the washed-out appearance of the colors in the photos.

Content appears to be shared between the 18 Only Girls site and the Young Legal Porn site. This is true of photosets and videos. I am looking at a
recent photoset at 18 Only Girls, titled
"Horny_coed_girl_striping_and_toying_her_snatch_1295819441_only_674", with the model named Drew. But even though the photoset is posted at 18 Only
Girls, each photo has a YoungPorn.net watermark.
There seems to be some confusion in naming The Young Legal Porn site: The Young Legal Porn site is called both Young Legal Porn and is also called Young Porn. The site is advertised as Young Legal Porn, but the address bar of the site itself uses YoungPorn instead, and the watermarks on the photosets show YoungPorn.net.

The videos, unlike the photosets, have value. The videos are professionally shot, and are very high quality: Good to excellent lighting, focus, definition, camera-work. There are a large number of videos at this site worth watching, as long as
you are satisfied with a softcore approach to pretty young teens: the sex is solo, or lesbian, or some boy-girl, but it's not hard-edged or abusive.

01-23-11  06:51pm

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Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The best site design of this network I've seen so far.
-Nice-sized thumbnail for each model, giving you a good idea of what the model looks like. Many of the network sites have no nice-sized thumbnail of the model, so you have to play the streaming video or download the complete video before you get an idea of what the model looks like.
-Multiple viewing/downloading options:
Steaming: in low, medium, high quality
Screenshots: good sized, blurry to nice quality, to illustrate the video, could be downloaded as individual photos, but mainly useful to see what
the model looks like and to get an idea of the action.
Download options:
WMV, low, medium, high quality
-Advertises daily updates of videos.
-Easy login to site.
-I don't like captcha, but this site has the easiest to read captcha that I've seen.
Search is basic but functional: search by model name returns model's videos and thumbnail of model.
Cons: Mostly minor:
-There is a site timeout. But login is easy.
-Advertises 500+ teen porn videos. My sense is there are far less videos at the site, but since there is no simple txt listing of videos, I won't take the time and effort to count the videos.
-A high-speed connection is really helpful. A high quality 30 minute video file is about 1.3 GB. To download that file takes 2 hours 30 minutes for a download speed of 150 KB/s. I can't watch the videos in streaming, because they stutter and stop. But I believe most PU members have fast Internet connections so watching a
streaming video would be no problem.
-Search is basic: Can't search by description of model, or by type of sexual activity.
-Need to manually create your own listing for the videos you download. Files are named as 342.wmv, 201.wmv, 199.wmv. Write your own description of model, and whatever else you want to know, with the file name/number.
-Watermark-bottom right corner, larger than needed.
Bottom Line: Excellent hardcore teen video site.
The videos are crystal clear for hardcore. Great definition, good lighting. There is actually foreplay and cuddling and kissing before the
sex in many scenes. Many of the girls are extremely attractive, and even the male teens are good-looking. Good camera work on the videos. Instead of gonzo sex, you get scenes of guys and girls making out and having sex. And during the sex, instead of just shots of 2 or more bodies banging away, you actually get to look at some lovely girls enjoying a sexual experience.
The lighting is generally ok to good. The skin color and skin tone of the models is generally ok to good.
At most of the Euro teen sites, the models are almost all small breasted, which I like. There are some models here with medium-sized or larger
breasts. But all the breasts appear natural. No fake plastic boobies, almost no tattoos on the female models, very little piercing (some belly
button or ear-rings, but that is minor). It's really nice the girls are so young and clean-looking.
Obviously not all videos are going to have good lighting and good skin tone color and good everything else, but the general level of the videos is very high for a hardcore video site.
Most of the videos are 1 boy-1 girl, which is what I prefer.
There are a few vids with 2 boys-2 girls.
I saw 1 lesbian scene.
I saw 1 female solo masturbation scene.
Models take a less gonzo style approach to sex. There is actually some tenderness and cuddling and stroking before getting down to hardcore sex. No strip tease, but a big improvement over the wham-bam-fuck-the-slut approach.
Female models don't give out with a lot of fake moans and groans. They do make some sounds expressing enjoyment and excitement, but these are more believable, natural sounds instead of the show-boaty expressions of American porn where the females start screaming: "GOD", "FUCK THAT CUNT", "OOOHHHWHEEEE!!!" as soon as the male gets within 25 1/2 inches of their body. (Slight exaggeration, possibly, or maybe not. :))
The male models are young, fresh, mainly good-looking teens. In some cases the boys look as good or better than the females.
The male actors treat the females, in general, with liking and respect.
There is little to no humiliation or abuse of the female models.

Bottom Line: This is a hardcore video site that makes a nice change of pace from gonzo sex.

I am giving the site a score of 90, because it's the one of the better hardcore video sites I've seen (not to be compared to DVD sites like
VideoBox or VideosZ) treating the models with respect, affection, gentle sex, whatever.

09-16-10  05:53pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Low intro price of $9.95 first month, recurring $29.95/monthly.
-Loads of attractive models.
-Wide variety of models. You get some content of your popular porn stars, and loads other girls as
-Fast download speeds. I get over 2MB/sec, which is close to my max download speed.
-Easy login. No captcha.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long time before site timeout (I just got timed out. Lost my place. So this site is not as generous as some in site timeout.)
-Professionally shot videos. Good lighting, good colors, good focus, good sound control, etc.
-Lots of niches covered.
-Easy navigation. But there are so many attractive models, you get tired looking through the videos, trying to decide which to view.
-Lots of viewing options. Can stream, or download in different definitions.
-Zip file for photosets.
-Content is basically exclusive.
Cons: -The cons are basically minor.
-The $9.95 for first month is a great bargain for a great network. But renewing at $29.95/month
makes you wonder about renewing.
-There is a pre-checked cross-sell, but it was easy to see and uncheck.
-Initial signup was a little strange. I was rejected 4 times when I tried to use a Master card to sign up. I switched to a Visa card and was accepted the first time.
-For some videos, I get the message: "A plugin is needed to display this content". Most videos will
stream, but a few don't.
-The ultra high quality video files can be large. 1.4 GB for a runtime of 32 minutes.
-The search box returns can be buggy sometimes. You enter "Mia Malkova", who has 2 videos and 2
matching photosets, and the search returns, "Your search - Mia Malkova - did not match any documents." The search box is supposed to search the entire network, not just the site you are currently logged in to.
-The default filename is a random number.
Bottom Line: The site/network is easy to use, once you get over how many models and videos and photosets there are. It should be a real pleasure going through the high quality contents of attractive women doing dirty sex. But the sheer magnitude of the contents-strangely-almost makes it seem like work.

Sites like X-Art and Diesel Access network, while far smaller, just seem easier to use, because,
psychologically, you know there's less material. And I like or appreciate the models at X-Art and
Diesel Access network more. The videos at those sites seem more intimate, the approach is more
glamcore/heartcore. I don't mean the 21SexTury videos are gonzo. But the models at 21Sextury appear more hardcore pros, while the models at the other two sites I mentioned just seem to give a softer, more real vibe to their performances.

-The best things about this network/site: A large number of lovely models. The videos are crystal
sharp, well focused, good lighting, professionally shot, good colors.
-What is unusual, is that the accompanying photosets are really high quality. The photos are taken by professional photographers who know what they are doing. So you have high quality photos of lovely young models in sexual situations.

Most of the sites focus on a particular niche. At other networks, there might be little attempt to focus the content. But this network makes an effort to supply content specific to the theme of the site.

-Can view the photos online, or download the photoset in a zip file.
-The photoset zip files give two options: normal, and high resolution definitions. (Older photosets
might have just a normal definition zip file).
-Photosets have 100+ photos per set.

-Can stream or download the videos.
-Video runtime averages 30+ minutes per video.
Older videos give you a choice of medium or high definition for download.
Newer videos give you more choices for definition for download:
Low quality H.264
Medium quality wmv
Medium quality H.264
High quality wmv
Ultra high quality wmv
Ultra high quality H.264

-You can download the entire video, or can select partial scenes from the video for download.

-With so many sites (you get access to 39 sites), and so many models, and so many videos and photosets to examine, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Just bite the bullet, and keep looking, and you will almost certainly find models and videos and photosets that will appeal.

The introductory price of $9.95 for the first month (recurring at $29.95/month thereafter) makes this a real bargain. I don't know why I haven't tried this site before.

05-20-13  06:31pm

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Visit Anal Angels

Anal Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A large number of Eastern European teens. Many are cute, attractive and even lovely.
-Low price of $20/month with the PU/TBP discount.
-Download options include a choice of high, medium, or low quality WMV files for each video, as well as an MP4 file for portable devices.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long period before site time-out.
-Easy search. Can search by model's name, model rating, or type of sex scene.
-The model listing has a nice-sized thumbnail to show you what the model looks like.
-Most of the network sites are integated into the basic search. So if you look under a model's name, you see all of her videos at the network. And it's easy to bring up each video she appears in by clicking on the thumbnail of that scene. You don't have to re-enter your login information
when switching among different sites of the network.
-With site membership to this site or other sites in the network, you get access to 20-25-30 sites in the network.
-Good download speeds. I get 1.3MB/sec.
Cons: -The cons are mainly minor.
--You watch a large number of these hardcore videos, and the sex starts to get repetitious. Almost all the scenes are inside an apartment. This helps to make the lighting and sound control easier. But maybe some outdoor scenes would add to the variety. Maybe a slight story-line would help give meaning and more eroticism to the hardcore sex. Maybe some strip-tease or foreplay before the hardcore sex would add some spice to the sex.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-But most photosets are not worth saving. The individual photos in a photoset are better than sceencaps, but not much better. Even when you
have an attractive model, the model is not presented attractively. At Metart, MPL Studios, Femjoy, they try and often succeed in making the
model poses attractive. But at this site, the style of the individual photos is more like a screencap of the video shoot. No effort is made to frame the shots artistically or erotically.
Bottom Line: -This site, and the Teen Mega World/Royal Cash network, is one of the best offerings for hardcore teen videos, with lots of attractive teen models, lots of hardcore videos covering a wide range of sexual activity, combined with a low membership fee.
-The site contents include:
51 vids.
51 Matching photosets based on the video.

The photos in each photoset are better than screencaps. But as I said earlier, even when you have attractive or lovely models, the photosets are not worth saving. What is worth saving are some of the really nice hardcore videos.

The site contents are nice. But what really gives the site its main value is the included access to the most of the Royal Cash network.

I am giving this site a score of 91. That is based on the network access included in a membership. If the site was judged on a stand-alone basis, obviously the score would be much lower, because of the smaller amount of
content at the site.

04-06-12  09:48am

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Visit AT Movs

AT Movs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login.
-No download limits.
-No DRM.
-Streaming option.
-Multiple download options: High, medium, low quality WMV file. A low quality MP4 file for portable devices.
-Simple navigation. Could be improved, but fairly easy to examine site contents.
-Nice integration into rest of network. A search on model's name returns all her content at the network, instead of just the single site's content.
Cons: -No model bios.
-Some plot or buildup to the sex would add value to the videos.
-The action becomes predictable after watching a number of videos. These are mainly attractive girls getting fucked, but you need some variety or freshness to give the video meaning.
-The videos and photosets are true to the site theme of amateur teen action. That is both a plus and a minus. I wish the videos had higher production value, because these are attractive young girls. Their freshness and physical attractiveness is not emphasized in the videos and photos.
-Archive site. No updates since 2010-06-15.
Bottom Line: This is part of the Teen Mega World (Royal Cash) network. The site used to be called Amateur Teen Movs, was renamed ATMovs. The site structure was also reformatted to the more easily usable form
found at most of the Teen Mega World sites.
Many models at the nework used to have multiple names. Which made searching for their content harder. Someone put in some good effort and
gave most of the models a single name. Also, a search was added that
searches throughout the network sites for content under a model's name, instead of a search specific to a single site. And the search returns not just the videos for a model, but hot links to those videos.
Not all the models' content has been renamed. Jelena has a video at ATMOVS. She is also the same model named Willa found at Teen Sex Movs,
Teen Sex Mania, Beauty Angels and other sites in this network. But most of the models I checked did have a single name, which makes searching so much easier.
Site content is hardcore teen sex. Mainly boy-girl, with a few 2 boys-1 girl or 1 boy-2 girls or 2 boys 2-girls. This is straight hardcore sex,with no buildup or tease factor or plot. The girls are real teens, Eastern European, many are attractive. There are very few tattoos or piercings.
The site style is a good representation of the site's original name: amateur teen movs. The models are fresh young teens who are captured
fucking on video. The camera-style and setting is amateur, home style.

Site statistics:
Number of videos: 159.
Video runtime: around 25 minutes.

Number of photosets: 159 (Photoset is a photo record of a video shoot).
Number of photos per photoset: 87-200.
Individual photo: 45-70 KB.
Photo width x height: 720 x 576 pixels.
Note: the photos are nice-quality screencaps, but not worth saving.

Multiple download options for video:
High quality WMV, medium quality WMV, low quality WMV, low quality MP4 (for portable devices).

File size for high quality 15 minute clip: 372 MB = 24.8MB/minute.
File size for high quality 21 minute clip: 509 MB = 24.2MB/minute.
File size for high quality 26 minute clip: 631 MB = 24.3MB/minute.

High quality video:
Frame width x height: 720x576.
Total bitrate: 3168kbps.

You can join this site directly or through Teen Mega World. Using the PU/TBP discount link a membership costs $19.95/month. A membership through this site or through Teen Mega World gives you access to most of the network sites.

Most of the network sites are no longer updating. But there are several sites in the network that are updating. So you get access to a large amount of teen content, with a nice update schedule from the sites that are updating.

The network access raises this site's score to 85.

05-31-11  09:39am

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Visit Beauty Angels

Beauty Angels

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy log-in.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Can download or stream videos.
-Multiple download options.
-Fairly simple navigation. The owners are working to make the entire network contents easier to view and enjoy, by redesigning the sites, adding hot links, model thumbnails for an index, simplifying the search.
-Download manager allowed-I used DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds. I consistently got 620-630 KB/s, which is my maximum download speed.
-Content is dated.
-Zip file for each photoset.
Cons: -Most cons are minor.
-The system for viewing individual photos should be replaced with a simpler system where you simply click on a thumbnail of the photo you want
to view, and an enlarged photo should appear.
-The default filename for a download is a generic name, such as 305.sethigh.wmv or 141.sethigh.wmv. The default filename should be a more useful description, such as including the name of the female model, or the date the video was posted.
-There is some sharing or migration of content.
The video of Marissa at nubilegirlshd posted 2010-02-24 is the same video at beauty-angels posted 2010-12-14. Both sites are part of the Teen Mega World network. The video is the same, but the filename it is saved as is different. So you don't realize it's the same video, unless you play the files, and remember the scene.
-The file size of the photos (200+ Kb) indicates high quality. But the photographic quality is low: Any quality photo site like Met-art has much better photos.
Bottom Line: The site features Eastern European teen models.
Many are attractive. They are clean, with few tattoos or piercings. The sex action is varied: solo, masturbation, girl-girl, boy-girl. Most scenes are indoors. So the lighting is generally good, because indoor lighting is far easier to control than outdoor lighting. Because of good
lighting, the colors are good: good skin tones, good colors for foreground/background. No annoying background music.
The girls are not necessarily the most beautiful you've ever seen, the videos are not the highest quality definition or the most erotic techniques, but you get a large number of attractive models, nicely captured in good quality videos.
Multiple choices for video download:
High Quality (WMV)
Medium Quality (FLV)
Low Quality (MP4) (for Portable Devices)
The high quality WMV files are about 440 MB for a 14 minute clip, to
526 MB for 16 minute clip.
Frame width x height: 1280x720.
Total bitrate: 4224 kbps.
Videos run from about 12 minutes to about 30 minutes.
Update rate: 1 video + matching photoset every 2-6 days. Erratic update rate, but very good overall, considering other sites in the network are updated as well.
Number of videos: 130.
Number of photosets 130.
Number of photos per photoset: about 90-205.
Each photoset is a photo record of a video shoot.
Improved interface/navigation. You can now transfer from one site to the next in the network, simply by clicking on the hotlink for that site, without having to enter your login information.
You can also switch sites by clicking on the hotlink for a model's video.
This is one of the newer sites in the Teen Mega World/Royal Cash network. Joining Beauty Angels directly costs $29.95/month, and gives you access to maybe 24 network sites.
Joining through Teen Mega World costs $19.95/month, and should give you access to Beauty Angels, along with 25 other network sites.
So save yourself $10 and join through Teen Mega World instead of through Beauty Angels.
Beauty Angels is a fine addition to the Teen Mega World network.
Pat362 has mentioned that the content at Beauty Angels is leased, and is also found at smackmybitch and 18xgirls. So it does not make sense to join either smackmybitch or 18xgirls, when you can join the Teen Mega World network and get a lot of the content that is at the other two sites, along with access to a huge amount of additional content from the other Teen Mega World sites.

03-30-11  08:31pm

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Visit Best Fucked Teens

Best Fucked Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Zip files for photosets.
-Can download videos as AVI or WMV files.
-Can download a video as a single file, or download segments of the video.
-Can use a download manager. I used DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds. I regularly got about 1.3MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
Cons: -Content not dated.
-The zip file for a single photoset offers only one size definiton. There is no low, medium, high quality choices.
-The models in the photosets are not named.
-You only get a single, low-definition choice for the videos. No medium or high definition option. And the low-definition is really poor, 400x300.
-The photosets download with the default filename of "gallery.zip". So you have to rename each download, or the following zip files either won't
download, or will over-write the previous "gallery.zip" file.
-The captcha on login is hard to read.
-No search function.
-Navigation is basic.
-I found no videos worth keeping.
-The photos are better quality than the videos, but I found no photos worth keeping.
-No streaming. Have to download a video to watch it.
-No model index.
-No model bios.
-Some WMV video files can't be played, because neither Windows Media Player or VLC Player could recognize the file's input.
Bottom Line: Site specs:

Number of videos: 38
Average runtime of video: from 10 to 40 minutes.
Videos can be downloaded in AVI and WMV format.

AVI files:
400x300 width x height.
1,213 kbps total bitrate

WMV files:
400x300 width x height.
1,214 kbps total bitrate

Number of photosets: 219
Average number of photos per set: from 25 to 40.
Photo dimensions: 768x1024 pixels.

The number of photosets seems large. Certainly far larger than the 38 videos. But the reason for the large number of photosets is that photos of
a single video shoot are often separated into a number of photosets, so that the site contents appear larger. A single photoset is small, usually between 20 and 40 photos.

This is a hardcore teen site.
This is an archive site. Even though the content is not dated, I believe the content was shot years ago.

The video quality is poor. There are many reasons for the poor video quality. The main factor is the low definition of the videos. You only get
one definition in the video, and this is such a low definition that you see lines in the video on playback. This is such a low-definition video
that it's lower than the lowest definition offered at major sites like Teen Mega World or Nubiles. The colors in the videos are poor. The
costumes the models wear are cheap. The sets are cheap.

The models can be good looking, and they can put on a good show sexually. But they are wasted in these low-quality videos.

The photos are better quality than the videos. The video quality is just awful. The photos are decently photographed softcore and hardcore. Not
artistic, or sensual, but ok shots of hardcore action. The photos are low-definition, very little production values, but still better than the god-awful videos.

This site's contents might have had some value maybe 10 years ago. But compared to what is being offered today at other teen sites, this site is a waste of time and money.

Truthfully, you will find better quality videos at free tube sites than what you can find at this site.

09-09-12  03:52am

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Visit Big Fat Creampie

Big Fat Creampie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Niche: heavyset females.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Easy log-on. Enter username and password. No secret word usually.
-Movie options:
--Can watch streaming video high or low quality.
--Can download WMV format high or low quality.
-Screenshots clearly illustrate action in the video.
-Nice quality videos for porn (see bottom line).
Cons: -Limited content: 63 videos at the site
-WMV format only for downloads.
-Infrequent updates. Site has been around since at least May 2007, has only 63 videos. Updates once every 1-8 weeks or so (very irregular updates).
Bottom Line: Niche site of heavyset females.
Only 63 videos at the site. Total size of site: 25 Gb. The videos are nice quality.
- Anal (9)
- Cream pie (36)
- Ebony (5)
- Mature/MILF (11)
-Videos run about 17-32 minutes
-Bit rate: 2115 kbps
-Dimensions: 720x480
Anyone who is into heavy-set females can download all the material at this site, with a fast connection, in a few days.

And then you can move on to the other sites in the netFameSolutions network that have much more content. Membership in any one of the sites offers access to all 19 sites. There are some sites in the network with broad appeal, and with large amount of good-quality videos (good video quality, good lighting, good color, good focus, good editing, etc. for a good quality porno video).
Some of the really nice sites in this network include:
Devils Film
Peter North
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

By itself, this site has limited value, for a score of 70, but the main value of site membership lies in access to all the network sites.

07-28-09  07:18pm

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Visit Creampie Angels

Creampie Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long interval before site timeout.
-Easy login.
-The models are real teens. Mainly attractive.
-Access to 20+ other sites in the teen network.
-Easy transfer to other sites in the network (don't need to re-enter your login information, just select a hot link).
-Easy to use basic search: Search by model name returns all her content at the network, not just the current site you are at.
-Videos can be streamed online or downloaded.
-Zip file for photosets.
-The layout is the same as most of the other Teen Mega World sites, which makes the navigation fairly simple and easy.
Cons: -Small site. Currently 32 videos (and matching photosets). The site is new. TBP states the site started in May, 2011 (this month).
But the first videos are dated starting 2010-11-02.
Only 32 videos, but site is currently updating. And you get access to over 20 other sites in the network.
-Irregular update rate. Based on video posting dates, you get 1 video (and matching photoset) every 10, 16, 13, 4, 4, 2, 4, 8 days or so.
-Models speak Russian(?), with no subtitles. But this is minor. There is very little talking before or during the sex.
-No model bio beyond the model's name and age.
Bottom Line: This is one of the newest site offerings from Teen Mega World network (Royal Cash). The theme is creampies. In porn, semen shot into the vagina
or anus is usually referred to a creampie.

A pastry or pie that has a cream filling is also called a creampie, although someone eating a banana cream pie should first inquire if the filling is natural or artificial. (Joke)

Video runtime: about 25 minutes.
File size for high quality WMV file of 25 minute runtime: 847 MB.
Frame width x height: 1280x720.
Total bitrate: 4736 kbps.
Watermark: bottom right corner, not overly obtrusive.

There is a matching photoset for each video.
Number of photos per photoset: about 150.
Photo file size: 180 KB - 320 KB.
Photo width x height: 1440 x 960 pixels.
These are not art-house photos. But the photos are an excellent record of the video shoot. The individual photos are well shot: they are in focus, nicely framed. Good lighting, good colors for skin tones, good color for background and foreground sets. They are much better than simple screen shots.
A zip file is available for each photoset.

Download options include: high quality WMV, medium quality WMV, medium quality FLV, and a lower quality MP4 (for portable devices).

Streaming option available.

Basically, with the high quality WMV file, you get a good quality video to watch (good quality in terms of technical video: how the video was shot and recorded). The content is straight teen sex, with no frills.

The videos are shot inside, usually in a bedroom or living room. So it's easy to control lighting and sound. Good lighting means good film colors
(skin tones, color of background and foreground sets). A few videos could have used more lighting. There is no annoying music track. There is little or no background noise (street sounds, airplane noise, wind, annoying music or sounds from TV or CD player).
The camera-work is OK to good (steady camera, ok framing of shots).
This is straight bread-and-butter sex: No plot or buildup, a boy and girl start sex minutes after the video starts (You might count the few kisses
and groping the guy does as the buildup.) You get vaginal, anal, bj.The scenes end with a view of the girl's vagina or anus leaking cum (and with the guy and girl kissing a few times). This is a mix of porn and romance on the bread-and-butter level.

The girls do a lot of moaning and groaning during the sex. The early videos at this network from a few years ago had girls who were mainly silent during the sex. I guess they were told to make more noise (uhhh, nnhhhhh, uunnnn-uuhhhhhhh) to make the videos more exciting. The moaning and groaning is soft-to-conversational sound level, and the guys help out by contributing a few moans and groans.

Joining this site directly costs $29.95/month. Joining Teen Mega World for $19.95/month gives you access to Creampie Angels as well as over 20 other sites in the network. So save yourself $10 and join through Teen Mega World (using the PU/TBP discount link).

05-24-11  10:30am

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Visit Cumshot Oasis

Cumshot Oasis

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -This site focuses entirely on facials: girl gives blowjob, guy finishes off shooting onto her face.
-There are a large number of video clips of this content. Currently 822 clips.
-easy logon to site
-no timer cutoff from site
-no DRM
-no download limits
-video clips are short, most from 4-10 minutes
-video clips are ok to nice quality
-sample specs for video clips:
--bit rate: 2115
--dimensions: 720x480
Cons: -Very basic navigation
-What information do they give in the clip listing?:
--sometimes model in clip is listed, sometimes not
--size of clip (MB) is listed
--number of vid caps illustrating clip is listed

That's all the information you get. To search thru these clips, you have to look at the vid caps, or play clip itself

-Do not give title of clip (what porno DVD title clip came from or the scene #)
-Do not give length of clip (playtime for the clip)
-Many times, do not give name of model in the clip
-No date for when clip was made

-Some PU members want high-quality video. Don't get that here.
-No search engine to navigate site
Bottom Line: CONS (continued):
-can not search by name of model, or any other factor. Have to visually look thru the clips, which have 6 sample screen caps each. If you want to examine clip more closely to see if it's worthwhile, then can click thru to examine the additional screen caps, or click thru to see the clip streaming. But to see the click streaming, takes 2 mouse clicks; need 2 mouse clicks to see the additional screen caps. A lot of work and time and effort to try to examine the site contents of short-length video clips.

-It is difficult to organize downloaded clips on your PC because of lack of DVD title and scene #, and for many clips, lack of model name. Most of these clips are short, many about 4-10 minutes, so they are only partial scenes, unlike most DVD clips from other sites which are entire scenes usually lasting approximately 16 minutes.

-A lot of attractive female models, late teens or early 20s, very little tatoos, very little piercings
-the male models that appear with the females are usually nice-looking guys in their late teens or 20s, usually clean-cut.

This is part of the netFameSolutions network, where you get 19 sites for 1 membership price.
There are some member sites that might be worth joining as a stand-alone site:

You get the really nice sites, and the other sites can be considered bonus material, when you join the network.

This site focuses almost entirely on the blowjob that ends in a facial. Even though there are plenty of young, attractive models in the video clips, the action gets repetitious after a while. Personally, I would really enjoy a little variety in the action. Add a nice search engine, add a listing for each clip that includes the name of the model, the DVD title and scene # the clip came from, the time length of the video clip, the date the clip was made, and the site would be much easier to use.

Giving the site a score of 87 for the value of the network. As a solo site, in spite of a large number of short clips that are ok-to-nice quality, with nice-looking models, there's too much work involved in trying to organize or view the clips in a non-random way. As a solo site this would score in the 50s.

07-05-09  10:41pm

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Visit Curry Creampie

Curry Creampie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Niche: Indian models (from India).
-$14.95/month special price thru PU/TBP.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Small watermark bottom right corner on videos.
-Can search by series, title of DVD, actor, etc.
-Can view videos streaming in high or low quality.
-Can download videos in high or low quality.
-Screenshots illustrate the video action.
Cons: -mbaya pointed out in a comment dated 08-26-08 that some of the "Indian". models are non-Indians dressed up to look like Indians.
-WMV format only for downloads.
-No photos except for screenshots.
Bottom Line: Site stats:
Movies: 92
Hours: 45
Site size: 41 GB
General category: Indian/Hindu (92 movies)
-Anal (7)
-Big Breast (14)
-Cream pie (49)
-Cum swallow (3)

-Stats for videos:
-Bit rate: 2115 kbps
-Dimensions: 720x480

Videos are nice-quality, average about 30 minutes each.

This is a niche site, small-sized content, for Indian models.
The first video I saw at the site, the model spoke English with an American accent, like she grew up in the United States. No Indian accent at all. Had a jewel in her forehead, some necklace that might have been Indian, but no sense of being Indian at all, just a hardcore porn model with brownish skin-tone. So with the stream of "hot, dirty" talk out her mouth, there was no illusion of an Indian girl having sex. Instead, get a porn clip of a standard porn model-slut giving a bj and getting fucked, with a lot of fake moans, groans, dirty-talk, fake-excitement sex.
Is it better to watch a video with so much fake bullshit with the sound turned off? Since I didn't think the model was attractive, I thought it better to turn off the clip entirely, and watch a different clip in hopes of finding something better.

2nd clip I watched, same thing: A girl from United States claiming she was from Bombay, speaking American English, no accent, a lot of dirty sex talk before and during the sex coming out of her mouth, sort of like verbal diarrhea.

3rd clip I watched, a different girl with US English, no accent. This girl didn't bother with the dirty talk; her moans and groans, while still fake, were softer and less annoying than the first two girls. So she was a big improvement over the first two girls, though not Indian either.

Attractiveness of the models: Not gorgeous, not by a mile, but ok looking.

With a fast connection, you could download the entire site in a few days.
If you're into Indian women, or want a change from the Euro models of many sites, you can look through the site contents in a few days (with a fast connection and a lot of free time). Does it make a difference that many of the models aren't really Indian, but dressed up to look like Indian? That depends on your own mind-set. My problem is that many of the models act like standard porn sluts, especially with the dirty talk and the fake moans of passion, and that detracts from the sex. And the sex is straight bj, screwing vaginal, anal, whatever. No storyline, no buildup, no tenderness or anything to add to the fuck-fuck-fuck action.
If you enjoy straight fucking (with bj, vaginal and anal) with no bells or whistles, you might find the site worthwhile.

The videos are professionally shot of good quality and are decent to watch visually. My problem is the sex is straight hardcore sex with nothing to make it interesting to me.
Curry Creampie is part of the netFameSolutions network of 19 sites. Membership in any one of the sites allows full access to all the sites, with a large mixture of good quality broad and niche content.

07-30-09  06:51am

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Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Content is dated.
-Currently updating. One new scene/video per week.
-The home page and inside pages are clean, with nice thumbnails illustrating the scenes/videos on offer.
-No ads to clutter up the member pages.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Special PU discount for the first month of $9.95.
-The models are listed for each scene.
-The categories are listed for each scene. For example, one scene shows the following categories: Lesbian, Hardcore, Natural tits, Big Breast, Public nudity & voyeur. So you know who the models are, and what the action in the scene is about.
-Can watch the videos streaming, or download.
-There is a listing of the models. The listing has a nice thumbnail to show you what the model looks like.
-Click on the thumbnail of the model in the listing, you get a bigger-sized picture of the same thumbnail, plus the sites in the netFameSolutionsnetwork the model appears.
Cons: -The next step in integrating the model listing would be to not just list the sites a model appears in, but to have a hot link for each video the model is in, at all the network sites. Teen Mega World does this, and it makes search/navigation so much easier. But with netFameSolutions network (this network), you first have to login to your signup site, then switch to the site you want to examine (because you found a listing appearance of your model), and then go to the model listing at that site, click on her name, and that will bring up links to her videos at that site.
-Sometimes a streaming video will pause or stop. Not sure why. Streaming is only 240p or 540p, my download speed is about 1.3 MB/sec, so I should
be able to stream with no problem.
But I prefer downloading over streaming, and the download options have higher definitions than the streaming.
-Uncheck the pre-checked cross-sell at signup, or you will be charged for a trial subscription to a different site.
Bottom Line: CONS (Continued):

-Did not see a zip option for the photosets.
-If you save the photos, apparently there is only one definition offered.
No choice of low, medium or high.

You can view the photosets online. You can see each photo as a thumbnail or enlarged to a full-sized image. Then you can switch to the next photo in the series by using an arrow link.

-You can use DownThemAll (a download manager) or some other program to download the photosets. But zip files would be more convenient.


Site statistics:
Movies: 297
Average length of movies: 5 - 14 - minutes
DVDs: 54
Pornstars: 263
Hours: 92
Total Size: 81 Gb

Picture sets: 283
Pictures per set: 9 - 460
Zip sets: No
High Res: No

Streaming has 2 or 3 choices:
540p (their version of high definition)

Download in WMV or MP4 files:
240p (low)
480p (high)

240p (low)
480p (high)
540p (Web hd)
720p (hd)
1080p (full hd)

Videos can run 5 - 30 minutes.

A very nice addition to the netFameSolutions network. This site emphasizes artsy, sophisticated hardcore. Not gonzo. The lighting can be dark, to add atmosphere. They aim for erotic, seductive scenes.

The scenes/videos/movies are taken from DVDs the studio, Daring Media, puts out. There is a wide variety of sex on display: blowjobs, pussy licking, fucking by couples, group sex, masturbation, lesbian, voyeur, bondage, There is variety in the settings as well: nightclub, beach, in ancient Rome. There are many attractive models in the vids, in their twenties or early thirties.

I especially enjoyed the Roma series, set in the days of ancient Rome. It teaches you the proper way to live your life. The series starts out with a noble Roman commander, who says his daughter just died giving birth, and now he needs some distraction. So he and a male companion turn to a lovely brunette, who just happens to be lying on a couch in the same tent, and the two men fuck the brunette's brains out. At the same time, a third Roman, also in the tent, starts fucking a second woman lying on a different couch. You would think the commander, being in charge, would have a woman all to himself. But I guess that Romans/Italians think a second guy is helpful in getting the woman aroused, and in finishing her off.

The acting on the videos is not always entirely realistic, but it can be interesting to watch, at times. And it gives you an idea of how large the
Roman tents were, to hold all those women on their couches, when the Romans needed some distraction from the fighting and whatnot.

You get this site with access to the netFameSolutions network. And it makes a nice change of pace from their gonzo offerings. From earlier comments and reviews, this site will appeal to some people, while others will think it's a waste of time.

05-13-12  11:25am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Low membership price with PU discount. $9.95 for first month.
-Easy logon.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Membership in Devils Film gives you network access to many sites in the netFame Solutions network.
-This one site, not counting other sites in the network, gives you a huge amount of hardcore videos and photosets.
-It updates every day.
Cons: -Make sure to uncheck the pre-checked cross-sell when signing up, or you will automatically be signed up to a different site as well, which will turn into an expensive membership once the trial period ends.

-Little effort is made to make the models attractive. For example, Ashlyn Rae has photosets at other sites where she is really attractive, and hardcore videos as well. At this network, she is plain-looking, and you have to look twice to see it's the same girl.

-Navigation is lousy.
Too much content to search through, with poor search engine.

-Listing of models is poor: you get small thumbnails that don't give you a clear picture of the model. Many thumbnails are missing, so there is no picture of the model. Also, under the name of a model, it can often show videos of the wrong model.

-Many times, the models in the videos are not identified, so you don't know their names, and searching for other videos featuring them is difficult.
Bottom Line: Cons (continued):
-You can download videos as MP4 or WMV files, in 240p or 480p. 480p is much less high definition than the videos at Nubiles or Teen Mega World or many other sites.

-Sometimes have to re-enter your login information (username and password) when changing sites within the network. Other networks can make changing between sites easy.

-When watching streaming videos,even though the resolution is only 480p and my download speed is about 1.3MB/sec, the videos will often start and stop, start and stop. So streaming is a poor option for me.

-The monthly renewal price is $29.95, so be sure to cancel your membership before your first month's membership is renewed at the higher price.

Bottom Line:

Site Statistics:
Movies: 5608
DVDs: 1107
Pornstars: 2826
Pictures: 262010

For $10 the first month, you get a huge amount of hardcore videos. With the network access, you also get a wide variety of different niches. So it's well worth the price.

Some of the main bonus sites include Silverstone DVD, Silvia Saint, Peter North DVD and Rocco Siffredi.

With so much material to browse, I wish the search was easier to use. And I wish the video definition was higher. And that the models were presented more attractively.

Giving the site a score of 85. You get access to a boatload of hardcore gonzo videos in many categories, as well as access to some other very worthwhile network sites.

05-07-12  09:47pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login. Enter username and password, which can be saved.
-Updates with new series and older series. Offering parodies of Mad Men, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Twilight, etc.
-Huge amount of content. 1722 Gb.
-Wide variety of content. 4637 movies, with wide variation of sexual activity.
-Can stream or download videos:
--Stream in high or low definition. Many videos can be streamed in HD (supposed to be higher than the regular "high definition" used at their site).
--Can download as high or low definition WMV file.
-No download limits.
-No site timeout.
Cons: -Uncheck the pre-checked agreement to join another site on signup, or you will be charged for a trial membership to another site.
-Poor search engine.
-Video quality (definition) could be improved. This is basic DVD quality video. Many PU members want better quality videos to watch, and will
complain about much of the video content at this site. But the newer material is higher definition.
-The only download format is WMV.
-No zip file for photosets.
Bottom Line: This is a major site in the netFameSolutions network. There are about 5 sites in the network that update consistently. The other sites have few to no updates. Many of the updates at the smaller sites are older clips from one of the 5 main sites.
The 5 main sites in this network:
Devils Film
Peter North
Rocco Siffredi
Silvia Saint
Silverstone DVD

The other sites in the network are niche sites.
Each of the 5 main sites is large, with a large number of DVD quality video clips. These are professionally shot videos, with good basic
technical features: good lighting, good focus, etc. There are a number of attractive models at each of the main sites.
The video quality is good, not great. Don't expect high-quality definition, because you will be seriously disappointed if you have that
expectation. Most of the video content is from 5-10 years ago or more. The videos have not been remastered to today's higher quality standards. But if you are familiar with the DVDs from 5-10 years ago, you will have a huge selection of video clips that cater to a wide range of sexual
preferences: mainly boy-girl, but also group sex (meaning 3 or more people in a sex scene); and there are niche sites that offer tranny, granny,
lesbian, MILF, Indian, etc. The quality of the newer videos is better than for the older videos. You do not get the HD quality of some sites, but the newer videos are nice quality.

The high quality clips are about
-400 MB for a 27 minute clip.
-total bitrate of about 2100 kbps.
-frame width x height: 720 x 400

Devils Film itself, like the other 4 main sites, has a wide variety of content. The content is mainly separated by category or series.
There are photosets, but they are useful for illustrating what the model looks like, and what the video action is. The site uses a software system where you can view each photo. But the system is really clunky and slow. You slowly load each photo as a thumbnail separately. You are supposed to be able to enlarge the thumbnail by clicking an icon, which might or might not work to enlarge the thumbnail. And to get to the next thumbnail, you click an icon, and wait for the thumbnail to load. A really stupid and slow system.
No zip file for the photosets, but most of the models in the photosets are not attractive anyway.
Search is basic and could be vastly improved. You can search by series, by name of model. The results for searching by name of model bring up clips at the Devils Film site plus other sites in the network the model is featured. But you have to know the name of the model for this to work. Not all models are listed for every clip. And there are other problems with the search. The model named Barbara at DevilsFilm is supposed to be in a clip at RoccoSiffredi, but the model named Barbara at RoccoSiffredi is a different model.
The price to join the network is $9.95/month, through PU/TBP. That gives you access to a huge amount of content of wide variety.

11-02-10  09:28am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: PROS:
-Advertise 1000+ movies
-Advertise exclusive content
-Advertise 2400 Gigs
-Advertise daily updates
-No timeout from site
-Vid caps available for video clips-not good as a picture to enjoy, but good for illustrating the
video content of the clip
-the videos are good quality: they are not the very high quality super softcore like you will find at Femjoy, but these are well shot porn videos: good focus, good lighting, good skin colors, a lot of the vids have attractive female models. No story to the video clips, just straight hardcore sex.
These are professionally shot videos (not amateurish videos where they often cut off the model's head from the shot, use a jerky, hand-held camera, etc.)
-videos are clean: no annoying remarks by cameraman/director; no annoying flashes and clicks of a photographer separately photographing the video shoot
-no download limits
-no DRM
-large number of different categories/niches
-easy to use streaming option to watch the video clips
Cons: PROS(cont):
-Can download movies as .wmv files in choice of 2 file sizes: small and large
-personal taste-most of the clips I saw had models with "natural"-appearing breasts. I like
natural, not the huge fake breasts many porn stars have. So this was positive for me. Also, there are a large number of good-looking young models in the vid clips
-search by movie title, category/niche, name of model, devils film series
-easy logon. Don't have to play "Enter the secret letters" game, just username and password
-no simple listing of date video was posted
-no simple listing of model name in video segment(many clips, don't know who the model is)
-most video sites have multiple formats for download, devils film only has .wmv format
-minor quibble-There is some duplication of video clips. Not a lot. Where the same video clip is given a different file name. 2689_07_big.wmv and 0658_03_big.wmv are the same video clip, with different file names.
Bottom Line: CONS(cont):
The title name for the first one is: "18 year Olds Love Cum #02 - Scene 7"
The title name for the second one is: "Eight Teen Tryouts #09 - Scene 3"
Maybe the distribution company put the same video clip on two separate DVD video titles, and that is why the same clip has two different file names and two different titles, but I don't want
duplicate clips on my hard drive with different titles/file names that I don't realize are the same video clip unless I happen to watch them and remember they are the same.
-Quibble-When I find a model I like, then do a search for the rest of her videos, it usually turns out she has very few videos at devils film. Strictly speaking, that's not their fault, because they have a large number of videos, but it is still disappointing
-navigation could be improved. It's not terrible, but it could be a lot easier to find and get to
the video clips/photos you are looking for. In many clips the models are not identified, so that
makes searching for a specific model difficult, when you don't know her name.
-the site layout should have model's name clearly connected to each video clip/photoset, so it's
easy to see name of the model you are looking at
-This is a video site. The useful pix are vid caps, that serve to show you what the vid clip is
-There are photosets of models at devils film. I enjoy the lovely, erotic, enticing photos at met-art, femjoy, mplstudios, domai, justteensite, mypreciousvirgins, etc. These are quality picture
sites. I look at the photosets at devils film, and I think, "garbage". I admit I am spoiled, but I see no value or attractiveness in the photos. This site has hardcore photosets, which many of the picture sites I listed do not, so maybe some people will enjoy the hardcore photos, but they are not "good-looking", erotic, or exciting, as far as I am concerned
I don't have a lot of experience with video sites. So I can't give a good comparison of the value of this site. What I can say is that pornaccess is a video site that I thought had poor quality videos, terrible navigation, terrible search. Devils film has good quality videos, much easier navigation, much better search. There are a lot of good-looking female models in the videos.
Considering that you get 17 different sites in the network along with devils film, I think the site is worth a 1-month membership of $14.95 you get thru PU. It's not the same as a mega-site like VideosZ or VideoBox, but I think the site/network has a lot of value.
edit 1: I logged on today, and was required to enter a "secret word", along with username and password. This was first time I had to enter a secret word, and it was easy to see the letters.

06-20-09  07:37pm

Replies (2)
Visit Dirty Doctor

Dirty Doctor

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Adding 1 new video about every 5 days.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Videos cab be streamed and also downloaded.
-There are multiple choices for download: high quality, medium quality, and MP4 for portable devices.
-You can use a download manager such as DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds.
-Easy logon.
-Long time before site time-out.
Cons: -There is a link to live chats. But the free chats that I saw were a waste of time.
-Tiny site. only 14 videos so far.
-The acting is amateur.
-The plot is unbelievable. An older doctor examines a teenager's vagina. Then he sticks his penis in her mouth. Then he fucks her. She is
supposedly so aroused by the examination that the sex follows naturally. But the sex that is shown has all the passion of a soggy French Fry.
-The doctor and the model speak in a foreign language. Possibly Russian.
No subtitles.
Bottom Line: This is the newest offering from the Royal Cash network. The site is tiny. It only has 14 videos so far.

The site theme is teenage girls visiting a doctor, who examines them. He uses a speculum to examine their vagina. He stimulates the vagina with his finger. Also uses a stethoscope to listen to the vagina. Somehow, the girl is supposedly turned on by the doctor stimulating her vagina with his finger and his tongue. He then puts his penis in her mouth. She then sucks on his penis, and they fuck.

The action is completely unrealistic. The niche where a guy gives a girl a massage and turns her on and they then have sex is a much more believable fantasy. But this theme, of a doctor examining a girl and turning her on, is done in a completely amateur way.

Instead of adding videos to this site, it would be more valuable if they updated the Tricky Masseur or the Squirting Virgin sites. The models they feature at those sites are more attractive. And the plot is more believable. And the models put more passion into their sex.

You have about 14 models at this site, but they are not up to the average attractiveness of the Royal Cash network. The network has a lot of
attractive models, some of which are really good looking. But the models at this site are, so far, just OK looking.

A lot of the models have a backpack. This is supposed to demonstrate the girls are teenagers, in school.

But the girls look like they actually are teens, anyway, and the backpack as a prop is unconvincing. Maybe they could suck on a lollipop, or wear multicolored stockings, which are the normal porn props to show the models
are young.

I'm giving the site a score of 75. That's because you get this site with access to much better sites in the Royal Cash network. But if this was a standalone site, I would give it a score in the 50s.

One last point. If you join this site directly, you pay $29.95/month. Join through Teen Mega World and you pay $19.95/month.

I don't know if access to Dirty Doctor is included with a Teen Mega World membership. But Teen Mega World gives you access to a number of hardcore teen sites: The network has a boatload of good quality hardcore videos, a huge number of very attractive models. And a very low price for all that content.

And if Teen Mega World does not give access to Dirty Doctor, you are missing very little.

06-25-12  10:23am

Replies (1)


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Emphasizes simple, natural look for models. Models can be in a variety of environments (in a field, at the beach, in a house, wherever), but they are trying to appear normal girls, not artsy,
glamorous or exotic
-Small sized sets of many different models. Most photosets range from 20-50+ pictures
-Wide selection of photographers that contribute to this site
-Easy entrance to site for members
-Navigation fairly simple and direct
-Choice of 2 file sizes for most photosets to view or download
-Zip file downloading for photosets
-No download limits
-Has an index of contributing photographers. Under each photographer's name is listed the photosets he shot (with hotlinks to each photoset)
-Exclusive content. You will see many of the site models at other sites, but I've only seen 1 Domai
photoset of a model that was later posted at a different pay site.
Alinda has 1 photoset at Domai, and an expanded version of the photoset was posted at Amour Angels as model Alina, photoset named
Cons: Pros (continued): "Wonderful Time".
Amour Angels has at least 3 models named Alina: The Alina I'm writing about is the blonde, slender girl with small breasts, waist-length hair, and a pretty face.

(Links to free low-res sample pictures of the model were removed due to pornusers guidelines.)

The girl is much more attractive at the higher resolution pictures at Domai and Amour Angels.

(If anyone has seen other photosets of this model, please let me know where, in a reply. I obviously like her.)

-Photosets only. No videos. No live cams.
-Strictly single-model photosets. Softcore nudity. No boy-girl, girl-girl action.(They have a few
photosets where there are two girls together, but the girls are sitting/standing/lying together, not interacting sexually).
-The bonus features they offer are worthless: a newsletter, a few short stories.
Bottom Line: Cons(continued):
-offers small number of short fictional stories by the site founder; useful to put yourself to sleep as an alternative to staring at your navel (as I get older, I find myself getting to be more snippety). Seriously, I find much more humor and enjoyment reading some of the reviews at pornusers
than reading the simple, love life-fellow-man-fellow-woman short stories of the site founder.
-Site newsletter is same style: love life and enjoy nudity and love your fellow man
-Site advertises 36,200 photos. You would think the site would have many more photos than that. The photosets are usually around 20-50+ pictures, and they average around 6 new sets a week recently. That would indicate well over 86,000 pictures because they've been around
since 1997. So why so few pictures listed?
-No bio data on the models
-No posting date listed on the photosets. You can find when the photoset was posted, but that takes
a little work: Have to search each yearly archive for the model's name, to see when that photoset was posted.
-Models are white European girls. Very few girls of other races.

Bottom line:
-On a cost-conscious basis, join for a trial or a 1 month membership, download all the files you want, then rejoin once a year for one month to update any new files.

-Or not rejoin, if you don't appreciate the photosets available at Domai.

11-17-08  12:30am

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Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -High end, glamor style photos of teen and early twenty models.
-Easy login. No captcha.
-Long time before site timeout.
-No DRM.
-Access to live cams.
-Good download speeds. I usually max out my download speed of 1.3MB/sec.
-Easy site navigation. There are a lot of photosets, but it's fairly easy to look through the site to see what you like.
-Each photoset comes in 3 definitions: low, medium, high.
-Download managers work. I use DownThemAll, which works here.
-If you are a member, you can get a discount to other sites in the network through their upgrade option.
-Content is exclusive.
-No watermark on their photos.
-You get a large number of photographers contributing to this site. I think they are
all basically high-end glamor style shoots, with not a large variation in styles, but you get to see how different photographers use this approach.
-The models are clean. Almost no tatoos. Very little piercing.
Cons: -Cons are basically minor. If you like high-end teen softcore glamor photosets, you will probably like this site.
-No videos. Photosets only.
-A few models have more than one name. So if you want to set all their sets, you need a bit of luck to find them.
-The site advertises itself as using amateur models. I think that's misleading. You get a large number of models who have appeared at different porn sites. I think a better description would be that these are attractive young girls that you would like to see more of.
-You get a model bio for each girl, but the bio is very short, with few details.
-Site advertises "Over 10,000 Breathtaking Beauties". I doubt that. MetArt, which has
been around about 6 more years than Erotic Beauty, advertises 2,730 models, and MetArt
updates about 4-6 photosets per day, compared to 1 per day for Erotic Beauty. So Erotic Beauty might have 1,000 models at the site, or less.
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
Number of videos: 0
Number of models: hundreds+

The dimensions of the recently posted photosets:
low definition: 680 x 1024 pixels
medium definition: 1361 x 2048 pixels
high definition: 2000 x 3008 pixels or 2832 x 4256 pixels

This is part of the Met Art Money network. That includes:
Met Art
Erotic Beauty
Sex Art
The Life Erotic
Met Cams
Rylsky Art

You have to join each site separately. You can't join one, and automatically get access to another site in the network. But as cjd2004 pointed out, there is an option to join all the sites in the network at once at signup.

Erotic Beauty used to be called Metmodels. I assume they changed the name to further distinguish itself from MetArt, so people won't automatically compare the two sites to see which site offers the better value.

Erotic Beauty is actually like a smaller sister of MetArt:
MetArt offers up to 6 new updates per day. Recently they have been offering around 4 updates per day. Almost all the updates are photosets, but they usually offer 1 or 2 new videos per week.

Erotic Beauty offers 1 new photoset per day. No videos at the site.

MetArt has a huge collection of models and photosets (and videos, but the videos basically have little value, because they are almost all boring, in spite of featuring lovely young models in the nude).

Erotic Beauty has a large collection of models and photosets, but much smaller than what MetArt has.

If you haven't been a member of either MetArt or Erotic Beauty, the better value is obviously MetArt, because of the greater amount of content at MetArt. But if you've already seen MetArt, and haven't seen Erotic Beauty, and if you like the MetArt content, then Erotic Beauty is definitely worth a visit, because you will find similar content in the photosets at Erotic Beauty.

Almost all the models are in their teens or early twenties. Most are Causcasian. You have a pick of attractive to lovely or gorgeous girls to look at. This is a high-end teen glamor softcore photo site. It doesn't get much better than this. MetArt, Erotic Beauty, MPL Studios, Femjoy are some of the best in the field.

11-27-12  12:00pm

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Visit Ex GF Box

Ex GF Box

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Recently, 1 video update per week for the last month. Before that, no video updates for 2 months.
-Videos are dated.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Can use download manager.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Zip files for photosets.
-Good download speeds. I posted an earlier comment that I was getting poor download speeds through this site. But the problem cleared up. Not sure what the cause was. But I am now getting about 1.36 MB/sec download speeds, which is my maximum download speed.
Cons: -Picture sets are not dated.
-Only one size for downloaded pics: no choice of high, medium, low quality photos.
-The high quality video option is really a low-to medium quality video.
-Frame height x frame width is 720 x 1280.
-A video with a runtime of 10 minutes in WMV format takes 221 MB.
-The models in the vids are not identified by name.
Bottom Line: This is a site with the theme: ex-girl friend. But the site doesn't really accomplish that theme. Instead, it's a mish-mash of low to medium quality vids and pics that have no unifying theme or purpose.

Videos: 101
Photosets: 109
Number of photos per photoset: from 39 to 76.

Bottom line: the site itself has little value. Almost all the videos and photosets are low-to-medium quality.
What gives the site value is the network access to the Royal Cash/Teen Mega World network. The network has a huge number of attractive Eastern
European teens, shown in hardcore videos. I think the network value would be increased if this ExGF Box site was eliminated. Because the site itself
is basically a waste of time.

I am giving the site a score of 90. That is based on the site including access to about 30 sites in the Royal Cash network. The value of the site contents by itself would be low 60s, in my opinion.

04-02-12  09:27pm

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Visit Exclusive Teen Porn

Exclusive Teen Porn

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Most photosets have zips for high, medium, and low res.
-Can search by name of model, by tag (such as blowjobs), etc.
-Each photoset and videos is illustrated with a nice-sized thumbnail of a scene from the shoot, which gives a view of the model. The thumbnails
could be higher quality, but it gives you a basic idea of what the model looks like.
-Content is dated, by when the content was posted to the site.
-Most video shoots have a matching photoshoot. This is good and bad. It increases the content for each girl. But the photoshoots are basically a photo capture of the video shoot. And the photoshoot could easily be improved by using professional makeup on the model, as well as having a professional photographer taking the pictures, so the photos would be better posed, better framed, be more erotic or attractive.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Can stream or download videos.
-Videos can be downloaded as AVI or WMV files.
-DownThemAll download manager works.
-Good download speeds. I regularly got 1.3 MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.

-Video files download with the file name "full.avi" or "full.wmv". So you have to rename each file, or succeeding files won't download into the same folder destination. Also have to re-name the file so you know who the model is, and what the video shows.
-Most photosets are a photo shoot of the corresponding video shoot. So the model is not posed to her best advantage. The model's make-up is not professionally applied. The photos are better than screen caps, but not by much. The photos are not high quality or professionally shot.
-You have some very attractive or cute or lovely models, but the photosets do not take advantage of the model's attractiveness. A wasted opportunity.
-The number of sets per model is completely random.
-Captcha is a little tricky. Could be easier to read.
-Site navigation is primitive. Makes you wish for sites like Teen Mega World, Diesel network, or any other site that is well-designed and easy to use.
-Quality of vids and photosets varies from poor to just OK. Makes you wish for high quality sites, or even just good quality.
-Occasionally some links don't work. You click on a link to stream a model's video, and you get a more-or-less blank page instead of the streaming video.
-Update rate: Slow. One video and one photoset per week.
-Even though streaming a video is easier than downloading the file, the stream degrades the picture slightly. So you are better off downloading the video and playing the file, for better quality viewing. But video quality at Teen Mega World is better. And the video quality at Diesel network and sites like X-Art is even more superior.

Site stats:
Number of videos: 210
Runtime: averages about 21 minutes.
Videos can be streamed or dowloaded.
Download as WMV(1280x720) or AVI(1280x720) files.
The file specs are for the more recent files.

Number of photosets: 217
Number of photos per set: about 120 - 160 photos.
Zip files for high, medium, and low resolution.
The difference in resolution between the high and medium and small is large:
High resolution photo: 5616x3744 pixels
Medium resolution photo: 1666x2500 pixels
Small resolution photo: 682x1024 pixels

On the high resolution photo size, you have each photo taking up 6 MB or more, with attractive models, and the photos are a waste of space: the
models don't appear attractive, the shots are not professionally framed, the film colors are not vibrant, etc.

On the small resolution photo size, each photo takes up 200 KB or more space, which until a few years ago would have meant a high resolution
photo. And the photos are just a waste of space: poorly photographed photos, with no production values. Shot by an amateur who has no feel or
artistic talent. You are shooting lovely girls, and ruining the opportunity, because the photos have no value.

Number of models: 177

There are a large number of Eastern European teens, many of which are featured at other porn sites like Teen Mega World, Diesel, Nubiles. The
same models are presented more attractively at the other sites: Better photography, better videos, better makeup, better costumes.
Even the recent content looks like it was shot by an amateur. A really home-made feel, and that is not a compliment.

Navigation is primitive, making it hard and time-consuming to search the site.

Bottom line: In spite of many attractive teen models, this is a poor choice.

09-06-12  03:36am

Replies (2)


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: PROS:
-Over 200.000 poster size photos
-All photo series come in up to 4000 pixels resolution.
-Photo sets available in 3 different sizes: hi res, med res, lo res
-Zips for photo sets, for each res: hi, med, lo
-over 700 models, many are extremely attractive
-over 100 contributing photographers
-830 additions per year
-10 new HDV movies per month
-Tiny watermark
-No download limit
-choice of multiple formats and definitions for downloading videos
-special new low price $29.95(USD) for 60 days/recurring
-billing from CCBill, a reliable outside billing company
Cons: PROS: (continued)
-content 100% exclusive to this site
-updates are dated
-no automatic time-out from site
-Basic navigation, could be a little easier to use. To download a photoset or video, select the model, look at the photosets or videos available, select the photoset or video you want, then (if it's a photoset) select the res you want, and download the zip file. At met-art, it just seems
simpler to download the zip files than at femjoy.
-Searching is easier at met-art than at femjoy.
-Site is strictly soft softcore. No hardcore at all. Girls only. Boys not allowed. If a girl
touches herself, or one girl touches another, it is the lightest brush, not erotic at all.
-Don't always prominently list who the photographer is for each photo set or video. So if you want to know the photographer (to keep a personal, manually created list of the photosets, date of posting, title, photographer, etc.), you have to hunt around to see who the photographer was.
Bottom Line: CONS: (continued)
-Limited to slender white European teen. Site advertises that models are from all over the world, but everything I saw looked to be indistinguishable from teen European. "Our girls come from all over the world - even from Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Scandinavia and not only from Eastern Europe."
Well, from the geography I learned in the Dark Ages (1960s), Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia were in Europe. The US might not be in Europe, but how can you tell a US model from a model who is European? Simple answer: Look at her passport. Duh. Everything I saw at Femjoy was European teen, as far as I could tell.
-Most photo sets are solo models
-A small percentage of photo sets and videos are two female models. But there is no erotic contact
between the models, unless you can sense the Vulcan mind-meld auras within the models.
-Model bios: none
This is one of the better/best softcore European teen glamour photo mega-sites.
The site ranks up there with met-art, mplstudios, justteensite, mypreciousvirgins, etc.
The main value is in the photosets. Huge number of models, a large number should appeal to almost
anyone's taste (but almost all models are slender white European teen).
There are a number of short videos, 2-6 minutes long, super softcore, high quality, great focus,
good to very-good color, good lighting, nice soundtrack.
The videos are more interesting than met-art videos, but that is not saying much. You are watching a lovely girl doing very little: she stands up, sits, lies down, smiles, walks. There is no plot to the videos. Another nice factor in the Femjoy videos is how clean they are, in the sense you don't hear a distracting photographer giving directions, you don't have annoying photoflashes going off in the video shoot.

There are a large number of Femjoy member comments inside the site about how great the models look, how wonderful the photography is, how artistic and erotic the photos and videos are, how this is a wonderfully clean site with no dirty, vulgar elements. If you are into super softcore, with models wearing minimal makeup, no tease at all (unless you supply it yourself in your own mind), this is the site for you.
Even though Met-art is very simllar to this site in the softcore approach, I find Met-art photos
much more satisfying: the models at Met-art are better looking because of greater use of make-up,
greater use of costumes, with more effort put into making the photoshoots more individualistic with varied sets and backgrounds.
I think Met-art navigation is simpler and easier to use to search the models available. It is also
easier to download the files at Met-art.
If Femjoy deserves an 87 for its fine photography, then Met-art deserves a 97 for its fine, more erotic photography, plus easier navigation, plus free video cams. There are no free video cams at Femjoy.

06-14-09  09:49pm

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Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -PU discount of $14.95/month (recurring)
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Part of the netFameSolutions network. This site gives you access to 20+ sites in the network, including the major sites of Devils Film; Peter North; Rocco Siffredi; Silverstone DVD; Silvia Saint.
-Can choose streaming or download for videos.
-There is a photo set associated with each video.
-The photos are shot individually. These are not screen caps. They are good quality photos: not glamor style photos, but decently shot, nicely framed, good lighting, good color, etc.
-You can sort the scenes by category, series, or porn star.
-Wide selection of teen categories.
-They include the posting date of each video.
-They identify the female models in each video.
Cons: -The general level of model prettiness/attractiveness is poor. These models are far less attractive than the models at Diesel Access network, X-Art, or other teen glamor sites. The Give Me Teens are less attractive than the models at Teen Mega World, or Nubiles.
-The photo sets do not have a zip file.
-Pre-checked cross-sell at sign-up.
-The search is basic, by drop-down list. There is no blank search box where you can enter a porn star's name, or type of sex action, or any combination of factors.
-Search is site-specific. You check a model's name, you get the scenes she is in at this
site, not across the entire network. Have to check each site individually to see if there
is any of her content at that site.
-A lot of the content was shot for Devils Film, so it is also posted at the Devils Film site.
Bottom Line: The site is teen hardcore DVD videos. The approach is homestyle, not glamor. So you get to
see porn stars who could fit in a trailer-trash movie having sex, with the emphasis on female models (teens or twenties) and guys who appear to get their clothes from a local K-Mart or other cheap discount store going at it.

Site Stats:
Movies: 601
DVDs: 162
Pornstars: 654
Pictures: 87846

The DVD quality is OK to good. The scenes are well lighted, good colors, good sound control (no
extraneous noises, etc.), good focus, good definition.

The definition choices of the videos depend on how old the DVD is:
Older videos:
Streaming in 240p, 480p
Download in 240p, 480p

Newer videos:
Streaming in 240p, 480p, 540p
Download in 240p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p

Minor point:
The model named Barbara C sure looks like Barbamiska (also known as Barbara, Darya, Dasha, Diana, Elina, Elina Heaton, Mirjam, Pocahontas, Polly, Sally, Stevie, Trinity on different sites).
Is it the same girl?
She appears in two scenes at Give Me Teens:
Ass Full Of Cum #05, Scene #05
18 Year Old Pussy #16 Cream Pie Edition, Scene #05

This is supposed to be a teen hardcore site. But many of the models look to be older than teens. And the models are, on average, less attractive than the models at the glamcore/heartcore sites, and also less attractive than the teens featured at Teen Mega World. Also, a lot of the material at this site is found at other sites in the network. So even if you really like teen hardcore videos, this site is nothing special.

What gives this site value is that it includes access to the netFameSolutions network, which has a massive amount of hardcore videos covering a wide range of categories. Or if you join through one of the other sites in the network, you get access to this site.

To be truthful, I think the network would have more value if they deleted this site, because if you are looking for teen videos, you will have better luck searching through other sites on this network.

04-20-13  03:39pm

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Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of the Fame Digital network. So you get access to most sites in the network.
-Can stream or download movies.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Content is dated.
-Model is listed for each movie.
-Runtime and file size (largest file size) also listed for each movie.
-I like how they identify the female models if there is more than 1 female model in the video. They show one female model in the scene, print her name in subtitles on the screen, then show the second model in the scene, and print her name in subtitles on the screen. So you immediately know the names of each model.
-A large percentage of the videos have high definition options. Of the 498 movies, 274 are high definition.
-The high definition movies are clearly marked, with a HD logo.
-All of a model's appearances are listed at her model's page, with hot links to each video and photoset.
Cons: -PU discount price just increased from $9.95 to $14.95 for the first month.
-Most of the site content was apparently made for Devils Film. A lot of the movies have a Devil's Film watermark.
-Watermark is small to medium sized, at bottom right corner of video.
-Content is not exclusive. You can find some of these vids posted at other sites in the Fame Digital network.
-The photosets from the lower-definition videos are not screen caps. The definition is high. For example, width x height = 1280p x 1984p. But the
colors in the photo are poor, there is little effort to make the model pose artistically or erotically.
-This is supposed to be a teen site. Most of the models are not teens, but in their 20s or 30s.
-The videos are just OK for DVD quality. The focus could be better, the framing could be better.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-The software for viewing individual photos is slow and clumsy.
Bottom Line: Site statistics:
Movies: 498
DVDs: 134
Pornstars: 557
Pictures: 75,388

Stream at 240p or 480p. Some have a 540p option.
Download at 240p or 480p, in WMV or MP4.
Some movies have higher definition options of 540p, 720p, and 1080p.

Of the 498 movies, 274 are high definition, which is a large percentage.

-This is supposed to be a teen site. Most of the models are not teens, but in their 20s or 30s. And I assume that a large percent of the videos can be found at other sites in the network, especially Devils Film. You get this site included with membership to most Fame Digital network sites. But I don't think this site, by itself, has a lot of value. In spite of the high percentage of HD videos at this site, I was not impressed by the hardcore teen videos. Most of the models are not presented very attractively. If you want high quality teen hardcore videos, go to Diesel or X-Art. Or go to Teen Mega World for lower quality tnan Diesel or X-Art, but still better quality videos and real teens and more attractive teens than what you get at this site.

What membership at this site will give you is access to better sites in the Fame Digital network, including:

Devils Film
Peter North DVD
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

Access to the network includes tens of 1,000s of hardcore videos of all types.

But this site, by itself, adds little value to the network, in spite of the high percentage of high definition videos.

06-23-12  01:18pm

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Visit Glam Deluxe

Glam Deluxe

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some good-to-great looking models.
-Content is exclusive to this site.
-High-quality glamour photography.
-No DRM video protection.
-No download limit.
-They do have a bio sheet on the models. But some of the information is fantasy or worthless.

Giving the age of the model, with no date to compare the age to, is not much use. Stating in
"sexual experience" that a model is a virgin, when I have seen hardcore clips of the same model
giving blowjobs and having vaginal and anal sex with different males, makes me wonder what kind of
virginity they are talking about. The hardcore clips of this model were posted on other sites long before the photoshoots of this "virgin" model were posted at glamdeluxe.
I realize that I should not be picky about factoids when posted at a porn site, but it pricks the fantasy bubble when the factoids are so obviously false.
Cons: -Site does not update very often. Can go a week or more before a new photoset is posted. Very irregular posting schedule for updates.
-Only 1 photographer for the site: Thierry Murrell. He does glamour-type erotic photography. Usually nice clean pictures, but if you don't like his style, you won't like the site.

-Softcore only. Single-model posing. No boy-girl pictures. No girl-on-girl pictures.

-Site advertises "huge archive" of photosets and flix. But the site has only been around since 2006, and the "archive" is tiny compared to a super-site like met-art. The flix archive is really small, only 28 videos. New videos are added very, very slowly.

-The flix (videos) are basically a video of a photoshoot. And some videos are a collection of
individual pictures from the photoshoot, not a real moving-picture video.

-No zip files for the photosets. Need a blackwidow program to download a photoset. Otherwise, you have to download each picture separately, a real pain.
Bottom Line: Cons (continued):-Photosets are in 1 resolution only. Do not have a choice of 3 different resolutions for downloads as you have at some of the better sites like met-art (low, medium, high resolution).

-Navigation could be improved a lot.
You go to the flix (video) page, which lists with a thumbnail of each video at the site. The hot-
link to download each video is not clearly marked. Maybe this is a French version of a joke, where
increasing the obstacles means increased pleasure when you reach the goal of downloading the video?

-Videos are listed separate from the photosets. So if you want to find whatever videos there are of
a girl, have to look at the video page, then scroll down the page to examine each video to see
which girl it is. Videos are not grouped by the model, but apparently in random order.

-They do not date the videos or some of the older photosets. I like to know when the photosets and
videos were shot, for my own interest.

-Models are white girls from Europe only. No blacks, Asians, other races.

-Photos have a watermark. Doesn't bother me, but some people dislike photos with a prominent watermark.

Bottom line:
-If you like softcore, glamour shots of single models, and you like the models you see on the tour, then this site is maybe worth 1 single-month subscription to get the basic files you want, and then maybe a visit once a year to get any updates. Hopefully, the site will last, because the
photographer does do quality work and picks some nice-to-great looking models. But a regular
subscription beyond 1`month is not worth the money.

-I wish I could give this site a much higher score, because I belong to it and hope it does not go out of business. But for this type of softcore photography, you get more for your money with met-
art > metmodels > hegre-art.

Giving this site a 75, because some of the girls are gorgeous, and the pictures are high-quality glamour shots.

11-15-08  03:11pm

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